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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#so here we are XD

My take on Warren from A Desperate Defenseless Creature :) I tried to accentuate his thin frame and overall undernourished sort of look without having him look too ghastly. Hair up, hair down, he’s cute either way

Super scribbly, I know, I just couldn’t stay on one sketch too long before wanting to draw out another angle. (Uploaded from my phone :P)


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I played Diablo 3 for like 5 hours today.

Finally got my seasons character to level 60.

Never thought I’d ever try to advance with temporary characters, but here we are.

This also won me the have two barbarians reach level 60 achievement, so I’m happy.

Vrot is still so much stronger than Rotti, but what can you do? Rotti will just reset at the end of the season anyway. :/

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@lyriumvolk​ asked ;  ‘ waddup i’m Fenris, i’m thirty-something, and i never fucking learned how to read ’


pinching the bridge of his nose, the sigh that escaped the altus was, unmistakeably, one of pure and utter exasperation. 

          ❝ …marvellous. ❞ 

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BA planted a large hand gently on Amy’s shoulder, the gesture affectionate though his scowl darkened his features. “With what they all went through, it might be better this way…They aren’t sufferin’ no more.” As he spoke, he tightened his grip just enough to guide Amy away from the scene. She could wait in the van while the rest of them cleaned up the grisly aftermath of the explosion.

A slug rigging his place to explode, blowing up the evidence and several lives along with it, had not been how any of them wanted this job to go. Of course, the creep was already well out of the way by the time his operation blew, probably on his private jet to the Bahamas. The very idea made BA feel sick. That, in turn, made BA feel angry…which made him feel like he wanted to start throwing slugs through windows. Only…he had no slugs on hand or windows to throw them through….

Exhaling sharply, he tried to expel the anger building in his chest. He had to focus on Amy right now and make sure she was all right. Then he had to help Hannibal clean all of this up. Then, and only then, could they focus on stomping this slug into the ground so hard that he never got up again.

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@saintswept​​ ( for Death 🖤 )


The night was descending on the infirmary when Mathilde saw the familiar figure standing in the room. Of course they were here. She shouldn’t have expected that it would take long until their paths crossed again now that she was back fighting the plague. For a long moment their gazes simply locked, no words necessary, and Mathilde felt a strange warmth on her cheeks, as her thoughts returned to their last encounter, when she had died, when she had kissed them. There was no reason for that sudden, unusual outburst of shyness. She was centuries old, she had kissed before, it was neither the first nor would it be the last time. Then why was she nervous? Because she didn’t know if it meant anything. Because it wasn’t just anyone, but Death themself, a deity she’d sworn to fight against with all her power. Yet at this point one could hardly consider them true enemies anymore. ( what else then? )
She managed a deep breath to calm her nerves and hoped that the expression in her eyes resembled something close to indifference or at least not more than mild interest.
Mathilde needed something to busy her hands with and a good reason to avert her eyes, so she began to prepare bandages for the next day. For a moment only the sound of ripping fabric interrupted the silence between them.  

“I wondered how long it would take for us to meet again”, she said eventually, her voice shaking only a little, barely noticable. “You are here to collect, aren’t you?” 

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one  word  prompts .


It wasn’t every day he ran into Jedi and, for the record, McCoy could do without this sort of excitement in his life. He was perfectly content on staying on his home planet, working at the hospital, and never getting involved in this sort of nonsense. Life had other plans.

The sound of blasters had Bones dropping into a crouch, bag of groceries clutched to his chest without so much of a jostle to let anything fall out. Steady hands after all. Head went on a swivel before he saw the swish of a dark brown cloak and a hand reach out to him. Fingers didn’t even make contact but he was sent flying sideways. That’s when the contents of his bag went everywhere. “Sonuva–” McCoy cursed, drowned out by the sound of a lightsaber deflecting blaster bolts that would have struck right where he’d been standing. 

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Life in the Clinic

Hello, dear interested party!
However you got here. I welcome you to the little reports I want to share with the world. About my daily life in the clinic I live in. I do everything – a bit of filing, physical therapy if needed, general care taker… sometimes bouncer, if someone needs to be removed from the premises.

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I will pass my phone over to Stanley and he can write a gush post 😳

Hey there, um. You all. I’m not very experienced with this kind of thing. Ren called it gushing? I mean, she just told me to write down a bunch of things I like about her. So here you go.

So, Ren is just constantly thinking of others. How the things she says and does affects them, how it might light up or tear down their day. I can tell it takes a lot outta her, but I think it’s really endearing. She always does her best to make sure I’m happy and having a really good day. And, to be honest, it’s a good day just when she’s around, so she doesn’t have to try as hard as she does.

Also, she’s incredibly cute. Have you seen her? A beautiful woman like that, with an old man like me? How did that happen?! I still ask her that sometimes and she acts so surprised I think that way. I mean, I know she thinks I’m handsome, but come on. I dunno how I lucked out so much.

Especially since she’s so TALENTED, you know? I’m sure you guys have seen it. I’ve watched her pick hobbies up and become happy with her skill in it within a few weeks. I’ve been sewing monsters together for the Shack for 30 YEARS and I’m still nowhere near good at it. Maybe it’s because she’s such a perfectionist. I can’t say I know. But I love to watch her eyes light up when she’s doing something she loves. The best is when she sings Disney songs to me! It’s like she BECOMES a princess. I mean, to me she is one, but in that moment, I could practically see birds flyin onto her shoulders. I dunno how she does it.

And– Oh, sorry, Ren just came over and saw how much I wrote. She told me to wrap it up. I mean, I have a lot more I could say! But she’s blushin a lot haha Guess that’s it then. Thanks for tunin in, guys.

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HE MUST HAVE HIT HIS HEAD PRETTY HARD. Peter had seen aliens and some advanced tech but this guy was blue … right?

It was a big risk to land in the middle of the bad guy’s science fair, Spider-Man easily gave their experiments a hard FAIL but Peter was impressed … well he was! The presentation of the forced division of cells, rapid growth, expansion and gene modification was years beyond what genetics companies were doing!

                                                      ━ It was kinda cool.

Spider-Man asked them nicely to pack up the BadGuyCon and go home but they all just shouted at him and pulled their guns out … they had no sense of humor. One of them, the main boss, told his men to drop their guns, that he had something just for him. Peter hoped it was a slice of pizza but it was a bomb. Of course.

The blast was a hybrid of a typical bomb and a chemical bomb. The blast sent him flying across the warehouse and the gas caused him to see colors. Too many colors. How many people were in the building when he showed up? All these people came to the BadGuyCon?

❝ You’re blue, ❞ he said dumbly to the guy that had approached him, his head lolled, his eyes trying to focus on the man’s shoes, pants, white shirt … jacket,  ❝ I’m sorry, ❞ that was rude. Spider-Man rubbed his head, his lenses narrowed, finally the guy came into focus and his lenses widened.  

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