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#sneaky loki
Touch-Starved (Loki/Reader Lullabies #21)
Fandom: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Loki/Female Reader
Category: Fluff. Fluff without plot.
Rating: G.
Summary: Thor tells Loki that the Midgardians need to touch each other in order to thrive, and then Loki notices that you don’t touch people all that often. Someone’s got to look out for you, right?
Warnings/Notes: This piece was requested/inspired by an Anon whose first language isn’t even English?! Those of you out there who have learned another language well enough to READ ACTUAL FANFICTION IN THEM blow my mind. You are amazing! If you’re still around (god, I hope you’re still around), thank you for requesting this. This one was lovely to write. This is another little piece for my Loki’s Lullabies collection–plotless little fluff-bombs meant to (hopefully!) help you sleep, or at least feel alright.  If there’s a specific action or line of dialogue that you’d like to read, please don’t be afraid to message it to me!
Tumblr media
The mortals wouldn’t stop touching each other.
From the moment that the citywide lockdown went into place, Loki could not help but notice an increased amount of...touching. Some of it was more or less normal: Rogers and Barnes often drew each other into wrestling matches even before the world went insane, and it certainly wasn’t uncommon for Barton and Natasha to spend hours sparring in the gym. But overall, he noticed an absurd uptick in the amount of touching among the entire team: Stark would rest a hand on the small of Banner’s back as he passed him in the kitchen. Rogers would grab Natasha’s arm when she said anything he found remotely humorous. Clint often nudged teammates with his hip any time he walked past them, seemingly just looking for some kind of contact.
When Loki brought it up to his brother one night, disguising his curiosity under a layer of disdain and a throwaway comment about wanting to be sure to avoid walking in on the orgy which surely must be coming any day now, Thor had simply let out a loud, booming laugh, and clasped his shoulder.
“They’re mortals, brother! They need another’s touch in order to thrive! Jane explained it to me, once. Even in their day-to-day life, humans require a certain amount of physical contact in order to feel secure and comfortable. That requirement increases as their stress increases.” He squeezed Loki’s shoulder and did not let go, even when he tried to shrug him off. “I’ve got to admit, I like all the touching as well. You should try it! There’s no better time than the present to begin improving your reputation!”
When Loki finally managed to shake him off, he stalked away, muttering his refusal under his breath. He didn’t even want to imagine the looks he would get if he tried to start touching these people who wanted him dead.
There was really only one team member who hadn’t begun to make him nervous. You were the newest recruit. Though you’d proven yourself time and time again on missions and in battle, it wasn’t hard to see that you still didn’t quite feel comfortable here. You’d struck up a friendship with Maximoff, and Loki often found himself walking in on the two of you while you played with her hair, but you continued to hold yourself largely apart from the rest of the team. When they ate together at meal times, you sat quietly and only listened to their conversations. When Thor gathered everyone for a movie, you curled up in a chair by yourself.  When you trained with the others in the gym, you focused hard on what you were doing and didn’t laugh or joke around half as much as everyone else, and when you were finished, you often disappeared into the shadows. As far as he could tell, you seldom touched anyone, and that didn’t change with this lockdown.
But you continued to draw his attention. If he happened to start walking in on you more often, when you were in common areas, well, surely that was only because everyone was around more often. When you were reading on a sofa, he could watch you for minutes at a time before you finally looked up and noticed him. He admired the way you could get wholly absorbed into the pages, apparently forgetting everything that surrounded you in the physical world. But he started to notice your hands. As you read, you took to holding the pages open with one hand, and caressing your arm, your face, the back of your neck, with the other. He noticed the way you smoothed your hands along your body in the gym—not entirely out of the norm for you, as you always seemed a bit uncomfortable with your form-fitting workout gear, but...with an increased frequency, anyway. Thor’s Movie Nights started happening more often, and Loki’s attention invariably drifted towards you in your chair, and the way you would comb your fingers through your hair, twirl it around your finger.
Humans needed touch to thrive. You did not appear to be the type of person to seek that out from your teammates. An idea began to grow in Loki’s mind.
He began very simply. After he got a feel for your routine, he settled himself onto the couch with a book of his own before he knew you’d come to read. Sure enough, you soon appeared in the doorway. He did not look up from the pages of his book, but he could sense the way you seemed to hover, hesitating. He held his breath while you tried to decide what to do, and tried not to release it too sharply when you joined him on the couch. There was no touching yet, but somehow he felt like he’d passed a test.
His next step more or less fell into his lap.  In the gym one afternoon (he didn’t need to train much for a fight, but working off his excess energy made it easier not to want to burn the Tower to the ground), Maximoff approached him about throwing knives. He agreed to coach her before he could really think about it, but it ended up being a good thing. Before long, she’d shouted your name and waved you over to join them. Her abilities made it so she didn’t really need to worry about getting her stance exactly right, but, as you were not similarly blessed, he had to guide you through the proper form. You didn’t seem overly uncomfortable when he took your wrist to bend your arm correctly, or when he put his hands on your hips to pull your body into position. Maybe he got a little more permissive with himself, let his touch linger just a little bit beyond what was necessary. When you threw a blade and embedded it solidly into a block of wood, you’d exclaimed happily and threw your arms around him in a joyous embrace.
At first, he felt frozen. It had been so long since anyone (other than Thor) had touched him without malice, let alone hugged him with so much enthusiasm. It had been like an instinct for you—celebrating your success by pressing your body against him—and that absolutely confounded him. By the time he’d regained enough control over himself to begin to slide his arms around you, you’d already gone stiff and stepped away. You mumbled fierce apologies at him even as you smoothed down your ponytail and ducked to retrieve the rest of your things. Then you fled from the gym entirely, all without looking at him a single time.
When he cast a bewildered look at Maximoff, her lips curled into a knowing smile that truly had no place on a mortal’s face.
It took some time, but slowly you stopped avoiding him again. Perhaps because he’d never so much as acknowledged you while reading, you rejoined him on the sofa only a few days later. He never got much reading done when you sat with him. Instead, he would stare at the words as he listened for the whisper of your fingertips against your skin. On some level, your human body knew that you needed to be touched, and it was trying so hard to fulfill that need on its own. He let his thighs fall open a bit, so he could touch you without making things too obvious, and tried not to smile when you did not pull away.
When it was your turn to clean up after dinner, Loki found himself hanging back to help you. Stark, of course, had a large and state-of-the-art dishwashing machine, but he’d noticed that you almost always did the dishes by hand. Even when the others teased you for it, asking if you’d grown up in the thirties like the super soldiers, you’d only ever smiled sheepishly and said you liked the process. That seemed like an easy enough way to try something else. After the others had finished with their gentle ribbing and cleared out, he stayed behind. You gave him a soft smile—the first time you’d really looked at him in almost a week—and asked how he was doing.
It wasn’t hard to fall into something like a conversation with you. You’d chatted back and forth for a bit, mostly about the state of the world and how long this could possibly go on. He walked behind you, once, to get a dry dishcloth, and trailed his fingers along the small of your back as he did. When you were done scrubbing and rinsing the dishes, Loki wordlessly began to take them from you to dry them. As he had in the gym, he allowed his touch to linger for a moment or two. Even soaked with dishwater, your hands were soft. He let his mind wander a bit, imagining what it’d be like to enfold your hands with his and pull you in close. Naturally, as he did, he dropped the glass he was drying.
You went into action right away, crouching to gather up the shards that had dropped to the ground before he could even think to tell you not to move. Working together, you cleaned up the mess and hid it all safely in the garbage. It was only then that Loki noticed the blood. He grabbed your hand and pulled you closer for inspection. It looked like a piece of glass had sliced deep into the pad of your finger. You tried to pull your hand away even as your blood dripped down the back of his hand, but he didn’t release you.
“God, it’s fine,” you said, laughing as though in an attempt to cover your embarrassment. “I’ll go get a first-aid kit.”
“Please. What kind of warrior would I be if I couldn’t take care of something like this?” This was nothing. Nearly everyone back home had the powers to heal something like this. He kept a tight grip on your hand as he whispered the incantation, and then watched as your skin knit back together. “There, see? You’re perfect again.”
It was hard to keep himself from kissing your knuckles, but he managed.
The final step of his plan took place on the next movie night. Through a careful bit of conniving, Loki managed to get every other seat filled by a member of the team before you made your way to join them. Then he sat himself in your chair. The chair was large: more than enough for one person, and perhaps even enough for two, if they were rather comfortable with each other. He could feel Thor’s eyes on him, and Maximoff’s, and he even braced himself for one of the others to tell him to move, but no one said a word.
When you finally joined everyone, he caught the way you hesitated in the doorway. You mortals could be so particular, and the tiniest little change of plans threw the best of you off-balance. He tried not to smirk. He heard you ask Maximoff for the large cushion that she was clutching, but she refused, claiming that she needed it in order to hide from the monsters in the movie. When you tried to sit on the floor in front of the sofa, Thor insisted that he wanted a clear path for retreat, in case the film was too scary.
“Anyway, there’s room by Loki!” When he gestured towards him in the chair, Loki felt a strange but intense rush of gratitude towards his brother. He tried to keep his expression as neutral as possible when he lifted an arm to illustrate the space beside him.
“I’m willing to share,” he agreed, and arched an eyebrow at you. You stood still for a moment, possibly trying to determine what, exactly, was his plan, but then Wanda had nudged you with her foot, spurring you to action.
You were nothing but apologies as you sat beside him. Your bodies were pressed firmly together, and Loki found that he had to lift his arm and rest it around your shoulders in order to sit comfortably. He sent a prayer of sheer gratitude out into the universe that you did not angle your body away from him, did not seem overly tense. Tony made some remark about everybody being “comfy-cozy” and started the film.
As darkness fell around you, he felt your body relax against his. He leaned in closer to you, to whisper a soft “Is this alright?”, and you did not flinch. Instead, you nodded. His heart surged. Could you hear it?
The movie wore on. It wasn’t terribly interesting, but Loki wasn’t paying attention to it anyway. Instead, he was completely attuned to you. When a (rather predictable) jump-scare startled you, he felt your whole body recoil, and began soft, comforting strokes against your upper arm. During one of the high-tension pursuit scenes, you gasped and turned to hide your face against his shoulder. Surely you had to hear his heart racing now, right? Imagine, someone like you seeking shelter against someone like him. He brought his hand up to comb through your hair, his attention completely focused on your face. How had he gotten through his days before this? How had he ever gone morning to night without being able to touch you? You were soft against him, and warm, and though of course there was no real danger here, it was clear that you trusted him to look after you through this imagined danger.
As the credits rolled, Maximoff insisted that you all watch something funny now, so she could get to sleep. There was something strange in her voice, some layer of amusement or deceit, and when Loki looked over at her, she was already looking at him. She winked.
The “funny movie” was awful—insipid and contrived, like most Midgardian comedies—but, as before, Loki wasn’t paying it much attention anyway. This time, it seemed, neither were you. He had never paid attention as someone fell asleep, but tonight, he did. You ended up lying on him much more fully than the tight space necessitated, with your head on his shoulder and your hand on his chest. He reached to cover your hand with his and made every attempt to mentally catalog the way you felt against him.
Some time later, he only barely opened his eyes when he felt someone spread a blanket in his lap. “Sleep tight, brother,” Thor whispered against the top of his head in the darkness. “You’ve done well.”
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imagine-loki · a year ago
You are a junior Avenger, mostly you help the others with paperwork. Your gifts are of a more empathic nature than something that can be used offensively.
Since you don't go on many missions, and you're always in the "office" you've started to use your down time to write novels. Two of your novels have already been published under a pen name. No one knows you are the author. It's your "dirty little secret".
Imagine Loki coming into the office unexpectedly and learning your secret.
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toomanyfandomsfam · 5 months ago
Is sneaky-loki Instagram posts gonna come back? PLEASE 😭
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stupid-gay-idiot-loki · a year ago
Is it true you where the rat that started the plague
Tumblr media
He’s also the giant rat (that makes all the rules)
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sabine-leo · 2 years ago
Coming home from a blind date...
You: *kicking off heels, looking aggravated*
Loki: *raising eyebrow*
Peter: You are back early (Y/N)...
You: ...
Tony: Did they play the film in fast forward? *grins*
You: *rolls eyes* HAHA!
You: *Leaning in the doorway* Just so you know... My walls are now 30feet high and rigged with explosives! Good luck getting over them! *turns to leave*
Loki: *looking at you intensily*
Peter: Why are you grinning like that Mr. Loki?
Loki: She did not say anything about undermining her walls...
Tony: *snorts* Hahaha you wanna start to dig? Cause you dig her?!
Peter: *grins*
Loki: ... Midgards mighty heroes...
Tony: Better shut it you are one of us now! I´ll help you dig, but only if you are serious about it !
Loki: As serious as a gravedigger! *grins*
Tony: *flinches* We´ll talk about puns later...
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taehyjimin · 3 years ago
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Warnings: Jealousy? Lowkey sad thor but its okay, No infinity war spoilers.
Summary: You work for Tony stark, helping the avengers when they have injuries. Loki gets hurt and you help him, Loki gets touchy, Thor doesnt like that. 
“Y/N!” You turn your head towards the entrance of your lab office, furrowing your eyebrows when you see him. It’s Loki, looking pissed hurt and dirty.
 “I’m afraid that I’ll need a bit of assistance.” Loki spoke again as he limped towards you, You helped him sit on the medical bed in the middle of your office, You heard him hiss in pain and apologized. “What happened Loki?” You asked as you tried to get a good look at some of his scars and bruises. “I went to Jotunheim, The other frost giants did not take to kindly to me.” Loki chuckled as you started to grab your supplies. You see, Loki never really asked for help, But he was in quite a bit of pain and only really trusted you to take care of him. Loki isn’t an avenger but you didn't really care. 
“Can I take your armor off?” You asked as you looked up at him. “Or can you take it off yourself?” You continued, tilting your head as you waited for his reply but he didn’t say anything he just simply nodded. Loki was wearing his green and gold suit, He looked good you had to admit, Ignoring the bruises and dirt that tainted his skin. His outfit was complicated to take off but you managed, taking his robe off first made it easier. When you were finished taking his top off you started to clean the wounds and scars, He barely winched until you reached a certain spot on his sized. “You can hold on to me? Since I don’t really have anything to suppress down the pain.” The first part coming out as a question rather than a statement. Even though Loki didn’t really need to hold on to you but he did. The position you guys were in made it look kind of sketchy. You between his legs his hand resting on your waist. Loki winched again as you reached up to clean his busted lip, His large hand squeezing your hip, You were wearing a regular t-shirt that clung to your body nicely, some black jeans, You weren’t really expecting to have anyone drop by so why would you wear your lap coat? As you were cleaning his bottom lip you looked up and noticed his eyes burning into you, You pulled back and smiled at him. 
“Okay Loki, I think you’ll be okay. Just maybe try not to go fighting people for at least another three to four days?” You joked and handed him his robes. Loki smiled at you and it was the first time you saw him smile and not make a sarcastic comment, The dimples on his cheek, the way his eyes winkled. “You have absolutely saved my life, what would i be without you?” He responded. You shook your head and tried to move away from him but he still had his hand around your hip, You furrowed your eyebrows and turned to face him once more. “Thank you though, Really.” Loki said and you nodded at him, his eyes were locked on yours, his fingertips rubbing against the smooth skin of your hip, his hands were soft, You were surprised but took note of it, you were in your thoughts until you heard knocking at your door, Loki’s hands didn’t move though and before you could speak Thor comes barging in, his cheeks slightly red, Expressionless eyes. 
“Ah, brother, I couldn’t find you earlier.” Loki smirked and you moved away from his grip, finally you thought. You smiled at your boyfriend and went to hug him but he moves away. Ouch that hurts. “Why are you here?” Thor questioned as he walks towards his younger brother. “As you can see, I got into a bit of a confrontation.” Loki replied as he started to put his robes back on. “I see.” Thor nodded then looked at you for the first time. You saw pain in his eyes. He then also nodded at you before exiting the room, You went after him and grabbed his arm but he yanked it away from you.
“Thor, what’s the matter?” You asked watching his chest rise and fall quickly. “The way you looked at Loki, I saw it. You never look at me like that and the way he looked at you.” His voice was hushed but rough at the same time. “I only want you, not Loki. I don’t know what you saw but you’re blowing it out of context.” You tried to explain yourself but he shook his head. Thor is used to this, he thought. When Jane left him he knew he couldn’t make a woman as happy as he wanted, He knew he’d never be good enough for someone to truly love him. Of course back on Asgard he had women loving him but this is different.
 “I’ll see you around Y/N” Thor said loosely and continued walking off down the hallway, Your heart ached, A lot, Felt like it was going to jump out your chest. You felt a hand on your shoulder. Loki. You frowned and turned to him you pushed at his chest, He barely moved that disappointed you but come on he’s a god what did you expect? 
“This is your fault! He’s mad at me!” You yelled at Loki but he grabbed your wrists and shook his head at you. “If he really trusted you, then why would he be jealous of you helping his brother? It’s not like we were trying to hide anything, the door was unlocked, For fuck sakes half the blinds are open.” Loki stated before letting go of your wrists, Walking in the opposite direction of Thor. You didn’t want to believe Loki at all, But that was kind of true, But Thor can be insecure you know this especially when it comes to you and Loki but you didn't know why. You felt tears threatening to fall to your cheeks as you went back into your office, closing and locking the door, making sure all the blinds are closed, you sat in the same spot as Loki did earlier and just sighed. You had to make things right with Thor. You love him.
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technoturian · 4 months ago
They keep telling us Sylvie is Loki - it's supposed to be some big thing when she says 'I'm not you' but it's not because she hasn't acted like Loki or thought like Loki or sounded like Loki this whole time.
The only thing they have in common is that they spent a childhood on Asgard. Sylvie squabbles with Loki. She often takes the most straightforward and aggressive approach. She has one method of strategy (in her case, enchantment) that she uses every time. She's blonde, seemingly stronger than Loki, hates the whole Loki "look" to the point you wonder why she was even wearing it, has never once mentioned Thor...
She is Thor. The writers just made a female Thor who has been raised to be a Loki and told she’s some duplicitous mastermind this whole time.
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worstloki · 7 months ago
I'm going to watch avengers 1 with a friend tomorrow (online, of course). What seemingly spontaneous rants can I go on to sneakily turn her into a loki fan?
- look how much worse he looks than the last movie where he was a bean he’s totally been tortured
- cool armour he’s got there (the myth symbolism + spiky hair is a Look)
- every time he leaves a clue point it out! He literally rambles about freeing people from freedom as if he wasn’t shown being sent to earth by someone else! Bro he gave hints on stark tower and the hulk plan! “There is only... the war!!” This is quality villainous villain dialogue
- “his eyes are meant to be green but people got lazy I guess”
- point out how he asks people to kneel but was kneeling himself when he arrived on earth (I think that’s neat)
- pls he was literally tortured on screen
- Loki doesn’t kill the avengers on multiple occasions where he could
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lightneverfades · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What if Variant Loki meets Variant Tony Stark after the timelines diverge, creating a new universe? And Tony is brought in to assist Loki with fixing the timelines?
More posts here <3
“Welcome, Man of Iron... I’ve heard so much about you from my other... self. Why don’t you come a little closer, and perhaps we can have a civil conversation?” 
“Fat chance,” Tony spoke, and Loki’s took a few steps closer instead; slowly, as if he were biding his time. 
“You do want your Variant back, yes?” Loki raised an eyebrow, and mischief gleamed within his gaze. Tony frowned, his fists closing tighter. 
The Asgardian royal calling himself king inclined his head, and smiled, courteous as ever and it made Tony’s skin crawl, unused to seeing Loki, of all people, treat him this way.
“Then be my guest, and perhaps if you play nicely, I’ll give you back to him.” 
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kaorusakurayashikiwife · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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every-lokitten · 2 months ago
Boop the Snoot
Space finds Loki in all his forms captivating, and deals with these weird feelings in the only way they know how.
or: Space boops Loki's snoot and he has no idea what's going on.
also on AO3
Space was staring at him. They did that a lot, actually, and they didn’t even attempt to be subtle about it. They weren’t even pretending to watch the television program they chose to put on. Loki was only fine with the chatter from the television because he was excellent at tuning out unwanted background noise.
From experience, he knew that without a distraction, Space would still be right there next to him, on the couch, but far more distracting. There was only so much he could tune out without an actual barrier, after all.
Loki pretended not to notice and kept his eyes flickering from the book in his lap, to the parchment beside him. His hand kept going through the motions of taking notes from muscle-memory alone, scratching out random runic letters, but forming no actual words. Even without a spell or an amateur rune, he could feel his skin to tingle, knowing he’s being watched.
He doesn't mind it, not really.  He just doesn’t know why. He’s aware that they have a problem with zoning out without realizing it, as they’re still not used to their corporeal form.
“What?” Loki asked, not looking up, voice sharper with irritation than intended, but Space didn’t even stir.
Loki glanced up, meeting Space’s clear silver not-zoned-out eyes. They were sitting cross-legged facing him, hands folded in their lap as they openly stared up at him. They were still wearing that ridiculous oversized, obnoxiously fuzzy sweater.
Space’s eyes widened fractionally, somehow not having expected to be caught, before changing tactics and they smiled that wide, slightly manic grin he knew they did on purpose. It was probably meant to be unnerving in an annoying way, but they only managed to look cute stupid.
They weren’t making eye contact, but rather they’re honed in on the center of his face. Loki had to resist the urge to cross his eyes to see what they’re looking at.
“What?” Loki repeated, softer this time, more curious than truly irritated.
Space was suddenly lurching towards him, knee nearly on top of his book. He barely registered a finger in his face when they gently poked him.
They just… poked him. Right on his nose.
Loki felt his nose scrunch at the unexpected touch, automatically pulling back. He gave Space an offended look. What was that for?
Before Loki could say anything, Space was pulling away, darting back off the couch. Loki looked at them in confusion.
He received no response and Space ran out of the room.
That didn’t clear it up for him at all. Loki shrugged to himself, returning to his research. He could always ask Mind later.
Loki curled up in a warm pile, poking at the furs surrounding him until he was deep in the blankets. He doesn't want to deal with anything right now.
Earlier, he had collapsed face down on the bed before shifting into a snake. He just wanted to curl up and stop thinking for a bit.
He nuzzled deeper again, then poked his head out. He was on a warm pillow, piled with furs and blankets he had arranged on and around it.
Loki didn’t stir when he heard Space come into the room. They sat on the bed next to the pillow he was on, and Loki flicked his tongue out almost idly. Space turned suddenly, and Loki felt it as they quickly tapped him on the snout.
Loki pulled back in surprise. As a snake, his eye-sight was terrible, so he hadn’t even seen their hand coming. Space chuckled softly as Loki settled back down, once again ignoring the weirdness.
Loki walked into the room to find Reality and Space curled on the couch, the former showing a video on a tablet, with peppy music playing. He had seen them watching videos together before, but this time, he was a little more curious. There was a niggling at the back of his mind that he was supposed to be figuring something out but he wasn't sure what.
He caught sight of the video only briefly as he walked past, but then it clicked and he immediately understood.
This was definitely Reality's fault.
Loki nearly forgot about the video fully as a few days passed.
When Space complained about being bored, he wasn’t doing anything anyways, so at their request he shifted into a dog and pattered up to them.
Loki barked, demanding Space play with him. They were all too happy to oblige.
“Hold on,” Space said a few minutes later, leaving the room abruptly. Loki cocked his head to the side as Space ran back into the room, holding something in their hands.
They kneeled down, relieving a clear package with some sort of sliced fruit. Loki sniffed at it, immediately intrigued, before pulling away quickly and shifting back to Æsir.
“You’re not feeding me.” Loki scowled. “I am not a dog from one of your videos.”
Space pouted. Though Loki took the fruit from them before he left the room.
It wasn’t until later, when he thought again about those videos again, and that Reality had been the one showing Space, that what he said fully hit him and he realized what just happened.
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