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#so i guess i made my peace
stardustedknuckles · a month ago
Nevermind I get it. It’s pretty simple. Core issue of mine: attachment to anything that can be taken away too easily. Not going to put energy into attempting a ship based on one episode when tomorrow it could be blown apart etc. Easiest to stay with the platonic sex and casual interactions not related to sex or personal investment. It’s not about shipping or guessing so much as it’s about attachment issues. Go figure.
Probably not going to bother with a ship until FCG can use revivify.
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spitzonthefritz · 2 months ago
as someone who deeply hates making decisions to the point I will just freeze up until either the moments passed or someone makes the decision for me, I gotta say: having animals that rely on you to make all the decisions for them sucks so hard.
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furloid · 8 days ago
I'm also about to go out on "vacation" with my parents and God... HELL WORLD
#NEKO PUNCH!#i was super tired last night but. my dad literally called me slurs yelled at me threatened me in front of the campus building#i love how the campus police were just like huh? i dont have fucking ears#im just. i dont know i want SOMEONE to save me#but im an adult now i can just get a job and leave if i really wanted right? so easy?#anyways ofc i started bawling my eyes out and my mom threatened to hit me and my dad literally said#we were too nice to yall#WHAT!? TOO NICE TO YOUR KIDS!!!#i mean. ok king slay *beats his kids*#anyways. fucking. found the sharpest object in the car went crazy went stupid them we got home i was gonna try to od#because. teehee i cant fucking do this for another 3 years#but then they gave me petz cats and the fatal fury ovas (asked for them for my bday) so. GUESS ILL LIVE#im so dumb why do i always fall for this shit. theyve gotten good at it too they used to just bribe me with food now its better stuff#i cant stop thinking because like. my dad takes shit out on my mom so she goes to me to take shit out on#like please please PLEASE do a double suicide or divorce. yall do not need kids together#im so. THIS IS TERRIBLE IMNSORRY im jealous of my siblings since we all have different parents and they could experience#one of them (we all are half siblings so like. same dad or same mom not both) were super good parents with their other partner#but then they got cheated on and got married again with each other and made me. and my life has not known peace since#'Hero you shouldnt put so much personal info out there-' im literally dying soon and dont care#anyways let me trigger tag#suicide mention#od mention#abuse#child abuse#self harm mention#father mention#mother mention
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jiangwanyin · 3 months ago
why are we still here? just to suffer? every day i am forced to read anti capitalist posts glorifying communism and the soviet union
#i am so incredibly tired of this#please westerners especially americans i am begging you just pick up a history book#i don't know how to break it to you but socialism doesn't work not done like that anyway and the soviet union is not a good#fucking example?? and do you seriously think you could live freely enjoying indulging in your hobbies because yay no more capitalism?#god some of you people are so detached from reality it's incredible i would love to see how you would cope in the world my mum grew#up in and it was even worse earlier#this is literally my biggest pet peeve oh my god#okay the wording is messy i'm sorry ignore me but you get my point.#like. the people who are like ''boo hoo i can't do art under capitalism because everything is about work'' yes capitalism sucks but#guess fucking what you literally wouldn't be any better off under communism!#this is just one example out of billion but my mum used to play the piano when she was young and she loved it and she was good at it#so her teacher made her do concerts because talent shouldn't be hoarded and hidden away selfishly but shared with the world and#used for the Greater Good and entertaining the community. my mum had stage fright and hated performing in front of#others and she just wanted to play the piano in peace. her teacher kicked her out because she refused to teach her if she didn't do#concerts. she never played the piano again until after i was born but sure tell me about how you'll have plenty of time and#endless opportunities to do all the things you want to do once you leave capitalist hell and find yourself in communist bliss!#yes i'm bitter but i'm also right i swear to god i'm going to start biting people#just. shut up. shut up about communism if you don't know the second thing about it#angie.txt
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Was informed casually today that the final research paper for my driest class has to be 8-10 pages so I need to start harassing myself about it now so it doesn’t make me breakdown later but also…. I have so little info rubric wise and idk what I’m supposed to talk abt……….. must I always say things can’t I just absorb silently like a sponge……….. like a happy little clam……….
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enbies-and-felonies · 2 months ago
#when u finally go to the person in authority who is supposed to make hings right when ur being mistreated but actually#did u kno its U who's in trouble and got the short straw and aren't doing things right#bc oh you didn't tell them when u should have#and oh you must not be willing to communicate in a way the other person needs#and it's totally not bc they refuse to listen or care but bc you're not trying or doing it right#''just look her in the eyes'' like i haven't been looking her in the eyes the past few nights when i'm begging her to let me have some peace#and she doesn't bat an eye when i'm on the edge of a breakdown trying not to cry at o' dark-thirty bc she wont fucking leave me alone#i guess it's perfectly fine to be a child-parent when ur taking responsibility and doing all the work and meeting needs#but as soon as you expect them to listen or obey it's fuck-all and why do you think you're the parent you don't deserve that respect#or obedience#like it's not me who's been trying to fucking raise her partially since i was fucking nine#like oh haha my parents lowkey had me raise my younger sister since i was a kid and all i got was mental illness and a bad relationship<3#i'm trying so fucking hard and i thought she would try too. i thought we were gonna make it better#but it's only gotten worse#livin' the ideal life besties <333#i almost would rather that i was going through last-years school year instead bc yeahmy mental health was crap but at least it was just me#and i have to fucking work tomorrow and then probably go to church on sunday and i don't have the energy but how do i explain that to my mom#??#how?#it's all fine i'm just falling apart inside again <3 i made it through last-years school though so i can make it through this#tw vent#tw rant#tw bad relationship#tw parents#tw mom#tw swearing
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kingreywrites · 11 months ago
The fact that Zhan Tiri knew and said that Rapunzel's weakness was her kindness and compassion, the fact that they were both next to all of Rapunzel's unconscious loved ones including Eugene who Zhan Tiri could have very easily grabbed so Rapunzel wouldn't be able to attack her without worrying about the man she loves, the fact that Cass could have been the one to save the day because she would have been able to fight when Rapunzel couldn't, the fact that the girls could have completed each other and been stronger together while Zhan Tiri could have been a real threat for more than 5 minutes, the fact that this fight scene should have been the climax of the series and should have been the moment for Cass to regain her agency and make herself into the hero, the fact-
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lvcilla · 4 months ago
tbh its so interesting how the current brand of internet politics, ie you have to be learned already in social justice, approaches books and characters who are not flawless in that sense. specifically talking abt internalised misoginy here bc its the only topic I feel comfortable applying the thought process to personally.
like, the knee-jerk reaction of criticising 'yes this woman in a period piece shouldn't have internalised misoginy' more than 'the book acknowledges that she has tons and when it fails to address it meaningfullly, maybe even if it tries to, it cannot conceptualise solving the issues by building communal love between women but only by some vague interal change of heart'. especially when i feel like the latter is so much more interesting when it comes to like. how fundamentally warped some brands of 'addressing ones one misoginy' CANNOT work if you do learn to empathise with women, such as the not like other girls wave of cold takes
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rescue-hero-cardiac · a month ago
nothing like a kori post to make me absolutely seeth with rage at the fact that tumblr cuts me off at 30 tags </3 fucking hell on earth
#I HAVE MORE TO SAY GODDAMNIT#& I'm not putting it in the reblog itself because that's just not The Same#I wanted to go off about how it was really wack to see how people respond to aito's gender in canon#cause that's just such an inherent part of him I couldn't imagine her without it#I cannot fathom looking at her & thinking ''yes this is a cis man''#but like in reality people wouldn't know I guess?#like it would make sense to ask & double check when you hear someone using more than one pronoun#like if I hear someome refered to as they/she or they/he I'll ask cause there have been several occassions when like#the person just uses they/them & people have just been misgendering them half the time#so lile you never KNOW but like#aito is my bestie I couldn't imagine not knowing <3#also aito himself saying ''besty'' <3 peace & love on planet earth#yes I literally made another post JUST to rant more about aito don't fucking @ me#using both -kun & -chan is fun#but I don't believe either of them are gender restrictive#like -chan is certainly more girly but could be used for boys in a young boyish very friendly way#& -kun could be used by a girl if she wanted to be addressed that way#but it's still wack to see konekomaru responding to the use of both#like gender really exists as a thing doesn't it#we were talking earlier in the gc (which you never respond in because me & zed scare you away </3 sorry bestie) about names & suffixes#& how ikuto would still be calling aito Takao-san by the time aito had already decided they were on first name no suffix basis with ikuto#like that is just their dynamic for a while & I love it#ikuto is trying so hard to be formal & polite & aito is just like we're besties actually I don't care#gonna be so hard writing fic dialogue with the correct suffixes I'm gonna have to ask eleven about everything#ANYWAY yes this is another rant I'm not sorry <3#tumblr should let me specifically have a max amount of tags of 100 because I'm special#I could talk about aito all day but kori's never in the fucking gc </3#bestie I wanna talk about your son get over here
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disaster-vamp · 2 months ago
I finished a Buffy rewatch about a month ago and all I want to do is watch it again (this time in actual order because I always watch it S5-6-7-ATS5-1-2-3-4 because I didn’t start watching in real time back in the day until the S6 premiere and now I always watch it weird) and take notes and shit and chase threads and revel in all these gorgeous high quality gifs bc the last time I did a rewatch it was pre-tumblr.
Meanwhile I’m trying to get through Angel again and it’s such a goddamn slog. I’m about midway through S3 and I just don’t remember disliking it this much? I’m over here like has this show always been this boring and sexist and boring? while knowing the answer is yes, absolutely your bullshit tolerance was just a lot higher back then. And
I thought I liked Angel (on his own show at least) more than this? I thought I liked Cordy more than this WTF is up with her hair all the time I know the 2000s were horrible, I was there and old enough to be at the mercy of them, but JFC you poor poor girl.
Did I always find nearly all the romantic pairings on this show this forced? (I’m in the middle of Gun/Fred, Cordy/Angel and I honestly don’t remember finding both ships this irritating - I think I was mostly ‘whatever don’t care’ about them and now I’m sitting here stone-faced not buying one second of any of it and getting increasingly disgusted by literally everyone but Wesley and Lorne, Wes probably bc he’s going to start hatefucking Lilah soon and I don’t remember what I thought about that last time and am curious as to what I’ll think about it now and Lorne bc he is like one of the only ones who is coming out of this unscathed again). Angel is only tolerable as a romantic lead to me if it’s with Darla because at least they read as similar in age and as equals also Buffy comes off as a Darla rebound on this show and Kate comes off as a Buffy rebound and then there’s Cordy who’s connected to Buffy so that’s also Buffy-adjacent and then Nina comes off like a Buffy rebound and just ok I get it he has a thing for blondes and Cordelia bc she’s like pseudo-Buffy with the super powers and learning to fight and also she’s mom-ing his baby son and wtf was up with all the mystical pregnancy storylines you fuckin’ weirdos, also I know the Connor stuff is coming really soon and I’m just preemptively grossed out and all I’m going to be thinking about is Pete Campbell’s receding hairline coming for him and I remember hating the Jasmine bullshit but at least Gina is pretty and Do NOT Get Me Started on ATS5 which I already watched bc Spike and holy shit the Spike characterization and how they regress his character so severely so Angel can still be The Hero even when he clearly is not worthy of even having his own show in the first place did it make me this irate the last time I watched like a decade ago or was I just so happy to have Spike for a little longer I just sucked it up and now I’m like this show is bad it has bad writing and I don’t even remember which season I used to think was decent bc I only have 1.5 seasons left and I thought all of them were bad and OMG CORDY’S OUTFIT IN HER FINAL EPISODE MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH THINGS WHY IS HER SHIRT BASICALLY COMPLETELY OPEN YOU GROSS SEXIST SHITHEADS
Anyway some of y’all are giving me life with your ATS hate and I thank you for your service and your satisfying and astute takedowns I feel very validated in my current disgust.
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frusci · 3 months ago
literally if u told me not even 5 years ago that i would be happy so soon i’d start bawling my eyes out
#idk why you would but don’t rb#like. i was so depressed when i was 16-17 to the point where i thought i would kill myself before even graduating high school#now i’m about to graduate from undergrad and i couldn’t be more excited#THIS is why i’m so pro therapy and meds#yeah the world is fucked up yeah i have trauma that stems from fucking society i guess#but THATS how much of a difference therapy and meds made#depressive episodes are a lot less common now and i’m starting to better manage my anxiety#because my meds allow me the foundation for that! and therapy helps me rationalize and express my emotions!#obviously there have been other life changes that have made this possible ie moving out and being more independent#but i was still depressed for 2 years after moving out bc i was unmedicated and bottling everything up#anyways moral of the story#i’m about to move into a single room where i can exist in peace after 20 years of not being able to do so#i’m getting skates and starting a hobby i’ve been wanting to do for maybe 2 years now#i’m planning on buying a guitar with grad money so i can start another hobby which by that point will also be 2 years in the making#i’m gonna spend my last year in college. doing stressful things#but those are all things i’ve been working towards like volunteer positions and leadership and shit#which makes me feel confident about my grad school apps!#the fact that i know what i want to do with my career is also fucking exciting! life got so much better since i was 16#and it’s kinda crazy to think about#suicide mention tw#lupe.txt
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