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My favorite part of the fight with Saitama vs Suiryu is that everyone was shocked on Suiryu’s strength and how “Charanko” is getting beat up

But when its really Saitama, Sneck is just confused like


My other favorite was how people are amazed by Suiryu and how Saitama fucking assed him to a wall. And then there’s Sneck just gives no shits on what happens because he KNOWS the outcome so it wasn’t a surprise to who the winner was. He just to bewildered to why Saitama is there like, “ what’s this bitch doing here?”


Bonus on Max being confused at Sneck being confused.

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(I don’t know if you can tell, but the quality is a little lower than usual. My tablet was doing something funny) Here’s the story of Sloan the Snake

My parents have the habit of moving our family into homes that have rodent problems (not by choice though). A few months ago I discovered where the mice come into our home and we put down a mousetrap in front of the hole (kinda like a no one gets in, no one gets out situation, but for mice). A few weeks after that, Mom checked the trap and saw a garter snake, and when she checked on it later she discovered that it was still alive (she isn’t too fond of snakes). And she really didn’t want to take care of it and my Dad had taken all but my two youngest siblings for an overnight hike, so I decided to take care of the snake. (I’m ashamed of this part) so I hit the snake on it’s head with a broom (because at the time I was still afraid of snakes) and it didn’t die and that little voice I have in my head yelled at me: “WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO THAT??? YOU SHOULD HELP THIS POOR AMINAL(yes my mind thinks aminal instead of animal and personally, I like it) YOU APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW AND SET IT FREE OR ELSE I’M GOING TO KEEP YOU AWAKE TONIGHT WITH THE WORST GUILT YOU’VE EVER FELT”… so I listened to my conscious and got some gloves and took the snake outside and set it free. 

It was sitting in shock for a minute or too (I don’t blame it. I was a little in shock when I hit my head too). And I just spoke calming words to it and I did tell it that it shouldn’t come back in the house cause mom would not be happy with it, and carried it to some shade where the snake slithered out of my life forever. As it was slithering away I decided to call it Sloan and waved goodbye…

And fast forward a month and I’ve moved out of my room so that my aunt and uncle could have it. I’ve set up near the mouse hole (now filled with steel wool) and it’s dark. I started a game of Pokémon and a little while later I see something tiny moving around in my setup (I had a lot of pillows). At first I thought it was a bug but when I got a closer look… It was a wittle baby garter snake!!! I was able to grab it but man little noodles are fragile and I really didn’t want to hurt a snake again so I let it slither away (but I got to hold it for like two seconds!) but that got me thinking… Is Sloan a girl? I also call that baby Noodle.(that could explain why Sloan came into our home in the first place. Sloan could’ve just gotten gravid and needed a place to stay warm and our home was the best place for that to happen. Maybe)

And come today I find out that two of my little brothers saw Sloan and two other little garters. How did they know it was Sloan? Well I did hit Sloan on the head and that apparently left a mark (I’m so sorry Sloan I promise I will never hurt a snake ever again). So Sloan is a mother!!! I’m so proud of her :) 

That is the story of Sloan the Snake, Mother to Noodle and who knows how many others. And I am grateful for her. 

Thanks for reading this long story about a snake that lives around my family’s home. If I have anymore updates I’ll definitely share.


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