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#so cute

I left Roscoe on the couch alone for 15 minutes to do some laundry and I swear this bunny has not moved his gaze from Hetalia one bit. I can’t tell if he’s paying attention to whats happening or he’s just interested in the movement of the screen, but it’s cool.

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If you come home stressed, what can your partner do to help you unwind?

She presses her fingertips lightly into her cheeks, exhaling a short breath as if thinking back on a dream.
“I’d like it if he just lemmie cuddle him… He’s so warm and gentle, I feel like just being allowed to lay down on his chest and hear his heart beatin’ and his claws through my hair would be enough t’a help me unwind.”

Opening her eyes again, the Scout smiles weakly.
“Maybe wash my hair if I took a bath? I trust Russ not t’a get handsy.” 

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