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ficsforeren · a day ago
The Last Song - Chapter 12
Series Masterlist
Pairing: Eren Jaeger X Female Reader feat. Armin Arlert
Genre: Rockstar AU, Friends with Benefits, Angst, Smut, Fluff, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Mutual Pining, Slow Burn
Series Summary: Eren Jaeger has two personas, a charismatic lead vocal who has lost himself in fame, and a boy who struggles with depression, seeking for someone to bring him back to where he was twelve years ago. Where he only knew love in the form of your name.
Chapter Summary: What starts out as something that's filled with nothing but passion, turns into something intimate. And as you lay with him on your bed, legs tangled underneath the sheets, Eren decides to open up about his past.
Content Warnings:  explicit sex (daddy kink, cunnilingus, blow job, fingering, hand job, car sex, dry humping, drunk sex, public sex, unprotected sex, one night stand, choking, treating women like objects, dub-con, corruption, etc), substance abuse (use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco), severe abandonment issues, anxiety, depression, adultery, family issues, abusive parents, crude words, dark humor
Tumblr media
“Do you think I’m getting fat?”
You sneak a glance at the owner of the seductive husky voice who’s leaning against the doorframe of your bedroom. Twenty-five years old Eren Jaeger has his black Puma track pants hanging low on his hips, his bare chest still glistening with sweat after completing six sets of push-ups five minutes ago.
“You’re asking me if you’re getting fat?” You revert your eyes to your dresser, choosing a few outfits to pack into your suitcase. “Is that supposed to be a joke?” You know better not to take a glimpse of him when he’s shirtless like this to avoid losing track of the conversation. Especially when the little love bites that you painted on his skin the night before are showing more vividly this time. You were considerate enough not to leave any on his neck, but the scratch marks on his back and the little bites on his shoulders are turning purplish, enough to make anyone who sees them wince in both pain and repulsion. You’re usually not the type of person who got wickedly aroused from leaving bruises on your partner’s body—unlike Eren who found it to be such a huge turn-on to see angry red marks blooming on your skin—but last night… Last night was different.
“Hurt me,” he said with his hand curling around the front of your throat. His hips moved erratically against yours, pushing your body up against the headboard and it took all of you to focus on your breathing and match his pace, legs tangling tightly around his waist to allow him to penetrate you deeper. “Claw at my back. Bite me. Get possessive of me, baby, I want you to know that every part of me is yours to take.”
“But what if—“ You let out a startled gasp once he slid his hand down your navel, two slick fingers rubbing mercilessly against your clit. “What if someone sees them?”
“See, what? Your marks on me?” Seeing you timidly nod, his lips curved up into a smirk that was both sultry and dangerous. He fucked you harder, making you cry out his name. “I want them to see. I want everyone to know that I’m yours. Want them to know who fucking owns me.” He kissed you roughly, teeth nipping against your lip, tongue sliding against yours. When he broke away, his hips never stopping, he growled next to your ear. “And who fucking owns you.”
“I think I’m getting fatter these days.” Eren’s much lighter voice cut your flashback short, kicking you back to reality. You shift away from his line of view, praying for your heartbeat to return to its normal pace as your cheeks went into flames. “I really should lay off those hot dogs,” he continues, unaware of the dirty thoughts that just ran through your brain. He’s got a bottle of mineral water in one hand, bringing it closer to his lips. His Adam’s apple bobs up and down as he takes three big gulps, few droplets of water drip down to his chin, sliding down to his chest.
“Eren, you’re not fat.” You silently thank the Lord for not making fool out of yourself, standing on your tiptoes as you retrieve your beach hat from the top drawer. “If you’re fat, what does that make me?”
“You’re perfect,” he says, so casually with his arms crossed in front of him, laying one shoulder against the doorframe. “Even if you do get fatter, I would love it. More ass to squeeze for me during sex.”
“Please stop talking.”
“Sorry.” He chuckles, airy and gleeful. He sounds nothing like how he was in bed last night. Eren seems to be in a good mood today, which brings your smile to rise to your lips as well. “I don’t know, I just feel like my stomach is getting flabby ‘cause I haven’t been hitting the gym.”
“You literally have, like, twelve-packs of abs.”
“I still need to exercise more often. Hey, why don’t we—”
“I’m not doing any more sex with you today, Eren. My back is killing me.”
“I wasn’t thinking about that.” He rolls his eyes, but once the idea sinks in, he has to admit it’s a much more tempting offer. “Well, now I’m thinking about it. But honestly, I was just about to ask you to go for a run. Maybe we can get some hot dogs on our way back? It will be fun.”
“You literally just said you should lay off them.” You shake your head in amusement. “Maybe tomorrow? I have plans today.”
“Plans that are better than having hot dogs and a hot, sweaty sex in the shower with me afterward?”
You give him a scolding look and receive a naughty wink in return. “Yes, actually. As tempting as having shampoo in my eyes while you fuck me from behind, I do have better plans.”
“What, you’re going somewhere?”
“Yeah,” you reply, placing your swimsuit and a fresh new towel inside your suitcase. “I’m heading out to the beach.”
“Wait—Is that a bikini?”
“Isn’t it obvious?”
“But isn’t that, like,” Eren places his bottle away, sticking his hands into his pockets as he strolls closer. His eyebrows are furrowed in concern. “Too… revealing?”
You simply shrug. “It covers the parts it needs to cover.”
Eren snorts, clearly unsatisfied with your answer. A bit disgusted too, even. “And you’re gonna be wearing that in public?”
“No, Eren. I’m gonna wear it in my room. Alone. As I cry watching The Notebook for the fifteenth time on my iPad.” You playfully roll your eyes and he responds by narrowing his. Irked by your sarcasm, he moves to take a seat at the edge of your bed, unwinding his hair tie just to card his fingers through them before he ties them up in a bun once again. You can’t help but take a double look. It’s funny how something so trivial like tying his hair up can look so sexy when he’s shirtless. The way his back muscles ripple underneath beautiful golden skin, his biceps contracting—
“What?” He asks, noticing you’re staring.
You just look so goddamn hot when you’re tying up your hair. “Guess your stomach is getting flabby.”
“Oh, shit, for real?” He jumps back to his feet, pinching the thin—barely existing—layer of fat on his abdomen and showcasing more of those beautiful, prominent v-lines of his. Clearly, he’s oblivious to the fact that you just said that to hide your embarrassment. “Fuck me. Guess I gotta spend a whole day at the gym tomorrow.” Sighing, he throws himself on the bed, lying on his back with his arms spreading wide. “I thought you were going to stay home and finish your article today.”
“Get off my bed, you’re sweaty.” He ignores you. “I thought so too, but my deadline isn’t until, like, three days from now, so I’ll be fine. Pieck just invited me like fifteen minutes ago and since you were going to be busy for the rest of the day anyway, I thought why not just go hang out with my friends for the weekend?”
“Do these friends of yours—” Eren turns around to his side to face you, propping an elbow against the sheets as he puts an effort to sound as nonchalantly as possible. “—also, I don’t know, include guys or is it just like a girls’ day out or something?”
You stop what you’re doing, smiling a little to yourself as you close your suitcase. You take a seat on the edge of your bed, staring at him until he grows uncomfortable. “What?”
“Nothing,” you reply, holding back a smile. “Just thought you’re acting like a possessive boyfriend, that’s all.”
“I—” He chokes, immediately breaking eye contact. Even with the amount of melanin he has, his blush still comes out pretty apparent on his skin. “I was just… curious.”
You simply hum, nodding your head. “Well then, to answer your curiosity, my good Sir,” you emphasize with a snicker, “There will be a few male co-workers there, yes.”
“Is… Armin going to be there too?”
It still feels awkward to have his name being thrown into the conversation, but no matter how often you’d tried to convince him that nothing was going on between you and Armin, Eren still couldn’t let the matter go just like that. It’s not like he doesn’t trust you—of course, he does. It’s just that his insecurities are screaming at him, making him anxious and paranoid that you’d see more of his flaws and find comfort in Armin’s charming personality instead. You can understand how he feels, you suppose. You would’ve gone insane if he told you that he’d spend a day hanging out with Mikasa on the beach. But it’s only because you’ve fallen for him, right?
Things would be better if you could just tell him how you’ve been feeling about him lately. This need to have him to yourself, to love him, and for him to love you like you’re the only person he’s ever loved. But at the end of the day, you’re a girl and you have your ego to protect. You’re not going to be the first one who confesses, especially not when you’re still unsure of what you want to do afterward.
So, if he’s been trying to make you fall for him, why don’t you just do the same? Let him take the first step.
“Indeed, yes,” you tell him with an innocent smile when your lips are just itching to form a mischievous smirk. Truth is, you haven’t received any response from Armin just yet, but you sincerely hope he would show up. Wanting that pout to grow more evident on his face, you add, “Armin will be there at the party.”
And you’re right, not only does his pout turns prominent, his frown deepens. “Wait—a party?”
“Yeah. Porco has a beach house and we’re planning to have a little bonfire party over there. You know, have some barbecue, light up fireworks at night, tell ghost stories. Fun stuff.”
“Oh…” The blush disappears and now he turns a bit pale. “Will there be alcohol?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“And you’re gonna drink?”
“You expect me not to?”
His voice grows quiet, almost like he’s mumbling to himself. “I’d like it better if you don’t.”
God, he’s cute. You chew on your lower lip to stop you from breaking into laughter. “They probably have some coke over there,” you assure him and his eyes slightly light up in relief. “Anything else you want to warn me about, Dad?”
“I’m not warning you about anything,” he scoffs, raising his chin. “I’m just, you know, being a friend.”
“Right, right. So, you’re okay with me wearing that bikini in front of my male co-workers?”
He tries his best not to be so transparent, but even though he manages to hold back his glower, his nose still flares in anger. “Now you’re just teasing me, aren’t you?”
“Maybe.” Your giggle escapes you as you jump back to your feet. “Chill, Eren. Pieck’s gonna be there too and I’m sure she’ll get all the attention.”
“Why’s that?”
“‘Cause, she’s beautiful.”
“Not as beautiful as you, though.”
Your hands lay still on your suitcase as you try to ignore the little jerk your heart just did. How can he make every praise sounds so natural? “Is this one of your lousy attempts at trying to make me fall for you?”
“No, I was just being honest.”
And maybe that’s it. It’s because he wasn’t praising you. He was just stating out facts. Damn it, you curse inwardly, ignoring how hot your face feels at the moment. You gather your phone in one hand, scrolling through your notes as you mumble to yourself, “Okay, so what else do I have to bring?”
Without warning, Eren snatches your phone away and tosses it to the bed. “Hey, I was—” He stands on his knees, his hand taking you by the nape and pulls you forward. He slants your mouths together, talented lips parting yours to let you know the minty taste of his toothpaste on his tongue. He hooks one hand around your waist, yanking you close until you’re chest to chest before he spins you around, pushing your body down to the bed with him hovering above yours. He has his fingers framing your jawline, his right hand sliding down to caress the curve of your ass. “Eren, wait—”
“I want you,” he breathily says against your mouth, his fingers already gripping the end of your shirt.
“Now?” It sounds like a protest but you lift your hands in the air, allowing him to shed the fabric off your body.
“Now,” he confirms, large palm cupping your breast over your lingerie. His mouth is plastered to your neck, wet and hot as he maps his way down to your collarbones.
“Wait, I thought you said—” You squirm, arching your back a little when you feel his fingers gliding along your spine. He pops your bra open within seconds, dragging it away from your arms, and tosses it carelessly over his shoulder. “Eren, I thought you said you had a band practice in an hour—”
“I’ve practiced enough.” Even if it doesn’t make sense, he leaves no room for you to argue.
You attempt to push him away by the shoulders but with the way he’s sucking firmly around your nipple, you feel like it’s already everything you can do just to keep your head running. Eren pins you down against the sheets, tying your wrists together and holding them above your head with one hand, while his other one slips underneath your shorts. “Wait—”
He’s not stopping, taking the rest of your words away with his tongue hungrily swirling around yours. His fingers are rubbing against your clit from above your panties, already memorizing the way you like it. Your body responds to him naturally, like how it always does. He pushes your underwear to the side, breaking off the kiss just so he can bring two of his fingers into his mouth and coat them with saliva. “Eren—“
“Ssshhh,” he smirks. “I’ll be quick, baby. Wouldn’t want you to be late for your bonfire party now, would we?”
It’s not the first time you’ve seen him being possessive over you, and while it is somehow crossing the lines as you two aren’t exclusively dating, you always find him to be a thousand times hotter when he’s jealous. The way he’s so dominating, so dangerously aggressive, so naughty and obscene, light the fireworks in your stomach.
“F-fifteen minutes,” you gasp out when he eases not one, but two fingers deep inside you. “Fifteen minutes max.”
He chuckles, taking your earlobe between his teeth. “I’ll make you come in ten.”
Eren is never gentle when he’s jealous but that’s what makes it so much hotter. After all of the sweet, vanilla sex you’ve had with him, your body craves for the thrill that comes with the little pain among the pleasure he gives you. Eren knows well enough not to cross your limit. You don’t need a safe word. One look at you and he can already tell whether you want to stop or want him to go harder.
Just like now.
Eren pumps his fingers fast and deep, sliding them in and out of you until you’re clutching hard against his shoulders. “Fuck—Eren—” You can’t form a sentence, can only gasp his name, moan his name, just the way he loves it. He crooks his fingers inside, scissoring them, and applying pressure to your clit with his thumb. His mouth is painting bruises on your neck, teeth gritting against your sensitive skin and that sensation finally brings you back to reality.
“Wait—” You struggle to break free. “Don’t leave marks on my neck—mmph!”
Retracting his fingers from you, he plunges them into your mouth, forcing you to have a taste of yourself as he lowers his head, peppering sultry kisses on your throat. On the next second, Eren parts his lips and sinks his teeth on the part where your neck meets your shoulder. You let out a yelp, both in pain and surprise but he presses his digits flat on your tongue, silencing you effectively. You try to retaliate by kicking him off with your legs but he doesn’t budge. You’re not even strong enough to release your wrists from his hold.
Eren trails his mouth upward, now sucking a huge, nasty bruise on the side of your neck. A mix between a low moan and a growl escapes from the back of his throat as he takes your supple skin between his teeth. Once he’s finished, he breaks away, licking his lips as he marvels satisfyingly at his work.
He simpers, taking his fingers away from your mouth. “Now, you look even prettier.”
The pain still throbs on your skin, and you glare menacingly at him, baring your teeth. “You’re an assho—”
You’re cut off short when Eren brings his fingers down to abuse your clitoris once again, rubbing circular motions in a way that has you closing your legs around his hand. “What was that, Sweetheart?” He taunts but you can’t answer, just focusing on reaching your high because with the way he’s working his fingers on you, his pads probing against your entrance once again, you know it will only take a minute or two before you do.
Eren retracts his fingers, brings them into his mouth, and hollows his cheeks around them. He darts out his tongue, licking your juices off his digits, never taking his eyes away from yours as he does it. “You seem unsatisfied,” he coos. “Want me to fuck you with my tongue, baby?”
Okay, maybe you can even come within seconds. With scarlet cheeks, you nod. “P-please.”
Despite his merciless teasing, Eren is kind enough to fulfill your wish. Before long, you have your legs squeezing around his head, your fingers tangled in his strands. Now that you’ve done this a million times by now, you’re less embarrassed with what you’re doing. You use him as much as you please, grinding your hips against his face, moaning when the tip of his nose rubs against your clit. “Fuck, Eren—don’t stop—“
You’re ready, so fucking close to reaching your orgasm when Eren suddenly breaks away, wiping his glistening chin with the back of his hand as he sits on his heels. Your jaw hangs low on your face, gawking at him in disbelief. “Eren, what the hell—”
“You know what,” he says like he just remembers something, playing innocent. “I do kinda have to practice. You know, ‘cause we got some new songs to perform.”
And after he lands a cute peck on your cheek, he jumps down the bed, snatching a towel before he makes his way to the bathroom. “Tell Pieck I said hi,” he says, smirking as he hangs the towel around his shoulders with one hand pushing the door open. “Oh, by the way,” he stops, propping an arm against the doorframe. “It’s gonna show.” Seeing you frown, he taps one finger to his neck. “Maybe you should start packing a turtleneck shirt too, just in case?”
“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” Pieck Finger nearly drops her magazine when she sees you walking to her spot wearing nothing but a pair of flip-flops, your string bikini bottom, and a salmon-pink turtleneck sweater with collar high enough to graze your jawline. She steps down from her beach chair, dipping her toes in the sand with her sunglasses pushed back to her head. As expected, Pieck looks unworldly beautiful in her backless halter bikini top, and you sigh, wishing you could do the same.
“Baby, baby, baby,” she approaches you, looking both concerned and ashamed for your sake. “I love you, but are you insane?!”
“I don’t want to talk about it,” you grumble, throwing your bag on the sand and plop yourself down on the other chair, exhaling in bliss once the parasol above you provides enough shade for you to cool off.
“Honey, for the love of God, please take your top off,” Pieck pleads, wincing at the sight of you fanning your face with a paper fan. “I’m already sweating just by looking at you right now.”
Impatient and just painfully dying from the heat, you harshly tug on your collar, revealing the huge, nasty bruise Eren left four hours ago. “Sheesh,” she hisses, wincing. “Damn girl, what, did you get bitten by a dog or something? That looks too nasty to be a hickey.”
“Yeah, a huge, super annoying dog,” you mutter in vexation, snatching your phone from your tote bag. Checking on your messages, your shoulders slump when your eyes scan through Armin’s chats.
I’m sorry, but I can’t go today. I have a photo shoot scheduled in a few hours. Thank you for inviting me. I’ll be sure to go next time. - Armin.
It sounds a little bit too formal than usual, and perhaps it’s wrong to think about it this way but to you, his words feel too much like an excuse than an apology. This is the third time he has declined your invitation to spend some time together. You haven’t seen him in person ever since Eren came home two weeks ago.
The two of you still text each other every day, and every time Eren isn’t around, you make sure to give him a call. Armin sounded the same over the phone, with his nervous little laughter, his stammers, and his endearing awkwardness. Every call usually took an hour before it ended on a warm note, with your voice turning raspy from rambling too much about the latest book he told you to read (every recommendation he gave was brilliant). But something still feels off, like you’re missing a huge chunk of what makes you and Armin as close as you were two weeks ago.
Armin doesn't talk much about his personal matters or his feelings, especially ones that involve you. When you told him, “I miss you,” it took him a few unbearable seconds to answer, and it only come in a form of a whisper, “I miss you too,” as if he was afraid that saying it out loud would break the walls he’d been placing around himself. The walls that he had built to stop himself from loving you even harder, knowing that you were falling for someone else. And it hurts you, to know that you’re losing your best friend over romantic feelings. And the same goes with Eren too.
No, you tell yourself. Stop thinking about your stupid love life for a second and just have fun.
Fortunately for you, waves of laughter coming from the female passersby who are looking so fresh and comfortable in their bikinis manage to serve as a distraction. A bit more annoyingly than you would’ve wanted, but it's a distraction, nonetheless. “See, that’s not fair!” You throw both hands in the air, frustrated. “I could’ve worn something like that! God, I hate him so much for making me go through this! You know what I’m gonna do?”
“Bite his dick off?” Pieck offers.
“I’m going to pay him back for this. Ten times worse!”
“Yeah?” She reclaims her seat, offering you a beer from her cool box. “How?”
“I don’t know, like, steal his credit card and go buy myself a Porsche or something,” you mutter without thinking, still too furious to be planning your revenge at the time. Pieck simply chuckles, cracking open her bottle, and clanks it against yours before you both take a sip, moaning in content when the icy beer washes the burning in your throat.
“You know what you should do?” Pieck smacks her lips, staring into the distance to spot Porco Galliard and three other males playing beach volleyball with cheeky grins flashing on their faces.
“Tell him you’re pregnant.”
You almost choke. “I—sorry?!”
“Yeah. To guys, it’s like the worst thing that can happen. Here, let me show you.” She hands you her bottle before she cups her hands around her mouth, shouting, “Pokko! HEY, POKKO!”
The blond-haired male turns his head, and once he sees Pieck waving her hand at him, he excuses himself from the game and runs to your spot. “Did you call me?” He asks a bit breathlessly, running a hand through his slicked-back hair. You know you’ve been friends with Porco for about a year and a half by now, but this is the first time you’ve seen him up-close without wearing his usual dress shirt. He’s maybe not as tall as Eren—he’s a little bit lacking in the legs department—but he’s just as lean and has enough muscles in his abdomens to distract you from anything else for a good five seconds.
“Yeah, I wanted to tell you something.” Pieck stands back on her feet, lacing her hands together as she acts nervous before him. “Porco—“
“Oh no,” he already panics, analyzing her with his thick eyebrows knitted together. “You’re calling me by my name. This is serious, isn't it? What’s wrong? Is my goldfish dead? Pieck, it only has been three days since I lent it to you! You can’t do this to me!”
You pull your knees to your chest, hiding the bottom half of your face behind them as you can feel your smile breaking.
“Porco,” Pieck tries again, face solemn as she tucks her hair behind her ear. “I know this isn’t the best time but I just spoke to her about this and she said I should tell you this as soon as possible.”
“Pieck, you’re scaring me.” A bead of sweat rolls down to his chin and you wonder whether it’s because of the game he just played or if he’s just breaking into a cold sweat. “Don’t tell me you—”
“I’m pregnant.”
“—gave me chlamydia,” Porco finishes at the same time but once he hears her words, the horror in his eyes increases by tenfolds. “You—what?!” He takes a step back, his hand going to his heart as his breathing turns rapid. “You’re pregnant? You’re pregnant?! You—I—how—when—”
Pieck turns around to face you, cocking her head in Porco’s direction with a smug grin written on her face. “See?”
“Yeah, I get your point,” you mutter, grimacing at the sight of the male still spouting out words behind her. “Now go tell him it’s a joke. He looks like he’s dying over there.”
But is it okay, though? To lie about something like that to Eren? Would it make you sound heartless? Insensitive? You feel like it’s a little bit too harsh to play it off as a joke, but then again, you’re also curious about how Eren will react in that situation. Will he panic like Porco? Will he try to find his way out of it? Will he leave you? No, it doesn’t sound like him.
What if he wants to take responsibility for it? You think, your cheeks heating up and you’re sure it’s not because of the blazing sun sitting above you. What if he wants to keep the baby?
You’re brought back from your daydream by the sound of Pieck yelping in pain when Porco pinches her nose. “Don’t ever lie about that to me again,” he warns her. “Ever.” He lets her go once she promises him so, and with that, Porco finally brings his attention to you. “Dude, it’s like forty degrees out here, why are you wearing a sweater?”
With a flat stare, you tell him, “Porco, I’m pregnant and it’s yours.”
“Eren, I’m late.”
You wait with your phone strapped to your ear, hearing some rustling sounds in the background and Eren muttering, “Fuck,” under his breath. By the sound of glass clanking and him hissing in pain, he probably just pours some hot coffee on himself. Eren stayed in his flat last night which is very rare as he usually just spent his nights at your place, but this makes it a lot easier. You’re sure that he can see through your lies if you tell him in person.
He sounds a bit breathless when he speaks to the phone. “Sorry, just spilled some coffee.” You’re impressed with yourself but you’re too nervous to even cast a smile. “Late for what?”
Okay, you should’ve chosen a better word knowing how gullible he can be sometimes. Taking a deep breath, you gather every bit of acting skill you own from the acting classes you took in fifth grade. When you speak, it comes as a shaky whisper.
“I’m pregnant.”
One, two, three. How many seconds have passed by in silence? You can hear his breathing turns heavy, as well as the little shiver in his voice when he vocalizes a weak, “What?”
He’s panicking, you can tell, but so are you. Somehow, even after it took Pieck the entire beach trip for her to convince you that this was the best prank to pull on him, you’re still not sure whether it’s right. But now that you’re already at this point, there’s no other choice but to continue. “Eren, did you hear me?” You repeat the question again, softly. “I said, I’m pregnant.”
“No, I heard you—it's just—” There’s another sound of glass clattering against marble, and you’re guessing, he’s placing his cup down with fumbling fingers. “It’s… Uhh… How? W-when?” He clears his throat. “How?”
“Well, when we have sex, it bounds to happen, I guess.”
“But—didn’t you—birth controls pills—didn’t you take those?”
He’s stammering like crazy and it makes it even harder for you to keep deceiving him. “Yeah, but I have to take one every day to make sure it works properly and I guess... I forgot to take one on the day we had sex.”
It takes an unendurable half a minute for Eren to just mumble a low, “Huh…”
You’re a breath away from ending all of this and come clean but your curiosity is eating you up inside. You want to know his reaction toward this. “Eren, are you okay?”
He doesn’t say a word. He probably can’t due to his jumbled thoughts, seeing how he’s been stuttering for the last minute.
“I wasn’t sure before so I went to see a doctor. And it turns out I’ve been pregnant for three months now,” you read the notes you wrote a few days before, one that’s already been reviewed and approved by Pieck. “I haven’t had any morning sickness or anything, so I didn’t know I was carrying your baby.”
You can hear the way he breathes sharply at your last two words.
“I know this must be hard for you to take in.” Eren, I’m sorry. “Honestly, I’m still processing everything myself—my fingers are shaking right now.” They are, but from lying over such an important thing like this.
Eren still resides in silence, probably drowning in his thoughts and having the hardest time trying to bring himself back to the surface.
“Look, I’m only calling to let you know,” you continue, sounding like you’re filled with disappointment when you’re sinking deep in guilt. “And it’s fine, you don’t have to take responsibility for it.”
Only then does he begin to speak. “What?”
“It’s fine, Eren. I’m not planning to keep the baby.” You perform an act, making sure that you sound like your heart is breaking. “It’s… I’ve signed up for an abortion.”
Somehow, the silence hits differently this time.
“Eren..?” you tentatively call, panic arises in your chest. Is he angry? Sad? Relieved? Which one is it? “Will you say something, please?”
You have three guesses of how he might reply. One, I don’t know what to say. Two, I still can’t believe this is happening. Three, we can’t talk about this over the phone, I’m heading to your place now. The third one seems to be the most plausible knowing how he’s been treating you so far, and you’re ready for it. So when he takes a deep breath and says, “I gotta go,” you’re stunned to your toes.
Then the line gets disconnected.
Eren hasn’t contacted you in fourteen hours by now—still counting. Sunrise turns into sunset and now it has sunk entirely below the horizon. Regret and dread start to swallow you inch by inch, making your heart leap up to your throat.
You’ve been trying to call him. Twice. Five times. Eight times—they were all directed to voicemails. You’ve sent him text messages, telling him that, “Eren, it was a joke. I’m sorry. Please call me,” and, “Eren, I’m not pregnant. Please stop freaking out, I need to talk to you.” But none of them gets replied.
The clock has struck ten pm and the moon is concealed behind grey clouds. It’s about to rain, you think, heavily too from the rumbling sound that slips through the windows of your apartment. The storm hasn’t washed the earth just yet but it already swirls heavily inside your chest. “I screwed up,” you murmur against your pillow. God, I shouldn’t have done this. Why did I ever think this was a good idea?
What am I going to do now?
Should you visit his place? What if he sees you and freaks out again? The fact that he’s avoiding you because of this… Is it… Is he scared? Does he seem like the kind of irresponsible person who will abandon you because of this? It’s hard to believe. He’s been so gentle. So caring. Despite not having the bravery to openly confess his feelings for you, he’s been treating you like nothing but a lover, which is why you’re so confident that he’s going to be okay with you teasing him this way. Even if he’s not, he’s been your friend for over a decade. He won’t leave you because of this, will he?
There’s a voice inside your mind, answering with a sinister smile: he left you once, why do you think he won’t do it again?
And it’s a sickening thought—one that makes your stomach lurch—but with more seconds passing by, the louder the voice rings in your head.
The rain suddenly pours densely outside, tapping ponderously against your windows.
“Fuck.” You pull out your phone, sliding your thumb through your emergency list, and pray to dear God that he’ll answer this time around. The first two calls are, again, directed to voicemails. You try one more time. “Pick up, pick up, come on, Eren—“
There’s a ringtone—his ringtone—and it’s coming from the other side of your door.
Frowning in confusion, you step down from the couch, the hem of your red sleeveless button-up dress falling to the middle of your thighs. “Eren?” You curl your hand around your doorknob, twisting it open.
There, standing in his black ripped jeans and blue denim jacket with his sleeves pulled up to his elbows, is a man you’ve been wanting and dreading to see in what feels like forever. His lips are parted to desperately refill the air in his lungs, his chest heaving up and down with every intake of breath. He has his phone ringing in the pocket of his jeans; a bouquet of roses is gripped tightly in one hand. He’s drenched from head to toe with his hair half tied, half sprouting out of his bun.
You haven’t even finished calling his name or sliding your thumb on the screen of your phone to end the call when Eren gathers your cheek in his hand, slanting his mouth hard against yours. His lips feel like ice, as well as the fingertips that frame your cheekbones. “Eren—” You gasp against his mouth, fingers curling around his wrist to stop him. “What—”
“Don’t do it,” Eren states out the second his mouth is separated from yours. “Please…” He bends his head down slightly to match your height, closing his eyes when your temples are pressed against one another. He rests his lean fingers on the side of your face, and you can feel the little shivers that run through his tips, unsure if it’s because of the cold or something else.
In this proximity, you expect the air to be filled with the taste of his signature bergamot perfume, but you can only smell him—that exotic scent that reminds you of summer, blooming flowers, and the laughter you shared with him. This is so unusual, as he rarely forgets to wear his perfume, knowing how much it drives you crazy. He must have been so distraught. “Don’t…” You swallow your breath. “Don’t do what..?”
He expands the gap, rubbing comforting circles on your cheekbone with his thumb as he peers into your eyes. “I want you to keep the baby,” he says, with so much determination and solemnity, you feel a wave of panic washing over you.
“I’ll take responsibility for it,” he adds and there’s no quiver in his voice, no uncertainty in his stunning jade green eyes. “I’ll pay for everything. I’ll move into your place—or—or you can move to my flat and we can—“
“I’ll quit my job if I have to. You won’t be alone, I promise. I will always be here for you, through it all—I—” He silences your protest with his lips, eyebrows stitched together as if he’s about to break from feeling too much. “So please,” he begs in a whisper, taking your hand and squeezing it, firm yet gentle. “Please let me keep our baby.”
Two things are running in your head and they’re such complete opposite from one another that you start to feel dizzy. The first one is that you’re happy. You’re so, so immensely happy and relieved and just a bunch of other nice feelings that you can’t yet describe because Eren is here, in your arms, kissing you softly with glassy eyes and frozen lips from running through the rain for you. He didn’t forsake you. He even offered to sacrifice everything for your sake, which brings you to your second thought:
What the fuck am I going to do?
His touches feel so light and tender on your skin. “Baby..?” He turns anxious as he waits for your answer. “Please say something, you’re scaring me…”
You lace your fingers together with his, smiling and hoping it comes out as sweet and reassuring instead of forced and awkward or filled with guilt since that is exactly how you’re feeling right now. “Let’s, umm…” Your voice already betrays you, shaky and raspier than usual. “Let’s just take a seat first. Coffee?”
“Shouldn’t you lay off of that?” He questions with a frown and you freeze. “Caffeine can cause birth defects and miscarriage.” At the sight of you furrowing your eyebrows, baffled by his words, he sheepishly adds, “Yeah, I kinda did a little research,” scratching his cheek while he’s at it.
He even did his research! You want to die. You literally, sincerely want to die for being such a horrible, horrible person for agreeing to do this prank. It’s easy to blame Pieck for this as this was her whole idea to begin with but you were the one who executed it. This was all on you. You fucked up, and you fucked up big time.
“Eren.” You retract your fingers away from him, clamping both hands tightly in front of your stomach to keep yourself composed. It doesn’t work. “There's something I have to say.”
“But you’re right.” Eren carefully circles one arm around your waist, bringing you further into your apartment. “We should sit down. I don’t want you to get tired from standing too much—”
“No, no.” You pull on his hand before he can escort you away to your couch. You lay down your phone on the coffee table, fingers curling into tiny balls of fists. “I’m fine like this. Listen, I—”
“But you’ll get tired—”
“I’m not pregnant.”
The sound of the ticking clock, the storm, and the rumbling clouds are mixed into one but they don’t sound nearly as loud to your ear as the little whisper that breaks past his lips. “What?”
“I’m…” You take a step back, unable to meet his eyes. “I was… This was just a joke.” Never in your life had you ever felt this awful and ashamed. One glance at his face and you feel like you just committed the most atrocious, unforgivable crime in the history of mankind. And if you could turn back time, you would but right now, what else can you do but apologize? “I’m sorry…”
Oh God, he must hate me so much right now. What am I going to do? All these emotions waging inside you are threatening to spill in the form of your tears, and you nip hard on your lip, wishing it would sustain. “Eren, I—”
“A joke?”
His voice turns a pitch lower, almost like a growl and you’re petrified to your bones. Eren straightens up. The previous tenderness in his eyes fades instantly, replaced by something cold and bitter. “You’re not pregnant?” His voice turns grim.
“I…” You fist hard on the hem of your dress, making the fabric all crumpled underneath your palm. “I could’ve been—“ An awkward chuckle escapes you, a desperate effort to ease the tension. It fails miserably. If anything, it only makes his glare even more menacing. “But no.” Your shoulder slumps forward in guilt. “I’m not pregnant. P-perfectly ovulating though, if you want to try.” Your mouth is running on its own, attempting a horrible joke that makes you wish you rather be dead than taking another second standing in front of him like this.
“Oh my God, I’m gonna kill you,” is what you’re expecting him to say. But he’s perfectly fine with keeping himself reticent, doesn’t retaliate, doesn’t even look like he wants to. “Eren..?” You call out as he walks away, heading toward your kitchen. “Are you—uh—are you angry?”
He slams the bouquet of roses he brought you into the trash bin with a force hard enough to make it toppled over to the ground.
You flinch, fear crawling on your skin. Both your mind and your heart are running thousands of miles per hour. “Eren, I’m sorry—”
“Oh, you’re sorry!” He scoffs, faking a laugh as he throws both hands in the air. “She’s sorry, everyone, and the world is wonderful again!” The sarcasm is as loud as his voice that bounces off the walls. If you didn’t have soundproofed walls, your neighbors would’ve surely gone to call the cops on you.
You muster all the courage you can get. “I’m—I don’t know what I should say to make—”
“Well, you sure as hell know your way to make such a convincing speech earlier this morning.” He runs a hand through his hair, pushing back his bangs and you could see droplets of rain sliding down from his forehead to his chin. “I didn’t know you could lie like that. What, like, did you have a script prepared or something?”
You manage to stop yourself from glancing at your phone sitting on the coffee table where you’ve got your prepared dialogues written inside. “N-no.”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t know.” Eren snorts loudly, revolted with your act. “You’re probably lying about it too.”
Your nails are sinking into your palms when he closes the distance. “Eren, I really am sorry.”
“‘Sorry’ doesn’t make me feel any less pissed, unfortunately.”
He’s standing tall and strong, looming above you but it’s not his posture that intimidates you. It’s the fact that he’s truly angry with you, in a way that you’ve never seen him act this way before. “I was just—” You swallow thickly, your throat feels like it’s catching on fire. “I was just trying to get back at you.”
“R-remember what you did that day when I told you I was going to go to the beach to see Pieck?” You brave yourself to speak, even when your fingers are shaking. “You gave me a nasty hickey on my neck. I had to wear my turtleneck sweater for the entire day because of that.”
His jaw drops in repugnance, unable to comprehend. “You faked your pregnancy over a goddamn hickey?”
Now that he stated it like that, you realize just how fucking dumb you’re being. “I was angry.”
“It was a harmless joke.”
“It’s summer, Eren. It was almost forty degrees that day and I had to wear—”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he spits back, sarcasm standing thickly in his voice. “It must have been excruciatingly painful that you had to sweat, and not like, say, spending hours pacing back and forth in your room trying to figure out how to raise a fucking baby!”
Now that he’s raising his voice, you can’t help but yell at him too. Your voice still breaks, but your ego won’t let you lose. “I’ve called you so many times to explain! It’s your fault you didn’t answer!”
“Yeah, ‘cause I thought you were gonna ask if I was okay with the abortion and I was still trying to look for the right reasons so I can convince you to say no!”
You open your mouth but your voice leaves you. Your heart is moved by his words, with regret and guilt pulling you down like an anchor tied to your feet. “Eren…” You sound exhausted, speaking so quietly that you can barely hear it over your soaring heartbeat. “I’ve texted you too. You’d know I was joking if you had seen my—”
“You told me you were joking about your pregnancy over a fucking text?!”
The way his voice booms across the entire room acts like a hand squeezing tightly around your heart. “Several texts, if that, uh, could make you feel better.”
His jaw clenches, suppressing the venom-like words that are about to spill from his mouth. “You’re unbelievable,” he says through gritted teeth. “You’re a horrible person, you know that, right? I would never lie about something like this to you.”
Hot tears sting your eyes. “I… I know.”
“Don’t cry.” It’s not a plead, it’s an order you must obey.
You quickly wipe the tears away before they could line your cheeks, keeping your mouth shut even when you’re feeling like you’re about to burst. Taking a deep breath, you look at him straight in the eyes. “I’m sorry,” you say, nothing more and nothing less.
Eren sighs, running his hand frustratedly through his hair. “Whatever. Let’s just pretend this never happened.” His combat boots make angry stomping sounds as he storms toward the door. Growing frantic, you catch him just in time before he can swing it open.
“Eren, wait, I—”
He spins you around and has your body slammed against the door. Your hand that catches his wrist is now held above your head, his fingers pressing tightly against your pulsating veins.
“You think this is funny, don’t you?” There’s something in the way he whispers the words, so lowly behind clenched teeth that makes you shiver. “Getting me all riled up.”
You bring your face to the side, leaning further back until your head is pressed against the wooden surface. “I didn’t mean it to go this far,” you murmur. His gaze is so intense, you feel like you’re about to be burnt by it.
“Should’ve thought that through.”
He’s right. There’s nothing more terrible than what you just did to him. You should’ve known better. You’re on the verge of apologizing again, but knowing how words don’t suffice, you land both hands on his shoulders and stand on your tiptoes.
And you kiss him.
“No,” Eren says, almost snarling as he stops you by pushing you harder against the door.
Nibbling on your lip worriedly, you reach out a hand to stroke his cheek, asking in a whisper. “I can’t kiss you..?” You know you’re not playing fair but you’re desperate. You want—no, you need to fix this before he goes away. You don’t want to part with him like this. “Eren, I want to make it up to you.” You look so damn irresistible like this, even when you’re not trying to be. The way you’re looking up at him from underneath your bangs, the way you nibble slightly on your bottom lip as you grow even more anxious with every passing second, the way your eyes are pleading for his forgiveness. Eren loves this look on you, and you know how much it arouses him too.
Unfortunately today, it’s not enough. “You’re gonna have to do a lot more than talking to make it up to me, Sweetheart,” he coldly says.
“Then I’ll do anything,” you breathe out and you can see his jaw clenched. “Anything you want.”
He takes a deep breath to maintain his calm as if he’s on the verge of snapping at you again. “Anything?”
You weakly nod, licking your lower lip as a sign of your anxiety acting up and his eyes follow the way your tongue swipes across the skin. To him, it’s like you’re seducing him even more. “Anything,” you breathily repeat, igniting sparks inside his stomach. “So, please…” You hold onto his collar, pulling him closer as your eyes drift to his lips. Your breath caresses his skin as you whisper, “Please don’t leave me like this.”
There’s a pause where you can see a battle waging in his mind but it doesn’t take long before his hand is pressing against your throat. He lifts your face by pushing his thumb against your chin, eyes hooded as they look down on you.
Eren sinks his head low, eyes shutting close in passion as he lets his lips draw motions on yours. His kiss is rough, ravaging your lips with a ferocity that leaves your legs weak and your senses dazed. Over and over, Eren lets his lips explore yours, filling you with a heat so intense, you’re on the verge of melting in his arms. And he kisses like he’s not afraid of hurting you with it. He wants to make you bruised, your lips swollen red until they match the color of the blush that spread on your face. The taste of his mouth fills up your senses, beckoning your body to arch into the hard warmth of his.
He still has one hand holding your wrist against the door, with his other one resting on the back of your neck, applying enough pressure on your nape to guide you closer to him. “Again,” he says when you break away to take a breath and it’s not simply a demand, it’s an order. So you kiss him again and he angles his head to the side, deepening the kiss. His tongue slithers in, passing your teeth to savor the aftertaste of the coffee you took earlier.
Your free hand grasps harder against the collar of his shirt, fisting the fabric as if you’re holding on for your life. You push his jacket off his shoulders and he helps by releasing his hold from you but only for a few seconds until it slides off his arms and lands on the floor. His hands find your face again, holding you by the jaw, and tugs your bottom lip between his teeth. Eren doesn’t feel as cold anymore; he feels scorching hot when he presses his hips against yours, muttering, “Fuck,” under his breath the second he hears your muffled moan. He squeezes your hip, his long fingers digging into your behind as he rocks you into his arousal.
“Eren,” you whisper, sliding your hand down his body to palm his hardness over his jeans. Your fingers thread through the damp hair at the base of his neck, keeping him close enough so he can feel your hot breath caressing his skin. Eren breathes heavily, biting his lip as his eyes follow the way your hand is playing with his zipper. He rocks his hips forward, aching for your touch.
His need for a release becomes your need. With your lips reddened and bruised by his kisses, you brave yourself to ask the question. “Do you… want to have sex?”
“I feel like teaching you a lesson, that’s what I want.” He grabs a handful of your hair, tugging it back until your throat is fully exposed. He sinks his head into the crook of your neck, the tip of his nose almost grazing your throbbing veins. “You’re really getting on my nerves today.”
You almost hiss at the pain when he harshly sucks on the spot that connects your shoulder to your neck. “You can be rough with me,” you tell him between soft moans. Sometimes you wonder if deep down you’re a masochist because being handled roughly like this? It isn’t bad at all. “Or even mean, if you want.”
His hand wanders south, slipping between your legs. “Yeah?”
“Yeah.” He’s not touching you down there just yet but you find yourself arching your back, wanting desperately for that friction. “Just let all that anger out through—“ The little scream you make is muted by his mouth when he abruptly lifts your body by the back of your thighs. Your legs naturally find their way around his waist, your arms entwining his broad shoulders for support. The rainwater that drenched his clothes seeps through your dress, making you tremble from the cold—or maybe it’s the way his mouth is drawing sinful movements against the column of your throat that does it, you’re not sure.
Your bedroom is only twenty steps away but Eren doesn’t have the patience to even take another one. With one hand supporting your back, he swipes his other one from one side of your dining table to the other. Your half-read magazine, eyeglasses, and unlit candlesticks fall to the floor, clattering against the tiles.
“W-wait—here?” You stutter as he pushes your body down, your head knocking against the wood from how careless he’s being.
“Here,” he confirms, grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling it over his head. He places his palms on your knees, spreading your legs wide open so he can settle in between.
“But the bed—ah!” You’re being yanked by your legs, sliding down the table until your bodies are connected again by the hips. “Eren—”
“I want to fuck you here.” His voice turns deep and gravelly, asserting dominance over you. He runs a hand through his hair, taking off his hair tie and let his hair fall to his shoulders. “You got a problem with that?”
You swallow your breath. “N-no.”
“Good.” He pushes your dress up to your stomach, grinding his hips against your wetness as you prop your body up with your elbows, wetting your lip in anticipation.
You can feel his zipper rubbing over your underwear, a string of expletive breaks free from your mouth without filter. “Let’s just—”
“You want it?” He cuts you off, and you know he didn’t say it to tease you. He wants to see just how desperate you are to have him throbbing inside you. He pushes forward again, making sure that you can feel the way his cock is begging to be released from its confinement.
You grind your hips against him, rocking harder against his hardness, wanting him inside you with such intensity you could scarcely breathe. “Eren—”
“Answer the question.”
You freeze, fear and excitement mixing into one. “Yes.”
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, I want it.” It sounds like a sigh the way you say it. “Please.”
“Then do the work.”
He’s being merciless and you love it. It doesn’t feel like him but it fits him. Somehow, you always knew that he must have this side of him—this dominant, feral alpha male who loves having his control over you. It’s a nice change from the sweet, sweet Eren Jaeger who kissed you so tenderly a moment before you drift away to sleep, who held your hand with a sheepish smile written on his face when your parents weren’t looking. These two sides of him complemented each other so well, and being treated like a princess has been nothing but wonderful, but it’s about damn time for him to treat you like you’re nothing but a sex toy to satisfy his needs.
“Tell me what to do,” you say, sitting up on the table and draws him closer to you by tangling your legs around his waist. Eren inhales sharply when your fingers unbutton his jeans, playing with the zipper. “Want me to use my mouth on you?”
“Later,” he promises as he takes your hand and pushes it down his jeans. You almost gasp when your palm makes contact with his cock. He feels so hot, throbbing with a noticeable vein bulging on the side. “I wanna fuck you first.”
Your stomach flips at how blunt he's being. You stroke him once, twice, before you start working on his pants. Pushing them down until they pool around his thighs, you guide him until his tip grazes your entrance.
“Eren…” You lean up forward to kiss him but he stops you with his fingers curling around your throat, keeping you in place. When you gulp, he can feel your throat moving underneath his palm. He knows how much you like kissing him during sex, and usually, he’d want it just as much, but not today. Today you’re under his control. You can only kiss him when you’re allowed to. You do your best to distract yourself away from begging even further for a taste of his lips. Your hips are moving on their own, rubbing your clit against his slit.
Eren is surprisingly less impatient than you are. His hooded eyes explore your features, heavy and intense. He places his thumb on your lower lip, pushing it down until he can see your tongue breaking past your front teeth. “You’d do as I say?” His voice is silky smooth, but it lacks the usual warmth. You nod. “Use your words.”
“Yes—” He lays the pad of his thumb flat on your tongue before you can finish the word. You close your mouth around it, hollowing your cheeks as you gently suck on his finger.
His eyes glaze with lust. “Seducing me, Sweetheart?”
You release his thumb with a pop, lips moving to his index finger, and twirl your tongue around the tip. Maintaining eye contact, you answer, “I’m trying to make it up to you.”
“You’ll have to do more than just that.”
Trying your best to satisfy, you hook your fingers around his silver necklace and bring his face closer to yours. His parted lips are expecting for another consuming kiss, which he would grant, but you only let yours hover above his before you move to his ear, moaning softly as you close your lips around his earlobe. “I’ll do anything,” you whisper, raking your fingers down his back until they slide underneath the hem of his jeans. “I promise I’ll be good tonight.”
You’re not sure what but something clearly snaps inside him because Eren is pushing you back to the table, his hands fisting the collar of your dress and rips it open. This is one of your favorite dresses and now almost every button is torn, bouncing down to the floor.
“Damn it,” you almost growl but you let him run his teeth against the juncture of your neck.
“Favorite dress?” Eren smirks as he snatches your bra away with one hand, throwing it over his shoulder. You answer with a glare and he seems more appeased than irked with the reaction. “Now, now.” He drags his thumb across your lip, smearing what’s left of your lipstick to your cheek. “Who promised to be good tonight?”
“You’re an asshole.”
“Oh?” He raises an eyebrow, loving it when you’re just as angry. He finds it to be thrilling, more satisfying when he gets to wipe that nasty glare off your face and replace it with your face contorting in pleasure. “Getting angry, baby?” You look away, scowling at the wall but when Eren bends his head down and takes your nipple between his teeth, your body betrays you.
“You knew I loved this dress.” Your pout doesn’t last long once his tongue on your skin starts to feel good. Your hands find home in his hair, grabbing a handful of his strands when he sucks around your bud.
“Doesn’t mean I care.” He pulls away far too soon, almost making you mewl at the loss. He taps two fingers against your mouth. “Open up.”
With a scowl, you separate your lips and he shoves them inside. Your initial reaction is to choke around them, eyes turning glassy but you don’t give him the satisfaction for long. You suck on his fingers from the base to the tip, coating them richly with saliva.
He draws his fingers away. “Spread your legs.”
You obey, and Eren slips his hand past the elastic band of your lingerie, two fingers sliding easily against your folds. “It was—” You chew on your lip to contain your moan. The stimulation he’s giving you is sending tingles all over the place. “It was expensive—the dress.”
“Yeah, well, I don’t give a fuck.” Still rubbing you up and down, he curls his hand around his length, pumping himself at the sight of you arching your back to rub yourself against the pads of his fingers. “You look better without it anyway.”
“You—ah!” The way he just slides his entire cock in one try catches you off guard and you both moan at the friction—his comes from pleasure, yours from the pain. Your mouth is parted in a silent scream, your body's forced to adjust to his size without proper lubrication. Jolts of pain run like electricity to every inch of your skin, your hands sliding off the counter. “Fuck, wait—” you sob, your arm reaching out to curl around his wrist, both for support and to stop him from moving. You throw your head back at his sudden thrust, hand gripping along the edge of the table. “Eren—g-go slower.”
“You heard what I said.” His grunts are almost animalistic. He’s pounding into you from the side of your lingerie, fingers hooking against the fabric, and tugs it to the side so he can see the way he's sliding in and out of you. “I’m not planning on being gentle tonight.”
The pain doesn’t stay forever. Once you become wetter from the friction, he can slide in more easily. The sound of his skin slapping against yours is obscene, combined with the rough little moans he emits from the back of his throat. You grind your hips against his, widening your legs and Eren reaches a new depth. You let out a strained cry as you surrender in his hands, biting into your knuckles to stop you from turning into a sobbing mess.
Eren takes a handful of your breast, squeezing it as he picks up the pace. “Goddamn. How come you’re still so tight—” he hisses in pleasure, swaying his hips back and forth. “After I’ve fucked you so many times?”
The way he speaks, the way he moves—it doesn’t sound like him at all. “You’re doing things so differently today,” you say, trembling when he suddenly grazes something inside. “Still, ah, you’re still angry about the prank, huh?”
“You tell me.”
Eren pulls out completely only so he can yank you down the table until you’re landing on your feet again. He flips you around, pressing your stomach against the edge and keeping his hand placed on the back of your skull to keep your cheek pressed against the surface. He tears your dress away and pushes your panties to the middle of your thighs, leaving you bare and exposed. He thrusts hard into you from behind, making you stand on your tiptoes as he pushes you forward.
“Don’t hold back your voice,” he says, tugging at your roots so you have no other choice but to lift your head and land your eyes on the ceiling. “I want to hear you cry.”
Even if you try to keep your voice contained, you can’t. He’s hitting the right spot, sliding in and out your walls so perfectly, your knees begin to shake. Your panties slip off your legs, and without restraint, Eren hauls one of your thighs up. “Keep it there,” he says when he has you stretching out one leg on the edge of the table while keeping your other foot glued to the ground. It’s your goddamn luck that you’re pretty flexible, otherwise, you would’ve pulled a muscle with how hard he’s fucking you in this position.
He snakes a hand to the front of your throat, pushing you closer to his chest until you have your back straightened with your palms pressed flat on the table. “Tell me.” His lips are grazing against the shell of your ear as he speaks, “Are you still going to lie to me after this?”
He lifts your face, kissing you upside down and smashing his mouth roughly against yours. The tip of your nose brushes against his adam’s apple, your bottom lip trapped between his plump ones. He delves his tongue inside your mouth, a little growl escaping as he relishes the taste. “It’s a yes or no question.” He curls his long fingers around your throat, choking you until your knees go weak. “Which one is it?”
“No,” you cough out, eyes turning watery with how hard he’s pumping into you. “I won’t—” He takes possession of your breast, squeezing it until you yelp in both pain and pleasure. “I won’t lie to you ever again. I'm—I'm sorry—ah—”
“That’s right,” he says, taking the way you're tightening your walls around him to drive both of you closer to the edge. His movement goes frantic, hips moving erratically at the sensation of having you using his whole body as your support. If he doesn’t have his arms around your throat and your stomach, you would’ve fallen face first against the table. Your muffled moans are getting louder, with him swallowing each and every one of them. When you’re done, he pulls away completely, making you whimper from the loss as you wish you can still have him moving inside you as you ride out your orgasm.
“On your knees, baby girl.”
The sudden pet name makes you shiver and you instantly drop down to the ground as commanded. You obediently part your mouth, taking him in as deep as you could. You nearly gag around him, tears prickling the corners of your eyes but it only takes a few times for you to bob your head up and down before he spills hotly inside your mouth. “Suck me dry.” He watches you, loving the tears that form in your eyes as you do as you’re told to do. “That’s right. Harder.”
You cough, his essence flooding your mouth.
“You can’t spit it out,” he says as he draws himself away. “Come here.” Eren yanks you up by your wrist, forcing you to stand on your wobbly legs. His gaze lays heavy on you, cupping your cheeks with his large palms. "Open your mouth." You part your lips, letting him see the way his cum pools on your tongue. “Now, swallow it.” You can tell how much it turns him on to see you this way. Wanting to please him, you swallow everything in one gulp. Eren presses his thumb on your bottom lip, tugging it down and he watches closely as a little bit of his essence dribble down to your chin. “You’ve got my come dripping out of your mouth. Lick it all up.”
When you told him it was okay for him to be mean, you didn’t think he would be this merciless on you. “Do it,” he repeats as he sees you wasting time. You dart out your tongue, swiping it over your bottom lip, feeling the saltiness of his cum on your tongue once more. Eren helps by swiping his thumb over your chin, and tells you to brings it into your mouth. You suck on his finger, lightly biting at it as you grow annoyed at his cocky smirk. “Naughty kitten,” he chuckles, “Swallowed everything?”
You wipe the back of your hand against your swollen lips. “Yes.”
“Good.” To your surprise, he kisses you and he does it until your head swirls. He can taste himself in your mouth, not fond of the taste but loving how he tainted you with it.
Once he lets you go, you’re left a bit dazed. “Are you… still angry with me?”
He softly chortles against your mouth, lips moving much gentler this time. “A bit.” Your knees teeter underneath your weight and he wraps his arms around your body to keep you from slipping. “What?” He smugly asks, almost mockingly. “Tired already?”
You decide to let him off the hook just this once. “Yeah.” You wince at the pain jolting from the back of your hips. “And I think I’ve got cramps.”
He blinks twice before he bursts out laughing, almost like a child with his viridian eyes turning into a pair of crescents. “No more rough sex for you then, Grandma.”
“Shut up. I think I can handle one more,” you challenge him as he carries you in his arms with one hand behind your back and another one underneath your knees.
“Yeah?” He raises an eyebrow, mirroring your dirty grin. “I can go for one more. Should we do it against the wall this time?”
“On the bed, please.” You grimace. “Grandma’s got cramps.”
“You’re adorable.”
“How the heck did you have the stamina to do that?”
You’re lying down on your back, still fully exposed with your eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. Eren chuckles at your response, rolling to his stomach as he lies down next to you with only his jeans on, zipped but not yet buttoned. Slipping his hands underneath the pillow, he presses his cheek against it. “Well,” he replies, “I run around on the stage for four hours while carrying a nine-pound bass guitar. I can hold you for a whole day in that position.”
“Thank God your dick doesn’t last as long.” He attempts to wipe off your snicker by poking the side of your cheek. You turn to your side, facing him. “You’re still angry at me?”
“No,” he murmurs, eyes blinking sleepily. “But try pulling that prank again and I’ll make sure you won’t be able to walk for days.”
“Yet, surprisingly, I’m very tempted to try.” He rolls his eyes at your words, reminding you of the old days. “I’m sorry for being so immature. It wasn’t funny.”
“That’s all right, I’m used to it.” Eren reaches out a hand and you lean closer as he swats the bangs out of your eyes. His eyes turn gentle, matching his velvety voice. “Are you okay? Was I too rough on you?”
“You were, but it was hot." You toss a lazy wink at him. "Just a bit tired, I guess.”
“Then get some sleep.”
“Will you stay for the night?”
“Do you want me to stay?”
Every bit of you already screams the word yes without needing him to finish his sentence. You wish he could stay with you like this, and not just for tonight. You wish he could just lay out one of his arms for you to sleep on, with his other one holding you securely by the waist. You wish he could whisper sweet nothings to your ear until you drift away, and do the same thing to you when you wake up. Maybe you’re just feeling a bit sentimental after what happened, but if you could be honest with him, you would say, “I want you to stay with me like this, and I wish you would never let me go.”
But these words could never reach your lips. You don’t allow them to. So you reduce all these lines into a simple, “I do,” and hope that he can figure the rest by himself.
There’s a pause where he waits as he knows there are still things you want to convey. His eyes are begging you to be honest with him but you avert your gaze. Your heart races too fast to speak.
“Kiss me,” he says.
“Kiss me.” He turns to his side, propping his head with his elbow on the bed. “If you can’t tell me with words, then kiss me. Kiss me like you’re begging me to stay.”
You turn scarlet. “I’m not gonna—”
“Well, then, I’m leaving.” But as soon as he has one foot off the bed, you pull him back by the wrist.
“You’re so annoying,” you mutter as you chase after his lips and he meets you halfway with a smirk. With the way he’s dominating the kiss, he barely leaves any room for you to portray your feelings, but instead, you can feel his. The intensity of the passion he has for you, the neverending desire. But the butterflies in your stomach only come alive when the kiss turns tender, softer than anything you’ve shared with him today. They spread their wings when Eren sighs into your mouth, grabbing your face like he always does as you both fall back to the bed.
“Okay,” Eren says in satisfaction, acting smug. “I’ll stay.” He dodges your playful punch, retaliating with a cute peck on the nose.
“What were you planning to do before?” You lay your head on his chest when it’s over, idly playing with his necklace.
“What do you mean?”
“When you thought I was pregnant,” you elaborate, tilting your face slightly to the side so you can see his. “You said you wanted to keep the baby. Were you being serious?”
Eren promptly turns his head upward, choosing to face the ceiling instead of witnessing the curiosity in your eyes. “I don’t feel comfortable talking about this.”
“When you said you were going to take responsibility for it,” you crawl closer, keeping your mischievous grin to yourself as you trail your fingertips over the muscles of his abdomen. “Does that mean you were planning to marry me?”
He doesn’t answer, but you can see his blush spreading from his neck to his ears. Your smile turns impish. “Eren,” you tease him, “If I was really pregnant, do you think we’d have a boy or a girl?”
He sits up so abruptly, throwing the covers until they’re all draped over your head. “What kind of question is that?!” But you’re laughing and you’re laughing so hard, it starts to rub off on him. “Stop it, it’s not funny,” he shouts but not utterly convincing. He’s even smiling by now. “I said, stop laughing!”
“Have you thought about their names?” You can’t help but ask between your giggles. “I think Irene would be kinda cute for a girl. It has your name in it.”
“Oh my God, I’m going home.”
You pull him back to you by hooking your fingers around his pendant, brushing your lips against his in the lightest of kisses, wanting him to know how grateful you are for how kind he was being to want to take the responsibility and raise a baby together with you. Even if he did it out of impulse without putting too many thoughts in it, the fact that he cared enough to show up here with a bouquet of roses and a whole speech ready to be spoken… It already means more than you could ever ask for.
You end the kiss but keep your lips hovering close enough to his. Through half-lidded eyes, you gaze deeply into his emerald ones, trailing your fingertips lightly along his cheekbone. Eren tilts his face to the side, brushing his lips against the lines of your palm. His eyes closed in bliss as he drowns in the comfort of your touches. Bringing his hand to cover your knuckles, he presses your palm flat against his cheek. “If I did,” he murmurs against your skin. “Would you have said yes?”
“What?” You know what he’s asking, you just can’t believe that he is.
Eren’s voice has never sounded more serious. “If I had asked you to marry me, would you have said yes?” At the sight of you gulping, he adds, “Be honest.”
“I—“ Your eyes are shaking, not sure if you want to maintain your gaze or let the world fall beneath your feet and swallow you whole. “I, uhh—”
A little burst of laughter spills from his lips as he fails to restrain it. “What are you panicking about, idiot?” He flicks your nose, his chuckles rumble deep through the air. “I was just joking.”
He’s so afraid of rejection that he thinks it’s easier to pretend everything is a joke, like how he always did in the past. He’s nothing but a coward and it’s such a shame, because unbeknownst to him, the word, “Yes,” was about to depart from your lips. But maybe that’s how it should be. How can you talk about taking each other’s hand in marriage, when you can’t even profess your love for him out loud?
A moment passes by so heavily with you lying down next to each other. You use one of his arms as your pillow, snuggling close to his chest, but you’re both frozen still. No playful touches. No affectionate kisses. Nothing.
I shouldn’t have asked that question, Eren submerges himself in regret with his eyes plastered to the ceiling. Why did I have to ruin everything?
I should have said yes faster, you ponder at the possibilities, lying your head on his chest, listening to his constant heartbeat. Now the moment’s gone, and I’m not brave enough to bring it up again.
Desperate to find a way to break the tension, you drag your eyes to the arm he lays above his stomach, observing the tattoo he has printed on his inner forearm. “You never told me a story about this before,” you utter as you run your fingers lightly over its shape. “What is it about?”
“Well… It’s a lone wolf tattoo.” He gently takes his wrist away, raising it in the air so you both can rake your eyes through the details. “Wolves live in packs because cooperation allows them to take down larger prey. They’re stronger in numbers, they rely on each other’s strength to survive. But a lone wolf… These wolves are more dangerous. They’re independent. They’re fearless. They’re more tenacious when it comes to survival, as they don’t depend on the others.” And maybe that’s how Eren wants to be. He wants to be able to stand on his own feet, doesn’t have to rely on anyone else but his own strength. Or trust anyone else, for that matter.
“But isn’t it lonely?” You whisper back, bringing his arm closer to your face so you can inspect the drawing. “Maybe the reason why wolves live in packs doesn’t solely revolve around survival. Maybe they just want to connect. To have a bond. To have a family.”
“I don’t need a family,” he says, almost immediately that it breaks your heart. There’s bitterness in his tone, so thick, you almost drop his hand in surprise. But when he turns to you, his gaze softens. I have you and that’s enough. The unspoken words run through his head as he lightly plays with a few strands of your hair. That’s more than enough.
Settling his arm over your waist, you turn toward him, swatting the bangs out of his eyes. “Eren,” you tenderly stroke his cheek. “What happened to you during those years when we were apart?” It will make him seem suspicious if he suddenly looks away, so he simply closes his eyes, focusing on the heat your skin offers him instead of the compassion that gleams in your eyes. “Ever since college,” you continue, “I always wondered what happened because every time I asked you about your family you started acting like this. Dismissive. Sad. Lonely. But you’re never alone, Eren.” He slowly opens his lids when he feels your lips brushing against the skin of his temple. “I’m here for you. So, if you ever want to talk about it, I will be here to listen. Anytime you need me, I’ll be here.”
Sometimes he wonders… God must have been so kind to him to allow you to step into his life. You and your big heart, you and the warmth you spread with your every touch, every kiss, and every smile. You and the endless joy you pour into his shallow heart. And what can he give you in return? What do you need from him?
I can’t give you anything…
“I know it’s hard to talk about,” you tell him, eyebrows knitted in concern. “And I know you think you’re good at pretending everything’s fine, and maybe you are. Maybe I’m just overthinking things. But I see how sometimes you just blanked out during conversations, like something just triggered you and you tried to shut off your feelings. It’s okay to take time, I’m not going to force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. I just want you to know that I worry about you.”
She wants you to be honest with her, that’s all she asks, Eren realizes and you’re right, he’s not the great actor he thinks he is, and he’s sick of pretending—sick of keeping everything to himself. Every day he feels like a walking timebomb, about to run out of time and explode at once while dragging his closest ones down with him.
Okay. He makes his decision. I’m going to tell her. He’s going to take the risk; to put his faith in you. She’s not going to hate you, he convinces himself, he’s not going to judge you for what you did. She’ll accept you no matter what. Just believe in her.
I’ll believe in you.
“I think…” He starts, heavy and agitated, so you lace your fingers with his, casting him a reassuring smile. And that’s all he needs. “I think it had been going on ever since junior high, but it was on my first year of high school when I found out,” he pauses to take a deep breath. “That my family was breaking apart.”
Your heart squeezes. “What?”
“You remember when you asked me whether I was close to my family?”
“You said you didn’t talk much with your dad, but you were close to your mother.”
“Yeah…” His tiny smile doesn’t seem as genuine. “Well, I thought I was close to my mom. Turned out that wasn’t true. I didn’t know her at all. I never pegged her as a liar, but in the end, that was all she was.”
The boy lays your intertwined hands above his chest, right over his heart to keep it steady. “There was this one day where I didn’t feel like going to school. Not wanting to make my mother worry, I went there anyway but I told my homeroom teacher that I felt sick after the second period was over. He bought it and he permitted me to go home early. They wanted to call my parents to pick me up but I told them not to because my house was only a couple of blocks away. I told him they were busy, and it was true. Dad was working out of town, and Mom, well…” His chuckle sounds cynical, cold. “I thought she was at the office like usual.
“So, when I got home, I expected the house to be empty but then I heard noises coming from my parent's bedroom. It was eleven past thirteen in the morning, I remembered it precisely because I did a double-check with my phone. I was so confused because Mom was supposed to be working yet I heard her voice coming from upstairs. As I stepped into the hallway, I saw that my dad’s coat wasn’t there on the rack—he said he wouldn’t be back until late at night. Instead, there was this trench coat that looked so expensive, I was sure it didn’t belong to my father.
“So I went upstairs, not sure if I was nauseous because I barely had eaten anything since morning or because I had a hunch of what was going on. I didn’t want to see it. I didn’t want to find out but my curiosity was eating me up inside and I just—” He stops, exhaling heavily through his nose. He grows restless, his face contorted in what seems like a mix between anger, frustration, and hurt. “I just couldn’t believe that my mother would bring another man into our house so I had to see it with my own eyes.
“The bedroom door was slightly open and the more I stepped closer, the more I could make out their words. I still remember how the man laughed, asking her, ‘What if your husband comes home and sees me fucking you on his bed.’ His voice sounded familiar, though I couldn’t figure out who it was just yet. Didn’t have the time either because, on the next second, my mother mirrored his laughter. She said, ‘Let him see, I don’t care.’
“I felt chills running down my spine. My knees were shaking. I couldn’t believe I heard those words come out of her mouth. I froze on my feet, feeling like my throat was catching on fire. Then my name came up in conversation. He asked her, ‘What about your son? What would he think if he saw her mother sucking another man’s cock like this?’
“I was so afraid of hearing her answer. But she only laughed, laughing in the way I never heard her laugh like that before. Her voice was muffled, like she had something in her mouth when she answered with ‘Eren will still love me. No matter what I do, he’ll never stop loving his mother.’ But her tone was contemptuous. She was mocking me for it.”
His jaw clenches at the memory, and you tighten your hold around his hand, not just to support him but to calm your palpitating heart. His agony is so vividly written in his voice that you don’t have to hear the words he said to understand his feelings. Being raised in such a loving family, you couldn’t begin to imagine how awful it must have felt to be betrayed by your loved one like that.
“I’m okay,” Eren says, noticing how you're holding him too tightly. He kisses your temple once and it breaks you because you’re not the one in need of comfort. But Eren already knows without you doing anything for him. You’re already providing more than he could ever ask for just from lending your ears for him.
“I didn't dare to step up,” he continues. “Didn’t have the bravery to stop them. Instead, I turned around as quietly as I could, and I ran away. I had no money in my pocket and my head felt like it was seconds away from exploding. I remember how I threw up on the side of the street, feeling utterly disgusted and disappointed and everything else that I didn’t know how to put in words. I went back home before dinner, still carrying my backpack with me. And I saw my mother setting up plates on our table. She greeted me like usual, kissed me on the cheek, and instead of returning her embrace like I always did, I broke away.
“I hit my head against a wall trying to get away from her touch and she looked at me funny but I tried to smile. And I apologized for acting so weird, I told her that I got paranoid ever since I finished reading a horror novel my friend let me. She did this laugh that I had always loved, but at that time, it felt like another lie. She patted my hair and I just froze there, wishing that I could just stop existing so I didn't have to go through this anymore because I knew it would happen every day. Me, pretending like nothing happened. Like she was the best mother a son could have.
"She didn’t say a word, only making gestures for me to eat my supper. I didn’t. I couldn’t. I hadn’t eaten a single thing since morning but I went straight up to my room. I told her that I’d eat after I was finished with my homework and she didn’t care enough to check whether I was lying. And I spent the entire night sitting on the bed with my back pressed against the wall, wondering how could someone—someone who you thought you understood the most—lie so easily.”
When he pauses, his lips turning white from how tightly he presses them together to keep himself composed, you stroke the back of his hand with your thumb. “Did you cry when it happened?” You question him.
“I don’t think I did,” he answers. “I don’t think I ever did.” He shifts his weight, turning on his side, and silently asks you to do the same. You follow his lead, facing the wall as he completes the dip of your spine with his chest, his arms trapping you by the waist.
“Why?” You whisper, feeling his warm breath caressing the tiny hairs on your nape.
“I don’t know,” he says, heaving a sigh. “I always feel like when you cry, it only makes the pain grow stronger. Makes the feeling more intense. And I didn’t want that. It already took everything of me to make things bearable. I didn’t want to make it any harder than that.”
His voice breaks slightly at the edge of his sentence, and it drops a heavy weight on your chest. You want to turn around to check on him but he tightens his arms around your body. “Eren—”
“Stay like this,” he says quietly as he pleads. “Just stay like this for a while, it’s fine.” I don’t want you to see me right now.
The shiver in his voice matches the one running through his fingertips and you take one of his hands, lays a gentle kiss on the middle of his palm before you hold it firmly between yours. “Then, what happened?”
Eren takes a deep breath, basking in the rosemary scent of your hair and for a moment, he can convince himself that he’s no longer in the past. He’s here, matching his breathing to yours, exchanging body heat in the comfort of your bed and he feels… okay.
So he continues. “I decided that maybe pretending like I didn’t hear anything was better. My mom certainly did so and she was a brilliant actress while I wasn’t. And every time the three of us had breakfast together, I would just stare at her, looking at the way she laughed so sweetly to my dad. It wasn’t sweet, it was fake. I was still grateful, though, that I only got to hear her voice instead of seeing her with my own eyes when that happened. I don’t know if I could stay sane if I did.
“And I hoped it was a one-time thing, but it wasn’t. She kept seeing him. Now that I knew what she did, I realized that the clues were everywhere and I managed to pick up every single one of them, even when I had tried my best not to dwell in it any further. I kept quiet about it, holding all of these feelings to myself, and never, not once, did I ever tell my father about it. But I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I did it because… I didn’t want my mother to hate me.
“But one day, I couldn’t stand it. It just felt so wrong and I wanted her to stop. So, I told her that I knew. I told her that when she brought another man into our home, I was there. I can’t remember how I expected her to respond, but I recall how Mom didn’t even flinch. Didn’t even look surprised. The only thing that changed from her expression was her smile. It stayed on her face but it never reached her eyes. And I remember how she put her hand on my face, stroking my cheek. She pressed her finger to her lips as she called my name, and she said this, ‘Let’s keep it a secret between us. You love me, don’t you? If you love me, you’ll stay quiet.’ And I couldn’t say no, because I loved her. I was disappointed in her, so disgusted with what she did that every time I thought about it, I felt like throwing up, but I still adored her, like how a son would. My love for her was blind, unconditional, and she used it to her advantage. She knew I’d take her side no matter what shitty things she did behind our backs. She only needed me because I made her feel like she was a good person all along.
“Then, she revealed her side of the story. She told me that he was her boss. He had a wife but he felt lonely, and my mother was too. She said it would be something I’d understand once I became older. How even a marriage that started with love could become nothing more than just a status to uphold to fit better in the society. I asked her if she still loved my dad, and she said yes, but she also loved him—the man who gave her what my dad couldn’t give her. I asked her if she loved me and she smiled at me and said, ‘Of course, I love you, Eren. You’re my son.’ For the first time in forever, I could see directly through her lies. In the beginning, I was so desperate for her affection, that even when her love for me was nothing but a facade she put on to keep me quiet, I was thankful for it. But with more time passing by, I realized that I couldn’t do it. I could no longer pretend everything was fine.
“Dad was still clueless. He was still as in love with her as always, foolishly so, and it made me sick because I couldn’t do anything. I had no one else to talk to. I didn’t have anyone to ask for help. So I thought, maybe if I told Dad about this, then he could do something about it. I was desperate. I wanted my family to go back to how it was. I want her to stop so I resorted to this option.” Eren turns pensive. The sound of the ticking clock on the wall is louder than his breathing. “And it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life.
“I just came home from school when I saw my father leaving in his car. He didn’t even notice me standing on the other side of the street. He was in such a hurry, driving like he had someone chasing after his tail. Confused and frightened, I went inside the house and I found my mother sitting on the floor with her back leaning against the wall. There was a broken vase next to her, scattered all over the floor and her shoulder was bleeding, dripping blood all the way down to her palm.
“I rushed to her side in panic, helped her get back on her feet but she shoved me to the side, driving me against the wall with her nails sinking deep into my shoulders. Her eyes were bloodshot, tears streaming down her cheeks and there were bruises all over her face. She was bleeding through her nose, her hair was a tangled mess. She shouted my name, telling me that it was my fault her husband beat her up. That if I hadn’t said anything, everything would’ve stayed the same. We could’ve still been the perfect family. Could’ve still shared laughter at dinners. She said it wasn't my father who did this to her. It was me.
“The house was a mess when she left that night with nothing but anger and she directed all of that at me. I told her I was sorry. I told her that I regretted telling Dad about it but she slapped me on the face and she left. And she never came back. Never sent me a message even to this day, no matter how many letters I've sent her. Never tried to contact me even when my face was on the cover of magazines. She just pretends I don’t exist in her life, and I wish I could do the same. But I can’t.
“Dad became even stricter than he already was. He thought I would leave him too, so every time I went home a little bit past curfew, he would start attacking me with questions. And if he didn’t get the answers he wanted, he would take out his belt and beat me with it until it felt like the skin on my back was peeled away. I never fought back during the first few months it happened, mostly because I thought I deserved it. Because I was the reason why my family was breaking apart, like what my mother said to me. My dad wasn’t doing well after she left, both mentally and physically. He lost so much weight, his skin getting paler and paler. I couldn’t stand seeing him that way, so if beating me up allowed him to get better sleep at night, I would take as much pain for his sake as I could. Because everything that happened was my fault.” He closes his eyes, sinking his face a little deeper in the crook of your neck. “It was my fault,” he mumbles, almost inaudibly, “My fault… My fault…”
You’ve never heard so much pain in someone’s voice before. So much, that it brings hot tears prickling at the corner of your eyes, your heart feeling like it’s being carved slowly by a dagger.
It’s unbearable to stay like this. To know that he’s in desperate need of comfort but he doesn’t even allow you to hug him. You understand why he doesn’t want you to see him like this. Perhaps if the roles were reversed, you would’ve done the same thing too. That’s why you have been keeping yourself quiet all this time, even when every nerve in your body is begging for you to turn around. You want nothing more but to wind your arms around his neck, embracing him close until he knows that it’s okay to break apart because you will be here to glue everything back together again. But you don’t have his permission to do it, and you’re not going to force him to do anything he doesn’t want.
So if it’s silence that he needs, you’ll give it to him.
“One day,” Eren speaks once he has regained a little bit of himself back. “I was having a rough time at school. My grades were falling apart, and I was about to lose my scholarship if I couldn’t get them back up soon. When I got home that night, my father was drunk. He asked me questions and I didn’t reply. Dad couldn’t think straight and he threw his bottle at me out of rage. He aimed it at my head but he missed and it shattered once it fell to the floor. I knew he probably didn’t mean to hurt me that way but I was so furious—so, so angry that I wished my father was dead so I didn’t have to endure it any longer. My way of thinking started to change. I began to blame everything on him. He was the reason why she cheated on him in the first place. If he had been kinder, if he had been able to satisfy her needs, she wouldn’t have gone to someone else for comfort.
“So, I fought back. I tackled my father to the ground and I punched him. Once. Twice. Thrice and I lost count. When I got back to it, my father had passed out on the floor. His face was bleeding but I couldn’t tell whether it was his blood or mine because the skin on my knuckles was torn apart. I had a cut on my forearm too when my dad tried to fight back. He’d snatched a piece of glass from the floor and slit my skin with it. That was the reason why I got this tattoo on my arm. I wanted something to cover the scar. I can’t stand looking at it.
“And that night… That night I looked for you,” Eren tightens his hold around you, his voice breaking as much as he is as he confesses further, “I wrapped a bandage around my arm, stole my father’s wallet and I took the bus. I went to your house and it was already late, probably around ten and I knew I shouldn’t have come especially when I hadn’t spoken to you in three years but—” A sob almost escapes him, but he bites his lip. He’s squeezing you so tightly in his arms, it’s almost suffocating but you let him. “I really, really needed you then.”
You can feel your own emotions driving you to the edge and you can still somehow hold back your tears by sinking your teeth into your bottom lip, focusing more on that pain instead of the one building inside your chest. But the more he speaks, the more he sounds like he’s seconds away from having his tears falling to stain his cheeks.
“And it was selfish of me for wanting you to be there for me and I knew that,” he says, talking in whispers as if he was confessing his sins. “I was going to apologize to you. But I saw you there on your porch, your hands on the railings of your fence. You were laughing with this boy I didn’t know, and I saw you kissed him once before he left and I just…” He chokes. “I couldn’t. You seemed… so happy. I didn’t want to bring you into this mess I was in, not again. I didn’t want to see you worry about me, ‘cause I knew you would. You deserve to be happy, even without me in your life, so… So, I left.”
And you can’t hold it back anymore. Breaking free from his arms, you turn around and throw yourself at him. Eren lands back on the bed with his air being knocked out of his lungs, and you fall apart in his arms. Torrents of your tears are falling to his bare chest, colliding against the pendant that lies above his pulsating heart. Your body convulses with every sob, your throat hurts, burning like you haven’t drunk anything in days, even when all you’re doing right now is silently screaming at his chest, fingers clawing against his skin.
Eren cradles your head in his arms, slowly sitting up from the bed and settling you down on his lap. “Hey,” he gently whispers, like you were the one who needs to be comforted when it should be the other way around. “It’s okay—“
“It’s not okay, you idiot!” You embrace him tighter, speaking through gritted teeth. “Why didn’t you reach out to me?!” You knock your fists against his chest as you shout. “We were so close—why did you leave?!”
He catches your wrists, noticing the quivers in your hands. “Like I said—“
“I heard what you said, I just don’t want to accept it!” You lift your face, your eyes peering into his emerald ones and they’re shaking, surprised by the emotions that swirled behind your irises. “You didn’t want me to worry?! Didn’t want to drag me into your mess?! Eren, how could you think that?! I wouldn’t have minded it at all! I would’ve been so glad to see you again—there was nothing more that I wanted than to see you—to be there for you—and you just—” You can’t speak, too choked up on your tears, too overwhelmed to function. “Eren—"
And he kisses you because there is no need for words to be said. He understands. Now he truly understands how you feel. He’s no longer afraid to seek help. He’s no longer afraid to be judged because he knows you won’t. He’s no longer afraid of baring his soul out in the open.
So he kisses you like it’s the only way to stop himself from breaking even further. He kisses you like he’s trying to convince himself that he deserves to be loved too, even if it’s only for a little. He kisses your lips until he can swallow every sob you try to contain. He kisses your eyes until he can wash every tear away. He kisses your cheeks until the only stain that paints your skin is the sweetness of his lips.
“Eren, it’s not your fault,” you say as soon as he gives you a chance to take a breath. “It isn’t your fault that this happened to you. Nothing of it is.” You hold his face in your hand, pressing your temples together as you both close your eyes and listen to each other’s breath. “You don’t deserve to be treated like this. You never should’ve blamed yourself for this. You didn’t do anything wrong.” You caress his cheek, gazing deep into his hooded eyes. “This isn’t your fault.”
Your last line strikes deep within him and he realizes that it’s… something he has been waiting to hear. Maybe all this time, he just wanted someone to forgive him. Maybe he just wanted someone to hold him like this and say the sentences you just spoke. Because once your words echo through his ears and he lets them sink further into his heart, his eyes turn glassy, glazed by the tears he’s been holding for years to himself.
He switches your positions, gently lays your body down on the bed as he hovers above you. His eyes rake over your features, in the same way yours do over his. “How do you always know,” he speaks so softly, holding you by the jaw with his thumb rubbing soothingly against your skin,“…the words I needed to hear?”
Eren leans down to steal a kiss, his lips barely moving as they are pressed gently against yours. Beneath all that sadness and loneliness, you can tell how there’s also a glimmer of happiness growing larger and larger with every kiss he shares with you. He chuckles lightly when he sees another tear slide down your cheek. “Why are you still crying?”
“Because—“ you snivel, your breathing sounding as shaky as your voice. “Because you’re not crying so I’m—I’m doing it for both of our sake.”
With the softest of giggles, Eren kisses the tear away, his lips meeting your cheek so softly, like a feather caressing your skin.
“Come here.” He lies down next to you and gathers you in his arms, slowly trailing his fingertips up and down your spine as you wind your limbs around his neck. Eren’s smile is fragile, but it’s the most beautiful one you’ve ever seen. He tucks your hair behind your ear, embracing you close.
“You’re so warm,” you sigh, hugging him tighter.
“You too.” He kisses your shoulder languidly. “Do you feel better?”
“Why am I the one who’s being comforted?”
“Because you’re the big baby.” He treats you like a child, nuzzling his nose against your strands but if it makes him happy, you’ll let him do it as much as he wants.
For a moment, he lays his chin on your head, his arms never disentangling from your body as he hugs your waist. He patiently waits for you to calm down, basking in your scent and being grateful for every inch of your skin that’s connected to his.
When you have no more tears to be shed, you pull away to meet his eyes. “Did you ever try to find your mom?”
Eren raises one hand in the air, splays out his fingers and you clasp yours against his, your fingers filling each other’s spaces perfectly. “I visited her once,” he professes, playing with your hand. “On the day before I went on my first tour two years ago. I finally achieved something that I could be proud of— even if I was only the opening act, it was my first world tour on two different continents. So I braved myself to see her. I thought she’d forgive me, and maybe even be proud of me. I kept telling myself that on the way to her new home. She was staying with the same man. He ended up divorcing her wife for her and they got married and stayed in his house. Levi got the address for me, and it took me months before I could knock my hand against her door. But I did.
“So, I stood there on her porch, waiting for her to open it while holding my breath. When she answered the door, I saw how her eyes widen in surprise but only for a split second before they turned cold. I had this whole speech ready to be spoken but the second I saw her, I couldn’t find the words. She didn’t seem to age a day, and it brought me back to the night when she left me. I only got snapped back to reality when she spoke to me. She didn’t say my name, didn’t even say hi. With her hand still glued to her doorknob, she asked, ‘Why are you here?’ And I turned stiff, even more than I already was. There were so many things I could’ve said. I miss you. I’m sorry. Can we go back to how we were—so many things I could’ve spoken to her but I said none because she didn’t give me the time to think.
“There was this little boy, who looked just like her, and he came running to hug her by her legs. He called her Mommy, asked her who I was and what was I doing there. She stroked his hair, speaking in the softest voice I’ve ever heard coming from her and she said, ‘Why don’t you go play with your sister?’ And I realized then that she already had a family. One that she felt truly belonged, with children that she sincerely loved. She didn’t even introduce me to him. She kept treating me like I didn’t exist, and I thought then I’d be used to it, but it still hurt. When I tried to speak, she cut me off. ‘Don’t ever come here again,’ she told me. ‘I’m finally happy without you and Grisha in my life. I’m not going to let you ruin it, not again.’ And she closed the door on me, not even taking one last look. And that was it. I never saw her ever since.”
It takes you a moment to keep yourself composed, otherwise you’ll just start crying again. So that’s why he’s so scared of being in a relationship, you muse. He’s afraid that once he truly loves someone—loves them just as much as he loved his mother—they’ll turn their backs away from him again. And if that happens, what can guarantee he’ll have the strength to pick himself back up?
Eren places a soft kiss on your lips when you haven’t spoken in a while. “You okay over there?”
When you take a deep breath, your body still shakes slightly from how hard you were crying before. “I’m sorry, but can I say one thing?”
“Your mother is a jerk.”
Eren blinks twice, completely caught off guard before he bursts out laughing. He lets you know just how wide his smile is as he presses his lips against yours. When he breaks away, he sighs with his eyes turning a little bit hazy. “Thank you,” he whispers, gazing into your eyes as he rubs comforting circles with his thumb over your cheekbone.
“F-for what?”
“For crying on my behalf.” He carefully pushes your fringe away from your eyes. “For being in my life.” His smile is so serene and delicate, it causes your stomach to somersault. “I wouldn’t be here—wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for you. You saved me.”
The honesty in his words nearly stops your heart from beating, and you look away, cheeks bursting in flames. “You’re giving me too much credit.”
“I haven’t given you enough.” He moves down to press a sweet kiss to the soft skin that covers your heart. “I wish I could find the words to say more.” As he breaks away, he takes a hold of your hand, drawing his lips near your knuckles and let them linger as he vocalizes his words. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” He turns it around, pressing your palm against his cheek. He smiles so beautifully, so soft, like a painting of a man adoring his lover from afar. “I’m so glad to have you in my life.”
You know you will never be able to stop crying if he keeps saying these words to you. Eren crawls down to pepper tiny kisses from your chin to the skin that covers your heart. Hooking your fingers around his necklace, you tug him close until his face hovers right above yours, his breath falling on your lips. “Come back to me,” you tell him, arching your back and tangling your legs around his.
“I’m already yours,” Eren answers with his mouth descending upon yours, and this time, he’ll keep it there as long as he can. He swallows up your cry, steals your breath, and stops your heartbeat with his lips moving beguilingly on yours. And it’s different—the way he touches, the way he kisses, the way he softly gasps and moans your name because your hearts are connected, deeper and stronger, two souls mingling into one. The absurd fluttery feeling in your stomach makes you squirm and Eren soothes you down by intertwining your fingers together, his lips moving lower to your jaw.
He doesn’t speak a line, nor a single word. He doesn’t tell you you’re beautiful, doesn’t tell you how complete you make him feel. This time, he lets you figure everything out on your own. He lets you feel, feel more of him, feel more of his everything, until you’re completely drowned and you stop wanting to come back to the surface. Every caress of his fingertips on your skin speaks its own praise. Every kiss of his lips on your spine speaks its own need. Every moan speaks its own desire. You let him pull you down to whatever it is he’s leading you, whether it’s an endless dream, a surreal reality, heaven or hell, you’ll follow him. You’re the light that leads him home, and you’re the fire that keeps him alive.
Eren closes his eyes and muffles your shaky moans with his own, submerging you with his desperate kisses, wet with tongue, and colored with both lust and affection. The night is long, the hours go slow, but even eternity won’t be enough for you to consume what you have for each other.
“Can you stay?” He gasps against your mouth as you lift your hips and he meets yours halfway down. “Will you stay with me just like this?” He sounds like he’s about to break apart and you wonder why. When you stroke his cheek, he quickly curls his fingers around your wrist, kissing the lines of your palm again as if he can’t help but praise every inch of your body whenever he has the chance. With his eyes closed and his eyebrows adjoined in the middle, Eren whispers, “I don’t ever want you to leave me.”
I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.
His words shatter your heart. It’s more of a plead than a confession. He has dismantled every armor, every guard he’s put around himself, and with his heart growing as vulnerable as a newborn child, he’s begging you to stay. And there’s no need to think, no moment shall pass with hesitation.
“Yes,” you cry out, pulling him down to you before you cradle his head in your arms. You lay a kiss on his temple, your fingers carding through his silky dark locks. “As long as you need me to.”
Eren claims every sweet inch of the softness you offer him, he laces the heady sensation into every caress and lets it sink into your senses. You feel a throbbing sensation between your thighs from the chaos of vibrations in your body, and it sends your head spinning. Before long, you’re gasping his name, kissing him to contain your cry and he follows with a groan.
Eren moans your name as he feels like he’s nearing the edge, ready to crash into you. His hips are picking up pace, but never as frantic or erratic as they usually are. Tonight, he’s not burnt by lust. He’s not consumed by neverending desire. He’s drowning in love, in passion, in you.
Your hand slides down his shoulder as you lift your back. If there’s still an inch of gap between your body and his, you’d close it. “Your heart’s pounding so hard…” You say, smiling a little with your fingertips pressing against his chest. There’s no mischief in your eyes, only adoration.
Eren, still slowly rocking his hips against yours, covers the back of your hand with his larger palm, pressing it further against his heart. He can feel how it’s about to leap out of his chest, burned by all these emotions he has for you.
His movements come into a halt, and with a frown, aching to seek release, you call out his name. “Is something wrong…?”
With a shuddering breath, Eren bares his soul. “I love you,” he says, surrendering everything he has, pouring everything he has locked and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if you won’t say it back. He realizes that happiness does not only emerge when your love is answered with the same passion. Happiness is already there in his heart just by loving you. He loves you. He just loves you so ardently, it kills him to not have the words leave his lips. “I’ve never loved anyone else as much as I love you.” His voice has never sounded so mellow, so fragile as if every word he vocalizes steals a piece of his heart. “I’ll never be able to love anyone else the way I love you.”
Saying those three words is a huge step, one that you have never been able to take. You were always so shrouded with your fears, with the thought of losing a friendship over a relationship. But it doesn’t have to be like that, does it?
Love is not a complex little thing. It doesn’t have to be. It’s not something to be understood. It’s not something to be thought of endlessly. It’s not a choice to be made. It’s a feeling, and feelings are meant to be felt. And what you feel right now is that you are truly, desperately, in love with him too. You just love him. Entirely. Infinitely.
You take his hand, fingers gliding against the shape of his wolf tattoo. You can faintly feel the scar underneath the ink, the scar that has inflicted so much pain from him over the years. You plant a kiss over it, hoping that it will replace the painful memory, even if it's only for a little. “I love you,” you whisper against his skin, and you didn’t say I love you too because you don’t want to sound like it’s merely a reply. You want your words to sound like a confession, because that’s what it is. You’re confessing to him, just like he confessed to you. Your words have the same depth, have the same intensity, your eyes casting the same loving gaze. You’re both the same, taking the same risk because you know you can’t have it any other way. You just love each other so much that you’ll risk it all.
And I’ll never be able to love anyone else the way I love you.
Eren watches with his heart pulsating madly, crimson cheeks smearing colors to his ears. Mumbling something under his breath, Eren laces your fingers together again and he holds yours tightly as he pins your hand against the bed. Your bodies begin to move, with Eren kissing you like he’s never had a taste of your lips before and you return each one with the biggest smile you can make. You pull him close with every strength that you have and you let him stay in your embrace. In this life or another, you will let him stay.
Three words. These three words you just said to him have been the only ones Eren could think about, the only ones he will think about for the rest of his life.
You’ve fallen asleep almost right after you reached your high, too exhausted and sleep-deprived to keep your eyes open and Eren lets you wane into your dream as long as you want, even when his heart still thunders from your response. He can’t sleep for the rest of the night, but he already feels like he’s dreaming. Or maybe he has been sleeping all along and this is all just a nice, sweet dream his mind fabricated to keep his heart elated.
It just feels so surreal.
There are a few hours left until the break of dawn and Eren spends every second lying on his side with you curling up to his chest. He gently runs his fingers through your strands, his nose buried in your hair to catch a whiff of your sweet scent. Whenever you stir in your sleep, a tiny smile would break on his face and he’d push your hair to the side so he can lay a sweet kiss on the spot between your eyebrows.
He feels so complete. So content, but at the same time, uncertain. Now that the room has fallen into silence, the demons inside his head come alive, echoing the same words over and over again.
Maybe she didn’t mean it that way when she told you she loved you.
Maybe it was just platonic.
Maybe she just got carried away by the heat of the moment.
Maybe she said it because she felt sorry for you.
Maybe you just heard her wrong.
Maybe, maybe and maybe. His list is endless, and he desperately seeks for confirmation. He needs to ask you about this but he knows damn well that as soon as the sun is up, and you sit there on your bed, rubbing your eyes away from sleep, his bravery will also vanish into thin air.
I’m just going to wait, he settles, If she meant what she said, she’ll say it again.
Eren swallows his shaky breath. “You’ll…” He strokes your cheek, his fingers quivering. “…say that to me again, right..?”
He’s only answered by your soft breathing. Eren turns around to lie on his back, sighing softly with his eyes glued to the ceiling of your room. With his thoughts screaming inside his head, he steps down the bed, wears his jeans back on, and notices the little box he has kept hidden inside his pocket.
It took him hours to finally get this little present sitting on his palm, going from one store to another to find the perfect one that could match the beauty of your smile. He wanted it to be perfect. He had everything all planned out.
His heart throbs as he steals a glance at you, perceiving the way you’re sleeping so soundly, he’s sure you’re not going to wake up anytime soon. “God, I must be going insane,” he mumbles to himself but he pops the box open, snatches the little thing hidden inside, and carefully crawls back into bed.
Eren wets his lips, nervous and terrified beyond belief but he tries his best to keep his fingers away from trembling. He takes a hold of your left hand and slowly, with bated breath, he places a diamond ring on your fourth finger. He pushes it forward until it’s settled perfectly, its rose gold color gleaming faintly under the soft glow of your bedroom lamp.
Eren finally releases the breath he’s been holding, waves of joy surging wildly inside his chest. “It…” He sounds like he’s about to cry and laugh at the same time. “It fits…”
It’s perfect. You’re perfect. And he closes his eyes as he kisses the ring on your finger, his delicate smile grazing against the diamond. “I want to be yours forever,” he whispers, holding your hand to his cheek. “Want nothing more than to wake up next to you each day. Want to watch that stupid Mr. Darcy movie you like over and over again until I can recite all the lines to you,” he chuckles once, “Want to write love songs for you—ones that could make you blush, or maybe silly enough to make you laugh.” His face turns pensive as he turns his desire into promises. “I want to take care of you every day. Want to love you every second of my life. I want—“ He catches himself, voice breaking as a new wave of emotions washing over him. “I want to have a baby with you. I want to be your husband and come home to you every day. Want to have a house where we can live together, away from all of this. To share laughter in the morning and kisses before bed. Just you and me, until the end of our lives.” Closing his eyes, he brings your hand closer to his face, his lips brushing against the ring. “So, please... Please marry me...”
But his words never reach yours. You can’t see the tears that prickle the corner of his eyes, threatening to fall. You can’t feel the warmth of his lips on your skin. You’ve drifted too far to notice.
And Eren only has the bravery to let the ring stay for a few minutes longer. After that, he’ll pretend it never exists and he’ll keep it that way until he can hear you say those three words to him once more.
Until he can fight the demons inside his head.
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alert-arlert · a day ago
eren jaeger smut alphabet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ edited & reuploaded from my old blog!
↳ cw: impact play, sadism/masochism (see also: eren just wants to be bullied), spit, anal, a bit of public/voyeurism, a dash of possessive but not really
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Eren is so very gentle after sex. He’s going to spend the coming down period kissing your body and rubbing any sore parts. He always tells you how much he loves you and how good you did with his stupid boyish grin. After that, he’s going to wipe you down and pull you into his chest for cuddle time. If you want anything specific (water, snack, a shower), you’ll have to ask for it. He can be a little forgetful when it comes to that. 
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
His favourite body parts on his partner are their tummy, thighs, and ass. If he was forced to pick one, he would say thighs. It doesn't matter if your thighs/tummy/ass are small, have stretch marks, are chubby, squishy, thin, or any other flaw you can think of, he adores them. He loves to grab them and press kisses into the soft skin, bite them, and leave hickeys. 
His favourite on himself? That would have to be his arms. He’s worked hard on them, okay? He can hold you in them, pick you up, everything! Eren also is no stranger to your staring, which boosts his ego immensely.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
Eren loves to cum on you - whether that's your face, chest, stomach, thighs, ass, back, or on your pussy/cock. He doesn’t have a favourite place to cum on, but if he was forced to choose, he’d say thighs. There’s something about it so close yet so far away from where you both want it. He’s not risking getting you pregnant if you are able to get pregnant though, so seeing his cum drip down your thighs will have to suffice for now. 
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Eren wants you both to get caught in the act. Especially by someone who he knows likes you or has a crush on you. Yes, he knows it’s a little toxic - but it’s his fantasy, okay? He would never purposely put you in that situation unless you asked for it. 
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Eren has only had one or two partners before you, and he’s not big on hook-ups, so he’s not all that experienced when you first get together. After a bit of coaching and practice, he is a fiend. Memorizes all your sweet spots with a little too much ease… definitely uses them to his advantage. He’s just very excited and wants to please you, so it works in your favour. 
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)
Here are Eren’s top 3 positions:
Doggy: He is an ass man, through and through. Of course he’d favour doggy. That pretty arch in your back, your ass on full display for him. He can grope how he pleases. And if you’re feeling frisky, he can hold you by the back of your neck to keep you in place, or he can pull you up. 
Butterfly: This position lets you be comfortable and allows him the space and control needed to thrust into you just right. Has the intimacy and eye contact of missionary, but lets him use more force and precision. 
Against a Wall: This one he likes because he can show off for you. He’s strong and he wants you to know it and feel it when he holds you up to pound into you. 
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Giggly! He is very giggly during sex! Of course, he takes sex seriously just like he takes his passions seriously but… it’s supposed to be fun and bring you closer together. Of course he’s going to laugh if there was a funny sound made or something awkward happened! Sex is full of embarassing things but you get to be embarrassing together! He’ll crack a few jokes here and there. He can be straight faced and serious though, don’t get him wrong. He just tends to lean towards light heartedness. 
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
He does not touch it - unless you mention it. He simply does not care in that aspect. But if you ask him to, he would. It's a bit darker than his hair and is curly. 
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) 
During sex, or any sexual act, Eren’s focus is completely on you. He’s not going to get distracted by his phone going off or anything else. You are the only thing he can see during those moments, and really wants to make sure that you’re enjoying it as much as he is. He’s not overly serious during these moments, but there are a few times where is. More common is having more giggly sex - because lets face it, sex is funny! Lots of whispered love confessions while you’re at it too. It’s not kinky and dominant/submissive sex all the time, like any relationship there’s more serious and more light-hearted moments.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
A jacking off fiend. Had to take some time away from porn watching because he thought he got addicted. Masturbates a lot, before and during your relationship. A hand and spit guy usually, but he recently bought a fleshlight. Uses the videos and pictures that you send him as material.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Here are a few of Eren’s kinks:
Spitting: He likes how it’s “claiming” or “marking” but not in an intense way or super risky way. Watching as his spit mixes with yours really gets him going. He also likes when you grab his jaw, fingers pressing into his chest to open his mouth to spit into his. He thinks it's so hot; watching you get all dominant. Bonus: you just look so cute, looking up at him with those pretty eyes of yours and your tongue out.
Sadism/Masochism: Eren likes to cause and receive pain. It sends his blood south and pumps adrenaline all through him. So… please smack him around and bully him a little - he’s sturdy and can take it. 
Anal: He is an ass man. He likes to grab it, squeeze it, smack it. This, of course, leads to other things. If you’re doing it in doggy, he’s going to want to push his thumb in. He's not opposed to eating ass either (in fact, he really wants to). He’s also a fan of plugs and would buy you so many cute and pretty ones. 
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
He doesn’t have a favourite place! Anywhere with you is amazing to him. He’s down to fuck when and where ever. He’s a dog like that. 
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
If you wear tops or dresses that are low cut, it drives him insane. He’s also a fan of crop tops and shorts - it shows off your best assets to him (tummy, thighs, ass). When you scratch his scalp or pull his hair is another major turn on for him. When you tease and bully him? Yeah, instant hard on. Also likes when you’re mad at him, or when you try to push him around. Bossiness is also a plus.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Honestly, he’s down to try anything at least once. The only hard no’s would be tying him up or restraining him in some aspect because it gives him anxiety. Also a very hard pass on any scat or diaper play. 
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
He prefers receiving over giving. This isn’t to say he won’t go down on you or would hate it! He loves going down on you, but the feeling of your lips wrapped around him is the best thing he’s ever felt. In terms of his skill… he wasn’t the best at first. But he’s dedicated and wants to please! So, he learns pretty quickly what makes you tick and what leads to your best orgasm.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Definitely on the fast and rough side. His stroke game is immaculate though, so no need to worry about him jack hammering into you. Eren would go slow and sensual if you want, of course, but his default setting is fast and rough. 
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Oh, Eren loves quickies. The fact that you’re both so desperate that you can’t even wait until later to start tearing off clothes is so hot to him and makes him even harder. Of course, he prefers proper but he would never say no to a quickie. And they are very common when you’re in a relationship with him.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
Oh, 100%. He’s down to try everything at least once and thinks taking risks is sexy. Of course, he would never pressure you if it’s something you’re not comfortable with. 
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
His stamina is off the charts and he lasts fairly long during the rounds. His refractory period is pretty short as well. He can usually go for 3 rounds before needing to tap out. 
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He bought a fleshlight before you started dating! After you guys started getting intimate, he bought a variety - ranging from various vibrators, plugs, dildos, floggers, clamps, etc. He prefers using them on you, but he’s not opposed to having them used on him.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Eren is a pretty big tease, but he doesn’t have a lot of patience. The only thing keeping him from jumping your bones right away is how cute you look begging and whining for him to “just get on with it” and the pathetic pleas of “please stop teasing!”. He usually only teases for drawn out sessions, not so much for quickies (though he does tease you with his words - talking about how needy and desperate you are).
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
He is shamelessly loud. It doesn’t matter if he’s domming or subbing, or if it’s an equal session, he is loud as fuck. A moaner and a groaner for sure. It’s almost as if he wants people to catch the two of you - the way he’s moaning like a porn star. 
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Eren sends really good nudes and lewds surprisingly! He takes the time to make sure he’s posed nicely, or that you don’t see his feet in any masturbation videos he may send. He also sends you nudes/lewds… a lot. Please praise him and tell him how handsome and hot you think he is - he really needs it and feeds off the praise. 
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Eren is a solid 7 inches and a shower. Very thick too. He is circumcised. 
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
It's excruciatingly high. Hope you’re ready to constantly be sore and unable to walk, because this man is like a rabbit. He is down to fuck you no matter the time or place. 
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He stays up pretty late! He waits until you’ve fallen asleep before even thinking about going to sleep himself. Eren usually takes that quiet time to think and reflect on the session and life. 
Tumblr media
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fxshigurosbae · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
▎summary: Levi and Y/N hate each other, is there anything else to say?
✚ pairing: levi x fem reader
✚ warnings: NSFW, rough sex, degradation, humiliation, spanking and detailed smut.
Tumblr media
What was even more stressing was the fact that you were one of the best scouts from Levi’s team, and you hated it because you were cursed to be ordered around by that man. You’d always rebel against him and receive lectures in front of everyone, what annoyed you even more was that he was taller than you, not even being able to insult him about his height.
You were exhausted, yesterday didn’t help any bit, staying up all night long, being in charge of reviewing papers and stamping them, it was becoming slavery at that point.
You were exhausted, yesterday didn’t help any bit, staying up all night long, being in charge of reviewing papers and stamping them, it was becoming slavery at that point.
You were now scrubbing the floor of the dorms, alone, with clothes completely soaked because of earlier since Eren and Jean were fighting over who’d use the hose since it was the easiest job and ended up getting almost everyone drenched, Sasha and Connie were the only ones enjoying it, thankfully none of us were caught.
Not even halfway done with the work, you mumbled under your breath, suddenly hearing recognizable steps approach on the hallway, your heart sank, beginning to scrub so intensely your arms felt like they’d fall off, furrowing your eyebrows in anger. Too late, the door was suddenly swung open.
“Oi, brat, what the fuck is taking you so long?” You rolled your eyes back, lifting your head to stare at his eyes.
“I’m doing this all alone, what did you expect?”
“Even when cleaning you’re worthless.”
“I’m your best scout soldier, I’m exhausted, you just insult me.” You replied impatiently.
“You want me to praise you then? Dream on, brat.” Standing up, you walked towards the wooden dressing table, searching for something to keep you busy and ignore him. “Oi, don’t walk away when I’m talking to you.”
“I don’t want to fucking talk to you.”
“Some respect, I’m still your fucking Captain.” He approached, standing now behind you, making you turn around with anger.
“Fuck off already.” For some reason, his gaze was at your chest.
“Tch, you’re soaking wet, I can see your fucking bra, bet you were all playing around, can’t believe it.”
“You pervert, that’s why I fucking hate y—
“Drop that attitude, brat.” You lifted your hand instinctually to slap him but he had gripped onto your wrist.
“Let me go,” Levi didn’t do anything, you began struggling. “let me go!” You moaned in pain from the tight grip on your skin, trying to remove his hand yet failed miserably. “Levi! St—
Unexpectedly you felt his lips attach yours, it was so surprising but you haven’t reacted, soft and wet lips, it was calm and soothing, seconds later he pulled away, staring at your eyes.
All you did was unconsciously lean back again, it was a big of a plot twist. You were both making out passionately, his hands flew to your waist, pulling them closer to his body, your fingers ran through his hair, tongues now fighting for dominance, you were so desperate, your back hit the dresser behind you.
Levi immediately sat you on the wooden surface, standing in between your legs continuing to make out until you were both breathless, while he unbuttoned your wet shirt, removing it quickly as well as you did the same with his, exposing his defined abs and chest.
You both pulled away, also desperately undressing, becoming half naked, you started making out again, his right hand snook under your brassiere, playing with your breast, effortfully trying not to let out a sound.
Levi stopped, ripping off your underwear, returning to kiss you while his finger easily found your clit, circling it slowly.
“You’re wet already, such a fucking slut.”
“Shut up,” You replied, struggling to kiss him back, specially after he inserted two fingers inside you, accidentally moaning, earning a chuckle. “so desperate.” Once again, after such short teasing, he stared at your eyes.
“I hate you, Levi.”
“It’s Captain Levi for you, brat.” Thrusting inside your cunt with his cock, he didn’t even bother warning, making you whine and throw your head back in shame, he was so deep inside yet not even all the way in, his warm dick fit perfectly and it was driving you insane. “Didn’t even start, you really are a whore.”
“F-Fuck you!” Levi had slapped you across the face so harshly, your cheek burned, obviously you returned it but he was fast and did it once again, beginning to pound inside you mercilessly which made it impossible for you to hit him back.
You whined so loudly it echoed around the room, you fell backwards, holding onto the wall as your back was also leaned against it. Levi’s pace was harsh and fast, thrusting even deeper at every second. Both your skins clapped loudly, mixing in with your unbearable whining and moaning.
“Can’t keep fucking, quiet, huh?” Levi teased, gripping onto your leg and waist. “Fucking cumslut.” He slightly struggled, groaning afterwards.
You couldn’t do anything else other than choke on your own moaning, his pace harshening even more, breasts jumping along with your bra, hearing the wet sounds from your pussy.
“You really like my cock, at least you shut the f-fuck up.”
“Ah! You f-f-fucker!” Your legs tried squishing together but he didn’t let you, your walls clenched around his dick, making it harder for Levi to wait any longer.
“Fucking worthless b-bitch.” You were both at your limits, even if you haven’t fucked for too long, it was so intense it was overwhelming.
“I-I’m gonna c-cum!” You yelled, legs squirming, feeling Levi pull your waist back and forth along with his thrusts, noticing it get sloppy and the pounds became harsher and a little slower. For the last time, you whined in pleasure, squirting all over his cock, shaking legs abruptly and back arching so much it hurt, a sudden warmness fulfilled your insides, Levi groaning loudly, throwing his head back, finishing to shoot his warm load of cum.
You were both breathless, coming back to your senses, you both blushed, unable to say anything, he pulled out, dripping cum on the floor.
“Great, now I’ll have to clean that up.”
Tumblr media
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maries-gallery · 20 hours ago
It’s so lewd but I can’t stop imagining Eren and Jean, thrusting you at the same time, still fighting for you bc they can’t decide who does it better but neither can you… 🥵
Not lewd at all, don’t know if you’d get out alive of this one though. Good luck. 
Genre : nsfw, mdni
Warnings : exhibitionism, threesome, double penetration, penetrative sex, praise kink, size kink, dacryphilia, overstimulation, female bodied reader
“Fuck off Jaeger, can’t you see there’s no place for your stupid cock ?” Jean groans, shooting Eren a glare to kill the dead, hips rocking against yours as he hovers above you, arms on each side of your head. 
And indeed, with his thick cock splitting you open there is nothing you can do but muffle your cries and hope the pain of his stretch withers away. A strangled moan falling from your lips as another deep thrusts knocks the air out of your lungs, cock heavy as it drags over your plush walls, veins carving your insides to fit his girth.
“Jean-Jean, it hurts- too big-” You whine, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes, hands fisting the sheets.
Jean’s attention flies back to you. Worry laced through his hazel eyes as he gazes down at you, hand coming up to gently wipe away the tears rolling down your cheeks. 
“Shh, I’m here. You’re doing so well for me, princess. Have to show Jaeger who owns this cunt, right ?” He queries softly, shushing your cries with a kiss to your lips. 
A mocking chuckle rings in the room as Eren leans over with a satisfied smirk. Emerald eyes glint with amusement as he approaches you, a hand dancing on your thigh and rubbing the tension away.
“It’s fine, baby. Horse cock ain’t good for fucking, is it ?” He says, on the edge of provocation as he glances back at Jean.
“Shut the fuck up, Jaeger. I fuck her better than you do any day.” He retorts with a grunt. “Gonna make you feel good, princess.”
Nimble fingers travel down your stomach and between your thighs, dancing on your clit in tight circles. Pain slowly ebbing away to leave place to a dash of pleasure, your walls tightening around his cock as he hits your sweetest spot. Every thrusts send you reeling. 
“Good- fuck- good cunt for me.” He pants, hips oscillating against yours, balls tightening with the warmth of his own release, your hands flying to hold onto his shoulders. A delicious hiss falling from his lips when your nails dig crescent moons in his skin. 
A smirk curves Eren’s lips as he watches the scene, eyes scrutinising every twitch and shiver stirring your form, idly fisting his cock and giving it a few slow strokes. Aching to fill you up and drown in your warmth. 
And as soon as your high hits he’s shoving Jean away from you, leaving you no time to catch your breath before he’s pushing his cock inside of your fluttering cunt. A high pitched moan spilling from your lips and head rolling back as he fills you up to the hilt. Hands lacing with yours on the sheets as he slams his hips against yours in one purposeful thrust, fucking Jean’s cum right back inside of you. 
The world, a blur of information as his cock drills pleasure inside of you with every wave of his hips. Drinking in your cries of his names, soon turning into mindless babbles under Jean’s concerned gaze. Eren’s chest swelling with pride as your eyes roll to the back of your head with another high. 
“Well, babe. Tell me, who fucks you best ?” He queries between pants, green eyes glinting with amusement and fierce passion. Knowing you’re way too lost in him to provide an answer. But he’s fine with this, only gives them an excuse to fuck you again. 
As the second release of the night washes over you a soft smile curves Jean’s lips. Eren slowly pulls out of you, eyes trained on your leaking pussy. Dribbling with a mix of your honey and their seed. 
“Looks like she can’t make up her mind.” Jean muses, walking over with a soft smile. “Think you’re ready for another round, Jaeger ?”
Of course he is, never one to refuse a challenge.
And in spite of your previous preparation, nothing could have gotten you ready for the two of them. 
Sharp pain laced through your stomach as they both slide inside of you, stretching your walls impossibly, white flashing in your vision and consciousness slowly fading into a daze. 
Jean’s gentle voice shushes you as your eyes water with the sting of their thrusts. And they are careful, as they move in and out of your tight cunt, incredibly in sync as their hips roll against yours. Unable to get out a single word and so full you honestly fear they’ll break you. Eren’s lips on your jaw and Jean’s digits on your clit doing little to ease your strain. 
@sunshinedragonofthewest @st-arlert
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lemonpika · a day ago
♡ ♡ ᴀɴɢʀʏ ꜱᴇx ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴇʀᴇɴ, ᴀʀᴍɪɴ, ʏᴇʟᴇɴᴀ, ᴀɴᴅ ʟᴇᴠɪ  ♡ ♡
Tumblr media
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: ᴅᴇɢʀᴀᴅᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ʜᴜᴍɪʟɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ᴀɴɢʀʏ ꜱᴇx, ʙᴅꜱᴍ, ᴅᴇᴛᴀɪʟᴇᴅ ꜱᴍᴜᴛ
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Tumblr media
Your face was forced down on the pillow as Eren forcefully thrust into your pussy. You let out a yelp that echoed in the room loudly, and he was not too pleased with the thought of being heard fucking someone as lowly as you. To silence you a bit, he clasped his fingers tightly around the back of your neck to slightly cut off your airflow. Although you loved being abused like this, you began an attempt to squirm away from him. “You fucking asshole, this isn’t how you were supposed to fuck me! It goes too deep like this!” you spat out, giving him a hazy, lustful look. He only gave you an impassive gaze and continued to pound deep into you. “Do you think sluts like yourself have the right to order me around? ” His voice was low and smoky. It sent a shiver up your spine as he released his grip on your neck, and you stopped struggling. “You do realize that you’re the one trying to make me feel good, right? And I’m already in a shitty fucking mood, so you better not tell me what to fucking do.” His voice was now rendered to a low, primal growl as he continued plowing into you. In your mind, you patted yourself on the back for riling him up more. Now, you could genuinely enjoy yourself. He quickly moved his hands to grasp your hips firmly. His pace was slow, but you could still feel the tight stretch of his dick in your pussy. He was only in the teasing stage, so you braced yourself for whenever he would decide to finally ravage your cunt like you were his. Your breath was raggedy and hushed by the soft fabric of the pillows. Soon enough, the cadence of his thrusts began to fall sloppy as he continued taking you from behind and hearing those cute little breathy moans you let out. Before letting himself fall victim to his orgasm, he pulls out sharply and hooks his arms under your armpits, swinging himself to lay on his back, so you fell backward. You were now in a new position that neither of you had put into practice, and frankly, you were incredibly aroused. The thought of him fucking you in reverse cowgirl sent a slight shock to your pussy. Positioning your dripping cunt over his dick, he tightly gripped your hips once more and growled at you.
“That’s right, you fucking bitch. I can’t stand to look at your stupid face when I fuck you silly. So now, go finish the job like the idiotic whore you are.”
Tumblr media
Armin was so fucking stressed. Finals’ week never bore well with him, and he just needed a distraction from the constant mental gymnastics. Your hand gripped at the cheap walling of his dorm room as he relentlessly rammed into your pussy from behind. You figured that he was exceptionally tense today since he didn’t even wait for you to undress or get into his sheets. You felt your legs begin to give out as you weren’t used to getting fucked standing up. “A-Armin..! Slow down... Holy shit, you’re so worked up today..” The blonde was a panting, sweaty mess as he continued his rough strokes. “Y/N. Please be quiet..! The only noises I want to hear are your cute moans and how wet your little pussy is..!” You felt your toes curl as Armin discovered this new boldness. His trembling hands greedily reached for your tits as his dick dug deep inside of you, causing you to let out a series of moans and whimpers. His thumbs swirled tiny circles around your perky nipples, just how you liked it. His pace was moderate, yet his thrusts were considerate and deep. Before long, he grew tired of playing with your nipples and let his right hand trail down to your hardened clit. “God…! You’re the best fucking stress toy ever!” He screamed out.  His slender fingers gingerly massaged at it as his other hand slid back down to your hip to grapple you with more precision. The way how his dick slammed into you brutally made you want to cry. Instead of focusing on the overall force of his thrusts, he began to focus more on cumming as fast as possible so that he could get back to whatever he was doing. Soon enough, he became uncharacteristically frustrated as he realized this was taking much longer than expected. Typically, he would’ve come by now, and you’d be on your way. Despite you not being the source of his stress, he felt it necessary to take out some of his added tension on you. Without a second thought, he decided to bite down roughly on your shoulder, a low growl escaping his lips. Armin impatiently removed his digits from your throbbing clit and gave your ass a series of rough slaps that echoed in the small room, causing you to whimper weakly as your knees buckled. Suddenly, he slams your body stark against the wall with your tits pressed uncomfortably against the cold wall plaster. Armin’s dick was now ravaging you at a blinding, hard pace.
“God, YN! You can’t even do your fucking job and make me cum fast. What good are sluts like you if you can’t even satisfy your man?”
Tumblr media
“Why were you looking at that woman so fondly, YN?” Yelena’s dark eyes stabbed into you as she gave your thigh a rough slap. You winced from the sharp pain but couldn’t respond to her question due to the cloth she had tied around your lips. Your cute eyes stared up at her, and remorse was evident in them, but Yelena was unrelenting. A muffled, small whimper escaped your lips as she inched her face closer to yours. “I’m sorry. What was that?” Another vicious slap to your inner thigh was doled out as your body squirmed weakly underneath her. “I wouldn’t dare be caught anywhere near you in public….” She trailed, disgust in her voice as her velvety smooth finger pads traced down your collarbones and down to your pussy. “But here, you are mine.” Moans began to leak through your makeshift gag as she began stroking at your clit with her middle finger. “And frankly, YN, I’m hungry.” Then, with one swift movement, she shifted her position to where her head was nestled in between your legs. Without another word, she greedily began to lap at your clit with her middle and ring finger already creeping into your pussy. Your back arched subconsciously due to the sudden stimulation, and a loud, needy moan ripped itself from your lungs. However, Yelena did not like this one bit. As punishment, she sank her teeth into your inner thigh and held your hips down to the bed with immense force. “Silly little girl. This is supposed to be my treat. And you’re only allowed to take it like the good little girl you are.” A dark smile crept on her lips as she began to lick your clit in side-sweeping motions. Yelena is always spiteful and likes to use your own body language against you. She knows exactly what you want and will give you orders to explicitly remain as still as a doll as her tongue violates your pussy. Your body felt like rocks were weighing it down as you had to force yourself to stay entirely still as not to anger her any further. But you just couldn’t help but roll your eyes to the back of your head as she finally pushed her digits between your walls. Her fingers were cold, and it sent a shock through your system. Drool was now pooling at the corner of your mouth as you felt yourself getting ready to cum. Yelena takes notice of this and stops completely.
“Hey, who said you could cum yet? It looks like I’m going to have to go slower to teach you a lesson..”
Tumblr media
Levi was embarrassed even to be seen walking near you. Your utter presence annoyed him, and he couldn’t wait to get you out of his sights. However, the part he hated the most about you was that you were the only person who could genuinely please him whenever he was feeling a bit horny and/or angry. Thus, you were the perfect victim to unleash his frustrations. He hated looking at your stupid face as he whipped the back of your thighs. “Tch, your face only gets more annoying the more that I look at it.” The bite of the riding crop is now stinging on your inner thigh. “It’s such a shame that your beautiful body is wasted on a face like yours.” You bit your lip as he continued to degrade you. “And it’s such a shame that your short stature foils a handsome man like you.” You loved teasing him about his height, and it always seemed to push just the right buttons for him to go ballistic. His eye twitched as he yanked a fistful of your hair. “Listen here, you stupid bitch. I was going to go easy on you because you were already taking my blows so well. But now, I’m going to make sure you never open your mouth like that in front of me ever again.” You felt a heat ignite in the pit of your stomach as he pulled your head back so that your ear was directly next to his lips. Then, he mercilessly began biting at your neck and around your ear as he squeezed a handful of your tits tightly. Your breath hitched as his touch became more feral and animalistic. Levi was growing desperate to shut you up and show you just how much of a man he was. Ripping off his slacks, he began grinding his throbbing erection against your ass to signal that there indeed was no turning back from this point on. With your body now stimulated in the roughest way possible, he threw you back down onto the bed, stomach laying flat against the sheets. Levi scoffed once more as you lifted your ass up in the air for him. “Wow, someone’s really eager.” He growled, simply moving his boxers enough to where he was poking out. “But since your ass is right there, why don’t I just..” he trailed off as he reached for the lube on the bedside table. Without warning, you felt his cold, slender fingers smear the lube against your asshole.
“Take you from behind like the stupid little slut you are.”
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little-spoiled-brat · 2 days ago
good morning/afternoon/evening! may i please request 28 31 32 with levi?? hehe ive been deprived of his content for so long
im 22, btw!! thanks!
Tumblr media
kinktober # 15: levi ackerman
Tumblr media
- public/semi-public sex -
- jealous sex -
- getting caught -
when you joined the survey corps, you were close with erwin. he was the one who got you in the regiment and he taught you all you needed to know for your first few weeks as a scout.
erwin was also the one who introduced you to levi and the rest was history after that day. although, even when you and levi started dating, you kept it private from everyone to avoid any accusations of conflict of interest or favoritism since you were in levi’s squad.
levi doesn’t mind that you were close with erwin. he trusts you and he knows that you won’t do anything to hurt him. however, levi does get a bit jealous when erwin borrows you from time to time, unaware that he was taking time away from him to spend time with you. and even though he trusts erwin too, he doesn’t trust him as much as he trusts you — especially when erwin doesn’t know you two were dating.
that jealousy only grew bigger when erwin told levi that he liked you for years and is finding a way to tell you. levi wanted to tell him then and there that you were off limits but he found a better way to break the ice on him.
you were on the training field, following erwin as he assessed the progress of the cadets while you took notes of what needs to be changed in every cadet’s training regimen. you caught glimpses of levi being mean to the poor kids like usual, you can’t help but smile to yourself everytime he does.
that’s your man — that grumpy, stoic and sarcastic captain every cadet feared was yours.
levi saw you going around the field with erwin, internally clicking his tongue as jealousy filled him again — he really needs to let everyone, to let erwin know that you were his. as calm and collected as he is, he walked over to the both of you. you greeted your boyfriend with a warm smile as levi’s stomach erupted with butterflies upon seeing you.
“i’m stealing y/n“ levi said, gently grabbing your arm and giving the clipboard you were holding to erwin. you didn’t get to react as you were suddenly getting dragged by levi.
“y/n’s still taking notes-“ erwin started but levi cut him off, glaring at him over his shoulder. “if you can wipe your ass then surely you can write letters on some shitty paper”
without another word, levi dragged you inside the building, leaving erwin completely confused in the field. you were gently pushed inside the cleaning supplies closet and levi caged you in between his arms as you cupped his face in your hands.
“fuck” levi breathed, crashing his lips onto yours. you immediately melted into the kiss, pulling him closer to you. clothes were thrown to the floor, your belts from your gears were tangled together as you stood bare and exposed in the dark space of the closet.
levi tapped on your thighs as you jumped, his erect cock brushing up against your wet pussy. the contact alone made you shiver in pleasure, needing more of it.
unable to hold back anymore, you grabbed levi’s length and slipped it inside of you. a breathy grunt escaping the man as he started thrusting into you.
“just like that, levi. oh fuck” you moaned, throwing your head back against the wall as levi wrapped his arms around you to prevent you from falling while he continued to pound your tight cunt.
moans of each other’s name fell from your lips, filled with nothing but lust and love. a smirk pulled at the corner of levi’s lips, if he timed it correctly, his plan would go smoothly.
the thought of you with erwin was enough for his jealousy to come back, suddenly shifting his angle to hit that spongy spot that made your mind go blank. you gripped onto his shoulders, moaning even louder when he pounded your g-spot.
“ah, levi. right there, please don’t stop” you whined, bucking your hips to meet his thrusts. levi moaned in reply, the mixture of his jealousy and your words was enough to send him flying to the edge — you were his and erwin was just a friend, nothing but a friend.
“levi, i’m close” you announced, velvet walls clenching around his cock as your moans started to get high pitched from your impending orgasm. while you were busy chasing your high, levi heard the footsteps that he was expecting.
levi put his hand on your mouth to muffle your moans while listening to the footsteps that got closer with each thump. he quickened his pace when the door knob started jiggling. “cum”
you fell apart, eyes closed shut and moaning levi’s name just in time as erwin opened the door to the closet with the intention of getting cleaning supplies to clean his office.
levi glanced at the blonde that stood under the threshold of the door, a smug smirk on his face as erwin‘s cheeks turned a deep shade of red from embarrassment before closing the door — mind racing, cursing at himself for telling levi about his feelings for you. he should’ve known that you were together as realization hit was levi’s way to let him know that you were already his.
meanwhile, you were sent to the edge, completely unaware of what just happened. levi kissed your cheeks, letting you come down from your high before helping you get dressed again.
erwin stopped all his attempts to flirt with you and tell you how he feels. he settled to just being friends with you, respecting your relationship with levi and getting his message loud and clear that you were in fact, off limits to him and everybody else.
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honeymaki · 2 days ago
hi kitty !!! hope ur day’s going well. been havin some commander hange brainrot nd i can’t get the thought of them just making me absolutely brain dead from their strap🥺
commander hange:(( has just - the biggest fucking strap you've ever seen nd it's ribbed and this bright fuckin purple and they just tap your lips so so lovingly, smiling down at you with a "open wide angel, I want to see how much you can take"
You've managed only a quarter of the thick, heavy dildo down your throat nd you've gagged and had to stop for a bit because you started hyperventilating; and Hange knows you're truly a cockwhore because the whole time you've got your hands sandwiched between your thighs nd looking up at them so so tearily and with so much adoration in your eyes. So next on the list is your perfect little pussy, so tight nd drippy and always creaming when they slap the fat cock head against your clit, making you jump and whine and jerk and kick your legs out:(( "Want more honey? C'mon, I know this little angel cunt is so so hungry for my cock, look at it - gonna be a tight fit isn't it?"
you don't care, you want it, want their cock so deep in your guts but all they're doing is grinding against you, thick shaft bumping over your clit and heavy base fit snugly against your entrance, wide and dripping with your slick, thighs covered and slippery:(( nd they just keep going, keep grinding, keep making you writhe and beg with tears in your eyes nd hiccups catching in your throat,
"Want you dumb angel, want you so needy you can hardly speak - how long d'you think it'll take before you start crying - oh!" and the whole time they've been talking, their hips speed up and their thighs flex and bulge with every heavy downward thrust against your pussy, cock hardly leaving the plush of your lips and it's so close, so close to slipping in and you want it so bad, gripping their wrists where they've got their hands fisting the sheets either side of your head. and you burst into heavy sobs when the tip catches on your pulsing needy hole and Hange kisses your tears away with a quiet coo of your name, crowding closer to you, chests flush and cock finally - finally breaching you with such a stretch than you feel your mind going blank and your mouth dropping open. nd Hange's got their face pressed into your neck, whispering what a good girl you've been for being so patient, for turning into a dumb little angel for them:(( and their hips swing down into yours, dildo forcing deeper, harder, stretching you so wide nd so obscene that you're unsure if you'll ever be able to cum without it again:(( nd Hange knows this, wants you to only ever need their big heavy cock, only ever able to cum around it, squeeze it hard nd cream so so pretty on it:(( your plush folds swollen nd puffy round the girth of it:(( huggin' it so pretty nd good:(( you're just such a perfect little toy for them to play with, abuse with their cock(s) nd fingers nd tongue:(( so perfect:((
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blondeboyfriend · 2 days ago
Zeke x Exhibitionism
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Previous Day | Masterlist
Synopsis: You're the only girl in Levi's squad and Zeke decides you're the perfect person to jerk off in front of.
Word count: 1.3k
Warnings: Canon au, fem!reader, exhibitionism, masturbation (m), praise kink, cum play, Zeke's a tease.
AN: I gotta thank @asilentshout for being an angel and beta reading this.
Tumblr media
“May I ask a question?” Zeke mused.
It was the most words he spoke to you since arriving at the forest.
You were seated on opposite ends of the fire. Everyone else had gone to sleep, dizzy on wine and bravado. You knew Captain Levi was lurking somewhere but you couldn’t have been more at ease. Probably something to do with the night sky speckled with stars and the crisp breeze that ebbed through the trees.
You coughed, inhaling a bit of wood smoke.
“I guess.”
“What’s it like?”
He leaned in, the fire illuminating his face. You never paid Zeke much attention. I mean why would you? You knew what he did to the Survey Corps when they went to reclaim Wall Maria. The only attention you should have granted him was stepping on the back of his heel as he wandered over to his “hotel”.
However, in this lighting he looked handsome though a little rugged.
“What’s what like?” You asked, trying to conceal your staring.
Zeke was hard to ignore now that you had been blessed with such a view. His wavy flaxen hair appeared to be so touchable, you wanted to twist it in between your fingers. His grey eyes were hard to read but there was some inkling of warmth to them. You were taken by their ashen color. He didn’t look anything like the wild man people described. He looked more like a handsome school teacher with a nasty smoking habit.
“Being the only woman. That’s got to be an experience,” he said, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket.
He placed it between his lips and leaned close to the fire, the fire just barely tickled the cigarette before the heat became too much for him.
“Ouch,” he yelped.
“You could have just lit it with your hand, like just held it over the fire,” you giggled.
“I wouldn’t have looked as intriguing though.”
“That’s a concern of yours right now?”
“What? I want to impress you. You’re the only one that acknowledges me outside of Levi.”
You sat up straight. Zeke was right, everyone did basically ignore him. Any pathetic attempt at small talk went unheeded. He was a mass murderer, someone not to be trusted after all. He didn’t exactly lend himself to kindness no matter how polite he appeared.
“Saying ‘good morning’ is hardly acknowledging you,” you muttered.
Silence fell upon the two of you; all you heard was the crackling of burning wood. He cleared his throat.
“You never answered my question.”
You rolled your eyes. It was a question you resented because nothing about your experience was particularly notable. To an outsider looking in, you were a woman surrounded by men. But to the Corps, you were all simply comrades.
“It’s nothing to write home about. I guess I’ve seen more dicks than I would’ve if I wasn’t surrounded by them.”
You let out a little laugh. It was true, you had seen a lot of dicks. It was par for the course though when surrounded by men in these circumstances.
Zeke smirked, the fire illuminating his face gave him a sinister glow. His eyes seemed darker than before, tinged with lust. You gulped. It was as if he looked through you, taking you apart piece by piece. You felt exposed, like he could read your every thought.
“So I suppose seeing one more wouldn’t be much of a shock then, would it?”
Zeke started to fiddle with his belt and pulled it off, folding it up gingerly and placing it next to the crate he was sitting on. He lowered his gaze and proceeded to unzip his pants and reveal his semi-erect cock. It bulged through his underwear. He lightly palmed it and looked back up at you. Your eyes were wide and trying to avoid contact with his.
“You’d be lying if you said you weren’t curious,” Zeke teased.
It didn’t matter how right he was, he was the enemy… wasn’t he? The man in front of you didn’t seem particularly dangerous, or at least to you on a personal level. He seemed a little desperate, blushing, running his hand through his blonde locks as he stroked his cock through his underwear.
“I… I can’t d—do anything with you.”
You felt stupid and small. Stumbling over your words in front of Zeke Yeager.
“I don’t want you to do anything other than come sit a little closer to me and enjoy the view.”
You cocked an eyebrow but obeyed, pushing the crate you’d been sitting on around the fire, next to Zeke. After you took a seat beside him he pulled out his cock; it seemed to spring to life once freed from his clothing. It was bigger than any other dick you’d seen in your life. It was thick, with a few veins sprawling down its length. His pubes were wild and matched his flaxen beard. You were transfixed by it, awestruck, as he stroked it.
Zeke must have noticed you staring because he cupped your cheek with his free hand.
“Are you enjoying this?” He purred.
You leaned in closer, hanging on his every word, drunk on his mere presence.
“Yes. I am,” you whispered.
You were close enough to kiss him, the heat radiating off his face was as intoxicating as the slight groans he let out when he squeezed the tip of his cock. Throwing caution to the wind you went to kiss him. He reciprocated for a brief moment, lightly biting your bottom lip.
Laughing as he pulled away he said, “No, no. You’re just going to watch, got it?”
You nodded. He ran his rough thumb over your bottom lip and gave you a little grin.
“Such a compliant soldier,” he cooed.
Zeke lubricated his hand with pearls of precum that had dripped from his cock. He stroked it slowly, leaving it glistening in the moonlight. You wanted to know what he tasted like, what his pulsating cock would feel like in your mouth. A little droplet of drool trickled from the corner of your mouth. Plagued with embarrassment you quickly wiped it away with your sleeve.
“I bet all your comrades want to fuck that sweet mouth of yours.”
Your skin was flushed; you couldn’t tell if the heat was coming from the fire or some vague sense of embarrassment. You looked away. You didn’t need to think about that kind of shit. Whether your comrades wanted to fuck you or not wasn’t a subject you liked to ponder.
“Look at me.”
You looked back to Zeke who pumped his cock faster.
“I can’t come if you don’t look at me,” he groaned through his gritted teeth.
His grey eyes were fixed on you, trailing up and down your body, taking in how beautiful you managed to look despite the awful circumstances you lived with. His stroking grew faster and methodical. You savored the sound of his precum covered hand sliding up and down his glistening cock. It took so much out of you not to get on your knees and beg to taste his cum. He started to moan, not bothering to quiet them. You leaned over his lap and tried to cover his mouth much to his surprise. Zeke closed his eyes tight and tossed his head back, his moan vibrating against your hand. You looked down and saw that he had come all over his lap and you.
You leaned back to your original sitting position and marveled at the pearly cum that dotted your uniform. Zeke stifled his laughs and rubbed the tip of his cock, swirling cum around it. He beckoned you closer and patted his hand on his knee. You took a seat and he wrapped his arm around your waist.
“Here, for being such a good soldier.”
He held his cum-covered thumb to your lips and you eagerly accepted it into your mouth. Zeke pressed on your tongue and you rolled it around his thumb, sucking at it like it was his cock.
“I’m sure Captain Levi would be so proud of you.”
Tumblr media
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killerskillercaptain · 2 days ago
Offer me that Deathless Death
Title inspired by the song take me to church by hozier (obviously).
pairing : Levi Ackerman x reader
synopsis : takes place in season 4, Levi's comrades took the wine Zeke poisoned with his blood, Levi has to kill his own, he then comes to you with a request you think you can't deny him.
tw : non consensual intercourse, rape, angst.
warnings : MINORS DNI, nsfw after the cut.
a/n : might need to proofread a second time.
"I'll wait for you, come after fifteen minutes" he said, voice so flat and icy. Levi had made up his mind, and prepared yours, he had explained his request and his reasons in simple words, and to you, that left you no choice.
His tent wasn't that far from where you two were standing having this horrible conversation, but he wanted you to wait before following him, so it doesn't look suspicious you thought but if hat was the case, it was wicked of him since no one was around to whisper or judge, was he being haunted by their ghosts right now ?
You have been in this field for weeks now, you and Levi had to guard Zeke in this camp. In this deep dark forest, there was you, Levi and Zeke, or more correctly you were the only ones left, Zeke exterminated all of your comrades by making them drink that damned wine, and you watched horrified as Levi had to unsheathe his blades to kill his own kind now in the form of titans. He managed to capture back Zeke and dragged him to his tent where he tied him up with a thunder spear to make sure Zeke wouldn't try anything again. Levi didn't have the same look in his eyes after he had to execute those closest to him, he looked spent, he looked scary, and what he asked of you just after he tied Zeke made you want to throw up.
It had became clear to you that Levi was on the edge of losing his mind after he had to orchestrate this killing, the killing of his own comrades that he trained and shaped with his own hands, all because of a stupid bottle of wine, this was surreal and he hadn't anticipated it. This horrible event, the insomnia, the sitting on the edge not knowing what was happening with Eren and what was he ready to do made Levi swing dangerously between sanity and some kind of dementia, his frustration got to unfathomable heights and for a second he thought of taking his own life, he couldn't take being the reaper anymore, when he realized he thought of ending it all, his eyes landed on you, standing a few feet from him and thought that maybe there was a receptacle to pour out his frustration and maybe come back elevated and maybe, just maybe, a little bit less suicidal so he can go on with saving humanity. He came to you, stood right before you and asked you if you would allow him to take you. You understood right away what he meant, he left you with this a choice so horrible it made your ears ring, you either let him use you to incapsulate his anger and despair or he swore he would lose it, he made it clear he was hanging on by a thread.
What choice did you have ? Say no, save yourself, and risk humanity's only hope to lose his mind or crucify yourself here and now and save humanity. You chose the latter.
Teeth gritting, tears pouring silently and jaw clenching tightly, you held on whatever sanity you had left. Feet clinging and legs shaking, Levi was deflowering you in a place where everything should be happening but this.
Levi's harsh hand jolted up to muffle your voice, preventing you from being too loud, but ghosts don't have ears you thought, and Zeke ? well fuck Zeke, it was all his fault.
This was wrong, this shouldn't be happening yet it was, as hard as he didn't want this reality to be real, it was. Levi was really the villain of the day.
He thought about everything he sacrificed, every comrade he lead to death with his own commands, with his own words, with his own hands, only to see their only hope, Eren, turn his back on them, not only was he turning his back but he was commanding the downfall of the very people who stood by him.
Levi felt as if his hands were once again stained by forbidden blood, and just like that, once again, he felt as if he was on the verge of losing it all again, his mind was dizzy yet knew exactly what to do, he had the choice between two things, either let everything go to hell or find something to empty his mind and his inner turmoil in, he chose the second unforgivable salvation, he came to you.
You muffled your voice, you strangled your thoughts and you locked your conscious in a place you may never come back to later, this abomination was killing you while you tried to convince yourself that it was for the greater good, that you were here being stripped of what made you human to save humanity's only hope.
In a jolt, you dug your nails into his upper arms scratching him, drawing red lines all over the skin, no sensuality to the act, it was pain, pure pain, pain like you never felt before, you knew deep down it was more of a response to the mental suffering you were enduring right now than the physical one, you had been thrown over high heights, had ribs crushed between titanic fingers, have been impaled with arrows on multiple occasions, but you could tell without hesitation, that this, right now, was the most excruciating pain you had to experience. You came back alive from so many battles, but you weren't coming back from this one.
A part of you wanted to gouge out Levi Ackerman, tear him and his skin apart from you, the thought of getting one of your blades and pierce through his being with it crossed your mind quickly, you wanted to get out of this horror sanctuary.
What scared you the most was that this part of you, the one that refused Levi, was so small and so weak next to the part that still wanted him to stay, that wanted to put a calming hand on his raven haired head, wanted to shush him, wanted to lull him, wanted to tell him that i's okey, that he will survive after he would have finished taking everything from you.
The person you admired the most and held the greatest amount of affection for using you like this was gut wrenching, the hardest part was that he wasn't doing it because of a carnal need or because he wanted to indulge himself nor was he misusing his position in hierarchy, the hardest part to accept, was that he himself was suffering, didn't want to, and had no choice but to.
Your insides churned with an almost bittersweet pain, all the grunts, the biting on your neck, the nails sunk into your skin, all of this could've been painted in complete other colors, in an other life, in another reality. But here you were, dripping in tears and shame at the touch of the man you held in so much regards,
the man you loved secretly.
His anger, his rage, and his despair were all running through your veins now. This was a secret to be shushed forever between you too, you helped Levi Ackerman keep his sanity that night, but at the cost of your own.
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mattyinc · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
day 16 - handjob ┊ armin arlert x eren jaeger
Tumblr media
18+ only minors, ageless, & blank blogs do not interact.
wc 1.1k
warnings not sfw, m. masturbation, handjob, eren listens to armin getting off, eren watches armin getting off, spit kink, pet names
notes first time writing ch x ch; eremin sexy
Tumblr media
The first time Eren fucks his fist to the sound of his roommate getting off through the thin walls of their shared apartment, he cums hard - harder than he ever has before, swears his soul leaves his body. He feels his racing pulse in his cock, thinks the heat could actually melt his hand wrapped nice n tight around the thick length and spills over his wrist and stomach with a low, whispered "fuck yes, baby" - he wasn't like Armin, he knew how to be quiet, for god's sake.
Armin is so fucking sick for this, Eren thinks.
It takes him what feels like an hour to come down from his high, panting and sweaty, takes even longer to get up and walk to the bathroom on shaky legs, take in his reflection and wonder what Armin looks like right now, if he's as flushed and fucked out as Eren. He's sure the blonde looks so pretty all tinted pink, eyes dark and pupils blown.
He couldn't help himself, heard his roommate moaning like a fucking pornstar and felt all the blood rush straight to his dick. Armin had a lot of fuckin' nerve, jerking off like his life depends on him spilling his load with Eren not three feet away from him, as if there was something more than a paper-thin wall between the two of them.
The second time, he decides he's going to ruin the boy. Eren needs to see what Armin looks like when he comes undone, wants to hear those stupid, shameless sounds for himself, be the one to pull them from swollen lips - he bets Armin's mouth falls open when Eren first wraps his fist around his cock and he gasps, bets it's soft, a little high-pitched, whiny. Eren wants to hear him moan out his name, mindless and repetitive while he gets his pretty dick stroked.
Eren rubs himself raw to the sound, the thought of Armin every night, getting off to fantasies of the sweet boy so welcoming, so eager, so desperate to spread his pretty little thighs to make room for Eren, how frustrated he'll get when he's teased for being such a needy, brainless slut, fucking himself with his roommate right next door - was he thinking about him? this was what he wanted, isn't it? such a good boytoy, deserved to have his cock played with - Eren'd do anything for his best friend.
He's going to wreck him. Make him feel so good jerking himself off is lost to him, get him whipped for the feeling of someone else's fist wrapped around his hard cock. So Eren waits. Waits so long he can't stand it and then waits for the low creak of the bed springs indicating Armin is settled onto the mattress. Waits until the first soft sigh bleeds through the wall and he hears faint slick sounds, slow and rhythmic.
Armin's door isn't fully shut, sick bastard, and Eren pauses to take in the full picture of his roommate sprawled out - bare skin all soft and dotted with freckles, lean thighs spread apart with his feet braced on the bed. And his dick. Armin's dick is perfect. Pretty boy, even prettier cock - long and lean where Eren is thick, pale throughout the shaft with a soft, light pink tip and it twitches against his stomach and leaks so much precum that his abs are smeared with it.
Armin takes his time, his head is thrown back and he brushes the pads of his fingers across his nipples. Traces down his body to the light trail of hair that leads to his cock, runs his palms up and down his inner thighs and teases his fingertips along his balls, up the bottom of his shaft. It's delicious, makes Eren's mouth water and his cock throb, makes his fingers twitch, desperate to touch the boy all over. More sighs fill the room. More shaky, uneven breaths. Eren's eyes don't leave the sight in front of him.
He makes sure there's a loud thud when he pushes the door open, lets it swing back against the wall. Armin flushes and stammers out weak protests, jumps to pull the duvet over himself but Eren's faster, crossing the room and snatching it away, situating himself in the accommodating dip of the mattress.
"relax, babyboy. you want me to touch you? make you feel real good? this is what friends are for." Eren interrupts, petting at Armin's thighs, soothing the blonde as he moves up, up, up his body. Armin bites his knuckles to stay quiet but he's sensitive - stupidly sensitive, actually squeals when Eren pinches his nipples and Eren groans at the sound, revels in it and feels his own cock ache. "that's it, fuck. you're so cute."
Armin's propped up on his elbows, starry-eyed watching the movement of Eren's hands and his face is already a little dazed and fuck, Eren hasn't even really touched him yet. He can't take it any more, greedy for more of the pretty noises tumbling from his roommate's mouth, so eager to unravel him, behaving so well for Eren.
"go ahead n get it wet for me baby." He cups his hand under Armin's chin, watches him get all wide-eyed as Eren's request registers. Eren feels the wet smack hit his palm and coos, takes Armin's drooling cock in his spit-slick fist and runs his thumb over the head, radiating wet heat under his palm as he strokes up and down, up and down, listens to the whines and feels the shiver that runs through the blonde. Lets his pretty boy chase his touch, arching his back and fucking his hips up into the air. He quickens the pace, twists his wrist with every upward flick until Armin's panting under him, squirming, twisting the sheets between his fingers. God, Eren thinks - it's like his cock has never been touched, like he hasn't been jerking it damn near every night.
Eren brings his other hand down, massages Armin's balls, just as the hand fucking his cock hits a particularly sensitive spot that has him moaning loudly - broken and needy. "r-right there! like it right there, 'Ren!" Armin cums with a final, shaky breath, lips parted and he looks fucking gorgeous like this - twitching and trembling, eyes rolled back. Then he just sighs, his body relaxes, so pretty and dreamy and vulnerable, it makes Eren want to pull another orgasm out of him, then another - keep going until he's shaking and sobbing.
"good boy." Eren breathes, sounding just as fucked out as Armin "good fucking boy, gonna help me out now, right?"
Tumblr media
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cursedmoonchild · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
October 17th - Stepcest - @sebbyzoldyck’s Kinktober event
Tumblr media
summary: you get close to your stepbrother as never before on a halloween party
pairing: stepbrother!Eren x f!reader
w/c: 3.8k
warnings: DARK CONTENT AHEAD MDNI, STEPCEST, college AU, alcohol consumption, use of condom, car sex, Eren being protective over reader, smoking.
a/n: tagging this as dark content but the characters are pretty soft with each other fyi.
be aware of the warnings before you proceed, don’t continue if you’re uncomfortable with the theme and don’t be rude about it, if I forgot to tag something kindly let me know.
Tumblr media
It’s been so long since the last time you saw your stepbrother Eren, since he went to university you two barely talk, but now you managed to get in the same uni as him things would change.
What you didn’t expect was that your brother looked so different. He didn’t have the habit of posting his pictures on social media and whenever he video called it was to talk to your parents.
So you were understandably shocked when you met each other in your dorm after he volunteered to help you unpack. He was taller and much more tanned since the last time you saw each other, his hair was tied up too which left you wondering how long it really was.
Eren hugged you tightly by your waist the first day, greeting you by the pet name he used since he moved in after your parents got married.
Hey, princess.
Except now the usual pet name made your skin tingle, the butterflies you felt when his arms pressed your body against his own could not possibly be right.
But you just shook the feeling off, after all it’s been a very long time since you two exchanged a hug.
Eren had always been pretty touchy, especially when you were around friends, he said he liked having a sister since he's always been an only child, and of course your parents liked to see their children getting along.
While you were organizing your clothes in the closet and Eren taking your books out of the boxes, your new dorm-mate, Historia, entered introducing herself to you two, but apparently in a matter of minutes she grew more fond of your stepbrother than the person she would be sharing the dorm with.
As the weeks passed you became more settled, keeping up with your classes and befriending more people, especially Eren’s friends since he was always inviting you to hang out with them.
The only uncanny thing was your dorm-mate, you had the impression she was faking an interest in being friends with you only to get closer to your stepbrother.
>> halloween party off campus today, you in?
He texted you while you were in class, you immediately looked at Historia thinking how you would leave the dorm to a party without letting her know your plans.
sure, but can I change in your dorm?<<
>> okay ?
"Any plans for tonight? We could go clubbing, there are many halloween themed ones already" she said as you left the last class of the day.
"Yeah, you can ask Eren and his friends too so it's more fun".
Of course.
"Oh, I have plans with a friend tonight, sorry" you replied the first thing you could think of and she seemed to believe it.
As the night came you put your costume and makeup items into your backpack saying goodbye to your colleague that decided to stay in the dorm as you left to "find your friend".
"Hey" Eren said, opening his door to let you in, he had a white shirt on and his hair slicked back with gel, only one curly lock falling into his forehead.
"Hi, I thought we were going to meet outside?" Jean said laying on his bed with a black and white striped suit and black eyeliner around his eyes, finding it weird that his dorm-mate’s sister was entering their room now.
"Yeah, sorry, I need to borrow your bathroom real quick" you said as you entered the bathroom to apply your makeup and undress.
"Something wrong with yours?" Jean asked through the closed door.
"Hm, not really, but I didn't want Historia to know about the party" you replied, starting to apply the dark eyeliner, “By the way what are your costumes?”
“I’m low-effort beetlejuice” Jean replied.
“And I’m grease” you heard Eren.
“You mean John’s Travolta character in the movie Grease?” you laughed at his choice of words.
“That’s what I said”.
Makeup was done, now the hard part was the witch dress you chose, the zip being hard to do by yourself, "Eren, can you help me with this dress?"
"I can do it" Jean murmured only to get a death glare from his friend.
The door opened slightly as Eren entered, you turned your bare back to him.
"Any reason why you didn't want to invite Historia?" he asked and you felt your face heating with anger at the thought that he might want her to go too.
Jealous thoughts being forgotten the second you felt his fingertips touching your neck to push your hair out of the zipper way.
"Mmm, she is nice, but I wanted to be only with you tonight— and Mikasa and Sasha, you know, you guys" you quickly tried to correct yourself, the mirror in front of you showed a glimpse of a smile on Eren’s face.
He didn't need to know how especially interested in him Historia was.
And you didn't want to explain why you didn't want them together.
Because in reality, you were not sure where this weird feeling was coming from.
"Sure, princess" he zipped up the dress and held your hips with both hands for a few seconds looking down in a trance.
"You shouldn’t call me princess when I’m dressed like a witch” you giggled alone and realized he didn’t seem to be listening, “Eren?" you asked, bringing him out of his thoughts, finding your eyes on the mirror, you picked the last remaining item to your costume — the pointy hat — and turned to him "I'm ready, shall we go?"
You left your clothes in their dorm planning to come by and change again before returning to your bedroom, where, hopefully, Historia would be asleep and you would not need to explain why you arrived so late.
"Oh, hey y/n, I didn't know you were coming too" Armin said when Eren, you and Jean found him outside the building next to his car, he was dressed like Captain America.
"Hi, Armin, is it okay I'm tagging along?" you asked, uncertain of his reaction.
"Yes, obviously! it’s just that I invited Reiner and Berthold too, so you all might get a little crushed in the backseat".
"Oh, she can go in the front then" Eren was quick to say.
"Dude, no way you, me, Reiner and Berthold will fit in the back" Jean said, in fact you knew that at how large the boys were, they could not fit all together in Armin's car.
"What about us?" Reiner said walking close to you along with Berthold, hearing only their names in the conversation, Reiner was dressed like a cop and his friend as Frankenstein's creature, stitches on his forehead poorly done with eyeliner.
"You guys will have to sit on each other's lap" Jean said teasingly.
“Can I choose someone else to sit on my lap?” Reiner replied, looking directly at you.
“Let’s do this: Reiner is the largest, so he will go in the passenger seat, you four in the back” Armin pointed and opened the driver’s door ready to go.
You all entered in the backseats: you had to take your hat off once you entered, Eren and Jean sat in the middle, Berthold on the window seat, but Berthold couldn't shut his door since half of his body was still outside.
"Try this" Eren hooked his arm under your bare thighs and brought them sideways to his lap, you bent your knees to not get over Jean too, that way you freed some space since now only half of your butt was on the seat, the rest of your body was practically on Eren’s lap.
He now had a leather jacket to match his outfit too, knowing the leather rubbing the bare skin of your arm all the way to the party would make you uncomfortable he placed his arm behind your head, and finally Berthold was able to enter and close the door so Armin could drive out.
Being this close to Eren made you notice his jaw was clenched like he was mad for some reason so you rested your head on his shoulder seeing he relaxed a bit as Armin turned the radio on so you could all vibe on the way to the party.
Because all the windows were open, the wind was causing the hem of your dress to flutter, you only noticed it when Eren placed his hand on your thigh holding the dress down, half touching your skin.
The comfortable position you were in almost got you wishing the party was further away, Eren's hand was so warm against your cold skin.
The ride was quiet, Jean making comments about how Armin had the same taste for music as his grandfather while you and Eren remained quiet, leaning against each other, whatever choice of perfume he did for tonight was a very good choice, the slide back hairstyle accentuated his facial features and white shirt accentuated his torso, Eren was truly beautiful.
"We are here" Armin said after parking in front of a big house which had the front yard decorated with fake coffins, spider webs and skeletons.
"There" Eren opened the door at your side hesitantly taking his hand off your leg so you could step out.
But instead of letting go of you he put his arm around your shoulders helping you adjust your hat while the six of you entered the party soon founding the rest of the gang.
"Beer pong!" Sasha called, dragging you to play with her against Hange and Mikasa.
"Take it slow, my little witch" Eren murmured to you before leaving to find a game for himself.
Unfortunately the opposing team was too good, you and Sasha had to drink all your cups getting a little light headed not one hour after arriving. You were lucky that your seniors accepted you so well, this party was probably hosted by other seniors since you didn’t recognize anyone except Eren’s friends.
As more people arrived at the party you were being pulled left and right to games and dances, drinks with dry ice being handed to you often, after some time you decided to look for Eren, finding him playing poker outside on a picnic table with other creatures.
"y/n come stay beside me, I need some powerful spell here" Jean called you, but you chose the place next to Eren as expected.
"Sorry, Jean, I gotta stick with my big brother" you replied, getting a proud smile from Eren.
"I give up then" Jean threw his cards and the game resumed in Eren and another man you didn't know yet dressed as a mummy, Eren bet all he had and won.
"I should bring you to games with me more often" Eren put a hand behind your head bringing it closer to kiss your forehead, "I will get us some soda" he got up leaving his phone on top of the table as the other players reorganized the cards.
"Is Eren the designated driver?" you heard the mummy man who lost ask Jean.
"No, it's Armin, why?"
"Nothing, it's just unusual for him to not drink".
It was indeed uncanny for the same person that used to ask you to hide empty beer bottles under your bed -- since your parents would never check your room -- to spend the whole night at a party without drinking any alcohol.
Eren's phone lit up and even though you didn't mean to peep you couldn’t help to notice the last name you wanted to see tonight.
>>hey eren
>>this is historia
>>i got your number from a friend
>>hope you don't mind
>>i'm alone now, wanna come over?
Your blood boiled at the audacity of this girl.
How dare she text your brother to come meet her in your shared bedroom when you were away?
You took his phone when no one was paying attention and replied quickly.
not interested <<
When you noticed Eren coming back you put his phone back at the table.
"There" he handed you a soda cup.
"Thanks, 'Ren" you drank the content but now you wanted something stronger, "I think I will find Sasha again to get some blood shots" you got up and returned to the inside of the party missing the confused look on his face.
You haven't found Sasha or the other girls so you headed to the bathroom to splash some water on your face, not actually wanting to get too drunk and become a problem, since this was supposed to be a fun night and you didn’t know most of the people here.
You were not entirely sure why you replied to Historia, if Eren wanted to hook up with your dorm-mate this shouldn't be any matter of yours, right?
Maybe all you needed was a fuck to forget it, so you adjusted your dress pushing up your breasts, afterall what a college party didn’t lack was hot singles.
As soon as you opened the door you were pushed back inside.
"E-Eren? What you—"
"Princess, can you help me with an issue?" he placed an arm behind you trapping you between the sink and his body, getting too close to your face and raising his phone in front of you, "Somehow, I managed to — completely sober —, text someone back and have no memory of it".
You forgot to delete it.
“I—” you shook your head trying to find a decent explanation, although with the little space you had and with Eren’s deep green eyes looking down at you, suddenly you forgot everything.
He sighed, putting his phone down on the sink and lowering his head down to rest on your shoulder, his hot breath against your skin making the hairs at the back of your neck stand up.
“This would be much easier if you were not so…” he laced his arm around your lower back pressing your body against his.
“So what?” you sighed as you felt his lips touch your shoulder as he slid the strap of your dress down.
“ perfect” his kisses trailed all the way to your neck where he started to lick and suck the sensitive skin.
This was so wrong, if anyone saw how your step brother was focused on tasting your skin, firm hands going up and down your hips feeling your curves...
A muffled cover of Paparazzi blasted across the room.
Promise I'll be kind
But I won't stop until that boy is mine
At how hazy your mind was with just his kisses you couldn’t care less, all you wanted was Eren.
You brought his face to yours, not being able to stand another second without feeling his lips on yours.
“How much have you drunk?” he asked one inch from touching lips with yours.
“Not much, but I would want this even if I was one hundred percent sober” you whispered again his lips, dark eyes stared at you with lust.
“Fuck, princess” he closed his eyes shut like he was struggling against his own thoughts.
“Eren, kiss me please” you begged caressing his face, you could just close the gap yourself but you wanted him to kiss you.
So he did.
How could he ever deny you anything?
Eren’s wish was to swallow you whole, yet he was patient, kissing your lips slowly as you melted against his arms, you dared to part your lips to allow his tongue in. The taste of soda and mints felt so good.
Eren felt so good.
You lowered your hands to explore his chest down till the hem of his pants where you tugged in a silent request for him to get rid of them.
“Wait, I don’t wanna do this here” he held your hands and picked up his phone putting it in his pocket.
Like in a flash you two passed all the people dancing and drinking till you were inside Armin’s car, in the back seat, his leather jacket and your hat already off.
“Eren, someone might see us” you whispered looking around the streets.
“Don’t worry, it’s dark out there and the guys won`t come yet” he assured, kissing your neck and making you straddle him, “God, I’m so happy I haven’t drunk anything” he squeezed your thighs just to confirm that you were there.
“Why haven’t you, by the way?” you asked putting your hands on his chest pushing him away from your neck to look him in the eye.
“Hmm...” Eren looked away, face and ears getting even more red than he already was, “Because of... Reiner”
“What about Reiner?”
“I had to make sure he wouldn’t make a move on y-you” the confused look on your face turned into an amusing one as you watched him getting flustered at the admission of his protectiveness.
“Aren’t you a sweetheart?” you cooed cupping his face to kiss him again.
You were not as sober as he was, but the haziness in your mind was only contributing to make this moment more pleasing to you, like a luscious dream.
Eren wrapped his arms around your waist pulling your body impossibly closer to him, the position making very easy for you to feel his erection poking your pussy through his rough jeans, the friction so good against your sensible folds you couldn’t help grind on it.
“Fuck, princess, you’re gonna be the death of me” Eren threw his head back, hands crawling from your thighs to your ass, helping your back and forward moves on his lap.
You dropped your head on Eren’s shoulder to muffle your moans.
Even through thick jeans you could feel the outlines of his member rubbing between your soaked panties.
“I need you ‘Ren”
“Of course, princess” he reluctantly retracted his hands from you to get the condom on his wallet and to remove his shirt while you undid his belt, a wet spot on his pants touching your hands, but thankfully his jeans were black so no one would notice, “Come here” he grabbed your neck pulling you for a steamy kiss, both your tongues fighting with each other.
You pulled your underwear aside watching him roll the condom on his tall and hard member, Eren slightly raised your hips to sink on his length, both of you moaning and panting on each other's mouths during the process.
At that moment you felt envious of all the girls that Eren fucked before you, he never brought anyone over but you knew what he was up to when he came home late, or what he was going to do when he left the house all smiley after texting all day.
But now he was here, with you like you dreamed for so long.
“So deep” you cooed once he was all the way inside, even Eren had to take a moment to not cum right on the spot at the sensation of your tight walls hugging him.
“This pussy is mine now, you know that right?” he grabbed you by your jaw, head resting on the back seat and heavy breathing tickling your cheeks.
The sight of your stepbrother so pussy drunk and possessive over you brought chills to your spine. Words ran away from you, all you did was nod mouth agape.
“Good” he raised his head to kiss your chest sliding the straps of your dress down as you began to move on his dick, leaving just the tip in before you sank on it again.
Eren pushed your bra down to fully expose your breasts to his face, wasting no time to suck on them, one hand massaging it and another firm on your butt cheek. You placed your hand on top of his, making him grip your breast harder, desperately needing to touch him, as you picked up a pace.
“So, so good” he murmured to your chest nibbling your collarbones, “I`ve been wanting this for so long”.
Your hands began to wander to his chest, caressing the soft skin with tender, “Eren, help me” you cried kissing his cheek, thighs burning from the constant up and down movement on such small space, your stepbrother almost felt sorry for you.
Almost, because the sight of your teary eyes and trembling legs are too amusing to pass.
“Don’t worry, princess, next time I will make sure to get you more comfortable, now fuck yourself on my cock, can you do this?” he kissed the side of your head, the promise of a next time giving you the fuel to keep going
Eren helped by massaging your thighs, kissing your neck and whispering sweet praises in your ear, just when you found a pleasing pace you felt his phone vibrate on your inner thigh, where his front pocket was.
“If it’s that bitch again, Eren, I swear to god…” you threatened, digging your nails on his chest.
“You’re hot when you’re angry” he laughed, pulling you down by your neck to peck your lips while fishing his phone out of his pocket, “Hmm we might have to hurry this up” he placed the phone down holding your hips to make you go faster.
“W-why?” you ask with a shaky voice when he started to rut his hips up hitting your sweet spot with ease.
“Armin said they will be leaving in five” Eren smiled at your widened eyes, like he wouldn’t be in the same compromising situation as you.
“E-Eren--” in your mind there was an attempt to tell him to stop for the sake of both your images, yet, since this was something you wanted for so long you couldn’t find the courage to stop when you were so close.
“Shh, I’ll make up for it later, okay” he reached a thumb down to your clit, already thinking how he would be eating you out with all the time in the world after this.
“Cum with me, ‘Ren” you begged, holding his hands firm on your hips.
This was all Eren needed to thrust faster, you felt his member twitching inside of you along with his thumb rubbing your bud harder, you screamed as your vision became colourful, your liquids gushing all over his thighs.
“Oh the two of you are here already” Armin said, meeting Eren who was leaning against the side of the car smoking and you on the back seat with the door open.
“My sister was feeling sleepy so we came to stay here”.
“Eren, your shirt is inside out” Belthold pointed out, you giggled, in the rush to dress up and discard the condom neither of you noticed it.
“Where’s Jean?” you asked, realizing it was just Armin, Reiner and Belthold.
“Jean went to some girl’s place, he asked you to not wait for him” Armin lightly punched Eren’s arm as he turned around the car to enter the driver’s seat.
“Oh, I have the dorm all to myself then” he winked at you entering the back seat.
Tumblr media
taglist: @tequchiha @kittyymew @crybabyddl @crajishie @imkumichan @nothingtosayortell [wanna join the taglist? <3]
Tumblr media
©all content belongs to cursedmoonchild. please do not modify or repost; if you find reposted content please let me know,
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cookiefics · 2 days ago
ohhhhh antiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🤠😺😬😏✨ (oh sh*t here she goes aGAiN) - I’m she tho and also I’m pretty sure by now you’re gonna sue me one day, BUT until THAT happen, I’m gonna try my luck and ask if can I request 14. freeuse for aot miche zacharias, zeke yeager or erwin smith (yup yup feel free to choose eheh) and before anything else THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PATIENCE! HARDWORK AND LOVE YOU PUT INTO WRITING! 🤝🤌🏻🤍
Tumblr media
𝓭𝓪𝔂 14
free use - zeke jaeger
warnings: free use, consensual practice, food, female receiving oral, counter sex, gn reader fem bodied, not a lot of words lmao
Zeke wakes up to the smell of pasta. Natural tomato sauce getting mixed with vegetables, pasta boiling on a near pot. Zeke stretches on the bed. Today is your turn to cook. Lazily, he takes his clothes and takes a quick shower, taking away the sweat and the marks of your lipstick from yesterday night. He sighs as he keeps massaging his hair with shampoo. He takes a towel, drying his body , before getting dressed with shorts and a shirt. He puts his glasses on and searches you in the kitchen, blonde hair still dropping water. He finds you in the counter, wearing that short that makes you ass irresistible and using that t-shirt that lets him look through it. Maybe that's why you feel his hands on the waist of your pants, putting them down in one movement before kneeling.
"Zeke...?" you ask, before noticing his lips above your panties, before taking them off. You swallow a moan while you keep removing the sauce. Zeke's hands go to your asscheecks, squeezing and playing with them while his tongue keeps exploring you quietly. You move a little against his tongue and his grip is stronger. He doesn't want you to move. He wants to do it his own way.
His lips spread little kisses in between the licks he's giving you. You keep your attention on the sauce, trying to mix it good and make it tasty. Even tho Zeke is hungry for another thing. His beard makes you tickles and his little approvation moans make your legs shake. Zeke parts from you with a final kiss on you inner thigh, teasing you. When you're about to complain, you hear him behind you, heavy breaths and skin rubbing. He's jerking. His palms spread your cheeks, a little slap on one of them before he gets closer. His cock touches your entry and, before you can say anything, he pushes quietly, all way inside you while his lips find your neck and your mouth opens in pleasure.
You're used to this. You are used to him arriving home and taking you on the living, and he's used to you entering the bathtub and riding him. Whenever one needs it, the other will help. Mutual pleasure. And the lovingly risk of doing it without knowing if there's a visit or plans after. Maybe getting caught.
Zeke keeps thrusting as his hands find your nipples quietly, mouth still sucking and biting and kissing on your neck. You sigh, eyes sitll concentrated on the pasta. Zeke moans when he finds a good position, pounding deeper into you. You can't help but release the fork you're using and grip to the counter, moving your hips backwards to find his, maning it more and more pleasurable for both of you. Zeke grabs your hips to thrust harder against you, skin finding skin on those absurdly lewd sounds he likes. His fingers bury on your flesh as he accelerates, moans covered with deep orders.
"Keep moving." he asks, and so you do. Zeke thrusts a couple times more, pulling out fast enough to stain your shirt and leave liquid on your back. You feel how your own wetness runs down your legs. You two try to get air, to normalize your breaths. Zeke sighs.
"What do we have for lunch, honey?"
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tsuki-tsuki-daisuki · 2 days ago
Levi x Fem!Reader
𝚂𝚒𝚌𝚔 𝚃𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑𝚝𝚜
Minors DNI, this contains Smut. srry for the bad writing skills, proper english isn't my first language.
Content: Dom Levi, slight Breeding kink, Office sex, slight bondage, praise kink, edging, Overstimulation, degradation, fingering, this contains use of the word "Slut".
It's been a fucking week since you've last fucked. He couldn't tell if you were avoiding him on purpose or you were just too busy to pay any attention to him. But now you're alone together, this occasion rarely happens. So why aren't you trying to fuck him? Levi tapped his finger on his desk as he watched you clean his office, right in front of him. Back facing him and everything, ass teasing him. The way your odm straps squeezed on your thighs, no, your entire figure, it was perfect. His blood was boiling as this point. He didn't care if you we're doing this on purpose or not, but he knew that he'd get his hands on you soon, and it won't be fun, at least for you. You reached up to dust the top of the bookshelf, on your tippy-toes, how amusing and pathetic. What was even more amusing was the small whimpers escaping your mouth as you struggled to reach. You didn't even have to do anything sexual to arouse him. Even the slightest movement and or noise could makes him hard in seconds. He hated it, he hated how he felt weak when you're in front of him, cleaning.. You're doing the simplest tasks and filling his head with nothing but sick thoughts. It was almost as if you were testing his patience.He's done, he needs you, and he's going to have you whether you like it or not.
"Y/N.." He groaned. You turned around, "Hm? what is it?" "Come here." You couldn't see anything but you could clearly hear him patting his clothed thigh. "Um... Levi-" You smiled shyly. "That's an order, Cadet." He hissed, his tongue lingering of the T in Cadet. You dropped everything, cleaning supplies and all. You slowly crept towards Levi, eyes gazing at his lap, jaw agape at the sight of his bulge through his black pants. You gulped knowing what was going to happen next. "Sit."
You looked at him locking eyes, his piercing gaze looking right through you. You obeyed and sat on his thigh, back facing him, just as he wanted. "Y/N, do you know why you're in this position right now?" He asked. You could feel his hot breath on your neck sending chills down you spine. "N-no sir." You stood your ground. You clenched you thighs as your body reacted to the sudden arousal.
He suddenly, harshly gripped your jaw. The pads of his fingers sinking deep into your skin. "Don't play dumb with me, L/N," Shit, he called you by your last name..
"You've been teasing me all day, doing nothing but showing off your ass all day." You were confused, but a little excited. "I-I don't know what you're talking about captain." You winced in pain as his gripped tightened and you pain increased. "Don't lie to me L/N, filling my head with sick thoughts, you fucking slut." He hissed into your ear. Did he just call you a slut? You were now more pissed than excited, "LEVI!-" Before you sudden outburst could continue Levi shoved two fingers into your mouth, shutting you up. "It's Captain, Cadet" You squirmed as his fingers, now deep into your throat, gagged you. Fuck, you could feel his erection against your ass.
Your hips bucked as he shoved his knee into your crotch. His breathe hot and slow leaving the hairs on the back of your neck standing straight.
You could feel the pooling warmth in between your legs increasing. His hand snaked down gripping the buckle of your belt. You felt tears forming in your eyes as his fingers still remained buried in your throat. He slid your belt off of your pants, "As your captain, I have to make sure that you're punished when it is needed," He slid his fingers out of your mouth, leaving you a coughing mess. "So be a good girl and let me fuck this pretty little pussy." He kneed you again, except more pressure was applied to your clit.He lifted your ass and slammed you onto his desk, roughly undoing the buttons of your shirt revealing the lace bra underneath. Pinning down both of your wrists, he tied them with your belt, pulling them tight enough that they might leave bruises on your wrist.
Levi, slowly ever so slowly proceeded to slide off your boots, and odm straps. You wanted him, but he's taking too long! He unzipped your pants, revealing your matching lace underwear. "Really?" He chuckled in amusement, "Matching underwear, now this can't be a coincidence, Cadet." He effortlessly pulled off the piece of underwear. "Hurry up!" You whined, he growled and shoved the thin piece of fabric in your mouth. "You better shut the fuck up." His two fingers grazed your wet slit, sliding through your wet and hot juices. Stopping for a moment to press on your clit with his thumb. Your muffled cries was nothing but music to his ears as you squirmed beneath him, desperately wanting to feel pure ecstasy. But you weren't getting that tonight.
Two of his fingers slid into you without warning. Your back arched as his fingers almost instantly curled inside of you. "Fwuck, Lwefi!!" You cried, voice still muffled by the piece of clothing in your mouth. His fingers started pumping in and out of you with no mercy whatsoever. The sounds of his knuckles hitting your skin including the squelching sounds of your juices filled the room. Your thighs trembled and forced themselves shut only to be torn open by his free hand. "Is this what you wanted, Cadet?" All you could answer with was a shaky "Mmhmm" Before bucking your hips as you felt the coil inside of you start to unravel, you were close. "Mm, you're so fucking tight for me, are you gonna' cum for me?" He asked, voice raspy yet smooth. Your toes curled, as your body started trembling uncontrollably. There you were! You were about to cum on your captains fingers!
You gasped, eyes widened as the sudden, empty feeling of his fingers leaving your tight hole. "No!" You screamed in pure frustration. He pulled the underwear out of your mouth replacing it with his finger coated in your slick. "Good girl.Tell me, how do you taste?" He growled. The coil that once was there now fully faded away. You pussy was aching, dripping wet, and begging to be fucked mercilessly. "What? did you think I was going to let you cum that quickly?"
He lowered himself placing kisses on your neck, kissing down to you collarbone, to you breast. He sat up, undoing his belt. "Does my Cadet want to cum?" You looked down in anticipation, "Yes! Please Captain!" His fully erected cock sprung out of his boxers. He rubbed his pink, swollen tip on your slit, spreading the single bead of precum all over you. "Do you want to cum your captains cock?"
You were impatient as ever, "Fuck! please!" You groaned, gritting your teeth in frustration. His hand reached for your two tied wrists for support, as he slowly slid into you. It was so painfully slow put it felt so good. His thick shaft stretching you out so perfectly, as you eyes rolled back. "Mmmhmm, Captain~" Your legs cramped up as you felt yourself, releasing onto him, "Fuck I'm cumming!" You finally mewled before releasing all that kept in tension that you've been holding onto for what felt like ages. Levi could feel your soft, tight walls clenching onto him, practically milking him.
"Fuck, Y/N!" He hissed has he dug the fingers of his free hand into your hips. You were tight, too tight. Levi hasn't even moved yet, yet he's already about to cum. "Fuck I love that pretty face, keep cumming for me!" His hand moved from your hands to your neck choking you as your eyes rolled back in nothing but pure pleasure. He started slowly moving his hips, quickly changing pace after a few slow thrusts. You weren't ready for that, you just finished cumming, you're too sensitive. Your moans became a louder and shaky along with his thrusts. Your entire body felt like is was going to fold, you were going to cum again. You slammed your eyes shut, the mixture of pleasure and pain, it was too much, he was overstimulating you.
"Y/N, I'm cumming!" He grunted as he shoved himself balls deep into you, filling your womb with his warm strands of cum. You slowly felt yourself releasing onto him yet again. He remained inside of you, not allowing a single drop of his cum go to waste. You were both hot messes. Hair messy, bodies sweaty, and room filled with the sounds and smell of sex. Levi undid the belt on your wrist and pulled you in, muscular arms around your figure, "Don't ever pull that shit again, cadet."
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animeobsessedwriter · a day ago
Thigh Riding
Bertholdt x Reader
Summary: Bertholdt loves to get you off anyway he can… especially on his thigh.
A/N: Sorry for the late and only post for the day! I have something big planned to make up for some of these one post days! Today was just stressful.
Warnings: Female bodied reader, thigh riding, reader orgasm, semi sub Bertholdt at the end, I think that’s everything! Let me know if I missed anything!
You stood over his leg. You grew more and more eager with every passing second. You could tell he was just as needy as you were by the growing bulge in his pants.
“Are you sure?” you asked biting your lip between your teeth.
He nodded eagerly, “Of course. I wanna take care of you.”
You lowered yourself down onto his thigh. The moment your soaked panties met his leg both of you tensed.
Shaky hands reached for your thighs. They helped guide you to move. You let out a muffled moan as you gripped onto his shoulders.
“F-fuck,” you breathed out.
He smiled at you as his hands continued to guide your hips. He knew just what was going to feel good. He knew exactly how to help you get there.
He watched so intently at every move you made. He watched your facial expressions as he flexed and relaxed the muscle under you. He wanted to see how he was making you feel just on his thigh.
Your body began shaking as you began losing yourself in him. The way his hands gripped to you. The way they finally moved your panties out of the way and allowed your bare cunt to run against his thigh. The way he looked at you. The small grunts he let out over just watching you.
Both of you were just totally taken over by each other’s presence.
You kissed each other with such passion. Your hips rolled in time with his hands.
When you finally reach your release he’s so close to his already just from watching you. Words of praise and sweet nothings leave his lips as he watches you come undone on him.
He held you close to him after. He kissed all over you before placing you down under him. He climbed on top of you.
“Let me taste you?” he asked.
And how could you say no to him?
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riasuns · 2 days ago
been thinking… eren or armin being the type of bf to suck on your tits while you play w their hair. omg such heaven frfr
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little-spoiled-brat · 5 hours ago
5, 10, 25 with Levi 😩😩😩
Tumblr media
kinktober # 17: levi ackerman
Tumblr media
- choking -
- breeding kink -
- knife play -
shivers ran down your spine from the cold blade of levi’s knife making contact with your skin. a gasp leaving your lips and your hand tightening around his wrist.
“so fucking sensitive” levi groaned, voice lacing with lust as he circled the blunt edge of the knife around your erect nipples. you shivered even more, squirming underneath his touch — the cold surface of the knife in contrast with your warm skin.
“b-be careful” you said, struggling to form coherent words with his hand around your throat. levi smiled softly, enough to assure you that he won’t hurt you with that knife of his.
your breath got caught in your throat when you felt the knife on your inner thigh, too close to where you needed him. more red angry marks appeared on your skin, levi being the artist and you being his canvas.
“shit. it turns you on, doesn’t it?” levi teased, admiring the wet spot on your underwear and pressing the handle of the knife on your clothed clit. your back arched and another gasp left your lips when he used the knife to cut away the fabric of your underwear.
“levi“ you whined, half because he ruined your favorite underwear and half because you needed him to touch you. levi rolled his eyes and squeezed your throat lightly before letting your neck go.
“tch. i’ll get you a new one” levi grumbled, putting down the knife and aligning his cock with your entrance. he rubbed the tip on your wetness, using your arousal to lube himself up before pushing his entire length inside of you.
“you’re so tight” levi grunted, wrapping his hand around your throat again as he pounded your pussy. you gripped onto his wrist for support, moaning loudy with every thrust of his hips.
your other hand found his back, dragging your nails down the skin and making red marks that mirrored the ones he did on your body with the knife. levi moaned at the stinging sensation it left, squeezing your neck a bit.
“ah, shit. right there, levi. right there” you moaned, back arching in pleasure when he shifted his angle to hammer your g-spot. levi took the opportunity to slightly tighten his grip on your neck to make you lay flat on your back again.
“brat, i’m close“ levi grunted, thrusts getting sloppy and his cock twitched inside of you. you tightened your grip around his wrist, not letting him take his hand off of your neck and wrapped your legs around him.
“fuck. brat, i’m close. i need to pull out” levi moaned but you held firm, not letting him pull away from you.
“cum, levi. cum inside of me” you said, sending levi over the edge as spurts of white cum painted your velvet walls. the feeling of his warm seed inside of you was enough to also send you to the edge.
“i guess we finally made the baby we always wanted” levi shrugged, pulling out of you and watching his cum drip from your pussy. he frowned, gently fucking it back in to not waste any drop. you chuckled at how straightforward it was and pulled him down for a kiss.
“i really hope you get pregnant. you would be a great mother” levi said, laying beside you and putting his hand on your stomach. you put your hand on top of his, smiling softly.
“you would be a great father too”
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honeymaki · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anon said: hi kitty !! hope ur day is great and you’re staying well hydrated <3was just thinkin of firefighter hange zoe saving u from a big house fire and in return, they bring u home and rail u on their soft sofa. ofc they provide u with some camomile tea to soothe ur throat after all the screaming and a warm bubble bath🥺(btw, this is the same anon that sent you the commander hange thougt and i luvved ur little thirst !!)
Parings: Hange Zoe x fem!reader
Warnings: mention of fire, mention of slight injury, oral, fingering, multiple orgasms.
Word count: 1.3k
A/N: yeah...this accidentally turned into something a bit longer also m not sure how much I like it:(
Tumblr media
The don’t know you, not truly, not really; all you do is walk your dog past the station every day. But, you say hello, you wish them good afternoon, you let your sweet little dog waddle over and say hi too. Sometimes, they're washing the truck in a tight white t-shirt and those brown trousers all firefighters wear, and you are a bit weak at the knees for the suspenders that sit tight and heavy over their wide, broad shoulders.
But what makes Hange feel like they know you the most is the fact that you’re happy whenever you see them; you wave and you chirp, and your dog gets far too overexcited for you to control, dragging you across the road with a wagging tail and a big, slobbery smile. 
However, when the call comes in, when the street sounds a bit too familiar and the apartment block bears a name that tickles something in the back of their mind; Hange dreads what they might see upon arriving at the scene. The fire was only small, something electrical, some silly stone students in the flat below you and Hange nearly crumples to the ground when they find you sat in the backdoor of an ambulance, cuddling your teary dog. You’re stained with soot and smoke and clearly upset and shaken, bottom lip wobbling and telling the police officer everything that was in your apartment, everything that you lost. 
And it takes Hange seconds to make up their mind, baring their way through the medics and police to scoop you up with a careful hug. They're so tender with you, checking you over like they were a medic instead of a firefighter, giving you oxygen when your voice gets croaky, feeding your dog water and wrapping a blanket over its back. You don't want to leave their side, crying when their superior tuts and calls them away for a debrief, immediately grabbing their hand and burrowing into their scratchy, heavy brown jacket. 
"I'll take you home angel, Levi'll take your dog to the vets to get checked over okay? he'll keep an eye on her I promise - let me get you somewhere safe,"
You follow Hange without a question, tall and lean and so so strong, keeping you tight to their side and keeping a big veiny hand on your thigh the whole car ride home. You're only in pyjamas, some old gym shorts and a sweater and Hange can't get enough of your soft skin. 
At first it's not sexual, not at all when they're feeding you water in the kitchen having hoisted you onto the counter - a firm hand on your thigh and slipping up under your shorts, moving to your fleshy hip and then squeezing your waist. they're so gentle, so soft with you and how you keen and press yourself closer, seeking comfort and touch and care -,
"I got you angel, I got you I promise," you're kissing them all small and breathy, swallowing mewls and arching your back when Hange pries your legs open and cups your neck, your shoulders, your breasts. They're so strong, so hardy and so lithe with the way they lick into your mouth and suck on your tongue, hard and sloppy and messy enough to leave a trail of saliva down your jaw when they move to lathe at your neck. the noises you make - god - Hange wants to hear everything you have offer, wants to prompt more purrs and whimpers and gasps from your pretty lips. They're eager, smart with their touches, letting you drop from the counter and walking you back to the couch, discarding their shirt and trousers, towering over you, crowding closer and closer till you're stuck for breath and sharing theirs. 
No part of your body is left untouched, thumbs digging into your beaded nipples and nails catching on the delicate skin, dragging down the wet path left by their lips. 
"Oh! Please - Hange, please!" your voice is scratchy, so croaky from the smoke that talking hurts, moaning hurts but their lips tracing your labia and their tongue swirling your clit only makes you cry out louder and louder. Your thighs are strung over their shoulders, squeezing their head, hands threading through their hair and pulling it back into a messy, tragic ponytail so you can see - fuck - so you can see the way their pointed tongue darts back and forth and over and over your clit, zigzagging through your pulsing pussy and catching on your entrance. Hange moans too, god - they practically whine into your cunt when you start subtly moving your hips, jerking and twitching to follow their tongue, reaching out, crying out, sobbing out for them. 
Hands collide, tightening together, fingers lacing and squeezing and you tense with how hard your back arches, toes curling when their tongue hits deep, so fucking deep. Your entire body feels like it's on fire, sweat gathering on your temples and thighs trembling with how hard you're tensing, belly quivering and god - you can feel their tongue curling, dipping in and out, hardly pulling away to breathe and for a split second, you feel a puff of air on your aching clit and it's too much. 
Hange drinks and slurps and noisily moans through your orgasm, never stopping, never slowing down, never speeding up because your hips cant into their face and their nose bumps against your slippery clit and -,
"s'too much, too much!" a kitten kiss to your clit has Hange pulling away, but - something thick prods at your entrance, eyes bleary and tongue heavy in your mouth. Looking up, you begin to make out the looming figure of Hange, panting like a rabid dog and biting their lip as they prop one knee beside your hip, hand dragging up your sternum and cupping your quivering breast,
"One more, gimme one more angel and I'll stop I promise - shhh, it's okay, I'll take care of you, I got you honey," two thick fingers slide into you, long and crooking, probing, searching for the spot that makes your entire body jump and your mouth to drop open with a teary whine, 
"Come on angel girl, give it to me," their pace is unforgiving, not entirely fast but hard, hard and deep and jolting, bicep flexing beneath your clawed hand and you lift your head for a kiss, receiving their tongue and their lips with a wanton grunt. your feet are planted on the floor, giving you momentum to grind your hips, circle them, hitching their fingers deeper, harder - a third joining and stretching you with lewd squelches and dribbles of creamy white. Hange seems just as torn as you, just as ruined as you, mouth open and panting into yours, gasping with you, following the contours of your body and every writhe and twitch it gives them. 
"So close - s'close Hange I'm gonna cum, gonna cum! fuck!" little ah, ah, ah's escape your lips and they drink them down like fine wine, the heel of their palm digging into your clit, not enough, too - not enough,
"Touch yourself then," you hadn't even realised you'd said the words out loud, Hange's dark eyes boring into yours and god, their thick fingers hook into your spongy walls with a precision that had you barely holding on, "Go on - show me, play with your clit angel, make yourself cum,"
It takes three hard swipes of your budded clit for you to gush down their arm, fluttering and lifting on to your tiptoes to follow the slippery slide of fingers abusing the sweetest, puffiest parts of your cunt. You think it's strange how quiet you are during it all, until you find your bearings again and find Hange eagerly sucking your bottom lip and taking little care for the saliva stringing between the two of you. You're limbless when they finally pull out, finally pull away with a moan at how your cunt tries to swallow them back in, lifting their shining fingers and parting them,
"Look at that, look at what we did to you,"and you can't bare to look at the slick webbing between her fingers, curling into their chest and whining in embarrassment, squealing even when the telltale sounds of slurping and smacking alerts you to Hange cleaning themselves up.
"C'mon angel face, let's run you a bath yeah? I made my own mixture of bath salts for achy muscles and soothing tension,"you don't miss the clear pride in their voice when you grumble and groan, but accepting their word for it. And god - do they get the balance right, sinking down into the bubbles that smelt like rosemary and olive, the water a deep green and seemingly melting away the stress of the last few hours. 
Hange sits on the toilet beside you, towel unfolded in their lap and holding a cup of steaming tea, another concoction of theirs that smells pleasantly warming. It is peaceful while the two of you mull over the past events. content, calm, a little amusing when Hange admits to cumming untouched while eating you out, but that's what has you - never really leaving. there's no home left to return to, and what belongings were salvaged from the fire fit in easily alongside Hange's. 
It was easy, it was natural, the three of you; it just was.
Tumblr media
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Grisha x Daddy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Synopsis: Grisha just got divorced and he finds comfort inside one of Zeke's friends (aka you have sex with him).
Word count: 718
Warnings: Fem!reader, Grisha, daddy kink, age gap (y/n is 29, Grisha is 48), dubcon (y/n calls Grisha daddy; he's not into it, but secretly he is), manipulation, angst (idk he's like recently divorced), groping, thick Yeager dick.
Tumblr media
It didn’t take much to convince Grisha to fuck you. He was so pathetic after his divorce, downright embarrassing. His desperation was infinite, nearly incomprehensible. It blinded him to how insidious you were, how good you were at pretending to be an empathetic shoulder to cry on. Anyone with a brain would have avoided fucking their son’s best friend but Grisha seemingly lost his in the divorce.
You were a menace. If only he knew that before he ended up balls deep inside you.
He called you one night, whining about how badly he fucked up his marriage.
“If I could go back I’d spend less time working. I pushed her away like an ass. I should have been there for her when she needed me...” he trailed off.
You consoled him and convinced him to come over, luring him in with a willingness to listen. He needed to be heard, to be understood. And you seemingly offered that.
The second he stepped inside your home you grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket, pulling him into a kiss. As surprising as it was he reciprocated immediately, his tongue gliding up against yours.
His hands wandered to your breasts and roughly groped them. You winced audibly, breaking the kiss.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he repeated.
“It’s fine, Mr. Yeager. I like it rough,” you replied, breathily.
He nearly came in his pants right then and there.
You led him into the bedroom and lied on the bed, stripping yourself naked. He stared at you, wide-eyed, not sure if he was having an absurdly vivid dream he’d have to relay to his therapist.
“Come on, you know you want to,” you beckoned.
Grisha sighed and obliged, taking off his clothes blushing the entire time. It was borderline adorable.
He crawled onto the bed, positioning himself on his knees. You bit your lip and looked up at him. He was still woefully pathetic but now with a veneer of carnality. He grabbed a hold of your hips and pulled you towards him. His hands met the small of your back and he lifted you up, now having you straddle him.
You draped your arms over his shoulders and sucked on his neck, occasionally nipping at it. His hand wandered to his cock and he started to jerk off, quietly moaning your name as he did so.
“Do you like that?” you coyly asked.
“Yes,” he managed to choke out.
You smiled against his neck, giving it one last nip. He breathed heavily, his cock now fully erect.
“Do you wanna fuck me, Mr. Yeager?”
You cupped his face in your hands and gazed into his eyes. He simply nodded and lifted you on top of his cock. You yelped as it entered you, not expecting it to be so thick. He muttered another apology, and rubbed your clit with his thumb.
“I—it’s fine,” you groaned.
He gently thrust his cock inside you, careful to not hurt you. While you were rather fond of rough sex Grisha’s tenderness was welcomed.
“Oh fuck, daddy, you feel so good.”
He stopped fucking you.
“Please, don’t call me that.”
You smirked.
“Why, daddy?”
He winced.
“I have my reasons.”
You clenched your cunt around his cock. He moaned.
“I know. Zeke’s told me about how shitty you were.”
He looked away from you, shame flooding his very being.
“Come on, daddy. You don’t wanna fuck me anymore?”
“I should go,” he said plainly.
But his body rejected any notion to move, to run away from you. To escape from this lapse in judgement that his desperation led to. Sadly he fucking loved every minute of it but he refused to admit it, to verbalize his unsavory needs. He longed for the touch of another woman in any sense. It didn’t matter that you were the same age as his son. It’s not like you were a teenager; you were 29. Plus he wasn’t some ancient man, a mere 48 years old.
“Daddy,” you whined, bouncing up and down on his throbbing erection.
He pleaded for you to stop calling him daddy, masking his true desires, but you refused. You expected him to push you off of him, but oddly enough he held you closer every time the word “daddy” fell from your lips.
Tumblr media
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Summary : You're a young striper who craves genuine intimacy, Levi is a retired military soldier who's dragged one night by his friends to the strip club, your boss tells you to take care of him, your life isn't the same since.
not coming soon but i might write in a close future, as a series.
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