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loquaciousquark · 7 months ago
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i will never be over salty snowboys
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babie-animalcrossing · 7 months ago
For a perfect Snowboy:
- body = top of characters eyes
- head = character's mouth
For as long as I've been using this technique I've always got perfect snowman, and it's a bit less space consuming then the "ten-space-long-path", which yes is easier to do but you would need to clear out like a huge bit of your island so a bit inconvenient :(
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Credit goes to @ 8bitbish on instagram! Both for the picture and the info!
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lizardsister · 7 months ago
making fucked up snowboys just to Feel something again 
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beanisle · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
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kamydrawstuffs · 7 months ago
Marik: Bakura! There's an old hamster in the photo! Make him go away!
Bakura: MOVE IT GRAMPS! Scram!Shoo!
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Marik: He got in the picture, Bakura...
Bakura: I know, BUT LOOK AT HIM! It's hilarious.
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