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There’s pictures of me with my old rainbow hair and blonde-yellow hair in my  profile picture.

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Happy very late Valentines back, darling!

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Patton: This is Roman. He’s a purebred prince, he is incredibly creative, and Thomas uses him often.

Janus: … These are my babies Virgil and Remus, I found them in a dumpster, Remus eats candy off the floor, and I love them more than life itself.

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Thank you!

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Aw, thank you!

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Remus: Mom! Roman hit me!

Roman: Did not. He’s lieing dad!

Remus: Did too. Don’t believe him momma!

Virgil: Alright, who’s who this time around?

Patton: I’m dad

Logan: All things considered, I think I am “mom”

Janus: And I’m momma

Virgil: *snort* So who’s Thomas then?

Janus: He’s daddy.

Thomas: *Chokes*

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Thank you. Sadly, I can’t do much because they reblogged the post not just commented on it, but yeah, it is.

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Janus: Samoyed (Boogeyman), German Shepherd (Lucifer), Newfoundland (Dracula)

Logan: Chocolate Lab (Juliet), Black Lab (Rosaline), Golden Lab (Romeo)

Patton: St. Bernard (Bernie)

Remus: Australian Shepherd (Nugget), Husky (Taco), Doberman (Pierogi), Rottweiler (Pancake), Great Dane (Sushi)

Roman: Pomeranians (Cupcake, Cannoli, and Cookie), Corgis (Croissant, Churro, and Crepe)

Virgil: Great Pyrenees (Angel), Bernese Mountain Dog (Dolly), Border Collie (Munchkin), Akita (Sweetheart)

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Well yes, but actually no. You see, the predominantly Roman deity Janus has absolutely NO Greek equivalent as there is no Greek deity of beginnings and transitions.

And, though Hermes comes close, he’s not the Greek equivalent, nor was there ever a Greek equivalent for him, thus he’s distinctly Roman and one of very few (Mithras, Orcus, and Lares are other distinctly Roman-only deities) with no counterpart in the Greek mythology.

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No gonna lie, I chuckled a little.

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Avatar: the Last Airbender! I’ve already been in the fandom for fifteen years!

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I like to casually cosplay Janus.

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I mean, they probably all would have the same size as Thomas but they might have different sizes in the Mindscape.

I’d guess Janus is an DD cup (I’m not projecting), Logan is a C, Patton is a A, Remus is an AA, Roman is a B, and Virgil is a D.

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Thank you! All the platonic love back at you too!

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