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#so excited to get to this ship again
bathfinder · 4 months ago
I am very sorry in advance but I need to yell about them before I implode
Who doesn't love a detective calling out all the lies of an agent??? They are perfect for each other??? Deacon making up lies to see how fast Nick can call him out or Deacon dressing up as nick????? Power couple????? Going on missions together,, solving cases,,,, Nick being a gentleman and being so nice to Deacon cause he DESERVRS IT 😭 Getting Deacon to open up to him in the end???? Nick giving him space and being so understanding 😭 THEY TAKE DOWN EDDIE WINTERS TOGETHER?????? HELLO???? DEACON MEETING DIMA AND DIMA BEING A GOOD BROTHER SND TEASING NICK AND NICK DOES IT BACK????? ? DEADON BECOMING FRIENDS WITH FARADAY AND THEY TALK ABOUT THEIR BFS WITH SO MUCH LOVE?????? DATE NIGHTS???? STAKE OUTS???? I'm gonma have a stroke
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braveassassins · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Self Ship Wedding anybody?
***The date of the wedding will be subject to change if things don’t fall into place or if the wedding plans have backed up!***
Please let me know if you will be attending! (Lemme know if you wanna get tagged in a few of the things I’m planning to do! :Dc )
There will be a small roleplay section, a small f/o takeover, a few moodboards, and a bit of art! Heck, I will also take requests for your own custom moodboards too!!! I wanna make things enjoyable for everyone!!! (๑>◡<๑)
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tvdspngirl314 · 52 minutes ago
When Our Worlds Collided (10)
Square filled : Dream Sequence
Summary : Acting in shows and having a massive fan base Jensen's life was going alright until one day he woke up and found out that he is zapped into the universe where he is not a star and the character he played is real.
Ship : Jensen Ackles x Winchester Reader
Warnings : angst (a lot of it), morning sickness, pregnancy, sick reader, a little bit of fluff, angry Dean, mentions of abortion
Characters : you, Jensen, Dean, Sam, Bobby, mentions of few ocs
Created for @spnmixedbingo
Word count : 3107
A/n : So, here it is the 10th part of this series and three more parts to go, after it went on an unexpected hiatus. @katelynw93 thanks a lot for being an amazing beta. Divider by @firefly-graphics
Ps, catch up with the series here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jensen's POV 
He was still lying on his bed, the blanket covering him completely when he felt a sudden shift of weight. Opening his eyes, he saw Y/N straddling his waist. His hands immediately found her hips, unable to believe what he was seeing. 
“Y/N?” He asked in surprise, his brows raising. She smiled sweetly down at him, wearing nothing but a white, flowy dress, and looked just like an angel.
“What are you doing here?” He asked, still trying to process that she was actually there. 
“Shh..” she cooed softly, pressing a finger against his lip to silence him. “Don't say anything,” she instructed, grinning at him. 
“But Y/N, how did you-” she clamped her hand over his mouth suddenly. 
“You ask too many questions Jensen…” She sighed “it's good here, isn't it. No monsters, no Dean or Sam or anyone. Just you and me, it's just us,” she whispered to him. 
He tightened his hold on her and pulled her in. “Yeah, it sure is,” he agreed, flipping her around so that he was the one on top. They both grinned at the same time, their excitement evident. 
She bit on her lower lip and looked up at him through long lashes. “You should probably get up,” She informed, “it's time for you to leave for the shoot.” She reminded him. 
“Shoot can wait,” he dismissed, a cocky grin forming as he attacked her neck with his mouth.
“Jensen,” she moaned at his affection and it only encouraged him to kiss deeper. “Jensen, stop it,” she said through a giggle as his beard pricked her smooth skin. 
“Make me,” he replied and continued kissing. 
“Jensen! Wake up,” she said out loud, the words random and made little sense. 
“What? I'm already up, sweetheart,” he said as he didn't understand what she meant.
“No you're not, wake up, Jensen” she said in a more serious tone. 
He opened his eyes suddenly and found himself lying on the luxurious bed that he owns. It was the same dream again... just over two months has passed since he’d returned home and every night since then, he’s been having the same dream over and over again, despite a few changes to the details here and there.
He was still waiting for the day when his dream won’t just be a dream anymore and that Y/N will actually be here when he wakes. But with every day that passed and nothing seemed to change, his hope was beginning to dwindle. Y/N was still not here. 
His life fell back into the same old routine about a week after he’d come back. He tried going out with someone, to help keep his mind distracted but it didn't work. His heart missed Y/N, too much. 
Work was no longer the same either. While shooting Y/N and Dean scenes, it only reminded him of the things he’d lost and often found himself looking at Allison the way he’d used to look at Y/N and it was awkward. 
He felt like leaving the show at a point but he chose against it. He was glad that the directors were not using the same storyline that he experienced. Instead, they brought Misha back onto the show and Y/N and Castiel were reunited. That was a relief for him. 
He overheard Robert Singer mention an original script and that they were glad they had altered it to something more viewer friendly. They never really told him about the original script but he assumed that it was indeed what happened between him and Y/N. 
He got ready for the shoot that day and left his house, although he couldn't seem to leave the thoughts of her behind. 
Your POV
You found yourself leaning over the toilet bowl once again this morning. The cool porcelain felt good against your overheated skin as you heaved. 
You shifted back once you were finished and sat on the tile floor as you thought you were done, but then another wave of nausea overpowered you. You leaned in again as more of last night’s dinner made its way out of your mouth. 
You flushed it and stood up to wash your mouth, silently hoping that this time was the last. It's been over two months since Jensen had left and you'd been staying with Charlie since. 
Staying with Charlie had helped you a lot; honestly, it was like taking a fresh breath of air. The pair of you hunted in between her teaching you a few things about hacking. During those two months, you’d learned a considerable amount and the two of you became closer than ever. You'd even gotten the opportunity at being her wingwoman, as she'd developed a crush on a waitress named Stevie. 
You’d call your brothers every now and then, and told them not to worry about you, even if you knew that would never happen. Whenever anyone would mention Jensen, you completely shut them off and so no one dared to talk about him in front of you again. It was just too hard.
“You okay?” Charlie asked through the door as you stood in front of the sink and stared at the reflection that the mirror attached has been showing. 
“Yeah, must have been something I ate,” you said, shrugging it off as nothing. 
“Alright,” she sighed, still worried but left. You let out a breath and ran a hand through your hair, but froze. In the mirror’s reflection, you spotted a box of tampons lying on the floor. 
Your eyes widened as you looked at it; it had been a while since you had your last period and you realised that you've been puking ever since you woke up this morning. 
You remembered the night you spent with Jensen and your stomach flipped, “No, it can't be..” you whispered to yourself feeling paranoid. 
You came out of the connecting bathroom and silently closed the door behind you. You sat on the bed and picked on your nails, nervous. Charlie came towards you and sat down beside you, picking up on your distress. “Y/N, are you sure that you're okay?” She asked you again.
“No, I don't know how to put this Charlie…. I… I'm late,” you said, hinting your suspicion. 
“By that do you mean… are you?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at you. 
“I think so, I'm not sure,” you replied, trying to keep yourself calm.
“I don't know if I should ask this, but if you are then... who is the father?” She asked curiously. You stared at her blankly, not sure what to say. 
“Wait.. it's not Jensen, right?” She asked, staring at you. You frowned and looked away, “Oh my God! When did this happen? I knew he had a thing for you but this.. Y/N I can't believe it.” She said with the look of shock evident in her face.
“Can you please not,” you requested of her, hearing his name too much to bear. 
“Sure, sorry,” she apologized. “Do you want me to get a test for you or something?” She asked you, trying to be helpful. You nodded your head as a yes. “Great, I'll be back in a few,” she said and left. You looked down at your bed and spotted your phone. 
You picked it up and dialled Sam's number before pressing the phone to your ear. “Y/N, hey,” He answered in no time and the tears welled up as soon as you heard his voice from the other end.
“Sammy,” you whispered, doing your best not to cry.
“Y/N/N is everything alright?” He asked with concern. 
“Yeah,” You assured him, “I just wanted to talk to you,” you said, closing your eyes tightly, causing the tears to fall on your cheeks. 
“You don't sound okay, Y/N” he said suspiciously.
“It's just… I… I miss you two alot, that's it,” you said, wiping your tears.
“Do you want us to come see you or bring you here?” Sam asked you. 
“No, it's fine, I'll come back when I want to, just not now,” you replied.
“You sure, Y/N? If you want to we can-” he began, but you cut him off.
“Sammy! I told you it's okay, I'll be fine,” you snapped and hung up. Charlie returned a few minutes later with a test kit in her hand. 
You took it into the bathroom and thoroughly read over the directions before taking the test. You paced around the small space while you waited for the results. Anxiously you started biting at your nails as you watched the timer countdown to zero. As you grew more and more nervous, the urge to throw up came back to you. You sat in front of the toilet bowl and emptied whatever contents remained into it again. 
After washing your mouth out again, you picked up the test and you frowned at the results that had appeared and you buried your face in your hands.
“What happened?” Charlie asked, knocking at the bathroom door. 
“Let me come out,” you shouted from the inside. Composing yourself, you came out and showed her the test. 
What are you going to do now?” Charlie asked, looking at the positive sign. 
“I have no idea,” you said as your voice began to crack. 
She hugged you tightly as the tears made their way out of your eyes. “What do I do?” You asked helplessly between your tears. 
“It's completely up to you, Y/N, but we will be here for you no matter what,” she said, reassuring you. 
“No, Dean will kill me if he finds out!” you said in a rush, crying. 
“No, he won't Y/N, I promise, but there are still other options for you, though” she reminded you. You placed a hand on your lower stomach. 
“What? You want me to get rid of it?” You asked, frowning at her. 
“No, that's your choice to make. I'm just saying that it is an option,” she said in her defence, trying to keep you from panicking. 
“Can you please just leave me alone for a few minutes, I need some time to think,” you requested of her. 
“Sure,” she said and closed the door on her way out. 
You sobbed into the pillow lying next to you, as you had no idea what to do. Jensen wasn't even here and you knew that it was impossible for you to ever see him again. 
It would be stupid of you to hope that you ever would, so maybe I should just get rid of the baby, you thought to yourself. Sighing, you got up and went to take a shower. You felt gross and sore after your morning of puking.
You finished and got dressed quickly, having decided to go to a hospital in order to get rid of the baby. You asked Charlie to come with you. “Are you sure that this is what you want?” She asked you. 
You nodded your head and watched in silence as Charlie drove. Memories of him made their way back to you, and only added to the guilt; you felt terrible doing this. 
He loved you so much and he never failed to show it to you. He tried to protect you, even if it meant he would die. He confessed that he loved you multiple times and you didn't even say it back, not even once.
You reached the hospital before you knew it. “Okay, here we go,” Charlie said out loud, waiting for you to make the first move. You both got out of the car and walked into the hospital. 
His memories still refused to leave you, tormenting you as you made your way up the hallway. Right now, in this moment in time, all you wanted was to be wrapped in his arms again.
You approached the gynaecologist’s office to get an abortion. She said she needed to run a few tests before you were able to get started with the procedure. 
She ran an ultrasound, among other tests,  and as laid in the uncomfortable bed, you stared up at the image in front of you. Tears welled up into your eyes as you realised you were going to kill it. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Charlie asked you once again, noticing your hesitation. You looked up at her then at the fluttering image. 
You closed your eyes shut for a second, the sound of its heartbeat loud in your ears. “I don't… I can't do this,” you said out loud, changing your decision. The doctor respected your choice and cleaned the gel from your belly. You got up as soon as your ultrasound was completed and started driving home.
As you approached the apartment , the two of you noticed that the door was left open, knowing for a fact that it had been locked. You went in, guns drawn for safety, but were instantly relieved to find Dean in the living room. 
“Dean, what the hell are you doing here?” You asked as you went in, putting your gun aside. “Sam told me about your conversation, so I wanted to see you and before you ask, yeah I broke in.” he said looking up at you. 
“Oh,” you replied, rolling your eyes at him with annoyance. “Where did you two go anyway?” He asked curiously. 
Your heart hammered against your chest when he asked you that. “Nowhere,” you did your best to shrug it off. You took off your coat and accidentally dropped your hospital file onto the floor. 
“What’s that?” He asked, looking down. You quickly pulled that file out of his view. “Nothing” you said quickly as you tucked the file under your arm. 
“Then why are you hiding it from me? Let me see what it is,” he pushed, trying to convince you. “No,” you replied, staying firm and refusing. 
He stepped closer to you and tried to take it from you anyway. You didn't let him, “Dean can you not, what are we, twelve?” you asked angrily. “Whatever, I want to see what it is,” he said, trying to grab the file from you. 
“Don't spoil it!” you screamed, trying to keep it away. The file dropped to the floor again. He got to it before you could. You tried to pull it away from him, but he just pushed you away. 
He opened the file and started reading it. His eyes widened and he turned to look at you, “Tell me that this is not true,” he said glaring at you. You looked down silently. 
“Y/N Y/M/N Winchester, tell me this. Is. Not. True.” He said, raising his voice at you. You didn't answer and stood in silence. 
“Are you pregnant?” He asked angrily. “Uh- yes and no, except it's not no,” you hesitated, starting to get quite scared of your oldest brother. “What Y/N/N? How did it even happen? Who is the father?” He demanded, wanting answers from you. 
Your mouth went dry, you had no idea what to say. “It's just some random guy from a bar I hooked up with last month. He said he would call me, but he never did,” you lied . 
“What? What kind of douchebag never calls you back? I've seen guys flirting with you from left to right just to spend a little more time with you. Who the hell is this guy? Tell me his name, I am gonna kill him.” he said with anger, the overprotectiveness radiating in his voice. 
Charlie just stood there and watched you as you lied through your teeth.
“Dean, I… forget it. Just calm down okay?” you requested of him. “Calm down? Some douche knocked up my little sister and you're telling me that I shouldn't be angry?” He asked rhetorically.
“First, I'm gonna go kill this guy and then you're getting rid of this thing,” he said, not taking no for an answer. “What? No, I'm not getting rid of this baby!” you shot back. 
“Yes you are,” he ordered. “No I'm not, it's not your baby and that's not your choice to make, Dean. I'm old enough to make my own decisions in case you forgot,” you said angrily, challenging his command. 
“Okay, how are you going to raise it? And whom will you show as the kid's father?” he asked you. “I'll figure out a way. And I guess I was naive to  think that the kid's uncles would be enough to fill that role, to fill that ro. So, thanks a lot Dean for telling me that not even the uncles are going to be around,” you said and went into your room and slammed the door behind you. 
You heard a few loud knocks on the door. “Y/N, kiddo, open the door,” he demanded. When you didn’t reply, he continued, “Look, I'm sorry, okay? But how else do you expect me to react to it? After finding out that some douchebag got to my little princess and ruined her life. Just... tell me his name, okay? He will be dead before he knows it, then I promise, I'll be there for the whole thing,” he promised. 
You slowly opened the door and fell into his arms. He hugged you comfortingly and kissed the top of your head. “Let's go home, you and me. We'll talk this through, okay. We also need to tell Sammy that he's going to be an uncle,” he suggested and you nodded your head in response. 
You hugged Charlie goodbye and thanked her for everything before you left with Dean to the junkyard. “One more big brother to go,” you said letting out a sigh and went into the house. 
Dean told Sam and Bobby about the situation. “What? What kind of guy would do that? When are we killing him?” Sam asked Dean. Your eyes widened “What? Why?” you asked them. “Because of what he did to you; do you think he can hurt you and then just live with that?” Bobby stated. 
“Bobby you too?” you asked him, exasperated with the three men. 
“Yeah,” he replied. 
“Okay, stop it. Just stop it.” You huffed, “I've lied to you Dean, the father of my baby is not some random one night stand from the bar,” you began as you got ready to tell them the truth. He stared at you in confusion.
“It's…. It's..” you let out a deep, shaky breath. “It's Jensen,” you finally admitted the truth, looking at each of them. 
Tumblr media
**A/N : if your url is crossed then it means tmblr wouldn't let me tag you for some reason
Team Forever : @valsworldofcreativity @akshi8278 @hobby27 @spngi
Team free will : @flamencodiva @stoneyggirl @flashxspn @pink-sparkly-witch @wonderfulworldofwinchester @thoughts-and-funnies @kickingitwithkirk @msmarvelouswinchester @vicmc624 @mrswhozeewhatsis @adriennemichelle98 @malikjavaddzayn @donnaintx @squirrelnotsam  
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Series tag list : @phirephly09 @supernatural-bellawinchester @oneofthewinchestergirls67
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why-i-hate-rwby-now · an hour ago
Oooh, nice!
My top three ships for the character:
1. BlackSun. I’m sorry, I know this is really unpopular lol, but I just really liked it. Yeah, there were obvious problems in the ship the way it was presented in canon, but they were just so adorable together, and as foils, they make so much sense. Belladonna (a plant also called Deadly Nightshade) and Sun (which brings Day), Darkness and Light, a semblance where she leaves behind a clone made of shadows and a semblance where he projects forward a clone made of light, agh it’s just so great. My top ship for sure.
2. Surprisingly, Neon. It’s weird because I’ve always hated Neon but my god, seeing her along with Team FNKI jumping into a battle that would most likely be their last, bravely sacrificing their lives to protect the millions of people in their care, all the while knowing that Ruby and the others weren’t going to come because they’d seen Ruby’s propaganda message the night before... god that catapulted them into being some of my favorite characters, and now all of a sudden I freaking love Neon. And I think that she and Blake would be super cute together (just like I said in my Neo prompt with her and Winter, I can imagine Blake being super reserved and quiet, blushing deeply while her Wild Partner acts like an impish jester to get them to react. XD Which is a trope I didn’t realize I liked until these two asks lol so... it’s nice though XD
3. Even more surprisingly: Nora. This one is one that I just realized I liked the idea of the other day. I just think they’d be really cute together, lol - and black and pink look great together! I feel like Nora’s fun-loving and excitable nature would balance out Blake’s early-season emo tendencies and her later-season shyness.
(I just realized that every single one of these ships is a form of light lol, which goes for their semblance too. Sun, Rainbow, Lightning. They all mesh so well with Blake omg) XD
My three least favorite ships for the character:
1. Another unpopular opinion lol but bumblby is my least favorite ship in the entire series. I don’t think it’s baseless and I don’t think it couldn’t work (and I think that the show needs to canonize it because they’ve been baiting it for years and are cowards for continuing to not confirm it) but I think the writers have done every single thing wrong with it and intentionally written it to be so toxic and so unhealthy that I can’t even ship it in AU’s without feeling gross. Like they literally took an abuse victim who had been stalked by a manipulative ex who had stabbed her and threatened to kill everyone she’d ever loved, because she left him, and then they made her immediately promise never to leave a person who had an eerily similar semblance to her ex, who was just as violent as her ex, who had hit her in the past, and who had been mad at her for leaving. And on Yang’s side, they took a kid who’d been abandoned time and time again, who needs stability and reassurance in her relationships, and stuck her with a person who can’t give her that without stifling herself, and they didn’t do any of the work they would have needed to make it a healthy “people change for each other” story. It’s honestly just so toxic.
2. Monochrome. This one, just like BB, could have been great, but the show messed it up so badly that I just can’t ship it. When you have one character (named White) who lives in a mansion big enough that it could fit the entire population of the oppressed nation the other character (named Black) hails from, and White’s mansion and entire fortune was built off enslaving and exploiting Black’s race, and White was literally written to call herself a ‘victim’ of Black’s people protesting that mistreatment, and she tells Black that all her people don’t know how to do anything except lie, cheat and steal, you stop being able to ship them - especially when White never apologizes and Black teaches the rest of her people that it’s wrong to defend themselves. Nope nope nope nope nope.
3. Ladybug. I’m sorry, but with how much later-season Ruby acts like a toddler and with how much later-season Blake acts like the responsible adult in charge of her, any potential chemistry I once had been able to see for them is gone.
My biggest criticism for the character:
The writers wrote her to ‘teach’ minorities that it’s wrong to defend themselves from oppressors, because defending yourself is a ‘slippery slope’ that leads to terrorism, and the only right way to respond the millennia of slavery and oppression is to protect the people who are STILL oppressing you by FIGHTING the only people standing up for your rights. It’s just disgustiiiiiiing ulgh. Everything else with Blake’s character, I could turn a blind eye to - the fact that they stripped away all her “feisty” characteristics and replaced them with uncertain stammers and sad-eyes, the fact that they cut her hair and shaved a couple inches off her height and softened her features so she’d be ‘cuter’ next to the ‘tougher’ Yang, the fact that they animated her to be in unzippable clothes that are so tight she can’t even zip them all the way up and she has to buckle them into place - I’d have an easier time getting past it and continuing to enjoy her character anyway, if it weren’t for MKEK writing such a harmful and despicable narrative.
My favorite thing about the character:
Her early-season feistyness, as I’d said. She used to be so passionate, so brave, so determined. She was the one who said that their enemies weren’t going to wait until graduation day and neither should they. She was the one who said they had a responsibility to end all the hurt in the world. She was the one who wanted to fight, wanted to work, wanted to use her skills and abilities to protect the people who needed protecting. Before she lost those traits and started pretending that it had actually been Ruby, these were some of her best qualities.
A headcanon I have about them:
She calls Qrow “Mr. Branwen.” idk, it started in a fic I was writing with a mutual and it stuck. She and Sun both call him “Mr. Branwen” even though everyone else calls him “Qrow” (except Ruby, Yang, and Nora, who call him “Uncle Qrow.”) No matter how many times he gets all shruggy and rubs the back of his neck and says “Ehhh, you can just call me Qrow,” it just keeps happening. idk I think it’s cute. XD
What I would change about them if I was making a re-write:
Her entire “allegory” plot. That shit was no good and needs to be changed. 
What I I think of their character allusion and what (if anything) I would change about it:
I think her allusion is technically fine, but I don’t think they actually did enough with it. I would have loved to see more ‘Belle’ in Blake than just ‘she holds a book sometimes and has a history with a rose-themed ex.’ Belle was my favorite princess growing up (though in recent years Moana has taken her place - and Non-Disney wise, I liked Odette more too) and I would have loved to see her represented in RWBY in a more on-theme way. Like, they gave Blake the gimmicks, but didn’t give her much of the character, and it just kind of fell flat. :/
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tylerfm · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
welcome aboard, tyler golightly, student #10. we are excited to set sail with you !  has anyone told you that you look like charlie gillespie? according to our records, you hail from edinburgh, scotland, prefer he/they, are non-binary (demi-boy), and are here to study communications. we also see you received a spot on the ss university because of your money — we won’t tell anyone. during your first few weeks here, other students said you were + confident, + ambitious, but also - selfish. it sounds like you spend most of your time at the basketball court. upon checking your luggage, we noticed you packed a soccer ball covered in sharpie drawings. hopefully your roommates don’t steal it!
hello again, little loves! maeby (24, she/her, pst, also play duckie) here with student #10, my second character and cutest lil himbo/thembo, tyler! ♡ tldr; scottish kid with a silver spoon starts anew and tries to make up for their reputation back home but also just wants to party. or: enby footballer actually just wants to play music, keeps it on the dl. i’m so stoked to plot with everyone, like this post and i’ll come to you or hmu if you’re down!
given name: tyler thomas golightly nicknames: ty, tie-dye, golightly (mostly by coaches and jocks) birthday & zodiac: december 12th, 1997 & sagittarius ♐︎  orientation: pansexual, non-binary (demi-boy) hometown: edinburgh, scotland hobbies: the beautiful game, collecting vinyls, playing basketball, restoring their grandfather’s motorcycle, photography, playing piano, songwriting, eating everything, trying to learn french favorites: sunday roast, david bowie, celtic fc, claude debussy, toronto raptors, white nail polish, nachos, nando’s, stella artois, elvis presley
tw: parental death, depression, drug and alcohol abuse
from the moment they were born, tyler and his siblings had their entire lives lined out for them. their father came from a family with very old money that now owned a number of lavish, upscale hotels and expected only the best from their lineage. their mother was a classically trained pianist who had toured the world as a teenage prodigy and had all the best intentions as a mother. still, to tyler, every step of the way felt like ticking off a checklist with ‘pompous ass’ listed as the end goal. top boarding schools were supposed to lead to cambridge or oxford and then prolific careers as surgeons, lawyers, members of parliament, or business moguls. tyler’s siblings all seemed to fit the bill with ease and for a while, so did tyler, until he was old enough to show any kind of personality.
(tw: parental death) growing up, ty was a goofy, naïve kid who spent all day playing music with their mother and singing at the piano with her. sitting on that piano bench was tyler’s only real escape from the elitist world they didn’t really fit into. none of their siblings had taken a real interest in of their mother’s passions, but tyler was at her side every moment they were able. rather than one of the pre-selected career paths his father insisted on, tyler grew up wanting to follow in his mother’s footsteps and be a musician. his father taught him very early on that music was not an option. it was when he shipped off for boarding school that things really escalated. by the time he was sixteen, he had been through five boarding schools. and just when they thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, the unthinkable happened and their mother died suddenly from a brain aneurism.
(tw: depression) the day they lost ty’s mother, his life fell to pieces. he fell into a deep depression and quit everything that reminded him of his mother, especially music. the only thing that fell through the cracks was football (soccer to some), which their father had always loved, so they had always hated. tyler had always been athletic but reluctant when it came to sports, but when their father put them into football this time around, they ran with a newfound rage and abandon. when his father remarried a woman half his age less than a year after becoming a widower, that increased tenfold. he threw everything into playing and training, and stopped trying to process his mother’s passing. they were noticed by a club recruiter only a couple of years later and played on a second tier team with talks of being recruited to the premier league until a few months ago, when they absolutely lost control.
(tw: drug and alcohol abuse) nothing in tyler’s life worked. their relationships with their brothers and father were positively abysmal. he’d always bonded with his only sister for being the odd ducks out, even if she’d always fit in better than him, but even she wasn’t speaking to him if she didn’t have to. they were in the closet about their sexuality and gender identity to everyone but their sister, and it was starting to eat them alive. it had been several years since the death of his mother, but tyler had succeeded in filling every moment of those years with either football or drugs & alcohol to avoid processing it (or anything else). now, the pressure was high and they felt the whole world of football watching them. eventually, they cracked. he quit his football team in a horrible screaming match with the team manager that went viral online and in a single moment, it looked like his career was over before it began.
rather than face the problems that had caused their breakdown, ty holed themself up in their family home for months, only leaving when his father threatened to cut him off if he didn’t go out and do something. in this state, his sister didn’t think they would make it on their own. it was during this time that his sister pushed them into a therapist’s office once a week and personally oversaw their recovery. not long after, his sister showed him an advert for the ss university and went behind their father’s back to pay for it. mere weeks later, tyler golightly had their life packed into suitcases and the ss university was setting sail. he left his sister with the promise that he would watch how he partied and that more than anything, he would use the experience to start over with a clean slate. now all that’s left is to do it.
wanted connects
–  rich kids club: tyler was once told by their father that their family had more money than god and they’ve never forgotten that. if your char was also born with a silver spoon, they may know each other already or just bond over their shared experiences! tyler hates their father and that side of their family, so they’re not always the biggest fan of other wealthy people.
–  clandestine music friends: tyler’s mother was an esteemed classical pianist and taught ty to play the piano very early on. for a long time, tyler thought they would follow in her footsteps and become a pianist as well. when she passed away, he gave up music ‘for good’. however, ever since they’ve been on the ship, they’ve been secretly picking up playing the piano again! someone is bound to have walked in on them and is now keeping their secret.
–  missed connection: ty thinks he falls in love every other minute, but if he doesn’t go for it, he usually just forgets them and moves on to the next gorgeous smile or melodic laughter. this person has been on their mind since the day they laid eyes on each other but didn’t actually get to meet. whether it was in the hall, while they were drunk at the sand bar, or even out in one of their excursions, something about them has ty going crazy.
–  exes: ty may think they fall in love more often than a character in a rom-com, but the truth of the matter is that they never really commit to a relationship long enough to get past infatuation. there may be one person they’ve been seriously in love with, but the rest were flings for a season, friends with benefits, or one night stands; short-term. not much has changed now that they’re on the ship, but with the entire cruise/schoolyear ahead of them, who’s to say it won’t?
–  party friends! one night stands! people they met while travelling for football matches! folks from boarding school! family friends! any other connections you’re feeling!
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wait-im-autistic · 10 hours ago
Feeling fidgety
Its early im bored and everyone is sleeping.
I can't wait to use my new stim toys later like cannot wait. I'm dying waiting for things to show up in the mail. I'm waiting on 3 separate packages, 2 are international the other should show up in a few days. My hands feel tingly thinking about it.
I think excitment is why I can't sleep anymore. When I'm really excited I wake up extra early which is annoying because it means more waiting.
I'm badddd at waiting i just want to pour some coffee and wake my husband up now which I don't think he would easily wake up this early. I just was hoping I would sleep in til a nice reasonable hour. I've spent 45 mints trying to go back to sleep and I give up.
I have the last of the strawberry milk and a buttery English muffin for breakfast it was tasty. I might have a cup of coffee sometimes it makes me fall back to sleep but probably not today I feel jittery enough.
I miss my kiddos and damn I'm so glad they're coming home in a few hours and we'll have all day together to eat pancakes and play games. Were still working on zelda monopoly its taking forever but I'm about to lose. We played clue while backyard camping and I would like to play that again. I love checkers and battle ship too I could play those for hours.
I feel a deep sense of freedom. I got my kitchen so nice and clean and my table is basically empty besides a vase of beautiful flowers. I have a puzzle called kaleidoscope beetles andbits a 500 piece mandal of bugs I've been dying to do maybe my family will help me work on it today at the table.
The sense of freedom comes from the fact I forced myself to 1 work for something I wanted and 2 not thinking and just busting out some mess in a few minutes. It feels really different in my house like I can breathe again.
It can't all be fun today though. I have to wash a few loads of laundry and remake the bunkbeds with clean bedding for the girls. Were also in need of doing water changes for the aquariums. The one is in need of deep cleaning so its going to take a few hours. We bought a plant unknown to us covered in bladder snail eggs and now the tank is infested with tiny snails. And the plant they came off needs to be trimmed its grown all the way across the tank. If we can get some clipping that are snail free im going to add them to the big tank it could use a few more plants and especially top coverings. Sparkey still doesn't have any live plants and his tank got stale looking fast. I'm going to buy some eventually but I'm going to make do for now with more water changes. He needs more decorations in his tank to hide behind. I have a rainbow of loops for him to swim through I just need to paint it with varnish first because it has started to peel and I don't want that in his water.
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archangeldraws · 10 hours ago
Reunion- Part two
A King Ghidorah fanfiction
Doraut AU
The human crew watches in awe and shock, as all of Ghidorah's heads lean towards their ship and look closely at the woman standing on the railing. She stretches an arm out, placing her hand on the beast's snout and smiles, tears streaking her face. She didn't look scared. Happy even. It was as if seeing a mother being reunited with her lost child. The thought itself was just absurd. How could a human be so happy to get this close to Monster Zero? That thing killed so many people, tried to take over the world, controlled other Titans and ordered them to destroy everything in their path. He even tried to kill Godzilla and died at his hand. Then some insane rich maniacs used his leftover parts to built a robot, again to kill Godzilla and that thing came back to life! How could this strange woman, who they'd only know for a few months and didn't know about any of the things that happened in the last 10 years be so eager to meet this murderous being?!
King Ghidorah studies the little being in front of him, as if he'd never seen a human before. The fact he's just been standing there for minutes, staring down at them and hadn't attacked yet was a miracle in on itself. Usually, and everyone knew it, Ghidorah attacks on sight. Usually, there was no hesitation. But this time the dragon seems unsure on what to do. The middle head's tongue snakes out, tasting the air. It was as if the woman and the beast were talking, without using words. She had explained to them before, that she could communicate with Ghidorah via telepathy since she was a child. And it.... It used to be her pet. What a strange thought. How could this being have ever been someone's pet? It's been on this world, encased in ice for 20.000 years and she says she was Ghidorah's old master and came from the future, 1.000 years from now. This doesn't make ANY sense!
Someone screams as Monster Zero's tongue lashes forwards, wrapping around the woman and picking her up. For a second they think it's trying to swallow her and they raise their weapons, ready to shoot. But it doesn't. It just... turns around and casually walks back to the mountain it came from. It didn't attack them, just... Took the woman and left. That's.... weird. “Should.... Should we do something, Sir?” A soldier turns to his commander, waiting for orders. The man that was his superior shakes his head. “No. She asked us not to do anything if we aren't in danger. Even if it killed her, we are not to engage. She wanted this. Monarch's orders.” Everyone on board stood still, not daring to move just yet. No one has every gotten this close to Monster Zero and lived to tell the tale. It's behavior was very unusual. They have to report this. In their fear they didn't even notice the rumble that came from the left head. A low grumbling sound from deep within it's throat. Like a purr.
Ghidorah leaves the ship behind. Ni thought if thrashing it with a tail, but Ichi decided against it. “Leave it be.”, he told his brother. He moves back up the mountain, back into their cave. He lays down, the middle head bending down to carefully release the tiny being wrapped in his tongue and looks at her with his usual emotionless expression. San was shaking with excitement. He wanted to dash forward and headbutt the human. Like he used to as a Dorat. Some old habits are hard to kill. But he restrains himself. Because now his happy greeting would crush her to mush, if he did so. “Explain yourself. How are you here?” Ni squints his eyes at the woman, not sure if he should be happy or angry. He decided on angry. “How are you still alive? We thought you died a long time ago. If you've been alive this whole time, why didn't you come sooner?! WHY?!” Ni roars, angry and hurt. Eva sighs, collecting herself and stands up straight. “I know you're angry and confused. I will explain everything. Things are not as you think.” “HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE THINK?! YOU GAVE UP ON US! YOU ABANDONED US!!” “Ni, please. I didn't abandon you! Let me explain.” “EXCUSES!” “Brother, calm down! Let her talk. We'll decide what to do, after.” Ichi towers over Ni, looking down on his brother in a dominating manner. He's telling him to stay quiet. Ni huffs, seething with anger but he bends down submissively. For now.
After taking in a deep breath, Eva sits down on the ground. “Do you still remember the day everything changed? When they took you from me? It was horrible. I still remember the looks on your faces as my parents handed you over, just like that. They sold you. They didn't know what they wanted with you, but they didn't really ask either. All we knew was, that the government needed you to 'help mankind', but I didn't buy it. Why would they need Dorats to help mankind? Dorats were just pets, like cats or dogs. I didn't understand. I was just a child.... But I did promise I would come for you. And I kept my promise. Since that day I have been working hard to get you back. I studied hard in school, helped in charities and got in contact with activists. Anything that could have something to do with the government and Dorats. Over the years I managed to find my way to different kinds of people, until I ended up with a rebel group. We had some things in common. Like me they knew something was up, something bad. That our country's leaders were keeping secrets and doing things that were more than illegal. Like me... They had lost their Dorats. I figured out there was a pattern. All the Dorats that were taken had strong psychic abilities. So we collected more information, as discretely as we could. Some of them had connections. We found out that there was a secret lab, hidden down below Mount Fuji. We heard of terrible experiments going on there. That they were working on a biological weapon to take out Godzilla. That was their plan. They wanted to create a titan, one that was stronger than the king of the monsters, to take his place. A new king. One they could control. That's why they chose Dorats for their experiments. Because, unlike other animals, Dorats were a man made being, one that was more intelligent and easy to control through it's mind. Project: King Ghidorah.”
“How did you know we were still alive?” San snakes closer, looking sad. The information they were getting was very different to what they knew. Not that they knew much. The memories of their abuse was pushed back as far as possible, not wanting to remember what had been done to them. Then again, there were many blackouts in their memory.
“Like I said, the other rebels too, had lost their beloved Dorats. But the difference between them and you was, after some time, they had received their Dorats back. In urns....” she chuckles, though not in an amused way. “Those sick bastards. After their experiments failed, they burned the bodies and send their ashes back to their owners. So they could 'mourn' them. I never received yours. So I was clinging to the hope that you were still alive. Even years later. But.... There have been days I wished I would wake up to seeing three little urns standing on my dresser. Then you wouldn't be in pain anymore...” She coughs, rubbing some tears from her face. “I've been working with the rebel group secretly for about 2 years, taking on some Taekwan do classes, learning how to use a weapon, how to work computers... I was getting ready to come and get you. We managed to get some connections within the secret facilities. People who, like us, knew that this was wrong. And people who had changed their minds and sided with us. We snuck in. We thought we were prepared. And we were too proud. I lost many good friends that day. They either died or were taken.... I'm not proud of the things I've done. I left them behind and just kept on pushing forward. I was so determined on getting to you, I lost a bit of myself on the way... When I finally reached you... I didn't know what to think. You were no longer my three little boys, but instead.... A monster.”
Eva looks up to face Ghidorah once more, trying to read their faces. San looks sad. Ichi looks unmoved. But there was a glint in his eye. If he was feeling anything, he was hiding it very well. Ni... Ni always wore his anger on his sleeve. And now it wasn't any different. “Monster... Yes. Nothing we haven't heard before.” Ichi frowns a little. As if hearing that word come from her mouth actually hurt, for once. “We.... We don't remember any of this... You came for us? Why can't we remember seeing you?” San wore a strained look on his face, as if trying hard to remember something, searching his mind for anything. But there was nothing. “You can't remember because... You weren't there. Your body was, but your minds were.... trapped, or something. It was as if you were a zombie. I shouted your names. I touched you. I even kicked and punched you, just to get any kind of reaction! But there was nothing. Your eyes were so lifeless... When I found you... You were in some kind of underground enclosure. A prison, really. Chained down in every way possible, so you wouldn't be able to even move an inch. Not that you could anyway. When my touch and my voice couldn't reach you, I tried feeling for your minds. But they were just as empty as your eyes. But still, I knew you were still in there, somewhere. I could feel it! I tried to free you, releasing all those chains, but I didn't have enough time. Some of the scientists found me and attacked me. In the middle of our fight we somehow... activated something. I hadn't noticed it before, but they had managed to, I don't know how... Create a time portal. And that thing was big. Big enough for you to fit.” “A time portal? For what?” Ichi looks at her as if she was an alien, saying she was coming in peace. “That's the thing. They wanted you to kill Godzilla and take his place as the new alpha titan. But you weren't strong enough to take him on just yet. So they had the brilliant idea to send you back in time and kill him when he was younger and weaker. And then to use you to control all the titans and become the strongest power on the whole planet. But before they could get you ready, I destroyed their plans. In our struggle, the last of your restrains came lose and you were sucked into the portal.... Ichi, Ni, San... You were send back in time, 20.000 years from now. But we, you and I, were originally from the time 3025... We actually come from the future.”
It seems like those news actually shocked the golden demise, as Ghidorah sits down, taking all of this in. “Then.... How are YOU here?” Ni asks, looking tired from too much information. “I got sucked in as well. But the portal was unstable and kept changing its time settings and coordinates every few seconds. So I actually landed here a few months ago. We left at the same time, but now there is a time difference of 20.000 years between us. It's unbelievable that after so long, you are still alive! I almost gave up on finding you again. When they told me Godzilla destroyed you.... And how your brain was used for a robot... And how you came back to life. I-... I couldn't believe it, really. But here you are! And we can talk again! Our link is still there... I'm-.... I'm so happy to see you.” Eva chokes on her words, tears swelling up in her eyes again. “To hear your voices after all those years, it's like a dream. And I hope I never wake up from this!” “You... You're not scared of us?” San leans down, sniffing her. “I could never be scared of you.” “We could kill you, you know. We are no longer those Dorats you knew. We are no ones pet. We are KING Ghidorah!” Ichi says this, in a matter of facts. “I know... I know you could. And I came prepared. If you want me dead, you can kill me. I don't mind. I just wanted to see you, one last time.” Her voice is shaking. Not from fear, but from happiness. Happy to see them. King Ghidorah, Monster Zero, the golden demise, the one that is many. King Killer. Ichi, Ni and San. She sits before them, ready to receive death. She's happy, now that she got what she wanted. Seeing them, talking to them. Letting them know that her love for them was so strong, that she is willing to die at their claws if it makes them happy.
Ghidorah lies down on the ground, placing his three heads in front of the human before them. “Know this. If you leave us again, then we WILL kill you. Understood?” Eva looks up at Ichi. Even though he just threatened her, he didn't say it with as much malice as he normally would. He even smirked a little. “You better stay. Or WE will come find you this time!” Ni snarls, but the sound that came from him was more a purr than a growl. “We missed you.” San licked her carefully and purred even louder.
A few hours later, the ship was still there, the crew watched Ghidorah emerge from his cave again and approaching them. Did he kill her after all? Is he coming for them next? King Ghidorah growls at them, but the middle head reaches down once more. On his head? The woman. And she looks very much alive. She waves and shouts at them. “Thank you for helping me! I'll be staying here now. But maybe you can do me another favor? I'll be needing some necessities. Food, clothes, shelter and all that. You got a tent on there somewhere?”
What a strange request. A human, living among Kaiju? No human was ever allowed to step foot on this island. But this was good. With Eva living on Monster Island and with Ghidorah as her protector, they could study them even better. What's the cost of food, clothing and some electronics and everything she asks for in return for such valuable information? She even promised to help them study Ghidorah more, if he doesn't kill her. As long as they swear not to harm him in any way or use the information against him. So they hook her up with everything she needs. They built a new Monarch outpost near the island, nothing too big and send a small boat towards the island once a week to bring their new 'co-worker' everything she needs. At first she got a big tent that was placed inside the cave. Then Ghidorah allowed some humans to bring containers, to make a makeshift house inside his cave, so Eva could be warm during winter. But they were still cautious. They learned pretty quickly that Monster Zero only allows them near him as long as Eva was there as well. If she wasn't, he would revert back to his old behavior and attack any human vessel coming closer. But they can work with that. And the things they learned was important to them, to understand titans and help the world understand and live with them peacefully. Especially the weekly reports they received from Eva about what Ghidorah was up to, how he interacted with other titans, even Godzilla himself. Which they noticed, would apparently come and check up on the dragon. They learned that Godzilla seemed very surprised to find a human with Ghidorah. Eva also managed to snap some really interesting photos on that island. Of kaiju sub-species they haven't seen before and even selfies with Ghidorah AND Godzilla in the background. Even better when she send them photos of Rodan, who came to visit and Mothra as well. Knowing titans act so human like to visit each other and talk like friends was just... funny.
Read part 1 here-
(Eva is my human OC)
Do not repost my stuff
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starcrossed-wanderer · 12 hours ago
Sad Beauty box rant
I’m super bummed. My sister and I both ordered our first Boxycharm boxes (April) and it said they both shipped on April 17th. We got to pick a free gift and we both picked a beautiful eyeshadow palette which we were both super excited to get. They are both addressed to the same address, and she got hers on April 30th. I still haven’t got mine and hers has all the shipping updates and mine says that the carrier hasn’t even received my parcel from boxy. I reached out to support and they told me to contact the carrier. I did and they told me to contact boxy again. Boxy said that my parcel is now considered lost and that they sold out of the April box. Not only that, I asked if I could still get the palette I was so stoked for and they said that since it was last months free gift, they couldn’t give me one because it’s may! I asked if I could get one of this months free gifts as a consolation, and they said no. My sister’s products are gorgeous and I’m so glad she got hers but I’m heartbroken about my box :( I hope it turns up eventually.
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boomtownboy · 15 hours ago
So I'm having a thought about what it would be like to bring Din home to meet the family. Will he be crazy nervous? Or will he be really excited because he knows this means you're serious about him? What's he going to do to try to impress your father? What if you have brothers and they get all protective? What if you have sisters and they try to get all the intimate details of your relationship? Oh, and let's say it's some type of big extended family event, how's he going to do with older relatives asking you when you're getting married or having children? I'm so curious to hear your thoughts 😁
Oh Wiggles, you’re about to fall into the bottomless pit of my imagination. I love meeting the family scenarios
Din meeting the family
For the sake of this little piece let’s imagine that the reader is from Earth and that somehow they had permission to secretly land a freaking ship here (maybe the reader has some contacts like Nick Fury/ someone who works at Area 51)
You’d give him a little heads up on what to expect, explaining who was who and he’d write down the names in a little paper you gave him. He’d practice it in the refresher when he thought you were asleep
He’d definitely try to act as if he wasn’t nervous but if you paid attention you’d see him shaking slightly, he’d blame it on the weather (even if it was sunny)
Before you left the crest he’d say he just needed to grab a few things in the cockpit and ask you to wait in the hull, you’d hear him giving himself a little pep talk like “ok just be yourself, remember to give a firm handshake, Er... is this polished properly? Be polite, smile (??), don’t forget to help with the dishes, oh Maker I forgot to get her mom flowers, I’ll stop to get some on the way, does she even like flowers?”
You’d have to stop him before he left the Crest and convince him that a tie didn’t go with his armor, and that your parents wouldn’t mind so he didn’t have to dress fancy (I’m losing it imagining him, full armor, and a single black tie around his neck)
When you two arrive (let’s just say that Grogu is at Luke’s daycare) your mom would hug you and before she got the chance to hug Din he would offer her a bouquet of flowers he definitely picked from the front yard saying “it’s an honor to meet you ma’am” and she’d just smile and hug him
You’d feel him relax slightly, but then tense again when he sees your father standing at the doorway with his arms crossed and a serious expression on his face. You know that’s just an act he’s putting so he can look badass to Din, but Din doesn’t know that...
You greet your father and as Din gives him a firm handshake, that you caught him practicing with Luke before you left for Earth, your father smiles and welcomes him inside to meet the rest of the family, Din would nod and say “I’m smiling right now” before awkwardly entering the house (I feel like he needs to assure people that he’s smiling so they wouldn’t be intimidated)
He’d probably let your relatives know his name, he wouldn’t be meeting your family if he wasn’t sure you were the one, so your family is his family too, he’d keep the helmet on until you guys got married but after that they’d definitely see his face too
First your brothers would be a little intimidated because of the armor and the blaster he insisted on bringing (I know... I know, but he’s a little paranoid after all the things you’ve been through so you agreed on him bringing just one blaster) but would try to give him a warm welcome and somehow give him the “you hurt her we’ll hurt you” talk, which definitely made you cringe and hope Din wasn’t finding your family too weird
He’d feel something grabbing his leg and look down to see your little sister hugging him, he’d melt on the inside and pick her up saying “hi little one, your sister told be a lot about you”, she’d giggle and say he looks a lot like the tin man from the wizard of Oz, Din wouldn’t know what to say so he’d be quiet for a few seconds until your sister said “he’s my favorite character”. Then he’d just laugh and you’re sure he has the brightest smile under the helmet
You’d see your aunts and grandma watching the whole interaction with heart eyes, your aunts commenting on how good he was with a kid and you just knew the questions were coming later
Someone comes through the door all of a sudden, making Din go into protect mode holding your little sister away from the danger, until he sees it’s your grandpa holding a really weird animal, that you later explained it was his pet pig he was taking for a walk
After you guys ate lunch, Din eating in your room to have some privacy (I’m neither confirming nor denying the fact that he might’ve looked into every corner of your room since it was all so new and different to him) you all gathered at the backyard to chill and listen to some music. Your mom had to literally make Din sit at the chair and chill, explaining that the dishwasher machine would take care of everything.
You excuse yourself to go to the restroom and when you come back you see your grandma talking to Din, when you get closer you see her pull a knife that was attached to her leg under her dress and show it to Din. He’d say “that’s very impressive, I also brought mine” and pull the knife he was hiding in his boot, they’d bond over the weapons, Din would let her hold the blaster and you didn’t even know she was into these kinds of stuff (like, who even are you? Is your name even grandma?)
After a while your aunts would casually ask him “so Din, when do you plan on getting married?”, “yes, and what about having children?”. Everyone would be quiet and you’d try to break the tension but before you could say anything Din answers with “maybe it’s a bit early for the kids but I’ve definitely been thinking of the perfect moment for the marriage” and you’d be like 😳🥺
Maybe your little sister would even convince him to dance a little with her before dragging him upstairs to show him her collection of iron man action figures, she’ll make him keep one so he’ll remember her 🥲 Din would have to try really hard not to melt when she said iron man is cool, but he’s much cooler (he’d let out a little snort when he sees the wizard of Oz poster on her wall and sees the tin man)
As night falls and you guys have dinner Din already left his armor and blaster back in your room and is only wearing his flight suit. You’d bid goodbye to your grandpas and aunts and gather on the couch to watch something on the tv before going to bed. Your sister might’ve pulled a few strings to make you all watch Aladdin and when you retreated to your room you’d hear Din humming “a whole new world” under his breath
He’d have a little mattress, pillow and blanket on the floor next to your bed for the night but we all know that as soon as the lights went out he climbed into bed with you. As he was holding you he’d say he’s never felt this welcomed before, even with the other Mandalorians, they were nice and polite, but your family was a whole other level and he loved them. You’d be teary eyed and tell him he’s a literal angel and that you’re happy he had a nice day
I just think Din would be very emotional going from a bounty hunter who doesn’t really have a family to call his own, to all of a sudden being welcomed into this amazing clan who didn’t care if he was fully armored, had a blaster and was from the freaking space. He might’ve cried when your grandma hugged him and slipped a $10 earth credit into his hand on her way out while patting the side of his helmet
Tumblr media
(This is just a little bonus I think might be funny. As I was writing this I definitely imagined the grandpa being like the man who fixed Woody back in Toy Story 2, now picture him arriving with a huge pig on a dog leash, the pig wearing a cute little bow)
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baejl · 17 hours ago
Oooooooooooooooookayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy The Romeo and Juliet of the K-Pop scene!!
Slightly Long post ahead!
Before we can throw a celebration for that, what is this 'we warned you' thing by the 97-liners? I mean, what did they see or know that made JiYong get a warning label? Or was it just their age gap? I mean, GD is well-respected by them, Bam and if I'm not wrong JungKook too, became an idol because of GD.. I get it if I'm looking deeper than necessary but whatever, this is the glue I needed to mend my heart and jump on another somi ship!
Now, I'm gonna pretend that I was always a JK and Somi shipper and that GD and Somi never happened! I can't wait for how things are gonna go from now on. Oh my God! I can already feel myself getting over-excited!
Anyways, great update! I caught up on your blame update too and I honestly understand where Somi is coming from, hell I was young and it took me a few days of properly getting to know the situation, that is whatever exo-ls know about the boys leaving- to get my head around and say that I accept their decision. I felt hurt and betrayed too initially but a few days of knowing the bullshit they went through and understanding where they might've come from, I felt better. I had accepted their decision within a few weeks after their departure, but their interactions afterwards adding to all the drama that happened over the years to the recent reunion of the members in that chinese show, things are going so much better! And I totally understand what a young Somi might be going through... Like we all have people who were so close to us at one point but no longer exist in our life and that's okay! That's normal human stuff. I would love for all the ot12 members to get back together and have a good time but at the same time, I understand if they don't want to. I'm sure we all can relate to such an weird space in our lives!
And with the some boys away now, I hope things will be better when everything goes back to normal. Also, a list of post-military things I want, includes proper comebacks and promotions, Chen in rots and etc. (You know what that means? More JK and Somi dates!) I'm ranting but I hope that makes it up for the lack of interaction on my side for the past few weeks! Life's been especially shitty to me these days! I'll see you soon, take care! - 🍁
hello!!!!! well, long answer warning haushaush
for the 'we warned you' thingy, it was just because everything happened so fast. I think that, as we have a space between the posts we don't get the period of everything, but the things with somi and gd were too fast: they met, started dating, released a song, went on awards ceremonies together... and, the boys, being her friends, obviously warned her about it. that's all.
about the 'blame' post: one thing I try to let very clear is how much the boys (luhan, tao and kris) leaving and the other boys enlisting affects her. like, she literally grew up with them! she joined sm in 2008 (the same year xiumin, lay, chanyeol and sehun got in), and since then, her happiest memories are with her members. she was just 17 when kris left, so it was all new and intense, but, somehow, being the awesome and brilliant human she is, she understood their reasons and simply... respected them. 
for the enlisted members, the poor girl suffers a lot - sehun would even joke about it saying that she cries more than their parents. when junmyeon enlisted was probably when it was the hardest for her and she literally dreams about the day they will be on stage as 10 again.
now, last but not least, our it couple, the show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique: SOMI AND JK!!!! guys, you have no idea how much I struggled for finding her bf 🥶 at first it was yugyeom, then I changed it to dokyeom, then I came back to yugyeom, then jungkook, then yugyeom again, and, finally, jungkook. honestly saying (if you're a delusional ARMY, do not read the following things), I was kinda afraid to put him and portrait him in a way his fans wouldn't like. but then I was just like 'fuck it' and made it anyway :P but yeah, I hope I can show you a lot of them (jokes, fights, dates) and that you'll enjoy it!
and, if you feel like you need to talk to someone, you can dm me always. I'm not the best one with words, but we can complain about life together! take care you too ❤
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dramioneasks · 18 hours ago
heyyy looking for fluffy oneshots of hermione telling draco she’s pregnant and him getting excited (i checked a few of the pregnancy tags but most of those are wips/angsty)
Cassie's Birth By: champagne for the pain - T, one-shot - The story of Cassiopeia Jean Malfoy's birth. Written for Day 3 of March 2016's #dhrfavorites on Tumblr. EWE, Married!Dramione.
A Broken Jigsaw By: Emerald2402 - M, 29 chapters - I've split the stories again as it is taking me so long to complete the second half of the story. So Enjoy. Dramione ship rated M for mature content.
Saved by Malfoy* - mudblood_and_proud9 - not rated, 43 chapters - Alright, this is the edited and twisted version. I completely changed it, but at the same time, I kept everything that was there before. Description: I was running. My bare, bloody feet were screaming at me to stop and rest. The cold breeze freezing my barely covered body. My stomach ached from hunger, and my legs threatened to give out at any moment. He was right behind me, getting closer by the second. I knew I lost. I couldn't escape him. He was much faster than me; he was only pretending to put up a struggle. I screamed as he tripped me and pinned me to the ground. The rough pavement scratched my soft skin. He knelt on my back, so I couldn't move. "Ron, please," I sobbed, "let me go." This is a version of Harry Potter where Harry died instead of Voldemort. Mudbloods were inslaved. Purebloods ruled the world. Disclaimer: I don't own the Harry Potter characters or places. I do own the plot, so back off please. Highest Ranking - #1 MudbloodAll Rights Reserved
Lucky By: blackXroseXpiano93 - K+, 3 chapters - Draco and Hermione have been dating secretly for a year. It's graduation and Draco has a surprise for Hermione.
A Belly Worth Holding by GeorgeHeesto - E, one-shot - Draco learns as to why his wife is so protective of her belly, and to why he should be too.
- Lisa
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kitwalker64 · 22 hours ago
congrats on 200 followers!! that’s so exciting and you deserve all of them and more!! i love love love your writing so much and i can’t wait to see you grow :)
i was wondering if i could get a ship? i am 19, medium build, bisexual, and am 5’5”. i have blue eyes that people often mistake for contacts (💀) and brown shaggy short hair that has faded green streaks in the front. my favorite hobbies are hiking, reading, playing video games, and writing. and i love doing art even if i suck at it.
thank you! and congrats once again <3
ahh, thank you friend! of course you can!!
i ship you with kyle spencer!!
Tumblr media
kyle would love your eyes; they’d be the first thing he’d notice about you. i think he’d love your style in general, honestly; sounds very different from his, but i think they’d compliment each other well. i could also see kyle being into video games. maybe yall could go to an arcade or something for your first date🥺 for some reason those are the types of fun lil dates i see him enjoying. he would absolutely not stand for saying you suck at art. he would always be there to remind you how wonderful you are💜
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trujillo26brix · a day ago
The Best Guide To Read When Learning About Shopping Online
Could you use a little savvy advice to make you a smarter online shopper? For a lot of people, the fast-moving world of Internet shopping is a little overwhelming. However, there is no need to be nervous but instead more educated. Read this article for advice on how to make online shopping work for you. Shop around when shopping online. You may find that prices for certain items can vary greatly from store to store. To be sure you get the best deal, look at a few different stores to find out their prices, as well as shipping charge. This will allow you to get the best deal you can. Keep all of your online protection software up-to-date if you plan on shopping online. Hackers often target major shopping sites in an attempt to steal personal information or to break into your accounts. If your security software provides you with a warning about a website, pay close attention and avoid that site. If you feel something is amiss with your own transaction, report it to the webmaster. When shopping online, use a credit card rather than a debit card. This is because credit cards are based on your credit, not the amount of money in your bank account. If a internet hacker gets your banking information, they can completely ruin you within a matter of hours. Be aware of the dangers of shopping online with your mobile device. Although it's convenient for a number of reasons, it does put your personal information at an elevated risk for eavesdropping. Public wi-fi and abbreviated URLs are much easier to get around than conventional computing from home, so save your shopping fix for the safest conditions. Beware of the shipping charges when you make a purchase online. Even though the product may have a good price, sometimes high shipping costs make the purchase not such a good deal. Calculate your total out-of-pocket costs for your purchase before you submit your order to avoid paying more than what you had planned. If you make a purchase and you are directed to a confirmation page that fails to load, never hit the button that refreshes the page. if you do this, you run this risk of being billed multiple times. If you must confirm your purchase, contact the company or check your credit card statement. Register with a site if you regularly shop there. This saves you both money and time when you're ready to checkout. You might be able to receive email deals that other site guests do not receive. In addition, the account can assist you in tracking orders and returns better than you could without one. No matter what store you're shopping at, be sure to go over your purchases with care prior to clicking the confirm button. Take a few moments to ensure that you have selected the correct item, color, size, and style. Check Cordless telephony to make sure you get exactly what you want. Look for the security lock on your address bar to ensure the website is secure. This padlock indicates that the site can be trusted because they have taken the trouble to encrypt your information. Panasonic Telephony helps protect your information from hackers. One tip for finding good online shopping deals is to be patient. Online sales and promotions run in cycles, so, if you can wait, it is good to do so. The cycle of sales, promo and coupon codes and other discounts will eventually come around again. Then, you will be able to find what you want at the lowest price. Don't give out a business or personal email if you make online purchases. Doing so just opens the door for spam. Use an email account that is separate when you want to shop, and have your messages forwarded to your personal email. Your own inbox remains uncluttered while you don't miss out on exciting promotional material. Do you feel better now that you've read this article? Online shopping provides great perks, as long as you understand how it works. Take this advice to heart as you set out to shop online. It is not difficult; however, you need to have an understanding of what is involved when shopping online.
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wintervvidow · a day ago
apricity pt. two
apricity - the warmth of the sun in winter
warnings: angst, blood, violence,
pairing: bucky barnes x female oc
word count: 2,956
A/N: part two is here! I did unintentionally rush through this chapter because I am so excited to start the civil war segment of this story. feedback is welcomed, let me know how you are liking it! thank you for reading!
Tumblr media
Bucky’s cheek stung after the third slap from Pierce, the flesh bright red and warm to the touch. He continued fighting his restraints as he had been for the past hour. He had just been wiped, HYDRA needed to start fresh. Sweat trickled from his hairline to his jugular as he yanked and squirmed in the chair.
Alexander lost his patience an hour ago, Bucky hadn’t stopped talking about the girl on the bridge, “She doesn’t love you! If she did, she would have come back for you. We’re trying to correct the world, and we need you to do that. You want to be useful, don’t you?”
Bucky stared ahead emotionless, ignoring Pierce’s words. She loved him. Her eyes told him so, the look on her face from the bridge continued to haunt him even after being reprogrammed. He knew her. She was good. She was home.
A hand came down against Bucky's face again, harder than the last, “You are an asset. She is what we are fighting against. The world deserves freedom and that is what HYDRA is doing. You don’t do your part and I can’t do mine.”
Bucky softly murmured, voice raw from screaming, “But I knew her.”
Alexander clenched his fist as he stood from his chair placed in front of Bucky, “Wipe him again.”
Soon the air was filled with Bucky’s screams again, torturous and raw. Brock Rumlow looked on in silence, taking in the sight before him. This, he could work with.
The team consisting of Florence, Steve, Natasha, Sam, Maria, and Fury were littered throughout the vacant underground room, lights dim and the air heavy with stale humidity. Steve and Sam stood while the remaining few were seated at a long conference table. Fury had documents scattered in front of him, Maria with a laptop, typing away intently.
Fury held an image of Pierce from the ’80s in his hand, “This man declined the Nobel Peace Prize. He said peace wasn’t an achievement, it was a responsibility.” Fury threw the picture onto the table, “See, it’s stuff like this that gives me trust issues.”
Natasha speaks from her chair next to her fellow redheaded friend, a solemn expression on her face, “We have to stop the launch.” Alexander was planning on using Project Insight, which consisted of three helicarriers that patrolled the Earth to eliminate threats, deployed after the Battle of New York, only this time it was being planned to be used as a way for HYDRA to eliminate any threats to themselves. The operation was now turned against them.
Fury looked at Natasha with an eyebrow raised, “I don’t think the Council’s accepting my calls anymore.” He flipped open a briefcase, revealing three data chips.
Behind Florence, Sam spoke with arms crossed tightly over his chest, “What’s that?”
Maria flipped her laptop around, showing the team a diagram of data, “Once the helicarriers reach 3,000 feet, they’ll triangulate with Insight satellites, becoming fully weaponized.”
“We need to breach those carriers and replace their targeting blades with our own.” Fury gestured to the case in front of him.
Maria flipped her laptop back around, “One or two won’t cut it. We need to link all three carriers for this to work because if even one of those ships remains operational, a whole lot of people are gonna die.” The entire team grimaced.
All eyes were on Fury as he spoke, “We have to assume everyone on those carriers is HYDRA. We have to get past them, insert these server blades. And maybe, just maybe we can salvage what’s left.”
Florence and Steve shared a look, Florence knew Steve wouldn’t let that happen, “We’re not salvaging anything. We’re not just taking down the carriers, Nick. We’re taking down S.H.I.E.L.D.”
Fury snapped back at Steve, “S.H.I.E.L.D. had nothing to do with this.”
“You gave me this mission, this is how it ends. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s been compromised. You said so yourself. HYDRA grew right under your nose and nobody noticed.” Steve’s face was set, his entire body taking on the posture of command.
Fury gestured around the room with his hands before setting them back on the table, “Why do you think we’re meeting in this cave? I noticed.”
Steve’s face remained cold, “How many paid the price before you did?” Florence read between the lines, she knew what he was asking and it felt like a punch to the gut.
Fury bowed his head as Florence looked away, “Look, I didn’t know about Barnes.” No one did.
Steve scoffed, “Even if you had, would you have told me? Or would you have compartmentalized that too? Like Florence.”
“Hey, she did what she had to. You did not go through what she did.” Florence looked to Fury with kindness in her tired eyes, silently thanking him.
Steve interrupted the tender moment, continuing his speech, “S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, it all goes.”
“He’s right. It all has to go.” All eyes darted to Maria, a silent understanding that Steve was right. This was the beginning of the end.
Fury looks around, eyes landing on Sam, “Don’t look at me.” Sam nods his head to Steve, “I do what he does, just slower.”
Steve stood at the head of the table, staring at Fury as he leaned back in his chair, “Looks like you’re giving the orders now, Captain.”
The team was given their tasks, parting their separate ways before the mission.
Florence found Steve outside, standing on the bridge lost in thought.
Florence sided up next to him, “Hey, I know you probably hate me right now, but-”
Steve cut her off, turning to face her, “I don’t hate you. I don’t. I’m just struggling to wrap my head around the fact that he’s been alive this entire time and you haven’t told one person. Not even me.”
“Steve, I tried. After I ran, I tried to go back for him but he wouldn’t let me; told me to run and to never come back for him. So I had to go into hiding. Seventeen years Steve. It’s not like I could walk into a government building and tell them without HYDRA catching wind. Hell, I could have been walking straight back into HYDRA. You have to understand that everything I’ve done has been to protect him. Everything.” By the end of the redheads’ speech, she was choking back tears, hands trembling at her sides. She bit her lip to quell the emotions running through her.
Steve placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, “I know, I know. I’m sorry.”
Silence fell over the two friends as both reminisced on the past, staring off into space.
Florence climbed the stairs behind Bucky and Steve to Steve’s family home. The mood was somber, Florence’s black funeral dress grazing her ankles as she stepped up the last step, standing next to Bucky.
“We looked for you after. My folks wanted to give you a ride to the cemetery.” Bucky’s tone was soft as he spoke to the heartbroken Steve.
“I know. Kinda wanted to be alone.” Steve stared at the ground as he spoke, never making eye contact with either Florence or Bucky.
Florence cocked her head to one side, gaze softly inquisitive as she looked at the small-statured man in front of her, “How was it?”
“It was okay. She’s next to dad.” The blonde’s tone was monotonous and quiet, understandably so.
Bucky shrugged his shoulders, “I was gonna ask-”
Steve cut him off as he reached his front door, hands fumbling in his pocket for the key, “I know what you’re gonna say, Buck, I just-”
“You can put the couch cushions on the floor, like when we were kids. It’ll be fun, all you gotta do is shine my shoes, maybe take out the trash.” Bucky reached down to move a brick, grabbing the key to the door and handing it to Steve, “Come on.”
Steve took the key, finally looking him in the eye, “Thank you, Buck. But I can get by on my own.”
Florence looked to Bucky, silently telling him to comfort their friend. Bucky nodded, speaking again, “The thing is, you don’t have to.” Bucky’s large hand clapped Steve on the shoulder, “Cuz me and Florence? We’re with you till the end of the line, pal.”
The moment was broken up by Sam, approaching the two old friends, “He’s gonna be there you know.”
“We know.” Both Steve and Florence were painfully aware of that fact.
“Look, whoever he used to be and the guy he is now, I don’t think he’s the kind you save. He’s the kind you stop.”
Steve looked to Sam, “I don’t know if I can do that.” Florence knew she couldn’t. Everything she has ever done, Bucky has always crossed her mind- how to help him, save him, protect him; always concerned about his well-being. And now she was forced to go against him.
“Well, he might not give you a choice. He doesn’t know either of you.” Sam twisted the knife with his last sentence, Florence and Steve grimacing at one another.
Steve spoke, looking at Florence for a last time then at Sam, “He will.” The blonde looked over the bridge, “Gear up. It’s time.”
The team changed into their gear and split up to where they were appointed: Natasha infiltrating a meeting with Alexander as a congresswoman with Fury as backup and releasing all HYDRA files, Maria preparing to order the attack to bring down the helicarriers, and Steve, Sam, and Florence to board the helicarrier to replace the targeting blades.
Sam called out to Steve as he walked away, "Wearing that?"
“No. If you’re gonna fight a war, you have to wear a uniform.”
Florence ran through the ship deck as fast as she could, doing her best to not get shot. Her earpiece kept her up to date, Natasha had just started releasing all of the files; her and Natasha’s secrets were now public along with the rest of HYDRA’s. Steve had already made it to the helicarrier, the redhead had gotten caught up with a HYDRA agent on the ground.
Florence was late to the party, Steve, and Bucky already furiously exchanging punches. She got to the top of the carrier as fast as she could with the help of Sam, her feet moving without thought. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Sam deploy his parachute after being kicked off by Bucky, now he was grounded.
Steve and Florence were on opposite ends of the carrier, Florence quickly making her way toward the two men.
Bucky threw Steve off of the top-level, Steve landing below with a thud, shield long gone in the Potomac beneath them.
Florence stared ahead, Bucky finally noticing her arrival. Both looked at the other in silence, gauging the situation at hand. His eyes were void of all emotion, this was not Bucky. The Soldier had a mission to kill her and Steve. Florence had a mission to keep Bucky alive, no matter the cost. If he was alive that meant there was hope to save him. You can’t save a dead man.
The silence was erupted by Florence, her mouth moving before her brain could stop, "Bucky, don't do this. You don't have to do this."
Tears welled up in her eyes unwillingly, the dam threatening to burst. Even if she knew deep down that he had been alive this entire time, a sliver of her always thought he was dead. Maybe her subconscious came up with that thought to protect herself, to make herself feel better about not being able to get him out. And she did try to get him out; she tried like hell. The first five years of her seventeen-year stint of being on the run was the worst. She was constantly moving locations, barely sleeping. And when she did sleep, she dreamt of Bucky- he was always screaming at her to go, save herself, and leave him behind. That was a detail that she would never tell Steve; if they even made it out alive of this situation. Steve wouldn’t understand, he was too stuck in his ways, he would have tried to get him out anyway. He would disregard any command in order to save Bucky even if the demand came straight from Bucky’s mouth. He would never truly understand why Florence did what she did. Maybe it was better that way.
He furrows his brow, lines etching themselves between his steel-blue eyes, "You're my mission."
A single breath is taken before he swings at her, metal arm glinting in the light as she dodges his punch, sweeping under his outstretched arm. She wasn't going to fight back. She couldn't.
Bucky turns violently, eyes hard, set on her. He lunges again as her weapon clatters to the ground of the helicarrier. Now Florence was defenseless. Although it's not like she was fighting back anyway. She'd let him kill her. If that kept him alive, she'd do it. It's not like he remembers her anyway, you can't mourn a person you don't remember.
She takes three steps back, her back colliding with the wall behind her as Bucky stalks forward. His breath fans across her face as he stands in front of her. She notices a stall in his motions, practically seeing his brain malfunction. His head was fighting with his heart.
A fist flies next to her head, Bucky purposely missing as he punches the wall again. His face twisted in pain, he was fighting himself. He couldn't do this. He knew her. His body knew her, pieces of memories played through his brain as he continued to punch the wall, a ring, her hand in his, dog tags being placed around her neck, all of it hurt. Florence was frozen in place as Bucky's fists continued flying next to her, "Go! You need to go!"
He remembered her.
Just as Steve ordered Maria to fire at the carrier, Bucky shoved Florence, causing her to tumble over the edge, joining Steve at the bottom of the carrier as it went up in flames. The carrier was under fire from all sides, jostling violently, causing Bucky to fall along with her. He landed away from Florence and Steve, being pinned under the debris.
Steve got to his feet, swaying as he stumbled over to Bucky who was struggling under the weight of the metal beam. Steve wedged the beam up, freeing Bucky. The girl remained on the ground, curling into a ball from the pain of the impact of the fall.
Florence rose to her feet as Steve told Bucky that he knew them. Bucky’s metal arm reeled back, punching Steve in the face as he screamed, “No I don’t!”
“Buck, we’ve known you your whole life.” Florence’s voice trembled as he hit Steve again, effectively knocking him to the ground.
Steve stood again, “Your name is James Buchanan Barnes.”
Bucky punched Steve in the face for a final time, the force knocking him off the carrier and into the river below. Florence scrambled to stand in front of Bucky, making him really look at her. To truly see her, to see what he was doing. Her face was bleeding, soot smudged across her forehead, sweat mixing with tears and blood flowing down her face.
“I’m not gonna fight you. I love you.” Florence’s body shook with sobs as Bucky tackled her to the ground.
His frame towered over hers, his body heaving as he spoke, “You’re my mission.” His fist flew next to her head, once, twice; never actually hitting her. Florence could see the struggle in his eyes. He was a broken man without a home.
“You don’t love me. You left me!” Bucky’s fist continued flying next to Florence’s head, the plexiglass cracking. Pierce’s words looped in his mind, she didn’t love him. She left him. She abandoned him. She was his mission.
Florence took a heaving breath in, “Yes I do, I do love you. I tried to get you out, I did, you wouldn’t let me, I tried, I-” Bucky interrupted her by pressing his flesh hand against her throat and applying pressure.
He leaned down, only inches between their faces as he applied more pressure around her throat and choking her. He grit his teeth as he choked her harder, brunette hair dangling in his face. This was it. This was Florence’s last chance, “It’s okay. It’s okay. I love you, it’s okay.” If these were the last words Bucky would ever hear from her, she was okay with that. She needed him to know that it was okay. He was doing what he had been forced to do, it wasn’t him. She needed him to know that she understood.
The hand from her throat disappeared, Bucky leaning back above her, staring at her with glassy eyes. Florence struggled for breath as she watched Bucky process her words. Debris fell around them, Bucky hovering over her to protect her from the falling particles. A large engine fell next to them, shattering the glass and sending Florence falling straight into the Potomac, Bucky hanging onto the carrier from a beam as he watched his lover fall into the water below.
Bucky dragged Steve out of the water with his metal arm while the other balanced Florence against his shoulder, ignoring the burning pain of his flesh arm as her head rested on his neck. He placed the two unconscious Avengers on the riverbank, taking one last look at them before he disappeared, becoming a ghost yet again.
Tumblr media
taglist: @tanyaherondale   @lilyviolets   @jckie94
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thedooodle · a day ago
I just imagine Kate Mulgrew accidentally getting into meet cute moments and Tumblr exploding which leads her to actively avoiding these moments thus leading to even more adorable meet cute moments. Like she’s on a panel and gets a lash in her eyes, Robert Beltran happens to be sitting by her so he tries to help. This leads to photos circulating of Robert cupping Kate’s face as a single tear rolls down her cheek.
 The next convention she’s diligent to not appear adorable with any castmates after being buried in that eye lash picture for weeks. She simply avoids being castmates so she just walks around talking to fans. She bumps into an adorable seven year old who wants to be work at a zoo and has his favorite stuffed animal that’s, of course, a giant lizard. He loses it in the flow of the crowd, she spots it being kicked about a few feet away, she saves it but she gets lost for a moment because she’s a short Irish lady. This leads to Robbie grabbing her hand and leading her back to safety while holding the lizard over his head so it doesn’t get lost again. Thus, thousands of Threshold themed Lion King parodies.
The next convention she gets through most of the convention unscathed until stepping off the stage, her sandal gets caught on a step, she tries to break it free but in the inertia she trips forward directly into Jeri Ryan’s arms. J/7 Tumblr implodes with photos of their two favorite ladies wrapped in one another’s arms as Kate blushes wildly.
I mean come on, we all collectively lose our mind of our favorite ship STANDS by one another. We would die of excitement. The art! The memes! THE FICS!!!
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tatortotmania · a day ago
“The Magic Parallel” A Fantasy Roleplay Advertisement
Hello once again I am here to ask for another role play! I have been working on a role play world since I was a child around 8 or 9. It's been being updated as it's been quite some time since I have gone to take a look at it. I'd like to rp within it though! I have an entire google doc for it, but I do believe I am not allowed to send links for such a think here so I will most likely send it in a private message.
"In a universe where the original Earth aka Earth 1 is scrapped and replaced with an entire replica ran by a 'All Father' and a council of 9 primordial a new group of humans is born. The Magic Parallel is home to magic users and reincarnates alike taking refuge from the human world they parallel. With a set of 6 realms that are held in this parallel and hundreds of million creatures to be held who wouldn't want to live within here? After eons of existing within the world a new group of 9 are born to take the council and 'All Father's place who wouldn't be excited. Join that group of 9 on their adventure to their destiny, who knows maybe you may even join it somehow!"
I have many scenarios to ago along within this world that I would be so happy to share. 6 out of those 9 characters I brought up have lore and I would be willing to play any of the ones with lore. I can play up to three ships at a time though it's preferred to just start out with one since it would help get into the feel of the world more. This group of 9 is also around the ages of 16 to 18 so I prefer you playing a characters that is also around that age to make it easier on myself. Each character on the google doc has a gender paring listed with them that they can do, so it would be nice for you to check that out.
If any of this interests you I would like you to check out the rules below me before coming to dm me!
╔═════ ∘◦ ⛧ミ ◦∘ ══════╗
ᚔ I prefer role playing on discord, I like to use servers to keep everything organized as it helps me focus better. ᚔ I prefer lit to adv lit responses as I write quite a bit and do not really enjoy responding to one liners or small messages. ᚔ I'd like you to be fairly active as I am quiet active myself. Taking breaks is understandable if you need, I'm always down to talk ooc though. Art, mood boards, playlists, and more are so very allowed as I would so love to get to know you more! ᚔ Please ask before you throw something into a role play. I've had some bad experiences with that that have left me unwilling to share my ideas and I hope it doesn't happen again. ᚔ I like characters relationships to develop within my lore and such so please don't ask if we can start off with the ship being together, I don't like doing that. ᚔ Please be respectful about my worlds lore when creating or adding a character. I'm always open to ideas and such so don't be afraid to ask! Also I will not be taking ideas for my world as I've had this around for years and know what it will end up being in the end. ᚔ If you do not like something in a role play please tell me about it. I would like this to be fun for both parties and not make you uncomfortable. ᚔ Again please play an oc that is 16 to 18 it is mandatory for this role play. ᚔ I have an oc form you can use if you'd like to create an oc from scratch since I use this one for all my ocs really. ᚔ I do have some triggers that I will share in a private message or over discord because I don't wanna talk about them in a role play advertisement!
╚═════ ∘◦ ミ⛧ ◦∘ ═════╝
If this interests you then please shoot me a message I would love to hear from you!
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onewithnomightypowers · 2 days ago
clandestine (chapter 1)
PAIRING: Tom Holland x Reader
SUMMARY: y/n is in a crumbling marriage with Harrison (Haz), she is trying to make sense of how she feels about Tom 
Chapter 1: too wise to trust
A/N: y/n is bisexual but not paired with a women. the characters have been aged up. the characters in no way portray how these ppl are in real life. i do not encourage cheating. i hope you guys like it as much is i do. if you want to be tagged them pls tell me. also comments are appreciated as they motivate me to write more and i love to know how you guys feel about the story.  
warning: cursing, mention of miscarriage, mention of sex, mention of cat calling, angst. fluff? 
word count: 1.4k
important: character thoughts are bold and italic, flashback is in italic
masterlist  series masterlist
She picked up her makeup bag from her vanity and started walking towards her empty suitcase which was wide open on her bed. “What time is your flight?” Haz asked while walking into their bedroom. “I think it’s at 6:30 in the evening but the car will be here to pick me up at 4”, she replied whilst folding her clothes.
“So we have at least an hour to us”; he pulled her by the waist and started kissing her neck. She tried pushing his chest away but failed miserably. “Haz, I’m not in the mood, please stop”
“Fine. But you have been saying that for months now”, he was frustrated.
She ignored his words like always. 
He was right. They hadn’t had sex for at least five months now and it was starting to gain on Harrison. Their marriage, which had been ‘couple goals’ according to the internet, was now slowly falling apart. It was clear that Y/N was falling out of love but she couldn’t find grounds for it. She couldn’t reason it by making him the villain because he was a good man who, in theory, had done nothing wrong. Though, to her, it felt like he had. Maybe he didn’t love her enough or maybe all had gone astray when they had lost their baby last year.
“Will Tom be there?” his words felt like venom, entering her bloodstream.
She placed her hand on her forehead, trying to indicate that she did not want to have this conversation or the inevitable fight, again.
“Of course he will be there, he is my co-star. You should get off the internet, it’s feeding you poison”, she said in an almost nonchalant way. Trying her best not to give him the satisfaction of a reaction to his name. His name, which did not mean anything to her. Tom was her colleague whom the internet liked to ship her with, but he was just a friend. Haz found it hard to believe this because the internet told him so. Their relationship was so far gone that he had no other way of knowing what was going on in her life. 
His wife was so far gone. She was as distant as the sun is from the moon. The distance left coldness between them. The kind of cold that you feel when you pass a stranger. She was a stranger to him and the only reason he could think of was that she and Tom were having an affair. This was not true, but the ache in his soul found comfort in painting Tom as the villain. 
“I don’t believe you”, Haz spat out.
She threw her heels inside the suitcase in anger. “What do you not believe? That Tom is my co-star? Is that what you don’t believe?” her voice was louder than before.
“I don’t trust him.” Haz matched her voice.
“Do you trust me?”
Trust? Her? How can I trust a stranger?
It was his turn to ignore her.
She zipped her bag, put on her shoes, and left the room. “Fuck you”, she cried before slamming their apartment door and leaving for London.
Y/N had first met Tom at a cast and crew dinner in New York, six months ago. Greta, the director, had invited both her and Haz but he had decided to opt-out of the ‘fancy’ dinner. Y/N was excited to meet her new co-stars and mark the starting of a new project, a new phase in her life.
It was cold in New York, she figured she shouldn’t wear a dress. She put on black stockings underneath blue bell-bottoms to keep her warm. She wore a dark grey American Eagles t-shirt and over that, a tan leather trench coat. She liked commuting via subway because she believed ‘nobody gives two shits about who is sitting next to them on the train’; and a town car was much slower, especially when it had been snowing. She stuffed her heels in her purse and wore her commuting shoes.
Tribeca to West Village was a good ten minutes train. Her travel was mostly uninterrupted except for the catcalls which felt like the usual to a native. Just before ringing Greta’s doorbell, she got out of her Converse and wore her heels.
Y/N entered a packed house. Almost everyone was there and she was late. But someone was to arrive even later than her. She examined the room, everyone was mingling with each other. She didn’t know anybody there except Noah Baumbach from the time she auditioned for ‘marriage story’. She didn’t get the part but still loved the movie. She realized Tom was missing.  
Greta pulled her into a conversation about when the production of the movie would start or something like that. She wasn’t really paying attention. She was so eager to meet Tom that her eyes couldn’t stop roaming around the room, trying to find him, and just when she thought he wouldn’t show up, he did. 
Everybody’s head turned towards him when he entered the living room. It was as if every person in the room wanted him, including her. His dark brown hair, falling into place like a domino, had snowflakes in them.
“Excuse me”, Greta gave a small smile to Y/N and walked over to Tom. She greeted him and politely touched his back. “Now that everyone is here we should take the party to the dining hall”, she said in a loud and cheerful tone.
Following Greta, everyone started moving towards the dining hall. Tom sat right across Y/N on the grand dining table. “Hi, I’m Tom”, he introduced himself in his thick British accent. “And he’s English”, Y/N said, adding to her list of things she found captivating about Tom.  
“And?” Tom gave her a confused look.
Shit. I said it out loud.
“I-I mean hi, I’m Y/N”, she tried to cover up her mistake.
His dark brown eyes on her, made her thoughts run wild. It was wrong enough to feel right. The dinner was served and small groups of conversations were taking place. Somehow the whole table took on the topic of bisexuality. Y/N felt obligated to take part in the conversation, being part of the community herself. 
“I think bisexuality is a gateway to being gay”, Tom said to the whole table.
“You’re being bi-phobic, Tom”, Y/N called him out. All eyes were on her now.
“And how do you know that?” Tom asked Y/N.
“Because I am bisexual, and any decent human being would know that”
“Are you calling me indecent?”
“No, I’m calling you bi-phobic”
“But aren’t you married to a guy?”
“That doesn’t change my sexual orientation, and you’re being bi-phobic. Again.” There was silence, everyone was listening carefully. 
“Okay, so please explain to me how I’m being bi-phobic?”
“Just the fact that you believe bisexuality is a gateway to being gay and me being married to a guy, means my bisexual card has been revoked, portray your biphobia”
“I am a little confused”, Tom said while reaching for his wine glass. 
“Someone who is bisexual is attracted to both men as well as women. It isn’t a gateway to being gay, it is a legit sexuality of its own”, 
“Hmm, I suppose I stand corrected. I’m sorry if I offended you or anyone. I will go home, do the research and try to be more open-minded”, said Tom, smiling.
“Good”, Y/N said, feeling accomplished and impressed by Tom’s ability to accept his mistake.
Haz would have never accepted that he was wrong.
Y/N felt wonderstruck. Blushing all the way home. She hoped Tom knew how enchanting it was for her to meet him. She wondered if someone was waiting for him at home, like someone was waiting for her. She wasn’t quite sure whether Haz was waiting for her to reach home or not.
She reached home to an empty bed. Not knowing what to make of it, she got ready to sleep. 2 AM and Haz was still not home. She didn’t try to reach him because she knew all phone calls would go straight to voice message and all messages would go unreplied. She closed her eyes, feeling indifferent towards Haz. Even in her sleep, her mind echoed Tom’s name. She was unaware of the treacherous road ahead of her. And that gave her comfort. His thought gave her comfort.
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thatsadbietch · 2 days ago
A War Hero’s Cry (Persona 5/Royal)
Warning for some possible spoilers.  Nothing super important to the main plot but still, here’s the warning!
A/N: This is my very first P5 piece, I’m excited to share it! I love writing and want to get better at it, so I’m very open to suggestions or comments!
Warning for mild cursing.
Ships: None
Word count: 2,455
These were the types of mornings that kept him going.  The mornings where he didn’t have to shuttle into a cramped subway, only to arrive at his destination and listen to lectures about various topics on which he’d studied before.  It was also a time between targets, to play it safe and just wait for another shitty adult to show their true colors so their Palace and Treasure can be claimed by the Phantom Thieves.
These mornings, where Ren could enjoy the peace and tranquility that came with a skillfully made cup of coffee, the smell of curry preparation for the day’s customers, and the sound of Sojiro humming while he worked.  These mornings are where he draws that cool and collected mentality required to be the leader of such a talented group of thieves.
He inhaled, taking in all the sensations around him, but was slightly startled by the sound of the bell’s chime, signaling a customer.  Perplexed, as the store hadn’t opened yet, he turned to find Futaba wondering into the café.  He exhaled and grinned, able to tell right away she’d just woken up: her amber-orange hair was still disheveled from sleep and her eyes were still drowsy looking. Not to mention she strolled in with her slippers and a pair of plush-looking pajama pants, black with green stars printed on them.  They suited her.
She slumped up on the stool next to Ren and yawned in place of her usual loud and energetic “Good Morning!” while she rested her head on the bar.
“Well,” Sojiro started, not bothering to hold back a chuckle at the scene, “Look who’s decided to join us among the living.” Though teasing, there was a type of sincerity there that gave away the warmness he felt for his adopted daughter.  She groaned groggily in response, pulling her hood up over her head and face.
“Long night?” Ren asked casually.  He enjoyed Futaba’s company regardless; he’d grown fond of her quirks and eccentric nature, and became something of an older brother figure to her.  But he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t grateful that she was still calm and quiet at the moment.
“Mmmhmm…” she groaned in response.  Ren nodded and took a sip of his coffee, counting down mentally, “Three…two…one…” Sure enough, on “one” Futaba lifted her head, hood still lazily hanging onto the top, and she began to explain.
“Well last night I got bored, so I started browsing the Phan-site and looking around for potential targets and was trying to find out more about the mental shutdowns, but then I got a Discuss app notification from my Herd of Heroes team asking if I wanted to help them in a tournament.  Of course, I couldn’t just leave them, my strategy and expertise are the backbone of the team! So…”
Ren and Sojiro shared a knowing smirk.  Classic Futaba.  Sojiro shook his head in mock exasperation.
“Staying up all night isn’t healthy, you know,” Ren began, “You ought to think about fixing your sleep schedule.  For your sake and for your teammates, both on and offline.  Are you listening?” He asked, poking her side to make sure he had her attention.  But now she had his and Sojiro’s, as neither expected the high-pitched squeak she made.
Ren chuckled and raised an eyebrow.  “What was that?”
Futaba looked a lot more awake, now that her eyes were widened, almost panicked.  “N-Nothing! You just startled me, that’s all.  Don’t you know its rude to pick on people, especially when they’ve just conquered ten different Herds of Heroes? I’m a war hero!”
“You’re also a pain sometimes,” Ren teased, poking at her again and eliciting the same sound.
“Ren, quit it!” Futaba whined, wrapping her arms around her sides for protection.  But she was so preoccupied dealing with Ren’s antics, she didn’t notice Sojiro make his way around the bar and behind her stool, placing his hands threateningly on her sides.  She was already trying to hold back the titters that began bubbling up.
“Futaba, you’ve been kept up in your room so long, I forgot you were ticklish,” Sojiro started, swiftly willing his wiggling fingers up and down her sides. She couldn’t offer much resistance as she immediately burst out in giggles and tried to grab for his wrists.
“NOOHOHO, SOHOHJIROOHOHO!” Futaba whined, not being able to say much else. She helplessly cackled and tried to push his hands away, doing an awful lot of squirming in the process.
“I remember your mom telling me she’d chase you around the house sometimes,” he recalled.  While telling his story he wrapped his arms around her middle and held her back against is chest, both to better trap her in his ticklish hold and to ensure she didn’t fall off the stool.  Using this new leverage, he scurried lightly over her small belly and belly button, causing a shriek, another noise neither had heard from her.  Ren figured his peaceful morning was over at this point and just embraced the silly nature the room had adopted.
“SOHOOHOJIEHEROOHOO DOOHOHON’T!! BWAHAHA!” She continued to cackle and writhe while he nonchalantly continued his story. Ren could tell Sojiro was rather enjoying his position right now.
“You’d ask her to play so many times in a day, and when you wouldn’t let up she’d run around the house with you until she finally caught you. Then… she’d get you!” he finished, adopting a slightly more sinister tone for emphasis as he quickly shot his fingers up to the poor child’s underarms, switching rapidly from fluttering teasingly and vibrating his fingertips there. She jumped and squealed, but was unable to do much else in his hold.
“NOHAHAT THEERAAHEHEHAA! SOJIEHEEHAHA!” Futaba couldn’t even beg properly anymore as she threw her head back onto his shoulder, trying desperately to squirm her way out of his grip. “D’you have a strategy for getting out of this one, war hero?” Sojiro teased, causing a deeper blush on Futaba’s already reddened face.
“SOOOHOHOJEEEOROO, I CAHAHN’T!!” Not long after that did Sojiro let up, but held her still for a beat or two.  Again, to make sure she didn’t fall.  Futaba breathed rapidly and leaned back on Sojiro, who will never admit how much his heart swelled at the act. He chuckled again and released the child, ruffling her already messy hair.
Ren wasn’t quite sure what to do besides sit on the sidelines and watch the commotion unfold.  His own parents, while supportive and caring, were never really physically affectionate toward him. He couldn’t recall if he even was ticklish.  But he chuckled contently.  “So, about being a war hero…”
“YOU! Don’t even say anything! YOU started it and DIDN’T BOTHER TO HELP ME! Some leader you are!” Futaba exclaimed, clearly regaining her energy as she stood quickly and drilled quick and relentless pokes to his sides.  She’d only expected to get her point across but was so much more pleased when Ren sharply inhaled and flailed to keep her hands away from him.  Well, that answered his question.
“Mwehehehe… Perfect!” She snickered evilly.  Ren jumped back from his stool and realized he was cornered: Futaba stood between him and the front door, and the increasingly mischievous glare from Sojiro wasn’t at all comforting—it was clear he had no intention of helping Ren out of this.
Suddenly, the Phantom Thief leader did the unexpected: turned and fled up the stairs.
“HEY! Get back here, coward!” Futaba called after him, but wasn’t as fast, especially since Ren could easily climb two stairs at a time.
“I might be able to maneuver my way back down the stairs and out the door,” he thought, being sure to give himself some space as Futaba reached his room. Though he had the upper hand in skill, Futaba looked determined, almost as much as when she’s in a Palace.
“I’ll show you a war hero!” she declared, and lunged for the teen, who dodged her with relative ease. But it happened quickly: one minute he had a clear path to the stairs, and the next he was turned around with his arms pinned to his back.  Sojiro chuckled.
“I didn’t think the leader would be so predictable, but Futaba read you like a book.  I bet her team would be lost without her,” he commented.  “And don’t look so surprised.  I used to be with the Feds, remember? Catching runners just comes with the territory.” Ren swore there was some giddiness in Sojiro’s voice, he must be having fun with this. But the boy didn’t struggle against him.  In wit and leadership, Ren might have the upper hand. And he was strong, too, from all the training with Ryuji and previous missions. But in pure manpower, and given the position we was in, he hadn’t a chance against Sojiro.
“Hey, you’re being awful quiet for someone who just got captured,” Futaba remarked, getting Ren out of his head and back to the moment; the moment Sojiro lightheartedly pushed the boy onto his couch so Futaba could pounce and begin her ticklish assault, starting strong by pushing up the hem of his shirt and scurrying her fingers on his bare stomach.  Ren gritted his teeth, trying not to let out the giggles that were bubbling up. He went to grab at her wrists, only for Sojiro to grab his first and pin them over his head, allowing the redheaded tech-wiz full access to his torso.
“Damnhihit!” Ren muttered, trying to break Sojiro’s grip.
“Was that a laugh, mighty leader?” Futaba teased, sticking one wiggling finger in his belly button.  Ren inhaled sharply again and arched his back reflexively, ironically giving Futaba better access to the sensitive area.  But he shook his head violently and groaned to cover any indication of escaped giggles.
“Yeah, THAT’S convincing,” Futaba said with an eye roll, changing tactics by pinching along his sides until she reached his ribs.  The moment her fingers swiped along his bottom ribs, he twisted and struggled, trying desperately to throw her off of him.  But with her straddling his thighs and Sojiro holding his arms, that was not going to be an easy feat.  
“Well? Was it a laugh? Is the feared leader of the Phantom Thieves ticklish?”
“Doohoohn’t Futaba!” He muttered, unable to keep his giggling completely at bay anymore while he felt his face heat up in forming a blush.
“Now I think that was a laugh,” Sojiro teased, encouraging Futaba to go in for the kill.
“Dahahamit, let mehehe go, old maahan!”  Ren said.  Out loud. He did not mean to say that out loud.  He was trying so hard not to laugh that he didn’t (or rather, couldn’t) think, and the words just fell out.  Futaba stopped tickling and both children looked to Sojiro.  He just looked blankly at Ren, and took both his wrists into one hand.
“Oh ho, you’re about to get wrecked!” Futaba exclaimed giddily, waiting for Sojiro’s move.
“Sir, I didn’t mean that, I’m sorrEHEHEEHHEE! NOOHOHHOHAAHAHA!!”  With his free hand, Sojiro curled and wriggled his fingers into the teen’s rib cage, and the dam holding back Ren’s giggles burst into a loud, unhindered belly laugh. Neither Futaba nor Sojiro had ever heard their quiet and composed LeBlanc tenant laugh, not like this, and they both chuckled: it seemed it was contagious.
“S-STOOHOHOP LAHAHUGHING AT M-MMEEEHEHE! AHH! HAHAHA!” He begged, and screeched in surprise when he felt Futaba pinch and scratch his bottommost ribs on the side that Sojiro wasn’t absolutely tormenting.  
Sojiro switched up his methods a bit, now vibrating his fingertips in the space between Ren’s ribs and underarms, earning another shriek. “I can’t believe this guy is the one everyone’s fussing over.  He looks pretty harmless to me!” The caregiver taunted.  Ren shook his head, as if fighting the ever-darkening redness from appearing on his cheeks.
“So our fearless leader can be taken down with a couple good tickles, I see. Mwehehe, wait until I tell the others~” Futaba teased, and raked her nails from his ribs down his sides, and scurried them haphazardly all over his bare belly. Ren threw his head back in renewed cackles, his heels digging into the couch behind the sadistic girl.
“NOOHOO, DOHOHOHON’T T-TELL TH-THEEHEHEM! AHAHACK! SOJIHEHERO, I CAAHAHN’T AHAHA!” Ren begged as his guardian released his wrists, only to quickly attack the hollows of his underarms, kneading and vibrating in the region, and making the raven-haired boy go into hysterics, if he wasn’t already. He clamped his arms down quickly, trapping Sojiro’s hands.
“Well now my hands are stuck here.  I guess I’d better make the most of it,” he taunted further, snickering at the continuous stream of boyish laugher he was eliciting from the usually stoic kid.
“Oh, now he’s learned some manners!” Sojiro responded spiritedly. Futaba relented finally, figuring her request for revenge had been satisfied. Plus, Ren looked like he could use a little mercy right now.
“Ya know, you look kinda cute like this! Maybe if I can get a picture, or a video!-”
“I know they would enjoy this dirt I’ve got on you!”
“Ya know,” Sojiro started, “you aren’t in any place to be making threats. Or to be calling me old, only I can do that.”
“I SAIHEHED I’M SORRYEHEHE!” Ren spat out, his laughter starting to go silent. Sojiro chuckled again and finally released the teen from his grip.  They watched as Ren greedily gasped for air and rubbed his eyes to find he’d been crying mirthful tears.
“I guess I’m sorry too, I think I got carried away there.  You all right?” Sojiro asked, motioning for Futaba to get off of his legs.  He nodded, still breathing heavily, but starting steadying.
“Futaba was right, you are kinda cute like that,” Sojiro teased, and the teen covered his faced and groaned, followed by a muffled “I am NOT.”
“Don’t go pouting, you’re still in a pretty vulnerable position,” Sojiro replied, offering a quick poke to his side, causing a jolt and a lighter giggle. The guardian looked at his watch and sighed.
“Great, Ren, you made me late for opening up shop,” he muttered, but there was no malice behind it.
“Oh yeah, gotta open the doors for your daily swarm of customers,” Futaba commented half-heartedly.
“Hey! I have my morning regulars, young lady.” Sojiro retorted. “You need to watch your tone.  You saw what happened to the last guy that had something smart to say.”  Ren groaned, and finally sat up, looking at the other two people occupying his room.  He watched them continue their argument as he shook his head in exasperation with a grin.
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itsevieking · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
welcome aboard, Evie King, student #8. we are excited to set sail with you !  has anyone told you that you look like Adelaide Kane? according to our records, you hail from Perth, Australia, she/her, are cis Female, and are here to study Computer Science. we also see you received a spot on the ss university because of your academic scholarship — we won’t tell anyone. during your first few weeks here, other students said you were + independent, + charming, but also - feisty. it sounds like you spend most of your time at the wifi lounge. upon checking your luggage, we noticed you packed a engagement ring brought from home. hopefully your roommates don’t steal it!
+ Independent, Charismatic, Confident, Reliable - Feisty, Opinionated, Unforgiving
Trigger Warning: Drug Abuse, Homophobia
Evie was born slightly premature to a drug addicted mother. The first month of her life was very touch and go whether she would survive the withdrawal symptoms from the drugs her mother took during the pregnancy. Once she was well enough to leave the hospital, she was taken in by social services and put up for adoption as her mother was in no position to look after her and she had no clue who the father actually was. 
Evie ended up with a gay couple who had wanted to be parents for years but unfortunately their surrogate chose to keep the baby so when all hope was lost, the adoption agency they had applied for years previous got in contact with them about a baby and they happily said yes.
Ever since she was a child, Evie had played to the beat of her own drum. She knew what she wanted and what she was going to do to get it. Her dads loved this quality in her and always fed in to her fighting for what she believed in. This became more prevalent when kids from school would find out that she had two dads and would make homophobic comments. Evie would always stand up for gay rights and honestly, was very involved in the LGBTQI+ life since she was little. She’d go to Pride parades every year and really embraced that life. 
Her aunts were also major influences when it came to feminism. In her teenage years, they took her to feminist rallies and she was always told to be outspoken and opinionated when it came to important matters. It’s why she doesn’t really get involved in petty dramas. In her eyes, there are bigger fish to fry.
In terms of Evie’s own sexuality, she would describe herself as pansexual. She’s always thought gender as more of a society construct and really, it isn’t a defining factor to Evie. If she finds someone attractive, she doesn’t care if they are cis female, cis male, non-binary or transgender; if she likes you, she likes you. It’s all about the vibes given off and the persons personality. 
Evie had been in a relationship with Alice since high school. It started off as a secret relationship because Alice wasn’t out to anyone but eventually the secrets became too much for them both and Alice stepped away. Evie continued her life, having fun with nothing serious until Alice got back in contact. She’d told her parents that she was a lesbian and they kicked her out which led to Evie and her family taking her in to give her shelter. It didn’t take long for Evie and Alice to be a couple again and actually ended up getting engaged... until Alice got an opportunity to take the job of her dreams but it would mean leaving Evie behind. Alice ended up just leaving the ring on the night stand before she left and Evie kept it with her since. Although she has had other relationships, they just never felt the same as with Alice. Now Evie is more likely to have relationships that aren’t serious.
She ended up getting a scholarship to the ship through a charity program she had been working with for the past couple of years and it was an opportunity she couldn’t turn down - choosing to study computer science.
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