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#so imma just

Not on da whole topic of my account but holy damn am I obsessed with this game XDDD

and like I was lmao-ing why because my friend and I were doodling at the same time and we were like ok let’s show our drabbles to each other


…I can’t into cute dude…

I just can’t

and yes…at first it was not so yellow “among dude”

Later on I was just bored and decided why not


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At some point we’re gonna have to have a conversation about how a lot of these instababy /kid Instagram accounts are really nothing more than a new form of child pageantry and free low grade p*dophile content but idk if we’re ready as a collective for that yet

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⟡ ═══ ♛ ═══ ⟡ “Tch…” Teeth gritted he scratches at his wristbands. The healing wounds underneath are itching.

                                           [ “Sa~ ru~ hi~ ko~” ]

     ˙ Fingers digging in, his scratching increases-

                                  [ “Where is my little monkey~?” ]

     ˙ - until blood starts to stain the cloth, the wounds underneath opened once again, not allowed to heal despite how they were created over a week ago.

     ˙ ‘Shut up…’

                             [ “KYAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA” ]

     ˙ He closes his eyes tightly as he wills the voice away with sheer willpower, nails digging in deeper, drawing strength from the pain.

     ˙ 'Dead people should just stay dead.’

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okkk, so I’ve decided to design/make my own banners for all the fics I want to write and WIPs (how I did for that coming soon banner for that project with Andrea aka adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy) and I was sketching and finally did the one for “a kinder love” (which it’s gonna be the official name of one im glad I finally settled on a name) and IT MAKES ME ACHE ITS ACTUALLY CUTE I LOVE IT AND IM PROUD OF IT AND IT MADE ME SO MUCH MORE EXCITED TO WRITE THIS FIC SO THAT YOU GUYS CAN READ IT AND HOPEFULLY LIKE IT!

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