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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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#so i slept till 3


#the more I find out about my childhood the more I’m like hmm yes#the trauma makes sense now 😂😂#like idk this might sounds stupid but I love my mom she’s an amazing person#but as a parent she really just dropped the ball#the shit the used to pull is absolutely insane#like I hear about stuff and I’m just so disappointed in her?#like she used to leave us kids home alone a lot and go out drinking which I knew#like she wouldn’t come home till the morning kind of thing and#but I thought it was when we were a little older but no#my brother and I were 1 and 3 and she left us home#like?#and getting into drugs and stuff idk it happens ig but wow#when I was three she moved us to Montana and while we were there we lived in a shelter which I do remember#we lived there for a whole ass year.. in a shelter before my grandma made her move in with her#and after that idk#she’s depressed and has been forever like she had a rough childhood so#she spends a lot of time sleeping#she used to just lock us in the room with her while she slept#which sounds bad but idk#that’s why my family has such a weird relationship with sleeping because my grandma didn’t like my mom sleeping all the time#so it just became a bad thing to do#idk there’s another thing that I don’t want to talk about but my childhood was rough#rambles#as type A personality control freak slightly abusive my grandma is lmao I will always be grateful that she raised us#becuase the fact that we were as safe as we were while we were with my mom is a fucking miracle
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