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qhughes43 · 3 months ago
today is a great day to sign hughes and petey
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ewannmcgregor-archive · a year ago
i saw that you reblogged the halloween post so i would like to say that once it’s october 1st i WILL have a halloween themed layout. thank you.
oml that’ll be SO cool
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countessrivers · 2 years ago
Counterpoint: I think we would all enjoy you drunkenly publishing fic
You have a point. And I mean I could even bang something out (and self project) from Bruce’s POV about getting wine/white-girl drunk, then crying about how much I love Jim Gordon and also my weird, conflicting feelings concerning the Valeskas, because they’re the fucking worst, but I (Bruce/me) also love them and I’m a mess.
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cheesytoucans · 3 years ago
I remember in the manga that Kuro's parents send her care packages, so to keep this fluff train going: a week after they met Maya they sent her a package too, there's a letter saying they are sorry they don't know her very well yet, but their dear Kuro-chan keeps talking about her wonderful girlfriend so much, so they think they got it all right. They start to exchange letters after that, Maya says it's just a way to keep practicing written french. Kuro is happy they are all getting along well
oh my god that’s so cute. Man Maya would be so emotional deep down you know, because she’s so used to having to be so formal with her own parents and constantly on guard with them but then with Claudine’s parents she can just relax and be herself and its like a huge weight off her shoulders.
Like Claudine’s parents somehow figure out what she likes to eat and they send her snacks and Maya is just overjoyed, makes the same face she made when Kaoruko gave her that candy. Claudine thinks that all of this is super adorable until she looks over Maya’s shoulder when she’s writing a letter back to her parents and sees Maya asking them if they think she should propose in French or Japanese and Claudine just screams: “what the hell are you talking to my parents about???” she just starts screaming at Maya in french because its completely canon that Claudine switches to french when she’s flustered and Maya just casually responds in french and all of their friends can hear them yelling in french but would really rather not know what it’s about. 
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billiewena · 3 months ago
castiel supernatural is canonically in romantic homosexual love with dean winchester
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divinedrabbles · 3 years ago
What if.. I wrote a Dr.Horrible AU? Virgil is Billy Patton is Penny Logan (more or less) is Moist Roman is (definitely) Captian Hammer   Bonus: Deceit is Bad Horse
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Miss Susan of Texas really never misses huh
Tumblr media
I refuse to allow my most popular post be a twitter screenshot that I added nothing to but I have no idea what to change the caption to and no one liked my memes smh, y’all have such low standards and I will never recover from thousands of people coming into my house and telling me i’m not funny... ms. brockjampton of tiktok i’m so sorry I failed you... Anyway if anyones reading this you’re very sexy and I hope you’re having a nice day. Drink some water, eat some fruit, bully rich people online, look at the stars, and steal a street sign. 
Also, to the dumbasses in my notes, in case you couldn’t tell its called a joke. I know the rich people buy rich people drugs from other rich people doing illegal rich people things while being protected by other rich people... it’s almost like its a subtle criticism of the rich people consuming copious amounts of illegal substances while thousands of people are imprisoned for it... pointing out the hypocrisy of the “smart” wall street men being drug addicts who would be villainized and shamed if they’re poor. Its almost like its an exaggeration of the circumstances for comedic purposes... or MAYBE its just funny to imagine these rich assholes struggling to do their “jobs” after fucking over the general population... like y’all are something else
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one weird thing about being the target of mass harassment over a long period time is how random it becomes. there are things you can predict—old smear campaigns popping back up because you’ve spoken out about a controversial issue, or because you’ve recently been particularly active and visible. that is always a risk; I’ve learned to mentally prepare myself for an uptick in harassment before starting new projects or posting about certain issues.
But. But. a lot of times it has nothing to do with your actions. which means you can’t predict it, you can’t prepare yourself. you are always on edge. because you can do everything right, or nothing at all (and the first will piss off way more people than you would expect), but once trolls have set their sights on you, there is nothing you can do to prevent being targeted again and again, years down the line, for the same old shit. this is how harassment culture works—it enables the harassers, ad nauseam. because at the end of the day, it’s about other people’s actions, other people’s whims. you can tread on a tightrope, anxious not to step on toes or invite discourse, but eventually someone who already hates you will remember you exist, and will take the opportunity to drag you through the same traumatic shitshow you’ve been through before, as many times as they are allowed.
and I wish I had a solution to share. but I don’t. this will keep happening and happening for as long as we, as a community, enable it.
we live in an age of constant misinformation and normalized harassment. please be careful how you treat other social media users, be careful what accusations you believe, and remember there is a human being on the other side of the screen. read critically and with doubt.
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Hieee I wanted to ask what couple you ship in harry potter and also wanted to say your blog is the most interesting one ive ever found on tumblr
Tumblr media
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comradekatara · 6 months ago
toph: today you will be collecting a handful of dirt and eating it
aang: and this is gonna help me become a better earthbender?
toph, who just wants to see if she can trick aang into eating dirt: sure
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gavin-screaming · 2 months ago
chills. fucking chills
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homodeclarationoflove · 7 months ago
Why is nobody talking about the Indianapolis shooting? Four of the victims were Sikh and the facility targeted was well known for its high Sikh population. The intent of the shooter has not been confirmed yet, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is heavily traumatising for the Punjabi and Sikh community. I hate that I’m finding out about this nearly 20 hours later. This is incredibly heartbreaking, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.
Articles explaining the situation:
1. Overview with emphasis on Sikh victims
2. General report on the incident
3. Anti Sikh discrimination in the US (1) (2)
verified GoFundMe for the victims via @brownvampire
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pandoramarsh · 5 months ago
me: I hate cliches. They’re unoriginal and overused and repetitive and -
the story: “Do you trust me?” “With my life.”
me, sobbing: fUCK-
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