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#snowball fight
balloonwhisk · 2 days ago
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When you’re a kid, you hope that there’s some magical land out there for you to stumble upon. And, as you grow up, you realize that there isn’t. And I don’t believe anyone who says they’re fine with that, because it is crazy disappointing. But I found it. An actual magical world. And I can access it whenever and anything is possible there but it’s also completely safe because it’s not real. But it feels real. And I can’t give it up. I won’t.
Rose Atkinson, Dreamwalker
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It's Izukus first year attending U.A. and he's already made some friends. Friends that forced him to participate in the yearly snowball fight.
Too bad there's some guy on the other team who will do anything to get Izuku out of the game.
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aki-galaxy · 5 days ago
you think it's possible to drink Childe's water blade weapons? they're just... suspended... in the air... what's stopping me?
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glassesandswords · 7 days ago
Hey, snk veteran stans
If you love reading fanfiction with Erwin-Mike-Levi-Hange and have an account in AO3, there’s this one fic I highly recommend called ‘A Brief History of Reluctant Heroes’ by RockSaltAndRoll. 
Summary: Exhausted and numb after witnessing the deaths of his friends, Levi now has to struggle to rebuild his life within the Survey Corps. As much as he hates to admit it, this life suits him and before long he learns to trust the unlikeliest of people - a reckless young soldier with a passion for science and knowledge, the man Levi tried to kill who isn't as stoic and serious as he first appears, and a guy who can smell danger from a mile away.
Relationships: Hange Zoë/Levi Characters: Hange Zoë, Levi, Erwin Smith, Mike Zacharias, Keith Shadis Additional Tags: Post-A Choice With No Regrets, Friendship, Working as a Team, Comrades, Fighting, Titans, Angst and Humor, Fluff, Caretaking, Cuddling & Snuggling, Pre-Relationship
It is a rather old one (written in 2015) and available only to the members of Ao3, but I assure you, it is 100% worth it to make an account just for reading the fic. This story contains deliciously juicy, canon-compliant fluff with excellent characterization and almost professional writing that will have you squealing into your pillow. 
There are very few fanfics I enjoyed as much as this one, so I wanted to share it with you all as well. 
Tumblr media
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5h4d0w-tp · 10 days ago
I didn't want to spoil myself on Tartaglia's teapot voice lines until I could invite him inside my own, and... Everything he says is like... all of my uh... squishy dreams come true. It's so adorable. I love Childe so much.
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Thinking back to when I was a kid watching movies and shows and getting so mad when the female characters weren't allowed to participate in having the dumbass trope where all the dudes are goofing around being silly and the girls are off to the side rolling their eyes...nothing infuriates me more like let women be goofy and let them do silly things and push each other around and get dirty smh
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masterjedilenawrites · 20 days ago
Omg you're writing for delta squad 😳 can I maybe request them having a snowball fight with their S/O!
YES Delta Squad's becoming like my secret side-family, I visit them when the long stretch between Bad Batch episodes gets too painful... (I say when it's only been one day since the last episode haha im so weak)
Boss: He was resting on an outdoor hammock, enjoying the crispness of the winter air around him just a little too much. He didn't usually let his guard down like this, but it'd been a while since he could put his feet up and just breathe. He was confused at the sudden rain of snow on him, wondering if Fixer had miscalculated when the next storm would start. But after craning his neck and seeing his S/O innocently whistling just a few feet away, his confusion turned into amusement. Oh, well okay then... He slides out of the hammock and tries to scoop up some snow, only to get hit again with another round from his S/O. He sees they have a pile near them, they had prepared, he doesn't stand a chance. But he lets himself smile at each impact anyway, giving up on trying to shoot back and instead walking right into the line of fire. He scoops up his S/O, carrying their giggling form over his shoulder inside and plopping them onto a seat by the fire. He kisses their pinkish nose and resumes his rest snuggled up against them.
Fixer: The fight breaks out amongst his brothers and S/O first. He tinkers away in his room, glancing out the window to watch more often than he realizes. Eventually he can't help it, and he takes his equipment outside, just a little bit closer but still not engaging. His S/O smiles and beckons him over but he waves them off. He's got work to do. Even when Scorch "accidentally" hits him with snowball, Fixer doesn't give in. Nope. This is childish, of course he's not going to play. But they all know him well, too well. Boss starts saying inaccurate information about trajectories, Scorch and Sev argue over whether he can even throw accurately, and his S/O... his S/O starts playing the victim, feigning to need help against the three burly brothers they're up against. That's it. Fixer can't hold back any more. He marches right out there, determined to show them all how to have a proper snowball fight. He will never admit it, not even to his S/O, but it ends up being one of the most fun afternoons of his life.
Scorch: It starts out innocent, as things usually do with this guy. He's hand-in-hand with his S/O on a relaxing walk, chatting about random things as they explore the beautiful snow-covered hills of a park. Scorch pauses to fiddle with his shoe, his S/O continues walking and talking. And then suddenly, wham. Snow is covering their back and they whirl to see Scorch taking off toward a tree, laughing maniacally like a child. It's on. They both hurriedly gather snow, barely forming it into the proper shape before tossing it at each other, laughing uncontrollably as they make their way closer to each other again. Eventually Scorch tackles them gently, more like a hug really, but with enough purposeful force so that they tumble down the hill together. Legs are tangled, chests heaving against each other in laughter and exhaustion. Scorch is on the bottom, letting the snow soak through his clothes but not even caring. Looking up at his S/O like this, flushed and jovial and alive... it's the perfect moment. He takes a mental snapshot and treasures it forever.
Sev: Takes this fight very seriously, like it's another mission. It doesn't matter that he's up against his S/O, the love of his life, the most precious thing in the galaxy to him. No, in this moment, as they square off on opposites sides of the yard, piles of snowballs stacked by their feet and makeshift bunkers made out of plastic lawn chairs just behind them, all bets are off. He holds nothing back as the fight commences, peppering his S/O with volley after volley. They unsurprisingly keep up with him at first, returning some well-aimed shots of their own. His S/O is tough, he knows that, and it makes him proud. But when they finally run out of steam, they collapse on the field dramatically and wait for him to rush over in concern. Oops, it was a trap. Their last snowball is shoved right into Sev's frowning face and they burst into a fit of giggles as he cleans himself off with a huff. He tries to hide back a grin of his own as he reluctantly admits defeat and then carries them out of the snow.
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secretlovelybeauty · 21 days ago
I love that we have all mutually decided that Gwyn and Az are that annoyingly competitive couple. Like at first all their friends find this cute, because they are happy for them, but they quickly all start to get extremely annoyed. Having Az + Gwyn team up and train their combined competitiveness on the rest of the group is just too much, and so they create a rule that people aren’t allowed to be on the same team as their significant other during game night (but really its just to separate Gwyn and Az), as it’s the only way they can deal with their competitiveness (because it’s trained on each other and not on the rest of them). 
Watching Az and Gwyn rile each other up and make crazy outlandish bets with each other is also half the fun of game night for the rest of the group. Family game nights usually end with everyone else abandoning the game, and Az and Gwyn bickering about who’s the real loser, why the other is the superior player, etc.
Bonus snowball fight headcannon:
I am very torn if I want the snowball fight to expand and include the girls or stay as the one tradition that Rhys, Az and Cassian have just for themselves...BUT in my head they keep it just the 3 of them until they have kids and then they make it a dad + kids thing while the moms relax.
Az is still the most competitive obviously, and while it’s no mates officially involved in the fight that doesn’t stop him from utilizing Gwyn and her knowledge. She is always helping him strategize before (they’ll have their own snowball fight before to practice techniques - obviously there is a sexy wager at stake here). 
I picture them pouring over old books in the library to find some new strategies to employ every year. They also use lots of subterfuge before the big day, using misleading and suggestive hints to throw Rhys and Cassian off all year. Gwyn giving Nesta and Feyre wrong information to pass on (I am picturing Brooklyn Nine-Nine halloween heist levels of preparation and subterfuge here).
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samfoley · a month ago
Man, I love the snow. Sadly, the part of Oregon I live in didn’t get snow at all last year.
Been thinking how Gage would deal with the snow. Hmmmm
Gage in the snow with Sam
Tumblr media
Gage in the snow with everyone else
Tumblr media
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raayllum · a month ago
since ttm happened in summer or so i like to think in the timeskip itll be early winter and if they go back to katolis after finding rayla they stop at the banther lodge and have some fun
god part of the reason i want a six month ish timeskip is because it’d take us from like, end of july to january and the Symbolism is too good to pass up.
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