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 I’m so thankful people aren’t questioning Taeyeon’s vocal talent, abilities and popularity anymore. She is the best idol singer because, first of all, she’s the main vocalist of the number 1. girl group (therefore, her popularity is off the roof), she has good technique. (if you don’t believe me, go and search for vocal compilations and see the jump in technique she did from 2015 onward) and lastly she is one of the few idols that feel like a real artist when performing (the way she conveys a spectrum of emotions isn’t that prevalent in K-pop, contrary to popular belief). Seeing so many of the new and old confessions on this blog make me realize how appreciated she is in the group and in the fandom, but why is she still on the underrated side?

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I believe the whole 9/30 and all the hate that came after were a ‘slap back to reality’ type of situation for taeyeon. I do think she grew from that and learned important lessons about how you present your emotions to others so as to not become a burden and that she is now fully confident in her role as the leader of the group than how she was even 3 or 4 years ago, plus I feel like she appreciates her members more.

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Back in the day, I used to see sunny as an anime character. Putting aside the member’s opinion, her aegyo was so funny and cute, her visuals were unique in the industry and her voice + vocal abilities were distinctive and pleasant. I miss that sunny, our vitamin. Hope she’s well.

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Even though i enjoy the ‘taengsic’ ship, i really can’t with some fans that romanticize the fuck out of it. Can’t you see how detrimental their relationship was to one another? Yes, their voices matched, but their personalities didn’t. Jeez, grow up.

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I find it unfair that Jessica can’t celebrate her career birthday every year. She has all the right to celebrate it freely. The 3 others who left the Company can do it without problems but when it comes to Jessica, she gets hate. Why ? She has spent many times in the group, she was one of the most important member.

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I’d really want to see seohyun doing a horror/thriller concept. Oh, and i’d also like to see her having her makeup similar to jennie in ‘how you like that’ (the pale face, red around the eyes and strong eyeliner/mascara).

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