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hey! just your friendly neighborhood anon hopping in to say that your take on victor is so fun and layered and it's always a joy to read! you give him real depth beyond the passive nice guy fanon, and it's great watching you develop him! keep up the good work!

oh jeez anon.. thats such a nice thing to say…! i see a lot of positivity going around on the dash all of a sudden, and if you’re the one speading all of it singlehandedly… hats off to you!

writing victor is a lot of fun for me, but there’s always that question of whether i’m doing him justice, whether i’m going about things the “right” way. even if this is purely for my own enjoyment anyway dsjfsk

so thank you for taking the time to read the stuff i do and go so far as to express your kind thoughts. it goes a long way, seriously. tysm

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Do you want to see the big cities or wild places of the world?

There’s definitely a few big cities I cannot wait to adventure in. But as someone who gets a little anxious in crowded places, I think I’ll spend most my time in the wild .

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“You can’t treat that people you like… people, people you pretend to like! People that you… you use! Like. Me.”

At the words, Lucifer Kane could feel the hot tears well up and spill over in an instant. He didn’t cry often, especially not in front of people, not once had he cried in front of Brutus. But because of this thing he was trying to save in this little town that was oh so beautiful to him… he just. Forgot how to explain. He just told Brutus to follow, and damn the man, damn him for following.

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