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#so id just look at the little pictures at the start of each chapter...
jae-canikeepyou · a year ago
| serenity in us | j.jh | ch. two
Tumblr media
word count: 3.5k+ ( oof it’s longer ^^ )
a/n: y’all thank you so much for the positive feedback from the first chapter! if you want to be part of the taglist, please do dm me or like the post here! enjoy reading my loves! ♡ ~j.
Tumblr media
jaehyun checked his watch as he waited for his number being called in. the good thing about him was that he was an early bird, no doubt. but his patience? not so much. he only had one job to do in the morning and he really had to get to work soon. he didn’t like having to squeeze in time last minute so he made sure he wouldn’t repeat the same mistake again.
“tsk, i’m just lining up for a portrait picture. why is it taking so long?” he rubbed his temples since he had been waiting for at least half an hour.
“that’s because you went for a potty break and your number was called right after.” he heard someone making fun of him. he looked up to see his friend, yukhei. “talk about impatience. now you’re back to square one.” he brought his knuckles out for a fist bump and sat with him.
“what’re you doing here?” jaehyun unfolded his arms to rest them on his thighs.
“yunho hyung asked me to pick you up.” he gave an eye roll, later bursting out in giggles when jaehyun started to squeeze his shoulders. “okay okay! i’m here to pick up my new uni id.”
jaehyun’s scrunched his nose as laughed in disbelief. “you lost it again?”
“nah, they spelt my name wrong.” yukhei showed his old one, pointing the said name.
“really?” he asked as he sounded so unconvinced at the campus’ mistake.
“yeah really.” the tall boy stretched his legs and twisted his back for a comfortable position. “i wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t wrong.”
“so you’ve been using the wrong name in the last semester?” jaehyun raised a brow, earning a nod from the boy. “hm, but you’re the one who filled in the application form so if there’s anyone who’s wrong, wouldn’t that be you?”
yukhei thought deeply for a second, his eyes widening in realisation and when he tried to think of a defense, jaehyun smirked and tapped his shoulder. “it’s okay, we make mistakes.” he winked.
“ugh i look so dumb.” yukhei whined, shoving his id into his pockets. “but wouldn’t they ask me to double check if it was correct?”
“i- really don’t know?” jaehyun was left speechless that he didn’t know what to say. “oh it’s my turn.”
“w-wait. can i hang with you after class? i’m bored. plus i wanna try your new racing game simulator!” he asked the dimpled boy as he mimicked the gestures, but he got rejected and ignored. so he followed the boy to the counter. “please?”
jaehyun bowed and thanked the person, finally being directed to one section of the office to take a picture. he looked to the side where he heard faint but growing whispers of girls huddled next to each other. probably one of lucas’ fanbase. out of curiosity he took a quick look, but to his surprise it was him who they were giggling about.
he couldn’t make clear of their words since they were a little bit further from him. one thing that was certain though; he was friends with lucas and maybe wanted an autograph. he gave a smile to them as a kind greeting. then they pointed at his bag where he internally scoffed to himself. there was a circular badge that was designed by his brother and obviously attached it to his bag secretly to promote his clinic.
he’s already a celebrity doctor.. why need a merchandise-
“excuse me, we’ll start taking photos now.” the staff raised their hand in attention.
yukhei was now left alone for two minutes, and in those minutes he waited and waited. the staff asked him to fill up the form again, and he had to confirm the spelling of his name multiple times. he nodded and got a new id card quick as a flash.
his smile brightened up once he sensed his friend’s figure beside him. “can i?” he asked again.
“why? you’re an endorser and model, and you’re wealthy enough to buy one.” jaehyun walked out of the campus.
ah yes. wong yukhei, professionally known as lucas, is a childhood friend of jaehyun’s. he worked as a model for various clothing brands and maybe walked down the fashion runway more than others right when he graduated high school. now he took a break from the industry to focus on studying.
yukhei slouched-walked side by side with jaehyun and the latter felt embarrassed when he followed him everywhere he went like a stray puppy wanting for food. something he always does whenever he wanted jaehyun’s company. free food, long talks, more free food, basically anything that emitted good vibes. apparently jaehyun was the whole package.
although jaehyun didn’t bother much, there were times it was getting out of hand. he would hide from yukhei every time he called his name loudly in public, or pretend to be a bystander at a local shop when he spotted him at the distance. now that he was with him now, he couldn’t escape the model’s grip.
“but yours is the new edition! a limited one as well! i couldn’t just buy it normally like other products!” he exclaimed in all exaggerated gestures that jaehyun bent his head down at the giggles of strangers witnessing the conversation.
“fine, meet me here after your class.” jaehyun gave into the younger one’s plead.
a shy giggle from him had jaehyun quirking a brow. “i was busy following you around that i lost track of time. my class started already.”
“well? now go.” jaehyun shooed him away.
“do you know how embarrassing it is to go to a lecture when the entrance is up at front and not at the back?” yukhei felt the chills just thinking about it.
“and do you know what’s more embarrassing?”
yukhei leaned in to hear the answer, ears waiting patiently and attentively.
“walking innocently when your fly’s unzipped.” jaehyun whispered and smirked proudly as he continued walking to where his car was parked. “wait for me after my part-time’s done, then we’ll play.”
“you could’ve told me that earlier!”
Tumblr media
the mixed warmth and coolness of the sheets slowly wrapped your skin. the cries of your son awoke you from your slumber and your heavy-lidded eyes went to look for the clock. it was 4 a.m. sigh, you wanted to train jaewon to sleep on his own and it wasn’t working at all. it had been a week since you moved in so maybe the adjustment was too sudden for him, given that the environment was new. a lot of people would be against this, leaving a one-year old without a mother’s presence beside him. you had your reasons though; that was to take up several part-time jobs to keep life going just to provide for him. jaewon had already tried sleeping over at eunha’s that one time when you had to work. he still craved and longed for your embrace even if it was only for a day. 
you entered his room to find him already standing with his wobbly legs, tiny fingers held on his crib, wanting to be carried. yet this son of yours, his once pouty cry replaced to a bright smile as he saw your arms out for him. you giggled at his change of mood and he immediately nuzzled himself on your shoulder as you pat his back gently.
“what’s wrong baby? can’t sleep?” you cooed in a whisper. motherhood has always been a challenge, especially when you single-handedly raised him alone. 
in all bright areas though, it made you discover new sides of yourself in the process. jaewon’s a blessing in your life and to care for someone so small and precious and fragile got you thinking you would do anything for him to have a good life.
figuring out ways to make him sleep, you sat back on your bed to turn on some light lullabies for him to doze off.
your eyes then caught sight of his empty bottle and decided to make him a new one. however just as you switched the kettle on, he began show distress and started to cry again.
jaewon hadn’t been feeling himself since yesterday. right now though, he constantly rubbed his eyes at the teary sight and his arms searched for your embrace. funny how he always acted this way whenever you left him on the bed; and considering this lasted for a minute.
you carried him again and observed him, then all of a sudden, you felt flashflood of worries filling up your chest. his breathing was fast and you noticed how irregular it was as well. quickly walking back to the room, you hands shook to find your phone under the covers and pillows.
patting his back for him to maybe possibly calm down, you dialed the digits of the one person close to your place. you hissed when it went straight to voice mail and eunha didn’t answer, of course it was 4 a.m in the morning. then you remembered the card dr. yunho gave last week. your body spun towards the baby bag, where you slipped in the card in one of the pockets.
nervously you but your lips and fingers were crossed as you hoped you would hear that certain greeting at the other end of the line.
Tumblr media
jaehyun pulled up at yukhei’s apartment and brought him safely to bed. he groaned at the passed out boy and lightly slapped him for drinking the night away. it was now half past two in the morning. an unexpected party was held at the penthouse’s balcony as they arrived from his part-time work. so the big puppy here decided to join the crew and took endless of selfies. and jaehyun?
he had to stay sober since yukhei was running wild, literally— he yelled that he was voted the best model and best looking one. jaehyun had to stifle a laugh because the votes were only between five people.
once he got into the car with seatbelt fastened and played the tracks listed in his playlist, he heard a phone vibrating and he was sure that that wasn’t his. it kept ringing until it eventually stopped. jaehyun really needed sleep because yukhei did put him at an unnecessary, sudden situation.
he stepped on the brakes at red light. during those limited minutes, his hands soon searched the area, still keeping his eyes at the stoplight. the phone was placed at the passenger’s seat behind and when he reached for it, he exhaled in annoyance.
“gosh why did hyung leave his phone here?” he asked himself, sliding the finger across to answer. “hello?”
“hi, sorry to bother at this hour. may i speak with dr. jung yunho?” he heard a weak, worried voice tickling his ears. he began to accelerate when the green light lit, turning to the right at another block of apartments.
“i-uh, this is jaehyun. i’m afraid he left his phone in my car?” he fixed the phone between his cheek and shoulder.
“oh really?..”
“yeah, i apologise for the inconvenience.” trying to assure the caller. “but what seems to be the problem? i’ll pass on the message to my brother-”
his eyes grew as he heard an infant continuing to wail on the other line, together with pitiful irritated coughs and wheezing. “shh shh, it’s okay jaewon.. mommy’s gonna get you checked soon.”
jaewon? the name does ring a bell.. he thought.
the baby coughed again and jaehyun couldn’t help but feel bad for the caller. “may i ask what your name is?” his calming voice tried to overpower his uneasy chest, knowing that the mother might be whom he saw back at the restaurant last week.
“oh sorry, i forgot to introduce myself. i’m- i’m y/n, y/f/n.” you gave a half-suppressed laugh, hopping gently to coo jaewon.
“okay y/n. is jaewon sick? i’ve been hearing him cough quite frequently.” jaehyun sat properly at the discomfort of his posture.
“i think so. i thought it could be a mild cold but up until ten minutes ago he kept on coughin- jae?” you noticed your son’s breathing shorter than usual.
jaehyun slightly smiled to himself at the nickname. “only people who knows me well calls me by that name-” his brows met when he heard rushed ruffles and panting from you. “is everything alright?”
“jaewon h-he, i think i saw his lips turn a little blue.. wait, not his lips but around it..” you were now in a state of panic, hurriedly walking towards the door and out of the apartment. jaehyun could hear your echoed voice at its hallway, so he drove faster to be able to get to you.
“y/n, i want you to breathe slowly. tell me where you are and i’ll pick you up. i’ll be there as fast as i can.” jaehyun calmly instructed, typing the address you immediately said on the maps of his phone.
he didn’t care whether he passed the red light, he knew he had to pick you and jaewon up now. his heart dropped when he heard sniffs and held-in sobs coming out of your lips. just the thought of a single mother all alone and caught up with this unsettling situation was too much to handle.
soon his eyes squinted at the figure before him, right at the side of the road; a baby in the arms and a lady with a messy bun. he pulled over and rushed to you, leading you back to the car and to the seat beside him.
you wiped the dry stained tears off of your cheeks, embarrassed at your current state that jaehyun had to see.
“my hunch was correct. you’re the one back at the restaurant.” jaehyun gave a small smile but worry was very much evident in his eyes.
“wow.. how did you know?” you looked at him, super astonished at his memory.
“let’s just say interesting people tends to stay in my mind for quite some time.” his breathy but warm grin had you feeling giddy, though it was not the time to feel this way now.
the facial features jaehyun had was ethereal and his side profile sure had you wanting to admire him twice. how can someone look so perfect in the middle of the night? “i guess he made me look interesting in your eyes?” you cleared your throat, referring to your son’s existence.
“i said ‘people’. and that includes you too.” he eye-smiled you as he turned to the next corner of the road, soon pulling over at the clinic. the one storey building had lights switched off, but some were lit at the very back.
jaewon continued to cough and let out little irritated whines at his heaving chest. an ‘o’ shaping forming of his lips made you alert of his coming coughs.
jaehyun shook the glass door. much to his dismay, it was locked and his brother did not answer. “tsk,” he hissed, tiptoeing at the darkness before him. you slightly giggle at his behaviour, it was kinda strange and cute all at the same time. you could tell how helpful he actually was compared to last week— he had a cold exterior but gave you a warm smile.
ah, such funny attitude.. you confirmed.
“the clinic’s obviously closed..” you called out to him. “i can come back tomorrow.”
“we have to get jaewon checked up before it worsens.” jaehyun pointed the font name above him. “and hyung basically lives here.”
you quirked an eyebrow, causing him to laugh at how funny he just sounded. “partially correct. he works overtime when things get busy.” he dug out his phone to answer the call. “oh finally. hyung, we’re at the entrance.”
a yawn caused him to distance the phone from the impolite gesture. “jaehyun? who’s ‘we’? okay wait a while.”
the clinic’s lights switched on and the said man in his white working suit opened the door. “oh! you’re the girl at the restaurant!” yunho’s eyes trailed to jaewon, who was now wheezing quite loudly. “please come in.”
you obliged and hurriedly went inside as the cold wind was starting to blow. jaehyun glared at his brother, giving the phone back to him. a smirk appeared at the corners of yunho’s lips. “i see you’ve done a move.” he whispered for a tease.
jaehyun rolled his eyes then felt dizzy at the spins of his surroundings. “i had no choice but to answer her call because you left your phone in my car.” he gritted his teeth, but yunho loves teasing his younger brother.
“ooh, you’ve done a move and went straight to introductions! that escalated quickly.” he folded his arms as they walked to his office.
“hyung! i did it in your place!” he curled his fingers.
yunho brought the stethoscope to his ears. the cool circular bud touching jaewon’s chest made the infant burst out in giggles despite feeling discomfort for the longest time. you caressed his cheeks as he seated like a hamster on the desk table. jaehyun melted at the sight of the infant; an innocent baby who knew nothing of struggle as long as there were things to keep him occupied.
you explained how jaewon has been feeling under the weather since yesterday, and that the symptoms were faint and unnoticeable. he was a happy baby and showed no signs of pain or pain until earlier.
jaehyun unlocked his phone to picture your son, but made sure you were in the frame as well. he had to send it to his father who asked of his whereabouts after leaving the house to bring lucas home.
after few minutes of giggles and general check up, yunho typed some things in his pc before turning to you. “okay. baby jaewon has mild bronchiolitis. he needs to get enough rest and plenty of fluids so that he can recovery quickly. also i advise you to avoid contact with other babies or children, like if he participates baby meetings and such. i’ll give you paracetamol in case jaewon catches a fever. anything else?” he crossed his palms as he wrote details in a piece of paper you assumed it was a medical certificate.
“i’d like for jaewon to be registered in this clinic? it’s actually quite close to my apartment. expect there’d be a few follow ups regarding his condition.” you giggled, carrying jaewon as he began to doze off.
yunho grabbed a pen and a form for you to fill up. his eyes trailed to jaehyun and bit his lips to hold back his smirk. jaehyun had a worried look plastered on his face and yunho wished he could bring out his phone to snap the scene, but maybe doing so would appear unprofessional of him.
“here, dr. jung.” you slid the paper to give it to him, only to smile shyly when his eyes grew at the name written below ‘child’s mother’.
“i see.. you’re jaewon’s mom.” he gasped. “my apologies. i thought you were the sister- or aunt.”
“i get that a lot.” you giggled, standing up to head to the door.
“rest up baby jaewon, you as well, miss y/n.” yunho waved at the both of you, then giving a wink to jaehyun.
‘i know!’ jaehyun mouthed and stuck at tongue back at yunho for the ongoing tease.
“i’ll bring you home.” he started the engine and that certain gesture send butterflies to your stomach. a gentleman gesture indeed, and it was rare to find it in guys this good looking.
you walked up to the apartment lobby after the ten minute drive. you noticed how jaehyun kept on yawning throughout the ride. “thanks for your help tonight- uh today,” you stuttered so much that your chest beat loud enough for you to hear. “it’s really early in the morning. i’d like you to get some rest in the living room before you leave.” you offered, entering the password of your unit.
“oh no i shouldn’t-” jaehyun looked at the dark circles under your eyes and the forced exert of strength you have left. he admired very much at your capability and responsibility you have for the child, and decided to accept what you offered. you have a good heart and soul, it was something he was fond of. “alright, thanks y/n.”
gently you placed jaewon in his crib and shut the door to a close. in the highest shelf of your cupboard, you tiptoed and grabbed the extra pillows and blanket. sliding your home slippers, jaehyun saw you approaching with fluffy and thick cloth. “i hope you get a good rest, jaehyun. thank you again. good mornight, i guess?”
he smiled and began to lay down on the sofa, soon sleep overtook his body and mind.
you closed the door as your stomach churn in ways you didn’t imagine. jaehyun was a total stranger, but he had a pure heart to help, even went measures to help you with transport. as you laid in bed and the sheets wrapping your exhausted body, there were three things that kept you awake for a while before you hit your slumber. even you yourself were surprised with how you reacted to it.
one was you actually liked the way jaehyun’s name roll on your tongue. two was that his entire existence was something you have yet to discover.
and three? his smile became something you probably wanted to see more often.
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