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artandmartinia day ago
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Concept: Baz with red lipstick (just cause)
+ Simon
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snootskunka day ago
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On the worst days, on the even worse nights, I used to think about all the bad things that have happened to Simon-just the ones I know about. And then I鈥檇 wonder about all the terrible things that have happened to him that I don鈥檛 know about. Twenty years of bad things. How long would it take for those painful memories to die back? Or, at least, to wither?
I鈥檇 wait.
-Any Way the Wind Blows by @rainbowrowell
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I spent way too long on this, mostly because I have been desperately trying to learn (and relearn) illustration techniques and was using this piece as practice. I think I repainted this at least 8 times before I said 鈥榦k, let it go鈥. Ive never rendered a full illustration on my iPad before, and it was really addicting to try out different brushes, explore styles, play with lighting and effects.
Since going to Megacon recently, I realized how much I really missed drawing characters. I used to all the time, it鈥檚 what got me into art. I want to be able to draw the characters that I love, and create my own again, but I don鈥檛 really know how to anymore. I don鈥檛 know what my style even is鈥 but I want to try. It lit a little fire in me. I鈥檒l learn.
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鈽锔廔鈥檓 officially a sucker for all things Simon Snow. What a funny, romantic, sad and tender series. I read these during a transitional time of my life, and they mean a lot to me. They also got me into reading again. Thanks @rainbowrowell for giving us a wonderful world of nontoxic vampires, supportive relationships and realistic (magical) rosebud boys.
#carryon #carryonfanart #snowbaz #snowbazfanart #simonsnow #simonsnowfanart #waywardson #anywaythewindblows #rainbowrowell #anywaythewindblowsrainbowrowell
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asticou19 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Bickering like like an old married couple already...
(Did anyone say more arranged marriage royalty AU?? No?? Oh well.)
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fanaticalmess26a day ago
headcanon that simon takes great pride in messing up baz鈥檚 hair鈥 like not in public, but if baz is getting ready to go somewhere simon will run his hands through baz鈥檚 hair and it鈥檒l get all messed up and baz is like
鈥渟hit, simon, i need to re-do my hair now鈥
and simon is like
and i really don鈥檛 know why
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true-blue-dreama day ago
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Felt like drawing today so I had to draw a snuggled up Snowbaz moment馃挄
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feyi-png2 days ago
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Simon x broom is my otp 馃Ч鈾ヰ煣光櫏馃Ч鈾
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takitalksa day ago
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This line from Penny gave me big Shep vibes, no wonder they fell in love! I see Penny and Shepard on wild adventures because they both have the worst survival instincts.
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WIP Wednesday but on Friday
Thank you for tagging me @you-remind-me-of-the-babe @urban-sith @palimpsessed 馃挋馃挋馃挋
During the extremly limited free time I had the last week, I've been stress writing heavy angst for the Bastard fest and writing fluff for Liquid Luck challenge, so I hardly had time for anything else.
But. I started something today while I was on a break. 馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ It's super drafty and I might rewrite this whole scene when I鈥檒l actually have some free time to do so. It's not exactly crack, but not far from it.
Simon鈥檚 pov
鈥淲e are going to London. There's something I need to steal at the museum. Tonight, 鈥 says Fiona matter-of-factly.
I just nod. If you knew Pitches as I do, you鈥檇 understand that there鈥檚 nothing odd about them stealing from the British Museum.
鈥淲hat about tonight?鈥 asks Baz, walking into the kitchen.
鈥淲e are going to liberate a precious artefact and commit treason against the Crown. Two birds, one good heist,鈥 explains Fiona and seeing it from her perspective, it does make sense.
I'm pretty sure that if I spend any more time around Baz鈥檚 aunt, I might start borrowing her t-shirts that say: 鈥淒own with Patriarchy鈥 and 鈥淔reddie is my only Queen.鈥
Which if I think about it might be a good thing.
鈥淟ovely.鈥 Baz beams. 鈥淚t's been ages since I last went to the British Museum.鈥
鈥淣ot since our first date,鈥 I say and we both smile.
Of course neither of us knew at the time it was a date.
Although I think we both suspected it in our own ways. Me more than Baz probably. He's too insecure to believe something like that back then.
Tagging (no pressure 馃挋): @satsukii @dreamingkc @shemakesmeforget @wellbelesbian @otherpeoplesheartachept-2 @simonsnowsfreckles @simon--spooks @nonbaznary @sleepdeprivedphilosopher @angelsfalling16 @itookthesenseofhumorinthedivorce @lilylemon12 @simonsknows @asocialpessimist @gampyre @themagic-est @spacepuff39 @jasonfunderberkerthefrogexists @captain-aralias @tbasilpitch @maybebrilliant @aroace-genderfluid-sheep @urban-sith @anotherdisasterpan @confused-bi-queer @martsonmars @blu-riie @findingniamho @the-pandora-jar @motherscarf @wolfywordweaver @xivz @palimpsessed and anyone else who wants to do this. 馃挋馃挋馃挋
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adamarks17 hours ago
Hello everyone I made this in iMovie and they wouldn鈥檛 let me use any old music so I had to use the royalty free stuff. Featuring art by @krisrix and @theflyingpeach
@rainbowrowell I don鈥檛 see anyone making amvs for you so I did my worst best
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youbetschyourass3 days ago
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These easter eggs of pure homosexual love are SENDING ME TODAY 馃槶馃槶馃槶
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snootskunka day ago
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Now don鈥檛 get me wrong, I love sweet whisperhands Simon too, but also I really appreciate bitey Simon? I know it鈥檚 not just me.
This is a sketch I from my new sketchbook that I thought would be fun to slap some color on and play with brushes. I just started painting on my iPad, it鈥檚 a lot of fun! I haven鈥檛 drawn anything like this in like, ten years? Jeez. So I鈥檓 trying to relearn drawing people and poses and etc, at the same time as procreate... It鈥檚 hard! But I鈥檝e been practicing drawing with these two, so it hasn鈥檛 been unpleasant.
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palimpsessed2 days ago
Tumblr media
A tale of trust, lust, loyalty, and epic romance
Fic Summary: Young god of love Simonides is tasked by his father, the god of war, to bring about the ruin of a mortal prince to punish his blasphemy. However, once Simonides sees his intended victim, he begins to have misgivings. Prince Tyrannus might have offended the gods with his very existence, but all Simonides can see is how beautiful and lonely he is.
Or, a very loose interpretation of the Eros and Psyche myth.
Rated: M for eventual sexual content
I just had a god talk to me. An actual god. Talking to me. (Lecturing me?) I've no idea what to make of our exchange, such as it was. I think I pissed him off, which is not ideal, but hardly unexpected, considering. Still, being afraid of him running me down鈥攐r dive bombing me, more like鈥攆eels paranoid.
He was talking to me through a statue. (I think?鈥擳hat's also mad, isn't it?) Statues, even those possessed by gods, are not liable to speak or give chase.
Or so I keep telling myself.
This fic will update weekly on Fridays.
Read chapter three now
Or start from the beginning
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simonsnowsfreckles9 months ago
unpopular opinion: sometimes... fandom isn't that important. sometimes fandom isn't "that deep" to someone. sometimes people don't interact within the fandom and like to watch from afar. sometimes people just want to look at cool art or read cool fanfics, and that's it.
let's normalize fandom being a hobby or an interest and not a lifestyle. normalize taking a step back, taking time off and disconnecting from fandom without feeling bad. it's okay and healthy to prioritize yourself over media instead of consuming it 24/7. it's okay to set boundaries and enjoy something the way you need.
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sourcherries922 months ago
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couldn鈥檛 stop thinking about these two after i finished awtwb. I can鈥檛 put into words how much I adore this series and it鈥檚 characters; Thankyou @rainbowrowell and everyone who made these books so magical <3
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weremagnusa month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello! Here's another sequential based on the Simon Snow trilogy books by @rainbowrowell. This one is a scene from Wayward Son in Chapter 21 when Simon and Baz are messing around with foam swords at a renaissance fair during their trip to America.
Thanks to the patient Snowbaz fans who leave very kind comments on my previous Simon Snow fanart, hope you enjoy this one!
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