#so cute omg
ryudaeng · 4 months ago
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whysochaotics · 4 months ago
i think about laszlo way more than i should but he's so 🥺
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bfbkg · 14 days ago
Kdkfkfkf that's what i imagined their names would be!!! And then i saw your post and i just- fjkfofokdkfo
you’re FUCKING LYING because those were my second options for their names IN THAT ORDER AHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! daisuki is SO CUTE for the youngest !!! eeee little dai😔😔 and his hair doesn’t stand on edge like katsuki’s not as spikey, kinda curls at the end so cute.
and older bro akatsuki who cusses katsuki saying their parents couldn’t be bothered to name him so just took away the a. akatsuki is so fine tho all lean and wears a black headband when he’s not at work. “you wanna be me so bad.” whenever katsuki does anything remotely similar to him. he’s so good with women, he’s probably bisexual tbh and bakugou learns everything about girls from him lol
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moontofuu · 6 months ago
would you write something about taking care of/spoiling qiqi? headcanons or drabble up to you! after that one quest where she was looking for the cocogoat I wanted to give her a coconut to drink from so bad ;__;
I'm super sorry about the late response, I've been trying to get the motivation and creativity to do this. I really can't write without me feeling super interested on how it'll turn out.
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bubu pharmacy, a beautiful tall building amidst the large harbor in liyue. Many come to it in search for cures in diseases; whether it be for their family or themselves. Perhaps even medications and treatments, anything you'll need for health related problems. Bubu pharmacy certainly has it all.
A flaw, if one might say. The price for medicine is rather expensive and unaffordable to a few. Many dislike doctor baizhu, with his seemingly cunning nature. Not much people of liyue took a liking to him, he was mysterious. Rarely presenting himself, even the usual herbalist in the counter seemed like he owned the business.
In some days, a small bundle of pink stands of tousled hair may peek out of the small hat that the child wore. Qiqi, was no doubt an adorable child. It seemed like she never really remembered her family nor parents; and it made your heart ache knowing that she probably couldn't even remember the warm embrace of a parent.
You took it upon yourself to give her the care she needs, why? Sometimes, she would forget to eat breakfast even dinner. Not attaining a proper diet isn't healthy and you knew that, doctor baizhu was too laid-back for your liking. You never saw him attending to qiqi despite her helping him out the most.
One day after the other, qiqi always quietly greeted you with a monotone voice. She doesn't know why she's greeting a stranger, but the tingle on the back of her mind says so. When she opens her notebook, the first thing she shall always see is the drawing of a person and she presumes said person holding her hand, the stranger seemed familiar to her.
Yet she knows that it's you.
in her times when she's ordered to gather a specific herb, she doesn't mind if you accompany her despite baizhu telling her to avoid you like a plague. She doesn't understand nor does she even remember to do it.
constantly dotting on qiqi is actually not that much of a hassle than you'd originally thought. She's quiet, and surprisingly obedient to you. baizhu's face washed over in suprise when he saw it for his very own eyes, he's hesitant to let her go. Viewing you as a person who plans to steal his asset. Even so, he couldn't look like some crazy doctor, it'll damage his reputation as well as bring less customers to the pharmacy.
qiqi regularly enjoys removing her hat and letting the wind make contact with her small face, it's like a breath of fresh air to her. She looked very adorable closing her eyes and looking extremely relaxed.
with her bad memory, she keeps forgetting that the so called 'cocogoat' isn't actually real but a fragment of her imagination. You gave her a bottle of coconut only for her to ask you to hunt more 'cocogoat' the day after.
in some other times, all you'd need is qiqi sitting contently on your lap while you expertly braid her hair.
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jeongjaehyuns · a year ago
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jaehyun x nature republic
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kaonoppakao · 7 months ago
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entity2 · 10 days ago
omg my bangs curled into like a heart shape:)
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snowimatsu · 10 months ago
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he’s my emotional support parasite
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fallinallincurls · 25 days ago
Imagine Mat asking you to marry him 🥺🥺
mat seems like the person who plans out how he’s going to propose and where, but it doesn’t go that way. it happens totally unexpectedly when he’s overwhelmed with his love for you, probably at home during a quiet in where he’s just amazed this is his life and he doesn’t ever want anything else with anyone else. and he’s nervous but is grinning and trying not to cry as he sinks to the floor on one knee in the living room or kitchen or something and gives his heartfelt speech where he stumbles over the words a bit because he can’t believe he’s doing this NOW when he had a plan, but it feels so right in this moment. when he shows you the right and asks the big question, the softest but most amazing smile blossoms on his lips as you answer and continue crying even harder because this doesn’t feel real. but he slips the ring on your finger and pulls you in for a hug and tender kiss and he knows this is exactly how it was supposed to happen all along
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2004gurl · 25 days ago
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source: https://twitter.com/l_lvol/status/1377535438768889857?s=21
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faerie444 · 27 days ago
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bishonenlover · 4 months ago
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Iori and Riku - Restart Pointer MV
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i-cant-sing · 29 days ago
Hi there! I'm the anon who drew RE8 Teen reader, but accidentally made them resemble Mia. I tried to sketch them again, but they still look??? Like??? The devil??? HELP.
But uh, if I have to suffer, I hope you'll suffer with me.
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Please excuse the bad quality! Thank you for creating your RE8 series, and I hope you have a nice day :D
But I must ask you to add: "loves Handsome" and "Ass is frozen because of pooping in snow"
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h0ney-pot · 7 months ago
My mutuals complimenting my pussy makes my heart burst and my brain break a little 💕
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transcendentaltoons · 5 months ago
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Episode 195 "One Good Turn"
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deckofaces · 5 months ago
I love Picrew
I always see the cutest things on there
I had to edit the demisexual pin though to make it demiromantic (which somehow worked)
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tipnaree · 3 months ago
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arang ending fairy ♡
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jubesy · 12 months ago
Matcha Blossom is the cutest ship name, oh my goodness. I love it. Great job, Sk8 fandom~🍵🌸
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antiquefuture · 10 months ago
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mikako and tsutomu <3
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whysochaotics · 9 months ago
more 5sos random photos
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