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#snow sisters

Can I just say how much I love these sisters? I just love them so much. I love that love and care about each other so much and that they both do whatever it takes to protect each other. It’s just so beautiful.

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Okay hear me out hear me out

Headcanon that since the fifth spirit is a bridge and anna is the human part of it and by defalt elsa became a literal spirit to balance Anna with the magic side of things, after Anna’s, and all her other friends passing elsa starts to lose her human form by choice becoming a full winter spirit by the end assuming the form of an animal like bruni and nokk, possibly a wolf so she can detach herself completly from her past life and fully become the spirit of the North wind leaving the balance to be keept by the humans future generations own morality instead of a new fifth spirit being chosen because she’s already it, she just realizes she can’t be the one responsible for fixing everyone’s problems forever so she decides to keep being a guardian but one not as present as she was before.

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@vuelie @vannminner

Why are you looking at me like that?

Anna’s eyes are clear and smooth, like the diamond patterns of her ice palace but warmer, warm as the gentle hand that presses itself to Elsa’s cheek, lifeblood flowing through it – life

Why are you looking at me with love? I killed you, Anna. I tore into your chest with a bolt of ice. It fixed into your heart like a spear, the scalding blood frothing at the point, trying to fight against its coldness. You did not bleed, but only because your blood laced blue as death within your body, killing you.

I don’t deserve your love.

You should have let the sword fall. Let it weep blood to shine upon the ice. Blood that would have matched your own if my curse did not pervert even the natural qualities of death…


Why are you looking at me like that?

Elsa’s eyes are clear as the waters of the fjord on a summer’s day, soothing as the feeling of love itself.

I’m only a broken thing, still lost in the abyss, still in the chasm’s darkness. I’ve clambered toward the light, I know, but the light still feels cold. I’ve done the next right thing, and I’ll do the next – but all that is, is breathing, inhaling – things that should be instincts if I wasn’t so broken –

Please, Elsa. The look in your eyes tells me I’m not broken, that the cavern-shadows of my mind are only shadows, I am too weak to face that…

The look in your eyes tells me that I am not weak, but my inability to endure that exposes my own weakness, my own self-doubt, self-despair…

Why are you looking at me like that?

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Prompt List: (honestly, practically all of them are gold, so it was really hard to pick just one but I'll go with) Random #24

Random prompt #24: Did You Just Hiss At Me?

> Still alive, Feisty Pants?


> More than alive then :)

Anna grins around the chocolate strawberry she’s just popped into her mouth. She likes that Kristoff uses commas and capital letters and emojis. She likes that he’s probably texting her while walking home from work. She especially likes that he doesn’t seem to understand how she could possibly be having a good time, but is nonetheless happy that she is.

She likes this charity ball a lot more than she thought she would, too. There’s a part of her that misses these chances to get in a nice dress and have a night of fun for a good cause. There’s a part of her that misses being seen like this. And every part of her misses her parents.

But there’s also a part of her that keeps scanning the room and unclenching each time she catches sight of Elsa. Her sister keeps shooting her are you okay looks even though she’s the one getting swarmed by people and reporters while Anna takes up permanent residence by the dessert table.

She’ll just get a few more nibbles. Then she’ll go over and rescue her sister. She’ll rescue her sister with nibbles. Great plan.

Someone sidles up to her just as she stuffs two marshmallows into her mouth. “Would you like a napkin, miss?”

Anna feels like a hamster as her head jerks up. “Oh no, is there something on my fa—” The rest of the word is mangled by an undignified sound of dismay.

Hans Westergaard blinks, and then arches a stupidly perfect eyebrow. “Did you just hiss at me?”

It’s a struggle not to choke. “What are you doing here?”

“Why, I’m offering the ungrateful lady a napkin. And yes, there is something on your face. Would you like me to—”

“No, thank you.” She snatches the napkin.

Hans watches with a slight smirk. He looks like a fairy-tale prince with his slicked-back hair and that nicely-tailored suit… wait a minute.

“Oh dear lord,” Anna mutters.

It’s the same damn suit he was wearing the night they met. The night Anna had made the mistake of believing that she’d found an actual fairy-tale prince who actually loved her only to find out months later that he was actually in love with her inheritance.

“I’m surprised to see you here, Anna,” Hans is saying blithely. A passing couple catches his eye and he smiles charmingly, raising his glass to them. “Last I heard, you were focusing on your studies. Oh, but of course—you must be accompanying your sister. She’s the one who actually knows what she’s doing. I never got to properly introduce myself while we were together. I should go over and rescue her from the mayor. Maybe she’d be more grateful… why are you smiling like that?”

“Nothing,” Anna chirps. “Hi, sis.”

The colour leeches from Hans’s face as he whirls around.

Elsa is the picture of sophisticated grace in her lavender gown, hands clasped patiently in front of her. “I’m sorry; I didn’t want to interrupt. Might I borrow my sister?”

Anna shoots Hans a smug smile as she skips around him.

“You have chocolate on your face,” Elsa chides, setting down her untouched champagne flute as she takes the crumpled napkin and dabs at Anna’s cheek.

Hans is left gawking for a moment. Then he recovers. “Hello, Elsa.”

“Hans,” Elsa replies, nodding back politely. “It’s good to finally meet you. I’m sorry I missed the wedding.”

“Wait, what?” Anna wonders if Elsa actually has been drinking too much—she knows that Anna mailed Hans’s ring back in a jack-in-the-box booby-trapped with chilli powder, right? She was the one who’d suggested the chilli powder in the first place!

Then Elsa adds, “Please give Ursula my regards.”

Hans’s expression puckers as if Elsa has emptied her glass over his head. His ears go red as his wine, and he mutters something before spinning on his heels and disappearing back into the crowd.

Anna immediately whirls on Elsa. “Um?


“Wedding? Ursula? What?

Turning to the dessert table, Elsa picks up a skewer and starts sliding on marshmallows at an agonisingly tranquil pace. “It’s not public knowledge, but it seems your ex-fiancé tried to become ‘close friends’ with another heiress. Except she was not an heiress.”

“I’m so confused. He didn’t know who she was?”

“I believe he wasn’t entirely… cognizant.”


Her sister’s eyes twinkle as she dips the skewer into the chocolate fountain. “They were in Vegas, Anna.”

“Oh. Oh. Oh my god. Are you saying—did they—”

“I’m sure he will find a way out of it. He is a lawyer, after all.”

“Still!” Anna howls, wiping tears from her eyes. “How did you know?”

“Why do you think I know?”

“Aww.” Anna drops her head on Elsa’s shoulder. “Love you, sis.”

“I love you, too.” Elsa deftly moves her skewer away just as Anna tries to take a bite. “But not enough to share.”

“Oh, come on! Just one bite, you stinker!”

Kristoff was right: she’s more than alive.

Thank you for the prompt! This one ran away from me 😅

Here’s the prompts list if anyone wants to request more modern AU stuff!

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Day 2: “Please, come home…”

A/N: I haven’t written in almost a year so this was honestly really refreshing for me to write. I’m not quite sure if all of the story details in here would actually happen but this was just a sad idea I came up with. And I can’t figure out how to add that “keep reading” tab thing. Someone please help a girl out.

This is originally titled “Home is Where the Heart Is” but for prompt day 2 :) @vuelie @vannminner


Will she have enough to eat? Will she be safe? How will I know if she’s hurt? Or sick? What if she won’t tell me? What if she’ll forget to visit? Will she be happy? Happier? Was she…not happy here? Was I…not enough?

“Oh just be quiet.”

Elsa raised her head, concerned. “What was that?”


She smiled, knowing it was certainly something. “Anna, it’ll be okay. I’ll be fine.”

Anna wasn’t surprised how quickly she had read her mind. She simply nodded and smiled back.

Before settling in the enchanted forest, Elsa had stayed in Arendelle for a few days for the coronation and to figure things out. She reminded her sister, more than once, that they were doing this together and she had nothing to stress about. Anna listened to her and all her worries, fears and dreadful thoughts subsided. Unfortunately, only briefly.

This was the one of the hardest parts. But Anna knew it had to be done sooner than later. Her and Kristoff would be moving into the king and queen’s chamber, also known as Elsa’s room. So that meant she had to clean out her belongings and Elsa had to do the same. It wasn’t easy and unlike the castle staff who helped move the furniture it was a painfully nostalgic and bittersweet experience.

The last of the sister’s things were stored away in the attic upstairs, and Anna held a few miscellaneous items in a box. The newly coronated queen stood at the doorway of her childhood room, holding back tears as this was a final goodbye. She knew in her heart, not all closed doors were necessarily bad. Sometimes a door had to close only for a new one to open.

It was quiet except for the sweet sound of birds chirping outside. She stared at the massive empty space and soaked up every memory and moment she could see. A very small Anna and a very small Elsa cuddling with their mother on the bed. Little Elsa holding a frightened little Anna, doing the best she can to comfort her and convincing her that it was just a dream. Their imagination running wild and free, dressing up and making up stories. Staying up way later than they should be, making shadow puppets with their hands and watching the Northern lights in the sky. A restless Anna laying in bed only to be greeted with Elsa’s magic, it didn’t take much to beg her to build a snowman. An older Anna, sitting with Elsa at the window seat. Catching up. Brining warmth into her life again. Anna trembling under the covers after wakened from a thunderstorm. Thunder and lightning used to be fascinating to her, now it was nothing but a reminder that her parents were gone. And Elsa would tiptoe into the room, holding a pillow and she’d ask if she welcomed to stay the night. She too was afraid and only felt safe close to Anna. And this is what they’d do. Talk and cuddle close and the storm was tuned out with their laughter.

One memory she recalled was being a broken hearted and confused Anna standing in the center of the room, the day after the accident. She was so tiny. Why couldn’t she see Elsa anymore? Why did she move out of their room? Why did she have to go? And yet, Anna had these same questions today but she new the answers unlike back then. Only Elsa remained in Anna’s life and could visit whenever she liked. She knew growing up meant adapting, one leaves for a little while and they discover new things. But they will always return to their loved ones so she knew this wasn’t bad, it was good. Anna set the box on the floor to wipe her face. This, wasn’t easy. Although nothing remained in the room, all of its legacy and greatness was stored in her heart unlike the soon forgotten furniture in the attic.


She whipped around and froze when she became face to face with her older sister. A smile slowly made its way to her lips and she straightened the front of her dress. “Hey sis.”

Elsa stepped over the threshold and looked about the room, sharing some of the same feelings Anna had just undergone. Some bitter and some sweet. She placed her hand over her heart and exhaled shakily. “Oh, Anna.”

“I just wish I could always we with you,” Anna blurted out. She closed the gap between her and her sister with a tight embrace.

Elsa’s heart finally broke at the sound of her baby sister’s sobs. She had her arms locked around her form and absolutely no intention of letting her go soon. “You will be, dear one. Always.”

The two girls, very much worn out from the day’s events, lost track of time they spent hugging. Most of it consisted of Elsa humming a well known lullaby and running gentle circles on Anna’s back.

“Please, come home…” Anna was interrupted by a hiccup. “And visit. All the time. It’s highly suggested by the queen.”

Elsa laughed and finally released Anna so she could see her face. It was red and tear stained. Much like she used to find her in this very room countless of times. She was the tear wiper and comforter. A protector, a term she frequently used now to describe herself as the fifth spirit.

“Anna, this place…home isn’t just Arendelle. It’s you. And I will always come back to it,” Elsa cupped her cheek and brushed her thumb over a patch of freckles. “You are in my heart. And that’s where my home is.” Her eyes were now glistening. Anna knew she meant everything she just said and she would stay true to her word.

She grinned and couldn’t refrain herself from hugging her big sister again. Elsa happily returned the embrace.

And the sisters, knowing they will most likely visit this childhood room of theirs soon, closed the doors behind them and stepped forward, new adventures and discoveries bound.

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