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winterlovesong1 · 11 hours ago
Mushy stuff below the cut for all my Nancy Drew Followers
I came on tumblr for a show I shall not name because this post isn’t about that show, but I will say, through the lovely amazing people in that fandom, I started seeing this other show appear on my dash, particularly from the one and only Liv @heartunsettledsoul - and as my hope dwindled on one show, my interest was peaked with another. I’d see things like “stand closer, Ace” or “lean a bit more over the shoulder, Nancy” and a myriad of other endearing comments about said two characters. But then there were ghosts - and to be honest, I don’t do scary, so the prospect of watching a show that has some “scary” elements in it conjured some trepidations, but the aesthetic of a certain sleuthy ship and the mystery/puzzle element of said show won me over enough to put that apprehension aside. Now, I can’t say I was immediately IN LOVE, but being a longtime fan of Nancy herself as a character, I proceeded. And to my delight, episode after episode, I found myself trying to piece together the mystery of the season, questioning “well, what if…” or “how could that be…”. And then my friends, 1x14 - *big sigh* - I mean I sort of knew the vibes were coming beforehand because of course my dash was very full of Nace energy, but in that episode, I saw it for myself. And ever since then I’ve not only rooted for the dishwasher and the Hero of Horseshoe Bay to get together, but have also cheered for the friends and family of the show. I can’t say that is true of many shows I watch, and I certainly don’t think I’ve ever had a show where I have enjoyed all the characters so thoroughly for such a consistent period of time.
The season two finale was the first episode I watched live and it had me on the edge of my seat as Nancy went through her journey. Quickly proceeding that, I wrote my first fic and shortly after that, my first multi chapter.
All this to say as we approach the season three finale, I have been given such joy from all of you - from all the gif makers  - to the fic writers - to the live bloggers and fans who post with the best tags - throughout this entire season. You all make the fandom experience what it should be - a lovely, warm, inviting place for fans of a show to gather and commiserate on their favorite piece of media. I have hope that we’ll get a fourth season (because I’m an eternal optimist) and so I’ll say in closing, that if you haven’t watched, I would highly recommend you do, and for everyone that has watched and will be watching on Friday, I’ll be here <3
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the-mcu-is-amazing · 7 months ago
MCU fans: okay so it would be nice if Loki had some self love ya know, he’s been through enough
Marvel: okay so we’ll create room for a ship between themself and a very different but still a version of themself.
MCU fans: …
MCU fans: wait a minute…
In this household we stan Lokius and love a SIBLING LIKE dynamic between Loki and Sylvie
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poppyseed799 · a month ago
I have a LOT to say about the reading lists my dsmp fanfic on Wattpad has been put in but I just really wanna say that the fact that it’s only JUST NOW been put into a list called “DNF” is shocking. It’s been in soooo many dreamnoblade ones despite techno not even being mentioned, but only NOW is it in a DNF one (George also hasn’t been mentioned)???? Shocking.
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a-fictional-mans-wife · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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☾ = angst
The Winter Soldier x female reader
Tumblr media
♡ His prey
»When you had agreed to the mission from Hydra, all you had paid attention to was the high reputation that you would achieve if you got the job done. It hadn’t crossed your mind that you would have to work harder than usual to earn that.«
♡ Just another Order
»You’re just another job among many that the Winter Soldier has to do for hydra —to make an assassin out of you. But after weeks of training together, he has found a liking on you.«
♡ Hide and Seek
»A little game of hide and seek between the Winter Soldier and you, a spy that’s trying to get away with hacked hydra database informations while he’s sent to kill you.«
♡ ☾ Mafia AU - My Bodyguard [Part 1, Part 2]
»You’re the heiress of your dads company, so he hires a dangerous man to be your Bodyguard: James 'Bucky' Barnes, alias 'the Winter Soldier'.«
♡ A mess for him
»Every time the Winter Soldier catches your eye in the moment of a kill, he feels the rush like he’s doing it himself.«
♡ ☾ Invisible bond [Masterlist]
»Creating super Soldiers comes with the high risk of pain and death. After waking up in an unknown place, you quickly figure out what other ways the Hydra scientists have found to get their hands on more Soldiers. And all they need for their little experiment is you, and an infamous assassin you’re about to meet…«
James 'Bucky' Barnes x female reader
Tumblr media
♡ Roommate AU - Rainy days
»You’re enjoying some alone time with yourself before Bucky comes home from his night out.«
♡ ☆ a good night’s sleep
»Bucky wakes up in the middle of the night to a lovely surprise.«
♡ Attention
»You’re desperate to get some attention from your always working boyfriend.«
♡ ☾ Mafia AU - Play with fire [Masterlist]
»You are your bosses favorite little spy, send out to get information from a very dangerous and very handsome man. James Buchanan Barnes, leader of the most feared mafia in the country.«
♡ Mafia AU - the Devils Club [Masterlist]
»It started with a job for extra money. Little did you know that the night, a special guest requests for your presence in the vip area, would change your life.«
♡ Happy Halloween
»It’s Buckys first actual Halloween in freedom and safety so he decides to celebrate it with his favorite person.«
♡ Heat
»The shower is a cold one, Bucky’s skin prickling under the water, supposed to cool him down so he can sleep in this oppressively hot weather, but every part of him is thinking about you.«
♡ Adrenaline
»You and Bucky are in a car after a close call, parked where anyone might see and Sam would be there any minute… but Bucky throws caution to the wind and hauls you onto his lap.«
♡ Mafia AU - Stress relief
»There's something equally fitting and ironic in the fact your work can stress you out, but the only way to destress from it, is at work. With your boss —in his office, on his couch.«
♡ The brat tamer
»It had started with the prank of messing with his workout playlist - you and Bucky had been flirting for more than a year before then, but your misbehaving had finally gotten his attention in the way you had been secretly yearning for.«
♡ Mafia AU - The devil wears six inch heels
»You may be the city’s Queen but he’s a King as well. Bucky has power, his people, his connections -just like you. The only reason for the truce between you and him, was the incident with John Walker’s gang a few months ago, where Bucky unfortunately had to ask you for help. And now you’ve come to him, ready to collect your payment.«
♡ ☆ ☾ Stay with me
»So far the added “benefits” haven’t ruined your friendship, but something about it feels dangerous. Bucky is one of your closest friends, and both of you can be veritable forces of nature when you get wound up. It’s what has made the sex great so far but you can easily see that same passion leading everything to blow up in your faces.«
♡ ☆ Mafia AU - Something’s missing
»“I need you to come see me at my office. As soon as possible, there is something missing on my desk and I need your assistance.” Your fingers hovered over the message a little confused. He needed your help to locate a missing item? Didn’t Bucky had bodyguards and footman for these things?«
♡ Workout motivation
»Bucky needs a little motivation to finish his last workout exercise and you’re more than happy to help him out.«
♡ University AU - The professors best student
»Professor Barnes is your thesis chair at university. Every once in a week you meet in his office to check over your work and talk about your thesis, and every once in a while you let your mind wander and get horribly distracted by your handsome mentor.«
♡ Tattoo Shop AU - Work of art
»”The end of the line" is your cities most popular tattoo saloon and your new work place. Unfortunately your crushing hard on one of the owners, a very grumpy tattoo artist named Bucky.«
♡ Mafia AU - Proof yourself [Part 1, Part 2]
»After a Job turned sour and getting yourself caught by the cops, you’re forced to prove your loyalty towards Bucky.«
♡ Vicious circle
»You hate him. Bucky drives you insane but something about the way he looks when he’s angry, in a way only you can make him, turns you the fuck on.«
♡ Mafia AU - The good secretary
»You had been working under Mr. Barnes for almost a year now, and in that time you’ve learned that he was one of the most dangerous people you’ve ever met. But he was also hard working. So on mornings like this, when you would walk in to see your boss slumped over his desk wearing yesterday's suit, you were already prepared for what to do…«
♡ Mafia AU - Keep me close
»Bucky tries his best to focus on work, but these emails are so damn boring, and it’s so difficult to concentrate on anything else with his favorite little toy sitting obediently in his lap.«
Stucky x female reader
Tumblr media
♡ Watch me [Part 1, Part 2]
»Steve has no idea kinks exist so his best friend Bucky has to step in and help him with his new girlfriend.«
♡ Sharing is caring
»Hydra needs some important information, sending you to get them from their prisoner, the famous Captain America. But the Winter Soldier doesn’t like sharing what’s his.«
♡ Mafia AU - Angel
»Your two boyfriends often come home late at night, wanting nothing more than to get a good use of all the adrenaline that’s still pumping through their veins, after one of their bloody "business meetings"«
♡ Mafia Au - Cat & Mouse
»You had gone without panties under your short skirt to their 'business meeting' and while Bucky is more than happy with the view, Steve is mad at you for showing around what belongs to them and only them.«
♡ Mafia AU - Ruined by love
»You left the gang without permission. You had abandoned them and you knew that Bucky and Steve didn’t take those offences lightly.«
♡ ☆ Dreams do come true
»You got along with all of the avengers equally, but Steve and Bucky were definitely your best friends. Throughout the few years, you had definitely felt a lingering attachment to them, but it had never exactly transcended the lines of a simple platonic friendship. Not until now…«
♡ Mafia AU - little lamb
»Bucky is the right hand man of the infamous mob boss Steve Rogers. They’re friends since childhood, but sharing more than just memories and a dangerous business with each other…«
☆ ♡ ☾ Safe with them
»The night before Thano’s arrival on earth ends with you, confessing your biggest secret to your closest friends.«
♡ Roommate AU - Jealousy
»When Steve had first found out about the secret crush you had on his best friend, he had not been surprised in the slightest. But when the flirtatious cat and mouse game between Bucky and you hadn’t progressed any further than that, no matter how many obvious hints you’d dropped, you’d grown beyond frustrated - and in the heat of your feelings, you’d accepted Steve’s offer...«
♡ Mafia AU - a little gift
»Zemo wants truce between him, Steve Rogers and James B. Barnes and to demonstrate how serious he is, he has a little gift for the two mob bosses.«
♡ ☆ Lazy Sunday
»Waking up on a lazy sunday morning, in between your two favorite super soldiers, you’re entirely unaware of the disaster you had created in your sleep.«
♡ ☆ Close ain’t close enough (coming soon!)
»You’ve been toying with this idea for a while now, after you’ve seen it in a porn video. And after confessing your dirty desires to your two boyfriends, they’re more than happy to try it out with you.«
Captain America / Steve Rogers x female reader
Tumblr media
♡ Stretching exercises
»Steve feels like having himself a snack, after watching your stretching routine.«
Captain Hydra / Steve Rogers x female reader
Tumblr media
(Coming soon)
Drabbles & headcanons
Tumblr media
♡ The Winter Soldier - NSFW Alphabet
»NSFW Alphabet about the Winter Soldier, pretty self explanatory.«
♡ Mafia AU - Stucky x female reader
»You (almost) use your safe word because they’re too rough with you«
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scuttling · 5 months ago
Paper Rings
Fandom: Criminal Minds Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Female Reader Word Count: 10,191 Tags: SFW, Fluff, Literature, Friends to lovers, Everyone thinks they're dating, There was only one bed, Some angst with a happy ending, Confessing love in the rain, TW fire and blood/wound Summary: Some of my favorite tropes rolled into one cute fic inspired by Taylor Swift's Paper Rings. (lyrics and music) Link to A03 or read below! “Good morning, my friendly neighborhood crime fighters,” Penelope says as she enters the briefing room, wearing a dress that is bright bubblegum pink, with fingerless gloves and glasses to match. You, Derek, and Spencer groan your replies, because you just got home from a case last night, with less than seven hours between arriving at your apartment and returning to the office, and that is everyone’s least favorite thing.
You can’t deny that her typical sunny disposition makes you smile a little bit brighter, but you’re still exhausted, and even your usual extra large travel mug of breakfast blend is barely taking the edge off.
That’s probably why, when Aaron enters with trays of steaming espresso drinks from the cafe down the street, and a striped box of donuts, you act like a kid on Christmas morning.
“Oh my god, I love you. Thank you, I love you.” He got an array of basic drinks based on everyone’s usual orders, and you scan for one that has something with latte, but he takes one out and hands it to you, smiling when you take a sip and sigh—okay, he’s smiling with his eyes, but you are well versed in his body language and facial expressions, and he’s practically grinning at getting your order (triple one pump hazelnut extra hot latte) correct.
You are not the only one to notice.
“Get a room, you two; it’s just coffee,” Derek says, taking the white mocha from the tray and drinking half of it in one sip. “Now if you tell me there’s a bear claw in there, I’ll confess my undying love too.”
“I don’t know; I asked for an assortment,” he says, and it’s clear he did, but your cup has your name on it; you cover the ink with your hand and take another grateful sip. “I do know there’s a plain glazed in there, though,” he says a bit lower, just for you, and you smile, give his wrist a squeeze, and dive for it before Jennifer Jareau can get her hands on it.
That’s all the morning meeting consists of—bickering and bantering and caffeine and carb consumption—and when the group disperses, you follow Aaron to his office and sit down in the chair across from his.
“Thanks again for breakfast. You definitely raised the morale of the troops,” you say with a sip of your perfect latte, and he shares the hint of a smile.
“You’re welcome. It helps that you’re all so easy to appease.” He flips open his bag, pulls out a small, worn, paperback book, tosses it toward you. You pick it up, run your hand over the well-loved cover, and hum.
“The Call of the Wild—this made it into the Aaron Hotchner Nightstand Collection?” He arches a brow.
“It’s so overrated that it’s underrated; no one ever actually reads it, they just assume they know what it’s about. It’s a great book, if you’ll give it a chance.”
“Hey, you’ve read all of mine without complaint; of course I’ll give it a chance.” You take the last, sad sip of your latte and stand up, point out the door with your thumb. “Speaking of, mine’s still downstairs on my desk. I’ll be right back.”
Exchanging books started as an offhand comment one night, on a flight home from Georgia, when he’d mentioned that he never buys new books, only cycles through the same ten or twelve he’s been reading since college. He knows what he likes, finds something different in the text each time he reads, and you’d found something so profoundly beautiful about that that you’d asked for the list. You wanted to know more about the books that tug at his emotions enough that he’s read them day in and day out for over twenty years with no boredom in sight.
He’d done you one better, said he’d be happy to lend them to you, if you’d like, and that was an offer you couldn’t refuse. Seeing college-aged Aaron’s notes in the margins of battered paperback novels was a prospect too good to be true.
Of course, you couldn’t accept the gesture without returning one of your own, so you’d offered to share your favorite books with him too, only... you don’t exactly give him your favorite books. You purposefully buy the cheesiest romance novels you can get your hands on, pass them off to him while he hands you poignant, classic novels that have won literary awards and Nobel prizes.
Today’s is called Lord of Scoundrels, complete with a shirtless man on the cover, kissing a woman with dark, flowing hair and a light blue dress; you snicker the whole way to your desk and back up to his office—earning curious glances from the rest of the team—and when you drop it on the desk in front of Aaron, you watch closely for a reaction.
As usual, he doesn’t really give you one, just flips the book over, skims the summary on the back, and nods.
“Sounds interesting,” he says, and your heart does a little flip.
He could easily hand the book back, laugh in your face, refuse to read something so clearly out of his wheelhouse, but he thinks these novels are important to you, and he never fails to read them, offering his favorite parts the same way you do for his.
The world probably doesn’t deserve Aaron Hotchner; you definitely don’t.
“I think you’ll really like it. Sebastian and Jessica start out kind of indifferent toward each other, but the more they interact, the more they find they have in common. It’s very acquaintances to friends to lovers, if you’re into that.” He looks up with an expression you place as uncertainty, even if you’re not quite sure the reason for it. You smile softly. “I should get to work, but thanks for the book. I’ll see you at lunch?”
It’s been so nice lately that you started taking your lunch outside, sitting on a bench beneath a huge, shady oak tree, and Aaron had taken to doing the same; you both quickly realized it was stupid to sit outside together, apart, so you meet up in the bullpen now and walk out side by side, spend the hour talking about your books or the team or Jack or life in general. He shakes the uncertain expression, nods his head.
“Of course. Thank you,” he says with a wave of the book, and you head back downstairs to start your day.
You’ve become mostly accustomed to the feeling, but it still surprises you a little when all that gets you through the day is thinking about your next conversation with Aaron. A week later, you’re on a case in Pittsburgh, and you and Aaron are paired up to room together. That’s nothing unusual—it seems like you’ve been rooming together more often than not lately, which is fine by you; he’s tidy, quiet, always interested in a late night snack, pretty much the perfect roommate—but when he opens the door and you step inside, the single king size bed in the middle of the room takes you by surprise.
“Uh… do you think it’s a mistake? Or maybe they just ran out of doubles?” you suggest; he's kind of frozen in place, and while it’s not ideal, you know it’s not actually going to be a problem. You’ve shared a bed with JJ before, and Spencer, and even though you don’t feel the same way about them as you do about Aaron, you think you can manage a couple nights in close quarters.
“Probably just ran out of doubles,” he agrees after a moment; he doesn’t bring up calling the front desk to ask for another room, so you don’t either, just hang your clothes and head into the bathroom to change into your pajamas and do your nightly routine.
It’s a little awkward at first, and you don’t know why; over the last six months or so, he’s actually become your closest friend on the team, and conversation usually comes easily, but silence settles over the room uncomfortably as you slip between the sheets on your side of the bed.
He goes into the bathroom, does his own nightly routine, then comes out in his pajamas and turns on CNN.
You take out your book, pay no attention to Aaron, but the longer he sits on the edge of the bed, staring at the news ticker on the television screen but not actually watching it, the more you wish he’d just get over himself and come to bed. If he’s trying to wait for you to fall asleep, he’s going to be waiting a while.
“So you were right; I love Buck,” you say as a way to start some conversation, to bring some normalcy to this unusual situation. You hold up the book you’re reading, the one he let you borrow. “His struggle between remaining loyal to his owner and answering the call of the wild—I love dogs, but I never imagined a book about a dog could be so moving.”
He turns back with a soft smile, then switches off the tv and heads over to his side of the bed; he pulls back the comforter, slides between the sheets, meets you toward the middle of the bed.
“I told you you’d like it; what chapter are you on?” He leans over to look, so close it wouldn’t take much to lift a hand and brush it over his hair; it looks unfairly soft, and part of you wants to card your fingers through it, to tug on it and mess it up a little. He probably wouldn’t even mind if you did.
“Chapter 7—I only have a few pages left.” You snuggle more comfortably against your pillow, lean into his shoulder, and move the book so it’s more evenly between you. “Want to finish it with me?”
He does, and you read silently at a similar pace; he reaches up to turn the pages, and you think about how these hands have flipped through this book so many times before, what he might have been thinking, feeling, while reading. It’s a more intimate act than you’ve shared with anyone in a really long time.
When you finish the book, you sigh, let the feeling of reading a really great story envelope you; you turn to face Aaron, and he’s looking at you… and then there’s a knock at the door that startles you both.
He gets up, walks over and checks the peep hole, then opens the door.
“Are you sure?” you hear JJ ask, and he steps back so she can enter the room; when she sees you tucked snugly into the middle of the bed, she shoots you a soft smile and mouths you’re welcome, which makes absolutely no sense without context. You’ll have to bring it up to her later and ask what exactly you’re supposed to be thanking her for.
“So you said the detective called?” Aaron prompts her, and she looks away from you, nods.
“Yes, he wanted me to ask if we could have a few agents meet him at the second crime scene tomorrow instead of the precinct, figured it could save a little time.” Aaron looks confused, like he doesn’t see why this couldn’t have waited until tomorrow, but he ultimately agrees.
“Sure. You, Reid, and Prentiss can head straight there, if that’s what he wants. I’ll let them know in the morning.” JJ nods, and looks over at you, and then back at Aaron, who makes a kind but curious face. “Was there something else?”
“Huh? Oh, no, that’s it. I just didn’t want to forget. I’ll let you guys go—enjoy the rest of your night,” she says with a smile and a wave, and when he closes the door behind her, you both exchange a look.
She’s definitely acting a little weird, but it’s late, so you give her the benefit of the doubt.
You scoot over to your side, put the book on the nightstand and switch off your lamp; Aaron climbs back into bed and switches his off, too, and he turns to face the wall while you lay on your back and stare at the ceiling.
It takes about half an hour, but he falls asleep first; you turn to face him, watching his back, following the rise and fall as he softly breathes in sleep, and the peaceful rhythm lulls you into submission, and you drift off as well.
When you wake up a couple hours later, he is on his stomach with his face pressed into his pillow, and you are draped over his back with your cheek against his t-shirt. It’s soft, and warm, and smells like him, and you glance at the clock and realize it’s too early to do anything but get comfortable and fall back asleep, so that’s exactly what you do.
The next time you wake up, to light creeping in between the curtains, Aaron is no longer in bed, but you’re holding his pillow, still warm beneath your cheek. He doesn’t act weird when you get up and start moving around, just pops out of the bathroom with his toothbrush dangling from his mouth.
“Got you a latte,” he says around it, gesturing to the desk and the pair of paper cups that sit on it, and you grin.
“Seriously, you’re my favorite human,” you answer, and you grab your coffee and lean against the doorframe, sipping and sighing until you’re a little more clear-headed. “Sorry if I crushed you; guess I was restless last night. I usually don’t move around that much.”
He just shrugs, spits out a mouthful of foam into the sink.
“You didn’t crush me. I’m pretty solid, if you hadn’t noticed.”
“I’ve noticed,” you tease, looking at him over the lid as you take another sip. “Now hurry up and quit hogging the bathroom if you want to leave here at a decent hour.” He rinses, zips up his toiletry bag noisily for dramatic effect, and slips past you, rubbing a hand over your unruly bed head as he goes. The day passes quickly, with lots of interviewing witnesses, following dead-end leads, and bad police station coffee. When Aaron calls it and tells everyone to get some dinner, you all split off into smaller groups—Spencer and Derek go for Chinese, JJ and Emily opt for pizza, and you and Aaron end up at a retro diner with burgers and milkshakes and a plate of fries between you to share.
“I think we should be focusing more on the docks,” you say, dipping a fry in ketchup and taking a bite. “Even if that’s not where the bodies end up, it seems to be where the unsub is meeting with the victims. We could stake it out tonight, maybe. If you want.” You never want to step on his toes, because he is the boss, the leader, even if you’re friends too; you try to be careful how you phrase things, especially in front of other people, because you don’t want your comfort to look like disrespect, however unintentional.
“That’s a good idea. You and I can head down there after this; I’ll let the others know to patrol nearby, in case we need backup.”
He dusts off his fingers and pulls out his phone, types out a text, and you look around the restaurant—the place looks like it was ripped right out of the 50s, with a checkered floor and lots of red vinyl, a shiny jukebox in the corner. Out of place is a flatscreen tv behind the counter; during the day, when it’s busier, it might play news or sports, but you two are the only ones here at the moment, so the staff is hanging out beneath it watching a movie. It’s Titanic, you realize, when the iconic ‘Rose floating on a piece of debris’ scene plays, and you snort, take a long drag of your chocolate shake.
“I always hated this part. They could have found a way for him to survive, too. Unnecessary death for the heartache factor,” you say, and Aaron looks up from his phone to the screen, makes a sound of contemplation.
“I always thought it was kind of romantic. When you love someone, you’d do anything for them to be okay, even at your own expense. Even if it’s stupid.” You look over his face, study the features you know like the back of your hand, and you guess you can kind of see that, but you can’t say that, so you just sigh.
“I suppose you think Romeo and Juliet is romantic, too,” you tease, and he looks back at you, rolls his eyes.
“It’s very much of its time; it's a lot harder to suffer a miscommunication like that these days. And there is something to be said for star-crossed lovers—people who shouldn’t be together, for one reason or another, but can’t help but drift close anyway.” You swirl your straw in the metal cup, thinking briefly of how that happens to describe the two of you, and when you look up at him, you think you see a hint of that same thought on his face.
More likely, that’s just wishful thinking.
“I like the sword-fights,” you say to lighten the mood, and he laughs, and you both polish off the rest of your food and then head for the docks.
Two hours in and absolutely nothing has happened, but just when you’re ready to complain, or suggest playing I Spy or something, there’s movement from one of the shipping containers to your right. You nudge Aaron, point to the container, and you both creep closer, trying to make out the situation.
When you’re just around the corner, it’s clearly two men fighting, but you obviously don’t know if this is your unsub, two random guys having it out on the docks, or what, so you mutually agree to wait until you have some kind of sign that this is your guy. When one of them pulls out a hunting knife that looks vaguely similar to your murder weapon—as close as you can tell in the dark, anyway—you raise your guns and identify yourselves as FBI.
The unsub drops the knife, but fists his hands in the other guy’s jacket, manhandles him to the edge of the dock, and shoves him into the water, then jumps as well. You swear, and Aaron takes off his jacket, throws it on the ground, then his phone on top of it, and looks back at you.
“Stay here and call for backup,” he instructs, and then he jumps in too; you call the team from your comms, get a response from Emily, and then toss your phone onto Aaron’s jacket and follow him.
He, of course, went for the victim first, so you look for the unsub, who is not visible above the water. You completely submerge yourself, feeling for more than looking for him, because the water is cloudy on a good day and pitch black at ten o’clock at night; when you pop your head up for air, you see Aaron getting the victim up onto the dock, and the unsub bobbing a bit further out. You swim to him, limbs aching, and he seems to know it’s time to give up.
He’s winded, gasping for breath, so you keep him above the water to your own detriment, dragging him by his wet jacket instead of cuffing him, because you’re not trying to kill the guy or lug his unconscious body back to shore. You just barely keep your own head above water most of the time, coming up for big gulps of air when absolutely necessary.
You finally make it to the dock, and your team has arrived, so Derek pulls him out of the water, makes sure he’s alright, and puts some cuffs on him. Aaron’s hands are on you right after, getting you up on the dock, wrapping a towel around your shoulders.
Despite the warm spring breeze, the water was freezing, and you can feel your teeth chattering. He rubs your arms for warmth, crouches down to look you seriously in the eyes.
“Thought I told you to stay here,” he says with an arched brow, a scowl you can tell is more concerned than angry. You wet your frozen lips and try your best to smile.
“You jump, I jump, Jack.”
He looks at you like you’re an idiot, but fondly, if that’s possible, then hugs you so tightly, guides your face to press against his warm neck. How he’s not teetering on the edge of hypothermia is anyone’s guess.
“Your lips are practically blue. Stupid,” he murmurs, but his mouth dusts over your temple in what is unmistakably a kiss, and when you’re able to feel your lips again, you reciprocate, press them a little harder against his throat while you shiver in his arms.
It doesn’t mean anything except I’m happy we’re both alive. Probably.
That night in bed, he faces the wall, and you stare at the ceiling, but you wake up with your nose against the back of his neck. The way he’s breathing tells you he’s not asleep, and when you wrap your arms around him, he holds them tight. Things don’t change after Pittsburgh, and that’s okay. You are comfortable with the way things are, and you love what you have—lunches under the oak tree, the exchange of books, late night texts when you both can’t sleep, hands brushing when you walk to the parking garage, glances shared across the jet. All those things make it easy not to focus on what you don’t have, what you’re not even sure Aaron would want anyway.
You exchange books again on Friday at lunch: he hands you Beloved by Toni Morrison, a book you already know and adore, and you hand him Ravished by Amanda Quick.
“Dubbed the Beast of Blackthorne Hall for his scarred face and lecherous past, Gideon,” Aaron shoots you a glance—“that’s purely coincidental”—“was strong and fierce and notoriously menacing. Yet Harriet could not find it in her heart to fear him. For in his tawny gaze she sensed a savage pain she longed to soothe... and a searing passion she yearned to answer.”
You hold back a smile.
“It’s a modern retelling of a classic story—Beauty and the Beast,” you add, taking a bite of your sandwich. He looks you over like there’s something he wants to say, but he just tucks it under his arm and steals a piece of melon from your lunch.
“I have Jack this weekend, so I probably won’t get to read much, but it sounds intriguing.”
“Well I hope you like it when you read it. Tell him I said hi; it’s been too long since I saw him. I bet he’s looking more like you every day,” you say, popping a piece of melon into your mouth. He smiles softly.
“A little, but Haley says she sees her father in him, and I have to agree. We may have to wait a few years until he looks like me; he’s too cute for that now.” He doesn’t sound self-deprecating, just fond, but you can’t let a comment like that stand, regardless.
“You’re cute; the difference is that kids are cute all the time. You’re an adult, so sometimes you’re handsome, sometimes you’re cute, sometimes you’re hot… it can be hard to reconcile.” This time, he looks you over with something light and playful in his eyes, and it’s something you want to explore, but the timer on your phone goes off, indicating that lunch is over, so you just exhale softly and pack up your things.
You don’t talk much after that—his Fridays are usually busy with meetings, and he leaves in a hurry to pick up Jack, which is understandable.
Emily, JJ, and Penelope invite you out for drinks and dinner—“because we know Hotch is busy,” Penelope says, which has literally nothing to do with your weekend plans, but you don’t correct them—so you don’t linger either.
You go out for Italian, so you are sleepy and full of wine and pasta by the end of the evening, and you smile at your friends.
“Thanks for inviting me out tonight, guys. I had a really good time.”
“Of course,” Emily says, taking her last sip of Pinot Noir. “We barely see you anymore; it was long overdue.”
“Definitely,” you agree. “I should really try to drag my ass out of bed more often.” You can’t help it, though, that after a long day, your bed and a good book just call your name. You’ve always been introverted in that way. JJ laughs softly, chin in her palm, elbow on the table.
“Honeymoon phase. Give it another couple months and you’ll be past that.” You do have a new memory foam mattress that has made sinking into the pillows and blankets all that more indulgent, but you didn’t think JJ knew about that. And you’ve never heard of a honeymoon phase for a mattress before.
“Eh, I don’t think so. There’s literally nothing more satisfying on this earth.” The three of them exchange an amused look, but your phone vibrates, and that catches your attention; you smile when it’s Aaron, sending you a photo of Jack with a toothy grin and his hands covered in fingerpaint. You look up to the sound of chairs scraping against the floor.
“Alright, we’ve lost her. See you all Monday,” Emily says, pulling you in for a hug; when she steps back, she smiles. “And tell Hotch we said hi.”
“I will,” you promise as you hug the other two. You hang back a moment, type out a reply—Looks like you’re having lots of fun without me!—and get into your car to head home.
You change into comfy clothes, drink a glass of water, and climb into bed with Beloved, and at around 9:30 you receive a reply.
Having the most fun we can without you. Maybe next time Jack is over, we can tempt you with dinosaur chicken nuggets and fingerpaint?
You smile, the happiest you’ve been all night—and that’s saying something, because you really did have a great time—and send back, It’s a date. Come Monday, you’re feeling pretty good, well-rested and relaxed from probably too much time in bed, but Aaron looks upset when he walks into the morning meeting. He keeps it short and sweet, and everyone disperses quickly, giving you sympathetic looks as you hang back to try to have a word with him. He clears off the white board, tidies up the table that doesn’t need tidying, and you place a hand on his back, gentle and comforting. He sighs, and you can feel the tension leave him almost instantly.
“Hey. What’s bothering you?” you ask softly, leaning around to try to catch his expression; he looks tired, sad, and maybe a little conflicted, leans into your touch.
“Taking Jack back to Haley’s was rough last night; it always is, but yesterday was really bad.” You know a little about this from weekends past, how Jack always cries when Aaron has to leave, how he feels terrible about it for the rest of the evening, but it must have been extreme for him to still be so upset. “And Haley…” He sighs again, runs his hand through his hair. “It’s like it’s one step forward, two steps back with her sometimes.”
“Why don’t we go sit in your office and you can tell me more?” You want to continue discussing this—that’s what friends are for, and he’s clearly in a bad state emotionally, you think it could help—but he just shakes his head.
“No, I… it’s okay. I don’t want to weigh you down with my problems.” You take your hand off his back, lean a hip against the table and look up at him.
“I’m not just your friend when it’s all easy breezy, lunch in the sunshine, talking about our favorite books,” you say with a sad smile; he reciprocates a little, which is more than you expected. “I’m here when things are complicated, when you have bad days, too. The Monday blues especially.” One of his hands rests on the table, and you cover it with yours, lean in to press your forehead to his shoulder. “Let me be here, okay? Even if all you need me to do is listen.”
It takes a moment, and his eyes are wet when he finally responds; he inhales deeply, nods, and brushes his free hand over your head in something of a hug, murmurs a rough, “okay.”
You sit in his office for an hour—which, again, is more than you expected—listening to him talk about his weekend with Jack, how heartbreaking it was to take him back to Haley’s, how he tried talking to her about taking him more often and she just wasn’t sure she could trust him to do what he says he’ll do. He understands where she’s coming from, knows he’s been unable to keep his word in the past, thinks he doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt; he hasn’t asked for advice, seems to just want to vent, so you just listen.
“Then I mentioned you, that you might come for dinner next time he’s over, and she was worried about that,” he says, exasperated, and you frown.
“Why would she worry about that? I’ve been around him lots of times.” It doesn't make sense, because Haley has always been nothing but sweet to you; Aaron looks up at your question, and it seems a little like maybe he hadn’t meant to say that part, though you can’t imagine why.
“It’s just different now… because he’s older,” he says after a brief moment of hesitation. “She doesn’t want him getting attached to someone who might not always be around, you know.” You sigh softly, because if that’s all it is…
You lean forward, take his hand, squeeze it tight.
“I’m always going to be around, Aaron. I can talk to her, if you want, tell her that.”
“No, it’s—you don’t have to do that.” He squeezes your hand back, closes his eyes for a beat. “Just hearing you say it, it makes things easier. I’ll talk to her again next time.”
You talk a little more, and he seems a lot better afterward, even if he is a bit less expressive during lunch; you figure any progress is good, but it makes you sad to see him so down, so naturally, you formulate a plan to help get him back to the Aaron you know and love.
At the end of the day, when he makes his way to the bullpen, you spin around in your chair, take him by the sleeve.
“You’re coming home with me tonight,” you say in no uncertain tone of voice. “For a few hours. I’ll bring you back for your car.” He agrees with a fond look, and you lose yourself in the expression for a moment, then stand up, grab your things, and walk with him out to the garage.
Rush hour traffic is what it is, and you leave Aaron in charge of the music, which means you get The Beatles and The Who, Rolling Stones and Neil Diamond, and you’re both singing along and so much happier by the time you pull into the parking lot of the bodega nearest your apartment.
“Just running in for provisions—be right back,” you say with a grin, and when you return with two paper bags of loot, he looks at you like you might be his favorite person in the world with an age in the double digits. It’s a look you love putting on his face.
“Do I get to see what provisions you’ve acquired?” he asks, teasing, but you shake your head and tell him he’ll see it when you get there.
With a pit stop in your apartment to grab a blanket and a few throw pillows, you take him up to the roof and get things ready for your makeshift picnic. There is white wine, still mostly chilled; cubed cheese, far from gourmet but no less delicious; crusty french bread that was fresh this morning but at this hour is a little extra crusty; blueberries, because they didn’t have grapes; dark chocolate, because you share a fondness for it; and paper cups for the wine.
Aaron takes a look at your bounty, spread over the blanket, and smiles the first real smile you’ve seen all day.
“Fancy,” he teases, and he takes off his jacket, gets on the ground with you. You pour each of you some wine, pop a blueberry in your mouth.
“No, but I thought a meal—and I do call it that loosely—under the stars might do you some good.” You lift your paper cup and tap it against his, brush your fingers over his hand. “To the best boss, best dad, best friend I could ask for.” You take a sip, but he doesn’t at first, watches you with something simmering behind his eyes.
“Do I get to make a toast?” he asks after a few beats, and you smile, nod, and hold up your cup. “To the only person stupid enough to jump into a freezing cold river after me. To the only person I would consider eating a bodega dinner with. To the only person who sees me the way you do.” You both take a sip, which is hard to swallow around the lump in your throat. He looks into your eyes, then breaks the dark chocolate into slivers and hands you a piece like he didn’t just say the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to you before.
You eat, and talk, and drink, and when you’re done with dinner you put everything back in the bags and lay back on the blanket, side by side, and stare up at the stars. The moon is high and full, shining while the stars twinkle around it, and you can’t think of a single time you’ve ever felt more at peace.
“This was really perfect,” Aaron says, almost a whisper, after about twenty minutes of companionable silence. “I can’t thank you enough for being there for me today.” You turn to face him, hands curled up under your chin, and he turns toward you as well. He’s so handsome in the moonlight your heart almost aches.
“You don’t have to thank me. I just wanted to see you happy.” You feel your eyes well up with tears, because he deserves to be happy; you sigh, blink them away, and he leans in and presses his lips to your forehead, rests them there for a long time. When he eventually pulls back, you bring a hand to his hair, brush it back at his temple, and then the creaking of the door makes you pull back, sit up.
It’s your neighbor from 422, who you’ve seen on the roof a handful of times, sneaking away from his wife to smoke a cigarette. He squints in the dark, recognizes you, and waves.
“Hey, 418! You’re not alone tonight.” Aaron sits up too, and you laugh softly.
“Nope, but we were just leaving. The roof is all yours.” Aaron stands, pulls you up, and you grab the blanket and pillows while he grabs the bags, and the two of you head back down to your place.
It’s after ten when you get the groceries put away, and you stand next to Aaron in your small kitchen, contemplating what you want to say next. Your mouth betrays your brain, says what you’ve been thinking but weren’t quite sure how to approach.
“It’s late; I know I said I’d take you back to your car, but you could stay here if you want. I have a spare toothbrush, and I know you have a spare suit at the office, and it’s not like it’s the first time we’ve shared a bed before.”
You’d completely understand if he’d rather go home—you hate when your plans are changed at the last minute, and you prefer to do your full nightly routine for your sanity’s sake—but he only nods, and you lead your way to the bedroom, show him the master bath.
You are in your pajamas, tucked into bed, when he comes out in his boxers and undershirt; he hangs up his suit in your closet where you’d left him some space, then climbs in beside you. He looks over at you, then past you, at your nightstand, which has a stack of books on it—none of them romance novels. You grin, busted after months of book exchanges, and he leans over you to look at the titles.
“Persuasion, To Kill A Mockingbird, One Hundred Years of Solitude—Beloved.” He looks from your copy of the novel to his, which you hold in your hands, and you shrug sheepishly.
“I like reading the notes you put in the margins,” you say meekly, hoping he’s not angry, but all he does is laugh.
“Let me guess: you don’t actually like romance novels.” He leans back against your pillow, and so do you, resting the book on your lap.
“I mean, I don’t not like them… but I’ve been buying those just for you.” The smile on his face is brilliant, and only makes you yearn for him more; things you have been purposefully not feeling are flooding your heart and mind and body now, with him so close, laughing over this stupid secret you’ve been hiding for so long. “And you, sweet man that you are, have been reading them, and discussing them.” You put your hand on his shoulder, and he ducks his head to laugh again.
“Since we’re being honest… I didn’t read all of them. I tried,” he says when you act offended, shoving the shoulder you’re resting against, “but some of them were so bad. I just flipped through, found something I thought could pass as my favorite part, and hoped to hell you didn't ask too many questions.”
You both laugh until you’re breathless—he is so different from how he was this morning it makes you want to cry—and when your laughter dies down you look at each other, sharing breath, two heads on one pillow; is it any wonder you bridge the distance, pull him close for a warm, gentle kiss?
When you break the kiss, you are instantly worried about what Aaron will do—you aren’t drunk, aren’t even tipsy, so you know he can’t be, so much bigger and more solid than you, but will he think it’s a mistake? He kissed back, you’re pretty sure, but maybe that was an accident, something done on autopilot—
He leans in for a second kiss, mouth deceptively soft, and you curl your arm around his back, press into it with lips desperate not to let this end now that it’s started. When you separate, you are both looking into each other’s eyes again, breathing a bit heavily, and you meet in the middle for a third kiss, the best kiss you’ve ever had in your life.
That kiss ends when you yawn in his face, and he chuckles softly, leans over and switches off your bedside lamp; you smile at the ceiling, and he wraps his arms around you, presses his lips to your shoulder, and tells you good night. The next day, the two of you arrive at work early so he can shower and change into his fresh clothes without anyone on the team noticing—not that you think they would really care, but they’re nosy, and a little annoying, so you both agree that’s probably for the best.
You don’t talk about the kisses, even though they’ve been the only thing running through your mind since they happened; you promise to discuss it at lunch, though, and that’s such a sweet, romantic prospect that you think you prefer it better that way anyway.
Only, you don’t ever get to lunch, because there’s an urgent case in Minneapolis, an all hands on deck situation, meaning even Penelope joins you on the jet. You debrief on the flight, hunker down in the conference room, and split up to cover more ground; you barely get to speak to Aaron the whole time you’re there except to be given instructions and to fill him on what, if anything, you’ve learned.
You don’t even make it to your hotel that night, working around the clock to catch the people responsible for terrorizing the city. It takes not one, but almost two full days, and when you board the jet on Wednesday evening, everyone is dead on their feet. You barely remember the flight or the trip home, and you fall onto your bed fully clothed and crash just like that.
Thursday is your birthday, which you almost forgot, and so you assumed everyone else would too. You should have known better, because even if your team can be annoying, they are still your friends, and they love you, so you are well and truly spoiled.
You are treated to a latte and bagels from Emily, purple cupcakes with silver sprinkles from Penelope, a piggy back ride from Derek, a book of poetry you’ve had your eye on from Spencer, and a card from JJ—really, it turns out, from all of them.
“Enjoy a romantic getaway on us?” There’s some kind of certificate in the card, and when you flip it over, you discover that it’s for a hotel and spa that offers couples massages, mud baths, intimate aromatherapy? You arch a brow. “Uh, thanks, guys. Are you trying to tell me something here?” JJ’s face falls a little and she points to the card.
“It’s a romantic getaway. For you and Hotch? Since things have been so hectic lately,” she says, but your ears are kind of ringing and your brain is stuck on the for you and Hotch part.
“Oh. Um. Sorry—it’s just kind of soon, I think? How do you guys even know about that?” you murmur. The two of you haven’t had time to discuss Monday yet, and you haven’t spoken a word to anyone; you wouldn’t have guessed Aaron would have either, but there is a gift certificate for a romantic getaway in your hands, and you’re kind of spiraling.
“Well come on, we haven’t exactly been pretending we don’t know,” Emily says, and you can feel the confusion in your features when you look up at her. “And you guys haven’t been exactly secretive. We’re happy for you, though.”
“I mean, we haven’t been secretive, but we haven’t really had a chance to talk about it yet. It’s only been three days.” You are met with looks similar to the one on your own face.
“What do you mean, three days?” Spencer asks with a frown. “You and Hotch have been dating for almost two months. Right?” he says, looking at the others, and they nod, but it’s tentative. Your first reaction is to flush, and you close the card, fan your face with it.
“You guys think… You guys thought…” You look at them, then up at Aaron’s office; there’s no way he can know that you’re having a moment, but he chooses then to come downstairs, coincidentally. He’s smiling at first, but it falls when he looks at your face.
“Hey. Is everything okay?” He presses a cool hand to your hot cheek, flicks his eyes over yours, and JJ makes a noise; when you glance over at her, she’s gesturing between the two of you.
“I’m sorry, we were wrong? What were we supposed to think?” Aaron frowns, not following, and you take a deep breath.
“They got me a gift certificate for my birthday. To a spa. For you and I to have a romantic getaway, because they were under the assumption we’ve been dating… for two months.” The way he pulls back quickly makes your stomach ache a little, but you say nothing. You should have known.
“You say I love you,” Derek begins like he’s listing evidence. “You have lunch together every day. You’re always smiling at each other.”
“Seriously, some of the softest, gooiest smiles I’ve ever seen,” Penelope adds.
“You eat together on cases, you’re texting all the time when you’re not together.”
“I’ve been pairing the two of you up in hotels since I first figured out you were dating,” JJ says, and the whole ‘you’re welcome’ thing suddenly makes some sense. “I booked you that room with just the one bed so you’d maybe feel more comfortable about us knowing, so you’d see that we don’t mind.”
“You’re always looking at each other, always touching,” Spencer says. “In Pittsburgh—that was the first time you really hugged or kissed each other in front of us. We were trying to pretend it wasn’t a big deal, but it was kind of a big deal.”
You look over at Aaron, try to gauge his reaction, but for the first time in a long time you can’t tell what he’s feeling. You can’t really tell what you’re feeling, either. Sadness. Worry. Loss? But what have you lost?
“We’re friends,” you say, even if it sounds weak to your own ears. “We’re… close.”
“We wouldn’t exactly make sense as a couple, would we?” Aaron asks rhetorically, and your heart clenches when he says that. He told you this morning that he’d made dinner plans for you, both for your birthday and to discuss the kisses, what they mean, where you go from here, but that doesn’t sound very promising anymore. “We’re just—”
“Star-crossed,” you say, but you feel like your eyes are vacant. You can hear your heartbeat pounding in your ears. You’re stupid for kissing him, for letting yourself think he could feel the same way you feel, have felt for a while. Isn’t friendship enough? Don’t you already have this special bond so unlike what you have with anyone else in your life? Why press your luck? You know better than that. “We should get back to work.”
You don’t look at Aaron, so you don’t know whether or not he looks at you. JJ does, and you can tell she knows you’re upset, but she just nudges everyone on their way, and you take a seat at your desk—it’s covered in balloons and streamers, the Penelope special.
You’ve never felt less like celebrating.
At lunchtime, Aaron stops at your desk, and the two of you walk out to the bench, open your bags in silence. You’re almost halfway through the hour before he tries to speak.
“Uh. I. About earlier,” he finally gets out, looking down at his sandwich, and you shake your head even though he’s not watching you.
“It’s fine. We don’t have to.” You take a bite of your salad even though you don’t taste it. “You’re right, it doesn’t make sense. You are who you are,” smart, sweet, handsome, tender, caring, “and I am who I am.” Too quiet, too young, too impulsive, too silly, too emotional. He nods, looks at your face for the first time in a while, swallows.
“Right.” You’re due to exchange books back—his is on your lap, yours is on his—and he picks them both up. “I’m like this,” he says, holding up Beloved. “Faded cover, dog-eared pages, scribbles in the margins: middle-aged, divorced, a little broken, barely holding it together for the kid I don’t get to spend enough time with. You’re like this,” he says, holding up Ravished. “Fresh and glossy and shiny and new, with your whole life ahead of you, the whole world ahead of you. You could do anything, with anyone.”
You frown, because this is not what you meant, at all. How could he think that about himself, when the well-loved cover and the dog-eared pages and the scribbles in the margins are all the best parts of him?
“Aaron,” you say, but it sounds like pleading; you reach out to put your hands on his arms, but he pulls them back. His eyes are rimmed red, lips pressed together to hold back everything he’s not saying.
“I think lunch is almost over.” He packs up his things, leaves you with tears in your eyes and a wilted salad and a brand new romance novel you’re never going to read.
Later, he cancels dinner, says something came up, and you go home to your empty bed and watch Titanic and bawl your eyes out when Rose tells Jack she’ll never let go. Friday, you get another case. Weekend cases are no one’s favorite, but especially not yours, when you desperately needed that buffer of time away from Aaron to sort out your feelings and get back to some sense of normalcy. Instead, you’re flying to a small town outside of Nashville to catch a serial arsonist, and when you get to your hotel, you and Aaron are sharing a room.
At least there are two beds, this time.
You go with Emily and Spencer to a crime scene, walking around a house that was once picture perfect and is now all charred wood and ash, and you quickly tell yourself to get a grip and not look for metaphors for your own life while trying to solve a case. What kind of investigator are you? Pathetic, apparently.
You work until evening, and when it’s time to break for dinner, you buy a sad looking assortment of items from the police station vending machine and eat in the conference room by yourself.
It’s a good thing you do, because they get a call about the fire while everyone is still away, and you and a few locals are the first on the scene.
It doesn’t start out bad, mostly located in the back of the house, but you know how quickly these things can spread, and the fire department is working hard to put it out. One of the officers is talking to the family, and the mother is crying, so you come closer to figure out why.
“She said the daughter was supposed to be staying at a friend’s, but sometimes she changes her mind at the last minute and comes home. She can’t get ahold of her,” the officer says, and you nod, thinking.
“Where would she be? The front or the back?”
“Her room is in the front, second floor; if she’s here, that’s where she’d be,” the mother says, wiping her eyes with a tissue, and you tell the officer to stay with them, that you’ll take care of it. You talk to the firefighters—this town is so small there are only two that were able to respond, and they’re both busy trying to put out the fire, but they clear you to go in if you stick to the front of the building and get out of there as fast as you can.
Your team isn’t here yet either, too far out for comms to be effective, and you can’t get ahold of Aaron, so you make a judgement call and head inside.
The front of the house is so eerily normal it’s almost easy to calm your nerves and pretend the back isn’t in the process of being destroyed. You open the front door, run up the staircase, and call out for the girl; she answers, not from the front of the house, but the back—a bathroom maybe? Flames lick up the wall beside it, but you can get to the knob, and she comes rushing out, into your arms, terrified. You weren't expecting that, and you both fall back: your head hits off the floor, but she seems okay, so you tell her to run out the front door and find her mom.
You press a hand to the back of your head, and it comes back tacky with blood. There’s ringing in your ears for a couple of minutes, and then your favorite voice in the world comes through.
“Where are you? We’re here, where are you?” You’re getting hotter, and when you crane your neck up, you can see why: the fire is getting closer, creeping toward the staircase, creeping toward you. You inhale, cough, and press your walkie button.
“I’m upstairs in the hall; hit my head. It’s not safe.”
“I’m coming for you.” You groan. Stubborn man.
“It’s not safe, Aaron.” You hear the crackle of static, hope maybe he heard your warning and will wait until more firefighters arrive—but knowing him the way you do, that’s just wishful thinking. His voice rings out again, and despite the pain, you can’t help but smile.
“You jump, I jump, Jack. Just stay put; I’ll be right there.” You close your eyes, drift in and out of consciousness; when you see him, all you can think is how ridiculously in love with him you are, and that you really hope you’ll be around to tell him. You are, of course, fine. Your head is the worst of it, even the smoke inhalation was mild, and the fire didn’t touch you, so there are no burns. Aaron doesn’t leave your side the entire time you’re being checked over, looks serious and concerned, though he smiles when the mother comes over and squeezes you so tightly you wince a little. It starts to rain, making the firefighters' jobs a little easier, and it feels oddly cleansing, after the day you’ve had. Someone offers you an umbrella, but you decline.
The fire is successfully put out, and the half of your team that didn’t respond to the scene responded to a call for suspicious activity, which ends up being your unsub. You are all happy no one was killed this time, and since you’re staying the night again, the group decides to grab a drink to celebrate. You don’t have a concussion, but your head still aches, so you pass, and Aaron passes with you.
You head to the hotel, park in the lot, but you don’t even make it halfway across before you stop, a hand on his arm.
“I need to say something,” you tell him, and he looks up at the dark sky like, right here? Right now?, even though you’re both already drenched. You nod, because if you don’t do this now you might never—almost dying always gives you an unhealthy amount of confidence, which you attribute to equal amounts of adrenaline and stupidity. “When we first met, I didn’t think we’d have a lot in common. We’re both quiet, but in wildly different ways, and I’m quick to trust and let people in while your guard is almost never down.”
He looks a little sad at that, and you realize you’re kind of doing what he did, putting the two of you into completely different categories, emphasizing the ways you don’t belong together. But that’s dumb, so you don’t give him time to focus on that for long.
“But being your friend, Aaron—the more time I spent with you, the more I came to feel like no one has ever understood me the way you do. No one has ever seen me the way you do.” Rain is pouring down all around you, beating against the pavement, flattening your hair against your head, but you don’t care. Regardless of his reaction, this is actually kind of perfect. “I didn’t mean to fall in love with you—that was an accident, I admit. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” You step closer to him, put your hands on his waist; he doesn’t pull away. “I don’t need shiny, glossy things; you're the one I want—faded cover, dog-eared pages, notes in the margins. I love you exactly as you are.”
He is gorgeous in the rain, water in his hair, dripping off his nose. His expression looks hopeful, and you pray to god that’s not wishful thinking.
“Say something, anything,” you beg, anticipation killing you, and he presses his hands to your cheeks and pulls you close for a deep, passionate, soulful kiss that says it all.
The words are nice to hear, though.
“I didn’t mean to fall in love with you either,” he breathes against your lips when the kiss breaks. “I told myself it was just a crush, because someone so young and beautiful was paying so much attention to me, treating me like more than just the guy giving orders. But the more time I spent with you, the more undeniable it became. You are everything good about the world—bright, optimistic, caring, funny, sweet. How could anyone not fall in love with you?”
You swallow hard, lean up to press your lips against his again.
“When you said we wouldn’t make sense as a couple…” He shakes his head.
“That was just me chickening out. After we kissed, I was all but ready to ask you to go steady,” he says, and you both smile, because he’s such an old fashioned dork, but god, do you love him. “And then we found out that the team thought we’d been together for months, and you looked freaked out, so I freaked out. I’m sorry. I should have made us talk about it sooner.”
“Classic pointless miscommunication,” you say with a laugh, and he chuckles too, kisses you again.
“Let’s go inside and get dried off; there’s a birthday gift in my bag I’ve been meaning to give you.” He takes your hand, and you head up, duck into the bathroom to change into dry clothes, squeeze the water out of your hair. There is a small, flat, wrapped present on your bed when you emerge, and you smile, sink down to open it.
It’s Romeo and Juliet, a brand new copy, but when you flip through it, there are blue inked notes in the margins. Aaron comes to sit beside you, touches your face like you’re something precious.
“The course of true love never did run smooth,” he murmurs, and you smack him on the arm with the book.
“That’s from A Midsummer Night's Dream, and I know you know that,” you say with a grin. He nods in admission, and you wrap your arms around his shoulders, lean in for a warm, loving kiss. When you pull back, it’s with a soft smile. “Give me my sin again?”
“My pleasure,” he whispers, and you sink into his embrace and promise never to let go. The following week, you both leave work at noon on Friday so you can enjoy your romantic getaway. You drive to the spa, and Aaron reads over the brochure on his phone with a tone you find hilarious.
“Mud bath—I’m not bathing in mud. That’s counterintuitive.”
“It’s special mud; more like clay,” you say, but he snorts, scrolls.
“Seaweed wrap—nobody is wrapping me in seaweed. That sounds like a nightmare.” You laugh softly and take your exit.
“It’s supposed to be rejuvenating. JJ recommended it.”
“JJ weighs fifty pounds. It would take all the seaweed in the Atlantic to wrap me,” he says, and you roll your eyes, jab your finger into his ribs.
“But what if I get to unwrap you?” you ask, eyebrows raised; you briefly glance over and he makes a face of contemplation.
“Okay, that’s a maybe. Intimate aromatherapy—what does that even mean?”
“I think it means we do something that makes us smell good and then we go back to our room and kiss and stuff.”
“Now that doesn’t sound half bad,” he murmurs. “Foot massage? I’m not letting a stranger touch my feet, that’s weird.” You look over at him, squinting.
“You literally plugged someone’s bullet wound with your finger yesterday, but someone touching your feet is where you draw the line? Will you do anything on the list?” He scrolls down it, and his extended silence makes you laugh.
“Meditation. Couples massage,” he says, reaching over to rest a hand on your thigh. “There’s a sauna.” You think of him, sweat-drenched in a fluffy white towel, and take a deep, calming breath. “I bet the room is nice; did you bring a book?” You smile indulgently, reach out a hand to brush through his hair.
“Yep. It’s called A Duke’s Wild Kiss…” He gives you a mildly withering look, and you lightly tap the bridge of his nose. “Just kidding. I brought To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf.” His answering smile is brilliant.
“Are you serious?” You nod, and he gestures to the backseat, where your bags are. “That’s what I brought, too.”
You spend too much of your romantic getaway in your room, but it is really nice; you do the couples massage, though, and aromatherapy, and the sauna, and then you take turns giving each other a foot massage while the other reads To the Lighthouse out loud.
The world probably doesn’t deserve Aaron Hotchner; you definitely don’t, but somehow you get to keep him anyway. A/N: Though I snuck in a few parts of a few different lyrics, two lines in particular inspired this fic: 'Now I've read all of the books beside your bed' and 'I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this.' A lot of my fics lately have incorporated books... guess I better get reading!
Taglist ❤️: @thaddeusly @arsonhotchner @mrsh0tchner @ssahotchie @sleepyreaderreads @mintphoenix @meghannnnnn @disgruntledchowchow @azenpal @g-l-pierce @my-rosegold-soul @ssamorganhotchner @heliotropehotch @angelhotchner @qtip-blog @gspenc @wishuhadstayed @averyhotchner
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honeysuckle-venom · 11 months ago
I’ve been scrolling through the Joss Whedon tag and other related tags to see if I can find some posts that reflect my views that I can reblog. But I eventually decided to make my own as I’m not seeing a lot that I fully agree with. There are a lot of people saying “Joss Whedon is a piece of shit, everything he ever did is trash, and it’s immoral to watch or reblog anything to do with him.” And then there are a lot of other people saying “Buffy and Angel and Firefly and Dollhouse were so important and formative for me and I love them and I’ll always love them so I’ve decided the best approach is death of the author and pretending that SMG created Buffy.” There are very few people in the middle, looking at it with nuance, and I’m frustrated by it.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer has been my favorite show for 8 years, and it still is. I still love it with all of my heart, and I probably always will. It has fantastic, nuanced characters, including some incredible portrayals of complicated women. The show does an amazing job of exploring a lot of important, difficult issues such as the effects of trauma and depression. It featured the first lesbian kiss on primetime TV. It did a lot of things with women that were very progressive for the 90s. Many wonderful, non abusive people worked on the show, and even though it was created and heavily shaped by Joss it is the product of a lot of different talented people. SMG is still proud to have her name associated with Buffy, even though she condemns Joss.
But at the same time, Joss is abusive, racist, and misogynistic. We see this very clearly in the way he’s treated Charisma Carpenter and Ray Fisher, but it also shows up in his work itself. I’ll be using Buffy as an example as it’s the show I’m most familiar with, but these issues show up in all of his work. People have rightly criticized Buffy for a long time now for being racist. There are very very few characters of color, when they do show up they’re usually walking stereotypes, and the anti-Romani racism that’s at the center of Angel’s backstory is horrific. Whedon’s misogyny is also very present in Buffy, if in slightly more subtle ways. The way the show handles consent and assault is questionable at best (look at how Xander gets away with his attempted assault in The Pack). Buffy is punished narratively for having sex in season 2, season 4, and season 6. Xander’s misogyny and fetishization of Willow and Tara is treated either as a joke or as completely acceptable throughout the show, and it’s very clear that Xander is Whedon’s self insert. Whedon’s objectification of women is present throughout all 7 seasons.
I am a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That has not changed. Part of being a fan, for me, is being able to criticize the show and acknowledge its flaws without disregarding its values and contributions. It is possible to see both, to hold both at the same time, and for me it is necessary. The only two options are not “Joss ruined everything he touched and I will never watch his shows or engage in his fandom again” or “Joss Whedon sucked so I’ll ignore his role in his creations so I can keep loving them without moral complexity.” There is a middle ground, and I encourage people to feel comfortable taking it.
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henqtic · 4 months ago
Whispers to the Couch
Tumblr media
pairing: rafe cameron x pregnant!reader
Tumblr media
summary: rafe continuing his routine of whispering to the baby in your stomach but with these, he gets sent to the couch. 
word count: 482. | warnings: pregnancy.
authors note: my back to school sleepover is open !
masterlist. // taglist form. // request works.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“oh and your mommy’s a real mean lady,” rafe whispered in a hushed tone just loud enough for both the baby in your stomach, soon to come out, and your ears to hear— a hand immediately coming down to swat at the blond strands of hair.
this had become your routine a long time ago, seven and half months to be exact when you first broke the news to rafe that you were finally pregnant after some long months of trying.
it made a soft smile come on your face the first few times, simply lying down after a shower— staying up a few minutes longer as you waited for him to get out so that you could fall asleep together.
but instead of him coming right next to you and wrapping his arms around your waist as he always would, he went face level with your stomach that wasn't showing a sign of anything, whispering sweet nothings and promises into the place. and now well, he’d talk into it as if the small person residing inside couldn't pick up on speech patterns. 
“don't say that, i don’t want them coming out and thinking of me as some evil person,” you scolded lightly, narrowing your eyes down at him as he did the same in challenge— dipping back down but closer by the smallest amount so that his lips would brush across the bump as he talked. 
“terrible really, she wouldn't even let me have any of the chocolates she made me get up at two in the mor—”
“continue that sentence and you’re sleeping on the couch.”
your threat was laced with playfulness, still planning on keeping true to it but remembering the hurt in his eyes when you snatched the bag away from his hands— they were both of your favorites but only one of you was the one with constant cravings and extra pounds of weight killing their back. 
and either way, you still wouldn't have given them up if the circumstances were any different. but being the nice person you were, you reached underneath the plush pillow to get the treats out— interrupted by his whispers.
“two in the morning baby, can you believe that? most selfish thing i’ve ever seen if you ask me. don’t worry, i’ll teach you to never be like that.”
“know what, tell me how good the couch feels rafe,” you smiled, opening up one of the small packages and stuffing it into your mouth, scrunching your nose up at him as he groaned at being caught— grabbing a nearby pillow and trudging out of the room. 
“i was speaking the truth, you’ll forgive me at some point,” he shrugged, leaning on the outside of the door like you were going to take anything back and allow him in. 
“and it won’t be tonight, go on, i love having the bed to myself.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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touchstarvedirl · 6 months ago
Welcome to my Blog!
Some reminders, links, and good to know’s are down low!
Tumblr media
~ This is a side blog, my ‘main’ blog is @depressionandfandomsinc, which is where I’ll be replying from, also where you can go to find the fics that I read and authors I follow, as well as me just reblogging things I like. (Mainly influenced my personal opinions)
My inbox is open, so please send asks, questions or any posts you’d like! The inbox on my main is closed, please, only send your asks and etc. here.
~ From Marvel I prefer, but am not limited to writing for: Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Thor, Captain America, Erik Killmonger, M’baku
~ From TV series: Rio from Good Girls
~ Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball
~ These are not all of the shows I watch but they are the characters I’m most comfortable writing for, and will write for most often. However if there’s a specific ask, or request I have no problem trying my hardest to write for them! ( I will adding to the list when I finish other media)
    Other fandoms - Criminal Minds, Bones, Teen Wolf, Black Butler, The Mentalist, Hunter X Hunter, Supernatural, Demon Slayer
~ All of my writing is tagged under #tsiwrites, and specifics are are tagged with the characters initials. (ie: tsiwritesPP for Peter Parker). All of the fics I have written so far will be tagged below.
~ All of my asks are (& will be) tagged under #tsiwrites as well as #tsiask
  Bucky Barnes: (Tagged tsiwritesbb)
 Alexa, Play Go There With You ~ Bucky’s been having a hard time being okay with your work schedule now that you’re pregnant. An arguments ensues and after you only have one thing on your mind, so Alexa helps you set the mood.
There’s Been A Misunderstanding ~ You’ve been distant with Bucky, and he just wants to fix whatever it is that’s keeping you away from him. Little does he know, it has everything to do with your encounter with a nosy red headed assassin you’ve gotten the wrong idea about.
You Again? ~ Nat’s friend is having a bake sale and Natasha wants the Avengers to show their support. But a certain soldier already knows you from somewhere, and well... you’re not the happiest to see him.
Long Distance Teasing HC ~  How I feel like the Avengers would react to teasing (nudes + dirty pics)  from their s/o over the phone while they’re away.
I’ll Take Care Of It Series
I’ll Take Care Of It ~ You’ve enlisted the help of Nat, Bucky, Steve and Bruce to keep Bucky unaware about your hospitalization. News flash, it doesn’t go very well.
Whatever It Takes ~  Bucky reverts to his old ways during a visit with your ex.
I’ll Take Care Of You ~  Bucky comes to see you in the hospital.
Nurse Bucky On Duty (HC) ~  Bucky assigns himself as your nurse after you’re released from the hospital. The signs read only insanely loving and smothering boyfriend antics ahead.
Taking Care Of Us ~ Your ex has left more bruises than the ones you can see ~ You finally get your hat in the mail stirring up all the feelings you thought you were done with, even though they’re not done with you.
Shy!Reader Reactions HC ~ How I feel like the Avengers would act when their partner doesn’t give them the reaction they want during sex/ gets reader out of their shell/ reacts to a shy partner in bed.
Let Me ~ You and Bucky shower together, and you give Bucky treatment he hasn’t had in a long time. ~ Or~ The first time you wash Bucky’s hair.
Different Types of Sex ~ Different types of sex I feel like Bucky has with his s/o.
It Takes Two Series 
It Takes Two ~  Steve brings his buddy to his favorite Coffee Shop to finally show him the girl he can’t stop raving about.
It Takes Two Pt. 2 ~  It turns out that you do need a ride, and Steve and Bucky are more than happy to give you one.
It Takes Two Pt. 3 ~  Bucky and Steve make you eat your words… and other things.
Avengers Aftercare HC ~   How the Avengers care for you after blowing your back out aka how the Avengers do aftercare.
Avengers Boyfriends HC ~   The kind of boyfriends Steve, Bucky and Bruce are.
The Simple Things ~  Your sister is in town and Bucky’s been feeling a little forgotten about.
“Baby, I Fucking Love You.” ~  It’s been a long time of you secretly crushing on your best friend Bucky, and you finally decide to leave New York for a new beginning. Bucky also makes a decision.
Gentle Giant ~ You and your neighbor Bucky have will we, won’t we thing going on and you devise a plan to get him to tell you how he feels. It doesn’t go according to plan, or does it? - Or- Shy, beefy, neighbor!Bucky confesses his feelings.
Remind(h)er:  Bucky lets his insecurities get to him when he sees one of Tony’s friends flirting with you, all he needs is a little reminder.
Remind(h)er Part Two:  The aftermath of getting your ass in that back seat lol.
When You Fall  (avengers HC) ~  You have a habit of overexerting yourself, and your boyfriend is here to catch you when you fall.
Not So Much friends ~  You and Bucky make the team sick to their stomachs with this little oblivious thing y’all have got going.
I Can Handle It ~  Bucky only says what he means, and means exactly what he says. It’s about time you learn that. Or -  A friendly night out leads to Bucky teaching you how to follow directions.
Lucky Ladybug Series
Lucky Ladybug ~  Bucky is a perfect father... to a baby girl who isn’t here yet.
Pity Pancakes ~  You only want pancakes if they’re genuine. /  Tony and Steve talk too much, and you’re too pregnant, and too fragile to not be babied so now it’s Bucky to the rescue.
   Peter Parker:  (Tagged tsiwritespp)
Are You Crazy? ~  You get the wrong idea about the Peter and his friends and after hiding it, it bubbles over in a fight where Peter questions your sanity.
You Make Bad Days Better ~  Peter sees you having a bad day while he’s patrolling and can’t help but turn your frown upside down. - OR - You find something - someone that makes your bad day better.
   Tony Stark:  (Tagged tsiwritests)
Long Distance Teasing HC ~  How I feel like the Avengers would react to teasing (nudes + dirty pics)  from their s/o over the phone while they’re away.  
Shy!Reader Reactions HC ~ How I feel like the Avengers would act when their partner doesn’t give them the reaction they want during sex/ gets reader out of their shell/ reacts to a shy partner in bed. 
Teach You A Lesson ~ How Tony reacts to you trying to discreetly interrupt his meeting.
Avengers Aftercare HC:  How the Avengers care for you after blowing your back out aka how the Avengers do aftercare.
When You Fall (Avengers HC) ~  You have a habit of overexerting yourself, and your boyfriend is here to catch you when you fall.
Different Types of Sex ~ Different types of sex I feel like Tony has with his s/o.
   Steve Rogers:  (Tagged tsiwritessr)
Long Distance Teasing HC ~  How I feel like the Avengers would react to teasing (nudes + dirty pics)  from their s/o over the phone while they’re away. 
Shy!Reader Reactions HC ~ How I feel like the the Avengers would act when their partner doesn’t give them the reaction they want during sex/ gets reader out of their shell/ reacts to a shy partner in bed. 
It Takes Two Series
It Takes Two ~  Steve brings his buddy to his favorite Coffee Shop to finally show him the girl he can’t stop raving about.
It Takes Two Pt. 2 ~  It turns out that you do need a ride, and Steve and Bucky are more than happy to give you one.
It Takes Two Pt. 3 ~  Bucky and Steve make you eat your words… and other things.  
Avengers Aftercare HC:  How the Avengers care for you after blowing your back out aka how the Avengers do aftercare.
Avengers Boyfriends HC:  The kind of boyfriends Steve, Bucky and Bruce are.
Spoiled Daddy’s Girl HC: Steve in a relationship with a spoiled daddy’s girl.
Passing The Baton ~  You’re Steve’s treasured and cherished girlfriend, and a notorious daddy’s girl. Steve tell you no, but your father tells you yes. An argument ensues and feelings Steve’s been holding in for a while start to explode, and you two find a way to work it out.
When You Fall  (avengers HC) ~  You have a habit of overexerting yourself, and your boyfriend is here to catch you when you fall.
Let Me Love You ~  He just wants to love you, and you won’t let him. ~ Steve x Reader who won’t let herself fall in love so deep.
   Bruce Banner:  (Tagged tsiwritesbb)
Long Distance Teasing HC ~  How I feel like the Avengers would react to teasing (nudes + dirty pics)  from their s/o over the phone while they’re away. 
Avengers Boyfriends HC:  The kind of boyfriends Steve, Bucky and Bruce are. 
(In these fics I rotate between using their first and last names as nicknames. Mixing Western tradition of first name, last name but the Japanese tradition of Last name, first name.)
Aomine Daiki:  (Tagged tsiwritesad)
Life Of The Party (KnB HC) ~  GOM + Nash Gold Jr. + Kagami Taiga getting horny at a party and how they handle it with their fem! s/o
Mealtime (KNB HC) ~  How the GOM boys eat you out.
Needy Pt.1 (Knb HC) ~ Reader who doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants and lashes out because of it. ~ The boys have been busy, and you’re feeling needy.
Relationship HC (KnB HC) ~  The GOM boys and how they are in a relationship.
GOM Having a Shy s/o (KnB HC)~  (Like the title suggests lol) How the GOM acts with a shy s/o!
Baby Fever / Trying For a Baby (KnB HC) ~  How the boys handle your urges, and baby fever.
Kagami Taiga:  (Tagged tsiwriteskt)
Life Of The Party (KnB HC) ~ GOM + Nash Gold Jr. + Kagami Taiga getting horny at a party and how they handle it with their fem! s/o
Mealtime (KNB HC) ~  How the GOM boys eat you out.
Mealtime Pt. 2 (Knb HC) ~  How Kiyoshi and Kagami eat coochie lol.
Relationship HC (KnB HC) ~  The GOM boys and how they are in a relationship.
Needy Pt. 2 (Knb HC) ~ Reader who doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants and lashes out because of it. ~ The boys have been busy, and you’re feeling needy.
Consequences Pt. 2 ~  You need to watch what you say in the future. But as far as right now there are consequences.
Baby Fever / Trying For a Baby (KnB HC) ~  How the boys handle your urges, and baby fever.
Kuroko Tetsuya:  (Tagged tsiwriteskt)
Life Of The Party (KnB HC) ~ GOM + Nash Gold Jr. + Kagami Taiga getting horny at a party and how they handle it with their fem! s/o
Mealtime (KNB HC) ~  How the GOM boys eat you out.
Needy Pt.1 (Knb HC) ~ Reader who doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants and lashes out because of it. ~ The boys have been busy, and you’re feeling needy.
Relationship HC (KnB HC) ~  The GOM boys and how they are in a relationship.
GOM Having a Shy s/o (KnB HC)~  (Like the title suggests lol) How the GOM acts with a shy s/o!
Kise Ryouta:  (Tagged tsiwriteskr)
Life Of The Party (KnB HC) ~ GOM + Nash Gold Jr. + Kagami Taiga getting horny at a party and how they handle it with their fem! s/o
Mealtime (KNB HC) ~  How the GOM boys eat you out.
Needy Pt.1 (Knb HC) ~ Reader who doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants and lashes out because of it. ~ The boys have been busy, and you’re feeling needy.
Relationship HC (KnB HC) ~  The GOM boys and how they are in a relationship.
GOM Having a Shy s/o (KnB HC)~  (Like the title suggests lol) How the GOM acts with a shy s/o!
Baby Fever / Trying For a Baby (KnB HC) ~  How the boys handle your urges, and baby fever.
Murasakibara Atsushi:  (Tagged tsiwritesma)
 Life Of The Party (KnB HC) ~ GOM + Nash Gold Jr. + Kagami Taiga getting horny at a party and how they handle it with their fem! s/o
Mealtime (KNB HC) ~  How the GOM boys eat you out.
Needy Pt.1 (Knb HC) ~ Reader who doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants and lashes out because of it. ~ The boys have been busy, and you’re feeling needy.
Relationship HC (KnB HC) ~  The GOM boys and how they are in a relationship.
Consequences (KnB HC) ~  You need to watch what you say in the future. But as far as right now there are consequences.
GOM Having a Shy s/o (KnB HC)~  (Like the title suggests lol) How the GOM acts with a shy s/o!
Baby Fever / Trying For a Baby (KnB HC) ~  How the boys handle your urges, and baby fever.
Akashi Seijuro:  (Tagged tsiwritesas)
 Life Of The Party (KnB HC) ~  GOM + Nash Gold Jr. + Kagami Taiga getting horny at a party and how they handle it with their fem! s/o
Mealtime (KNB HC) ~  How the GOM boys eat you out.
Needy Pt.1 (Knb HC) ~ Reader who doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants and lashes out because of it. ~ The boys have been busy, and you’re feeling needy.
Relationship HC (KnB HC) ~  The GOM boys and how they are in a relationship.
Consequences (KnB HC) ~  You need to watch what you say in the future. But as far as right now there are consequences.
GOM Having a Shy s/o (KnB HC)~  (Like the title suggests lol) How the GOM acts with a shy s/o!
Baby Fever / Trying For a Baby (KnB HC) ~  How the boys handle your urges, and baby fever.
Midorima Shintarou:  (Tagged tsiwritesms)
 Life Of The Party (KnB HC) ~  GOM + Nash Gold Jr. + Kagami Taiga getting horny at a party and how they handle it with their fem! s/o
Mealtime (KNB HC) ~  How the GOM boys eat you out.
Needy Pt.1 (Knb HC) ~ Reader who doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants and lashes out because of it. ~ The boys have been busy, and you’re feeling needy.
Relationship HC (KnB HC) ~  The GOM boys and how they are in a relationship.
GOM Having a Shy s/o (KnB HC)~  (Like the title suggests lol) How the GOM acts with a shy s/o!
Baby Fever / Trying For a Baby (KnB HC) ~  How the boys handle your urges, and baby fever.
Nash Gold Jr.:  (Tagged tsiwritesng)
 Life Of The Party (KnB HC) ~  GOM + Nash Gold Jr. + Kagami Taiga getting horny at a party and how they handle it with their fem! s/o
Needy Pt.1 (Knb HC) ~ Reader who doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants and lashes out because of it. ~ The boys have been busy, and you’re feeling needy.
Consequences (KnB HC) ~  You need to watch what you say in the future. But as far as right now there are consequences.
Relationship HC (KnB HC) ~  My boy Nash in a relationship, heads up: he’s a chaotic masterpiece.
Mealtime Pt. 3 ~  Nash eating you up!!
Baby Fever / Trying For a Baby (KnB HC) ~  How the boys handle your urges, and baby fever.
Second Best ~  In the between time when you and your on again off again boyfriend are off Nash is your go to. But he doesn’t want to be the one you go to anymore, he wants to be the one you’re with. In other words Nash is a horrible sneaky link.
Kiyoshi Teppei: (Tagged tsiwriteskt)
Mealtime Pt. 2 (Knb HC) ~  How Kiyoshi and Kagami eat coochie lol.
Jason Silver: (Tagged tsiwritesjs)
Needy Pt. 2 (Knb HC) ~ Reader who doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants and lashes out because of it. ~ The boys have been busy, and you’re feeling needy.
Consequences Pt. 2 ~  You need to watch what you say in the future. But as far as right now there are consequences.
Mealtime Pt. 4 ~  Jason Silver in his coochie eating bag.
Haizaki Shougo: (Tagged tsiwriteshs)
Consequences Pt. 2 ~  You need to watch what you say in the future. But as far as right now there are consequences.
~ I do not write on a schedule, I pretty much just write for fun so when I can/want to. All of my fics are tagged with warnings, even minor ones so please read carefully if you have any triggers! 
~This list is updated every time I post a new work
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iaintnosidekick · 9 months ago
Hello! With Netflix adding Tcgf I anticipate some new people to the fandom. I am pretty new my self (Just since the first season finished airing), but I’ve been DEVOURING fanfics like there’s no tomorrow. I thought it might be nice to share a recommendation list for you all to get started! This is by no means complete and I’ll do my best to mark which ones have spoilers. Also these are just my options PLEASE go through the tag on AO3 as there are some amazing stories I just haven’t gotten to yet!
1. Digging for Orchids- betts @bettsfic
Explicit, No Archive Warnings apply
Spoilers- Non unless you don't know the basic plot of TCGF
This one. If you take no other recommendations from me, PLEASE read this one. It is a modern actor AU where XL has moved to LA after an accident on set and subsequent scandal. SQX then sets him up with a very hot, very shirtless art student to be his roommate while he's out of town. I cannot express how much I love this fic. I’ve re-read it more times than I can count and it just holds a special place in my heart. Needless to say I HIGHLY recommend it!
2. Take Your Pain Away- Saenda @saenda
General, No Archive Warnings Apply
SPOILERS- Chapter 2 references the worst thing that has happened to Xie Lian. If you're not sure what that is, then you don't know.
One of the first things you’ll learn about Hualian, is that we have some great hurt and comfort content. This is a sick fic where XL seems to really come down with something bad and HC struggles to figure out how to help his god. An enthralling read and again one I’ve gone back to a couple of times. And bonus: the author put in their art throughout the first few chapters!
3. Fly me too close to the sun- Linisen @linisen
Explicit, No Archive Warnings Apply
Spoilers- Again, basic plot points of TCGF
This one is self-indulgent, and a personal favorite. Do you like Recency Era high society content? Do you like swooning over hand-holding? Do you like questioning if it’s proper for HC to take XL home in his carriage without a chaperone?? Maybe even some indecent cuddle for warmth??? Then oh boy do is this the fic for you!
4. Love Like You- jeonenfant
Explicit, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death
Spoilers- None beyond basic
An AU where XL is a prince who seeks out help from the gods when his people are burning. Little did he know he'd be making a deal with a very sexy HC. Mind the tags, but highly recommend!
Edit: Fic updated 12/28 with an epilogue. HIGHLY recommend
5. we're after the same rainbow's end- Naamah_Beherit
Mature, No Archive Warnings Apply
I actually recommend everything @naamah-beherit has written for TCGF! I especially love their cannon rewrite series Crimson and Clover, but that is basically all spoilers.
Instead, I'll recommend their Modern accidental marriage AU. Well, it's not exactly an accident. XL's dad arranges a marriage for him without his permission, and HC's like "hell no, we're getting married instead". It also deals a lot with XL's mental health, and we even get to see him go to therapy! This is an incomplete fic, but each chapter is like its own little episode so you're never left frustrated that the chapters over (at least as of chapter 7). Great story so far and you should definitely subscribe for updates once you get caught up!
6. you'll know, you'll fall- mme_anxious
Explicit, No Archive Warnings Apply
Spoilers- None unless you don't know why XL gets so nervous when they talk about the White Calamity (briefly mentioned in Chapter 5)
Do you like seeing two people in a relationship talk about what they are comfortable with and communicate as they figure out intimacy together? If so, this is the fic. I'm an acespec person, so I personally really appreciated this story for really going slow and even exploring what happens if mistakes are made. Considering how many Kudos and Hits this thing has, I'm pretty sure it's required reading at this point, but I recommend non-the-less!
7. Matchmaker, Matchmaker- pengiesama @pengiesama
Teens and Up, No Archive Warnings Apply
Spoilers- None
This one is so funny. The gay panic alone had my crying with laughter, but then you have Shi Qingxuan dragging Feng Xin and Mu Quing down to ghost city to work her Matchmaking god magic. I'm laughing now just thinking about some of the things that go down in this fic. It is a great one if you want to smile, and there's some great fan art that Checa drew for it!
8. Whoops, I Almost Killed You Again 天官赐苦,鬼拂🈲️忌- TentativeWanderer @tentative-wanderer
Teens and Up, No Archive Warnings Apply
Spoilers- If you don't know about the ring then don't read this. Midway through Chapter 3, you get into more spoilers through references. I'd say this is a very spoilery fic.
This one saw XL's tendency for disaster and recognized the comedic GOLD that could be mined. SO SO funny. lots of spoilers though so if you're dongua only and avoiding spoilers, save this one for later! It’s definitely worth it.
9. Wu Ming Loving Hours- featherpoet @featherpoet
Explicit, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death
Spoilers- Do you know who Wu Ming is? If not, move along (also if you don't know anything about what happened in Xian Le)
This is technically a sequel to To Love a God, but that one is all pain train (in the best ways so still recommend), and this one is just *chef kisses*. Again VERY spoilers, but so worth it. It starts very plot and heavy, but then it shifts to domestic fluff, bed-sharing and so much pinning. It's honestly everything I want in a fic, so definitely check it out!
10. Iridescent- hypermoyashi @hypermoyashi
Mature, Graphic Depictions of Violence
Spoilers- General plot points (maybe, kind of blanking on this one)
This is where I mention that our art god STARember has blessed us with so many masterpieces and that almost all of them have great fics inspired by them. This one is a Mermaid AU, which I recommend for its uniquely moody atmosphere. I love the mermaid lore and the plot gets genuinely harrowing at one point (mind the tags). If you like that kind of drama and angst, this is a great place to get your fix.
And there you have it! 10 (plus some) fics I recommend you check out! I've been keeping a much longer list for my roommate, so let me know if you're interested in more. I'm also interested in the fics you're reading and would love your recommendations as well!
Also just want to give a general THANK YOU to all these authors. You've given me such joy over these past few months, and I cant wait to see what you all write next. (Also, I’m a big fan of all of you and think you’re really cool)
Thanks everyone! -May
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meiansmistress · 4 months ago
twenty-eight | part two
Tumblr media
kita shinsuke has always been by your side, ever since he promised to marry you in the daycare sandbox. that’s why it hurts so much when he can no longer can be.
Tumblr media
pairing: timeskip!kita shinsuke x fem!reader, sfw (with nsfw ao3 option at the end), 5.3k (part two of two)
written for: the anilysium august sfw collab, forget me not! a collection of multi-fandom stories based on the promise to get married as children.
notes: angst, hurt/comfort, let me shake some sense into one kita shinsuke, osamu being a bro. thank you so much to @vanille–kiss for making the banner, and to @anime-nymph, vani, and jessica for betaing!!
tagging: @bakumi, @daylghits, @backoftheletter sorry if i missed anybody else eep
Tumblr media
twenty-seven and two months
Granny Yumie pats your hand as you help her from the bathroom, taking her back to her bedroom so she can rest. It’s been a few weeks since her fall and her brace is off, but she still wobbles when she walks and takes longer to do the things she once thought easier. You’d take the afternoon off to take her to her doctor’s appointment after she called you and asked, and something about the way she said it sat heavily in your stomach.
“Shin-chan won’t be here,” she’d promised. “It’ll be just us.”
Does she know?
Does she know that you’ve ignored every one of Kita’s messages the last week, since he told you that he was getting married? Does she know that you’ve cried yourself to sleep almost every night, face buried into your pillow so you can scream out twenty-two years worth of the pain lingering in your heart? Does she know that you can’t focus at work, eyes glazing over as you stare at your computer screen as your daydreams once filled with Kita grow cold, dark, and lonely?
With the way she’s looking at you, you know she must.
“I’ll get started on dinner,” you tell her as you help her back into bed, handing her the art book you bought for her on the way over. Olden style Japanese paintings were always her favorite though she never could find the time to get to the museum or an art gallery.
“Honey,” she calls as you head toward the door, forcing you to turn back around. “You don’t have to.”
“What do you mean?” You smile as you place a hand on the open doorway. “Are you saying you don’t want my miso soup?”
“You don’t have to pretend with me.”
It’s as if the floor is tugged from under your heart, sending it freefalling down further and further, until it’s buried underneath your feet, unable to be dug back up.
“Granny Yumie—”
“Come here.” She pats the seat next to her and your legs are like lead as you walk back to her side, slowly sitting on the stool. Yumie runs a hand down your cheek, and tears spring to your eyes though you try to blink them away. “Now I’m not gonna ask what the trouble is, but just know that I think of you as my own grandchild. You’re always welcome here.”
It’s like she gave you the shovel to dig up your buried heart, fingers shaking as you grab onto her hands and hold them between both of yours. Even if you lost Kita, even if you could never have the same relationship again… Granny Yumie would always be your family. Your biggest fear—that you’d be left alone—crumbles just like that. The dam breaks and your tears slip down your cheeks again; you let them fall freely, idly wondering how the well hasn’t dried up yet with all of the crying you’ve been doing the last few days.
“Thank you.”
“And your miso soup needs a bit more salt.”
You laugh as Grammy Yumie pulls her hand from your grip, and you take a moment to wipe your eyes with your sleeves, patting your cheeks to get rid of the evidence.
“Talk to him,” she urges as you stand again. “Or I’ll talk some sense into him myself.”
“Okay, okay. I will. Get some rest first, alright?”
You hate lying to her, you really do, but you’re not ready to talk to him yet. You don’t know how to start that conversation in the first place. “Shin-kun, I’ve been in love with you for years now and I only just realized,” is probably the easiest place to start but that means you’d have to follow up with, “Sorry for only telling you now that you’re going to marry somebody else.” It makes you seem selfish, makes you think that you aren’t considering his feelings about the entire situation. Besides, you aren’t sure if you can look at him without bursting into tears on the spot.
You’re fixing Granny Yumie’s rice bowl when there’s a click of the front door, and your entire body goes completely still. A glance to the clock reads 6:54 PM. Kita isn’t supposed to be home yet—he told his grandmother that he’d be home at 8, which is why you came early to avoid him. There’s the all-too-familiar shift and click of him tidying his shoes (he always did like to make sure they were neatly lined up with the landing) and then soft footsteps padding further into the house.
“Granny?” He asks quietly, and immediately you know something’s off. Something’s the matter, something you can’t put your finger on. Only when he peeks his head into the kitchen does it hit you.
His footsteps aren’t the only ones you heard.
Behind him stands a very tall and very pretty woman, her brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, her lace dress wine-colored and very expensive. She looks confused as her eyes bounce from you to the side of Kita’s face, and your cheeks burn at the fact that you’re wearing Granny Yumie’s tattered apron, face a bit sweaty from preparing dinner.
You turn back to the stove so that you don’t have to look at Kita, don’t have to see the squint of his eyebrows when he’s trying to figure something out, or the way he looks too much like Atsumu as his lips open and close, failing to form words.
“Have you eaten?” You ask quietly as you stir the miso soup with your wooden chopsticks. You don’t need to but it’s better than awkwardly standing around and staring at Kita’s fiance.
“No, I—” His voice, the one you missed so much, is hoarse before he pauses to clear his throat. “We thought we’d come back and eat with Granny.”
“I’ll set up a place for you both then.”
“Kita-san, who is this?”
The woman’s voice is like a tinkling bell, and shame floods you immediately. She’s pretty, proper, and even her voice sounds downright perfect for her. Compared to her, you’re nothing but a frumpy mess with a ratty old apron on. Your grip on your chopsticks tightens as you take a breath. You have to leave the kitchen and the house sooner or later. You can’t keep ignoring the looming shadows behind you.
You turn with a strained smile, bowing your head politely. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Kita-san’s old classmate. He asked me to watch over his grandmother while he was out.”
“That’s kind of you.”
“If you’d like to go greet her, I’ll bring the food to you.”
It’s easy to ignore the pained look on Kita’s face at the use of his last name when you turn back around. It’s even easier to ignore the knife driving through your ribs over and over, busying yourself with preparing two more bowls of rice and a little more side dishes. When you take it to them on a small foldable table, you nearly fall over when you hear her introduce herself as Kita’s fiance. You have to grip the table so hard your knuckles discolor to keep it from slipping out of your sweaty hands. Granny Yumie watches you closely as you set it over her knees, your smile not reaching your eyes as you fix it to be stable.
“Eat up, okay? If you need anything, let me know.”
It’s Kita who answers in her stead. “You’re not stayin’?”
There’s a strange tilt to his voice that you’ve never heard before, one that makes your heart lurch. It’s the first time you look him square in the eyes since that night at the izakaya, and you wish you hadn’t. Seeing his face makes you exhale a shuddering breath, the clamor in your chest so loud you think he can probably hear it. It’s awkward—Kita’s fiance and Granny Yumie both stare at you silently, both glance at the three bowls of rice you prepared before looking back at you.
“No,” you shake your head and awkwardly smile. “I’ll leave you be. Feel better, Granny Yumie, I’ll see you soon.”
You don’t. You turn from the room and exit after a quick bow, hurrying to take off the apron, grab your bag, and put your shoes back on. There’s the clinking of silverware, tapping of plates, and you think that’s it. You’re left on your own while the rest of the family dines, an unneeded addition to Kita Shinsuke’s future. You blink back hot tears, refusing to let them fall again, and throw open the door as you fumble in your bag for your phone to call a taxi.
The door never shuts behind you. When you turn to check, you see Kita standing there in the doorway; his expression is unreadable thanks to the shadows of the setting sun masking three-fourths of his face.
“I’ll take you back.”
“No, I’ll call a taxi.”
You try to stalk off but Kita’s heavy footsteps are close behind you, and his hand firmly grabs onto your upper arm so you can’t go. “At least have some dinner before you go.”
“I’m not—”
“Yes you are,” he insists. “You always eat at 6:30 so I know you’re lyin’.”
“What does it matter?” You demand as you rip your arm away from him, throat thick as you try to swallow down the pain and anger bubbling beneath the surface. “You don’t have to worry about me anymore, you have a fiance.”
“That doesn’t mean I can’t see you, too.” There’s that curious tilt to his voice, a vibrating nervousness that you haven’t heard from him before. “I promise I won’t let her come between us so I don’t understand why you’re ignorin’ me.”
You laugh. You can’t help it. It’s watery, garbled, bogged down by the tears in your eyes again as you stare at him. You can see his face now, read his expression clearly. It’s pinched, calculating, like he’s trying to read an opponent’s play on the volleyball court, waiting for the ball to be spiked in his direction.
“I thought you were smart, Kita Shinsuke.” Your breath hitches as you try to hold in your sob, bringing a hand to cover your mouth so he can’t see your trembling lips. “I never realized that you could be this clueless.”
“What are you talkin’ about?”
“What am I to you, Shin-kun?”
Your question hangs in the air, and you know you surprised him by the way he blinks his eyes in confusion, head tilting just slightly to the left like he’s trying to figure it out.
The word hangs heavy in the air. You feel like you can’t breathe, like hands wrapped around your lungs and pressed down so hard that you’ve gone lightheaded. His hazel eyes are stuck on yours, and he’s close enough that you could touch him, but he feels so far away. Cicadas buzz in the background; you hear a child from the neighboring house laughing as her ball bounces on the pavement; there’s the creak of a door, and Kita’s fiance stands in the doorway, arms crossed over her chest.
“Go.” The word feels like sandpaper in your mouth, the dryness cutting like a knife as you swallow. “When you figure it out, call me. Until then, don’t bother.”
You turn away from him and practically race out of the front gate, clutching your bag between your hands so tightly you think the strap might break.
But there was no reason for you to hurry.
Because Kita Shinsuke doesn’t follow you.
twenty-seven and three months
September is the busiest month of the year. It’s when his rice plants are finally done growing, meaning he’s up from dawn til nearly dusk, plowing, tilling, sorting, and bagging. Machines whirr almost constantly; there’s dust in the air from the earth as his tractor cuts the rice plants, and from the machine plucking the rice from its shelling, spitting out grain after grain into burlap sacks. Then he has to deliver those sacks to businesses who order them, hundreds of kilograms worth of food in a few weeks.
Onigiri Miya is one of those businesses, and it’s busy when he arrives in his truck, the bed filled with Osamu’s order. His old friend comes out to greet him with a smile and a clap on the back, helping him take the sacks into the back as his part-time worker handles the rest of the customers. He’s about to leave when Osamu asks him to wait a moment until things die down.
“Wanna catch up a bit,” is Osamu’s plea, and Kita checks the clock on the wall for the time before nodding. If he finishes before three, he’ll still make it in time for the four o’clock photo appointment.
Though he’d asked her to wait until October, Aiko was insistent that this was the only time the photographer could take their booking.
“My mother and sisters both got their pictures taken at this establishment and the photographer is a very busy man,” she pressed a week ago. “I won’t be relenting.”
So he’d agreed, just like he agreed when she asked him not to message you anymore.
It was only a day after you had walked away from him, left him standing dumbfounded at the gate of his grandmother’s house, watching your retreating back. The phone call was brief, short, polite. Just like Aiko herself.
‘I don’t know what is going on between you two, but if we’re going to get married, it’s best for you to cut ties. I would prefer not to start our life together off on a sour note.’
It’s logical to a fault. Aiko doesn’t know you like he does. She doesn’t know that you take bites of your ice cream cones in the summer because you hate that it melts so fast; doesn’t know that you pretend to be good at watching horror movies but then curl up with your favorite plushie, bedroom door firmly shut; doesn’t know that you pretend to like eel only for Granny Yumie’s sake because it’s one of her favorite foods.
Doesn’t know that you aren’t calling him anyway, that his messages have been left on read for the past three weeks no matter how much he asks to speak with you.
He stares at his phone as if it’ll ring any moment, even though he knows it won’t. It hasn’t rang from you since August, his rice coming faster than any revelation from what you could have meant.
Once the last customer leaves, a cold beer is slid his way.
“Looks like ya could use this,” Osamu jokes, sitting down across from him at the table.
“I got some pictures to take in a bit.” Kita checks his phone again—nothing as usual.
“One won’t hurt.”
“You sound like ‘Tsumu.”
Osamu laughs and leans back in his seat, throwing an arm over the back of the chair. “If I was ‘Tsumu, I woulda already had one.”
Kita can’t argue with that. He takes a sip of his beer, checking the time on his phone one more time before sliding it to his right.
“Somethin’ happen?” Osamu regards him strangely, raising an eyebrow as his gaze flicks from Kita’s phone to his face. “That’s the fifth time ya’ve looked at yer phone since comin’.”
Is it? He hadn’t even realized. Based on Osamu’s expression, Kita knows there’s no use in lying.
“…Yeah. We got into a fight.”
“That doesn’t surprise me. Over yer fiancé?”
Kita blinks at Osamu in surprise. “How did you know?”
The restaurant owner takes a moment to think about his response before he snorts. “Yer my friend so I’ll be real honest. Yer a dumbass.”
He certainly wasn’t expecting that. He sits back in the chair with slightly widened eyes, unsure if he should be offended or not.
“You got me feelin’ like ‘Tsumu,” Kita says and makes both of them laugh. When it quiets down again, Kita sighs and shifts his sweating beer around the table. “Then be straight with me, ‘Samu. What am I missin’?”
The pause is long and awkward. Osamu looks like he’s fighting with himself, face pinching and lips tugging into a straight line. Finally he heaves out a heavy breath and runs a hand through his black hair, scratching at the back of his neck.
“Ya really don’t see it?”
“That’s what she said before.”
“Well, yeah,” he laughs, but it’s dry and doesn’t hold any mirth. “Probably cause ya been too close to tell.” Then, before Kita can ask again, Osamu finishes. “She’s in love with ya, Shin.”
The words hit him like a satchel of his rice, ringing in his ears and drowning out any other sound. You’re in love with him?
“Close yer mouth before a fly gets in there,” Osamu jokes, passing a napkin his way. Kita takes it, dabbing at his forehead. Since when? “I don’t wanna overstep my bounds, but…” Another pause. This one is shorter, but heavier with the way Osamu’s voice grows smaller. “You don’t love yer fiance because I, uh, think yer in love with her, too.”
A shrill ring of the phone makes both of them jump, and Kita looks down to his screen to see Aiko’s name. Shit, what time is it? Checking makes him stand because he should have left about ten minutes ago. Osamu lifts his hands and mutters, ‘I’ll talk to you later’ as Kita races out the door, promising he’s on his way to the studio.
The entire way there, he drums his fingers against the steering wheel, staring blankly at the license plate of the car before him. Memories between the two of you bounce around in his head, lifting like the curtain at the end of a play. Your constant jokes about marrying him. The kisses on the cheek, the hugs, the bright smiles whenever he walks in the door and you’re there. The night at the bar when you said you had something to tell him… your nervousness and excitement when you thought he had something good to tell you, too...
Damn, he’s a dumbass.
Osamu’s words ring loud and clear a moment later. I think you’re in love with her, too. He always thought of you as family: a constant in his life that would never leave his side. Someone he could confide in; someone who knew him better than he probably knew himself. These last few months have been hell without you. As soon as he thinks that, it’s like a fire starts in his veins, creeping throughout his body until it’s all-consuming, making his legs shake nervously as he hurries to get to the photoshoot.
He’s always thought logically and tried to see situations from multiple points of view. But he didn’t get it because your reaction wasn’t logical—it was pain from your heart, feelings for him growing to a fever pitch, only for him to squash any semblance of hope you had almost all at once.
How is he supposed to fix this?
He sits in the parking lot of the photo studio, watching workers buzz around the entrance as he gathers his thoughts. Based on the annoyed text message Aiko sends him, she and Granny are already inside waiting for him.
His fiance.
It must have hurt so badly for you to hear those words, for him to not understand the person who had been watching over him for decades now.
Kita wants to run. Wants to find you and say he’s finally figured it out. Ask you to forgive him. Tell you that he understands and if you can find it in you to accept him, then he—
His phone pings again, this time from Granny, and he reluctantly turns the car off and steps out.
He’s ushered into a fitting room almost instantly, a light gray suit forced into his hands without even a greeting, and when he steps out from behind the dressing curtain, Granny is waiting for him. She looks pretty in her maroon dress, her hair freshly done and pulled into a bun. He walks forward to press a light kiss to her cheek, and it makes her laugh.
“My little Shin-chan isn’t so little anymore,” she muses as she fixes his tie for him. “You look very handsome.”
“Thank you,” he responds but it’s half-hearted. The fabric feels like it weighs a ton, pressing down on his body and making it hard to breathe.
Granny Yumie must notice before she clicks her tongue and rummages in her bag. “Let’s take a picture together.”
“I’ll go get—”
“No need! I learned how to take a selfie the other day.”
Hearing “selfie” from his grandmother’s mouth sounds very weird. He has to hide his amused chuckle as he slides behind her, watching her flick to her camera. She accidentally presses the photo album, and the first thing he sees is Granny with… you. You’re both smiling at the camera, though Granny has her eyes shut on accident.
“Granny, did she teach you?”
“She sure did. Yesterday over lunch.”
“She’s… still comin’ to see you?”
“Of course she is,” Granny tuts as she finally pulls up the camera. One glance at the screen showing both their faces and Yumie immediately turns around, raising a worried hand to his cheek. “What’s the matter, Shin-chan?”
It takes Kita a moment to realize that there are tears leaking from his eyes, a hot stinging as he tries to blink them away. If you’re still going to see Granny then that means hope isn’t lost yet. It means that if he hurries, maybe, just maybe, it won’t be too late.
“‘Samu was right,” he says to his grandmother as if she’s going to understand what he’s talking about. “He was right. I need to go, but…”
A soft smile graces Granny Yumie’s face. A kind smile. A knowing smile.
“I’ll take care of everything here,” she says as she lets him go and shoos him out of the room with both of her hands. “Go.”
Kita presses a kiss to her cheek, running out the front door so fast that he doesn't even stop to listen to the disgruntled workers yelling at him to give their suit back.
twenty-seven and three months
It’s hard not to check your phone every so often. You’ve gotten better at it now that it’s been a few weeks without any contact from Kita. You’ve resorted to seeing Granny Yumie when you’re sure he won’t be there: your lunch breaks, early weekend mornings, nights Granny says he’ll be out—but even being in the house is difficult for you. Kita’s photos are everywhere, hanging on the wall, a stark reminder that even though he isn’t home, you won’t be able to escape him. At least Granny Yumie doesn’t say anything, though you aren’t sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Part of you wants her to talk some sense into your grandson because you’ve never known him to be this clueless—and it hurts that it’s all at the expense of you and your feelings.
You know Granny is busy tonight so you sit at your apartment, listlessly watching a comedy show that’s not funny at all. You consider going to see Osamu for a moment, sure some of his salmon onigiri would cheer you up. But then he’d probably ask about Kita and you’d be forced to lie through your teeth, and Miya Osamu is much too perceptive for his own good. So there you stay, flicking through the McDonald’s delivery app instead, wondering if you should drown your sorrows in an ice cream sundae for dinner.
You’re about to order when there’s a frantic knock at the door.
You glance at the clock. It’s not even 5PM yet so there’s no reason for someone to be knocking on your door like this. The knocks stop for a moment before starting again, and you stare at your foyer with a scrunched nose. Whoever is there, it seems like bad news, so—
“It’s me,” a soft voice says after the knocks stop for the second time, and your heart just about drops to your stomach.
You stare at the wall as he knocks again and again, unsure if you want to answer. Has he finally come to give you your answer? Has he figured out what you meant? Or is he here for some other reason that you can’t figure out?
There’s another pause in the knocking, but your phone pings twice in succession, the loud chime ringing in your apartment. Glancing down at the screen shows it’s Kita, messaging you twice to please open the door. He must have heard the ring because there’s a quiet thud, as if he’s placed his hand on your front door instead of knocking again.
“I know you’re in there so please… open the door.”
Your feet move of their own accord, fingers shaking as you unlock the deadbolt to your front door. You open it slowly, peeking an eye out before your eyes widen in surprise.
He’s wearing a suit, but his tie is undone, hanging around his shoulders and about to fall off. His normally fluffy hair is matted to his forehead thanks to sweat, and his cheeks are a rosy pink like he sprinted the entire way to your apartment. His hands flex next to his sides when he straightens up, looking like he’s ready to bow to you in begging for your forgiveness.
For the first time, Mister Perfect Kita looks less than perfect.
“What are you doing here?” You ask instead of a greeting, biting your bottom lip to keep from adding a profanity.
“I came to talk.” You expected him to maybe calm down after a few breaths, but his voice still holds an airy quality that shows how breathless he is. “If you’ll let me in.”
You look him up and down, realization settling into your bones. A suit, the tie— most likely professional photos for an engagement to someone who is assuredly not you. But… Why is he here instead?
“You seem a bit busy.”
“I left,” he tells you matter-of-factly. Your heart does Olympic-level flips in your chest when he quietly adds, “It didn’t feel right.”
“Let me in,” he implores again, and by the stern set to his jaw, you know he won’t take no for an answer. Then he bows to you, hair falling over his eyes as he mutters, “Please.”
“Don’t… don’t bow to me,” you awkwardly mutter, stepping aside as a silent agreement for him to come in.
He excuses himself, toeing off his dress shoes and fixing them like he always does, before he shuffles inside and shrugs off his jacket. He takes a seat in front of your coffee table, sitting on his knees, hands on the tops of his thighs. He doesn’t even turn when you pad over to the other side, taking a seat across from him. It’s awkward as you both stare at each other, unsure of how to start, of where to start, of how to condense years if not decades of feelings into one simple explanation.
“How long?” He eventually asks with an exhale of breath.
“How long have you been in love with me?”
You’d wanted him to figure it out, to realize your feelings for him and come to find you, just like he did now. But you hadn’t thought about what would happen after. Hadn’t thought about the fact that your throat might close up, that your mind would go blank with how to answer his question, mouth as dry as a desert.
“I think…” You wet your lips before taking a breath. “Since high school but I didn’t realize until last year when… when…”
“You broke up with your fiance.” You nod, words failing you. Luckily Kita continues. “That night at the izakaya, were you goin’ to tell me?”
“I wanted to but then you told me about Aiko-san.” Your voice cracks at the mention of her name and you sigh. “Why are you here?”
“I always thought that you would be by my side,” he starts. You can see his hands tightening on top of his thighs though his expression stays as neutral and focused as the normal Kita Shinsuke you know. “So when you weren’t anymore, I didn’t get it. I never thought you would leave me.”
“I had to. For my own sake.”
“I know that now.” He nods as he agrees. “But I realized that if it’s not you… I don’t want anybody else.”
Your breath catches in your throat and you have to grip the table between you to keep from falling over. Is he saying what you think he is?
“Granny showed me the picture you took yesterday and you know what I thought? ‘We should be takin’ these pictures together.’ The three of us, to hang on the wall. You in your princess dress and me in a suit fit for a prince.” Kita pauses, eyes like lasers as he stares at you, his voice strong and confident. “I love you.”
The words you longed to hear from the man you longed to hear them from. You feel like you can’t breathe, heat exploding from your stomach and spreading throughout your body so quickly that you feel lightheaded.
“Since… when?”
“I don’t know,” he answers honestly. “But I do know that it’s how I feel.”
“You… you can’t expect me to—“
“I’m not expectin’ anythin’,” he interrupts. “The only thing I want is for you to give me a chance to prove it.”
“Prove it?”
He doesn’t answer you. Slowly he stands up, walking the few steps over to your side and holding out his hand for you. You take it, letting him help you stand, his grip of your hand tight as he holds you. There’s only the two of you in the world, his eyes capturing you so you drown in their depths, lost in a sea of honey. His calloused fingers brush over your cheek before settling under your chin, and he tilts your head up to look at him.
“Can I?”
This is a dream; it has to be. That’s why you nod, sure that if you speak, it’ll shatter your illusion and wake you up.
The press of his lips is soft, timid, like he’s worried he’ll break you if he moves any harder. It isn’t until you kiss him back that his body relaxes and he tugs you closer. You can feel his heart thundering under your fingertips, can feel the tilt of his head when he presses even harder.
It’s like he fits you, like he was made for you, your other half. His arms circle you perfectly, keeping you close as he pulls back and kisses you again. Again and again, making you dizzy, making you cling to him, making you feel loved.
You don’t realize that his phone has been vibrating in his pocket until he pulls back, a scrunch in his eyebrows. That’s when your phone goes off, constantly buzzing on the table that reads Osamu’s name. As soon as Osamu stops calling, your phone lights up again with Granny Yumie’s name, and you look to see Kita holding his phone, staring at his screen.
“I have somethin’ to take care of.”
Then he leans forward and kisses you again, holding the side of your neck as he presses chaste kiss after chaste kiss to your lips until he seems satisfied.
“I’ll come back soon.”
It makes your heart flip, your throat dry and fingers trembling. You cling to him, nodding a few times so he knows you heard him.
“Because a princess needs her prince, right?”
“Because someone is adamant that they have to get married before twenty-eight.”
“I wonder who,” you joke breathlessly, cheeks warm at the look in his eyes. Curious, happy, and most of all, loving.
“Someone who I hope loves me, too.”
“She does,” you say with an exhale. “But she won’t wait around forever.”
“Then I better get goin’.”
It’s hard watching him leave, but it’s easier when he whispers ‘I’ll be home soon.’
Because that’s what Kita Shinsuke is to you, too.
Tumblr media
part one | nsfw ao3 option
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wabisaba · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hold onto your butts, friends. the time has come! i've been tagged in this more times than i can count, so here are 20 of wabisaba's favorite kpop songs of all time, for the boys this time, part 1 of 2.
i divided this into two parts just so things didn't feel cramped, and everything is done alphabetically, so this is just the first part of the alphabet! please keep in mind that i got into kpop pretty late, so many of these songs are a bit newer, only because that's what i'm most familiar with. in case you want to know more about why these songs are my favorites, i'll include some long-winded explanations below the cut. enjoy and stay tuned for pt. 2!
song 1: "heaven" by ab6ix. i'm not usually a fan of slow or sentimental songs, but this song has so much beauty and heart in it that i couldn't help but fall in love. the pre-chorus is builds in such a satisfying way, i love that the chorus is really just soaring group vocals, and the end of the bridge is *chefkiss*. i really enjoy the sort of droning synth and bass sounds (almost like a church organ in an interesting way, actually) that sit below the vocals in the chorus as well. i find myself searching for this song in my library a lot. song 2: "no air" by the boyz. this is the song that really got me into the boyz, even though "the stealer" was the first song of theirs that i actually listened to. i played this song on repeat for weeks when i first heard it. like literal actual weeks. i think the part of this song that's my absolute favorite is the rap break right after the bridge? i could listen to that part of the song over and over forever, it's my favorite. the shimmery pre-chorus, the thumping beat, the combination of those over a fun lil bassline in the chorus... all things that make a great Sarah Song. song 3: "rebel" by cix. i'm not lying when i say i think about and/or listen to this song at least once a day. to me, it is absolutely perfect. it is the perfect song. the pacing of the song, the way it builds, bx's rap break, seunghun's soaring notes, baejin doing whatever it is baejin is doing... this was a no-brainer while i was making this list, and this song to me is one of the greats that makes cix one of the best (if not the best) of the 4th gen groups. i would consider this to be one of my favorite songs of all time generally speaking, even outside of kpop. song 4: "monster" by exo. this was the song that got me into kpop. i remember when i first heard this song, and my entire life changed. are the lyrics creepy as fuck? yes. is it an absolute banger? also yes. the choreography for this song is also absolutely iconic despite exo having like... 2? 3? truly solid dancers, but this song was also what got me so interested in kpop choreography. i don't know that i need to wax poetic about this one because it is a beloved staple track in kpop (as it should be), but a fun fact is that this was my favorite running song for a very long time before i finally plunged myself face-first into the kpop fandom. song 5: "bad love" by key. if you can't tell by this post or like... my whole personality, i am really into music. and in addition to kpop, i am a huge fan of 80s synth pop (you should see my record collection). when i heard this song for the first time, my own brain isolated the instrumental from the vocals and ate it right up. i blasted this song through my eardrums every day for a month after this album came out. this is an absolutely perfect pop song any way you slice it, which is something i would absolutely expect from an industry titan like kim kibum. sheer perfection. song 6: "earphone" by minhyun. remember how i said i'm not usually a fan of slow or sentimental songs? i'm not. but this song is like a warm hug from a friend at the end of a long and tiring day. it's so many things i don't usually go for, but it's one of the most calming, reassuring songs i've ever heard, and i think it's my most-listened-to track off of nu'est's latest album. minhyun is an extraordinary vocalist, and i think this song really plays to his strengths. this song reminds me of quieter, calmer, more peaceful days, and really emotionally transports me, which i think can be a very rare experience! song 7: "muah" by mino. yes, i know this is off of mino's brand-spankin'-new album, but wow it deserves to be on this list. in case you did not know, winner was one of the first kpop groups (along with exo) that i got really emotionally attached to (joke's on me, thanks yg) and mino was my first-ever bias~ so it was inevitable that he would end up here. i have always been a huge fan of mino's solo work, but there was something about this song... we all know what a fan i am of that deep, bassy, brassy sound in music, especially when paired with a strong beat, and this song has so much of that. it's been awesome to watch mino really branch out in his solo work and try new things and develop as an artist. song 8: "livin' it up" by monsta x. there's really nothing i can say other than this song lights me the fuck up. i love this song so much. i was actually listening to this song when i decided to do this series and i decided to do it mostly so i could talk about how much i love this song. i have never heard anything like it, and yet it's so quintessential monsta x at the same time. i love the sort of swinging synth-pop aspect to the song that's combined with a bit of grittiness that we've all come to love from the monstas. it feels both old and new. at times it reminds me of "puttin' on the ritz" but combined with like... a dirty garage band. and a synth. and alarm sounds? i could be forced listen to this song every day until i die and i'd be perfectly happy to do so. and it's a japanese release!!! insane. song 9: "bet bet" by nu'est. i'll be honest, i loved this song before i had any idea who nu'est was. i'm pretty sure this was one of the early favorite kpop songs for me. another song with a really pleasant build-up to the chorus, this song is just... such a hit. the harmonization in the chorus is no joke. each member is given the opportunity to shine, and the end result is pleasant to listen to while remaining distinct from other "east to listen to" kpop songs. an example of why nu'est is really one of the greats. (are you listening, pledis?) song 10: "ice + fire" by onf. i don't speak korean, but i'm pretty sure i know all the words to this song. this entire album is perfection, but there's something about "ice + fire" that's special. this song starts and i immediately turn the volume way up, every time. it's such an onf song to me too, with such a masterful use of bright synth and guitar sounds, verses that alternate between bouncy and shimmering, all coming together in the chorus. the back-and-forth vocal style and the vocal layering that happens throughout the song are additional Favorite Things. this song really shows off onf's vocal prowess too, which i am always here for. (go listen to this album, for real.)
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fangirlings-things · a year ago
Rescheduled Lesson
Fandom: Enola Holmes
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x female reader
Word count: 3K
anon said: Can I request a Sherlock x reader where she visited Enola often when Sherlock left on long cases, so they became good friends? And when Enola runs away to find her mom, she goes to stay with the reader, which Sherlock deduces and tries to get her to let him find Enola and talk to her? -&
A/N: this request was amazing and I loved every bit of it!!! I put all my inspiration in this, tried to make the personality of the character good, so I hope you like this piece, love, I did my best!! (also I’m thinking about a part 2? if you guys like it let me know, I would be delighted to write it) (had to repost guys, I'm sorry!!)
also, the tag list for this fandom is open!!!
gif credit: @henrycavilledits
Tumblr media
❧ You knew the Holmes family was nothing like the other families that lived in the countryside. The father had died many years before. The two oldest sons had already left home, to live their lives and follow the careers they desired. On that incredibly big house, where once lived a family, there was only a mother and her youngest child left. Perhaps the fact that you yourself was considered a little off by other people, was the fact that made you become friends with them.
You lived completely alone, surrounded by books in a small house. Your life was made of studying, researching and writing texts about science. You loved it, great authors of the matter being your inspiration. You tried to learn their teachings and with luck, wanted others to learn as well. You almost couldn’t believe when one day in the middle of a sunny afternoon, Eudoria Holmes had showed up at your door and invited you to her house, where she asked you to be Enola’s science teacher. She educated her daughter not for society, but for herself, so that she could find her own path when she came to grow up. That instantly made you respect that woman and accept her offer.
Twice a week you would go to the Holmes’s house and spend hours and more hours teaching the girl. Darwin, Copernicus, Newton, Galilei. She was eager to know and you were eager to teach her. She was the first student you had that actually wanted to learn and that was amazing. Made you proud and happy, more than you could say. At the evening, Eudoria would ask you to stay for dinner. You would put lessons aside and talk and laugh together. They were like your family, the one you didn’t had.
You were always excited for the days of teaching Enola to come soon. They were your absolute favorites of the week. In the beginning of the afternoon of one of those days, you had been incredibly surprised by a knock on your front door while you gathered the books you would make the girl read and study. Frowning, because you never had visitors or received letters, you went to attend the door.
And when you opened it, you saw that your visitor was Enola herself.
“Hi, Miss (Y/L/N)” the girl smiled at you, a little forced smile that instantly made your frown grow deeper. She was wearing boy’s clothes, even a hat, and her long brown hair had been hidden inside of it. “I’m afraid today’s lesson will have to be rescheduled”
“Enola, what…” you began, confused. You had seen her dressed in boy’s clothes before around her house, that wasn’t a big deal. She did find them more comfortable, she had told you before. But the fact that she concealed her hair as if she wanted to hide it and the expression on her face, something that you couldn’t quite identify but resembled urgency, was enough for you to get anxious.
“Please, Miss (Y/L/N), can I come in? I promise I’ll explain everything you want to know” she pleaded, eyes locked on yours as she did so. The tone on her voice made you nod and take a step to the side, locking the door once she was already inside. “I had never been here. Your house is really amazing” the girl seemed overwhelmed by all the books and unfinished texts you had around, laying on tables and shelves.
“Thank you” you said, mind still running fast as you tried to understand what was happening. You walked after the girl, that had advanced until she reached the next room of your house, one who only had two couches and a table. “Enola, what is going on?” her face instantly lost the admiration she was having for your belongings. Her eyes went to the floor, and she went silent. That made you sight. “Enola, you promise you would explain. And you know you can trust me”
That seemed to make her come around, because she sighted as you had just did and sat at one of your couches. Or better, she laid down on it, placing her head over a pillow and focusing her eyes on the roof. Her hands were joined over her chest. “I came here because I wanted to hide, Miss (Y/L/N). I’m running away”
Your eyes went wide at that declaration and you sat on the other couch, realizing that would probably be a long conversation. “Enola! Think about your mother! She loves you. Your disappearance will hurt her deeply”
“No, no, I’m not running away from my mother. I’m running away to find her” the girl sat straight on the couch, eyes meeting yours again like they had before at the door. She could see the confusion in your eyes grow by each word she spoke. “My mother went missing a few days ago, Miss (Y/L/N). She didn’t say goodbye or said where she was going. She only left me clues, here and there that I’ll have to use to find her”
Worry got a hold of you, the same worry you had recognized on Enola’s eyes. Eudoria. Where would she have gone? Was she fine? Not knowing you realized, was terrible. As you thought about what Enola had just said, another question got to your mind. “If your mother is missing, who are you running away from, Enola?”
“My brothers. Sherlock and Mycroft. Well, especially Mycroft, because he wants to send me to a finishing school, that prepares young women for society” the clear disgust in her voice would have made you laugh if you weren’t so worried.
“Where will you go to find your mother, Enola? What plans do you have? Do you want me to go with you?” all questions left your mouth in such a rush, that it seemed like you had just spit out the words one after the other.
The young girl smiled kindly and got up, going to sit right next to you on the couch you were on. She grabbed your hands in hers gently and squeezed them tightly. “Thank you for offering to go with me, to support me, Miss (Y/L/N). Is more than my own brothers have done. But this is something I have to do alone, I have to be the one to find her and know why she left. And I think that the less you know, the better it will be”
Oh, that girl. You smiled while you looked at her. Eudoria had raised her to be a force of nature and had achieved that goal, brilliantly. You squeezed her hands back in affection. “When will you leave?”
“At sundown today” she said, so quickly that you realized she had already thought about everything. At least, on that phase of that 'plan' to find her dear mother. “Will walk to the train station, not the closest one but the next, and get on the first train in the morning tomorrow. In this way, I’m quite sure my brothers won’t be able to understand my intentions soon enough as to catch me”
“Very well” you passed your arms around her and hugged her tight, sighting. “Let’s get you some food for your journey, then. If you find Eudoria and she finds out I let you almost starve I’ll get in trouble”
Enola laughed as she hugged you back.
════ •⊰❂⊱• ═══════ •⊰❂⊱• ════
Enola had left at sundown of the previous day, just like she had said she would. Carrying nothing more than money her mother had left her, a bag of food you had given her and her favorite book of yours, Origin of Species, you had watched her walk away into the night alone, as her name backwards spelled.
You had spent the whole night incapable of sleeping, wondering if she was fine and if she hadn’t encountered any dangers as she travelled on foot. You worried so much but all you could do, was hope that she would stay safe and find her mother. Soon.
On the next day, you had spent the morning and the beginning of the afternoon distracted. Tried to complete some of your works, but couldn’t. Your mind would always go back to the gone girl and her well being.
You had frustratedly been trying to read the same page of one of your books for fifteen minutes, without being capable of keeping any attention on it, when for the second time in a long time, you heard knocks at the front door.
You got up instantly, leaving the book forgotten upon the closest table as you rushed to the door, already smiling at the thought at Enola had came around on her idea of going alone and was back to ask you to go with her.
When you opened the door though, you realized that it wasn’t Enola who had knocked. It had been a man. A man you had never seen before.
He was tall, it was the first thing you noticed. The fact that he had no beard, was the second. And then, details of him came rushing into your mind through your eyes. He had short, curly hair, bright eyes and memorable features. He wore a white shirt, a brown vest with small white details in it and a brown suit as well as trousers of the same color. No tie which was insula for men that well dressed.
“May I help you?” you frowned at him, holding the wooden door firmly with one of your hands. To receive the visit of men, had always made you nervous. You lived alone, after all, and the world was becoming a more violent place day by day.
“I hope so” he said, which such confidence on his voice that it actually made you raise your eyebrows at him. His eyes were fixed in you, analyzing your face with much intensity. Far more than you thought it would be appropriate. “I’m Sherlock Holmes. And I suppose you are Miss (Y/L/N), my sister’s science teacher”
You took a moment to watch him again, trying to put into your mind that the man in front of you was the Sherlock Holmes, the detective who was making a name on England, solving the most incredible and difficult cases on his own. After long seconds of silence where you only stared at each other, you cleaned your throat. “I am in fact Enola’s teacher, Mr. Holmes. How did you know?”
“I found her works, studies on great science authors. They all had writings on the borders where she constantly mentioned a desire to please and make a 'Miss (Y/L/N)' proud. It only took me a visit to one of the closest houses to ask who it was and get pointed in your house’s direction” he explained, in an impersonal tone quite fitting to a detective. He saw the incisive tone look you were giving him, filled with suspicion, and smiled slightly as he looked at his feet, before focusing his eyes back on yours. “I came here because Enola ran away from home, Miss (Y/L/N). And I think she would come here to see you if she needed help”
You sighted, looking into his eyes. You remembered Enola’s words, where she had told you Mycroft was the one who wanted to send her to a finishing school, the one who had made her run away. If that had been Mycroft Holmes at your door, you would have denied being her teacher or even knowing the girl, wanting to cut the conversation short. But that was Sherlock Holmes. Enola hadn’t expressed much anger towards him and honestly, he would for sure find out the truth on his own. He was the best detective there was in the nowadays. You tell him, would just spin faster the process and you would be able to send him away sooner.
“Come in, Mr. Holmes” you took a step aside, motioning for him to come in. He did, in slow calculated steps and once he was inside you closed the door, sighting. You expected him to say something, but he didn’t. Not at first. Instead he walked around just like Enola had done, eyes floating through the uncountable books you had, all in a complete mess over the tables, piles and more piles of them . “She was indeed here, your sister”
He turned his head to look at you, a genuine smile on his lips. “I was already certain of that” then he walked towards one of the tables, fingers running through one of works. The paper was a bit kneaded, but he didn’t seem to care. “The works you did with Enola, the amount of things she learned… they were quite impressive”
You crossed your arms over your chest, trying to contain your surprise to know you had impressed the most impressive man of all, Sherlock Holmes. You waited for him to speak again, but he didn’t, just kept on walking through the room and inspecting your things with his perceptive eyes. “I don’t know where she is, Mr. Holmes. She left many hours ago”
He placed his hands on the pockets of his trousers, turning completely to you the resemblance of his previous smile on his lips. “And I believe she didn’t tell you what were her plans?”
“No and if she had, I wouldn’t tell you” you said and went to sit on a chair, at the table he had been studying with his eyes previously.
“Mind if I take off my suit?” he asked simply. You just nodded for him to go on, not giving it much thought. He took off his brown suit in gracious movements, then placed it in one of the other empty chairs close by. “May I ask why you wouldn’t tell me my sister’s plans, Miss (Y/L/N), if you knew them?”
“Enola said your brother wants to send her to a finishing school” you replied, watching as one after the other, he folded the sleeves of his white shirt until they got close to his elbow. Unconsciously, you noticed how his muscles could be seen from under his shirt. “To try to turn such a brilliant, incredibly smart young girl into a 'lady society' would be a terrible mistake. She shouldn’t be forced to do it” at the end of that sentence, Sherlock Holmes had grabbed two books in his hands and after reading the tiles, he went to the shelves and started placing them there. “Excuse me, what do you think you’re doing?”
“I am organizing your books, Miss (Y/L/N). In alphabetical order, of course. Like I’ve noticed you do after a quick inspection” he smiled at you again, placing those two in place. Then, he went to the table and grabbed a few more. “I personally agree with you. I don’t think Enola should be sent to such a place, but she is my brother’s ward. It is out of my hands” he read the titles, then turned around to return to the shelves. “I suppose you weren’t raised as a lady of society also, for you live by yourself apparently and your academic interests”
“You’re wrong” you said with a little smile taking a hold of your lips, and that made him stop organizing the books and look at you with a frown. She shouldn’t be wrong often. “I was raised to be a lady, until the point where my parents died. After that, I started to live on my own, for I had no more relatives. It gave me a chance to become who I wanted to be, instead of whom I was being carved into”
“You chose your own path” he said with a bigger smile this time and when you nodded in agreement, he returned his look at the shelves. “How did your parents die?”
“They were murdered” you tried to swallow the knot on your throat. Even though they had been controlling parents to the most when regarding your future, they were still your parents, and you loved and missed them. “The police never found out by whom”
“The police can be quite… inefficient” he turned back around with his hands already empty. “I’m really sorry”
“Thank you” you said, squeezing your lips in a thin line as old memories came to surface. Things you hadn’t you thought about in a long, long time. “If there isn’t anything else, may I escort you to the door?”
Your polite way of sending him away made him smile.
He placed the books he had just gathered back on the table, grabbed his suit and accompanied you towards the door, not bothering to dress the piece again. You opened the door and he stepped out, turning to look at you once more. His eyes were curious, interesting. Full of something you couldn’t quite identify, so mysterious as his sister’s.
“If you find Enola, don’t stop her from trying to find your mother” you told him, trying to repress the emotion in your voice. “Not knowing what happened… can be quite disturbing”
“I promise, stop her, is not my intention” he looked down at his feet once again, as if he was thinking for a brief moment, before his eyes went back to yours. “I could try to find out what happened to your parents. Who was their murderer”
“I don’t have much money, Mr. Holmes” you told him, your turn now to look down at your feet.
“I never said you would have to pay” he replied and with that your gaze snapped back up to meet his, and that made him chuckle. You couldn’t deny he looked quite beautiful when doing that. “You were there for my sister through much time and when she needed help, when I wasn’t. That is enough paying for me. Think about it, Miss (Y/L/N). After I find my sister and discover where is my mother, I am willing to take over your case. If you want me to” he nodded his head in your direction in a silent appreciation for your reception in your house and began to turn to walk away, but stopped himself in the middle of such movement. “May I know your first name?”
You smiled softly at that. “It’s (Y/N), Mr. Holmes”
“Please, call me Sherlock”
And after that, he walked away.
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star-kovs · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Hi everyone! I’m so excited to announce my 2.5k celebration! 
In the past 2 years, my blog has grown a lot. I’ve changed a lot but one thing that stayed the same was how I use my blog as a safe place to share my thoughts and fandom obsessions, whether it be through sharing my own creations or those of others! (I track #userkaterina so please feel free to tag me in your edits!)
2021 was a rough year for me. Not only was I still dealing with the affects of the pandemic like everyone else, but I also dealt with the loss of a close family member, my grandma. My grief from her loss still has a profound effect on me but every day I am trying to find new ways to live with how it has changed me. I have been open with my thoughts and feelings on my blog, whether it be my depression or a random word blob I had to get out somewhere. And I love having a place to do this. 
I have been fortunate enough to also join some blogs to share my creations and those of others, and I want to shout out those blogs here: @filmtvcentral @dailytv @sitcom-gifs @teendramas @shadowandbone
I also want to give a special shoutout to the blogs that I follow that have made my time on tumblr so enjoyable so I also made a follow forever!
I’m very proud of my blog and how it has been a safe place for me and others who share my ever-changing interests. So in celebration of reaching this milestone, I want to make something for my followers!
Celebration under the cut!
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simply-wins-little-sis · 5 months ago
The Conference of Hidden Genius
Request:  I had an idea for a Winchester sister thing where the brothers go to a parent/teacher night expecting to hear you are average &keep your head down but your teacher goes on about your good grades and societies you're in (arts/sports/science/whatever) and how you won a funded place at a summer school at a (random) college and will they reconsider letting you go. They ask you about why you don't talk about school and you didn't think they'd care as its not hunting and that's all they care about xx
Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl​ @percussiongirl2017  @the-third-winchester-warrior  @hellhoundlover @emmazach @sisterwinchesterwriter  @fandom-queen-of-wonderland @staticweekes @hi-my-name-is-riley @a-paranoid-bastard @because-you-never-know-when @enchantingempathhumanoidturtle @alexwinchester23 @winchesterhound
A/N: Not sure if this will be one imagine for awhile or if this means I’ll be back regularly. Love you all xx Also this is a tad different if you want it rewritten lemme know!
An average Tuesday night. That’s all it was to any normal family attending the local high school’s parent night. Each time slot filled with the expectation of a progress report and comments on student behavior. It was the average American system of pining parents and children against teachers, or sometimes the other way around. 
You had been nervous all week, walking on thin ice around your brothers, forgetting to remind them. That’s why when they both knocked on your door and told you they were going to go you shot up like a rocket. 
“No guys, it’s really okay!” you protested, without doing much to make it seem suspicious. 
“Nah babygirl, Dad would miss this stuff for us and we’d miss out on some decent extra credit, plus I heard they’re supposed to have a dessert spread” Dean smirked as he left the room. 
“It’ll be good to know where you stand amongst your classmates Y/N” Sam gave a small smile and followed him. You groaned, throwing a pillow over your head. Falling out of the pillowcase was the brochure to an expensive summer program, one you’d secretly prayed to Castiel on, even though he was nowhere to be found.
When the boys arrived at the school they were shocked to find they were the last guardians to be scheduled. It seemed as though they were thrown on last minute, almost as if your marks had been forgotten. 
Dean was disappointed to find that the dessert spread had been long demolished. 
Entering your homeroom a cheery red head with matching lipstick greeted them. 
“Oh I had no idea Y/N had two fathers! How lovely!”
The boys choked, holding back vile, “Actually we’re her older brothers,” Sam greeted, “But lovely to meet you.” 
“Lovely indeed,” Dean winked. 
With a grin she took the boys to her desk, sitting on the other side. 
“Well, to be honest I don’t really know why you two are here.” She began. 
Both boys cocked their heads to the side. 
“Y/N is a great student, so smart and kind. Quite the little leader. She has perfect scores in all of her classes and is honestly on track to becoming top student,”
The boys looked to each other. 
“Are you sure you’re talking about the right Y/N?” Dean asked. 
“Y/N Winchester, you know, quiet, keeps to herself,” Sam started. 
“Isn’t really good at turning things in on time, often sleeps in class?” Dean recalled his own experience being a hunter in training while doubling as an adolescent student. 
“I fear as though you aren’t hearing what I am saying. Your little sister is really great. One of the best actually. Always turns everything in on time, never sleeps in class, and is charming and kind to everyone she meets or works with. She’s quite the class discussion starter too. In fact, she’s been offered a full scholarship to the Eastern Scholars Summer Program. I know how you both feel she shouldn’t go, but I have to say, you have a bright young person on your hands and not letting her go is the biggest mistake I’ve ever seen guardians make.” 
The two looked at each other again. “The what now?”
“Y/N said you two won’t let her go. But I’m begging you, the girl we have here is different then the one you’re describing, and if you just give her the chance she’ll prove you wrong. I promise.”
When the boys got home you were in the library, reading. 
“Y/N” Dean called. 
“In here!” You yelled back. 
“Why wouldn’t you tell us about the Summer program?” Sam asked. He leaned against the doorframe as Dean leaned on a bookcase. 
You pushed your hair back from your face. “It’s really not that important. It’d just get in the way.”
“Y/N according to your grades you’re smarter then Sam. And Sam is Sam.”
Sam rolled his eyes, “What he’s trying to say is that you’re not telling us about how good you’re actually doing in school. Not to mention you have the opportunity for something really-” he started. 
“No stop,” you interupt him, “This is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you. You guys expect me to be one thing. To live this life or get out completely and to be honest I don’t know what I want. I won’t lose you for a picket fence future, but I also don’t know if I can keep looking death in the eyes, literally.
“The summer program would be the first time I’ve ever gone away. Alone. I don’t know if I’m smart enough let alone ready to face that without you guys. “
They both looked at you. “Well at least talk to us next time, don’t just keep us in the dark, okay?” Sam asked. 
You nodded. 
“I think you should go though,” Dean whispered. 
You looked at him, tears spilling over your bottom eyelids. 
“But this report card is going on the fridge regardless of what you say,” Sam laughed. 
“The teacher’s phone number on that?” Dean asks. 
“DEAN!” both you and Sam chirp.
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scuttling · 5 months ago
Fandom: Criminal Minds Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Female Reader Word Count: 2,766 Tags: 18+, NSFW, Insecure reader, Crushes, Some very public secret touching, Fingering, Pool sex, Unprotected sex Summary: Based on this prompt from anon: "Reader in a red skimpy bikini at one of rossi’s pool parties trying to get hotch to loosen up….what happens when she gets a little too close when they’re swimming in the pool?" I uh 🥵 Link to A03 or read below! Going to Rossi’s for dinner as a team has to be one of your favorite things in life. There is always good food, good drink, teasing and grinning and laughter; you all get to decompress, destress, enjoy each other’s company as people and not because someone’s life depends on it.
You get to see Hotch as a person, too, and that’s kind of the best part. He’s the one who needs to relax and unwind more than anyone, so when he’s there with you all, casually dressed, softer, and quick to smile, it’s no wonder you… feel things.
You’re not an animal. You can feel things without acting on those feelings; you are more than your instincts. So what if you get butterflies in your stomach when he offers to pour you more wine? So what if your breathing picks up when he’s so close you can feel his breath on your neck? So what if you end these nights at home, alone in your bed, wishing he was beside you, inside you? He’s still off limits.
Your body’s reactions to him are normal, chemical, biological, and pointless, because he could be standing half naked in front of you and you would still be able to control yourself. You are a brain that happens to be in a body, not a body that happens to have a brain.
At least, that’s what you tell yourself when Rossi invites everyone over, not for dinner, but an evening pool party.
A pool party. Fuck.
You are one hundred percent apprehensive, but for two different reasons. One is that you are a little self-conscious, and you prefer jeans and t-shirts over any other clothing; wearing a swimsuit in front of your coworkers seems extremely daunting. The other reason is that seeing Hotch in his swimsuit might actually be more terrifying, because you talk a big game about being able to control yourself, but if presented with his hot body, dripping wet, maybe his hair slicked back, a drop of water on his nose...
You take a deep breath, blow it out slowly. You’re just going to tell them you feel sick and can’t make it. Probably no one will care anyway.
You’re just gathering your things to leave work for the weekend, preparing to smile sadly and tell your lie, when Hotch appears at your side, his bag slung over his shoulder. He’s leaving work on time for once; it’s a freaking miracle.
“You’re coming to Rossi’s, right?” he asks softly, and you get those goddamn butterflies. You smile, not sadly.
“Yeah, definitely. I need to go home and get my swimsuit, though. I think I have one... somewhere.” It’s been a while since you had a vacation; wherever it is, you hope it still fits. He swallows, nods.
“Right, of course. I’ll see you there, then.” He brushes a hand carefully over your shoulder and passes you, heads for the door. You take another deep breath.
You are not an animal.
You arrive at Rossi’s house last, because you spent so long looking in the mirror, trying to convince yourself to just accept the way the swimsuit fits.
The only one you could find was from college, a little red string bikini, and since your body is obviously different now, it’s a little too small. You’re mostly covered, though, except for your ass, and no one is going to be paying much attention anyway. These people are like your brothers and sisters—or in Rossi’s case, your fun uncle—with the exception of Hotch, but you know he’s not going to be looking.
You walk into the backyard in your coverup, a cute black and white tunic, and everyone is swimming but JJ and Hotch. JJ is standing off to the side, phone at her ear, and Hotch is sitting on a lounge chair, not lounging at all. His spine looks rigid, but you can’t imagine why.
“Beer, my dear?” Rossi calls, holding up his own Corona. “Over by Hotch.” You smile and head toward him, bending to reach into the cooler for a drink; he looks a little more comfortable when he sees you, and says hello. You reply, then lift the bottom of your tunic to try to twist off the bottle cap, to no avail.
“Here, let me,” he says, reaching for your bottle, and he wraps his t-shirt around it, pops it open and hands it back.
“Thanks.” You take a long sip, your head tilted back; after all the self-scrutiny, you feel like you earned this one. “Why aren’t you swimming?”
“I will; didn’t feel like it yet,” he says, looking up at you, and you put a hand on your hip.
“Only you would come to a pool party and not swim, Hotch. Live a little.” You take another long sip, if you can call it that—the bottle is half empty already—and then set it down on the table, pull your tunic over your head. Might as well undress where fewer people are paying attention. “Come on,” you say, reaching out a hand. “I will if you will.”
He looks you over like he thinks you’re crazy or something, staring at you for a long moment, and then nods, lets you pull him up to standing. He tugs his shirt off too, and you do your best not to stare, because he is even hotter than you’d imagined, his chest broad and strong, arms strong too, and there’s a trail of hair disappearing beneath his swim trunks that you would like to explore with your mouth. You take a calming breath, turn to head for the edge of the pool, and he follows behind you; Derek looks up and whistles, and you feel yourself flush hot.
“Okay, Baywatch,” he calls with a grin, “come toward me again, but this time run in slow motion.” You roll your eyes and remind yourself not to try to cover up. If he sees you nervous, it’s just going to get that much worse.
“Shut up. It’s the only one I had,” you reply, and you look back at Hotch, who’s just standing there behind you and not saying anything. It’s like he’s afraid to get too close to the pool, or something; no way a big bad FBI guy is scared of water, right?
You get in the pool, and it feels blissfully good on this 80+ degree day, even though the sun is down; you dunk your head just to get it over with, before someone does it for you, and when you come up, you hum happily and rub your wet hair back out of your face.
You look at Hotch, who is sitting on the edge with his feet in the pool. It’s a total cop out, and you swim over to him and carefully put your hands on his legs beneath the water. He looks down at you seriously and doesn’t move.
“Come on, all the way in. For me.” He wets his lips, and you’re about 80% sure he’s going to ignore you, so you just let go of his legs and back away; he absolutely surprises you by dropping into the water with a splash. He goes under, pops up and shakes his wet hair, droplets clinging to his shoulders. You laugh out loud and give him a shove, glad, again, that you’d chosen to submerge yourself already.
“Are you happy now?” he asks, voice dry, but with a playful smile, and you nod and smile as well. Yes, you’re happy, maybe a little happier than you should be: you can feel that your nipples are hard beneath the thin material of the bikini top. Your stupid body is sending signals, and you’re entering the danger zone, your brain and body fighting for dominance; your stupid body may be winning.
Do not engage, your brain repeats when you look at wet Hotch, a sight to behold, all big and drippy and firm; your body whispers in your ear like the devil on your shoulder, just go for it—he will feel really good—what’s the worst that could happen?
“Yes,” is all you say, moving closer to him even though there’s a warning bell going off in your brain. Do not engage!! “All I wanted was for you to loosen up a little, to relax.” You’re less than a foot from him, and no one is paying either of you any attention, busy playing with an inflatable beach ball or singing along to the radio or drifting around on a lounge float. You two might as well be the only people in the world, or at least that’s how it feels.
“I’m… loose,” he says, his voice low and rough, and something about it makes you feel less inhibited, like maybe it’s not just you who wants this; your hand brushes his waist, and then his hand brushes your hip, and then you lean closer and your leg brushes…
Very loose indeed, if loose equals horny, because that’s definitely not a gun in his trunks and he’s definitely happy to see you.
“Sorry,” you breathe, but you don’t feel sorry. He doesn’t speak, doesn’t move, and you brush him more purposefully this time: your thigh against his bulging cock.
Do not engage!!
“Don’t be,” he replies eventually, and then it’s your hand moving of its own accord, palming him, big and hard. He closes his eyes, wets his lips. You want to bite his throat, to lick it, to get your hand down his shorts and feel him; you’re about to do that, your fingers slipping past the elastic, his breath hitching, and then the beach ball smacks down in the water right beside the two of you and you jump apart, startled.
“Sorry!” Emily calls, and Hotch bats the ball back over to them, and then you just look at each other. Was that a close call you never mention again, or…?
Now or never, your body says. He was about to let you put your hand in his pants. Try it again.
You are not an animal.
You try it again.
This time, you make it past the waistband, and you wrap your fingers around his dick. It’s thick, and hot, and smooth, and he reaches out a hand to grip your waist hard, his eyes boring into yours. You wet your lips, move your fingers to the head, rub it, and then you stroke him three times just to see what he looks like when you do.
He’s gorgeous, unsurprisingly, his eyes lidded and his chest heaving, and you rub him softly one more time and then withdraw your hand; apparently you’re cool with groping your boss in the same pool as the rest of your coworkers, but an actual orgasm is where you draw the line.
You are also breathing heavy, so turned on you’re almost shaking with need, and then Hotch reaches down and slides his hand inside your swimsuit bottoms, rubs the pads of two fingers along your slit. It takes everything you have not to moan at his touch, especially when he dips lower, prods at your opening where you are already slick. He takes a deep breath, and it looks like he’s fighting for strength too, which makes you feel a little better.
At least you’re both animals, now.
He pulls back only to get his hand on your ass, to squeeze it so hard your body shifts forward. You look up at him, and he looks down at you, and everything that needs to be said is said with your eyes.
You drift apart a little bit, but you still feel the ghost of his touch and maybe always will.
You float around, and talk a little; you get out to finish your beer, to grab you both another, and now that you know he’s into you, you maybe make climbing out look a little sexy. When you ease back in, hand him his bottle, he makes eye contact while he wraps his lips around it and takes a long drink.
Eventually, the others interact with the two of you, and it feels so strange to pretend that you and Hotch didn’t just fucking fondle each other fifteen feet away. It also feels really dirty, and that only serves to make you wetter. The glances he’s shooting you don’t help that situation much, either.
Garcia and Emily are the first to leave, and then Reid, until the only ones left are the two of you, Derek, and JJ. JJ says goodbye, heads out, and then Derek gets ready to leave. Rossi says he’ll walk him out, that he’s going to turn in, but that you and Hotch are welcome to stay as long as you like, and to just please lock the front door when you go.
“Couldn’t get you to get in, now can’t get you to get out,” Derek teases Hotch; you preen a little, because you know you’re the cause of both, and when Derek and Rossi leave, the air becomes thick with tension again. You open your mouth but don’t know what to say.
It’s Hotch who actually speaks first.
“I’ve thought about doing that for a very long time,” he murmurs, and you move closer to him, get your hands on his waist again. “You are so fucking beautiful, all the time, but in that bikini… were you just trying to tempt me?” he asks, a sincere question, and you shake your head.
“It’s really the only one I own. I got it in college, so it’s a little small now,” you explain, and he chuckles, soft and low.
“Well then, I guess I’m glad you don’t swim much, because you’re absolutely breathtaking. I was having a very hard time keeping my hands off of you, so I’m glad that you… initiated.” He puts his hands on your ass, pulls you closer, and you wrap your legs around his hips, your arms around his neck.
“Me too. I’ve wanted you for longer than I can remember, you’re so fucking perfect.” You bring a hand to his wet hair and guide him down for a deep, steamy kiss, rubbing against his hard-on and moaning softly, since you can, now. “I want you, Hotch.”
“I need you,” he says, and that’s so much hotter; you reach between you to push down his shorts, taking him in your hand and stroking him again while he holds you up, and then you ease your bottoms to the side and guide him inside you, moaning and tipping your head back when he presses in. “Oh, fuck,” he pants, and you cling to him, kiss him harder, and move in his arms.
“Oh, god, Hotch,” you breathe against his lips, working your hips against his thrusts. “You feel so good, so big and hard and good.” He groans, buries his face in your neck, and pumps up into you roughly, like he’s getting close already.
God, this is amazing, pure fucking, the outcome of being up to your eyeballs in sexual tension—you’re connecting the dots now, seeing how some things you thought were innocent between the two of you were absolutely not—and when he comes he pounds hard inside you, and you dig your nails into his neck and bounce on him until he groans and slides out, sensitive.
“Oh, wow,” he exhales, and then he turns so you’re up against the wall of the pool and lets you go, holding out his hands so you know to stay there. You stretch your arms out on either side of you, breathing hard, and he leans in, moves your top out of the way and sucks on a nipple, then reaches down and pushes your bottoms aside again, presses his fingers deep and fucks you with them.
“Hotch, oh, fuck.” He looks up at you through dark lashes, nips at your breast, and then lifts his mouth off and begs you to come until you do, practically strangling his fingers as you clench tight around him.
He pulls his hand away after getting you through it, fixes your suit and then his, and then pulls you back into his arms and kisses you for a long time, full of yearning and passion and satisfaction. You sigh against his mouth, touch his face, and offer for him to spend the night at your place.
He does, and you have sex on the kitchen counter, and in your bed, and then on the floor the next morning.
You animals. Taglist ❤️: @arsonhotchner @mrsh0tchner @ssahotchie @sleepyreaderreads @mintphoenix @meghannnnnn @disgruntledchowchow @azenpal @g-l-pierce
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riverevelations · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
riv’s daily blurb challenge
Tumblr media
hi everyone! so i’m gonna be starting a new thing where im gonna get myself to write (at least) 300 words a day in order to help me with my writer’s block!
i’ll be using the following wheels that i’ve generated for the prompts/characters
character wheel + my masterlist
monday: smut prompt wheel + a list of the same prompts
tuesday: angst prompt wheel + a list of the same prompts
wednesday: fluff prompt wheel + a list of the same prompts
thursday: a.u prompt wheel + a list of the same prompts
friday: dark prompt + a list of the same prompts
saturday & sunday: send in an ask with your own character (one) /prompt (two max) combo!
so basically, everyday i’m going to spin for a character and then 1-3 prompts and then write a little blurb about it! i have high hopes for this, and i’m hoping (it is NOT at all required of you and i won’t think any less of you in the slightest) but i’m hoping that some of you might want to partake in this as well? if so i’m sure there’s a way for you to create & customize your own wheels or, feel free to use mine!
each post will be tagged with #riv’s daily challenge
if you do decide to write something, even if it’s just for one day, please tag me! i’d love to read it & share it with others! feel free to create your own wheels with your own favorite tropes, prompts, themes as well as your own characters to make it more customizable (i write for really different fandoms that have nothing to do with each other so i totally don’t expect you to write for mine)
if you have any questions / want to attempt it but dont know where to start / want to be added to a taglist, feel free to send me an ask or a direct message through tumblr!
here is the taglist to be tagged for blurbs!
REMINDER: if you decide to join/try it out, don’t feel obligated to post everyday, especially if it’s stressful!! this is meant to be a fun way to get your brain working and your fingers clicking, because i know a lot of us are struggling at the moment, and as always, if you need to talk/vent i’m here for you!!
Tumblr media
tagging some moots to get it going!
x. @lfnr-blog-blog-blog @kyroscorner @agentofbarnes @ambrosiase @angrythingstarlight @astro-rain @barnesafterglow @belladonnabarnes @bemine-bucky @benignbucky @bucksdolll @bucksfucks @buckys-blue-eyes @burberrybaby @cherienymphe @dadplease @danneelsmain @divine-mistake @lipstickandbarbedwxre @faeryloki @geminixevans @honeydulcewrites @honeychicana @infernal-fire @jamalflanagan @lavendercitizen @metalbuckaroo @lostalioth @msmarvelwrites @midnightf @nsfwsebbie @ozarkthedog @ladyfallonavenger @rodrikstark @starryevermore @strawberryfaerie @swtbbybarnes @vanillasnaps @vintageobx @beavtifvl-creatvres @writing-for-marvel
Tumblr media
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gingersnappish · 5 months ago
KYLUX RECS 2020-2021
My Kylux Recs in the last year (Aug, 20 2020 - Aug 20 2021)
SO. MUCH. GOOD. FIC!!! We are really lucky in this fandom to have so much good stuff to read!
Fic is part of the lifeblood of fandom, in my opinion-it shares new ideas and AUs and fleshes out the characters and most of all it inspires and entertains us all and engenders all sorts of feels for the characters-it’s part of what keeps us shipping! So a big ‘thank you’ to all the fic authors out there who work so hard at their craft and are generous enough to share it with all of us!
The following list is by no means comprehensive-there are LOTS and lots more very good fics that have been published in the last year that I haven’t read. I just wanted to offer up a few recs from what I know I enjoyed so far! (I also have more than fits on one list to rec-I’ll try and do another list soon!) As always, I rec based on personal taste, and I highly encourage reading all the tags/warnings on any given work to make sure it’ll be to your taste! -
The Flirtation Of Flowers 
Words: 5,917
Rating: Teen
Summary:Kylo runs his farm's stall at the Farmer's Market every weekend. He has a new customer, a gorgeous redhead that is curious about the meanings of his bouquets. Kylo doesn't know anything about that, so he makes stuff up to keep the man coming back every week.
My thoughts on the rec: This is the cutest slice of a modern AU kylux-it really nails Kylo’s personality as a (slightly awkward) flirt who is trying his best and just really likes the redhead who keeps coming to buy flowers. Just a sweet little fic all ‘round!
all i have to do is dream
Words: 11,456
Rating: Teen
Summary:Armitage Hux has been going to the same bar every Thursday for the last year, nursing a crush on the gorgeous, unobtainable bartender, Kylo Ren. He finally gets up the courage to ask him out, only to find out he has some unusual competition: the memory of a red-haired boy from Kylo's past, who Kylo swears is the soulmate that got away from him.A fill for this SoftKyluxKinks prompt:Anonymous asked: Benarmie with young Ben (around 11 years old) having a huge crush on Armitage (16). Hux finds it adorable but mostly ignores him because he's a kid. Flash forward a few years when Ben is all grown up and Hux is the one with a huge crush.
My thoughts on the rec: This is another really cute young modern AU! I like the idea that Ren has liked Hux forever, but this deals nicely with the age gap and that Hux really wouldn’t notice Ren back until they are both appropriately older. And they make such a cute couple-it’s a great progression from just ‘he’s hot’-like, there is a lot more to them than that in the end!
(really, read anything by sigo, it’s all my favorite)
Words: 13,450
Rating: Explicit
Summary:“We’re off the next two weeks, you know.”“Yes, I know.” There was emergency construction scheduled to fix cracking asphalt too near a pipe in the center of campus. The buses couldn’t run, and that phenomenon was the only thing that ever cancelled classes. Halloween was dead center in the unplanned time off school, and every bar within a fifteen mile radius would be untenable as the students celebrated. Hux was planning on staying home, catching up on grading. He was rather looking forward to an opportunity to reread his favorite novels. They were already stacked by the couch in preparation.“My family always throws a Halloween party and they got word that I could come this year,” Kylo said, shuffling his feet. He looked almost bashful.“Ren, it’s midnight,” Hux sighed at his infuriating coworker. “Get to it.”“I may have informed my entire family previously that we were dating.”
My thoughts on the rec: One of my all-around fav fics from the last year’s worth of my reading material! It’s got the modern AU vibes down pat without losing their personalities or making them too OOC, it’s got the fake-dating trope done REALLY well, it’s got a wonderful creepy vibe strung delicately throughout for the Halloween haunted setting, it’s got plot and make-outs (and more). Can’t recommend highly enough!
Words: 14,316
Rating: Explicit
Summary:They have managed cooperation - efficient cooperation, even - in these past months, which is more than enough. And already nothing short of a miracle for both of them.Still. Ren was a fool to think he could simply run off and keep Hux in the dark.-----When Ren goes missing on a mysterious planet, Hux sets out to find him. He doesn't yet know that he just might find himself.
My thoughts on the rec: This, like all of violet’s fic, is HOT! Like, scorching vibes between them! It’ll draw you in and not let you go ‘til after the boys are ‘done’! And, like all of violet’s fics, the character voices and personalities are also impeccable!
Rocks Break Gifts
Words: 16,706
Rating: Mature
Summary:The Rebellion has been crushed, a coup affected, and Supreme Leader Ren and his Grand Marshall Hux have settled into a domestic routine as the joint rulers of the Galaxy. Kylo wants nothing more, now, than to make his relationship with Hux official, but he can't seem to rise to Hux's challenge of a satisfactory proposal.Or, the five times Kylo proposes, and the one time Hux says yes.
My thoughts on the rec: Ahhhhh, the premise in this one is great! Like, I don’t wanna spoil the plot reveal at the end, so I can’t say too much, but there is a really good reason throughout the thing that this is a Five Times type fic and it works! It works so well and while we spend the fic ‘with’ Kylo, when we find out what Hux’s deal is, it is so satisfying! I Paint My Dreams
Words: 26,122
Rating: General Audiences
Summary:Kylo Ren is struggling to make a name for himself in the art world but as the grandson of the great Anakin Skywalker, a legendary pop artist of the 1950s and 60s, the weight of his famous family and his own expectations is a lot to bear.After he’s rejected from a prestigious exhibition because his installations “don’t fit the theme”, Kylo heads to the pub to drink away his disappointment. Later that night as he stumbles home, he’s set upon by some would-be thieves but before they can take what’s left of his money, he’s saved by a strange man with unbelievable Medusa-like powers. The ethereally beautiful man, Armitage Hux, is a visitor from Oweynagat and he has a simple proposition for Kylo - room and board in exchange for making all Kylo’s artistic dreams come true.Sounds easy - what could possibly go wrong?
My thoughts on the rec: Oh goodness, where to start? The Irish Mythology and Fae aspect of this fic is superbly woven throughout the whole thing and the author makes it work really well! Like, this is such a unique and original take on the kylux pair, I love them, especially Fae!Hux in this! And the plot is solid and you get invested really heavily in how they are gonna wind up-at least I did! There’s some beautiful language in this-descriptions and dialogue! And I have a soft spot for Artist!Kylo!
Dating a Monster
Words: 30,401
Rating: Explicit
Summary:Ben Solo was raised to be a demon hunter, as everyone in his family has been before him. He wanted nothing more than to prove that he was worthy to his family. He lied to them and went on an unauthorized mission to catch and kill an elusive incubus. His search led him to Arkanis University, one of the most prestigious schools in the country.He was sure the mission was going to be easy, before he met the cute freshman Armitage Hux. This meeting would change the fate of both of them.
My thoughts on the rec: Add another really good one to the slightly-creepy-kylux subgenre filled with demons and dark powers! This is a great depiction of Kylo as a very determined demon hunter and Hux as a very unique quarry! I love the tension in parts of this too-well crafted! The Green Ribbon
xzombiexkittenx, Lilander (art)
Words: 39,679
Rating: Explicit
Summary:When Ben was fifteen he left the Jedi temple and took extreme measures to prevent the shadowy creature that infiltrated his thoughts from dragging him to the dark side. What he did left him with a great deal of chronic pain and removed his most valuable weapon, but Ben got his stubbornness from every side of the family, even the adopted ones, and he was determined to find and kill the creature.Now Senator Amidala of Naboo, Ben uses his position to make the galaxy a less awful place when he can, but being senator also gave him very useful contacts in his search for the creature. When he met Major Hux of the First Order, Ben thought he could get game-changing information out of him, one way or another, but things rarely go Ben's way and it got complicated much faster than Ben had prepared for. It's never a good idea to mix sex and politics, but Ben takes his fun where he can get it.
My thoughts on the rec: I feel like this is a very original take on ‘Senator Amidala’ Ben, at least from the stuff I’ve read-many props to the author for such a fleshed out universe, filled with likeable, believable OCs, a wonderful plot, great character motivations and voices, and a take on our main man Ben that pulled me in from the get-go! He’s sorta magnetic (in universe and to the reader)! And the sexual tension and sexy bits are very well done! I’m rooting for Ben and Hux in this, on opposites sides though they may be! Comfort Zone
Words: 66,766
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Hux is running away. He meets a tall, dark, and somewhat annoying stranger at the airport.
My thoughts on the rec: Travel writing at its best; also kylux fic at it’s best! Young, modern them trying to find their places in the world and finding each other in the process is so cute and almost tenderly done in this! This is a gentle, friendly version of modern Kylo that I fell in love with, right along with Hux! And by the way, I’m not kidding when I say travel writing-the southeast asian setting is vivid and enchanting in it’s rich detail! Outnumbered, Outgunned, Outmanuevered, and Winning
Coriesocks, Ellalba (art)
Words: 80,372
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Hux’s plans for ridding the First Order of Kylo Ren are ruined when Ren discovers his deception. With no choice but to flee, Hux ends up in the hands of the Resistance. It’s not ideal, but at least he gets a break from Ren. Until he doesn’t.When Ren starts appearing in Hux’s dreams, Hux wonders if the stress of being a spy has taken more of a toll on his sanity than he’d previously thought. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he has to deal with constant pestering from Poe and a mildly inconvenient kidnapping. Of course, it’s Ren who saves him in the end. There’s clearly no getting away from him.
My thoughts on the rec: A really interesting take on something that is both a alternate rewrite of what could have happened instead of TROS and a TROS-fix-it of sorts! Hux is stellar in this, we really get a good look in his head and Coriesocks handles it masterfully! I really liked how their relationship develops gradually in this, it’s Enemies To Lovers at its best! Bloodlines and Brandy
Words: 130,785
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Sebastian Hux is a native of the Deep South who loathes his origins, and seeks to pull himself from the stifling quagmire, but his bloodlines call him back to the property that has blessed- and plagued- his family for centuries.Unspoken secrets fill his inheritance, skeletons fill every closet, and a monster lurks in the shadows, tied to two bloodlines joined by fate, greed and hatred that has spanned across generations.As Hux learns about his family’s tainted legacy that has now become his burden, he discovers there is more involved than just having to be the curator of property that the locals shun with hushed whispers, that he has inherited more than an estate- he also has a terrible and loathsome horror tied to his very blood.When curious young locals come calling, and Hux’s past tormentors come out of the woodwork to simper and scrabble for a piece of the newly rich, the body count begins to rise, the smell of blood in the old slaughterhouse is getting harder to hide, and Hux realises that he will need to find a better way to pacify the hulking shadow that perches on his roof every night before his hometown’s tiny population is completely decimated.
My thoughts on the rec: This one is EPIC! Like, in length (which it needs every word of for the story that is going on here) and in the great portrayal of Kylo and Hux and their relationship! It’s super original too-not just the plot but the depiction of Kylo as something ‘other’ and the Southern Gothic vibes, and Hux-this is a wonderful take on Hux! He loses none of his edge, in my opinion and yet the reader is ‘with’ him all the way through, rooting for him! The descriptions are killer too-EmperorsVornskr has a felicity of expression that kept me reading (albeit in more than one sitting). Also worth noting that this is a wonderful and carefully handled depiction of trans!Hux, in my admittedly cis opinion. The theme of finding your tribe/your people/and your special someone in this, albeit in sometimes unexpected places is warming! I enjoyed every moment of this fic! Gravity Well
Words: 176,421
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Snoke is gone, but his death has solved nothing between Hux and Kylo Ren. The First Order's trust in their leaders wanes as they vie for power over one another, and if they cannot learn to work together, they may both lose everything they've worked for.Forging that alliance after years at each other's throats will not be as easy as letting the past die, however—they will face subterfuge, enemies in the shadows, treachery, and being stranded on a hostile planet with creatures out of nightmare, barely escaping constant danger with their lives while having only one another to rely on.And that is just the beginning.
My thoughts on the rec: I realize this one is very well known by now, but I’ll rec it again for good reason! It’s quality long-fic! I love how competent Hux is in this surival-style fic, even without the Force to save him! And Kylo is a badass! kyluxtrashcompactor is a master of the slow burn here and we’re even lucky enough to be getting a sequel (although Gravity Well will also stand perfectly on its own). The writing in this will draw you in and not let you go!
That’s all for now! I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did!  
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clairecrive · 10 months ago
“Favorite”- Alfie Solomons x Shelbysister!reader [Requested]
A/N: it’s been a minute since I’ve last written Alfie. Hope I didn’t mess it up. hopefully you’ll like it x It was requested by this anon and someone on wattpad.
Warning: some cussing (it’s Alfie so what did you expect)
Word count: 1.5K ish
Tagging: @mollybegger-blog​, @evelynshelby​, @br0ck-eddie​, @shadow-of-wonder​, @fandom--0verdose​, @sopxhiea​, @fuseburner​, @innerpaperexpertcloud​, 
Tumblr media
"Fucking Italians," y/n mumbled both angered and brought to close eyes by her thundering headache. Not that it helped but it was più forte di lei, after what those fuckers had put her through, y/n could barely contain her anger. If it wasn't impossible for her to stand without throwing up and probably fainting, she'd be already on her way to give them a piece of her mind.
"Retreat your claws, kitten. It's already been taken care of." A familiar voice spoke from beside her. She didn't need to open her eyes and look to know to whom the voice belonged. It welcomed her every morning and wished her sweet dreams on most nights.
"It's not. My fist hasn't met their faces yet."
His presence comforted and helped in rooting her. There was no point in getting all worked up while she was still in the hospital risking making her headache worse. Y/n knew that but to know and to act accordingly are two different things.
"Well then, that can be arranged, pet. For now, though, you need to rest," he tutted not even trying of hiding his amusement.
Y/n groaned.
"The world must be fucking ending if Alfie Solomons is the wisest in the room," she snickered knowing how prone to anger and action Alfie was.
He merely scoffs and despite not looking at him, y/n knew that he had shot her a mean glance. Indeed, she could only imagine the state she was in but whatever it was, it must not be a pretty sight. And whatever image Alfie had carefully crafted for himself over the ears, y/n knew that he was worried. Probably angry too but given what he said about the Italians, he had already acted on that leaving only worry.
All the more reason to resort to sarcasm then, y/n thought.
However, before any of them could add anything, the door of the room opened. And so did y/n's eyes.
Fuck, was the first thing that crossed her mind when her eyes fell on her brother.
This was not how she'd imagined being reunited with him.
"Mr Solomons," Tommy's tone matched the iciness of his eyes and the imperturbability of his expression.
It was something that y/n had always both admired and hated about him. It was amazing how aloof he was able to come across on any occasion, even though she understood growing up that it was achieved at great expense. However, when in a fight with him, it was greatly unnerving to speak with an unreactive wall of ice. A clench of the jaw was the most you could get out of him.
Y/n had learned how to deal with him and now it didn't bother her anymore, but still. Knowing how much shit she was in, she couldn't help but flinch at his tone. Even if it was directed at Alfie who, for the record, looked completely unbothered by it.
"Mr Shelby," he simply reciprocated the greeting as if he didn't hear the underlying question in Tommy's words. What the hell are you doing here?
"You were the last person I expected to find at my sister's bedside." But Tommy had never been one who shied away from confrontation, didn't lose any time and got right to it.
"Well, life is full of surprises, ain't it?" Topping his head a little further on his head so that he could clearly stare at him, Alfie gave him a smug smirk.
Tommy sat down on the other side of y/n's bed, his eyes never leaving Alfie engaging them in an unwavering contest.
"You should thank him." She found her voice even though she knew that Alfie didn't need her help and it probably meant for her to be caught in the crossfire. Better than having them shooting glares at each other.
Tommy's eyes snapped to her then, like she wasn't the one he'd come to see.
"You must already know what happened so that means that you're aware of his help." Making the most of his attention on her, she pleaded Alfie's cause.
"What I'm worried about is why he's involved in the first place." Taking a lighter and his pack of cigarette, he lit one.
"Like you don't know, Tommy," y/n snickered, "I know you've sent fucking Isaiah after me like a fucking dog." she huffed deeply annoyed at how his brother thought it was okay to have her controlled like she was a fucking baby. Not that Alfie would have let anything happen to her, anyway. But, above all, she knew how to take care of herself, thank you very much.
His jaw clenched - here it is- but he offered no response. No explanation, no apology. Not that y/n expected him to.
"S'alright Tommy. No need to thank me for protecting my favourite Shelby." Alfie butted in interrupting your siblings glaring. Y/n felt his hand wrap around hers, she didn't know if it was to emphasise his point or to offer her comfort. Either way, she welcomed it intertwining their fingers.
"Wisdom and a compliment both leaving your mouth all in under ten minutes. Fuck, the end of the world is fucking close indeed." Tightening her hold on him, y/n couldn't help but mock him. Not that it was a mystery how Alfie cared for her but he wasn't keen on verbal demonstrations, if it wasn't in the intimacy of a bedroom, so every time he did felt strange. In a good way though. Y/n truly appreciated it but she couldn't pass out on the chance to embarrass him. It was how their relationship was.
"Well, smelling death in the room will do that to ya," Alfie chirped back taking her jab in streak. Told you it was how they worked.
"Nice to know I need to die for you to be nice to me."
"You're not dead though, are ya?" His fed-up tone let on that he was almost regretting that she wasn't but his hold on her hand fooled no one. Well, just her since she was the only one aware of it.
"Still not too sure, to be honest." As holding up her head was proving to be a proving challenge, she rested it back on her pillow. Giving in, she also closed her eyes hoping it'll help.
"If you'd do as you're fucking told then you'd feel better," Alfie scowled.
"Can't you talk to your God or something and ask him to kiss my ouchies away?" She asked while her other hand went up to gently massage her forehead.
"Don't work it like that pet, right?" He somewhat growled at the insinuation no matter how ridiculous it was, "Can help you with that though if you want." And as if someone had flipped a switch, his tone turned suggestive.
"Thought you'd never ask." She smirked peeking at him through her lids.
It was then that Tommy cleared his throat, successfully snapping both of their attention to him.
"This is disgusting."  Disgust evident in his voice but it went unacknowledged by both y/n and Alfie.
"Glad to see you too, Tommy," was y/n's answer to his brother.
"I'm glad you're okay," he said eyes softening in the subtlest way when they landed on y/n. Then he turned to Alfie, " I won't forget this, Mr Solomons. Even though it changes nothing."
"Didn't think it would," Alfie answered while y/n simply rolled her eyes at them.
"I'll leave you to it, then." Pocketing the lighter he had been playing with, Tommy stood up and after lightly nodding at them he went to walk out of the room.
"See you soon, Tommy," Y/n called for him before he was out of the door but she knew that he had heard her.
"See you never," Alfie mumbled under his breath clearly of another opinion. Despite his intentions, y/n had heard him and went to smack him with whatever small energy she had left. Of course, her touch went almost unfelt but Alfie had the decency of feigning hurt.
"So, you know what this means." She spoke again after a while. She never much cared for silence.
"That you're brother's an ass, yeah. Already knew that, dove." Alfie pointed it out, leaning back in his chair, legs widening, his cane resting between them.
"That it's official," she smiled ignoring Alfie's jab at her brother, she looked at him smiling "you've met my family."
"Bloody hell, what did I get myself into." He grumbled hiding his face in his hands. Jokes on him though if he thought she was the difficult one between them.
"Oh shut up, I'm a fucking delight." Shifting around to get more comfortable, she closed her eyes again. It was time to get some rest.
"Yeah, in your sleep maybe." Knowing it to be true, y/n didn't feel the need to say anything, however, if her eyes had been opened she was sure to say anything about the fond smile on Alfie's lips. She secretly loved how much of a sap he really was. Not that she was ever going to tell him, of course.
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1943bucky · a month ago
Tumblr media
This is two years in the making, but it’s timely that I finally hit 1k at the end of the year! This is the first year I’ve been really into gifmaking and learned how to make way nicer gifs than I used to make, so I’ve been having a lot of fun making content this year. I know my blog’s content has changed a bunch in the past year or so, but I’m glad people have stuck around and I’ve gained a lot of new followers and mutuals in new fandoms I’ve discovered (and old fandoms I’ve partially re-discovered). All the posts relating to this will be tagged as 1kcelebration** on my blog. 
So, for my celebration I’m doing two things. First, is a poll which has questions for my favorite movies of each decade 1950s-2010s and I’ll gif the winner of each one of those. It also has a question with my favorite TV shows, and I’ll vote the top three from that question. The poll will be closing in a few weeks. 
Secondly, you can send one or more of the following (preferably limit to 1-2 per ask)
a 💫 + a tv show & i’ll gif my favorite episode
a ✨ + a tv show & i’ll gif my favorite character
a 💥 + a marvel phase & i’ll gif my favorite movie
a ☀️ + a marvel phase & i’ll gif my favorite character
a 🍉 + a number & i’ll gif that song/artist on my spotify wrapped
a 🎬 + a film genre & i’ll gif my favorite movie and/or character 
a 🍓 + a year & i’ll choose my favorite movie from that year
Under the cut I’m going to tag a few mutuals! Thank you to everyone who has followed me this year and supports my creations.
@sanderdriesen @natasharomanovf @joeypottrs @buckybarness @yelenabeluva  @mayas-lopez @sovietbarnes @eddiebrock @nellsdani  @aimeegbbs​ ​
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lacheri · 6 months ago
“moonlight muse” lacheri’s 1k collab event
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hi everyone! first of all, thank you guys so very much for allowing me to reach this milestone. I’m releasing this a bit early, but I’m so impatient and this has been sitting in my drafts for a MINUTE. I am so very grateful to every single one of you that’s supported me and my writing — it’s an honor. special thanks to @onwiings and @ryukatters for helping me come up with ideas for this event! you guys are the best and I am so very thankful for everything you guys do. <3
Tumblr media
late nights bleeding into early mornings. soul searching at the bottom of a bottle at the local dive. finding a savior in a midnight lover. slow dancing in the middle of crowded room. a jukebox playing a song reserved for lovers. screaming into the void to hear it call back. falling in love under the light of the moon.
I’m leaving the concept open, but the theme is late night shenanigans. dive bars, crowded clubs, empty movie theaters, a midnight stroll on the beach, a camping trip, stuck in a room with the person you’ve been pining over — anything that could occur between the late night and early morning hours. make it as grungy, fluffy, edgy, or pure as you would like! all plots are accepted! you can base it off of a trope, a song, a movie, whatever inspires you! if it’s a song let me know and I’ll add a link to it with your submission!
Tumblr media
must be 18+ to join this collab. I’m setting the deadline to September 21st, but it’s not a strict deadline. update: the deadline is now October 21st! update 2: deadline is now extended to Novemeber 6th due to kinktober! <3
to join: send me an ask or a message with your chosen character(s), and a summary of your concept/idea, as well as if it is not sfw/dark content or sfw! (additional tags such as smut/angst/fluff would be appreciated as you develop your idea!)
this is open to both the aot and jjk fandoms!
I’m allowing a count of 2 repeat characters. (ex: two Eren stories, two Levi stories, etc.) this will be first come first serve! two characters to a story are also welcomed! (ex: Erwin x reader x Levi)
must meet a minimum of 500 words!
if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message or an ask! I love collaborating ideas with other writers, and helping in any way I can! I know the concept is very open lol so if confused please let me know if I can be of any help!
send me an ask or message if you've joined and want me to update your submission (title, summary, tags)
Tumblr media
symbols: s - smut, d - dark content, a - angst, f - fluff
attack on titan
Levi — Signals // "call off the search for your soul, or put it on hold again." — @lacheri (a, s, d)
Levi — Ten Hours. // "In ten hours, Levi has to escape. In ten hours, you have to help him." — @astridthevalkyrie (a, s)
Eren — High Latitude // “Out of the skies and into your quiet corner of the world comes a gang of artists and one engineer, courtesy of your favorite bush pilot, Zeke Yeager. As a rule-abiding park ranger, you get to teach your captive audience that even the best laid plans of marmots and men often go awry… this is usually due to the weather, weed, and Zeke’s little half brother.” — @asilentshout (s, d)
Eren — tba // "a meeting late at night" — @celestidarling (not sfw)
Jean — tba // "stargazing" — @wxstoria (sfw)
Armin — Mine // "Your boss, Armim Arlert, said he wanted to keep things between you professional. So why is his hand on your thigh?" — @eripeachy (s, d)
Armin — tba // "feeling risque, your boyfriend Armin suggests sneaking into the campus library after hours for date night." — @jenijae (not sfw)
Miche — tba // "Miche sneaks you out the day before your wedding for one last date." — @chaotic-nick
Miche — Full Moon Gospels // "You are on night watch with the other half of the scouts as they try and capture the female titan in Stohess. Miche comes to pay a visit to keep you company but a question leads to confession leads to clothes off and full moon gospels as you both finally get what you want. Morning comes and you awaken in bed to the alarms of titans in Wall Rose." — @sinnerofthewalls (s, a)
Hitch — tba // "sleepover" — @besotted-eros (not sfw)
Pieck — tba // "tba" — @haikyutiehoe
Porco — tba // "tba" — @liashideout (s)
Grisha — tba // "fear and loathing in las vegas" — @blondeboyfriend (s, d)
Kenny — She's My Cherry Pie // "retro bar vibes" — @cherryackerman (s)
Eren x reader x Jean — tba // "late night roadtrip" — @killuki (f)
Connie x reader x Jean — In My Fucking Feelings // "tba" — @bibblelevi (a, s, d)
Erwin x reader x Levi — tba // "tba" — @docoooo (s)
OC (fem) x Levi, Erwin, Hange, Jean, Connie, + Eren — When It's Love, If It's Not Rough It Isn't Fun // "The first thing she noticed was that there were more footsteps entering the room than she was used to." — @scaredpigeons (s)
jujutsu kaisen
Yuuji — Cloud 9 // “A night out in the city with your favorite person. No desination, just vibes.” — @ryukatters (f, s)
Yuuji — Strawberry Kiss // "reader and itadori go out to a midnight showing of a classic horror movie :) slice of life, implied childhood best friends to lovers ? idk itadori is just a lil cutie" — @honeyspalette (f)
Megumi — All The Things He Said // "You truly wondered if it was possible to be so happy and sad at the same time." — @pennylanewrites (s, a, f)
Megumi — Those Nights // "Let’s test that resolve, Megumi thinks to himself as he walks a path he’s traveled one too many times, a road he once walked down alongside you, towards the place he used to call home." — @phasmwrites / @arcanumbras (a, s)
Geto — Goodnight Moon // "Suguru, how could you let him control you like this?" — @greentealeavesss (a, d)
Yuuta — tba // "tba" — @mattyinc
Nanami — Nights Without You. // "Kento, it’s almost midnight; why aren’t you home? Are you working overtime again?" — @devilstempt (a)
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