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Just posted all the SNS drabbles together on FFN and AO3 so they won’t be lost! I’ll post more as they come.

Still keeping requests open until Saturday (June 6) in exchange for receipts of donation to bail funds, BLM charities, gofundmes - I’m flexible, anything that helps.

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for someone who would rather remain anonymous - canonverse sns where one of them is asexual. Thank you for being so patient and generous <3

Requests are from this!

      It had been almost two years, now. Sasuke had been away from Konoha for far longer, of course, but today it was almost two years to the day when Naruto had joined him. Not in the same way, of course—Naruto had done his work and requested his leave, and Sasuke had been informed of every step in a million different letters which all contained pages and pages of absolute irrelevancy.

    Sasuke had read them from back to front.

    Still, it had been two years since then—and that meant it had only been one since Naruto’s sudden, earth-shattering realization, that perhaps the connection between them wasn’t best explained by friendship, after all.

    Only a year.

    It had seemed like far longer. Not that it had been the worst form of torture—no, Sasuke was familiar with those, and comparing this particular year to any other in the rest of his life left it looking…

    Something like bliss. And yet—

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Naruto tops? Yeah sure but when Sasuke tops it’s like a whole new world. Come one guys I need more Sasuke tops fics 👺 haters

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[📷] [200527] Instastory update

[ENG] Getting rid of my ‘closet license’* ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Wow, I will definitely make it after 10 years 

 *In Korea closet license (장롱면허) is when you have license but don’t drive at all. 

trans by us © take out with full credits

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