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I am once again thinking about how Dean’s “I’m asking you not to, just ‘cause” in 6x20 fits into the concept of “stay without making me ask”. Do this for me not because it’s logical or because it’s the best course of action. Do this for me because it’s me. Because you care about me. Choose me. Dean wanted Cas to choose him, and it’s great and it hurts.

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awstens lil sounds (adlibs?) in somgs are my fav, like the *cough*, the blugh and the gibberish mouth noises in telephone

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popcorn isn’t a top tier snack by any means like it’s just ok in my opinion and it’s horrendous the way it gets stuck in your teeth but omg the texture

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In keeping with the spirit of “all things 80′s,” may I present to you the “Blood Dragon Theme” from the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon OST:

No, that is NOT your eyes playing tricks.  Yes, that is Michael Biehn set against the backdrop of a dinosaur shooting lasers from his eyes.  And yes, the game is as glorious as the video thumbnail suggests.


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