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#so added to it haha

ok so far i have; picked up all the stuff lying all over my floor and night stand and put them in acceptable places (laundry & drawers & garbage), swept the floor, found my old phone case w/ the pop socket still attached and duct taped it back to life so i can type comfortably again, ,,,? i think that’s it. is that it?? maybe bc there was a lot of additional little things during all that like making sure things are tidy and shuffling stuff around ?

now i still have to: clear all the stuff from behind my bed (might actually save that one for another time out of fear of what could possibly lurk beneath that mess), strip my bed & find a basket to put all my blankets n shit in, find clean sheets and temporary blankets that will not appease My Sensory Hell body but will be Acceptable , make my bed (which means probably kicking nymie out of my room for a minute so she doesn’t chase my sheets and sit in the middle of the bed), shave my ugly neck beard (& maybe buzz my undercut while I’m at it ?? may as well am i right), look at myself in the mirror and want to die a little bit but just a casual silly amount because the next step is take a shower, accidentally spend like 2 hour dissociating in the shower bc I’ve been avoiding showering or bathing (other than like… wiping myself down w/ a washcloth) for maybe a month because i’m mentally ill haha am i right, THEN get into comfy clean bed and pat myself on the back for my moment of mental health before I have to do it all over again in a couple months no matter how much i believe i will form any semblance of a routine <3 oh fuck also brush my teeth somewhere in there idk I’ll make it a fun surprise

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“And quit your fabulous career in show business?” Klavier teased, batting his eyelashes. He wouldn’t be Klavier Gavin if he didn’t flirt. “You know at least half the reason I go to Fraulein Wright’s magic shows is just to see you.”

It was just teasing, but Apollo felt himself blushing anyway. He used the excuse of a Zubat to break eye contact. Damn thing dodged every pokéball. “That’s—that’s dumb.”

-Too Good (Chapter 3) By @omicheese

It took a while but I wanted to put a bit more effort into this! This is a scene from a Klapollo fic I really love! Give it a read if you haven’t! Lots of love to Omi for writing this fic! Check out their other stuff too!~

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ahhjkshsjghssaaaahhj after ep5 i was pretty convinced that langa was going to be the one to leave (come on man that ‘got it’ was NOT convincing) but after seeing how reki and langa acted in ep6 and w the teaser clip for 7 i Feel. like it seems more likely that reki will either injure himself trying to get on langa’s level or push langa away bc he doesnt feel good enough for him and i am in Pain

like im gonna have to put on my clown makeup if they act like ep6 didnt happen or was like a filler type thing and in 7 langa goes back to thrill seeking but 6 RLLY showed just how much he cares about reki and how incredible he thinks he is so i can’t? see him willingly picking ad*m over him unless theres like something shady going on

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Hot take: the characters in WandaVision talking about details from Infinity War and Endgame that they werent there for and probably have no way of actually knowing are just examples of references-for-the-sake-of-references that dont really add anything to the plot of the show and really only serve to alienate, frustrate, and confuse casual viewers.

#this is coming from someone who has seen the movies#and gets the references (and is kind of annoyed by some of them for being useless nerd bait)#who is watching WandaVision with someone with a limited knowledge of avenger movie continuity#and is getting confused by all the unexplained references#look i get adding the little references for dedicated fans but references for a standalone series should be MINIMAL#like the references should either a) be small enough that casual viewers dont notice them or b) important to the plot but are EXPLAINED#like how Mandalorian (season 1; i got beef with season 2 for the same reason) did a GREAT job for being accessible to the casual viewer#because it was like ‘here’s all you need to know about the world. go experience it’#and there were little references for the more dedicated fans but they werent central to any one scene#like there were no scenes where characters argued whether Leia couldve taken Vader in a fight#because literally that has no bearing on the story whatsoever#and also how would minor characters have enough insider knowledge to have that discussion#my main hot take: if you’re going to have a standalone series then it should be able to STAND ALONE#if i gotta sit and explain deeper plot points from 6 different movies just to let my friend understand a throwaway scene#that was given more central attention than it should have been just so that dedicated fans can go ‘haha i saw that movie!! :)’#then you’re doing your standalone wrong#and all youre doing is frustrating people that you would otherwise be drawing in as new fans to a franchise#ok rant over#this has ALWAYS bothered me about spinoffs#by the way
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[ I’m almost caught up on drafts finally! feels good ~ anyway i’m gonna use this post as a reverse starter call also! so if you would like for me to check out your starters, like this! ]

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It’s a good thing Dream said he has really thick skin because

1) he is a youtuber known for things other than music who is now releasing music

2) he is a minecraft youtuber releasing non parody music

3) he has a whole group of people dedicated to being “anti”-him

His song could literally be perfect and he would still get harassed by randos on every single platform.

But I still admire him for just not caring and doing what he wants to do. That’s a really good message to send to people.

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I KNOW it’s sad but ur right—for angst and how the original backstory for Blitz and Daunter’s little story in the CFau, Pip had to go 😔😔

for a brief time I considered having Daunter still end up unknowingly sparked before Pip died in that crucial mission, but ahah— for what I had planned for the mission aftermath (Blitz & Daunter’s tense mentor/ward relationship, Sortie’s switch to having to be The Mediator AND fretfull trinemate in trying to keep Daunter out of the deepend through his grief—as well as caring for/training poor New Forged Blitzwing who Daunter blames for Pip’s death—ALL of these things + more leading up to why Blitzwing went through the TC experimentation) and what not yah thats a bit too much angst I had to take a step back for that though ahhh

Daunter having to cope with a dead sparkmate on top of trying to recover from a severed spark bond is already more than enough, Twins he would not be physically/mentally/emotionally be able to care for. yeah no. The twins’ existence stay in the happy AU

In another life they get to have their family!! Dw✨


#yeah I adore those girls and I want nothing but happy things#adding them to the ORIGINAL plot line would be uhhhh. a lot.#like Daunter—hes a strong mech through and through but Pip’s death shattered him from the inside out#while yes. he WOULD still have that family he wanted so badly—the mech he wanted to share his life with wouldnt even get to hold them#or watch them grow#the way I have Daunter imagined is like YES he’d love those twins to death and try his best to care for them despite his loss#those girls would only get to know their carrier as not even half the mech he once was#yes—theyd have sortie to care for em. blitz would absolutely be there too—but like#I JUST WANT THEM TO HVAE EVERYTHING 😭😭😭#a Carrier AND a Sire very much in love and thriving—and auntie and big bro to adore them—and generally a perfectly happy future#as much as I love angst I just prefer the HAPPY version infinitely more 😅💖#(plus—the existence of the twins already DOES partially effect why Blitz would NOT become a Triple Changer in the Happy AU. Same goes for#the normal AU! I haven’t thought entriely of how exactly that would change in the og au if the twins WERE a factor in his life—but he’d#probably not go through with the risky surgery out of fear of the twin’s potentially losing him#it wouldn’t be like an ‘oh I must do this and be stronger for them. do this and win the war FOR THEM’#haha if would be like a ‘fuck if I don’t make it those girls are gonna lose yet another family member only this time they’ll know just how#much it hurts to lose somone you KNEW’#yeah no. Cobalt and Oodle won’t work for the og AU SORRY THAT TOO HURTY HURTY 😭)#asks#transformers#cobalt#oodle#cybertron’s future au#pip#duanter#sortie#blitzwing#tfa blitzwing#pre tc blitzwing
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@nouvelis​​ ignited: [ guard ] / [ shield ] for sj/noah
[ 𝐆𝐔𝐀𝐑𝐃 ] My muse sits by your muse’s bedside while they are sick/hurt 
[ 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐄𝐋𝐃 ] My muse steps protectively in front of yours


– happy endings do not start with the wrong choices. kisses that start with certainties are kisses that carry doubts. seojung walking away that day still means he decided to not fight for what they had —that he chose what he knew over everything the heart noah had offered him with both hands.

   so he doesn’t get why seojung is the first face he sees when he opens his eyes. morning light slips through the white curtains and spills a soft glow over all it touches. noah’s vision has its edges blurred and there are spots of dark marring his sight. he tries to move and finds it impossible. with a groan of pain, he falls back on the bed and eyelids fall shut. ❛ what are you doing here? ❜ he asks —or tries to, his throat is too dry and his voice is a rough mumble.

   seojung says things his mind can’t process and he’s not alone. the next time noah opens his eyes, he sees leah glowering at seojung, hands curled into angry fists. in spite of the pain, noah tries to get up, because that is the look she has when she is very close to punching someone in the face and seojung is standing in the middle, body shielding noah from his sister’s eyes. noah grimaces as he sits up on the bed and this catches the others’ attention. ❛ what happened? ❜ he asks, tension making things hurt in even more acute ways.

   noah counts two or three broken ribs, kicks and hits all over his legs, back, stomach and face, and there’s a sharp pain jolting his nerves awake from the left side. leah pushes seojung off the way and takes his hand. her brown eyes are wide, watery even as she bites on her bottom lip. noah tries to reach for her to hug her but she doesn’t allow him to. ❛ i almost lost you, ❜ she says, voice so soft it’s about to break. ❛ i have to take you home— ❜

   seojung is suddenly on the other side of the bed. it’s only then that noah notices the puffed face and red eyes. that his ex-lover looks like the type of wreck noah has seen a handful of times. ❛ he needs medical attention, you can’t take him out of here and that is final. ❜ noah blinks, owlish, too stunned to see seojung standing up like this to leah, of all people. 

   but there are more pressing things, noah thinks, ignoring the fluttering running inside his chest. he squeezes leah’s hand, bringing her attention away from her murderous thoughts involving one pak seojung. ❛ it’s okay, i am okay. and i think you have to take care of some unfinished business anyway. you can come back to get me once that’s sorted out, i won’t go anywhere. ❜ he gives her a pointed look but it ends up softening once she accepts his will. still, she glances back at seojung and noah tightens his hold over her hand one more time. it’s not necessary to say anything else. she understands because it is a twin thing.

   the moment she leaves, noah lets out a sigh and looks at his hands. there’s an i.v. attached to a vein in his wrist and the pulse monitor’s sound is the only thing breaking the silence that stretches, insidious, between them. it means he was pretty bad because slayers don’t bruise easily and they heal fast. noah remembers bits and he knows he is the one to blame. 

   ❛ you can leave, ❜ noah speaks at last, the words as hard as they were the last time they talked. they scratch at his throat, take his breath away, make his chest tighten. happy endings are not the result of lies and deception. it doesn’t matter how much he wishes they did, they won’t. ❛ i’m sorry i somehow got you involved in this. i don’t remember much. but i guess this hospital room came from your pocket? ❜ it is hard to remain nonchalant when all he wants is to look at seojung and commit his face to memory again —realize he hasn’t forgotten a single detail. ❛ i will pay you back. leave before you raise any suspicions. ❜

   happy endings do not follow after people who do not stay true to themselves. they do not follow people who do not know how to be real. noah licks his lips, finding them dry. ❛ by the way, ❜ he rushes to say and it hurts, it hurts. he looks up until he finds seojung’s handsome face. ❛ i… i don’t hate you. ❜

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