sirartwork · 11 days ago
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I few requests I did at the end of my stream today
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dem0nky · 3 months ago
I would love to see Zenigata in your style!
love to draw him! this is a good practice for the next zeni req in my inbox /smirks OK SO FIRST i wanted to study the zeni in hemingway paper's (WHIHC I RLY NEED TO REWATCH CUS ITS SO SO GOOD ) cus its probs my fave zeni style in the entire series cus so goofy n so expressive!!!! whoever worked on his design for this ova REALLY loved zenigata
Tumblr media
n now here's my zeni which im...still figuring out, i want a good balance of goofy n sexy but its hard when. butt chin
Tumblr media
OH AND heres a shy zeni headshot i doodled the other night :P
Tumblr media
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wolfcamellias · 4 months ago
wait but did macaque ever try to get to zhizhu?
Upon learning that she was like Wukong’s sister?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yep. he tried
(keyword: tried)
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tteokdoroki · 18 days ago
Hybrid!bakugou who clutches you so tight and doesn’t even let people look at you injured-
stop :(( hiccups, i also feel like bakugou would have been a bit of a feral hybrid— he doesn’t understand the flashing red and blue lights or why people are trying to talk him down. he didn’t hurt you, he’s trying to protect you! curling his entire body around you to hide you from the loud noises and all the people— got you clutching onto him for dear life </3
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biluz · 11 months ago
can we pls sit and discuss how desperate luz is to make her friends happy tho like, she refused to leave gus alone and allow him to wallow in his self-directed anger, she encouraged him to explore his options with magic, she leant him her glyphs because she wanted him to succeed, and then she fought tooth and nail to get amity her job back despite being arguable emotionally compromised at the time and that was all in One Episode. some1 pls give this baby more cheek kisses one was NOT enough
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spnsmile · a year ago
One Mishadarius
Or that time Darius and Misha crossed Oscars in their Bucket list (April, 2021)
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ringpop-poppy · 9 months ago
hihi poppy!! 🥺💗💓💗
ok but eremin coming back from work and seeing you all pouty and arms crossed, the cutest pout on your face because they’ve been gone all day and they basically spent more time with each other than with you. and you hate it when you’re not equally included in spending time with them.
so they come to sit on each side of you on the couch where your brows are forrowed and you’re (pretending to be) angry at them. and they’d just chuckle at how cute you are before they lean in and start kissing your neck on both sides of you; inhaling your scent that is home to them every day. just two pretty boys hiding in your neck and mumbling their sorry’s into your skin with kisses for not being their for their pretty girl all day, promising to spoil you all day and do whatever you want!!
and you’d shake your head and be like “mmph! don’t wanna” to be all petty that it’s so adorable to them. and they’d suddenly look at each other and sharing a cute smile that’s knowing to your cuteness and lean in to kiss in front of your face. it’s to provoke you a little further so that you’d give in to them like always.
and you’d be whining like “no! stop i didn’t see you all day.” and they’d pull away and laugh; knowing it works so easily to make you give into them. and then they’d kiss your cheeks and promise to take you out the next day and spend it all with you; to buy all the things you want and their undivided attention. in whatever it is you desire.
“c’mon baby, let us say we’re sorry and buy you whatever you want,” eren would say, pressing a kiss to your forehead while armin strokes your hair as you pulls you against his chest.
“and it’s okay if you don’t wanna buy anything, we wanna be with you all day and make up for being so busy,” armin would say, kissing your cheeks and feeling you relax in between their hold. “we’ll do whatever you want.”
“mhm. you better.”
Kept this too myself for days but 🥺 they're so mean 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 need their cocks in me now love
t-thinking abt dp.. yes I am.
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pseudomantis · 26 days ago
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dreamquackity · 10 days ago
tbh dream sees anyone that is nice to him once as a close friend. sykunno really has nothing to worry about there
i know I KNOWWWW like i know dream thinks fondly of sykkuno . its that sykkuno doesn’t think dream sees him as a close friend .
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temporoyales · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
we’re rewatching the hobbit movies... started with an unexpected journey and wow, simpler days
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sirartwork · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
good manga
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miffbun · 7 months ago
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my favorite part of the museum
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liverpops · a year ago
You light up my goddamn day you know that?
Tumblr media
OH... YOU MADE MY HEART WARM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank YOU for lighting up my day today!!!!!!!!!!!!
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tteokdoroki · a month ago
tryna ask my baby an important question and he’s not answering me wails
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la-ermitana · a year ago
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#worried Teresa 
Fantasmas [5x01]
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cmivr · 3 months ago
Hello there ! Another shifter ?! I found you randomly , but I'm glad ! Happy shifting ! 💕
HIHI!! yes indeed i am, and thank you :(( this is so wholesome
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magalidragon · 9 months ago
So me and my girls were up late chatting last night and we’re all amazed at the fact that unlike us, you go to bed with 5 fics in mind and magically wake up with them written.
So…the theories were you’re either a secret Jonerys bot that churns out fics ‘round the clock or you’re Kinvara and if you are, that means your BFF Lights must be Mel (I lean toward this one ‘cause it’s mine).
Beliefs differ, but what we all agreed on is that you’re a Queen, a terrific writer and we’re in awe. I guess my question is how can we become princesses, for surely being Queen takes too much work. If your answer is stop chatting so much, start writing more, than we shall always remain mere Ladies at your court ‘cause that’s unlikely to stop.
I won’t name names so just sign us,
Capricorn, Mars, Sunprancer and Beam-on-day-niche.
UM @libradoodle1 @moondancer71 @jupiterix and @rayondeneige COME GET YOUR ANON! 😜
Hahaha thank you so much!!! I honestly wish I was writing more, because when I first started I hated my position at work and just used fic writing as an outlet and then lockdown it was all I did 😂 I mean if you saw my WIP list it would DISGUST you. I def don’t have the energy I wish I did.
You are welcome to the court any time and honestly just keep writing because I will keep reading!!!!
Or do what I’m doing now and write fic on your phone while waiting in line at the grocery and pray no one reads over your shoulder 😭
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fieriframes · 3 months ago
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[It's got to smell good before you taste it. [ Sniffs ] 'Cause that's a taste bud, too. He was the first of my ghosts. It's all got to happen at once like an explosion of taste in your mouth.]
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faeblcssed · 29 days ago
second question : who would win of the following :
@nosferot​ ‘s dracula 
or santa
Tumblr media
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deckofclubs · a month ago
i miss my bnha muses
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