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#so feel special hahaha
intermundia · a day ago
Other fic writers who’ve written multichaps, if you’re like me, you had no idea just how rare your work is. I had no idea that LT at 187k was one of 0.4% of the archive.
How many AO3 fanworks are novel length or longer? from toastystats:
Tumblr media
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inkykeiji · 2 months ago
Clari, that one hypothetical Tomura fic from Touya-nii universe broke me. I actually ugly sobbed at that ending, haven't been able to move on from it in weeks! Of course I mean this in a good way, I love works that leave a mark like that, but I'll admit this is the first time I wished for our dear reader to just ditch Dabi and run away with Shigaraki.
I'll say, the way you portray Tomura is definitely my favorite (in all your universes) to a point that, doesn't matter who I first came looking for, I always end up wishing reader could end up with him instead. The BMB universe has been giving me heartaches recently with the entire situation unfolding, I just want to take Shigs in my arms and tell him it's going to be okay qwq
Thank you so much for your work, you're an amazing writer and quickly became one of my all time favorites ♡♡♡
-Shiggy Sympathizer
hello shiggy sympathizer i love u <3
IT HURTS SO MUCH DOESN'T IT ANON????? I CRIED WHILE WRITING THE END; sometimes i reread it and it still makes me tear up LMAO. but oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing this with me bb it actually means the whole world to me <333 I DON'T WANT YOU HURTING obviously hahaha but to hear that my pieces leave a mark or leave you thinking etc., aaaah anon that is SUCH a compliment thank you thank you thank you <33333
oh wow!!!!! aaaah anon i'm literally BLUSHING HEHEHEHE LIKE !!!!!!!! omg 🥺🥺🥺 once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with me as well <333 tomura is my second favourite character; i just think he's incredible, so layered and complex and his GROWTH is just amazing. it's so interesting to watch him morph from whiny brat to whiny brat who's actually a super villain. like, he's terrifying. i love it so much!!! so i really enjoy dissecting him as a character and then reassembling him and throwing him in my own stories and situations.
BUT AWWWWW ANON BB THAT'S SO SWEET N CUTE 🥺🥺🥺 aww hehehe <33 while the ending of bmb isn't exactly happy, it is bittersweet, and it ends with a feeling of faint, hesitant hope <3
thank YOU so much for reading my work and for being so kind and sending me such a beautiful message!!!!! i genuinely appreciate it more than i can tell you <333 oh anon you're making me tear up hehehe please i am so so so lucky and fortunate to have you here with me!!! thank you for such compassionate and considerate words my luv, they truly mean the world to me <3 i hope my work can continue to provide you with enjoyment + entertainment (or whatever else you may find useful in them!!) <3333 ilysm <3
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theunconcernedembalmer · 7 months ago
To the owner of this blog can I just say- you’re legitimately one of my favorite artists like. Ever. I follow a lot of artists but your art style just vibes really hard and I don’t know why but it’s very very good and you are Improving Good and ah. Yes. The good shit. Like other then da vinky and shit you’re one of the best. Rant over aaa
Tumblr media
Sobs thank you so so much,,,,, I’ll seriously never get used to hearing that I’m someone’s favourite artist cos there’s so many others out there who have. better artist stats in my humble opinion ldahfljhdgjlasdhg
I’m really glad to hear that I’m improving!! I’m getting busier (and more tired aha) so I don’t exactly have a lot of energy to spare in terms of experimentations and studies, so I kinda thought that my style might stagnate which I know I will eventually hate. But I guess I’ve found ways to make small but significant adjustments to my style within my energy boundaries so that won’t be a problem in the near future XD
Thank you once again, I’m truly very grateful for this message and your support!!! I hope you guys can continue enjoying the blog as much as I do!! <3
#its me the mun#mun rambles#i seriously. will never get used to that lahflhdsflkjashgk#there are some times when i feel like my art style is very meh. theres nothing special about it. n ppl talk about same face syndrome#which i probably have. n lack of body types. which i also probably lack#like. i have a lot of artists that inspire me n each of them have something very specific to their style which makes it Good#sometimes its just the way they stylize stuff in such a distinct and elegant way. other times its the way they use colours#since i hate using colours. i am actually struggling in my watercolour class cos of this reason HAHAHAHA#some artists have very good sense of composition and flow#personally i think my composition sucks cos its too static. but i also know its cos my first draft is always the final one#so unless i spend more energy to add dynamic to it it aint happening HAHAHAHA#considering my energy levels im content with this actually. especially since im leaning more towards comics. which require a lot of energy#i dont ever think i can do illustrations very well with my thiccccc lines n very bad colour sense aha#i never really found anything special in my art so its always a surprise when ppl tell me they really like it. honestly aha#i think a bit of it also comes to ppl hating on conventionally aesthetic styles. which i guess mine falls under#having said all that. all these critiques fly out the window when im actually having fun drawing HAHAHAHA#its usually when i do comics or really self indulgent doodles#so bottom line is that i am aware of all the places i might want to work on. but i shouldnt stress so much on it#cos im having fun with my art right now. its just really heartening to know that others are enjoying my stuff as much as i am#i know i havent done comics in a while. but ive been trying to plan one for the longest time so hopefully i can get to it soon HAHAHA
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akampana · a day ago
Some people ship Gilgamesh with Nero. How do you think Arturia would react to this?
I don't think she would be particularly affected at first sight, but as she and Nero are so much alike... I think she might think about it in spite of herself and get confused at some point.
There are a number of ways to interpret this but based on your ask I think it’s from an established relationship!GilArt, yeah? :)
Something Arturia learned after the long long journey she had to get through to get to a point that wasn’t antagonistic with Gil is that: he doesn’t lie to her, ever. Not as anything poetic, nor a romantic oath, but deception is simply beneath him.
If she ever did doubt, she’d mull it over for a while, at least until Gil notices and points it out. That’s when she asks him.
“Your affections for me, do they still stand?”
And she’d know whatever he answered is his truth.
She’d probably be satisfied with just that answer, but in case Gil’s curiosity wins out and he asks what prompted the question, well. He’d admonish her for letting the “mongrels’” words get to her, then reinforce in her mind that his love is beyond physical, and that she should already know that. (Besides, she and Nero may have similar features, but everything else is quite different.) He’d probably even take personal offense that she doubted at all, get a bit angry, but by the next day he’d be finding new ways to express his feelings so she’d never doubt again. Arturia would do the same, a bit more discreetly though.
Thank you for the ask!
(And just to reinforce this, people can absolutely ship this if they want to :3 this is just my interpretation of how I think things will go in my Chaldea)
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oysters-aint-for-me · 5 months ago
this is so unimportant i just wanna vent so i’m putting this under a cut haha
lmao one of the biggest pet peeves i have abt my father is result of three of his personality traits: 1) he has a bad memory; 2) he is opinionated but will change his opinions; and 3) he hates to be corrected. so this means he will express an opinion to me once, and then later express the exact opposite opinion without even realizing that he’s already talked to me about the same subject. and if i call him on it, he gets super defensive.
so like for example, i’m supposed to get my second vaccine tomorrow. i’m supposed to go back to this place in boston, where i had the first one. my dad drove me the first time and he’s going to drive me tomorrow as well, but like every other day since, he’s been like “we should see if we can move your appointment somewhere closer, i don’t wanna drive into boston again if we don’t have to” (even though most of the time my dad boasts about how cool he is with driving in cities!) so anyway my mom finally figured out how i might be able to move my appointment closer tomorrow, and i texted them both saying “that sounds good, i’m sure dad will be relieved to not have to drive into boston” and he’s like “i don’t mind driving in boston” !!!!!! BITCH then what have you been complaining about for the past month! lmao i mean i know this isn’t really that annoying in the grand scheme of things. it’s just so annoying to KNOW that i’m right about something that factually happened (and my mother agrees!) but it’s so unimportant and pointless that arguing over it would just be petty. except i’m right, even though it’s about something unimportant, i’m still right and i want credit for that lmao!
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icanttakethemonmyown · 5 months ago
My period might be coming because my eyes just got so watery thinking about that last ask for enemies to lovers Andrew and his song.
if it makes you feel a bit better, i think mine might also be on her way bc i legit teared up the other day when one of my friends on here said something along the lines of "oh, don't worry about it, we are friends" and i literally turned into the 🥺 emoji
but thank you so much for reminding me of the song, i have become a sucker for enemies to lovers!andrew and the song makes me feel somewhat closer to him asdfghjk hopefully that doesn't make me sound insane but most importantly, i am here to cry with you!!
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medievalraven · a year ago
Okay don’t everyone rush and thank me all at once BUT I did comment on the Screen to Script video on instagram saying how much I loved it and asking if they could do more and I got a response back saying “Sure thing, girl.”
So basically if we get more videos it was all because of my comment on the instagram video.  You’re welcome ;)
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pdfbabe · a year ago
rsd machine go brrrrr oh fuck this meme is annoying im cloggin peoples dash i was never funny im annoying everyone and they wish i never existed
#i guess this is relatable hahaha but akso my day has juts been so bad#anxiety was the worst it uad been in like 7 months and i realized i missed my benzos 3 doses in a row and was in a lil bit of withdrawal#anyway i didnt get the chem done that was stressing me out so fuckin badly bc of how bad it was and neither did i get my laundry done i just#fuxk man#i know people think im kind sometimes maybe even funny but like also they hate me#they hate me so bad and i should go back to hating myself#like i KNOW the thoughts arent rational and hold no weight and i know its not true#it still feels like its true as much as i argue w it#idk its just a bad fucking day and i thought i had an exam tomorrow but actually its just getting posted tomorrow#and i have a class discussion in a 100+ person zoom call at 8am#and 3 other classes also tomorrow#and then this fucking chem thing is due on wednesday#and my head hurts im just fucking lonely and i miss things i never had and im so frustrated and disgusted at myself for just forgetting#just thinking ot would be ok not to take my meds#im addicted to them physiologically i could have grand mal seizures if i go 5 days without them#and i just thought it would be fine bc im dumb!!! im never gonna be off medications#i can 'function' kind of but i could never live independently with cooking every fucking day i can barely do it twice a week#im bad at asking for help i know this#my dad is cooking tomorrow so i can spend time w someone special to me#bc i had swapped days w him to go on a social distanced picnic on saturday#i just idk why i think anything#and i KNOW this is negative unhealthy thinking i just. need to say it ig#get it out#how tf do i tag this#vent#vent tw#tw negativity#tw negative self talk#rsd#adhd
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fandomhavenskittles · a year ago
The only thing keeping me from infodumping about my hyperfixations (ie very specific fictional characters) to anyone who shows any interest to anything I have to say is the fear that they’re just waiting for me to stop talking and that I’m talking to much and that they think that all I care about is what I have to say when I’m reality that’s not it I just talk a lot and am generally very awkward so any disinterest I show isn’t actually disinterest it’s me not knowing how to make “normal” conversation but I’m afraid that they’ll take it the wrong way and just generally feel like I shouldn’t talk about my hyperfixations because it’s not considered “normal” conversation and-
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srmthfgifs · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
The sacrifice theory is very very interesting, but I have doubts that it would be canon. Chiro still questions who it was who chose him and for what. If he had sacrificed himself to destroy the dark-one worm, Skeleton King’s head would have still survived, and Valeena would have been able to resurrect him and start the process all over again. To be chosen for such a minuscule event in the grand scheme of things wouldn’t make much sense. 
The Power Primate is a very unique and cryptic energy source compared to that of the Force from Star Wars. The Power Primate however yields more uses. To me, each member of the Hyperforce represents a use. 
Antauri is spirit. Gibson is intelligence. Sprx is Instinct. Nova is fury. Otto is Gears in the Cog, a connection, a need to protect family. Mandarin is the “dark side”, and Chiro is the “Light side” to become master of all. 
The power primate can be used for all these things. It is fueled by the fundamental makings of life. It is an energy that can be used for all these things. The main source of Power primate was housed at the Veron Mystic Temple, only for it to be corrupted and taken away by Skeleton King. The Temple is destroyed, the Power Primate cannot seem to be wielded anymore. Chiro gave away the Powerprimate that was absorbed into him when he activated the Monkey Team. Its almost like a form of radiation that clusters into a ball, like a sun. 
Chiro thinks the Power Primate is gone, he can’t use his powers, he is like a weak human all over again. However, all powerprimate uses are revealed in the episode: I, Chiro. Chiro thinks the Power Primate is gone, but out of the power of Connection/Protection, Chiro’s energy lights up green, jumping in front of Antauri before Dark-one possessed Skeleton King could hurt him. Antauri uses spirit to possess Chiro and the Robot. Driven by fury and instinct, Chiro uses his monkey form to destroy Skeleton King’s body, and search for a new body for Antauri. 
Chiro uses intelligence to finish the Silver Monkey Body and once again uses Family Connection and Spirit to transfer Antauri’s soul into his new body. 
After this, Chiro somehow regains his Power Primate abilities along with the rest of the team. The main source of Power Primate is gone, corrupted by Skeleton King. Chiro is the only one apart from Antauri to be able to unleash the Inner Primate into a Physical Manifestation around his body. He mastered the Veron Mystic gates, he has done things with the Power Primate that no other monkey has been able to do before. 
My theory, is that Chiro wasn’t simply chosen to stop Skeleton King. I believe he is to become the new strongest source of Power Primate. (Like the Power Primate cluster in the Veron Temple.) Except he is a walking vessel for it. 
This is where I would like to go further, this part may be a bit farfetched or too much, but... Chiro is master of all Power Primate uses. Mandarin is too, however, he represents the dark side, while Chiro is the light. Chiro’s representation is life itself. I like to indulge myself thinking that he is to become the first “Light One”, the antithesis of a Dark One. We see the Power Primate cracks and breaks the Citadel of Bone in “Skeleton King” by Chiro simply meditating, simply reaching out to his friends. 
In the Lords of Sourtix 7, there is a power that blocks all artificial / power primate energy sources, like the Monkey’s computer brains, and Chiro’s powers. When his friends are close to being boiled in lava, (once again, Family Connection) he screeches in fury, Power Primate reawakening, defying the power that blocked it. He destroys the tower in the village of Thrash, allowing life and energy to return to the planet. 
He defies death from the Netherworld by the Power Primate reversing the Dark One’s life-draining effects when he returns to his own realm. 
To become the strongest source of Power Primate, to become a bringer of living energy, of life, the first Light One in history. The first true weapon against the army of Dark Ones now rising beyond control... to be able to change or destroy them for good instead of locking them in another realm.... 
Life always finds a way. 
And that way is Chiro. 
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budapestalloveragain · 2 years ago
helloooo my fav jongdae enthusiast @gentleyeol tagged me to do the 10 song music shuffle tag thing (is there a name? who knows) soooo here we are!
1. thunder // exo-k 2. so what // bts 3. 花요일 blooming day // exo-cbx 4. holiday // seventeen 5. ice baby // tiny-g 6. hi high // loona 7. all in // monsta x 8. where you at // nu’est w 9. hero // monsta x 10. her // block b 
thanks marlonnnnnn i love u so much & i cant wait to yell about ot9 with you in 5 days !! fuck !! 
tagging jori @yellowhalcyon ejay @thriftmom & jackie @ohdiogenes if you’re ~feeling it~ (no pressure if not) + whoever wants ofc !! 
#my tags#u know exactly what clip i'm thinking of#the thunder white noise artificial love playboy one hahahahaha goodbye#i'm so excited for exo's comeback honestly like#i know i don't hardcore stan them like i don't know that many bsides or anything but they are my first boy group#& they'll always have a special place in my heart u know#also their songs are fucking bomb lmao pls appreciate#so what makes me so happy ugh what a bop like i feel like i didnt appreciate it as much when the album came out ?#but after seeing it live and like seeing how much fun they have while performing it ugh i love it so much#it really is meant to be done live it's such a fucking party song it bops so hard#spotify's really trying to send me a message huh lmao#omg this makes me so nostalgic ice baby is one of the first kpop songs i listened to haha like from my old freshman year phase#i looked up kpop on youtube and just clicked on a playlist and i remember this one + obsession by boyfriend + a by got7 + short hair by aoa#sorry to be a fake fan but i haven't actually listened to hi high lmao wow i just added it bc i knew i would at some point xD#i like loona i just am overwhelmed by their concept all the time (but love4eva is like one of the best songs to exist i dont make the rules)#all in i'm gonna cRYYYYYY which reminds me i still haven't listened yet wow it's been a week i should probably do that soon#SIR YES SIR I LOVE CHANGKYUN SO MUCH WOWWWW HAHAHA CAN U BELIEVE#fuck me jonghyun's voice makes me wanna cry i love him so much thanks spotify for putting all my favs in here#no nct or got7 yet but there's still 2 songs left u know lmao#mONSTA (MONSTA) a whole ass bop i am so#also nothing gets me going more than changkyun yelling IM or I AM WHAT I AM i fucking lose it shoot out has me dead and gone g o o d b y e#oh fuck yeah a good one to end it on
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poeticandvaguelysweet · 3 years ago
most of you are new here, some are returned, some have been here since the dawn of time and haven’t let up. But, I’m just going to make a post because I’m funny about some things and I feel the need to express it just so we’re all on the same page. 
please do not send me the same prompts you have/are sending to someone else. 
I have an ungodly amount of prompts and I feel so honoured that you’re all excited to hear my interpretations on things/make your daydreams come true for this OTP. I can’t possibly keep up with all of these prompts (I will get there eventually and by no means am I saying don’t send me any because I love hearing your ideas and I do want to write them all) there’s just A LOT and I am very busy at the moment. 
With every prompt you send me I am adding them to a physical list but also a mental. I am thinking about ALL OF YOUR PROMPTS all of the time. So, it’s a little disheartening when I see someone else post a response to the EXACT prompt I had in my head. 
I’m all for getting different interpretations on things but I think it’s too early in the game to be doing that. There’s so much ground that hasn’t been covered yet. 
But, it also feels like impatience. Like, you’ve gone ‘hm, maybe A won’t get it done quickly so I will send it to B as well, maybe even C and see what my chances are like’ and that’s kind of shitty because you feel less special that someone picked you to fulfil their imagination but also someone else because you might not get to it in time.
No particular incident has caused this post but it’s happened quite a bit already. If I see the exact same prompt answered by someone else, I will take it off my list. It’s not fair to the other author (whether they mind or not, because I mind) if I’m out there posting a similar story. I have plenty of other prompts out there waiting specifically for me to write and I rather put my time and effort into those. 
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moonsuke · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Finallyyyyyyyyy i defeated this stage!!!!! I’ve been stuck here for months!!!!! Those 15 gold transmit stones still gave me shit tho what a waste of effort
all these bad luck better mean i’ll be getting ML sigret I swear!!!
#nn#es#I also finally did my hair today!!! got it cut pretty short!!! and let’s just say today’s a pretty flattering trip lmao#I was kinda offended tho. cause one of the stylist asked whether the hairstyle I want is in and another brought up kpoop!!! I hate kpoop 😭😭😭#they mentioned lisa from bp or something and like I kept quiet and continued listening to them talk until they asked me if it’s bc of her#and i was like lel no I dislike kpoop and the convo was silent after that hahaha. I’m sorry usually I won’t do this but like I HATE kpoop!!!#so I gotta say it. egh. also as if I go around following trends 😤 idc bout trends. idc bout following trends nor trying hard to not follow#trends 😤 ain’t a special snowflake hipster#anyway this week was so stressful for me?? like we’d to make my friend’s video and like I’m so done with socialising for a bit. and also#having this hair appointment at the back of my mind just makes me feel anxious. appointments always make me feel thing bc it’s constantly on#the back of my mind. and then I’d to book a staycay which is for free but still I’d to decide this and that and egh. today I feel better#cause I did hair and booked the staycay like finally so that’s 2 things off my checklist. like I even put tumblr on my checklist lol wtf#cause I kinda wanna go on here but at the same time egh I don’t wanna do anything so I just included it in the list... and I can’t wash my#hair for 2 days after this so like that’s just... irritating. I won’t feel comfortable and clean and like that bugs me and egh. but mostly I#think I’m most stressed out by masters?? I’ve known I want to pursue further studies since the start but I’ve never found any courses I like#until this week!!! suddenly I saw one I like!!! in a pretty good local U too!!! but it’s like 30k 🤯🤯🤯 and I’d to do it part time bc erm I#ain’t gonna lose my job AND STILL pay 30k hello. so that’s 2 years of grinding... a colleague did her masters in the same school and she#said it was rly tiring cause of the travelling... 😭 but I’ve other concerns too bc like I’m still thinking whether I want to do research!#if yes I might as well go get a phd straightaway and not do masters! but like I’m traumatised by research during uni lmao. that’s why I#ventured into healthcare which is also more stable. anyway the course I’m looking at combines my major with the hottest sector in the future#so like programming things which is cool!!! it would def be helpful in the industry. even in my current workplace. actually it would be#useful in research too.. u know what. I think imma go with this. if I rly want research in the future I can always try to get into a#research lab by doing data shit first and then perhaps move into the research... idk... I’ve also been searching for scholarships but theres#more for undergrads and research ofc. coursework based science masters not so much... so there goes travel plans and lasik I suppose.#can’t afford to spend anymore 😭 egh and there’s a lot of little things that I need to do that gets on my nerves I just don’t wanna#do anything but I can’t relax as well. it’s annoying. I’m also hungry but don’t rly have appetite idk if it’s bc I’m stressed or what#but like egh. I just won’t be able to enjoy this long af weekend I took leave for just to do my hair... a waste...#I’m also dreading next week cause I’m back on EM. this time independently and I alrdy have 3 cases waiting for me sigh#and this week is busy too cause a senior staff took leave so I’d to help out some of her job and like bc I obviously suck more than her#it’s harder for me to do certain tasks so it’s tiring zzz
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