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#so grateful

When it comes to two male characters I like, their relationship can be whatever. Just friends, hate each other, fucking, whatever makes sense or is funniest I guess.

When it comes to my female faves, I just ship them all with each other with very little regard for what makes sense.

And when it comes to my male and female faves….I want them to like, hang out and have a dynamic and do stuff, but like, never ever be romantically involved.

And I guess that’s good, considering my female faves are like Haven and then my male faves are….well…yeah.

Also it’s hilarious to me how very obviously gay you can tell I am from this, wow ><

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every morning I wake up to beautiful sunlight streaming through my basement (yes basement!) apartment windows, through the glass door to my room.

i’m grateful for the thought they put into the design of this dwelling

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I literally don’t have the energy to be sad anymore

thank God for life, for good friends, family, energy, good health, therapy, opportunities…for existing in this vessel

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My baby lets me sleep as long as I want the only time he wakes me is by playing with me, we play games together, he buys me chocolate and is gentle with me when it ladies time let’s me sleep in his cologne covered shirts, sets up virtual dates for us when we can’t see each other, grabs my ass and hugs me from behind in public. Among a thousand other things

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