pidgywrestling · 2 days ago
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💛 The Lovers (VI) 💛
The Lovers tarot signifies union, cohesiveness, attraction, and a balance of forces that indicate complimentary energies. This card represents soulmates, kindred spirits, and an intense bond between two people. It symbolizes choice and commitment.
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lizzylucky · 2 days ago
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Dot might be my favourite Linked Universe Zelda... So I decided to draw her for the first time, and digitally to boot...
THIS TOOK ME 10 HOURS. But man, if I were the only one who liked it in the end I'd still call it worth it ✨
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seonghw-a · 9 hours ago
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san ∙  201024
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wastelandbabylouis · 2 days ago
it just hit me that my Louis concert is this week and i still don’t know what i’m going to wear 
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hotdemonchild · 2 days ago
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I’m glad you’re back
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nicollekidman · 2 days ago
okay how to like. hmm okay. international super spy agent of chaos “human manifestation of destiny” ethan hunt spends four movies and like ten years being The Best and Unmatched and then BOOM he becomes obsessed with this woman who breaks him out of captivity (he doesn’t know her name) and thinks they must’ve met before, then while they’re fleeing a scene where they had guns pointed at each other she stops and says “shoes please.” and he takes them off her feet, in a gesture meant to convey that they’re relaxing after a first date. while on the roof of an opera house. being chased. does this help.
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matthewgraygublershoe · 10 hours ago
okayokay but like the fact when carlos first used tk's first name (or should i say tyler kennedy) tk responds with absolute disgust at his name being used (evident when tk says ugh) but when carlos used tyler during the proposal scene, tk smiled because carlos never uses his name so it caught tk's attention so carlos could actually say yes and end tk's misery of not knowing if carlos was going to say yes, like the way carlos actually says tyler, it's like he's so exasperated with tk because he just wants to say yes?
no one talk to me 😭😭
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cookinguptales · 11 hours ago
tsukinofaerii said: Why not? Lucy's clearly up for sharing.
No, no. Faerii, I simply cannot make any more sex jokes about Lucy. I’m too traumatized after yesterday.
Last night I was telling my parents about my dear friend Jonathan’s exploits over dinner, as has been my recent custom, and... god, Dad made some dirty joke, I can’t remember exactly what it was...
I think it was something like
me: but honestly it sounds kind of like she’s into all of them
dad: no, it sounds like she wants them all to be into her! *eyebrows*
and, NOT EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT, I say, “well, if any woman would be into pegging...”
and my dad looks at me, dead in the eyes, and asks, “what’s pegging?”
and I’m too embarrassed to say anything for a second, like this is my dad, we are eating dinner and my mom tries to explain to him what pegging is but her explanation is incorrect, she has dramatically misunderstood the concept
so then I slowly, painstakingly, have to explain to both of my parents what pegging is, which I guess was also my punishment for explaining to my parents what pegging is.
BONUS: me repeatedly babbling “it’s not even weird it’s common I wasn’t trying to confuse you I wasn’t even talking about a weird one” and my dad, all curiosity, going, “what are the weird ones?”
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ezroar · 16 hours ago
Alfred: Master Timothy once followed me around the manor, observing me as I carried out my duties. I'd wager that he only blinked once during the hours he watched me. When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was doing 'research'.
Alfred: And then I started finding the towels being folded after I had hung them, the dishes washed, and all the portraits and antiques around the manor dusted before I even started. All in the particular way I do them.
Alfred: I thought I was losing my marbles. That my memory was starting to go. And then I remembered a little bird hovering over my shoulder, watching my every move.
Alfred: His actions are appreciated but not needed. I am still quite capable of doing my job.
tim, rebelliously mopping the floor of the west wing: dammit thought i'd last a month before you noticed
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aithusarosekiller · 8 hours ago
The boys in utsgd but the mlm flag wasn’t on the picrew so I got sad and went for the overall flag instead
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ace-up-your-sleeve · a day ago
my urge to start a band has literally bever been stronger. i am going to blame this on mcr <3
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helenawa-art · 2 days ago
My teacher was really feeling in a goofy mood when he decided to give us the most important test of all year this week after explaining the subject for (I am not exaggerating) 30 minutes.
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stil-lindigo · 27 days ago
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you take that back right now, ed
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sock-the-wet-sock · 8 months ago
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i love this so much for so many reasons and i could go on a tangent about how it’s great to see an older musician who had to hide being gay bonding with a younger one who is open and proud but like, my mind is so melted at the outfits lmao
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secondbeatsongs · 5 months ago
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ask and you shall receive, @nothorses​
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leviathan-supersystem · 2 months ago
people will be like “we need to bring back the word poser” and then will be like “my chemical romance is a classic punk band”
are you sure you want to bring back the word poser. are you sure. are you really sure. are you sure you will benefit from that.
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stuckytogether · a year ago
A very good thread about how every part of John Walker’s uniform is designed to be as unsettling as possible
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sonofapunk · 10 months ago
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