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groenendaze · 5 months ago
northerners or people from naturally cold climates making fun of texans rn are a joke lmfao. as if u guys understand the urgency that is going on in that state currently. it would be like if minnesota hit 120F for a week. people would literally die because they are NOT equipped to handle it. likewise, our homes are not built for cold - they’re build to keep heat out. we don’t have heavy winter clothes. we dont have shovels or scrapers. we can’t drive anywhere to get items that we might need. our emergency vehicles cannot handle this. power is going out consistently. the low income & homeless population are disproportionally affected by this and we cannot currently keep up with the energy demand. 
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rudjedet · a month ago
Sorry to add to your long list of asks, but:
I can haz 'Thutmose loved his cat' story?
Oh don't worry, I love talking about Thutmose and his cat!
Anyway, so crown prince Thutmose was the son of Amenhotep III and would have succeeded him had he not died (we don't know what of) prior to Amenhotep III himself. We don't know a lot about Thutmose, but we do know he loved his cat so much that, upon her death, she got her own cat-sized limestone sarcophagus.
Tumblr media
It even has Nephthys and Isis portrayed at the head- and foot-ends, just like a human sarcophagus would have:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The cat's name was Ta-miu, and she will be remembered because of the love a prince who died ~3300 years ago had for her.
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nixavia · 4 months ago
BEING AN APOLOGIST MEANS you forgive a characters past actions completely.
BEING A SYMPATHIZER MEANS you understand why a character did certain things, even though you might not agree with those things.
BEING AN ENJOYER MEANS you just like the character because of the way they were written.
(dsmpblr pls reblog its important)
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queen-breha-organa · a month ago
Tumblr media
Making memes is the only way I know how to cope. I am this close to having a breakdown.
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cogentranting · 3 months ago
Kind of obsessed with this quote from Henry Jackman, the composer for Winter Soldier, about writing the Winter Soldier theme: 
“Because there's a human element to the Winter Soldier that gets revealed toward the end of the film, the Winter Soldier starts off unrelenting and brutal and mechanized and almost Terminator like but the difference between The Winter Soldier and Terminator is that somewhere behind the wires and all the mechanization is a character that we know and we care about and that more importantly, Cap knows about and it's very painful to him. So one of the things I ended up doing with the Winter Soldier was I spent literally ten days just on production with vocals because I wanted to get the sensation of a human trapped inside machinery. So I did a lot of vocal recordings and then processed the living hell out of them to get these tortured, time-stretched human cries of someone who has been so processed that it's become mechanized at the same time but you can still hear the human in there.” 
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herzspalter · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Mr Pucci over here with the most gorgeous villain eyes for absolutely no reason
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inkskinned · 6 months ago
how am i supposed to be the one people look after? i am still waking up and getting out of bed. i can stand up in the shower. i have friends i sometimes-see. who is selfishly unhappy in times like these? my father used to say - you have a roof over your head and food to eat. you’re lucky.
i am lucky. i know this. i have yelled at myself about it many times. 
the doctor is brusque. he talks down to me. i find myself thinking: my cat died three weeks ago. is it only three weeks? i have to do laundry. the bill didn’t get covered the way i expected, i’ll have to work extra hours to cover my medical expenses.
i find the loop i get stuck in. i am going have to only eat tuna (but i’m lucky i can stomach it). i am going to have to find a new job with benefits that agree to cover a preexisting medical condition (but i am lucky i have work experience). i am going to have to apologize to my school (but i’m lucky i have three months left of learning). i am going to take a shower i sob during (but i am lucky i have a shower when some people have nothing).
i clean up the sink and i break a single dish. it’s not a big one. i just dropped it a little bit, and it cracked down the center. i can replace it (lucky). it has no significance in my life at large - it is not my favorite, it is not the last of a set, there is nothing even particularly nice about it (lucky, isn’t it).
i am eggshell thin. the plate cracks down the center and i just finally feel something. like pewter through skin.
i am lucky, i think, to be crying about something so ridiculous. i am lucky, i am terribly selfish, i am blessed beyond measure and reason, i am a whiny baby with no sense of the real world.
i wipe my face. i finish the dishes. i clean up the big parts first and then stare at the little ones. is this how close i have been walking to the edge of being broken? is this all it took?
how the fuck did i not notice?
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dekuskacchan · 6 months ago
I've been thinking about this interaction a lot.
Tumblr media
Bakugou was explicitly told not to move around, but upon being told that Deku was still unconscious, it's the first thing he did.
"Cram it! And the strain from all that yanking is gonna kill me even harder!"
"So you don't care then, huh?!"
He's asked if he has a death wish and his reaction isn't "no, I'm fine," it's "i don't give a shit, and you're just gonna kill me faster."
This is only two days after the battle, so his wounds are still fresh. He could easily tear them open again by moving around so much, and he knows it. He knows he could get hurt again, and he couldn't care less.
What's also worth noting is that scene takes place just moments after this panel:
Tumblr media
So he's actively in pain. He's hurting and he's still very injured, but that's not stopping him.
There's only one thing on his mind, and nothing is standing in his way.
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