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#so fuckable
urfaveisunfuckable6 days ago
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unfuckable pride flag! i made this by first pulling up a picture of your mom
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and then colorpicking her to create this flag
Tumblr media
and then inverting it to create the unfuckable pride flag, because your mom is so incredibly fuckable, so the flag represents the opposite of her. thank you
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shorkbrian16 days ago
(Collage au ???)!What about a poly jocks kirideku who has a thing for the sweet nerd who helps them in English or art . Or maybe Deku is helping kiri and the nerd to pass maths (gosh I need help with my maths 馃槀) I just wanna be kabedon ok !! 馃槀
UNF having two big jocks push you into the family bathroom on campus while you're trying to tutor them.
Having Kiri strip you down while Izuku keeps you occupied with his mouth, kissing you real rough but almost sweet, tongue everywhere, panting into your mouth about how you're so soft and pretty, look so cute and fuckable.
N then Kirishima tucks his arms underneath your armpits and lifts you off your feet, Izuku grinning and grabbing your thighs, throwing them over his shoulders and nuzzling towards your pussy, kissing and biting at your thighs with gross little confessions of love.
Kiri cooing over you, switching his hold so you're leaning more on his chest while Izuku gets ready to eat you out. The redhead wants to feel you tits, feel how they squish in his hands, see how bouncy and round they are, play with your nipples and run his calloused hands all over your chest.
They just wanna show a little appreciation for their tutor! You work so hard showing them how to pass their classes! Let them give you some love back!
Izuku makes you cum, practically whining against your cunt as he eats it all up, Kirishima laughing at the younger man because his hips are bucking into the air.
But then it's Kirishima's turn to taste, and the two men switch positions, the redhead pulling off his jacket to lay it on the ground for you, Izuku doing the same.
Kiri pulls your legs apart, and no matter how you try to snap them shut it's useless - especially with his massive figure between them. All you do is squeeze him a little, and it makes the man chuckle.
He makes you cum too, even though it takes a while because you're terrified of his sharp teeth. You've been crying since Kirishima stripped you down.
Izuku is kneeling nearby, watching as his friend slobbers all over you, runs his tongue between your pussy lips and flicks it against your clit over and over until you sob. He's jacking off, groaning at how your face looks, so red and already all fucked out.
The redhead cruelly stretches you out with his tongue, uses his fingers too, until you're squirting into his mouth, almost screaming and Izuku is quick to clamp a hand over your mouth, snapping your jaw shut painfully. It's the same hand he'd been jerking his cock with, and you can smell it.
They let you calm down for a moment, while Kirishima wipes his face and shucks off his ruined shirt. Your juices had gone everywhere, but neither man is complaining.
Izuku starts kissing you again, and it's so disgusting and messy, the man practically licking you in his eagerness.
Neither of them may know how to do calculus very well, but they sure know how to fuck.
That fact is made clear to you soon, both of them taking turns treating you gentle, trying to build you up to one last orgasm.
Izuku has to tap out first, says your pussy too good, and cums all over your stomach while Kirishima takes his place. By the time Kirishima's ready to blow his load, Izuku's ready to go again.
They're gonna make you feel good one last time, and then they promise to clean you up and walk you home.
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kemakoshume21 days ago
饾敨饾敯饾敚饾敶 鈥 饾敧饾敗饾敨饾敠 *:锝ワ緹鉁*:锝ワ緹鉁
Tumblr media
why am i losing my mind over the idea of you, a former camgirl, having skype sex with oikawa. the seasons are long, way too long for you to go with him to every single stop on their tours to play other teams, so鈥 you two improvise.
he鈥檇 call you up late at night after he was all showered and relaxed after practice, lazing around in the king bed of his hotel room. you could tell immediately where the conversation was going when his voice dipped down just a little lower and he says, 鈥渢hat looks like a cute little outfit you have on baby. wanna show it off for me?鈥
you鈥檇 slide back your laptop, getting your whole body (give or take your feet) in frame, sitting back on your thighs looking so fuckable in your new babydoll set. you鈥檇 feel yourself up, bringing your hands to your breasts to squeeze them, breathing heavier as you imagine that they鈥檙e his hands on you.
he鈥檇 tell you exactly what he wants you to do, all the while stroking himself to hardness through his boxer briefs.
鈥測ou gonna tip me baby? i used to get paid loads to do this,鈥 you鈥檇 tease, knowing that he knew found your past both respectable and sexy. you were his. other men spending their money on seeing you meant nothing when he was the only man who got to touch you.
鈥渙h yeah? how much for you to touch yourself for me babygirl, hm?鈥 he鈥檇 say, easily falling into the roleplay, 鈥渋 wanna see why you used to be so popular on that site.鈥
you said $100 as a joke, a very obvious joke, but still鈥 he鈥檇 flippantly pick up his phone with his free hand, a smirk on his lips, and send you $200 instead, just because he could.
鈥渘ow, show me how you fuck yourself when you鈥檙e alone angel. spread that pussy open, i wanna see what鈥檚 mine.鈥
Tumblr media
thank you for reading! 藲*鈥⑻┨┩欌湬鈥⑻┨┩*藲锛 gimme a like, a reblog, a follow, an ask (requests are open)!! whatever :D
谁獭虨(鈼炩亷藘釂核)鈼*鉁 i am a big ol slut for interacting with you guys. i'd love some moots :'D
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bb-fae3 months ago
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New content on OF 馃挀 Go sub rn 馃槨馃槨
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bb-fae3 months ago
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Tumblr media
The next 5 people that sub to my on1yf4ns gets a 35% discount 馃槈馃槈 Cum watch me play with my 馃樆馃樆馃樆
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Bro's...i found this...AND I AM WEAK!
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