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#sneak peek
bitsandbobsofwriting · 2 days ago
Part 2(final part) of Thunder Sucks Ass is finished!! One more edit tonight and it’ll be queued for 13:30GMT 25/10/21!!!
Here’s a sneak peek:
Arthur frowns, pulling himself to his full height and letting a little of his embarrassed anger show: “Well it’s not like we asked you to do that. If you want to be dismissed, then go, we don’t need you to-” Merlin rolls his eyes and ignores him, interrupting his little pratty speech to wander purposefully over to the pile of furs and pillows and blankets in front of the fire. He sits down against an armchair, and makes sure there’s plenty of room around him: “And exactly when have I ever given you the impression that I would be able to sleep well whilst knowing that people that I care about are suffering? Come sit down you idiots, it worked perfectly well last time, and frankly, I’m out of patience. There is nothing wrong with you, there’s no need to hide it, there’s no need to be an arse about it.-” He turns around to glare half-heartedly at the two shocked men, but his face and voice quickly fall into something softer: “-You’re my friends, will you please just let me help?”
Hope y’all are excited!!
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mrspeetamellark · 23 hours ago
Sneak Peek: Academia
An Everlark Enemies to Lovers Fic
Tumblr media
This story will be my next multi chapter fic after Misplaced is complete. I’m really excited about it! Here’s a snippet.
Peeta reached for the soft, warm body he had fallen asleep next to the night before, frustrated when he found only rumpled bedsheets. He moved his arm around frantically, searching, but came up empty.
He sat up abruptly, blearily rubbing his eyes and frowning when he saw a note on the hotel’s stationery in place of where her head should have been.
Scrawled in neat cursive was written “Thanks for last night, stud.”
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md-drawz · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Have I mentioned I'm participating in From the Ashes: a Fire Nation Recovery zine?? Bc u should totally check it out! U can find us on twt (@ Recovery_Zine) and on tumblr @recovery-zine and use the link below to preorder your own copy :)))
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humancandy-comic · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Human" Void Gaster is a clueless, slightly insane, precious bean.
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hadeskitchen · a day ago
"Early Bird" Sneak Peek
"So, you watch the sunrise every morning?"
Kenji nods slowly, gazing out across Persephone's Garden at the blush pink horizon. "Every morning. Did it back when I was alive and still do it now."
"Why? I mean, look at it," he gestures with one of his massive hands towards the dark blue sky, now streaked with pale orange and lavender clouds. "It's like a painting. An incredible living painting that lasts only for a few brief moments before disappearing. And even though you know it will happen again the next day, you also know that it will never be the same. Each sunrise is unique and yet familiar." He sighs. "It's just... beautiful."
He leans back against the bench, one arm raising to push his hair back out of his face, the other moving to rest along the back of the bench, brushing the top of your shoulders.
"Yeah, but doesn't it get boring after a while?"
His brows furrow. "What the sunrise?
"Of course not," he turns towards you. "Look, [MC], there are certain things in this world... certain people... where it doesn't matter how many times you're lucky enough to see them," Kenji looks you in the eye, a soft smile gracing his lips, "they never become less beautiful."
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shouty-y · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A few details of my piece for the “Classics But Make it Gay” zine 😳
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xtaleunderverse · 7 months ago
Stab stab stab
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earthsong9405 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Have a sneak peek for the upcoming short comic which’ll be posted to the public medias next week; it’s already posted on my Patreon. This’ll be much shorter and simpler than the last one, but hopefully just as sweet. Literally!
This is one of my favorite panels in the comic. :)
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burritodetodo · 9 days ago
Harley Quinn Season 3 (sneak peek)
Harley, King Shark and Kite Maaaan give us a first look of Season 3, set to come sometime in 2022
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zkbigbang · 5 months ago
Sneak Peek: Firelord Zuko visits the South Pole as an Ambassador AU
Tumblr media
Interested in seeing the full piece? The fic and completed art will be posted on June 1st, and the writers' identities will be revealed on June 15th!
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dragonfoxgirl · a month ago
Tumblr media
I've been working my ass off with the new comic with these two. Have a little fluffy love, rest assured, you'll have plenty of it in the next issue.
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mewtwoandme · 17 days ago
A few messy sneak peeks of what's to come :>
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wip · 2 months ago
Hi there! Question: what are some of tumblr's biggest product in the near future? Obviously there's been a lot of hubub abt recent monetization effort. Any other areas y'all are excited about?
Hi! Thanks for the question.
Well first, we’re all pretty excited about this blog, since it’s really the first time we’ve been able to have a public, open discussion with y’all :)
I dropped your question in our company Slack to see what everyone is most excited about. We’ve got a lot of ongoing projects! Here’s how folks responded:
A time range filter on /search pages (in-progress).
Our move to Elasticsearch: This means big improvements to underlying search capability and better, more consistent search results. In simple terms: Fixing search (in-progress). Keep an eye out for a post on our Engineering blog if you want to know more about this!
Reblog controls: Limit who can reblog your posts (in-progress).
Login via username (in-progress).
Open-sourcing Redpop, our API-powered web client (under consideration).
So that’s what we’re excited about, but what about you? Tell us what you’d like to see. We want to hear from you!
-Kat (Tumblr Support)
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sunnyfunerals · 23 days ago
Ahhhhh I’m so glad that so many people are enjoying the Squid Game AU ✨ Here is a little sneak peek to what’s coming next week! (Probably Monday)
Tumblr media
It’s longer than the first one (1,5k words and it has smut!)
I also got all of these requests (you guys sure love Dabi, I see we are all in the same boat here) and of course I’ll write them all but I’d love if you could tell me which one you’d like to read first 💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That being said, my inbox is always open for even more Squid Game requests and others! ✨
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