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Upper Tama Lake by Jos Buurmans
Via Flickr:
This shot of the Upper Tama Lake and the conical peak of Mount Ngauruhoe is one of the rewarding views at the turning point of the Tama Lakes Walk in the Tongariro National Park. The climb up the scree slope to this view can be quite challenging due to its steepness and exposure to the freezing wind. However, the 360-degree view from the ridgeline is definitely worth it.

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Europe weather forecast #weatherforecast (Vremea în Europa). Rain radar

External image

Europe weather forecast 24h #weatherforecast #Europe (Prognoza meteo pentru Europa 24h). Radar #Europe this morning.

Europe weather forecast. You’ll find maximum temperatures that are expected in relevant European towns and areas that will be affected by rainfall today. Europe weather forecast 24h.

Also follow our Page Europe forecast 24-48h here [maxbutton id=”11″ ] 

Va prezint vremea de astazi…

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Prognoza meteo Romania 21 Septembrie 2020 (Romania weather forecast)

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Prognoza meteo Romania 21 Septembrie 2020 Romania #vremea (Romania weather forecast for today). Buna dimineata. Aici puteti vedea prognoza meteo Romania si Bucuresti pentru 24 ore. Pentru Bucuresti este prezentata evolutia pentru urmatoarele 3 zile.

Urmariti si pagina noastra permanenta Prognoza Zilei ANM aici [maxbutton id=”18″ ]  prognoza meteo.

Prognoza meteo Romania.Pentru astazi si maine…

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Sinfully Nalu 2020, Bonus Day 1: Snowed In/Trapped 

‘I’m freezing my ass off…’


‘…You’re lucky we’re snowed in, Natsu.’

Looks like these two are getting a little …cheeky. 🍑

Alright! Am I kicked out of the fandom yet? lol! Very excited to be kicking off this season of art with a NaLu themed event!!

Daily Ink Challenge, Day 1. #KrystleInks2020

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