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A little about the words Naruto and Sasuke use (especially during VoTE 1 & 2)
I’ve been meaning to talk about this but I think it’s important how Naruto and Sasuke use different terms when addressing each other. I think it shows a different levels of confusion in how they are aware of the nature of their bond.
NAKAMA (comrade)
Tumblr media
When Naruto is trying to plead, he uses the word 仲間 (nakama) which means comrade, and eventhough it's sometimes translated as friend in different shonen series, you can be nakama without necessarily being friends. The word is referred to as being part of a group or community in a plural sense. Shikamaru says he doesn’t particularly like Sasuke but he considers Sasuke nakama because they are both Konoha shinobi. Naruto is telling Sasuke to consider all of them because they are his comrades from Konoha, he is asking Sasuke how can he shrug off this connection like it's nothing.
*Nakama is also the word Sasuke uses when referring to Naruto and Sakura as comrades (and I assume this applies also to Kakashi even if he is not there) he doesn't want to lose when they are facing Gaara. Sasuke has never referred to Sakura as any other word than nakama, which is another reason why the way he addresses Naruto so dramatically speaks volumes*
SHITASHII TOMO (intimate friend)
Tumblr media
Sasuke rejects the idea of "playing" with the Konoha crowd but when Naruto asks was everything meaningless between them, he tells Naruto no and adds:
You have become... my closest friend Ore ni totte omae wa, mottomo shitashii tomo ni natta.
shitashii tomo = closest friend 最も  (mottomo) most, extremely 親しい ( shitashī ) intimate, really close
What's interesting is that shitashī as a word already means really close or intimate and is used in front of tomo to show that the relationship is very deep and important, but Sasuke adds "mottomo" which means "extremely". He is very serious about his feelings!
TOMODACHI (friend)
Tumblr media
(First picture) We became friends. (Second picture) (I'm) your friend! (Third picture) Because you're my friend!
There are a lot of different words for "friend" in Japanese. Naruto uses 友達 (tomodachi) when addressing Sasuke (unlike Sasuke). I'd say tomodachi is the most common and casual word for a friend, it isn’t polite or honorific Japanese, and one can use it in everyday casual conversations. It is not polite like yuujin and it also doesn't refer to specifically really close friend like shinyuu.
To me, the way Sasuke addresses Naruto so dramatically while Naruto, despite his actions being dramatic, addresses Sasuke almost casually is peculiar. I'm not sure what to make of it. Tomodachi is again the word Naruto offers Sasuke after their final battle, and Sasuke doesn't seem too happy. It's only after Naruto says he just can't bear watch him suffer because it hurts, can't leave Sasuke alone, that Sasuke finally relaxes and seems content.
KYOUDAI (brother, sibling)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(First picture:) I wonder if being with you is how having a brother feels like. (Second picture:) Naruto considers you to almost be his own brother... that's what I heard from Sakura-san. - I only have one brother, the one I want to kill. (Third picture:) *Unfortunately I don’t have the raw for this volume, but I checked the anime and the chapter title and Naruto indeed uses kyoudai again*
Naruto refers to Sasuke as 兄弟 (kyoudai) when he is wondering if their relationship is that of brothers/siblings during VoTE 1 and also when he is talking to Itachi and telling him he's a better brother to Sasuke than Itachi ever was. But interestingly, when Naruto confronts Sasuke in Kage Summit arc he refers to him as his friend. During war arc, Naruto acknowledges him and Sasuke aren't really brothers, but they are friends.
* Important to note here is that Sasuke never agrees to Naruto’s musing of them possibly being like brothers, and he even tells Sai he only has one brother. Sasuke sticks to his ‘intimate friend’ til the end and never changes it. This shows that since Sasuke had a family and a brother, he can tell his feelings towards Naruto aren’t brotherly. Naruto on the other hand, didn’t have a family, or anyone to teach him different relationships, so he has to learn by himself.*
But back to Hagoromo:
Tumblr media
(Naruto says:)
Ore to Sasuke wa hontō no kyōdai ja nee kedo... Nakanaori wa dekiru to omou nda.
Even though Sasuke and I aren't really siblings...I think we can make peace.
*This part, I understood as Naruto explaining to Hagoromo that even if they aren't brothers like Ashura and Indra, he believes they can fix things, reconcile and end the hatred since they’re friends.*
(Sasuke says:)
イタチ 亡き今 やっ とオレは 一人になったように思えた...だがナルト...あいつ だけは斬っておかなければならない.
Itachi naki ima yatto ore wa hitori ni natta youni omoeta...Daga Naruto... Aitsu dake wa kitte o kanakereba naranai.
Now that Itachi is dead, I thought that I became completely alone... But Naruto... I must only kill (literally cut) him.
*Sasuke is referring to cutting Naruto from himself so he can be truly alone*
(Hagoromo asks why Sasuke needs to cut Naruto off/why Naruto thinks he can make peace with Sasuke:)
Tumblr media
(Naruto says:)
オレ達 かなりの友達だから.
Ore-tachi kanari no tomodachi dakara.
Because we're quite good friends.
かなり = quite, fairly
(Sasuke says)
オレにとって奴は...最も親しい友のままでいる から だ.
Ore ni totte yatsu wa...Mottomo shitashii tomo no mama de irukarada.
As for me, he...because he remains my extremely close friend/most intimate friend.
最も = (mottomo) most, extremely 親しい (shitashii) intimate, really close
What interests me is how they use different words. Naruto keeps using the more casual tomodachi while Sasuke keeps using the more dramatic mottomo shitashii tomo. Sasuke is more honest about his feelings maybe?
Tumblr media
(Sasuke says:)
じゃあね... オレの唯一の友よ!
Jaa ne... Ore no yuiitsu no tomo yo!
See ya.. my only... friend!
(Naruto says:)
Sono yuiitsu ga ore dakara yo.
Because I'm (your) only one.
This is interesting because while Sasuke uses the word tomo for friend here, when he asks why Naruto won't give up Naruto says "Because I'm (your) only one" without the friend... maybe he just didn't add it, but I do think the choice to not include it is peculiar and makes this sound even more dramatic. 😏 When it comes to Sasuke, I can’t for the life of me understand how people can think Sakura is extremely important to him when the manga made a clear point that Naruto dying would leave him alone, because Naruto is ‘the only one’. Ignoring this is just lack of reading comprehension or denial.
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[phone ringing]
Shikamaru: Isn't Himawari a little too old to be called 'baby girl?
Naruto: *picks up*
Naruto: Hey Sasuke
Shikamaru: I-
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This is my favorite dynamic
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sns did the sun and moon troupe before everyone and nobody be doing the sun and moon troupe better than sns 
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Sasuke has lost his wings so Naruto sacrificed the ones he had
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Look at the patterns on the clothes 😂
Tumblr media
This anime has 100 million views in China
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It’s honestly so funny how much Naruto holds Sasuke’s attention. Sasuke’s focus is pretty much on Naruto unless people are speaking to him or attacking him.
It’s difficult to precisely tell in reunion who Sasuke is looking at since he’s too far from team 7 but Kishimoto made sure to parallel his and Naruto’s face a lot, giving the idea that they are looking at each other.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That’s four panels just to show they are dramatically staring at each other…
Tumblr media
It happens when Sasuke is leaving as well. Which is funny because when nothing else is going on, his eyes just direct towards Naruto.
And not only he focuses on Naruto but he also seems at the very least interested in Naruto’s reactions, despite his cold look and demeanour during reunion.
Tumblr media
But what really caught my attention was this moment here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He has Yamato under his blade, in the middle of an attack but in the next panel he seems way more interested in whatever is going on with Naruto and decides to… enter in his deep subconscious to talk to him and see the special source of his power, are you for real?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He is so focused on Naruto that Yamato’s defence manages to take him by surprise, even though the previous chapters just showed how much faster he’s gotten, plus, we all know how alert Sasuke usually is in the middle of a combat.
No wonder you said you needed to cut ties with him to focus on your revenge… if he makes you that distracted.
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Naruto Openings and Endings? Oh you mean Sasunaru AMVs
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manga panels that make me go hmm
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Narutober 2021, day #12: FAVORITE ARC
Pain Arc!!!
Finally the piece I wanted to share xd
Childs of the Prophecy
This piece is just about how different and similar Pain and Naruto are. Paying attention to how having the same teacher, loved ones to fight for and and a strong desire for change doesn't mean they were going to end up walking the same path. They become very different people as they grow. Each one with their loses and the discovery of their own agency in the world. Even with all these similarities they end up built with a completely different way of seeing the world and the ways of how to best approach the problematics in front of them. Both of them filled with rage, power and pain, yet. Not the same
All i can say now is. I loved this one drawing. I really wanted it to turn out as good as I was able to! And for now I'm proud! :-9
As always, reference used, thanks for reading me and wish me luck;;;;
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bapies with motivation and godlike potential
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naruto: guys don’t freak out but i think kakashi-sensei and gai-sensei might like each other. romantically.
sakura: uhh duh?? you were the ring bearer at their wedding remember?
naruto: that was a wedding?? i thought was just a friendship ceremony thing?
sakura: you didn’t even put together that it was a wedding after you had your own??
naruto: wait—
sasuke: no.
naruto: WAIT—
sasuke: i swear if you say what i think you’re about to say—
sasuke: obviously! how the hell did you not realize that was a wedding??
naruto: it’s not my fault! i was raised an orphan! how did YOU not realize i didn’t know what was actually happening?
sasuke: i don’t know naruto! i assumed the “i now pronounce you husband and husband” followed by a kiss might have given it away
naruto: i thought that was a joke! like a no-homo kiss??
sasuke: a no-homo kiss. right.
sasuke: i am going to strangle you to death and then bring you back to life so i can do it again
naruto: wait. before that— if you DID know what was going on that means you agreed to marry me?? because you like me?? oh my god can we get married again?? i’ve been planning our wedding since we were eight
sasuke: get married again?? you want me to admit to everyone that we got married without you even realizing it and then announce we’re getting married again within the same breath? do you know how humiliating that would be?? how shameful?
naruto: sooo can we??
sasuke: *deep sigh* yeah.
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Ther're two panels NH peeps use as prove that Naruto had feelings for Hinata, he acknowledged her, his thoughts for Hinata changed and make head canons out of it 1. Where Naruto says he likes person like Hinata ( I don't remember in which scene) and 2. when Kiba teases Naruto saying YOU DON'T NEED TO PUT ON A TOUGH GUY ACT JUST 'CUZ HINATA'S HERE, NARUTO(war arc)
But to me I think if he had feelings for her and like NH peeps say "something was going on between Hinata and Naruto that's why Kiba teased him then why he didn't mention her name when he was saying farewell to his father Minato!!??? I won't believe if someone will say "it's because Naruto felt shy that's why he didn't mention after all Minato is his dad and talking about your lover with your dad you know who doesn't feel shy"
Because it was the last moment with his father after all and Naruto is definitely not a person who'll feel shy at moments like this.
What do you think?
There's also a scene where Naruto says Hinata is strong and she doesn't have to try hard something like this (war arc)
But I think that moment was like Kishimoto let Naruto say what Hinata wanted to hear type moment or Naruto was being nice that's all.
My thoughts about Hinata is she's that kind of person who wants to remain weak, she says she wants to prove she's not but her actual nindoda is getting praise for nothing, getting Naruto's attention, stalking Naruto, before marriage going outside coming home doing nothin special and after marriage being a house wife and going for shopping, watching TV serials and spending a lavish lifestyle that's all. She doesn't want anyone to talk about her weakness or she'll start cry acting 😔T_T👉👈 or anyone to say her to work hard to improve her ninja skills or become strong enough to do something about her clan as she's elder daughter of hyuga head also she doesn't care about her own cousin brother. I'm not saying being a house wife is a bad thing but the thing is she lies when she says she wants to become strong she wants to protect Naruto she wants to prove this or that. She's selfish.
She doesn't want anyone to talk about her weakness or she'll start cry acting 😔T_T👉👈
LOL.... All these words are just Golden!!!! You summed up so perfectly in very few words, anon.
There are two panels NH peeps use as prove that Naruto had feelings for Hinata, he acknowledged her, his thoughts for Hinata changed and make head canons out of it
So, Just 2 panels???? Is that all they have???
Well, We have the whole manga... And we got everything inside Chapter 3 and Page 8....
Why he didn't mention her name when he was saying farewell to his father Minato!!??? I won't believe if someone will say "it's because Naruto felt shy that's why he didn't mention after all Minato is his dad and talking about your lover with your dad you know who doesn't feel shy"
Man... Naruto maybe anything... But Shy????
He couldn’t mention her name because his mom asked him not to pick someone weird....
Tumblr media
But Hinata is a weird one as acknowledged by Naruto twice...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And that’s why he couldn’t say her name....
But also, Naruto’s word choice was pretty evasive...
Tumblr media
“Anyway... Not everything’s going just the way mom told me!!! But I’m trying my best!!”
He could’ve easily said... “I couldn’t find a girl like mom yet... But I will find one for sure in the Future!!”. This is totally a Naruto-type Answer... A Positive Answer....
Instead he totally got broke down into tears because his mom told him to find someone like her... But that person is not a Girl but a Boy.... It’s not going according to what Kushina advised him in her last moment....But he is trying his best to like a Girl!!! (Which is what he was trying to do the entire time but failed horribly)
There's also a scene where Naruto says Hinata is strong and she doesn't have to try hard something like this (war arc)
But I think that moment was like Kishimoto let Naruto say what Hinata wanted to hear type moment or Naruto was being nice that's all.
Tumblr media
He is probably acknowledging her strength to come out from that Shyness and acted out before Pain... Other than that, his words meant nothing...  
[[So, he did remember what Hinata said there and yet he ignored her proposal.... Good!!!!]]
1. Where Naruto says he likes person like Hinata ( I don't remember in which scene)
Yeah, he said that.... Before his Battle with Neji in Chunin Exams...
Firstly, Naruto saying.... I like XXX... is not romantic. Not one bit.
Tumblr media
This is Naruto openly saying with a Gleeful smile that he liked Haku and Zabuza, some Enemies he just took down.
He liked them because they taught him the Valuable lesson called, "People only become truly strong when they're trying to protect what's important to them...!"
Tumblr media
This is Naruto saying he likes Sakura because **ahem** She liked Sasuke (just like him) and she likes to Kiss Sasuke which he stole a moment ago (an implication that he also liked it but acted like he hated it)...
In Short.... Naruto likes Sakura because he likes the way she loves/admires Sasuke which mirrors his heart....
Tumblr media
Unlike the regular Hinata we see usually, like that Blushing, Shy and stuttering mess... Here, she is speaking some meaningful words to Naruto as to what true Strength represents... Ok... Probably the only Good thing she ever did in this entire series...
Tumblr media
Naruto is a person who gets motivated whenever people encourage and acknowledge him.... Rightfully, he feels great after her words....
Tumblr media
And her words led him to say... 'I really like a person like you...' It literally means... “I thought you are some weirdo who never speak anything... but now I like a person like you...”
On all the 3 occasions... Naruto said he liked them for different reasons... And none of them are Romantic... (Except for Sakura's one... and it was not even aimed at her...)
These One-Panel fools!!!! If what he said to Hinata was romantic, then the one he said to Haku & Zabuza should also be taken as romantic... Doesn’t it???
2. when Kiba teases Naruto saying YOU DON'T NEED TO PUT ON A TOUGH GUY ACT JUST 'CUZ HINATA'S HERE, NARUTO(war arc)
NH peeps say "something was going on between Hinata and Naruto that's why Kiba teased him"
Hmm... There is no panel evidence as to show whatever the hell was going on between them... If it were... then Naruto wouldn't be need a fucking Genjutsu to remind him that Hinata confessed her love in front of Pain...
Even still.... Kiba said this comment randomly out of nowhere...
Tumblr media
But why there is no reaction from Naruto's side after this???
And FYI... Naruto acts tough... Yes.... But it was never in front of Hinata...
And if I say this, I know how those peeps' twisted little mind will work out and they will bring another panel to prove their point.... But... Before they do it, let me do it on their behalf....
Anyways.... Let’s consider Kiba’s words were indeed Romantic.... A Boy acting tough in front of his ‘beloved’ Girl to impress her... Okay???
Tumblr media
"I may appear strong to you but... that's because I act all tough because I'm so frustrated from always failing..."
This is something Naruto said to Hinata in that same Pre-Chunin Exams Proud-Failure speech.... It looks like Naruto was opening up to her by having a deep conversation as to why he acts tough and all that, Doesn’t he????
And somehow, NH peeps bring this panel as a proof that Naruto was acting tough in front of Hinata and all that Garbage...
Except that it’s not!!!!!
Tumblr media
くやしいからオレのライバルに勝手に决めた! Kuyashīkara ore no raibaru ni katte ni kimeta! I was frustrated and I decided on my own that you were my rival!
負けたくなかつた... 落ちこぼれつて言われたから余計にそう思つたんだつてばよ Maketakunakatsuta... Ochikoboretsute iwa retakara yokei ni sō Shitautsuta ndatsuteba yo I didn't want to lose.... I was always called a loser which made me feel that way even more
Here, in VoTE1 confession, Naruto uses the same word choice as he did with Hinata... That he was frustrated from losing.... [[I checked Anime’s dialogue in Episode 59... Naruto uses the same Japanese word ‘Kuyashikara’ meaning ‘Frustrated’]]
Tumblr media
And that’s why he acts tough in front of Sasuke.... 
Well... You might think I am pushing it too far, right???? 
Tumblr media
When Naruto was poisoned by Mist Ninja... he slit his wrist to prove that he is capable of continuing the Mission....  And hilariously after this he said...
Tumblr media
“I won’t lose to Sasuke...”
This is called Acting tough because he wanted to impress Sasuke.... 
And Guess What???
Tumblr media
Sasuke was indeed impressed with Naruto’s tough Act... And that’s why he wanted to walk next to Naruto... And both of these incidents ended up being one of the Treasured memories of Sasuke....
And hilariously again....
Tumblr media
Naruto was feeling like a loser in front of Sasuke... 
And right after this... To impress him...
Tumblr media
Naruto started to randomly throw his Shuriken on hearing something... 
Tumblr media
Again in Chunin Exams, Naruto was exhausted after using so many Kage Bunshins... and hence Sasuke was asking him to take rest... But Naruto couldn’t keep quiet...
Tumblr media
And he ended up finishing the Job.... On which, Sasuke was truly impressed with Naruto’s growth just like the other Ninja... 
So, According to Kiba’s words and NH peeps stupid Headcanon.... Naruto was acting tough in front of Sasuke because he was afraid to be a loser and wanted to impress him..... 
So can we consider that all of these moments are romantic acts and that something was really going on between N and S???? 
Well, it’s not a stretch to say it is Romantic... Because S ended up having Naruto’s brave act in his Treasured memory... And N ended up weeping rivers when Sasuke, A Rival was trying to kill him.... [[Almost like, the Girl I tried to impress ended up trying to kill me...]]
And the most cutest thing is.... 
Tumblr media
Naruto always hated losing to Sasuke because he wanted to impress him.... Which is basically the meaning of ‘Usuratonkachi’
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maoam · 2 days ago
Naruto: *does something ridculous*
Sasuke: Great, like I needed to get any more attracted to you
Naruto: wait what??
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sneezemonster15 · 2 days ago
"Can you kill me calmly, Sasuke?" What does this mean? My brain just got dunked in the deep fryer and I'm too stupid to comprehend.
Hi Anon.
Naruto is in shock. He is having a very hard time believing that Sasuke would actually try to kill him, not just defeat him in a fight, not just to spar but mortally wound him.
Kishi builds it up too. Like really builds it up. Across chapters. It starts here.
Tumblr media
Sasuke is seething with anger and resentment towards Itachi who ignored Sasuke (and then brutally tortured him just to make a point :/) in favor of the jinchuriki of the nine tails, and so he zeroes in on Naruto as soon as he enters the hospital room. Naruto is clueless.
But Sasuke goads him by announcing he didn't need Tsunade's help or Naruto's, which pisses Naruto off who went to such lengths to get her so she could treat Sasuke.
Tumblr media
It doesn't sit well with him.
Unbeknownst to whatever's going on in Sasuke's head, Naruto gets reactive, pretty much keeping with his character. So he just resorts to cocky trashtalk, like it was a spar.
He really thought it was a spar.
Tumblr media
It's protocol for shinobis to wear their hitaiate as they spar, as Naruto thought they were doing.
They get carried away with the adrenalin as they keep goading each other, things escalate and they attack each other with lethal jutsus.
But even after that, Naruto is still perplexed and concerned about Sasuke's behaviour.
Tumblr media
The next time they meet, in Sasuke's retrieval arc, Naruto behaves like nothing ever happened.
Tumblr media
Because as far as Naruto is concerned, maybe something is bothering Sasuke, but that doesn't mean he would leave the village, and most importantly, him, now that they have able to forge a bond, like Naruto always wanted. And of course he doesn't want Sasuke to jeopardize his life by leaving.
He is still clueless. But he can't let Sasuke leave, and he would use force if it would help Sasuke get over his bout of irrationality. So he takes on Sasuke and they fight at the valley of the end. Sasuke overpowers Naruto after an intense and lethal fight, but Naruto is still having trouble processing it. Sasuke would never do that. Never. Why? Because of this.
Tumblr media
And this.
Tumblr media
Naruto keeps asking himself and Sasuke - why, why..?
He simply cannot process this contradictory nature of Sasuke's actions. Sasuke who risked his ninja career so Naruto won't go hungry, Sasuke who accepted him as his team member, Sasuke who asked for his opinion and help, Sasuke who freakin saved his life sacrificing his own, that Sasuke could not think of killing him.
Tumblr media
Kishi plods on and on and on about how shocked Naruto is feeling that Sasuke could kill him so easily, as if he didn't feel what Naruto felt for him. And so,
Tumblr media
I mean at this point, Kishi brings the turbulent shock and feeling of betrayal that Naruto is feeling to its highest crescendo as he draws Naruto with tearful eyes and an incredibly pained expression saying - Can you kill me calmly Sasuke?
Translation - Sasuke, do you not feel for me what I feel for you because up until this point, I thought you did.
He is shocked, devastated, and just heartbroken. Sasuke is his first bond, Naruto was finally able to make a bond that he always desired. How could Sasuke do this to him?
And this shock, this deep emotional churn that Naruto is going through in order to process all this, finally cuts through Naruto's tough facade of denial and forces him to admit his own feelings towards Sasuke.
Tumblr media
Naruto pretty much tells Sasuke that they didn't have to fight to come to be able to understand each other. Naruto never actually wanted to fight him like an enemy, ever. He looked up to Sasuke for inspiration, so he could one day not feel inferior to him, like a loser. So Sasuke would approve of him.
The best part is afterwards, Naruto never believed Sasuke could actually kill him. And he was proven right. The next time they meet, at Oro's hideout, Naruto starts by asking : If you wanted to break off those bonds so much then why didn't you kill me off?
Naruto knows he could have easily done it, but he didn't. And frankly, Sasuke throughout the manga keeps talking on and on about killing Naruto but when it comes to the death blow, he always pulls back.
Naruto knows what's up, even if Sasuke tries his best to act all cold and unaffected.
But yeah, at the time, the betrayal hit my boy hard. Well at least it helped him to come to terms with his own feelings and denial about Sasuke, even if he didn't exactly hit jackpot.
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incorrectkonoha · 2 days ago
So I bet Fugaku gets so fkn tired of Sasuke rambling about Naruto all day that he goes to Minato to cry about it and sees Minato happy, wasted, and rambling about their boys getting married soon and just goes to put himself in a genjutsu to get away from all this crap.
Tumblr media
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enbysciencesnek · a day ago
Naruto: The masculine urge to make out with your homies
Sasuke: Don't ever call me your homie again
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redvelvetsource · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hyunjin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
220114 – loonatheworld
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pen1ag0n · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
220116 Jinho instagram update:
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