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#snow white

“ — Lips red as the rose…

, ,,

Hair black as ebony

, ,,

Skin white as snow… — ”

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Finished it yesterday and…I still haven’t found who the artist to my reference is. I really wanna credit them but I think they privated their post, I don’t really know. Hope someone could find them or recognize their art for me.

Stay safe and healthy everyone ♥

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books i’ve read in 2021 ( poisoned by jennifer donnelly

in a reimagining of the classic “snow white” tale, princess charlotta-sidonia wilhelmina sophia of the greenlands ( though she’d much rather be called just sophie ) is turning seventeen and about to take over the throne from her stepmother. sophie’s heard what everyone thinks of her. that she’s weak, too weak for the crown. she’s too softhearted, so unlike her stepmother who’s ruled since her father’s death. sophie’s believed these whispers of the nobles, of her own stepmother. but the mystery of this tale isn’t in the huntsman stealing the heart of a poor innocent princess, but who’s behind it. and who the princess, without her heart, meets along the way. can she face death time and time again and overcome it all? or is she, in fact, the helpless princess everyone’s claimed her to be all these years? 

“you might as well WISH for a fairy queen to appear OR S E V E N LITTLE MEN to walk out of the woods.” 

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This outfit is disappointing. It is made of cheap stiff fabric, the kind that’s white on the inside, with all the colour printed on. The collar is unhemmed and quite thin, and nothing drapes. I also wish the shoes were a better colour. The pie is cute, but be prepared for horrible plastic smell. Also, why only one oven mitt? This is a two-handed pie.

It’s the use of plastic tabs in the packaging that made me want to cry. So many holes. If the fabric were nicer, I might be bothered to sew beads there or something, but then, if the fabric were nicer, the holes wouldn’t be so huge and highly visible. At least the ones on the skirt don’t show from the front.

On the pro side, I like the print on the skirt, and the outfit looks cute on the doll! (Snow White was acquired from a boot fair, wearing Barbie clothing. She’s the hinge-knee, jointed ankle that likes to rotate so the feet are backward version. I really like her face and hair.) So for display, this looks good at a distance on a shelf, but I really wanted something better for this doll.

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Snow: What should I do?

Regina: Oh… this is where I give you advice and pretend you’re going to listen to it?

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I’m constantly walking the line between loving the magicalness of Disney movies and hating Disney for the fact that most Disney princesses were young girls who got married very quickly to older men they’d only just met

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Okay here me out

MC and the seven demons (snow White and the seven dwarfs)

Lucifer: vanity

Mammon: greedy

Levithan: envy

Satan: angry

Asmodeus: lusty

Beezlebub: hungry

Belphegor: sleepy

Solomon is the evil Queen, the poison apple is just his cooking. He just wanted to check out who was getting pacts and accidently K.O-ed MC with his cooking

The prince is still up to debate

Who’s MC’s sweet prince?

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“Obi wan, to the ball you must take me mMMMM”

“Yoda please, i just want to read”

“Prettiest girl at the party i will be yes”

“Pretty i am”

“to the ball we must go”

“step mother abuses me she does”

“ my foot the slipper fits ”

“ take me away from step sisters you will”

“ my prince charming you are”

“True loves kiss this is MMMM”

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Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Fe


“What you get back when you love someone far outweighs the risk.”Mary Margaret / Snow White

Mary Margaret is a warm, empathetic, and understanding woman who respects others’ choices even when she cannot agree with them, but who also measures things against her own personal moral standards. It bothers her enormously to be going behind Katherine’s back and seeing…

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Snow: Can I ask a dumb question?

Regina: Better than anyone I know.

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Had a laughing fit for a good 15 minutes because somehow when I saw a Snow White gif I remembered a French sentence of her working-around-the-house song in loops and it went from Siffler en travaillant! to Pisser en travaillant! without so much as a warning

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Movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Would I recommend: Yes - it’s such a classic, and despite all the time that has passed it’s still quite entertaining.

Had seen before: Yes (but couldn’t remember it)

Main movie, prequel, sequel, or midquel: Main movie

Theater or straight to video: Theater

Keep reading below for fun facts, my thoughts, and origin details (contains spoilers)!

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(My fav dwarf from Snow White. Here’s the first sketch of 2021!)

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