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Commission for @lilcarts21

HarryPotterAU!! I’ve always love HP, I grow up reading the books and it’s like a part of me now, and so is Frozen! Both so important to me, so I loved drawing this!! Thank you so much, for the beautiful commission and for supporting me!! *-*

Hope you like,


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Then Anna headbutted her. “Ooh, ow, sorry. That was way harder than I’d planned. Anyway, take them.”

“Take what, Anna? And what exactly are you doing?”

“Giving you my memories! Put them up; let me show you what I was like at six years old. And seven, and eight, and thirteen. I’ll give you everything. Then it’s your turn. Did you have awkward teen years? Because I totally had awkward teen years.”

“That is not how it works,” Elsa laughed. She’d meant the way Anna kept pushing her head into her shoulder like a cat, as if memories were transferred by contact.

Anna, though, looked up with her muddled hair and said, “Well, it should work that way. Life’s too short to miss out on a sister like you.”

- from The Next Unknown, chapter 10

This is a silly sketch I did after a lovely reader suggested that I try my newfound drawing skills on a cute flashback scene from the latest chapter aaaandd it came out looking like Anna had punched her sister in the face. I tried to fix it and now it looks like a meme 😂

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Hogwarts!AU | Request by @lilcarts21

Just a little continuation to this! Of course Anna couldn’t care less about her wounds because her effortlessly cool older sister thinks she “looked pretty cool back there” during the match. ❄️🍁

The second one is based off @justlookatthosesausages post that I legitimately couldn’t stop thinking off ever since I saw it! Anna always figures the riddles out and always surprises Elsa with a visit. Sure, last time she accidentally burnt part of the curtains, but hey! She was just showing her sister the latest spell she learnt!

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Anna takes Elsa away for picnic. And they take a peaceful nap under a tree.

The book title “den lille havfrue“ = “the little mermaid”. I used Google translate, not sure how accurate it was XD

Newhaus chocolate!

One of them comes back home burned like a vampire. Elsa soon learns her ice dress doesn’t help her against the sun..

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When the dam breaks, Arendelle faces massive destruction, and Anna has to return home without a sister.

Elsa unfreezes in Ahtohallan to find that she’s still trapped, with no way of contacting the outside world.

As Anna struggles to cope with grief and the sudden responsibilities of being queen of a ruined kingdom, Elsa struggles to break free from Ahtohallan and find her way back home.

Or: AU where Arendelle floods and the ending gets a lot more complicated.

Part Three:

When Elsa thumps to the floor of Ahtohallan, panting, limbs trembling from exertion, she wishes that Anna was here to catch her the way she’s always had a habit of doing; instead, Elsa’s caught by rigid ice, and she’s starting to regain a little of that old loathing towards the frozen water that she’d grown up with.

Sighing, she shuffles, putting her legs out in front of her and leaning back onto her arms, head tilted toward that distant door that remains stubbornly out of reach.

She’s tried just about everything she can think of to summon her powers, every conceivable avenue of magic ice generation, and all she has to show for it are empty palms and an exhausted body. She’s tried innumerable hand gestures to no avail; she’s tried some rather absurd footwork patterns that maybe resulted in one or two embarrassing tumbles, but nothing else; she’s even tried sneezing, a desperate act to summon snowgies that doesn’t produce a single snowflake.

Suffice it to say, Elsa is exhausted of ideas, and just plain exhausted.

Because for all that she’s managed to get absolutely nowhere, she still feels her magic deep inside her, still feels a familiar pull beneath her skin; but where once its presence was near overwhelming, now, Elsa can barely feel it at all. It’s so…distant. And for the life of her, Elsa can’t figure out why.

(Continued on ao3)

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Writing about Elsa is complicated for me because I connected so deeply to Elsa in Frozen 1 - maybe too deeply, because I may have projected some parts of myself onto her, as people sometimes do when they relate to a character intensely.

Writing about Elsa is complicated for me because I do disagree with certain choices the writers made about Elsa’s character in Frozen 2. I’m conflicted about the ending, for instance, and I don’t like the ice boat scene because I found myself relating so deeply to Anna in Frozen 2 - relating to Anna in the way I related to Elsa in Frozen 1, and relating to Anna’s pain.

But I don’t agree with a certain section of the fandom who seems to actively dislike the snow sisters bond, who seem to think the sisters’ bond is inherently unhealthy. When I wrote a post expressing my frustration about the ice boat scene, people jumped on it and started claiming that Elsa “never apologizes” for anything she has ever done.

This notion that the sisters’ relationship is entirely one-sided… I fundamentally disagree with that.

Because I remember Frozen 1, where it is deeply, deeply clear that Elsa cares about Anna as much as Anna cares about her.


Look at how much it hurts Elsa to close that door. Closing that door wasn’t Elsa’s choice, at least not at first. Her parents and the trolls taught her that. She sees how much Anna is hurting and she connects with that pain.


After their parents’ funeral, the camera passes from Anna to Elsa and we see their mutual pain. You get the clear sense that Elsa feels not only her own pain but her sister’s pain. She knows what Anna is going through. She sympathizes with her sister, feels what she feels.


As the film goes on, we see Elsa in tune to her sister’s happiness…


And we see Elsa heartbroken when Anna is hurt. You get the feeling in this moment that, if circumstances hadn’t erected walls between them, Elsa would run to her sister and dry her tears, would give Anna every comfort. She wants to so badly - she’s only held back by fear.


Over the course of the film, we continually see Elsa put Anna first - at the expense of her own welfare. Elsa is fine with suffering alone so long as Anna is safe.


And when we finally get to see Elsa and Anna truly interact at the end of the first film, they are both the better for it.

When Anna says she likes the open gates, Elsa assures her they are never closing them again. Elsa is clearly considerate of her sister’s emotions and desires. She loves her deeply and she cares about Anna’s happiness as much as she cares about her safety.


And then there’s Frozen Fever. To the people who seized upon my ice boat post and claimed “Elsa never apologizes,” have you watched Frozen Fever recently? Or OFA? Or all the moments in the franchise where Elsa apologizes to Anna? I bring up Frozen Fever specifically because the whole short is set up as Elsa apologizing for Anna spending years “outside her locked door.” Because the short shows Elsa going out of her way to bring Anna happiness. Because the short shows Elsa continually validating Anna.

Then comes Frozen 2. Now, to be up front about this, it’s difficult for me to talk about Frozen 2 because it’s a heated subject on different sides of the fandom. There are parts of the film I disagree with but still do my best to appreciate - because I have the capacity to respect things I don’t like, and I even find merit in aspects of things I don’t like. But it still makes it tricky to talk about it - just as bad faith arguments from others make it tricky to talk about.

I do wish there were more scenes of Elsa validating Anna in Frozen 2 (I’d have adored it if the deleted scene where Elsa showed Anna their parents was left in), but what I feel were missteps on the part of Frozen 2 don’t negate the entire rest of the franchise. Moments that I’ve seen people use to broadly demonize the sisters’ relationship across the whole franchise don’t magically make all the positive aspects of their bond disappear, don’t magically make Elsa’s characterization elsewhere disappear. Even though I dislike certain aspects of Elsa’s characterization in Frozen 2, that doesn’t change the fact that Frozen 1 and the shorts characterized her as continually loving and supportive.

It also doesn’t change the fact that there are moments of supportiveness in Frozen 2 as well. Like when she assures Anna that Arendelle did not fall.


Again, I’m still critical of the parts of Frozen 2 that I disagree with, but I just… I deeply love snow sisters. And I want to remind people, even if they really hate Elsa in Frozen 2, that Frozen 1 and the shorts still exist. And while I think that media criticism is valid, sometimes I think it becomes too extreme on this site because our emotions overwhelm us. (I know that my emotions have overwhelmed me in the past as I’ve tried to discuss things. I’ve spoken heatedly in the past and regretted it.)

Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling. I hope that I have been fair and clear in my thoughts. 

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