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nelapanela94 · 2 days ago
Captain Levi did cry. He cried in the darkness of his room, at the late hours of the night; face reddened from tears wept in solitude. He was widely known within the Walls as Humanity’s Strongest Soldier; he was humanity's hope, and showing his emotions was a luxury he couldn’t afford.
One of those sleepless nights, while the rest of the world had already fallen in the arms of Morpheus, you sneaked into your lover's office in hope that he wasn’t drowned in paperwork, so you’d be able to cuddle in the couch together, allowing yourself to finally succumb to slumber in Levi’s arms. However, your big smile and the glint in your eyes suddenly disappeared. It was empty, cold, and the lamp on his desk was already turned off. When your eyes adapted to the darkness you glanced around, noticing that the door that led to his bedroom was ajar.
“Levi” You knocked twice with the back of your hand and tried to take a peek through the gap.
“Go away!” He snapped angrily; his words breaking your heart, but you just couldn’t turn around. “Just leave me alone” His voice trembled this time. Your eyes saddened, and slowly you opened the door, stepping in without saying a word. Levi was sitting at his bed facing the window, staring at a moonless night sky. You crawled on the bed and kneeled behind him, wrapping your arms around the raven-haired who couldn't hold back his tears anymore.
You hugged him quietly propping your chin on his shoulder, kissing his temple from time to time. The walls he’d built around his heart began to break down; vulnerable and defenseless he clung onto your life-saving embrace. “It’s ok to cry, Levi” you muttered, threading your fingers through his hair. As his sobs gradually died down, Levi turned his head to the side and you shifted into a more comfortable position to cradle his face in your hands. Gently, you wiped away his tears with your thumbs and proceeded to kiss him lightly – first his forehead, then his nose and finally his salty lips. “Brave boy”
Levi hugged you this time, burying his face in your chest “Don’t ever leave me, (name)” His voice muffled against your shirt. “Not you. Promise me”
“Look at me” you said softly caressing his hair. He nodded and tilted his head back slightly, raising his eyes. “Through good and bad times, and no matter what, I will always be by your side.”
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saveyourt3ars · 2 days ago
Picture this... Levi is your husband and you just got home from work and he greets you at the door wearing an apron with a fork full of pasta telling you to try it
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leviskata · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: “What? You can hate someone and still think they're hot.”
✧ pairing: Levi x fem reader
✧ includes: NSFW, detailed smut, modern detectives au, hate fucking, switch, degradation, bdsm, face fucking, facial, semi-public sex, fingering, this shit rated P*RN
✧ a/n: Detective Ackerman 😩😫🛐🛐🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️
Tumblr media
“Son of a BITCH!” You almost knocked the computer off the desk once you stormed off your seat, stomping to the holding cell to scold Levi who currently held your suspect in handcuffs.
“Hey! What– what's going on? Where did you find Miller? Why did you make an arrest without me?” You threw so many questions at him all at once out of anger.
“Found him in tenth ave doing a secret trade of the drugs, busted ten kilos worth a quarter of a million bucks, all from our intel's tip.” He answered all of your questions all in one drop as he locked the holding cell where your perp is held.
“Why didn't you tell me?” You fired.
“If you weren't so buried in desk duty.” Levi replied. “But you told me to look over Miller's old case files!”
“Oh,” He recalled for a moment, “Yeah, oops. My bad.” He casually says, now heading back to his desk which was just right in front of yours.
“What the fuck, Levi! I've been on his tail in so long! You just blew months of work!” You scold.
“Nothing was blown off, I got the guy.” He assured.
“But this is my case!”
“Erwin appointed me in charge too, [Name].” He replied, now stopping your tracks.
“UGH!” You groan in frustration.
“Round of applause for Detectives Ackerman and [L/N]!” Erwin steps out of his office for a moment to announce your achievement. “They just took in the number one perp in our watchlist— one of the biggest suppliers of drugs in the city.”
“Why don't we all head to Joe's bar after your shifts?” He added.
“Sir, I don't— don't worry, [Name], expenses will be covered by the department. You and Levi just did a great job, you deserve a night off.” He says.
and with that, your colleagues and other officers applauded your successful operation. You and Levi remained standing giving slight nods in thankfulness.
“Congrats to us, I guess.” You face him once again. “Good work.” He nods, now heading over to his own desk.
“He did not just arrest your perp without you.” You were seated in a booth with Hange and your close officers.
“I know...” You chuckled.
“The guy's brand is stealing cases, what's new? He took my B&E case last week!” Eren spoke. “God, I hate him.” He added.
“He's hot though.” You blurt, earning a fit of judging stares from your friends.
“What? You can hate someone and still think they're hot.” You shrug.
“I mean, I do get love/hate vibes from the two of you sometimes, not gonna lie.” Hange remarked. “You'd make a hot couple.” They added. “Pffft.” Was all you could reply.
“I wanna prank him, get back at his ass for taking my cases. and yours. He won't be even in it if it wasn't for Commander Erwin's orders. AND it's the second high-profile case he swept off! God, what a dick!” Eren continues to rant.
“We can empty his gun.” Mikasa suggested.
“Remove a wheel from his chair.” Connie spoke.
“Cover his motorcycle in dirt.” Hange offered.
“Or punch his gorgeous throat.” You spoke, truthfully.
“Oh my god, everyone shut up.” Sasha breaks apart from the bowl of pretzels for a moment, your eyes now following hers which was on Levi who's approaching your booth.
“Speaking of the devil.” Eren mumbled.
“Detective Ackerman.” They greet the man, and you remain casually seated.
“[Name], can I talk to you?” He asks, propping himself up on your booth seat before taking one of the shots on your table, and downing it rather quickly.
“Sure.” You shrug. “Ok. Interrogation room. Ten minutes.” He ordered, slamming the empty shot glass back on the table with his eyes still fixed down on you.
You remained seated as he now left you, leaving the bar to return to your precint a block away.
“I wasn't the only one who felt the sexual tension there, right?”Hange points out.
“Nope.” Jean denied.
“Wouldn't I feel it?” You snap, earning a fit of laughter from the officers. “You heard him, I'll see you later.” You took your coat before sliding off the booth to meet your partner detective.
Tumblr media
“You wanted to talk to me, detective?” Levi was quietly staring into the glass pane windows of the room, hands in his pockets and patiently waiting for your arrival.
“Uh, yes...” His head whips towards your way, before you lock the door behind you. Levi was now leaning against the table before speaking,
“The reason I didn't bring you to the bust is because... I didn't want you to get hurt.” He spoke.
“We're detectives, Levi. Getting ourselves at risk is part of the job.” You answered.
“Didn't you hear my report? They were doing the deal in tenth avenue. I know that isn't really your favorite place.” He mentioned, careful not to pull such harsh memories from you.
Two years ago, during a mission, you were at that very place to catch a murderer with your best friend and partner, Petra. Unfortunately, she was held at gunpoint, shot, and died on the spot due to her fatal wound.
“Right,” You shook your head, and eyes softening.
“It's safer for me to go alone because he doesn't even know that I'm working the case with you since he hasn't seen me yet. But, I know Miller won't hesitate firing a shot if he sees even a glance of your face. You've been tialing the guy and taking out his men. Plus, I didn't have the SWAT team with me, nor Erwin's knowledge that I was going in alone. There wasn't an intel tip, [Name]. I went by my own gut. and if something wrong went down, and you were there, I won't be able to live with it.” He explained.
Well, you couldn't hate him now... He's right. You two are in serious trouble if this operation didn't go well. But, it did. He pulled it off. Levi is truly amazing.
“Well, uh, I guess I'm not ready to be back there either. and, thank you. But, y-you know I got your back, okay? Next time, just tell me. and we'll go together, and, have each other's backs because that's what partners do.” You genuinely spoke, eyes meeting his for comfort and assurance.
Levi wasn't able to utter anything in response, rather doing the last thing you expected from him— a hug. He held you in his arms, sharing his warmth, comfort, and gratefulness through the gesture. Although he couldn't see it, you smile in response, returning the embrace to him before pulling apart.
“If you tell anyone—” The two of you threaten each other in unison. “Got it.”
“So, you plan on coming back to the bar?” You ask, taking a step closer to Levi who did the same thing, slowly approaching you.
“Hell no. I needed to get out of there.” He mumbled, you bodies now only inches apart from each other as you look into each other's eyes, practically smelling the lust radiating off his body.
Damn it, why did Hange have to be right? The tension in between you and Levi were so dense now.
“Same.” You agreed, watching his eyes flicker from your eyes then down your lips.
You just stood in silence, feeling each other's heavy breath from standing so close to one another. It took everything it had in Levi to not just devour your lips in his, although he wanted to, he didn't know what you felt about him.
but you want this just as much as he does.
You two stared deeply into each other's eyes, feeling the same tension that arose from back at the bar, making Levi's breath hitch when he felt his jeans tighten.
You watched as he stared at you through his locks, bouncing with every leg shift he made to adjust his tightening pants.
Your cheeks rose in color, feeling the familiar sense of your libido taking over you.
"Fuck it.." Levi finally broke the silence with his quiet curses, feeling the breath of his words on your nose.
"What,?" You mumble softly, voice reeking of seduction. You reached a hand up to his stray strands, pushing one out of his face as he licked his lips anxious for your taste. But the attempt to tantalize him was all it took to push Levi over the edge.
Levi lets his libido consum him, finally smashing his lips into yours, almost lip-bleeding fast for he had been craving this moment for quite a time.
He danced across the taste and texture of your soft lips, your movements synchronized as you wrapped an arm around his neck, running your hand through his hair.
He hooks his arms around your curved waist, roughly picking you up so you could wrap your legs around his waist, never once breaking the fiery passionate kiss.
"You drive me fucking crazy, [Name]." Levi mumbled gruffly against your lips, and you smirk, knowing that he did the same to you.
He carried you over to a more accessible spot, gently dropping you on the table in the middle of the room.
He hovered over your body, arms propped up on the side by your head, feeling him slightly roll his hips subconsciously against your clothed core, knowing that he wanted more, as so did you.
You felt Levi tug at the hem of your lowcut shirt, breaking the kiss to tug it off your body, revealing your nude bra, while also watching Levi discard his shirt, revealing his toned chest and stomach.
He hovers you again, reconnecting your lips together, and the raw body heat radiated off of each other's touch.
You fumbled with the zipper of his pants, and before long, you two were both stripped naked.
"You're so damn gorgeous." Levi managed to say with a heavy breath and half-lidded lustful eyes, through his awestruck facial expression as his steel eyes lingered on your exposed body laid out before him.
He lands another kiss with the same fiery passion, the sounds of smacking from your french kisses filled the silence around the small room.
The feeling of his bare chest and member against your exposed, wet core made you shutter with anticipation, knowing that you've been thinking about him a lot lately, more than just despise.
His wet kisses trailed down your jaw and to your neck, then wandering dangerously close to your core; you moaned at how his lips felt against your tingling skin that was now surely decorated with hickies.
"Levi..." You pleaded, the best you could through your cries, slightly attempting to grind against him for any friction at all.
He gave you a smirk before reaching down to position his member outside your core, ready to enter. His eyes dark, staring at you hungrily as if asking for permission, knowing that not even his dreams included this part that he craved so much.
You nod in agreement, and not even a second after, he had thrusted into you with one grand roll of his hips.
You practically yelled as you moaned, his shape filling you up perfectly, hitting every single bundle of nerves right on target.
You hooked your legs around his back, your nails clawing at his skin as he thrusted roughly in and out of you, moaning and breathing heavily into your ear, “Do you still... hate me?” He breathes out.
You felt his entire manhood grind against your core with every thrust he exerted onto you, the sound of bare skin clapping together and the mixed moans shared between you and Levi filled the room's silence.
“No sir.” Your guttural moans in your ear sent tingles down his spine, before you hear him whisper, "What about now?" under his breath before pushing your knees further up, almost touching your chest and harshly thrusting his hips into you.
Levi's breathy moans were a major turn on for you as you heard his small whimpers as he neared his climax, as were you from this position and pace.
"Oh fuck, Levi..." You moaned heavily and loudly before you let yourself be completely consumed by the surges of ecstasy that overwhelmed your entire body, making you withe underneath him.
Not long after you, he completely poured over the edge as well, releasing himself inside you with a deep guttural moan before placing a rough kiss to your lips to finish.
“You like that?” He props himself on either of your thighs, before you sit straight up on the edge of the table. “Mhm.” You hum in agreement.
“But I like this better.” You spoke, leaving Levi in questions. “What is it?” Before he could even process what was happening, Levi heard a click from underneath, now feeling the cold metal cuffing his right wrist.
You had cuffed him into the hook beneath the table where perps are cuffed into during interrogation. Levi groaned in annoyance on how easily you finessed him like that while you slip back on your trench coat, with nothing underneath it.
“I'm taking this...” You took all of Levi's discarded clothes and he start to restrain from the cuff. “Fuck you, don't even dare.” He threatened. “Make yourself finish, and you get one back.” You tease, pulling out a metal seat to sit on, facing Levi.
“Then I'm leaving,” You attempt to stand up.
“Make yourself cum then.”
Levi chuckles at your ideals, leaving him with no choice but to take his free hand into his crotch, eyes closing before his thumb makes contact with his sensitive opening and harshly rubbing.
“Slowly,” You demand. Leaving him panting and head thrown back. “Good boy, who knew Detective Ackerman could look this pathetic.” You spat.
“F-fuck you.” He moaned, hand now slowly jerking himself off. You mewl at the sight of Levi desperately trying to get himself off with such slow strokes.
“[Name], please,” He cried out, just as you clench your legs together. “Go faster.” You demand, fingers now wandeeing over your wet folds once again.
“Uuuggh, Fuck! I fucking hate you, [Name].” His errotic writhes was only adding to your pleasure. “Oh yeah? How much?”
“Argh! I wanna shoot this cum in your face. That much.” He answered, and you smirk, getting up from the seat to kneel down right in front of him. “Do it then.” You challeneged.
He then raspily gasps, taking a fistful of your hair and then forcing your head down his length. You gag from the sudden action, deep throating all of him in response.
You let his strong hand fuck your face into his length, but you pull away the moment his cock twitches in your throat.
“Do it! Shit!” Levi moans in pleasure, jerking his length off a few times before shooting his release in your face.
His release starts to trickle down your chest, and he takes notice of this, now aiming his dick at your breasts to shoot the remaining of his release.
“Shit, your stupid pretty face looks even better like this.” He remarked.
You chuckled, getting back up on your feet, “You get your shirt back for that...” You throw his white button-up shirt towards him as a reward.
Oh, it is going to be a long interrogation...
Tumblr media
“Nope. This stays off.” Levi snatched your panties, as you attempted to put them on underneath your trench coat. He now fully clothed and out of the handcuffs.
He crumples the clothing into a ball before slipping them in his pockets. “Come on,” He spoke, securing the ties of the coat over your waist.
He offered his arm out and you take it before heading to the elevators. Once inside, you patiently wait for the transit to stop down the lobby, just so you can leave and have a proper night at his place.
It was until the elevator stops at the fourth floor, where the office of your team is on. Oh, no.
“Detectives.” Erwin nods at the two of you once the elevator doors revealed you to each other. “Sir.” You and Levi greets back before he settles in front of you, facing the doors. Other officers entered as well.
After Erwin pressed “close”, Levi gets on one knee to supposedly tie his shoelaces. His eyes flickers to Erwin, making sure that your superior remained looking at the doors.
Once finished, Levi's hand met your leg, fingers teasingly dragging along as he got back up on his feet.
His hand stops at your ass, hooking under your trench coat and searched for your pussy. Once successful, Levi thrusts two fingers into your heat and you almost yelp from the impact, only clutching on your purse in response.
Your legs struggled to keep you up, eyes landing on everywhere but your boss right in front of you. Levi continued his harsh pace, repeatedly nudging your soft pleasure spot.
“Fuck...” You whsipered loud enough only for Levi to hear. “Don't cum.” He whispered back.
Unable to hold back your lewd gasps, you take your purse up to your mouth and desperately bit on it's edge to conceal your cries of pleasure.
You cursed at yourself for letting Levi keep your panties the moment his fingers spread apart inside of you, making a wet noise which you concealed with a cough.
The digital numbers over the door seemed to descend so slowly, and you could only pray pray Levi doesnt go any harder.
You sigh in relief once the elevator chimes, indicating your arrival to the lobby.
Once the door opens, Levi withraws his fingers off of you, licking them clean and taking your arm once more to head outside the building together.
You started walking with a limp, cunt still wet and abused by his fingers and cock. Once you reach the parking lot, Erwin calls for the two of you once again.
“Good work again. I'll see you two on monday.” He says. “Thank you sir.”
“If he only knew what I was just doing to you...” Levi mumbles, opening while you settled on the passenger side.
You and Levi were never dicks to each other again, and made this occurrence a regular habit to claim each other as your own...
Tumblr media
tag list: @snowyseungs @itsgoldnsage @angiefucks @call-me-pretty-and-nasty @poopymagicalpants @Roralore @lovehollandy12 @mindlesschicca @shiggybby @tehehe.bri @sassyjudgehumanparty @ravenina14 @kishiuna @lovemusic-4-ever @getcakedieyoung96 @atshena @xiaosshoulderspike @la-musaa @vodkabringsmetolife @kangthetic @crybabyddl @belphegors-cow-pillow @alectodd @yaegerr @ninjakona @ibby-miyoshi-nerd @wadeangela193 @madarascrustycumsock @riniackerman @Jaelkkcoz @dianados @ack3rlevi @crabbae @feitanett @haitanihime @lunalayne @bekahtaylorgriggs @fallenandforsaken @DaisyXxMist @anonymous20021 @sianakento @tojibreedingme @rxpiu @jjkwhor3 @nonbinarypo3t @oh-i-have-the-plague @rumi-saki @nextquik0 @marsbpeppermint @resonancesoul
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lemonpika · 2 days ago
♡ ♡ ᴀɴɢʀʏ ꜱᴇx ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴇʀᴇɴ, ᴀʀᴍɪɴ, ʏᴇʟᴇɴᴀ, ᴀɴᴅ ʟᴇᴠɪ  ♡ ♡
Tumblr media
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: ᴅᴇɢʀᴀᴅᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ʜᴜᴍɪʟɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ᴀɴɢʀʏ ꜱᴇx, ʙᴅꜱᴍ, ᴅᴇᴛᴀɪʟᴇᴅ ꜱᴍᴜᴛ
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Tumblr media
Your face was forced down on the pillow as Eren forcefully thrust into your pussy. You let out a yelp that echoed in the room loudly, and he was not too pleased with the thought of being heard fucking someone as lowly as you. To silence you a bit, he clasped his fingers tightly around the back of your neck to slightly cut off your airflow. Although you loved being abused like this, you began an attempt to squirm away from him. “You fucking asshole, this isn’t how you were supposed to fuck me! It goes too deep like this!” you spat out, giving him a hazy, lustful look. He only gave you an impassive gaze and continued to pound deep into you. “Do you think sluts like yourself have the right to order me around? ” His voice was low and smoky. It sent a shiver up your spine as he released his grip on your neck, and you stopped struggling. “You do realize that you’re the one trying to make me feel good, right? And I’m already in a shitty fucking mood, so you better not tell me what to fucking do.” His voice was now rendered to a low, primal growl as he continued plowing into you. In your mind, you patted yourself on the back for riling him up more. Now, you could genuinely enjoy yourself. He quickly moved his hands to grasp your hips firmly. His pace was slow, but you could still feel the tight stretch of his dick in your pussy. He was only in the teasing stage, so you braced yourself for whenever he would decide to finally ravage your cunt like you were his. Your breath was raggedy and hushed by the soft fabric of the pillows. Soon enough, the cadence of his thrusts began to fall sloppy as he continued taking you from behind and hearing those cute little breathy moans you let out. Before letting himself fall victim to his orgasm, he pulls out sharply and hooks his arms under your armpits, swinging himself to lay on his back, so you fell backward. You were now in a new position that neither of you had put into practice, and frankly, you were incredibly aroused. The thought of him fucking you in reverse cowgirl sent a slight shock to your pussy. Positioning your dripping cunt over his dick, he tightly gripped your hips once more and growled at you.
“That’s right, you fucking bitch. I can’t stand to look at your stupid face when I fuck you silly. So now, go finish the job like the idiotic whore you are.”
Tumblr media
Armin was so fucking stressed. Finals’ week never bore well with him, and he just needed a distraction from the constant mental gymnastics. Your hand gripped at the cheap walling of his dorm room as he relentlessly rammed into your pussy from behind. You figured that he was exceptionally tense today since he didn’t even wait for you to undress or get into his sheets. You felt your legs begin to give out as you weren’t used to getting fucked standing up. “A-Armin..! Slow down... Holy shit, you’re so worked up today..” The blonde was a panting, sweaty mess as he continued his rough strokes. “Y/N. Please be quiet..! The only noises I want to hear are your cute moans and how wet your little pussy is..!” You felt your toes curl as Armin discovered this new boldness. His trembling hands greedily reached for your tits as his dick dug deep inside of you, causing you to let out a series of moans and whimpers. His thumbs swirled tiny circles around your perky nipples, just how you liked it. His pace was moderate, yet his thrusts were considerate and deep. Before long, he grew tired of playing with your nipples and let his right hand trail down to your hardened clit. “God…! You’re the best fucking stress toy ever!” He screamed out.  His slender fingers gingerly massaged at it as his other hand slid back down to your hip to grapple you with more precision. The way how his dick slammed into you brutally made you want to cry. Instead of focusing on the overall force of his thrusts, he began to focus more on cumming as fast as possible so that he could get back to whatever he was doing. Soon enough, he became uncharacteristically frustrated as he realized this was taking much longer than expected. Typically, he would’ve come by now, and you’d be on your way. Despite you not being the source of his stress, he felt it necessary to take out some of his added tension on you. Without a second thought, he decided to bite down roughly on your shoulder, a low growl escaping his lips. Armin impatiently removed his digits from your throbbing clit and gave your ass a series of rough slaps that echoed in the small room, causing you to whimper weakly as your knees buckled. Suddenly, he slams your body stark against the wall with your tits pressed uncomfortably against the cold wall plaster. Armin’s dick was now ravaging you at a blinding, hard pace.
“God, YN! You can’t even do your fucking job and make me cum fast. What good are sluts like you if you can’t even satisfy your man?”
Tumblr media
“Why were you looking at that woman so fondly, YN?” Yelena’s dark eyes stabbed into you as she gave your thigh a rough slap. You winced from the sharp pain but couldn’t respond to her question due to the cloth she had tied around your lips. Your cute eyes stared up at her, and remorse was evident in them, but Yelena was unrelenting. A muffled, small whimper escaped your lips as she inched her face closer to yours. “I’m sorry. What was that?” Another vicious slap to your inner thigh was doled out as your body squirmed weakly underneath her. “I wouldn’t dare be caught anywhere near you in public….” She trailed, disgust in her voice as her velvety smooth finger pads traced down your collarbones and down to your pussy. “But here, you are mine.” Moans began to leak through your makeshift gag as she began stroking at your clit with her middle finger. “And frankly, YN, I’m hungry.” Then, with one swift movement, she shifted her position to where her head was nestled in between your legs. Without another word, she greedily began to lap at your clit with her middle and ring finger already creeping into your pussy. Your back arched subconsciously due to the sudden stimulation, and a loud, needy moan ripped itself from your lungs. However, Yelena did not like this one bit. As punishment, she sank her teeth into your inner thigh and held your hips down to the bed with immense force. “Silly little girl. This is supposed to be my treat. And you’re only allowed to take it like the good little girl you are.” A dark smile crept on her lips as she began to lick your clit in side-sweeping motions. Yelena is always spiteful and likes to use your own body language against you. She knows exactly what you want and will give you orders to explicitly remain as still as a doll as her tongue violates your pussy. Your body felt like rocks were weighing it down as you had to force yourself to stay entirely still as not to anger her any further. But you just couldn’t help but roll your eyes to the back of your head as she finally pushed her digits between your walls. Her fingers were cold, and it sent a shock through your system. Drool was now pooling at the corner of your mouth as you felt yourself getting ready to cum. Yelena takes notice of this and stops completely.
“Hey, who said you could cum yet? It looks like I’m going to have to go slower to teach you a lesson..”
Tumblr media
Levi was embarrassed even to be seen walking near you. Your utter presence annoyed him, and he couldn’t wait to get you out of his sights. However, the part he hated the most about you was that you were the only person who could genuinely please him whenever he was feeling a bit horny and/or angry. Thus, you were the perfect victim to unleash his frustrations. He hated looking at your stupid face as he whipped the back of your thighs. “Tch, your face only gets more annoying the more that I look at it.” The bite of the riding crop is now stinging on your inner thigh. “It’s such a shame that your beautiful body is wasted on a face like yours.” You bit your lip as he continued to degrade you. “And it’s such a shame that your short stature foils a handsome man like you.” You loved teasing him about his height, and it always seemed to push just the right buttons for him to go ballistic. His eye twitched as he yanked a fistful of your hair. “Listen here, you stupid bitch. I was going to go easy on you because you were already taking my blows so well. But now, I’m going to make sure you never open your mouth like that in front of me ever again.” You felt a heat ignite in the pit of your stomach as he pulled your head back so that your ear was directly next to his lips. Then, he mercilessly began biting at your neck and around your ear as he squeezed a handful of your tits tightly. Your breath hitched as his touch became more feral and animalistic. Levi was growing desperate to shut you up and show you just how much of a man he was. Ripping off his slacks, he began grinding his throbbing erection against your ass to signal that there indeed was no turning back from this point on. With your body now stimulated in the roughest way possible, he threw you back down onto the bed, stomach laying flat against the sheets. Levi scoffed once more as you lifted your ass up in the air for him. “Wow, someone’s really eager.” He growled, simply moving his boxers enough to where he was poking out. “But since your ass is right there, why don’t I just..” he trailed off as he reached for the lube on the bedside table. Without warning, you felt his cold, slender fingers smear the lube against your asshole.
“Take you from behind like the stupid little slut you are.”
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sabitosimpb · 2 days ago
My Sunshine
You flipped the page of the novel you were reading as you lounged lazily on the couch in Levi's office. He had given you the day off but you knew for a fact that he just enjoyed your company. For no particular reason, you started humming some songs.
"Shut up, idiot," Levi said, not looking up from his paperwork. You looked up from your book and smiled it him before starting to sing the first thing that came to mind.
"You are my sunshine," you sang gently, "My only sunshine," you continue lazily as he continues paperwork.
"Oi, brat, shut up," he growled even though he didn't really want you to stop. You get up and wrap your arms around him from behind.
"You make me happy, when skies are grey."
"You'll never know, dear, how much I love you," you sang softly before placing a quick kiss on his cheek, "Please don't take my sunshine away." When you were done you hopped away quickly, leaving him flustered but not showing it. His perfectly stoic face still glued to the work he was doing.
"I'll see you later, Corporal."
He grunted in response and you closed the door behind you.
You smiled in excitement as you waited for them to open the gates. The anticipation was killing you. The stupid corporal had tried to get you out of the expedition. Its too dangerous or you still have a lot of work here to do. It wasn't even your first mission so, why he was worrying so much confused you to no end.
"Aren't you excited, Levi?" You beam.
"Yes," he deadpanned sarcastically, "I am so excited to put people's lives on the line."
The gates opened and the two of you separated, your [h/c] hair bouncing as you rode your horse. His gaze stayed on you until you were out of sight.
Levi heard a scream that made him feel like someone had jammed a blade into his chest. He felt a lump in his throat and a little bit of horror broke his stoic barrier. He turned to look at the aberrant that had stopped it's pursuit and shot a rope onto its shoulder and swung around, slicing the nape of its neck. He cut it's jaw and it released you. Quick as usual he caught you before you hit the ground and he landed feet first on the soft green grass.
In the heat of the moment he had forgotten that he had abandoned his horse and he was stuck in an open area, the formation had moved a head quite a bit and he wouldn't be able to get you there soon enough.
He laid you down, ripping strips of his own clothes off and trying desperately to stop the bleeding coming from your abdomen.
"Levi, stop," you gasped. The look in your eyes clearly told him how useless it was. He cringed, leaning over he pressed his forehead to yours, closing his eyes.
You watched him through half-closed eyes. He knew there would come a time when he would have to drop the act. That the stoic face he kept would have to give way to a distorted emotional one. This was that time. He gritted his teeth as tears flowed freely down his cheek mixing with the crimson blood that had decided to drip out of the corner of your mouth. He could feel you struggling to stay alive.
He cupped your face and fought the sob that was forcing its way up his throat. Contrary to popular belief, he was not a completely emotionless rock. You rested your hands on his arm. Then, he did something that truly surprised you.
"You are my sunshine," he sang quietly, the melody barely comprehensible through the fighting sobs and choking breathes.
"My only sunshine," he continued. You were fighting tears as well as death by now. You bit your lip as he went on, "You make me happy, when skies are grey."
He felt your breathing becoming more forced as you tried to push back your inevitable demise.
"You never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine..."
He paused as he felt your hands go slack and saw your eyes glaze over. Your mouth was slightly agape and a smiled had been tugging at the edges of your lips.
"...Away." He finished.
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akaazas · 2 days ago
promises - jean kirstein
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this was a request i received on my old account! i’m posting here since that one was decatived a while ago! if you recognize this just know that it was not copied, only transferred from one blog to another. hope you enjoy <3 (the blog was from a few months ago)
warnings: season 3 spoilers, mentions of death, blood, and angst lol
word count: 1, 716
Tumblr media
Jean felt like he was going to be sick.
He couldn’t think straight, the ringing in his ears rendering it impossible for him to regain his composure.
The last he remembered, you were with Hange and the rest of your squad fending off as many titans as you possibly could.
He was adamant that you would make it back to him, knowing your strength and agility rivaled that of the Captain, and how effortlessly you danced across the battlefield, taking your opponents down as if they were nothing.
Now, he wasn’t so sure, considering the events that took place only moments before.
He wasn’t ready. Wasn’t ready to welcome the idea that he may be walking out of this mission without his lover. Without you.
Knowing that jumping to the worst conclusion was unwise to do in a situation like this, he did his best to shake those thoughts away. Hoping and praying that if there was truly a God above, they would bring you back to him.
He knew that you had promised to return to him, that you would always be there for him by his side, but he also knew that some promises are meant to be broken.
“Jean?” You mumbled into his chest.
“I want you to know that I’m always going to be here for you no matter what. There’s nothing out there that can take us away from eachother.”
“I promise.” You said.
“I know, I’m just worried… I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” He muttered quietly.
“Don’t talk like that, you aren’t gonna lose me, I can guarantee it.”
“We’re both capable of handling ourselves, so there’s no need to worry.” You said in a comforting tone.
“You’re right. I love you more than anything Y/N.”
“Now get to sleep, we need to be well rested for tomorrow.” He replied, placing a kiss on your forehead.
“I love you too Jean.” You quietly said, falling into a deep sleep.
Snapping out of the memory from only hours before, he finally came back to his senses.
He could see that there were two figures to his left, screaming incoherent words his way, but no matter how hard he strained his ears, the only thing he could focus on was the constant thumping of his heart.
“What?” He mumbled. “I can’t hear you.”
Feeling a pair of hands on his shoulders, shaking him, he brought his eyes up to meet a pair of hazel ones.
“Connie.” Jean whispered.
“Yes Jean it’s me! Come on we have to go… We don’t have time for this, there’s still the armoured titan to take down.” Connie frantically said.
“Where’s Y/N?” Jean wavered.
“I don’t know, but we can worry about that after! There’s more important things to worry about right now.. I’m sorry.”
Jean knew that he shouldn’t be worrying about you right now, but it was too hard not to. He couldn’t bear to lose the person who meant the world to him. He just couldn’t.
But, he also knew that endangering his comrades for his own sake, was a cowardly thing to do.
Pushing aside the racing thoughts he had of you, he pulled himself together.
Noticing that Reiner was crouching low to the ground seemingly unoccupied, Jean attentively listened as his squad members revised their plan for attack.
As his squad members began to disperse around him, he stayed back for a moment, trying his hardest to calm his raging nerves.
Feeling a hand being placed on his shoulder, he turned to see that it was Mikasa.
“I know you’re worried about her, but she’ll be okay, she’s strong.” She said, and with that she was off.
Hoping that she was right, he shot across the top of the houses below him, placing himself in proper position, and awaiting the signal for their attack.
As the moments went by with no signal, he began to notice his hands shaking in the grasp of the thunder spears.
He desperately wanted to cry, to let out all his sadness and anger right at that moment, but he knew he couldn’t.
He knew that you would be disappointed in him, for letting his composure fall and allowing himself to be vulnerable during the time where everyone was relying on him.
That was the last thing he wanted to do, let you down, and let his friends down.
They had lost so many in the events leading up to this moment, and to lose any more because of his foolishness, was something he couldn’t even bare the thought of.
Hearing shouts comfirming that the signal had been given, he sprung out of his hiding spot and shot towards the armoured beast.
Swinging his arms around, and shooting the spears towards their required destination, he hoped that their efforts would be victorious.
Only they weren’t. All their efforts had been in vain.
Sasha had missed and Reiners jaw was still in tact.
It was up to Mikasa now. She had to find them a way out of this or they were screwed.
Tumblr media
Groaning in pain as you awoke, you noticed that you were lying on top of something, or more specifically someone.
As you tried to open your eye, you felt an excruciating pain shoot through the left side of your head.
Bringing your hand up to your left eye you felt a sticky substance, hissing as your hand made contact with the wound.
It was blood. You had lost your left eye.
Not knowing how to react to this newfound discovery, you began to panic.
As your breathing picked up and tears started running down your face, you felt a hand grab your shaking ones.
It was your squad leader Hange.
“It’s okay Y/N. Calm down, you’ll be okay.” She soothed.
Trying your hardest to regain some composure, you realized that you were still infact on top of her, and quickly scrambled to your feet.
Reaching your hand out to help her to her feet, you quickly embraced her in a hug relieved that at least one of your squad members was still alive.
“We have to get out of here, i’m sure the others need help.” You concluded.
Hange nodded in agreement as you both began claiming your way to the top of the well walls.
Reaching the top first and swinging yourself over, you reached behind yourself to lend a hand to Hange, who seemed to be struggling.
“Thank you.” She huffed out.
“No problem, but we need to get to higher ground and find the others.” You said.
Not giving her a change to respond you attached your gear to the top of a building and began your ascent hoping that Hange was following close behind you.
Reaching the roof of the building, you were happy to see that she was close behind you.
Now that you were on higher ground, you quickly analyzed everything that was going on around you.
Seeing that the armoured titan was being perused by your comrades, you wanted to come to their in case anything went wrong but your squad leaders voice halted your movements.
“Wait Y/N, now is not the time to engage.”
“They have it handled, we’re only supposed to interfere in the worst case.” She said.
Nodding you stepped back and prayed that nothing would go south.
Watching as the thunder spears hit their desired spots, you noticed that Reiners jaw was in fact not hanging open as it should’ve been.
Someone had missed.
‘Shit.’ you said internally. ‘I have to go help them.’
Without a second thought, with the remaining thunderspears in your hand, you began flying in the direction of the beast, Hange following closely behind.
With a loud cry of fury, you launched your spears into the jaw of your opponent.
“Y/N!” Mikasa cried out.
“Now’s your chance, Mikasa!” You screamed, landing on the roof beside Sasha, Connie, and Jean.
Without missing a beat, Mikasa landed inside Reiners mouth, and shot her thunderspear to the front of his nape.
As the spear exploded, the titan fell to the ground, and you let out a sigh of relief.
You had succeeded.
Tumblr media
Jean was in shock. Not only had you swooped in to save the day, but you were alive.
Making his way towards you, he quickly scanned over your body for any injuries.
Noticing the blood leaking from your left eye, he brought his hand up to your cheek.
“Are you alright?” He said, voice cracking.
“I’m alright, just a few bumps and bruises but nothing that I can’t handle.” You replied.
“But you’re alive? You made it back to us, to me.”
“Of course Jean, I thought I promised you thought already?”
Sighing in relief, he wasted no more time and brought you into a hug.
You hadn’t broken your promise. You were alive, and you came back to him just like you said you would.
He knew that the remaining few of you should start regrouping and looking for survivors, but you were home in his arms, and he wasn’t going to waste a few extra moments holding you.
“Jean.” you mumbled into his chest. “We have to go. The others are waiting.”
“I know, just a few more seconds like this. Please.” He quietly said.
“Ok, a couple more seconds.”
“I love you so much Y/N. I’m so glad you came back to me.” He whispered into your hair.
“I love you too Jean, you mean everything to me. I could never leave you.” You responded.
Pulling out of the hug, he smiled towards you, grabbing your hand and squeezing it.
“Come on, let’s go find the others.”
Nodding, he attached his gear to the surrounding buildings, and followed you towards the remainder of the scouts.
Letting the wind blow through his hair as he flew through the air, listening to the whistling of the wind in his ears, he felt at peace. Not from the battle that had just occurred, but because you both had once again survived another difficult chapter of your lives.
Thanking whoever was out there, that they had brought you back to him, he smiled contentedly, knowing that this one wasn’t meant to be broken.
It was yours. Your promise.
Tumblr media
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little-spoiled-brat · 2 days ago
good morning/afternoon/evening! may i please request 28 31 32 with levi?? hehe ive been deprived of his content for so long
im 22, btw!! thanks!
Tumblr media
kinktober # 15: levi ackerman
Tumblr media
- public/semi-public sex -
- jealous sex -
- getting caught -
when you joined the survey corps, you were close with erwin. he was the one who got you in the regiment and he taught you all you needed to know for your first few weeks as a scout.
erwin was also the one who introduced you to levi and the rest was history after that day. although, even when you and levi started dating, you kept it private from everyone to avoid any accusations of conflict of interest or favoritism since you were in levi’s squad.
levi doesn’t mind that you were close with erwin. he trusts you and he knows that you won’t do anything to hurt him. however, levi does get a bit jealous when erwin borrows you from time to time, unaware that he was taking time away from him to spend time with you. and even though he trusts erwin too, he doesn’t trust him as much as he trusts you — especially when erwin doesn’t know you two were dating.
that jealousy only grew bigger when erwin told levi that he liked you for years and is finding a way to tell you. levi wanted to tell him then and there that you were off limits but he found a better way to break the ice on him.
you were on the training field, following erwin as he assessed the progress of the cadets while you took notes of what needs to be changed in every cadet’s training regimen. you caught glimpses of levi being mean to the poor kids like usual, you can’t help but smile to yourself everytime he does.
that’s your man — that grumpy, stoic and sarcastic captain every cadet feared was yours.
levi saw you going around the field with erwin, internally clicking his tongue as jealousy filled him again — he really needs to let everyone, to let erwin know that you were his. as calm and collected as he is, he walked over to the both of you. you greeted your boyfriend with a warm smile as levi’s stomach erupted with butterflies upon seeing you.
“i’m stealing y/n“ levi said, gently grabbing your arm and giving the clipboard you were holding to erwin. you didn’t get to react as you were suddenly getting dragged by levi.
“y/n’s still taking notes-“ erwin started but levi cut him off, glaring at him over his shoulder. “if you can wipe your ass then surely you can write letters on some shitty paper”
without another word, levi dragged you inside the building, leaving erwin completely confused in the field. you were gently pushed inside the cleaning supplies closet and levi caged you in between his arms as you cupped his face in your hands.
“fuck” levi breathed, crashing his lips onto yours. you immediately melted into the kiss, pulling him closer to you. clothes were thrown to the floor, your belts from your gears were tangled together as you stood bare and exposed in the dark space of the closet.
levi tapped on your thighs as you jumped, his erect cock brushing up against your wet pussy. the contact alone made you shiver in pleasure, needing more of it.
unable to hold back anymore, you grabbed levi’s length and slipped it inside of you. a breathy grunt escaping the man as he started thrusting into you.
“just like that, levi. oh fuck” you moaned, throwing your head back against the wall as levi wrapped his arms around you to prevent you from falling while he continued to pound your tight cunt.
moans of each other’s name fell from your lips, filled with nothing but lust and love. a smirk pulled at the corner of levi’s lips, if he timed it correctly, his plan would go smoothly.
the thought of you with erwin was enough for his jealousy to come back, suddenly shifting his angle to hit that spongy spot that made your mind go blank. you gripped onto his shoulders, moaning even louder when he pounded your g-spot.
“ah, levi. right there, please don’t stop” you whined, bucking your hips to meet his thrusts. levi moaned in reply, the mixture of his jealousy and your words was enough to send him flying to the edge — you were his and erwin was just a friend, nothing but a friend.
“levi, i’m close” you announced, velvet walls clenching around his cock as your moans started to get high pitched from your impending orgasm. while you were busy chasing your high, levi heard the footsteps that he was expecting.
levi put his hand on your mouth to muffle your moans while listening to the footsteps that got closer with each thump. he quickened his pace when the door knob started jiggling. “cum”
you fell apart, eyes closed shut and moaning levi’s name just in time as erwin opened the door to the closet with the intention of getting cleaning supplies to clean his office.
levi glanced at the blonde that stood under the threshold of the door, a smug smirk on his face as erwin‘s cheeks turned a deep shade of red from embarrassment before closing the door — mind racing, cursing at himself for telling levi about his feelings for you. he should’ve known that you were together as realization hit was levi’s way to let him know that you were already his.
meanwhile, you were sent to the edge, completely unaware of what just happened. levi kissed your cheeks, letting you come down from your high before helping you get dressed again.
erwin stopped all his attempts to flirt with you and tell you how he feels. he settled to just being friends with you, respecting your relationship with levi and getting his message loud and clear that you were in fact, off limits to him and everybody else.
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bison2winquote · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
- Felicia, SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium 1999 [NeoGeo Pocket Color] (SNK)
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acwnrlevi · 15 hours ago
thinking about levi smiling and crying when he finds out all of the people he cared about were actually watching over him while he had to go through hell, he wasn’t alone
Tumblr media
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dailylevilove · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
snk #41: “Trust”
“True, there's a lot of things he doesn't divulge... Especially the important stuff. But you must have a rough idea.”
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mommyjaeger · a day ago
Make me Fade [5]
Summary: After Jean breaks off your long term relationship, your friends recommend a new buzz to you: Eren Jaeger.
Pairings: Jean x fem!reader, Eren x fem!reader
Warnings: swearing, mentions of drugs, eventual smut, drug use, slight nsfw this chapter
Word Count: 4.5k
A/N: ehehe do ya’ll hate me yet? have you picked a side yet? 
art credit: zuli on pinterest
Tumblr media
 Your outfit of choice for the night ends up being a white slip dress. The straps were spaghetti style and the hem of the dress stopped in the middle of your thigh. The dress was casual enough for a house party but it was also eye-catching since the tight fit accentuated your body. You decide to pair it with your white slip on vans and frilly socks that come up to your ankle. Simple makeup feels like the go to for tonight. If you were gonna get shit faced you don't want to worry about washing a full face of makeup off or even worse, falling asleep in it. After covering up your dark circles and blemishes, you curl your eyelashes and put a few coats of mascara on. You stare at yourself in approval through the mirror. You look damn good but unfortunately looking good was not enough for your confidence to be boosted. This would be the first party you have attended. Ever. 
Adding final touches to your look, you leave the bathroom you had to get changed in since Armin was still in your room. You send Reiner a text, notifying him that you were ready to go. Annie examines your figure then quickly looks away.
“You look really good. Have fun tonight.” She shyly says.
Her compliment instantly puts a smile on your face. Armin being around was definitely bringing Annie out of her cold shell a bit and you love seeing this cute side of her. 
“Thank you, Annie. You two have fun as well!” You exclaim with a wave before exiting the room. You check your phone on your way out the building and notice Reiner’s message. He had texted you back immediately saying they would be there in a few minutes since they lived on campus as well. 
You are greeted by a minivan parked in front of your building. Reiner steps out of the passenger side of the van and as soon as his eyes meet your figure, they grow wide.
“You look really beautiful, Y/n.” Reiner compliments you and tries to hide the blush on his cheeks by turning around and sliding the back door open for you. 
“Thank you, you don't look too bad yourself.” You return the compliment before slipping past him to get into the van. You weren't lying either, Reiner was definitely attractive. His hand gently rests on the small of your back to guide you into the back seat before he slides the door shut. His touch surprises you a bit but you decide to brush it off.
“You must be Bert. I like your minivan.” You giggle and look at the boy sitting quietly in the driver's seat while reaching for your seat belt. The van is roomy and surprisingly very clean. The air freshener smells like vanilla which was a bit odd to you since guys usually use that black forest shit.
Bert glances back at you and awkwardly rubs the back of his neck with a laugh. “We just met and you’re gonna make fun of my van.. It’s a hand me down. Anyway it’s nice to finally meet you, Y/n. Reiner talks about you quite often.” He informs you with a smile before turning his gaze back to the windshield.
Reiner brings his presence back into the passenger seat with a loud series of coughs, trying to cover up the words that were coming out of Bert’s mouth. When he realizes he was too late and you had already heard, he looks back to you and waves his hands frantically.
“Don't listen to him Y/n. He’s just playing around.” He awkwardly says. With cheeks that look like tomatoes, he turns back to the front of the car and puts his seat belt on.
“Aw so you dont talk about me?” You ask with a fake pout plastered on your face before reaching around the head of the passenger seat to playfully pinch his cheek, making it even redder. You feel like you could be playful with him because he has always been so kind and makes you comfortable. 
“Anyway, I actually do like your van. I wasn't making fun of it.” You reassure Bert by removing your hand from Reiner’s cheek and patting his shoulder. 
“Thank you, people usually tease me about it.” He shyly says before shifting the gear to drive. 
The drive to the party was about seven minutes long. It consisted of Reiner shamelessly singing along to Bert’s playlist of 80s music. It was very entertaining to say the least and you knew from that moment that these two would be fun to party with. Bert finds a place to park amongst all the cars lined down the street. Analyzing all the houses, your eyes instantly fall on the one with flashing lights beaming through the windows and loud music pulsing through the walls that could even be heard from inside the van. The house was a pretty decent size. It had two stories and greek letters boldly sitting on the archway of the porch. Your examination of the house is interrupted by Reiner sliding your door open and offering his hand out. 
“Ready?” He asks with one of his eyebrows raised.
You take his hand to let him know you were indeed ready and carefully step out of the van, making sure your short dress doesn't expose anything. Bert makes his way around the van and stands on the other side of Reiner as the three of you begin walking to the house. The door flings open and you are immediately met with tons of bodies meshing together, pushing into each other to get to their desired location. Your trio enters the house and the only scent you can inhale is weed and alcohol, maybe a little sweat too. You hide behind Reiner and let his broad shoulder create a path for you while Bert follows behind. 
Through all the people crowded in the house, you somehow spot Connie’s bald head in the kitchen standing next to Ymir who was leaning against the counter sipping out of a red solo cup. Placing your hands on Reiner’s shoulders, you lift yourself on your tippy toes to reach his ear. 
“I’m gonna go meet my friends in the kitchen!” You say loud enough for him to hear you over the blaring music. 
Reiner glances over to you and nods, trying to fight to blush slightly appearing on his cheeks due to your lips being so close to his ear.
 “Alright, be careful. Bert and I will be here hanging out in the living room if you need anything.” He informs you and gives your shoulder a reassuring squeeze as you slip by him into the crowd of people.
After forcefully shifting through all the bodies, you finally approach Connie and Ymir in the kitchen. They seem to be mixing various drinks with alcohol and taste testing them. As soon as Connie lays his eyes upon you, they widen and he almost spits up the drink he was testing. 
“Holy shit you actually showed up!? And you actually look sexy! Jean is gonna be crawling back to you when he sees you in that! If he doesn’t then I will!” Connie exclaims while dramatically looking you up and down. 
His words fill your body up with instant confidence. Especially since he mentioned Jean. You bask in Connie’s stare before a hand grabs your waist and pulls your back into a body. Your eyes follow the arm that's snaked around your body and see Ymir confidently standing behind you. 
“Eyes off my woman, baldie.” She playfully threatens with a scowl locked onto her face. 
Relaxing into Ymir’s arms, you lay the back of your head on one of her shoulders and begin giggling at her protectiveness. You felt really lucky to have a friend like her. Connie rolls his eyes and grabs a new cup, pouring various liquids inside. From what you can tell, it seems like he used fruit punch, sprite, and most importantly vodka. 
“Anyways, let's get wasted!” Connie exclaims before shoving the cup into your grasp.
You hesitate at first, not sure if you want to drink anything that Connie concocted. Fuck it. You down the drink in one gulp. Surprisingly the alcohol could barely be tasted which makes you realize that Connie is quite skilled at mixing drinks. Before you could put your empty cup on the counter, Connie is already pouring more contents into it. To which you didn't object because you needed to catch up, the two of them were definitely already tipsy. It wouldn't take much considering your tolerance is super low, due to not being used to drinking.
“Let’s go out back and watch drunk people push each other into the pool.” Ymir suggests with a devilish grin before grasping your wrist and dragging you to the back door.
You and Ymir sit down on the steps of the wooden deck and watch all the people act foolishly around the pool. Like Ymir predicted, there were drunk people tossing each other in. Amongst those people, there were also ones that had stripped down in their underwear to swim. There were also many tables surrounding the pool where others had gathered to play games like beer pong or simply hangout since all the tables inside the house were occupied. After analyzing all the tables, you spot Eren sitting at one with one other person. There is some type of exchange taking place of course. To your convenience, Connie exits the house and takes a seat next to Ymir right as the person next to Eren leaves. With Ymir distracted by whatever Connie was complaining about, you take the opportunity and head over to Eren. During the walk over to him, you down the rest of your drink for an extra confidence boost. 
“Hey Eren.” You announce your presence to him before pulling out a chair and sitting down. He directs his gaze over to you with an annoyed look on his face but his features immediately soften when he realizes you were the one bothering him.
“Oh. Hey, Y/n. You look hot.” He shamelessly says as his eyes scan your body.
“Thanks. You always look hot.” You reply back, not even caring about the words that were leaving your mouth because the effects of the alcohol were starting to hit. Eren quietly giggles and stands up from his seat. This allows you to get a better look at him. His hair was in the usual half up half down top knot and he was wearing a black band hoodie with black ripped jeans that hugged his thighs nicely. His good looks distract you enough to not even wonder why he got up when you had literally just sat down. 
“Did you come over here to buy something or?” He questions, staring down at you with intense eyes.
“No. I just wanted to talk.” You admit with furrowed eyebrows, hinting to him that you were a bit confused.
“Then let's talk another time, yeah? Maybe come by tomorrow. You still need to get your car.” He suggests and you look away from him, slightly offended that he didn’t even give you a chance to talk. 
“Don’t look so sad. You’re too pretty for that.” He says with a smirk on his face as he bends down and places his slender fingers under your chin, lifting your face back up to look at him. 
 With that he’s gone. He leaves you at the table by yourself in confusion. He is already inside the house before you can even think of something to say. You feel a pang in your chest and you don't know why.  He had no obligation to sit there and talk to you but it still hurt. You need to get it through your thick skull that you and Eren aren't friends.
Pushing yourself from the chair, you trudge towards the house and let Connie and Ymir know you were going to get another drink before going inside. A large bottle of vodka sitting on the counter catches your attention. You pour a good amount into your cup before covering it up with fruit punch. Staring at the contents inside the cup, you shrug before taking a big gulp. It doesn't taste nearly as good as Connie’s but it'll work. Your end goal was to get wasted, not sit here and enjoy drinks. 
You lean your back against the counter and study everything that is happening in the next room over while sipping your drink. There were people dancing to the loud music, couples making out in the corners, and groups playing all sorts of party games. As your eyes finish scanning the room, they land on a familiar face sitting at one of the couches. Jean. He’s sitting quite close to a small girl with wavy black hair. His hand is even resting on her thigh as they laugh together. That pain you felt in your chest earlier from Eren? It was back but at an even more intense rate as this scene plays out in front of you. You clench your cup so tightly it almost bursts and as if things couldn't get any worse, a girl with a brunette ponytail blocks your view by bumping into you. Her body hits yours so aggressively it causes the rest of your drink to spill all over your white dress. The girl is very bubbly and energetic so she nonchalantly turns around to apologize with a smile on her face. Her smile quickly fades as she realizes what she has done. 
“Oh my god I am so fucking sorry!” She exclaims while frantically looking for something to help clean you up.
You stand there still not sure if you wanted to scream or cry. The girl comes back with a roll of paper towels and begins dabbing the stains on your dress. Her big brown eyes stare at you in remorse. 
“Did I mention I was sorry?? Uhh I’m Sasha by the way.” She speaks her words so fast it seems like they’re having a race to get past her lips. So this is Sasha.
“Don’t worry about it. I'm sure the stain will come off in the wash. I’m Y/n” You decide to reassure her considering she was being kind and at the fact she was Connie’s close friend.
“You’re Y/n? Like as in Connie’s friend Y/N?” Sasha asks with wide eyes to which you nod in response and she nervously balls up the damp paper towels in her fists. “Oh my god, I am so sorry we met like this. I totally ruined your first impression of me and you probably hate me!” She whines.
You can help but giggle at her whining as you grip both of her shoulders to calm her down. “Sasha, it's okay. I don't care about the dress and I definitely don't hate you.” You explain with soft eyes.
“Well in that case, let's be friends!” She suggests, her expressions and demeanor instantly changing. She stares at you to respond before her eyes begin to follow a guy that’s carrying a pizza box passing by the two of you. She doesn't even wait for you to reply before she starts following him. “I'll see you around Y/N!” She waves and starts nagging the guy for a slice.
You deeply sigh and look down at the red stains that were now covering your dress. Your vision begins to blur while staring at the dress due to the alcohol settling in your body. Though the site was a bit embarrassing, you couldn't care less at this point. As soon as you look up, a black hoodie smacks you in the face. You flinch and throw your hands up to catch it before it can hit the ground. Standing in confusion, you gaze forward and notice Eren leaving through the front door, no longer wearing a hoodie. Glancing back down at the hoodie, you smile before putting it on to cover your stained dress. As your head passes through the neck hole, you get a good whiff of the scent and it was almost addicting. You really can't understand this man but you were determined to figure him out. 
You make yourself yet another drink and gulp it down instantly. This would definitely be the last one for you. Your body was growing warm and your vision was getting blurry, plus you couldn't even taste what you were drinking anymore. You lean your body against the counter to maintain your balance before a hand grabs your wrist and yanks you from the only thing keeping you stable. Crashing into the body that pulled you, you glance up and notice it’s Reiner with flushed cheeks indicating his drunk state. 
“I saw you standing there like a loner, let's dance.” His words slur before he grips your waist and drags you into the living room.
Jean’s pov
Jeans gets lost in the eyes of the girl seated in front of him as she continues to talk. She’s beautiful no doubt but she’s so fucking boring. He couldn’t even remember her name. Was it Peck? No that doesn’t sound right Pieck? He is definitely missing fun and engaging conversations with you at this time.
“Hello? Are you listening?” The girl asks, waving her hand in front of Jean’s face, the face that looks like it doesn't have a single thought behind it.
“Yeah I’m listening but I think you talk too much.” He utters before planting his lips on hers just to see what would happen. He was sure she would pull away since he literally just insulted her but she didn't. Her lips form to his as she leans closer. Jean pulls the small girl into his lap with ease as he slowly protrudes her lips with his tongue. The kiss did not feel right to him. He knows where his lips belong and it was definitely not here. The longer this goes on the more he begins to regret it. 
After making out for a few minutes, Pieck hops off his lap and grabs his hand, slightly yanking it to imply she wanted him to get up. “Let’s go upstairs.” She suggests. 
A loud sigh leaves Jean’s mouth as he stands up and complies with the girl. Did he want to have sex with her? No, not really. But this is the very reason he broke up with you, right? Might as well act on it and get used to this type of lifestyle since he was sure you hated him by now. Pieck leads him upstairs and right before she can put her hand on the door knob, a loud thump echoes through the room and the music suddenly gets quiet. The both of them look over the railing from the second floor and find you lying on the ground with people gathered around staring at your motionless body. 
“God dammit.” Jean utters as he yanks his hand out of Pieck’s grasp and rushes down the stairs. 
“What the hell?!” Pieck yells at him before crossing her arms and scoffing. 
Jean pushes through all the people gathered around you and kneels down to help you up. What are you even doing here? He leads you over to a couch and sets you down as every single eye in the room watches him do so.
“Okay you can all stop fucking staring now!” Jean spits, knowing you’d be embarrassed if you opened your eyes to all these people staring at you. 
Reiner comes back to find you slumped on the couch next to Jean and stares in confusion. “I just left for a second to get another drink. What the hell happened?” 
“She must’ve blacked out. I’m gonna get an Uber for her” Jean says, looking up at him with intense eyes before pulling out his phone. 
“She came here with Bert and I. We can take her back now.” Reiner suggests, setting his cup on the coffee table and looking around for Bert.
“No.” Jean plainly says, not even looking up from his phone. He wasn’t gonna let your wasted ass go with two guys you barely knew. With the Uber booked and arriving in 3 minutes, Jean picks you up bridal style and carries you out the front door. 
Your pov 
When your skin meets the cool outside air, your eyes flutter open to see Jean’s facial hair. Your eyebrows knit together in confusion. What the hell happened and why is Jean carrying me outside? 
“Jean?” You whisper to get his attention. 
“Hi baby, you passed out for a few minutes in there. I got us an Uber.” He informs you. The words leaving his mouth barely register in your brain due to the alcohol. 
The Uber arrives and Jean gently sets you down in the back seat before sliding in next to you. All you can do is blankly stare at him as he tells the driver where to go. It hadn’t been long but it was too long, you missed being this close to him. You lean your head on his shoulder and wrap your arms around his. 
“I miss you.” You shamelessly admit. 
“I know, baby. I’m sorry.” He glances over at you with eyes of concern. 
The pet name he called you and the alcohol residing in your body has you feeling extra confident so you swiftly swing your leg over and plant yourself in his lap. Jean stares at you in shock because even when the two of you were together, he always made the first move. 
“No, I really missed you. You’re the only thing that has been on my mind these past few days” Your words slur as you lean down and breathe on his neck. 
Jean’s breath hitches as your lips come in contact with his skin. You guide your lips up his neck with small pecks before reaching his mouth. You stare at him for approval as your warm breath hits his lips. 
“Y/n you’re just drunk.” He whispers. The sentence barely leaves his mouth before your lips are crashing into his. He wants to resist, knowing you were only doing this because you were intoxicated but this is where his lips were supposed to be. 
Your tongue pushes past his lips and begins to explore the inside of his mouth. In a swift motion, you grind your hips against him, feeling him begin to harden underneath. His hands snake around your body and grab your ass, guiding the motion of your body. The kiss feels intense yet passionate, like your lips were made for each other. 
The moment is ripped away so soon when the Uber driver clears his throat, indicating that you have arrived at your destination. You pull away from him with a giggle and open the car door before carefully stepping out. Jean keeps the same position as his heart beats rapidly at what just happened. 
“Jeannnnnn I need help.” You whine, trying to keep your balance by holding onto the roof of the car. 
Your voice breaks him out of his thoughts and he steps out of the car. Gripping your waist, he thanks and apologizes to the Uber driver before shutting the door. Slowly turning around, you see where Jean had brought you. His apartment. Oh shit. He leads you inside and gently lays you on the couch. You hadn’t been here since the breakup, it feels kind of weird.  
“I’m gonna get you some clothes to change into.” He announces before jogging to his bedroom. He comes back a few minutes later only to find you already passed out in the exact position he laid you in. The sight in front of him causes him to smile as he sets the clothes on the end of the couch. He brings a blanket over your body before leaning down and softly planting a kiss on your forehead. 
“I’m sorry for hurting you.” He whispers before disappearing back to his room. 
You wake up the next morning feeling like absolute shit but the smell of bacon filling your nostrils makes you forget about that feeling momentarily. Leaning up from your position, you peek over the back of the couch and see Jean cooking breakfast and his roommate Marco sitting at the counter. Jean’s chest was exposed and the only clothing item he was wearing were basketball shorts. 
He looks very focused on trying to create the perfect breakfast. It was really cute honestly. He notices your eyes peeking over the couch and sends you a toothy grin. 
“There's a change of clothes on the couch. You can go shower in my bathroom if you want. Oh there’s also a glass of water and Tylenol on the coffee table behind you if you have a headache.” He nods and returns back to his task. 
Your brain tries to retain all the information he has just told you. The events of last night were all a blur. You weren’t even too sure why the hell you were in Jean’s apartment. As a loud groan leaves your chest, you swallow the Tylenol and head to the bathroom, the extra clothes underneath your arm. 
After your shower, you head back into the kitchen and notice Marco had left. Jean is standing there cutely, holding out a plate full of food for you to take. You thank him and take the plate before sitting down. Jean has always been an excellent cook so you’re excited to scarf down the food that resided on the plate. As the two of you eat together, it is everything but quiet. Jean spends the entirety of breakfast explaining the events of the previous night. 
Were you more embarrassed at the fact you passed out in front of tons of people at a party or that basically dry humped Jean in front of an Uber driver. You weren’t sure. 
Looking down at the hoodie you put back on after your shower, you remember where you received it. 
“Could you possibly take me back to Eren’s house in a bit? I still need to get my car.” You awkwardly ask. 
Jean’s eyes narrow as he hears that name but he agrees because you needed your car. 
“Thank you. Also thank you for taking care of me.” You smile and stand up from your chair, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. You were genuinely grateful for what he did and it almost erased all the bad things he had said or done before. Almost. 
Jean nuzzles his face into the nape of your neck before you pull away. You begin to head back over to the couch to retrieve your phone since you had finished all your food but Jean’s grip on your wrist halts your movement. 
“Can I ask you something?” His eyes look sad. 
“Yeah what is it?” You inquire, curious about what he could possibly ask. 
“I know it’s selfish of me but can we forget that whole breakup thing happened and just go back to how we used to be?”
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little-spoiled-brat · a day ago
5, 10, 25 with Levi 😩😩😩
Tumblr media
kinktober # 17: levi ackerman
Tumblr media
- choking -
- breeding kink -
- knife play -
shivers ran down your spine from the cold blade of levi’s knife making contact with your skin. a gasp leaving your lips and your hand tightening around his wrist.
“so fucking sensitive” levi groaned, voice lacing with lust as he circled the blunt edge of the knife around your erect nipples. you shivered even more, squirming underneath his touch — the cold surface of the knife in contrast with your warm skin.
“b-be careful” you said, struggling to form coherent words with his hand around your throat. levi smiled softly, enough to assure you that he won’t hurt you with that knife of his.
your breath got caught in your throat when you felt the knife on your inner thigh, too close to where you needed him. more red angry marks appeared on your skin, levi being the artist and you being his canvas.
“shit. it turns you on, doesn’t it?” levi teased, admiring the wet spot on your underwear and pressing the handle of the knife on your clothed clit. your back arched and another gasp left your lips when he used the knife to cut away the fabric of your underwear.
“levi“ you whined, half because he ruined your favorite underwear and half because you needed him to touch you. levi rolled his eyes and squeezed your throat lightly before letting your neck go.
“tch. i’ll get you a new one” levi grumbled, putting down the knife and aligning his cock with your entrance. he rubbed the tip on your wetness, using your arousal to lube himself up before pushing his entire length inside of you.
“you’re so tight” levi grunted, wrapping his hand around your throat again as he pounded your pussy. you gripped onto his wrist for support, moaning loudy with every thrust of his hips.
your other hand found his back, dragging your nails down the skin and making red marks that mirrored the ones he did on your body with the knife. levi moaned at the stinging sensation it left, squeezing your neck a bit.
“ah, shit. right there, levi. right there” you moaned, back arching in pleasure when he shifted his angle to hammer your g-spot. levi took the opportunity to slightly tighten his grip on your neck to make you lay flat on your back again.
“brat, i’m close“ levi grunted, thrusts getting sloppy and his cock twitched inside of you. you tightened your grip around his wrist, not letting him take his hand off of your neck and wrapped your legs around him.
“fuck. brat, i’m close. i need to pull out” levi moaned but you held firm, not letting him pull away from you.
“cum, levi. cum inside of me” you said, sending levi over the edge as spurts of white cum painted your velvet walls. the feeling of his warm seed inside of you was enough to also send you to the edge.
“i guess we finally made the baby we always wanted” levi shrugged, pulling out of you and watching his cum drip from your pussy. he frowned, gently fucking it back in to not waste any drop. you chuckled at how straightforward it was and pulled him down for a kiss.
“i really hope you get pregnant. you would be a great mother” levi said, laying beside you and putting his hand on your stomach. you put your hand on top of his, smiling softly.
“you would be a great father too”
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