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Au where Albus has to kill Severus?

Severus didn’t fight back, He couldn’t really.

His fear left him paralyzed. The hurt stung in his eyes, He knew Albus had done this for a reason. But it still hurt. The tears in his eyes came dripping down, He had hid them away for so long that they had built up, It would be impossible to stop them now.

Or from Albus’ POV

His boy, his dearest boy.

Lost in an instant. Blood on his hands and tears in his eyes. He shouldn’t be the one to feel wounded, He shouldn’t be the one to feel hurt when he is killing the person who had been with him for so long. Who trusted him, who loved him, who was loyal to him. He has no right to be the one feeling rage. Feeling rage at the universe. Why him!? Why was he the one he had to kill. He was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t realize that Severus had already hit the floor and died. The pain shattered his heart and he wept as though a parent mourning his child.

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Hello everyone! This couple of months have been difficult for me just like everyone else but now I also have an illness to deal with! 

So to get myself out of this situation and also to stretch my creative muscles, I am now accepting your Snape fanart comissions! 

Any kind of topic is welcome! Snape’s childhood? Yes. Snape’s adolescence? Double yes. Snape’s DE period? Literally my favorite topic! I will draw ANY SHIP you like and try to put my spin on it! (I especially like Snupin lately) You can be sure it will be as athmospheric as possible, you know I don’t do it any other way. ;) 

Mildly sexual ship stuff is fine! (Just no p*rn and gore, obviously)

So, If you ever wanted to have a Snape fanart piece drawn by me, it’s your chance!

It’s 6.00 per COMPLETE picture, with color and stuff! You can pay me via Ko-fi: (Just click “support” twice - that’s the price, literally!)


(I will also happily draw anything HP related, especially Tom Riddle, Marauders, Regulus Black, The Malfoys and any minor character you can think of! So if you want a non-Snape commission, you can ask me too!)

I’ll be looking forward to  your commissions, send via “Ask”!

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Dumbledore and Snape after they faked their deaths and went on to live together in the muggle world

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So I have to tell somebody my theory that’s open to it , but snape being offended that Albus asked to murder him , is it because they were having a sexual relationship ? I keep thinking Albus and snape were fucking in closets and I can’t get it out of my head . It wasn’t romantic for either of them as snape is straight . But it was more a lonely thing because Albus was not over Gellert . So you have two lonely men shacking up because they have nobody else .

That’s a powerful and interesting headcanon.  Devastating, tbh!  

It’s funny, we talk a lot about power dynamics in ships, especially cross-generational ones (thinking Snarry, Snamione etc).  If we talk about Snape and his teachers, I feel much more comfortable with Snape/McGonagall than Snape/Dumbledore - and I think it’s that power dynamic at play.  By the time we see Snape in canon, he and McGonagall are verging upon being equals (despite him once being her student), but that theme of inequality of power runs very strongly through the Snape/Dumbledore relationship.

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Snumbledore Discord Invite!

Hello everyone!
Out of desperation for human contact with others stranded on this rare, deserted ship, I’ve made a Discord server specifically for AD/SS.
Please come and suffer with me over the lack of content. Join me in my attempt to fix that!

Discord is a live chat group available in both website and app form.

Here’s an invite to the group! Hope to see you there :)

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Hewwo I heard you ship Snumbledore... do you have any headcanons or rlly any thoughts about them?

Hello anon! Sorry for taking a couple of days to respond. 

I wouldn’t say Snumbledore is my OTP or anything but I’ve always found that Snape is an easy character to ship with different people and Dumbledore is definitely high on that list. 

In terms of headcanon’s, I don’t really have any but (unpopular opinion alert) I really don’t think Dumbledore is a particularly nice person - for reasons I will not go into right now - so I wouldn’t find it surprising if Dumbledore merely used Snape for his body whilst thinking of Gellert or whomever he was actually interested in. I believe Dumbledore was in love with Grindelwald tbh but it’s not like he can have him so why not just have someone who is easy to access? I guess this idea stemmed from a fanart I saw a while back where Dumbledore says “Gellert” during an intimate moment with Snape.

Anyhoo, thanks for the ask! Feel free to send me a PM or more asks anytime!

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You know what's cute? Ticklish Severus. You know what's even better? Mischievous Dumbledore in it :з


someone like snape WOULD be really ticklish. it’s absolutely mortifying to him, (and something lily used to exploit all the time to win one over on him during arguments). 

god i can imagine how amused albus would find that

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