#so i just made it again. from scratch
lord-ozymandias · 3 days ago
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more elliot’s
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miekasa · 9 months ago
the image of Levi chucking his index and thumb under your chin to gently push your jaw back in place — I am a whore, it’s just so hot 😩 he does it slowly too, holding your gaze the whole time. you can’t help but get all hot and bothered. like you’re flustered as hell on top of discovering how loaded your friend-to-lover actually is, and of course he doesn’t have an explanation or words for it 🙄 just lets you take it all in and then ask 🙄
penthouse pool date though, Mie, you genius. it’s a private pool too. cozy. so it may be outdoors, but Levi is as clingy and as touchy as he is in private. hey, y’all are alone anyway, he’s gonna savor it, especially when it gets you riled up. there’s a jacuzzi on the side too, and well, just say you both loose track of time and end up a little bit wrinkly 😌 he’s cooking a late dinner of course, chucks your phone onto the sofa (affectionately) when you say you could just browse UberEats. him cooking is a delectable sight though, sigh 😌
He’s so... he knows what he’s doing, but then again does he truly understand what he’s doing... he does everything with such ease, it seems so natural, maybe this is just how he is with everybody. But, yeah, he’s gonna be so touchy the entire time, even if his movements are physically light—a hand brushing past your wrist, carefully maneuvering you by your elbow when you stop and stare at something for too long (you have a whole house tour to complete, after all)—his touch feels heavy, weighted, and very purposeful.
Of course he’s cooking a late dinner, and of course he spoons a taste of the sauce into your mouth, gently demanding to know your opinion; swears he won’t be offended if you tell him it needs something, the point is for him to tailor it to your taste after all. Doesn’t let you help out much other than that though, he emphasizes that you are his guest, and this is his treat to you; and watching him maneuver around his kitchen is a treat, indeed.
You try to be somewhat of a good house guest, offer to go pick up ice cream or a pastry from whatever bakery is still open—because he sprung this whole thing on you and you didn’t get to prepare any sort of housewarming gift—but he clicks his teeth, throws your phone to the side for a second time. You protest while he walks back to the kitchen, but your words fall on deaf ears, and just when you’re about to fish your phone yourself, his chivalry be damned, you realize that he’s pulling an ice cream machine from his cupboard of appliances. You almost think you’re mistaken, until you hear his calling to you, back turned as he opens his fridge and inquires, “Strawberry or peach?”
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scatterpatter · 2 months ago
Listen... I just really like DPR. Listen to them. I also noticed they had a few variants of Great Vacation so I went and made a very amateur mashup of my favorite parts of each version(... mostly just the raven locks and kp remix versions but shh)
Different versions I used with their originals because oh my god listen to DPR im begging:
(1:33-1:37): The Cage version
(0:08-1:09, 1:38-3:01, 4:00-4:38): The Raven Locks version
(0:00-0:07, 1:10-1:32, 3:02-3:59): The KP Remix version
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systemrestart · a month ago
made a Minish Cap-style sprite for Russell from End Roll! why? idk lol
Tumblr media
plus the original Link to compare him to,
Tumblr media
and, size comparisons!
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aeide-thea · a month ago
i like. don't even miss dating necessarily—or i mean, i don't know, maybe i would if i had any relationships to look back on that hadn't in retrospect been toxic in some way, lol; i do miss sex! or at least, i miss the delight and playfulness and pleasure it used to bring me, back when i had it and was open to it. but the idea of making myself that vulnerable, even in passing, and not just feeling totally humiliated afterwards is—unimaginable now: on the far side of that same unbreakable soundproof glass that hangs immovably between me and any normal human functioning not numbed or crushed into frozen smallness…
but i do miss feeling—i don't know, worth dating? worthy of dating? as though i were someone anyone might look at and think were attractive or fascinating or delightful. and ultimately really it's about how i feel about myself, and not about anyone else at all—someone could tell me i was all those things to them tomorrow, and i almost certainly wouldn't believe them—but it's also about being cut off from the world, disqualified to participate, a zoo animal staring forlornly out from an inadequate enclosure that no one comes to visit...
#made the extremely dumb mistake of letting an email from instagram remind me that it existed‚ is the context here#and had some dumb bad feelings about like. people i liked and ran away from and lost who are now paired up#and like. it's not even jealousy—i'm glad they have good things! i just—i wish i did too.#and it's hard to watch myself just. continue to sabotage even tiny shoots of things that could be things over and over and over again#and know that this is where it gets me! and yet that doesn't get me to stop!#god i think i'm just like. so lonely i don't even know what to do with people anymore#need someone to like. take my little face in their hands and decide they're gonna love me back into humanity again tbh.#tam lin seeking janet (gender indeterminate).#just like. lie on me full length like a weighted blanket until i stop trying to run away and scratch my skin off.#like literally i talk to people for a bit and then it's abruptly like oh i'm absolutely entirely out of spoons for this gotta run away#but you don't build relationships by constantly running away! that's in fact the exact opposite of how you build anything!#anyway imagine if any of this self-awareness helped me even a little bit.#imagine if i weren't too haggard 2 be cute anymore.#(lots of ppl are extremely haggard AND extremely cute so don't think i'm saying those things are inherently mutually exclusive)#(they just seem 2 be for me personally)#anyway. ugh. where's that post that's all 'don't trust any feelings you have abt yr life after 9 PM' or whatever the cutoff is#am definitely WELL past my personal 9 PM#i mean i think i'm past my personal 9 PM by the time i wake up really but shh#anyway. sadbadlonelysadsadSAD. you get the drift#feelingsblogging#maybe haircut soon. maybe that would help
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saltycharacters · 9 months ago
Do you have any other thoughts abt the bug familiars town? :o that idea sounds reALLY INTERESTING and if u have other ideas abt it I'd love to hear!
Unfortunately not, I haven't done much with it despite having the idea for months- it just doesn't fit neatly into my character verse yet and I don't want to make another world for it so. I'm just letting it stew in the back of my mind for now. I did come up with some possible character ideas, including a psychiatrist/therapist based on a golden target tortoise beetle and, the two teen protagonists, with a fly and death’s head hawk moth familiar respectively. Although this can always change later.
Tumblr media
[ID: A digital drawing of 2 human teens. On the left is a light-skinned teen wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and colorful scarf, with a common green bottle fly familiar. The teen on the right is a dark-skinned girl with various piercings, plaid skirt, vest, goth boots, and a death’s-head hawk moth familiar. End ID]
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etherealwiitch · 4 months ago
The fact that it takes more time to cook a meal than eat it is so fucked up.
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prewarstucky · 10 months ago
Ayyyy!! Congratulations on 400!! 🎊💐💫 u deserve all of it and shit ton more!! I'm so sorry if I'm a bit late but I wanted to send this earlier but Tumblr said "No❤️" and if u r still doing the header/icon request, do u mind making stucky halloween header? It's never too early is it? And it's fine if not! Congratulations again!💞🤗
AAAAHHHHH I FINALLY FINISHED! SORRY I'M SCREAMING, it's just–VINDICATION! ok, stopping now (I took so long and it feels so good to finish 😌)
Thank you so much Izzy, I hope you like! 😘💖💝
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bonus: (because the background gave me an idea)
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loregoddess · a month ago
guys I accidentally deleted ALL my custom photoshop brushes and I can’t recover the file and of course I had to do this before work, and guys I am a bit distraught
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hobbitunderthemountain · 2 months ago
*sad noises* set up my mac again............
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ssjumi · 5 months ago
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got myself a cassette recorder after uncovering some old treasures from the late 90s at my grandma's place and took the chance to make a new mixtape >X3
here's a youtube playlist of the old mixtape
and here's a spotify version of the new one
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jonathan-byers-remade · 2 years ago
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gif maker positivity meme; day three ► muted pastel         ↳ little women (2019)
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babyybitchhh · 6 months ago
I’m just speaking into the void here, but in the process of making my neat little WIP chart last night (believe me when I say this is only a very small portion of it 😂)
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I suddenly remembered some of the drafts I still have saved in my old laptop but wasn’t able to recover, because the damn thing won’t stay on even when it’s plugged in 🙄 and I got a little sad. I wouldn’t mind getting it fixed (would have saved me buying a new one at least lol) but when I say the thought of some random computer guy looking through my documents only to realize I write anime boy porn rattles me to my core … how would I ever recover 😂
I originally thought it was a problem with the charger so I bought a universal cord with different plug in jacks you can swap out but that didn’t work so maybe it’s an issue with the battery? Either way, I really have to question why I didn’t start using Google docs sooner, it would have saved me a BUNCH of headache 🥴 Really kicking myself in the ass tbh
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thornshadowwolf · 6 months ago
the need for me to develop the tons of new characters I’m getting myself vs not being good at characterizing without specific situations to imagine them in vs the fear of being cringe for randomly starting to post open RPs vs not being in any places where I can just RP random characters vs not being able to start a dedicated RP because I lost all my RP buddies years ago when I stopped RPing as much vs this really not working as a “this vs that” post now that I’ve added so many issues/clauses
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worstloki · 2 years ago
i love how a bunch of people just went ahead and assumed the hulk traumatised loki or that loki is afraid of the hulk when endgame 7 years later showed loki joking around him and being calm and even giving him a little wave from the elevator right after being slammed into concrete by him a bunch of times
#like... everyone thought Loki's body constitution was pretty solid because he was able to get up and walk around with a few scratches before#it was already known that physically loki was able to get up and move around fine after the initial shock of being stopped mid-monologue#but a lot of people went with the theory that loki would rather not bump into the hulk again as if loki wasn't raised on Asgard#warrior culture plus thor as a brother... he'd BETTER be able to handle getting thrown about a bit at this point#and so he did#but looking at it from loki's point of view... the hulk just helped him out and managed to hit his head when no one else's blows had#he got an EXPLODING arrow to the FACE and it left him slightly miffed and annoyed#if the hulk hadn't saved him by smashing him around and freeing his mind then Mjolnir was possibly the only alternative#loki has no reason to worry that he'll be wacked around by hulk again because he already knows he'll live through it#being thrown around didn't even knock him unconscious so its guessable that it had the effect of an elbow to the head - and body#loki really pulls though with his ability to just go with everything#i bet loki could talk down the hulk if he wanted#if anyone can talk the hulk away it'll be loki#i bet loki feels indebted to bruce for the hulk helping him that's why he's nice to him#he even smiles at bruce earlier in the helicarrier and if the tesseract can show glimpses of the future -like that one theory- maybe he knew#yes loki says 'i have to get off this planet' when he sees the hulk on sakaar but that's more likely because it'll give away his fake cover#he didn't want to be associated with thor either remember#if he was really going to scam the Grandmaster and scram he wouldn't want to leave behind any connections or hints about Earth in the least#but other than that loki is perfectly cordial around bruce and the hulk#a theory could be made that Bruce is his favourite avenger (saved his mind/life) with Tony in second and Natasha in third place#Steve of course gets a special position that is 0th place making him higher than 1st place but also gives him a net worth of 0#which is why loki makes fun of the spangled man so often
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chaninfused · a year ago
readers need to understand that no writer on here owns a genre, layout, or style of writing. we own our storylines, but even then, they might overlap with someone else’s. 
#i might come off a bit rude so dont read the rant ahead if you're easily offended#i'm actually fed up seeing all these blogs gets accused of ''copying'' a bigger blog simply because they had a similar au#and that similar au would be some domestic college au 😐#like no shit? 😭 ofc its gonna be similar to someone else's do y'all realize how many college aus there are on this site?#so yeah next time if you read a college au or some other popular au and think oh this is similar to xyz by said writer#think to yourself. did this person copy a world made from scratch?#if no then the chances of them copying someone else's work are practically gone#you cant seriously think someone's gonna copy (not steal word for word)  a college au 🤦‍♀️#that au in itself is so overdone you are BOUND to see similarities in plotlines#people however like to steal an entire work. that is possible yes. but i dont think anyone in their right mind would go and#paraphrase an entire soundcloud rapper jisung au ???#it hurts to see yknow as a writer myself#seeing people's efforts get disregarded bcs someone thought oH !! THiS iS KiNdA LiKE THIs otHeR FiC By thIS VErY WeLL KnOWn BLOg !!1!#it fucking sucks. if someone came up to me and said oh cp is a copy of like idk scxrlettwxtches' throne of roses i would be mad#people put so much effort into planning and writing and when you see a vague resemblance to another fic and start blabbering abt it like#you're gonna bust some criminal or smth you look and sound bad#so dont do it. again. no one here owns a basic au like college or underground rapper. no one owns ANY au !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#people own their storylines people own their WORLDS. these are things that require personal creativity time effort and research#anyw idk if im making sense it just upsets me 🤐#furat iskiti 🖇️#to be deleted
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pixel-kingdom · 9 months ago
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pearl-kite · 9 months ago
I manage to go a few days thinking that, yeah, it was just a rough start to the school year, I'll be fine given enough time, but then sit down to figure out what I'm doing for the week re:lessons and just want to die to get out of the responsibility
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septembersghost · a year ago
the fact that they decided to wrap up vanessa ives’ arc by killing her, after her torture and suffering, after her continual battles for agency and with her mental illness, after she so boldly asserted her worth and the power of her self (one thing yet remains to me. I remain), and then they said no, actually, she is so mired in pain and trauma, she has seen so much darkness, that she cannot ever find peace, she cannot live, and she has to die at the hand of someone who deeply loves her, and while she bleeds in his arms, she’ll say it’s okay, because she sees heaven/god - whether this is true or not, we have no idea, because part of her entire arc was her damaged relationship with her faith and the fact that god (if he/she/they exist) does nothing to help her, even when she is beset by the literal devil, and indeed she has worked to free herself from the strict trappings of religious devotion - and we are supposed to find this good when it’s an absolute betrayal of her freedom and all she stood for, and it’s like blotting out the sun, and every character who revolved around her is left in tattered mourning, knocked me out with a ponderous, foggy grief for days.
and i watched all of penny dreadful in about a month, so it’s not even that she was with me for a lengthy span of time, but i loved her instantly and dearly and empathized with her on levels i can’t quite explain, and it felt like a knife to the heart and some bewildering condemnation of parts of me.
and then they did this, in very, very similar beats to dean (a whole discussion could be had about parallels between vanessa’s arc and his, the fact that she’s a victorian gothic horror romantic heroine and he’s a gothic horror romantic hero filtered through modernity notwithstanding), and that relationship was fifteen years, that empathy and projection and love got ingrained in my very being, and every time i remember that i think, right, so it’s no small wonder why it lapsed me into mourning from which it’s been difficult to recover
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peonylon · a year ago
just made fried cauliflower bites whilst listening to fun music :)) 💃
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