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#so I though I would post it

i have got so many petekey fanfictions that i have started but never finished

should i post all my ideas and see if any of yall wanna vote on which one i’ll force myself to finish

because when i open my laptop i have like twenty documents that have like 1-5 thousand words on them and im tired of my bullshit and would love some support on at least one of them

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Heyo!! I got tagged by @lorewytch thank you for the tag!! XD Sorry it took a while, this took me a lot to think about because I couldn’t seem to think of many fandoms, and then I struggled to think which character was my favourite kjashdkjasd

Rules: Name your top 10 davourite characters from 10 different fandoms then tag 10 people

So, in no particular order of which of these fandoms are my favourites:

1: Ducktales - Webby Vanderquack. Oops I think that’s obvious ngl-
Webby’s super fun, friendly and crazy and I just straight up love her. She’s socially akward and has no idea how friendship or anything works but gosh darn it she still tries and she can also most definitely kick your butt. I relate to her too much too so there’s also that XD

2: Tangled - ’d have to go with Rapunzel. I’m gonna only really specify the movie since I don’t know if I could choose from the show, but I reallllyyyy love Rapunzel. She’s my absolute favourite disney princess. She’s just so darn fun and determined to experience her dream despite the odds despite being so afraid and she deserves to have her family at the end of the movie alright?? I’m so glad she was able to return to her family after being unknowingly kidnapped for all her life. Also - THAT ‘YOU WERE MY NEW DREAM’ SCENE STILL MAKES ME CRY-

3: Sonic the Hedgehog (any of them probably idk a specific) - Sonic himself. I grew up with Sonic being my literal favourite thing ever and it was my super hyperfixation for years, and I absolutely love his games and such still today. Sonic was always my favourite and still kinda is - He’s super fast and always looking out for his friends and saving the world!! He’s a hero through and through and honestly I love how speedy he is since I like being speedy XD

4: Star VS the Forces of Evil - I honestly ended up loving Eclipsa the most out of all of the characters in the show, especially after season 4 done goofed everyone up-
Everyone took her as evil just because she loved a monster, but honestly she just wanted to be with who she wanted and live with the family she loves. Yes, she does do dark magic and doesn’t think its bad nad yeah I’m not excusing her XD but I think her story is really sad but I’m so happy she did get a happy ending (even if the ending to the show was awful-)

5: DC Super Hero Girls - Karen/Bumblebee - I’ve come to realise I really like characters who are shy and socially awkward but kind and try their hardest and I think its because i kinda relate to them-
Anyways XD I really like her, she’s shy but well meaning and really smart (like SHOOT she built that suit herself!!!) and still tries for her friends, and tries ot be a hero even though she doesnt think she can do much.

6: uh I’m gonna count it Five Nights At Freddys - Funtime Freddy. I still like the game series even if I’m not really keeping up with it anymore and its not my hyperfixation anymore, but Funtime Freddy was definitely my favourite. He’s an absolute blast and his section in sister location absolutly terrified me and filled me with probably joint most horror alongside the Funtime Foxy bit, if not more than that. His voice is AMAZING as well like Kellen amazing work on the voice acting there!!! give us fnaf world 2 scott-

7: The Owl House: this one’s hard because theres only about 10 episodes of the show so far and I really like everyone, but probably Luz..?? I love her, she’s weird, she’s quirky, she’s very fun, she tries!! And she’s a MAGIC LEARNER BOIS!! I dunno how to explain that I love these characers but I think theyre all neat XD

8: The Little Mermaid - Okay, this is going to be extremely controversial and I know I’m gonna probably annoy people, but I’m running out of fandoms I can think of so movie wise… Possibly Melody..??? It might be a nostalgic bias since I loved her as a kid and ended up watching TLM2 more than the original since I had it on VHS, but I really loved her. She’s brave and spunky and darn it she just wanted to be a mermaid alright-
Also I love her voice and the song at the end makes me so happy

9: A Hat In Time - This is tough, so I’m gonna cheat and say BOTH the Hat Kid and Snatcher. He absolutely becomes her dad and you can’t tell me otherwise-
Jkjk but I love the Snatcher and his backstory made me sad. But he’s so darn fun and I love his voice, even if he accidentally lost my soul to a toilet… ALSO HIS BOSS FIGHT WAS SO HARD BUT I LOVED IT
Also for hat kid, she’s adorable and super fun and loveable! What isn’t there to like??? Her game as well is 10/10 I love it

10: Carmen Sandiego - Carmen herself XD I loved her backstory and how we learnt that “all was not as it seemed” and SHADOWSAN IS HER DADOSAN. It’s really close tbh because I love a lot of the characters so-. She full on donates any money she gets to orphanages and child charities and m y h e a r t, she’s dedicated her life to stopping VILE now she knows what they truly are, and full on was willing to get crushed to death by Coach because she was so determined to never go back because she knew what an awful place and awful people were there, and didn’t want to have anything to do with it.
Thinking about it, even though I’m pretty sure I watched the show after creating Winnie and her basic backstory, she’s definitely an inspiration in some regards for some ideas I’ve had around her

So yeah!! That was difficult tbh XDD for a lot of these I feel like the favourite character is definitely very flexible and probably depends, but yeah! I hope you enjoyed..???
Anyways uh for tagging people, please forgive me for tagging you buuut: @ai-higurashi @inkybendydoodles @a-small-collection-of-nonsense @sophfandoms53 @janetbrown711 @honeixcampfire and @webby-dings !! I can’t, think of anyone else, but to be fair its 2 am so I think I’m just tired.. and don’t feel brave enough to tag anyone else I don’t wanna make anyone mad kjashdakjsd

Thanks for tagging me friend this was fun XD!

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Pleas show the baby youngest sibling number 8

Amaryllis (Ama, for short) is the youngest, being the 8th one born. They are the second tallest, only slightly taller than Pine. They love to write and could be considered a poet. They are very smart and knowledgeable, with a passion for reading and learning that’s only comes second due to their even greater love for writing. They are, for the most part, well-behaved and polite. They were accidentally enrolled into the Grimm Troupe because they wanted to stay by Viscaria’s side.

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Imma be rude and ask what ur fave portrait scene is... and it’s illegal to say all of them! Failing that a top 3 would be cool ;)

At first I was like, Oh, this’ll be easy. But then I thought about it and then I was like, Oh… I do like the whole film. So now I’m going to ignore your parameters–as is my wont–and give you the highlights of my viewing experience(s).

The first time I laughed when I hadn’t expected to be laughing.


The beautiful beautiful beautiful cinematography. Look at this film.













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This might be a dumb question, but if I were to do commissions, similar to the examples below, would anyone actually be interested? I would probably charge around $5 and maybe like +$2 for every additional character? I’d probably only do neck up stuff, because that’s what I’m most confident in.

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imagine being a human being in the world of warrior cats and you live in the twolegplace by the forest and you just like randomly stumble across scourge. you see this tiny little cat who would be adorable if they….. didn’t have dog teeth driven through their collar…… and dog teeth attached to their claws……….. like how fucked up would that be to witness that irl

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Tagged by @fishandships! Thank you!

stars or clouds / tony stark or steve rogers / buzzfeed unsolved or buzzfeed worth it / lavender or rose / chocolate or vanilla / latte or americano / police procedural shows or hospital shows / fast zombies or slow zombies / modern films or classic films / musicals or plays / hamilton or in the heights / blue lightsaber or green lightsaber /hats or headbands / queen or elton john / multicolored lights or white lights / pastels or neons / flowers or succulents / log cabin or hotel / sprinkles or cookie crumbs / ghosts or aliens / single book or book series / library or bookstore / brunch or dinner / snow or leaves / jean jacket or leather jacket / tea cup or mug / galaxies or constellations




Aaaand anyone else who wants to!

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sb :   can   i   have   some   water  ?
glitch :   *starts   chugging   water   bottle*
glitch :   *chokes   from   drinking   too   fast*
glitch :   *spills   water   all   over   herself*
glitch :   [  coughing   and   spluttering  ]   i   don’t   have   any

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Why do I only want attention from the people who don’t give it to me? 🙃

I feel so ungrateful. I want to connect with people but the more I care about someone, the more distant I get. I don’t understand myself. Do I do it because I fear those close to me will be hurt by me? Do I fear abandonmemt? Am I scared that I will get hurt?

A lot of it probably comes down to not feeling good enough. Feeling like I have nothing to offer. I’m not cool, there’s nothing I can do particularly well. I don’t have money. I don’t have a job. I can’t drive. I don’t know how to adult. I’m not as educated as others. I never know what to say. I keep too many secrets and am dishonest. I’m inconsistent and a pain in the ass to deal with.

On the other hand, the less I feel someone cares about me, the more I want their attention. I don’t show it though. Just sitting there like damn, notice me. And then getting angry for being noticed. And getting angry for not being noticed. 🙃

Abandonment. Abandonment. Abandonment. That’s the mood and i don’t even know why. I’m not even sure who I feel abandoned by. (And that’s another lie, I know by whom, just don’t wanna admit it because it’s ridiculous and I don’t even like that person.)

I guess that’s why we self-isolate so much and keep everyone at arm’s length. It’s so much easier being alone.

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