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#so glad to have you
  ・。゚ @soughtlove​​ whispered :    🌻  “ tell me a headcanon you've 
                                       been dying to tell everyone. ”

in  my  portrayal    ,    katara  suffers  from  mild  ptsd    .    there  is  honestly  no  possible  way  in  which  she  emerges  from  a  war    (  that  she  had  spearheaded  with  aang  )    unscathed    .    i  try  to  incorporate  a  lot  of  guiltridden  descriptions  in  prose  because  of  the    survivor’s  guilt    she  inevitably  goes  through — not  only  regarding  her  family  back  home    ,    but  also  the  people  that  sacrificed  themselves  for  the  greater  good    ,    i . e .   princes  yue    .    this  also  stems  from  the  fact  that  she    grew  up  fighting    but  ends  up  in  a  diplomatic  position  following  zuko’s  coronation  :    katara  is  a  doer    ,    not  a  speaker    .    she   knows   actions  speak  louder  than  words  in  her  world    ,    and  actively  takes  on  the  role  of  the  painted  lady  once  night  falls  on  a  regular  basis  to  ease  the  guilt  that  plagues  her  during  the day    .    zuikko​  and  i  also  talked  about  how  the  two  of  them  actually  have  more  to  resolve  within  themselves  once  politics  becomes  their  larger  issue    .    life  is  easier  when  you’re  fighting  a  greater  evil    &&    you  know  you’re  good    .    it’s  hard  only  when  you  become  the  one  with  enough  power  to  decide  the  fate  of  others — and  you  don’t  know  if  it’ll  do  more  harm  than  good    .    katara  and  zuko  don’t   want   to  hurt  the  people  they’re  helping    .    but  the  inevitability  of  clashing  politics    &&    differing  opinions  means  they  have  hard  choices  to  make    .

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kjsdfh go and get a drinko of some water, friendo 🤣 Though given how long this has been in my inbox for, I think that time has come and gone.

I’m really happy you liked it friendo!! 💖💖 It wasn’t the sloppiest bathroom sex ever (I really didn’t want any clothing touching the floor aldkjfh like I’m sorry I can’t let that happen bathroom floors be nasty 🤣), but I’m pleased with the outcome, and even happier that y’all liked it so much!!

What was it that got y’all though, because the outcry of yelling I’m seeing here is… definitely different to the usual. Was it the fingers… was it Vergil calling y’all kitten…

…looking at everybody else, I think it’s the last thing. And man I don’t blame y’all. I’m not into pet names usually, and I can’t personally see Vergil using many I’m ngl, but kitten rolls off his metaphorical tongue reeeaaaally well. 🤤

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o?oh??? thank you so much!! this really means a lot! 💜

i don’t know if i’ll ever write a full lenght thing of it all? but i do have a proper written piece in the works that covers Rene’s & Jan’s storyline! 

and besides that, i will definitely share more written things about them

rn i just want to get all their intro’s and info about their pasts outta the way - and once i got those done, drabbles and written pieces will follow more often!

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Aw, of course nonny!

As you know, thanks to a very kind would here on tumblr, I was able to attend the Walls listening party at Wembley. We saw Louis briefly at the start of the listening party, and then again after the album played when they were premiering the Walls music video. Afterwards, they told us we’d be taking pictures with him and to queue in pairs to get our photos taken. I was a mess djsjxjs I’d never met any of the boys at this point, let alone Louis, so I was very nervous and trying to put my thoughts in order as to what I wanted to say to him when it’d our turn. I had eight years worth of things to say to him, but when we finally got to him I tried my best to act soundly haha I said hi and told him I’d just drop my bag off for the photo, so I put that on the side. I asked for a hug and Louis hugged both me and my new friend, and then we posed to get our photos taken (it’s been almost six months and we have not received those photos yet, so I think it’s safe to say Sony are jerks and messed up and lost our pics and something, which I’m heartbroken about).

After that, I lingered for a bit as I wanted to talk to him briefly. I told him that I’d been a fan of his for a long time, and that his music had truly helped him, and that I knew it was a cliché thing to say but it was true. Louis was such a kind soul, he was sort of holding my wrist as I was speaking as he could tell I was nervous, and kept his eyes on me the whole time, and when I said that he replied ‘don’t worry about it, love’. There was something else I’d been meaning to tell him ever since Two Of Us came out, so I did, and I told him that I knew it was a sensible subject and didn’t want to upset him, but Louis immediately said that it was fine and that it was good to talk about that stuff, and thanked me. We hugged again, and he was so, so soft. Like, I know that I’m a fan, and I adore that boy, and I’m probably biased, but it was truly a wonderful hug, and as weird as that sounds I could feel how warm it was even after we separated. He hugged my friend again too, and then we said our goodbyes.

We got to take a group photo afterwards as well, and after that was done and we were all leaving I just told him to have a goodnight and he looked up and told me the same.

I hope this is of help ❤️

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