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#so I went over something old

lmao hold on wait. shout out to that one boy in high school who, when playing dodgeball against a bunch of other high school boys plus only TWO girls, he threw a ball in one of said girls’ face, whom was Me. and i was the only one of us who was wearing glasses, and he threw the ball with such sheer unbridled Violence directly into my face that my glasses snapped straight in two pieces, right down the nose bridge, and i was already in a downward spiral for the past like month, so having that happen to me right in front of literally everyone, made me break down crying, right in front of literally everyone, and i had to go to the nurse to make sure i didnt have a head injury, and the gym teacher taped my glasses together, and they let me go home early so i had to call my mom and i was crying to her over the phone and then i had to go to school the next day with my glasses glued together cause my next pair wasnt ready yet LOL

#LITERALLY IT WAS SOO BAD I WAS ALREADY HAVING SUCH A SHITTY MONTH, #i was already in a downward spiral and then the gym teacher made me and shannen play dodgeball with a bunch of violent teenage boys, #which was just so humiliating and scary bc LIKE WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING VIOLENT???, #ITS HIGH SCHOOL DODGEBALL WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???, #anyway i didnt see which specific person threw the ball at my face but i hope he foreevr lives with this on his conscience, #you made the Looks-Like-An-Eleven-Year-Old Girl cry bc u were so violent over high school dodgeball of all things, #LITERALLY THEY FLUNG OFF MY FACEEEEEEEE, #ive been hit in the face in dodgeball before so i was like momentarily stunned, #and everyone was like OMG ARE U OKAY like they always are and i was just like yeah yeah im fine whatever, #i was worried abt my glasses tho bc they were On The Floor but i just expected them to be like. bent out of shape, #but as i went to pick them up it was like. OMG. NO THEYRE LITERALLY IN TWO PIECES..........., #and i had never broken a pair of glasses before so i was also PANICKING .. lol, #so i just. IMMEDIATELY BURST INTO TEARS YJTGFDSFGHGFDS, #i hope that boy lives with that weighing on his conscience! you made me CRY!!!!, #all bc u couldnt restrain ur violent animalistic urges to Throw Ball Like Its A Fucking Warzone!!!!, #brot posts, #also of note: my glasses have always been thick plastic, #so the fact that my frames snapped directly down the bridge - the thickest part - says something abt how hard he threw that ball LOL
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Sorry for the hiatus btw yall, and im probably still gonna have a little bit of a tumblr hiatus, i could blame it on my cat but honestly im just trying to get out of doomscrolling all day so im trying to get better at not getting stuck on social media sites. Unfortunately im most successful at this if i dont even open them.

Since im back for a second tho ill update yall on my cat, Shadow,

He’s had to have surgery earlier this week for urinary problems and seems to be doing okay right now? But this will be ongoing and he’s been very expensive. (Im not asking for money on this its just a pain that this has been so expensive) Anyway ive been doting on him since like. October 10th now i think? Hes been pretty much living in my room since the 14th. Surgery was on the 20th. So this has just been stressful as fuck lol. Oh also he had Xrays at one point and we discovered he has been shot before with like an airsoft or bb gun???? In his youth, when he was indoor/outdoor instead of indoor only. And thats just been in there since, they’re leaving it alone tho since it doesnt seem to be causing any problems. Im now wondering if thats what it was that time when he came home with 2 holes in his sides that the other vet in MD thought was maybe an animal bite, but wasnt sure. Thats not really relevant to anything happening right now its just kind of a horrifying trivia that was uncovered in the process? And i feel vindicated in my pushing to convert him to an indoor cat. Also angry at whoever did that.

#toy txt post, #hello im not dead, #littlw more detail but uhh unsanitary tw?>, #basically he had maybe a urinary tract infection but then also he had developed crystals in his urine, #and there was a partial blockage of the urinary tract. they put a urinary catheter in to flush stuff or smth and that went okay until, #he managed to get the cone off and rip the catheter out at the vets before we even picked him up, #then he was still blocked off bc the catheter didnt actually flush the blockage out just back in or something???, #and it wasnt fully blocked. he was dribbling and leaking urine out this whole time and making a huge mess bc his butt was soaked with it and, #then he would lay in the litter pan and track the litter everywhere and it was a nightmare. he kept not eating or drinking., #then the vet suggested to go ahead w the surgery even tho hes old and fat and everyone was worried about that., #and basically it was like. they amputated the penis and maybe made the hole a little bigger? vet described it as altering his plumbing to, #make it more female like which will not prevent the crystals from forming but should make it easier to pass them instead of getting blocked, #the downside of this is that its possible he may dribble and or leak pee for the rest of his life depending on whether he figures out his, #new anatomy and how to hold it etc?, #and now hes going back again today to get an injection of antibiotics bc he wont take the pills and thats been a nightmare., #the syringes of liquid pain meds onto his gums? fine. that other smaller pill that started with an o? fine. the antibiotic? nope., #also after the surgery we got a different shredded paper pellet litter that doesnt stick to him as much and track all over the room, #mixed feelings about it tho bc i cant scoop the pee out bc it doesnt clump, #anyway. thats been shadows medical misadventures so far. its a pain and also stressful. i need to clean the room again this weekend and, #put down freah blankets etc
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‘Mummy’ and 'Father’ Holmes really done fucked up three kids and then had the audacity to put all the responsibility on Mycroft’s shoulders huh

#four if you count victor Trevor, #like can you imagine bringing experts to poke at your three year olds brain, #and then telling them that theyre a genius, #which means something must be wrong with their emotions, #imagine fucking coding your son to think jes a sociopath, #when really he just doesnt do the whole over the top emptions thing, #like some people are just withdrawn okay, #theres nothing wrong qith that, #like if i had to put up with that much shit i too would murder someone and commit arson, #like yes maybe they did have minor problems but their parents just made it worse, #do you ever think they cried at night knowing they'd never live up to their parents expectations of them, #because they want the picture perfect family going so far as to invite john and mary for Christmas dinner, #even tho THAT relationship was the furthest thing from perfect, #theyre literally the reason Sherlock went into drugs eurus had to locked up in a top secret govt prison, #even mycroft is not normal, #he was the one that shouldered all the responsibility from such a young age, #what could he have been if his parents had been better, #well SHERLOCK would be an amazing scientist, #foremost in his field. something to do with chemistry, #eurus - maestro violinist. nursery teacher in her spare time, #the kids would fucking adore her, #mycroft would be dating DI Lestrade and be something he actually enjoyed, #we all know he just took that position in the govt so he could leep and eye on eurus, #BECAUSE HIS PARENTS WERE SO FUCKING IRRESPONSIBLE, #okay so i have feelings about this, #seriously who wouldnt, #the last season was just pointing out the holmes' fucking a+ parenting, #like mycroft 'i was given responsibilities from such a young age that i would die for my brother and his bf', #and sherlock 'if there's anyone in this room who deserves to die its me low self-esteem' Holmes, #the expectations that must have been piled on them
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