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#sneak peek sundays

A/n: Because I didn’t post a sneak peek yesterday, I’ll post one now while I take a break from Snippets :)) I also have an announcement I’ll post in a few minutes that has to do with snippets :))

Darkness before Dawn Masterlist


Geralt notices how Jaskier’s hand goes to your back the moment your head drops, how every turn in the corridors on the path to your chambers seem so natural to the bard. Jaskier has been here before. He’s been to your chambers before.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be here for your birthday,” Jaskier mentions, making Geralt frown and tilt his head slightly. “But I was busy dying because of a Djinn.”

Geralt rolls his eyes as you chuckle at his words and glance up at him. “It’s alright. We both know that my mother would haven’t let you see me anyway,” you state, shrugging your shoulders as you turn another corner.

Jaskier hums and nods his head. “But we both know I would have made a plan to see you,” he states, making you laugh and turn to face him when you reach your chamber doors.

“I know,” you whisper, holding your injured arm close to your body.

He reaches past you and opens the door. “I’ll go see if I can find anything for that,” he says, nodding to your arm and stepping backward as he turns to smile at Geralt. “And I’ll let you two get to know each other better.”

When he smirks at Geralt, the Witcher realizes why he was dragged to this feast in the first place. And it wasn’t to protect him from any lords that want to kill him, but for him to meet you. Geralt glares at Jaskier before he turns around to walk away.

Geralt glances down at you and finds you standing in your chambers behind the door, waiting for him to walk in and join you. He grunts to himself and walks into your chambers, your eyes cast to the ground as you slowly close to the door.

He glances around the room. In one corner, close to a window, he finds an array of paints, paintbrushes, and an incomplete painting on an easel. But he doesn’t walk closer to see what the painting is. He only turns around to look at you and you sit in a seat with your gaze on your arm. “You’re in pain,” he mutters, stepping forward as your head snaps up to him.

You shake your head. “I’ll be fine,” you whisper, your eyes returning to your wounds before you look at your tattered sleeves that expose the faint bruises on your skin. “I guess I won’t be wearing this dress again,” you say with a small laugh on your voice, trying to lighten the mood as you look up at him.

“Then I don’t suppose you mind if I do this,” he speaks, grabbing the sleeve your father cut and rips it off the shoulder. You gasp at the sound of the tear and look down as he kneels in front of you and starts to wrap the material like a bandage around the claw-mark on your forearm. “It’s not a good idea to let wounds dry. It’s best to keep them moist and covered,” he whispers, focusing on trying not to hurt you.

But being focused on your wounds causes him to miss the smile on growing on your face. “Jaskier was right.” That makes his glance up at you and frown. “You are smart. And..very good with your hands,” you chuckle, looking back down at the makeshift bandage he’s wrapped around your forearm.

Sneak Peek Tags- @simsadventures@official-and-unstable-satan@a-mess-of-fandoms@moonie-flower101

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Hefna Masterlist


The people are barbarians and not fond of visitors or someone new. He can tell that from the away they glare at him like he’s an enemy.

But he doesn’t mind them any attention. He doesn’t mind them any attention because he sees that face again. The Valkyrie with the painted face. Your face. Alke notices his frozen state of shock and follows his gaze out. “(Y/n),” she states, smiling to herself when he turns his head towards her. “She is an embodiment of Virheia, the Goddess of Blessings. The Mother Goddess.”

He’s never heard of such a Goddess. A Goddess of Blessings. Maybe he misunderstood. But the way the people look at this woman, this ‘embodiment’ of a Goddess, it’s a look of respect. “She is your leader?” he questions, turning his gaze back out to you as you touch the head of a man with gentle fingers as you gaze up to the skies and whispers something.

Alke chuckles and shakes her head. “She is not our leader. But our leader has been interested in her ever since she became part of the tribe,” the healer explains, turning her gaze back to him with a smile on her face. “She is the one that brought you into the tribe and saved you from bleeding to death on a battlefield.”

He turns his gaze back out to you, stares for a moment as you smile to the man in front of you and nod your head. When you turn away from the man, your eyes land on him and you begin to step towards him without so much as blinking or a second thought.

You might be an embodiment of a Goddess to these people, but you must worship the same Gods as he does. He can tell from the pendant hanging from your neck; Yggdrasil. Whoever these people are, whatever their religion is, he doubts that they know what Yggdrasil is. And if you joined the tribe instead of being born in it like the children he has seen, then he suspects that you may have come from a city he might know of.

A/n: So, this is a series that I’m really excited to post in 2 weeks’ time and I just wanted to share a part of the first chapter with you guys!!

Tagging- @simsadventures​​ @youbloodymadgenius​​ @a-mess-of-fandoms​​ @dreamlesswonder86​​ @moonie-flower101​​ @ivarthebloodyking​​

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Flight of Freedom Masterlist


During the genocide, he was the one in charge when the king hid in his secure palace. The lieutenant had the power. And with how things are going at the moment, he can feel another war coming. Which means he will be in charge yet again. 

“My king.” The lieutenant bows as Einar lifts his gaze to him. 

“My spies?” he simply questions, getting right into things. 

The soldier stands tall and takes a deep breath. “They left last night as instructed and have yet to return. We will keep a wary eye out for them-”

“Don’t bother. They are dead,” Einar spits, pushing himself off his throne to stand to his feet. “They were given orders to bring her to me if they find her in that camp. If she is there, they would have attempted to kidnap her. They would have been caught and they would have been killed,” he explains, stepping down the steps that lead to the regal seat. 

The lieutenant doesn’t question the king’s thinking. He knows better than that. “What do you suggest we do, King Einar?”

Einar glances to the soldier. “My peaceful alliance with Ivar the Boneless no longer exists. He has stolen something of value from me. He has started a war,” he states, making the soldier smile wickedly. “Send a messenger to declare war. Gather the army, and prepare to attack on my order.”

The lieutenant gives an obedient nod, turns around and walks away to see to his instructions. He was right. Another war. Another dragon rider to kill. Another beast dead. 

Tagging- @simsadventures@youbloodymadgenius@ivarthebloodyking@a-mess-of-fandoms@dreamlesswonder86@moonie-flower101

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I was tagged by @loveellamae @ao719 @mrschoicesobsessed to share a sneak peek at what I’ve been writing - if you couldn’t tell, there’s been a lot ( a LOT) of RoD stuff happening for RODAW, so I’m mostly trying to finish up those posts, but I have a lil bit of everything on my plate…


from 31 Days of Summer/RODAW

The neighbor’s dog barking pulled Colt away from sleep, and he tried to muffle the sound by lifting a pillow over his head, only to roll over in frustration because it was too hot to breathe. “I hate that yappy little monster,” he sighed, rolling on his side to see if Jin was awake. He sighed again when he saw that her side of the bed was empty.

He rolled out of bed, picking up a day old t-shirt from a chair, and made his way out to the living room, where he found Jin curled up on the couch. The coffee table was littered with her textbooks, notes, and a vast array of highlighters and pens; she’d even fallen asleep clutching a notebook like a stuffed animal.

Colt made his way to the kitchen, glancing at the clock on the wall; it was only 9AM but it felt like mid-day, thanks to the relentless summer sun outside. He worked quickly to fix two large glasses of iced coffee with the cold brew he made the day before, adding double creamer in Jin’s glass, while his was full of ice and just a splash of creamer.

from 31 Days of Summer/Modern!Blades AU

There was still another week of activities and events scheduled before enduring the chaos of move-in day for the rest of the student body. Being a Saturday, nothing was planned, other than Mal being on duty for Undermount Hall. Since it was an upperclassman building, he was working on his tan on the Concrete Beach – a wide walkway between Undermount and Colaris Halls. He’d just woken up from a catnap, when he noticed a familiar figure on the opposite end of the beach. 

Rin was laid out on a towel next to a redhead, the pair of them on their stomachs as they flipped through a magazine. Mal adjusted his mirrored aviators to watch them, tilting his head back against the lawn chair he was seated in, pretending to doze off once more.

from the Untitled TRR Miniseries I’m already late to post but WILL post I just had to adjust the storyline a bit

Liam had prepared the same pasta dish – one that he quickly learned to perfect, following their wedding – from their date at Ramsford, just before the Beaumont Bash. It was simple but filling, and allowed them both to just enjoy each other’s company. “I’m curious about something you said that night.” 

He looked up to see her running a finger around the rim of her wine glass.


“Do you remember how you told me you thought you were once serious about a woman before you met me, but it lacked a spark?”

Liam coughed harshly, choking on the bite of pasta he’d just swallowed.

That’s all for this week, everything else I’m writing is literally a mess (exists in my head) 😅 whatcha working on @burnsoslow@thecordoniandiaries@riseandshinelittleblossom​ @lizeboredom​ (is there more to your brotp 🙏🏻)

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rough sketch of Phryne\'s head

I just remembered it’s Sneak Peek Sunday! I have so many ideas in my head and this one just demanded to be drawn, in a combination of rewatching a certain scene over and over for the sake of analysis, reading fic and someone on Phrack Island sharing pretty gifs :))

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I was tagged by @kunoichi-ume and I spent a long time deciding what I wanted to share. I’m working on a commissioned Kakayama piece that I absolutely cannot wait to be finished so I can share it with everyone, but that is for their eyes first not sneak peeks. I’ve also, kind-of, sort-of fallen into Reaper76 hell and I’m ridiculously far into a story that I don’t know if anyone even wants? lol 

So long story short, I decided to do the sneak peek for the next chapter of Healing Hands which is just waiting for the commissioned piece to be done so I can get back to it. I know I’m behind on posting the next chapters. Anyway, here you go.

Whatever the man had been planning to say was cut off by the door of his office opening after only the briefest of knocks. “Takeda-sensei, there’s been–”

The young nurse’s voice stopped when she saw Sakura sitting behind Kazuko’s desk. Her eyes widened for a moment, then a soft blush colored her cheeks as she dipped into a bow. “Haruno-sensei.” 

Perfect, Sakura groused internally. Now there will be Kami only knows what type of rumors to contend with. Why can’t anything ever be easy?

I tag @bouncyirwin @mrssakurahatake and @shiranuigenma (plus anyone who wants to share what they’re working on!)

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I was tagged in this by @andrew-blackthorn - thanks so much! ❤️ Like you, I am doing this now before I forget. 

The Black Emporium Exchange fic/WIP is confidential like Charlotte says, so have six sentences of the Regency AU longfic instead (A Chance Engagement, Chapter 47, which I meant to post up last week but didn’t get to do so): 

Merrill did, however, feel greatly ashamed that her assumptions about him, and about Pol, had been so completely wrong. It was not even as if she had been informed differently: Captain Isabela had said that despite Sir Carver seeming surly on first acquaintance, he had ‘turned out to be accepting and generous’ towards her; the Hawke sisters had opined their brother was ‘charmless’ but that his character was not bad; and even Mahariel did not mind him, and had been grateful for the care she had received in his household. Meanwhile, absolutely nothing had been known to Merrill about Pol before he came to the Sabrae clan.

She now wondered about Pol’s attendance at the Hawke Estate ball: before, she had thought nothing of it; now, she was curious to know why he had not bowed out, instead of spending the evening avoiding Sir Carver (was that why Pol had taken so long to bring her iced punch?) and risking potential embarrassment for the host and himself.

Repeatedly did she run over, in her mind, all her previous interactions with both men – their actions and words and looks that set her on the path of opinion she had happily embarked upon – but now, seeing them all in the light of these new revelations, proved overwhelming. She, who had stubbornly prided herself on her faith that her judgment could not be erroneous, had refused to see what was right in front of her – and no path was darker than when one’s eyes were shut; when one had blinded themselves to the truth. 

I’m so sorry! These were long sentences! But there really are only 6 of them! 

I tag: @allisondraste, @lesetoilesfous@lauraemoriarty, @asaara-writes and @pinkfadespirit! ❤️ No obligations of course. Anyone else who wants to do this, consider yourselves tagged!

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Thanks for the tag @loveellamae @ao719@thecordoniandiaries@riseandshinelittleblossom​ 😅 4 tags = 4 sneak peeks!

from elpída

Olivia sighed, extending a hand to help Teddy up from the mat. “I was training with real blades at thirteen, young lady.” They walked over to a bench and sat down, before taking swigs of water from their water bottles. “We’ve got to make do with what we can right now, but if you were in Cordonia, I’d have you training with the finest steel Lythikos could offer. You know your parents fought with less in their day, right?” 

Teddy began fixing her hair again, yanking the elastic free before working to pull her hair up in a high ponytail. “Mama told me about fighting Anton on their wedding day and beating him with a stick.” 

from my 31 Days of Summer writing challenge

Thomas stretched his arms over his head and smiled proudly as he placed his hands on his hips, staring out through the wall of glass towards his backyard. The backyard lawn had become thin and patchy from Luz’s practice drills, and nearly half the space was infested with crabgrass. He spent weeks getting estimates from different lawn services to get the best deal. After a long day of driving to drop off Luz at soccer camp and Dani at space camp, he and Charlie leapt into action.

He watched with excited anticipation as the old lawn was effectively nuked with weed killer before getting shorn from the earth, leaving a mass of dusty brown where patchy green had once been. He was nervous while the soil was tested and treated with nutrients, along with being aerated, before the landscapers began reseeding. He worried about the instructions to water the lawn, even when it looked like a giant mud pit.

Charlie got him to laugh when she reminded him how much Luz would love to run around in it.

also from 31 Days of Summer (Untitled TRR WIP)

“I…well, I just graduated college, with a degree in international affairs, and had to minor in at least one language.” She grinned when she looked up to see a curious expression on their faces. “I took Spanish and French in high school, Italian in college, and Greek on sort of a dare when I was a teen.”

“And the German?”

“Boyfriend in high school needed a study buddy,” she shrugged. “I picked up a bit from quizzing him. How did you come to speak Greek?”

“We’re from a small island not too far from here, so we sort of grew up exposed to different languages,” Liam replied.

and again from 31 Days of Summer, lol (this is seriously all I’m working on this month if you couldn’t tell) I might even swing this into a wacky drabble because why not put one more writing challenge on my plate?!

Four years on the East Coast made Jin forget just how strong the sun was during a Southern California summer. After just one day at the beach with friends, she’d been burnt to a crisp despite reapplying sunscreen. Her shoulders, arms, back, and chest were an alarming shade of vermilion in contrast to streaks of normally light skin that had been covered by her bathing suit. The tepid milk bath earlier that evening and liberal coating of aloe vera helped, but even laying under a bedsheet was too much to endure.

She contemplated the idea of moving the bath mats aside to lay on the tiled floor to try to sleep for another hour, when she heard the fridge door open and close from elsewhere in the apartment. She felt a tiny breeze near the door and heard him yawn, followed by a solitary finger drawing a line along the sole of her foot. “Yogurt or oatmeal, Troublemaker?”

whatcha workin on @burnsoslow@troublemakerinspace@mrschoicesobsessed@queenjilian​ 

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Sneak Peek Sunday - 07.26.2020


Hey guys! I hope you are all well. It’s been awhile since I last shared some previews. The latest tag I got was from @zaffrenotes which was around a week ago, I think. Thanks, D! 🤍

As you can also see, I’ve decided to put up my own WIP banner! 😁 it’s just nice to have some visuals to balance out the wordiness of my posts. It’s a very random design but I’m really craving for some ice cream and coffee right now, haha!

So anyway, just a little update. I’ve been making some rounds on my list of my existing WIPs, as well as the prompt requests on queue. Just wanted to let you know that they’re not forgotten. I will get to them, one way or another.

For now, I’m trying my best to focus on finishing my older fics first, or at least get them halfway done before entertaining the new ones in my head. Cos yes, there will be new ones…and I may have already entertained some of them. Good luck, self!

I hope you enjoy these previews!

Smoke & Mirrors (TRR/TRH AU Liam x Riley) - Chapter 6B

“So…you’re saying that we met at your bachelor party in New York. You and your friends ended up at the bar I was working at. I was your server for the evening. After which, I agreed to accompany you and your friends at a beach to celebrate some more, and while they were having their fun, I helped you sneak away to see the Statue of Liberty. Is that right?”

Liam nodded his head in response. “That’s right.”

Riley burst out laughing, stopping by the light post to get a hold of herself. Liam smiled amusedly, although he couldn’t help furrowing his eyebrows as he looked at her quizzically. 

“Why? What’s so funny?”

Riley shook her head sideways as she tried to compose herself. “Sorry. It just sounds crazy and impossible! It’s hard to believe I would do something like that for strangers. It just didn’t sound like…me.” And that’s not me anymore, Liam. That naïve girl you met is dead. 

Riley steadied her gaze on Liam’s eyes and she could swear she saw a flash of hurt pass through his pair of brown ones as he looked down on his feet. A cold feeling suddenly washed over her insides, making her feel uneasy within. What is this? Am I feeling bad for him now? 

Before Riley could think any more of it, Liam was quick to mask the pain with a warm smile before looking up at her again. “I know it’s hard to believe because you can’t remember, but if there’s anything I know about you, it’s that you have this amazing habit of making the impossible things become possible, Riley Brooks.”

Riley was stunned to silence at his comeback, making her heart beat faster. How can you still say these nice things about me, Liam? She watched Liam take one step closer to her; his gaze intent on her doe-shaped eyes. “And just you know, that’s one of my most favourite things about you.”

He finished his statement with a heart-fluttering wink before turning to look over the glistening river in front of them. 


The Perfect Fit (TRR AU - Liam x Erin) - Chapter 3

“Hey! If we keep going this fast, I think I’ll trip on my steps!” Erin tightened her grip on Liam’s hand as they passed through fences around their neighbourhood in a blur. “What’s gotten you so hyped up, anyway?!”

Liam finally paused on his tracks, prompting Erin to do the same. He smiled at her warmly before looking up at the red-painted tree house where a line series of warm yellow light bulbs was draped around its roof. “We’re here!”

Erin followed his line of gaze, suddenly smiling in awe upon clear recognition of the place. “Aww, Liam!”

Both of them stood side-by-side in comfortable silence, letting the wave of nostalgia wash over them as memories from their past four years of high school together flashed at the back of their minds. This spot had been their safe sanctuary since the moment their friendship had started.

“While I’m happy that we’re out of high school, it just sucks we won’t be able to spend as much time here anymore.” Erin was still staring up in awe, marvelling at how a simple wooden space had carved out some of the best times of her teenage life, and how grateful she was for getting to share it with an amazing guy friend like Liam.

She tilted her head a little to the side as she tried to catch a glimpse of Liam whose gaze was still fixed on the tree house, making her heart swell at the sight. Her eyes suddenly widened at the familiar thudding in her chest, making her cheeks feel flushed at the same time.

Before Erin can think anything more out it, she felt the weight of Liam’s arm draped around her shoulder, before looking down at her and meeting her widened eyes. “So, what do you say we go up there and create a really memorable closing chapter for high school?”

Tagging the reading list in case any of you would like a preview. Likewise, if you have any WIPs you’d like to share consider yourselves tagged by me.

Perma: @desireepow-1986 @flyawayboo @gardeningourmet @hopefulmoonobject @liam-rhys @lovemychoices @msjr0119 @shz256 @zaffrenotes

Liam x MC: @amy-choices @ao719 @aworldoffandoms @badchoicesposts @burnsoslow @choiceskatie @cordonia-gothqueen @custaroonie @dcbbw @hearthazerys @jared2612 @kacie-0156 @kinggliam @krsnlove @lodberg @loveellamae @queenjilian @radlovedreamer @the-soot-sprite @thereishopeinchoices @umccall71

Smoke & Mirrors: @annekebbphotography @blznbaby @captain-kingliamsqueen @cordonianroyalty @faithhasnowords @forthebrokenheartedthings @furiousherringoperatortoad @heauxplesslydevoted @iaminlovewithtrr @indiacater @innerpostmentality @janezillow @kingliam2019 @leaharhys @marshmallowsaremyfavorite @mom2000aggie @poisoonheart @qammh-blog @teenytinytanya08 @texaskitten30 @tinkie1973 @uncorkedlakegirl @zilch3

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a little follow up to this I’m writing for @skrtl ❤️

Michael watched Alex through the open door of the bathroom.

As mentally drained as he was, Alex’s bed was his sanctuary and watching him get ready from the safety of it was something too lovely to apply words too. It replaced all the bad thoughts in his mind if only for a moment.

Things between them were slow moving, but Michael didn’t mind. Alex was still going to therapy and Michael had decided to do the next best thing by joining AA and a queer support group. He had to hide some truths, but talking about things even in a slightly altered way helped. He hadn’t even realized how fucked up he was over his childhood until he had to talk about it.

Alex was proud of him though. That was nice.

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Six (or more) Sentence Sunday sneak peek for Part Two of One Thing That Stays Mine … prepare for the angst folks!!


He sat in his booth on the opposite side of the diner, leaning forward, his arms folded on the table in front of him, trying to ignore the pang of sadness that seemed to bloom in his chest every time he tried to catch her eye and she refused to meet his.

After their friends had left they’d stood there in silence. Neither of them certain on what they should say or do next.

He had shifted on his feet awkwardly, opening and closing his mouth, stumbling over words that had poured out far too quickly to make any sense.

Her features had hardened as a result, tainted with underlying anger and disappointment before she’d turned on her heel and walked away, heading for her own booth, one far from him, without saying a word.

He had thought about it. What it would be like to see her again. Never sure of what he could expect or how she might react.

Tonight he had gotten his answer.

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Today’s Sneak Peek Sunday is something I can’t believe I‘ve unearthed again and may be finishing! (No promises, we‘re still on careful terms, the drawing and me). It‘s been lying here for almost exactly 4 years, but in the light of some Peggysous uprising (please no spoilers for AoS i know already more than I would like, I‘m very behind) I thought I might get back to Quo Vadis. @peonymoss and @hms-rodney-official, I still have the chapter 24 post but might need somebody to double-check the uniform and ribbons, would one of you be willing to look it over?

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Thanks for the tag @loveellamae​ (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ I’ve got a few random pieces in the works…

Mystery Thing #1 (???): He inhales slowly, laboriously; breathing in humid, heavy air, warm skin, and the scent of strawberry melon shampoo. Beads of sweat are scattered along his hairline, and he wishes for a pool to appear out of nowhere. There’s a spot on his back that itches, yet he remains where he lays, eyes closed. The only movement he makes is to dig his shoulders into the heavy canvas cradling him, in a double effort to alleviate the itch and get the hammock to swing enough to move the air around him. He listens to the trees humming from cicada song while he builds up a decent swaying movement. The noise is something that he can ignore given its proclivity every year, and simultaneously drives him mad. 

Mystery Thing #2 (Blades of Light & Shadow): Nia turns and walks over to a stone fountain, setting down the pack as she sits on the edge, and discreetly holds what’s left of her treat by the opening. She pretends to admire something in the water while Threep pops his head up and tentatively licks at the bar. Rin bumps her shoulder gently into Mal’s arm. “Last chance,” she says, holding her stick in front of him, a solitary bite stuck to it. 

“Savor it, there’s no telling when you’ll get to enjoy something so wonderful again,” he teases, arching a playful brow in her direction.

Mystery Thing #3 (Modern/College AU for Blades): Rin Lenoire – Rinduineth was reserved only for her parents, who met in an online book club during a Lord of the Rings review – started a year after he did, but they’d be seniors together. She was an overachieving double major that took summer classes to maximize credits; he was indecisive on declaring a major and needed to load up on required courses. They met at a frat party, when he needed a backup partner for a round of Flip Cup. She swayed into position next to him, like a tipsy willow tree, complete in a green top and brown leather pants. After demolishing their opponents with surprising speed, they spent the rest of the party dancing, flirting, and drinking. The night ended with a memorable makeout session in a gazebo before escorting her back to her dorm.

Mystery Thing #4 (Ride or Die): Colt sighed and pulled his shirt off, hanging it over the back of the office chair. The black A-shirt underneath was damp, but removing the extra layer of clothing helped. After an hour of book keeping, he leaned back in the chair, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes with his fingers, and picked up his phone to fire off a text message. 

heading home. need me to pick up dinner?

His phone chimed with a reply as he pulled his shirt back on - just ordered Mexican, but you can bring dessert 😉 

He grinned at the screen, replied with a thumbs up, and headed home in the hazy evening air.


Tagging: Consider yourself tagged if you see this and have some sneak peeks you want to share! (also, let me know if you’d like to be tagged to read any of these, once they’re completed!)

Readers: @ao719@brightpinkpeppercorn@desireepow-1986@gibbles82@innerpostmentality@smalltalk88@thecordoniandiaries@choicesarehard@dailydoseofchoices@liyanin@omgjasminesimone@princess-geek

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It’s Six Sentence Sunday, and I actually have two WIPs that I wanted to share six sentences from! The first one is for my belated Day 2 of @spideychelleweek, Fairytale Retelling, and the second is a service dog Au fic (it’s freaking angsty, lemme tell you that)!

The strange objects were hidden behind a few shrubs, barely visible unless you looked harder than an average person would, their spiky tips glinting in the sunlight.

In his fifteen years of life, Peter had never seen those rocks on the path he walked every day, nor had he ever seen rocks that looked so much like ebony spears growing from the ground.

Peter paused his walk, bright copper eyes staring at the pointed tips jutting out from behind the foliage. Cautiously stepping closer, Karen tapped his cheek with her paw, chittering like she was scolding him for considering such an idea.

He smiled and scratched under her chin at her sign of concern. “I won’t touch it, I promise.”


The nightmares and anxiety attacks got worse over the years he stayed with his immediate family. Not even the two years filled with therapy sessions helped him get better.

Peter flung himself into robotics clubs, band, and even started training himself in parkour to try and cope with his past trauma, anxiety, and nightmares. Nothing had seemed to be helping, even the exhilarating feeling of backflipping off of skate ramps or walls and jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He loved doing parkour, especially when Harley or Ned got him doing all sorts of crazy stunts on film.

That was when a nine-month-old Golden shepherd puppy was brought home on his fourteenth birthday.

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Ready for some ANGST? 👀


He’s gone.

I took him for granted. For my second chance, my second choice, my plan B. And now he’s gone.

I should have noticed when he kissed me. I thought it was out of greed or desperation, maybe jealousy. But it was not. It was his way to say goodbye. His last attempt to make me notice him. But I only hurt his feelings. And now he’s gone.

For some days, I thought it was alright. Sad, but still alright. He was my second, after all. I should be fine as long as my first choice and the love of my live was still there.

Until it wasn’t.

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