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#so in case u wanted to know whats happening on twitter this is it
manicinterludes · 2 years ago
anyway now that i’ve fully dissected every aspect of this deal, from what taylor herself knew to what scott claims (versus the actual reality) to scooter’s involvement with the carlyle group, here’s a masterpost of all my talking points in case you need a reference
what taylor knew before the deal
taylor’s own statement on the deal
an examination of “i knew once i signed that deal, scott would sell the label”
the nda’s: could she even reveal the points of the offer resign record deal?
what scott claims
the 9:05 pm text, examined
points about parkland and manchester, via anon
manchester & how even ariana didn’t want to go
the reality of scott
“scott wanted to prove he could break another female”, examined 
business? or revenge? - also a discussion of how deals don’t just happen overnight
a discussion of other female artists whose careers he fumbled
scooter’s messiness
what the carlyle group is
first reaction post
another swiftie’s post on the subject
another swiftie’s post on the carlyle group
will he give the masters over?
a twitter thread on how he fumbled carly’s career
how he pressured ariana into putting songs she wasn’t comfortable with on thank u, next
how he ruined madison beer’s career
but what does this mean!
can she even rerecord if she wanted to?
what are masters? what do they do? what does he now profit from?
does the money from the streams now go to the carlyle group?
can she still perform the old songs?
why doesn’t she just write a check?
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oikadiors · 11 months ago
hi hello i have a fluffy req ft. oikawa 😳😳 spare headcanons pls where he and reader are a new couple 😴🤲🏻
omg yesyes of course!! thank u for requesting<33
Tumblr media
oikawa and his s/o are a new couple.
Tumblr media
OKAY SO you and kawa are dating and y’all are about three weeks in
by this time yall are holding hands in public and going out to convenience stores after school when hes free
or yknow how kawa stays at school to practise his serves cus hes such a hardworking bby that sometimes forgets to eat dinner ??
yeah so when you find out your mans is still dripping in sweat at 7pm you obviously march your way to the convenience store to buy him some food and water
you also like to buy extras just in case iwaizumi is still hanging around cus you also feel bad for the dude
oikawa also began clinging onto you during breaks and lunches, its his way of showing everyone that you’re his
like he does this so often that you don’t even bother to check who it is cus you already know its oikawa
“yeah dude i totally prefer-” then you’ll feel oikawa’s arms wrap around your shoulders, naturally catching his hand to hold
your friends love the dynamic you two have LMAO
sometimes he just cuddles his face into your neck, you still need some time to get used to this (depending on how comfy you are with physical touch)
if you’re still not used to it, it gets you flustered because you can feel his warm exhales on your neck and its just 🥴
if you’re used to it already, you’ll run your hands through his hair, hearing him sigh (dude its the cutest shit ever tf)
its almost like hes a cat
wait no-
n e ways
pros of dating oikawa: only you get to touch his hair and its so fucking soft
but obvi this rule doesn’t apply to iwa, makki and mattsun like those dudes will put him in a headlock and mess his hair up anytime anywhere
both of you also began to match up your outfits during dates as well
oikawa brought this up, like he was scrolling through a socmed platform (ig, twitter, whatever ya like) and hes looking through couplewear and his eyes literally sparkle
he definitely shares these clothing accounts to you through dm and goes “👀” then you’ll scroll through the account to see what they offer
“y/n-chan, we’re wearing these tomorrow” and with the message is a photo of the bright blue sweater that could pass as an official school uniform
and you’re like “what”
and hes like “i better see you wear it tomorrow 👀”
and the next day, you come to school wearing that bright blue sweater and oikawa is ecstatic when you arrive at school
he immediately calls iwaizumi to help him take photos of you and sometimes you pretend to not want to take photos just so you can see him pout
hes cute okay 🤕
iwaizumi is always the victim when it comes to taking photos of you and oikawa like hes always there to help out 💀💀
you’re kinda just in the middle of these idiots like 🧍🧍
you also have to refrain iwa from hurling your mans into space because with those guns of his..... he literally could
home dates also happen when both of you use up all your weekly allownaces 💀
smh oikawa prolly spent it all on his hair products and skincare
nothing sexc yet because yall are still new 😚
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mxchellesworld · 6 months ago
umm hello?? your fics are so good !! could you do top jj x fem? thank u & take your time :))
hello my love, thank you so much!!
of course i went to twitter for a bit of inpso and reference lolz butttt we all know jj would be a soft mommy dom and i am here to further prove my point - it makes me think of the scene from season 1 which i kind of quote. also for the sake of this fic we are ditching mr.subtitles, hope you enjoy!
warnings; smut, fingering, use of the name mommy, praise, light choking
after a successful case the team had decided it was time for a night out. everyone, including spencer, was ready for a drink and a few hours of unwinding. you all pulled up to the place around the corner from headquarters and sat yourselves down in a booth. 
the only presence you cared about was that of the the blonde next to you. ever since you joined there was a sort of tension between you two. the girls had invited you to a night of drinking at penelope’s where you found out about her divorce a few months before you started working with them. 
you felt a little bad about the crush you harbored for her but once emily brought up jj getting back into the dating scene to which she agreed she was ready, suddenly you wanted all her attention. so you did your best to subtly flirt with her (mostly staring at her across the room. which everyone had called you out on). 
now she wasn’t stupid. far from it. she was an amazing profiler but it took less skills than that to notice the way you bit your lip whenever she was giving input on a case. or when she would put her hand on your lower back as she walked passed you, loving the little whine you tried to hide. 
so that led you to where you were at the moment. being a few drinks in her hand slipped down onto your thigh. you looked at her and noticed the ends of her pink lips quirk up into a smile she hid behind her glass. 
as the night continued everyone was getting more and more rowdy. you decided to slow down on the drinks, since you didn’t drive you wanted to make sure you got home instead of waking up with a stranger unknowingly. 
jj’s hand stayed planted on your leg. her thumb rubbing small circles as she talked across the table. she would inch higher and watch as your breath caught in your throat then lower it back down. you tried to hold back a cough but ended up spitting out a little of your drink, coughing even more. 
“hey y/n you feeling alright?” spencer called from across the able. 
jj put her hand on your forehead, “yeah you’re burning up. let me get you home.” 
you saw the sparkle in her light blue eyes and nodded hoping you were reading the right signals. 
“aw mommy to the rescue,” morgan called with a chuckle. 
you saw a blush spread across her cheeks as she helped you up. she pulled out a 20 dollar bill and placed it on the table to cover for your drinks. wishing everyone a goodnight they bid you farewell and told you to rest and feel better.
the cool night air felt refreshing on your flushed skin, the heat was definitely not from a fever though. you heard the beeps of her car unlocking and slid into the passenger side. once she got in and closed her door she took your face in her hands. 
her eyes scanned your face as she let her thumb rub on your bottom lip, “you’ve wanted me for so long, haven’t you baby?”
you didn’t trust your voice to respond so you nodded in her grasp, “you want mommy to take care of you?”
you gasped and swallowed forcing yourself to let out the words, “yes please.”
then she let you go as if nothing had happened. she buckled in her seatbelt and started the car wordlessly. you buckled up as well and watched as her hands played with the dials on the radio. 
soft music played while you watched her slim fingers tap on the steering wheel imaging what they would feel like if she had let them slide further in between your thighs. 
you let your mind run wild, so much that you didn’t realize you were outside of your apartment complex until the car stopped. she shifted the gear to park and turned her body to look at you. 
“would you like to come in?” you asked licking your lips. 
she smiled again as if nothing had happened, “sure thing y/n/n.”
the tension was palpable as you made your way up the elevator. you swayed back and forth on your heels as you would catch a glimpse of her from the corner of your eye. once the door opened she let you walk out first, leading the way. but she took the opportunity to put her hand on the small of your back, noticing the shiver she sent down your spine. 
you fished the keys out of your jacket pocket and tried not to struggle getting it in the lock, not wanting to waste anymore time. you opened the door and set your keys in the little bowl. it was the only thing you were able to do before she had you pinned against your door. 
her hands were planted on your hips, caressing you over your pencil skirt and button down top. you let out a deep breath as her lips connected to the soft skin of your neck. 
“i wanna make you feel so good tonight baby. will you let me do that?”
“y-yes please,” you let out with a whimper as she bit on your ear. 
“yes who?”
“yes mommy.”
“good girl. lets take this to your bedroom, hm. i want you to be comfortable when i fuck you. is that alright princess?”
a small ‘mhm’ was the only thing you could let out before you led her to your bedroom by the hand. you clicked on a light switch which turned on a lamp in the corner, emitting a soft glow. she gently put her hand on your cheek silently asking for permission to go any further. with a gentle nod she pressed her lips to yours. 
the butterflies in your tummy were going crazy after finally getting what you wanted. after months of longing. you moaned at the taste of her strawberry chapstick and the way her hands reached for the zipper on the back of your skirt. 
she walked over to the end of your bed, only leaving your lips to take a seat. she looked up at you through her long lashes, pulling down the zipper and tugging the skirt down your legs. you stepped out of it and kicked off your heels tossing them to a corner of your room. 
her hands reached up and started unbuttoning the shirt you had on. you could feel yourself shivering in anticipation under her gaze. she had barley kissed you and you were sure you had soaked through your panties. 
once she pushed the shirt off of your frame she let her hands travel over each inch and curve of your body, letting out hums of approval. she pulled you onto her lap and pressed her lips back to yours. her hands grabbed onto your hips and started to help you grind against her. 
jj was the only thing swimming in your brain. her kisses topped with the faint touches and the smell of her perfume were intoxicating. your head fell back as she let her lips trail down your neck. your hips never seizing in order to gain the friction you wanted. 
you felt her fingers easily pop the clasp of your bra and slide it down your arms. she pulled away and took in the sight of you breathless and almost naked on top of her. the only leaving you bare compared to her fully clothed figure was the tiny cloth between your legs. 
“you’re so pretty, honey.”
you whined, “please touch me jennifer. i want you so bad, please.”
she pecked your lips then tapped your thigh for you to stand again. her head nodded for you to lay back on your bed. you climbed over to rest your head against the plush pillows, watching as she started to get rid of her own clothes. 
she swiftly pulled off her long sleeve, leaving her in a navy blue bra. next she kicked off her heels and went to unbutton her jeans. your legs rubbed against each other as you caught sight of the matching thong she had on. 
she made her way over to you and put her hands on your bent knees, opening them apart so she could slot her herself in place. she reached for the sides of your panties, pulling down the final article of clothing. you felt your cheeks heat up at her gaze on your dripping center. she leaned forward to press kisses from your stomach to your chest, letting her hand dip into your pussy. 
you let out a moan at her nimble fingers collecting your arousal before spreading it over your folds again. 
“please mommy, want your fingers,” you said pulling her lips closer to yours. 
“aw let me give my needy girl what she wants then,” she said pecking your chin. 
she let her middle finger plunge into your cunt, expertly curling it, trying to reach your g-spot. your eyes rolled to the back of your head, basking in the pleasure she was giving you. 
she watched as your eyes shut closed and your mouth fell open letting out mewls of her name. 
“more,” you whimpered out, pleading for her to add another finger. 
she happily complied, adding in her ring finger and admiring you body as it writhed searching for release. 
“you’re doing so well pretty girl. i know you wanna cum on my fingers. go ahead baby, cum for me,” she said as her unoccupied hand wrapped around your neck. 
you let out a load moan from the added pressure. it was light but had you fuzzy on the edge of release. you frantically rocked your lips, meeting her fingers as you rode your high. her thumb started circling your stiff clit and spurred your orgasm. 
“jennifer fuck! oh god mommy, im cumming,” you all but screamed out. 
“that’s it princess, get loud for me.”
the noises slipping from your lips were most likely going to piss off your neighbors but you could care less. the waves of ecstasy flowing through you clouded your mind. you were only focused on the blonde above you. 
her fingers stilled inside you as you slowly came down. she pulled them out and you reached for her hand, taking the digits in your mouth as you kept eye contact licking them clean. 
she pulled them away and leaned down to meet you in a heated kiss, moaning at the taste of your own arousal on your tongue. you flipped her over so you were now on top of her. you slid down pressing kisses down her toned stomach. 
“let me make you feel good mommy.’ 
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monstaxperiments · a year ago
Monsta X reaction to being jealous of your male friend (pt. 2)..~
..~ You and Wonho loved the club. Even though it was always filled with dozens of people you two always ffelt that you were the only two people in the room. Wonho loved it because he loves showing you off and loves grinding and feeling on you where others can see. You loved it for the same reason but reversed, you loved to show Wonho off and you loved when you grind on each other ina room full of people who wish they could either be you or with you. In this case, someone wished to be with you. Badly. He was sitting upstairs in one of the VIP sections getting a lap dance from one of his groupies. He was a well known up and coming idol named X and noticed you as soon as you walked in. He had to have you. He wasn’t going to let you go again. Wonho excused himself to the restroom and you decided to wait for him at the bar. X saw his chance, you were alone. You were sipping on your drink when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turn around to see a tall, bulky guy with a serious look on his face. “Yes?” you ask nervously. “Mr. X has taken a liking to you and would like to invite you to his VIP section.” The guy sounded like a robot. “Whose Mr. X?” You asked confused. The bulky guy gestures upstairs towards one of the balconies. You see a handsome young man raise his glass to you and you immediately recognized him. “Oh my gosh! Xavier!” You excitedly following the bulky guy upstairs. You knew Xavier from college and was one of the few people who supported him when he wanted to become an idol. His parents did not approve and some of his friends turned their backs on him for wanting to pursue the idol life. You follow each other on Instagram and Twitter and text occasionally but lost touch as his life became more hectic with the idol life. Xavier never stopped thinking about you though. When he finishes his schedule for the day he scrolls through your feed for hours. Even when you haven’t posted anything new. One night he sees another man on your feed. Then the man kept appearing on your feed as time went on. He later learned the man’s name was Wonho. Now seeing the both of you in the club, he felt it was the universe giving him a sign, that you should leave Wonho and be with him. “Wow I can’t believe this is happening right now!” You say as you finally reach Xavier’s section. “I know it must be fate” X says as he outstretches his arms to hug you. You two sit and catch up when you felt your phone buzz in your purse. It was Wonho, ‘where r u?’ You completely forgot about your poor boyfriend, he was probably so lost like a puppy when he couldn’t find you. You message him to look upstairs and you flash the flashlight on your phone to get his attention. He spots you leaning over the balcony with a stranger standing next to you. A handsome young man, but definitely not as handsome as me Wonho thinks to himself as he makes his way up the stairs. You introduce them to each other and explain to Wonho how you know X. “Hey lets get this party started shall we?” X suddenly says getting up out of his seat. He bends down to your ear and asks you what song do you want the DJ to play. Wonho sitting on the opposite side of you watches as X whispers something in your ear. Don’t get too close pretty boy Wonho thinks as he subtly tries to lean in closer to hear what X was saying. X gestures to the DJ to change to the song you suggested. You stand up and start to dance. Wonho is entranced by your body and gets up to dance behind you but X swiftly cuts in front of him and dances with you instead. Wonho scoffs and moves around X to dance in front of you. You smile at each other and dance until the next song comes on. “Shots!” You hear someone yell as trays of shot glasses are set down on the bar counters. “Y/n lets do shots together” X says handing you a glass. “Maybe just one” you say taking the glass. X wraps his arm around yours and you both down the shots. “Whooooooo!” X yells while grabbing two more. “Another!” X says handing you the glass. “Nooo! I’m good! I’m a light weight remember!” You yell back. “C’mon y/n! Don’t be a party pooper!” X yells insisting you take the glass. Wonho steps in front of you  “She said no. Don’t make her have to say it again.” Wonho says firmly. X decides to back off, for now. A few songs and people taking more shots later someone yells “Jello shots!” and trays of jello shots are on the bar counters now. Wonho flashes you a sexy smile as he takes a jello shot. “Body shot?” He wiggles his eyebrows at you. “Why are you so bad?” You ask as Wonho places the shot glass between your breasts. You’re not worried about your white dress getting ruined since you knew Wonho was an expert with his mouth. He takes the shot from your breasts with his mouth and downs the drink. He turns to get another glass and places it between your breasts. Just as he’s about to go down he’s shoved to the side by X. You feel yourself stumble back in surprise but feel a hand behind your back keeping you balanced then you see a mop of bleached blond hair dive into your chest. It couldn’t have been Wonho since his hair was currently black. The only person that was in the VIP section that had that color hair was... the person lifted their head, shot glass in their mouth, it was X. He spits the shot glass out to God knows where and looks back at you with a slimy smile. Before you could do anything, as if in slow motion you see a fist connect right to X’s cheek and he goes down to the ground. The VIP section is in chaos for a few moments as onlookers witness the scene. Wonho climbs on top of X and starts to punch him some more. The bulky guy, whose name you learned was Rick, grabs Wonho and starts to drag him towards the exit. You hastily follow behind them. You hear X yelling after you about how he’s always been in love with you and for you to come back to him. Once outside, Rick tosses Wonho onto the street and he stumbles a bit but doesn’t fall. You run up beside him and grab his arm, “Are you ok?” You ask looking him up and down to make sure he wasn’t hurt. “I’m fine babe. I just wish I could’ve punched that guy some more before getting thrown out. No one touches my girl like that” He says as he wraps his arm around your waist. “C’mon the night is still young. What do you want to do next baby?” You take a few moments to think “Let’s go get ramen.” Wonho looks down at you and gives you the biggest smile “I love the way you think”
Tumblr media
..~ Thursday afternoons have become Kihyun’s favorite. Lately that was the only time out of the whole week he was able to see you. His schedule had become so hectic with the group promotions he had to go to your workplace during lunch breaks. Kihyun tapped the steering wheel of his car as he happily hummed to the song playing on the radio, excited to see you. The days couldn’t go by quick enough. He’d always rush to get his work done so he could arrive at your work on time and spend as much time as possible with you. 
Finally reaching your workplace Kihyun pulls into the parking lot, grabs the food from the passenger seat, and heads for the side door. He punches in your key code that you’ve given him months ago and enters the building. You worked for a very popular online fashion magazine. The building was huge and was like a maze. It took Kihyun around 10 times to navigate his way to your office without having to look at the cute little hand drawn map that you had made for him. Getting off of the elevator Kihyun went through more twists and turns until he finally reached your office. The wide smile on his face quickly disappeared as he sees that you’re not in there. Strange. Normally when he came he’d often find you staring out the window looking down towards the parking lot, anxiously awaiting his arrival as if you could see him from this height. Kihyun enters your office and sets the food down on your desk, looking around confused. He finally decides to pull out his to call you until he started hearing loud yelling from down the hallway. Even more confused Kihyun pokes his head out and listens to weird noises and realizes that it’s laughter. Coming from the shared break room. Curiosity overcomes Kihyun and he makes his way to the break room to see what’s all the commotion about. Turning the corner he sees a bunch of employees gathered around with loads of food and drinks and a cake. Scanning the crowd he locates you, cheering along with the crowd. Only now was Kihyun realizing what the cheering about. It was a welcome back party for one of your coworkers. The assistant manager to be exact. Your face lights up when you see Kihyun walking towards you. You two hug as you greet each other. “I’m so sorry I completely forgot about lunch. Forgive me?” You bat your eyes sweetly at him and he smiles back. “Fine. But just this once.” Kihyun sits at the table you were standing by and watches as everyone mingles with each other with small plates of food and plastic cups. After some time Kihyun got up to go get the food he brought along with them to eat in the break room. Returning from your office his pace slows significantly as he sees the assistant manager sitting in his chair, feeding you cake. Kihyun stares at the scene completely dumbfounded. He stood there, mouth agape for sometime until someone accidentally bumps into him, knocking him out of his daze. You two were laughing and talking as Kihyun walks up to the table. You stand to introduce the two and Kihyun learns that his name is Terrance. Kihyun shakes his hand, a bit too firm as Terrance winces and gives him a strange look. “Sorry. I don’t know my own strength sometimes.” Kihyun says with an exaggerated laugh. Before Terrance could respond, one of the coworkers start to rapidly bang a plastic fork against his plastic cup so he could grab everyone’s attention. Rolling his eyes, Kihyun took the seat next to Terrance, since Terrance sat back down in Kihyun’s original seat. “I have a few words I’d like to say in regards to how happy and relieved everyone is thanks to Terrance’s return.” As the coworker and several others shared a word or two, Kihyun learns that the assistant manager had been on leave for a few months due to contracting an illness and have just been cleared by the hospital last week. Upon learning about the assistant manager’s hardships Kihyun felt bad about being slightly rude earlier, but only for a moment. Terrance stands up to thank everyone for their kind words. “I’d also like to thank y/n for stepping up and taking my place while I was out. I know without her this place would’ve probably burned to the ground.” He got a a lot of laughter for that one. “And that is way I’d like to give y/n this.” The crowd waits in anticipation as Terrance rounds one of the corners of the break room. Kihyun squirms in his seat as he watches everything unfold, the way Terrance walks with unwavering confidence, the way your face showed excited and curiosity. Terrance returns with a huge bouquet of flowers, a huge teddy bear, and a huge box of chocolates in the shape of a heart. What the fuck is this? Valentine’s day? Kihyun thinks to himself as he watches with a calm look on his face but on the inside he is completely disgusted by this guy lack of shame. Everyone in the office knows that y/n has a boyfriend and this was rubbing Kihyun the wrong way. Deep down he knows he shouldn’t feel this way. It was a kind gesture of appreciation, but he just couldn’t help but feel a bit of jealousy looking at how your face lit up at all the gifts. “Tulips! My favorite!” You said sniffing the flowers. “I thought daisies were your favorite?” Kihyun asks bewildered. “No, no. It’s tulips.” Terrance responses before you could. Before Kihyun could reply the crowd of coworkers start to gather around to take a closer look at your gifts, pushing and bumping Kihyun until he was the only one of on the outskirts of the group. 
An hour or so later when lunch break is over, you realize that you haven’t seen Kihyun in a while. The bag of food was still on the table were he left them, so where did he go? You take the bag of food to place in your office. Opening you see a figure standing by the window. “Kihyun there you are! I was wondering where you ran off to.” Kihyun doesn’t respond. He looks down at his wrist watch and shakes his head slightly. “I may have a little time to stop at a drive through or something”, he mumbles to himself. “Why didn’t you eat the food you brought us?” You ask setting the food on your desk. Kihyun turns to look at you. “Because I wanted us to eat together like we always do but you were too busy with your little friend and his obnoxious gifts.” You look at him confused. “Obnoxious gifts? They were nice gifts of gratitude.” Kihyun chuckles dryly, “Gifts of gratitude? He wants to go to bed with you y/n. You’re so cute when you’re naive.” You feel yourself getting annoyed “Wow I didn’t know you were the jealous type. It’s not a good look on you.” Kihyun lets out a another chuckle but this one was more genuine “Jealous? Of that head of hair grease? That obvious clip on tie? Those clear lenses that are too small for his face? Those mix matched socks that he probably thinks make him edgy? I have absolutely nothing to be jealous of.” You smile and tilt your head at him. “No not jealous of his looks. Jealous that I was giving someone else attention instead of you.” Kihyun fixes his face after that statement. An ever so subtle tint appears on his cheeks, but of course you notice. “Tulips aren’t your favorite flower right?” “They’re nice but daisies are my favorite.” Kihyun couldn’t help but smile widely at your answer, “I knew it. So not only does that guy have no sense of style he’s also an idiot.” You couldn’t help but laugh at his statement. “Yeah he can come on a little strong sometimes. He also got me dark chocolate. I hate dark chocolate.” You said with a disgusted face. “You love white chocolate.” Kihyun says with a self assured smile. “Bingo.” Kihyun wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your forehead. “Sorry. I was being a jerk earlier. Maybe I was just a tiny bit jealous. I just want all of your attention is that so wrong?” Kihyun says pouting like a baby. You wrap your arms around him, “Just a tiny bit? And of course it’s not wrong baby.” Kihyun giggles, “Ok. Maybe a little bit more than a tiny bit jealous.”
Tumblr media
Minhyuk and Shownu coming soon..~
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dreamygeorgenap-archive · 4 months ago
hey dreamy! im sure uve seen this clip before, but here sykkuno talks abt how last time he played with dream he was shy before george joined the game :) its cute af, even in non-dnf context.
(the link is to a twitter thread, and i know u dont like twitter that much so if u want to watch it avoiding twitter, the clip is from sykkuno twitch. its the stream where dream team plus karl was supposed to play in corpses lobby but dream pulled a george :) the title is "amoongus w friends !" and it starts from 00:21:30 ish!)
we appreciate you very much dreamy, and we love u lots! 😗 i hope ull have a fantastic day
Hi! Thank you 💕 Hope you have a great day too! I’ve actually never seen this video before, thank you and thank you for being considerate enough to find it on Twitch in case I was uncomfortable. That’s very sweet. 
Anyways, what a kind person Sykkuno is! What a sweet thing to try to come up with topics to talk about because he saw that the newer people were being quiet. That shows how considerate and welcoming Sykkuno is. He didn’t technically say Dream perked up when George joined, but c’mon we all saw it happen. Thanks for sharing that with me, it’s a very cute video. 
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artificialqueens · a year ago
Girl I Met On The Internet, 4/? (Crystal x Gigi) - Strawberry
Summary: Gigi and Crystal discuss things in person. Elites Only also gains a new member.
As soon as Crystal realized what was happening, she exited the Twitter app. The girl she had been talking to for months, the girl she had shared so many things with was Georgina Goode, who happened to be best friends with the girl who hated Crystal for no reason, because of course this would happen to Crystal.  
Crystal’s mind was racing, her brain instantly jumping to the worse case scenarios. Did Gigi know she was talking to Crystal this entire time? Was this entire thing just a ploy orchestrated by Dahlia to get dirt on her? Georgina was not gay, but Gigi was. Did Gigi even like her, or was Crystal just an experiment that no one would ever find out about because it was over the internet? She knew none of these theories made sense, she didn’t think Gigi had any idea who she was until now.
Gigi was freaking out. She had messaged Crystal, attempting to explain herself, but she had gotten no reply. Crystal hadn’t even read them. Panicking, she messaged Jan, hoping she would be online.
gigi: jan oh my fuckigng
gigi: …no
jan!: and why is that?
gigi: she literally goes to my school she sent me a selfie and i sent one back without saying that we’re irls and she just said what the fuck and now she wont message me back
gigi: i know u don’t like how rude dahlia is so im sorry i have to mention her but she’s literally the girl dahlia picks on for no reason i didn’t even know her name was crystal
jan!: W H A T 
gigi: what do i do
jan!: girl like i know?? this doesn’t usually happen to people.
jan!: when do you usually see crystal
gigi: i see her in the halls sometimes. she told me before that she stays mostly in the art wing tho
jan!: ok. tomorrow  go to the art wing and find her. talk to her. she’s probably not responding bc im sure it’s not a good feeling to find out the girl she’s been flirting with for months is best friends with the girl bullying her
gigi: god i feel so bad about that. i only stopped it once and i feel so bad
jan!: i love you but you’re a fucking idiot, gigi. you really are. go talk to her tomorrow and do better.
The next morning arrived faster than Crystal wanted it to. She was dreading going to school, knowing she couldn’t avoid Gigi forever. Thankfully, they did not have any classes together, but crossing paths was inevitable. The thought of seeing Gigi, even from across a crowded hallway, made her want to sob.
Her stomach started hurting because of her anxiety, but convincing her mother to let her stay home didn’t go over well. Crystal had convinced her mother at first, but as soon as she felt Crystal’s forehead to see if Crystal was running a temperature, which she wasn’t, she had insisted that Crystal stop pretending and get ready for school. She even drove Crystal to school instead of having her walk to make sure Crystal didn’t skip.
Crystal walked straight to the bathroom in the art wing. It was smaller, with only two stalls and the cell service was terrible; but it was vacant for the most part. She often stayed there when she wanted to skip class, and the only person she had ever encountered was Aiden, a shy girl from her art class. If Gigi was looking for her, this bathroom would be the last place she would look.
She had spent the morning sketching and listening to One Direction. She was in the zone, barely noticing when the door opened. Crystal didn’t bother looking up when she felt someone’s presence there, assuming that it was Aiden. “Hey, Aiden.”
“Uh,” Gigi started, “Crystal?”
Crystal’s head shot up, her eyes wide as she looked at a very relieved looking Gigi. “Oh, shit. Hey.” 
Gigi walks over to her, kneeling down to be at the same height as Crystal. “I know you’re probably upset with me, but can we talk? Please? I’ve been looking for you all period.”
Crystal nodded, moving her backpack to make a spot for Gigi to sit down. “Sorry I said what the fuck and dipped, I really didn’t know what else to do.”
“I’m the one who should be sorry. I’m going to sound like such a bitch but I didn’t even know your name until last night.” Gigi had never been good with names, only being able to remember her online friends’ names in the beginning because their name was attached to everything they did. Crystal had been known to Gigi as ‘Art Girl’ until last night.
Crystal had to laugh at that. “It’s fine. I don’t think Dahlia knows what my name is either, and I’ve lived in her mind rent free for years!”
“Speaking of her, I’m so sorry I only stopped her once. I didn’t want to get into it but I realize now that ignoring it is just as bad as joining in. Especially seeing the effects it has on you first hand, and now that I know I could’ve helped.”
Last night, Crystal gave Gigi a run down on every single color she had ever dyed her hair, and she had mentioned that she stopped dying her hair once she got into high school because she didn’t want to stick out even more, in fear of getting treated worse. It had made Gigi sad then, and knowing she could’ve changed that made her feel even worse. 
“Yeah, I don’t know how this is going to impact your real life, but no matter what I just hope you will step in next time.” 
Gigi reached over to grab Crystal’s hand and squeezed it gently. “I will never let her hurt you ever again. I care about you so much.”
They sat in silence for a few moments.
“Can I tell you something?” Crystal asked quietly, avoiding Gigi’s glance. 
“Of course. You can tell me anything.”
“I really like you. I know it’s probably weird now, since you’re not out and I’m not positive you feel the same, but I feel like I should tell you.”
Gigi smiled, placing her fingers under Crystal’s chin, lifting them up to make Crystal make eye contact with her. “I’ve been hoping you would say that.”
Crystal blushed at the contact. “Really?”
“Of course! You’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met. I would be such a fool not to like you back.”
The bell rang, interrupting their moment. Gigi pulled away, pulling her phone out of her jacket pocket to check the time. “Fuck. I have a test this period.”
“It’s okay. We can talk about this later,” Crystal reassured her, standing up even though she had no intention to go to her next class, “I can send you my address and we could meet after school?”
Gigi nodded, pulling Crystal into a tight hug. “This is the most emotion I’ve ever shown at once. I thought it was going to be scary but I feel so much better. Thank you for talking to me. If I was you I don’t think I would’ve.”
“I could never not talk to you.”
Crystal decided she would stay in the bathroom until lunch. It was mostly out of laziness, as her Gigi related anxiety was long gone. Doing academics was the last thing she felt like doing now. 
She had plenty of entertainment, she had missed a lot on Twitter, and had two thousand new messages from the group chat, even though she was gone for less than a day.
crystal: im skipping class what’s up ladies
jan!: hi crystal!!!
jaida: girl where have you been?? my world has been so empty
nicky: wtf jaida stop acting like i don’t exist
crystal: ehh personal things happened so i was ia. i dyed my hair green last night tho!! look!!
jan!: omg you’re so pretty
jaida: HOT HOT HOT
nicky: crystal. marriage now
heidi: omg girl you look so good!! i love your leprosy print shirt
heidi: leprosy
heidi: girl how do you spell lepord
heidi: leopard
heidi: there we go
nicky: you did it!
jaida: so proud of you
She was relieved they didn’t question her further, but she couldn’t help but be curious about what their reactions would be if they knew what was going on. Talking to the girls again made time go by extremely fast, before Crystal knew it the bell rang, declaring it lunch time.
She hadn’t eaten breakfast due to her anxiety from this morning, and just realized how hungry she was. Collecting her stuff, she exited the bathroom and headed down to the cafeteria. 
When she was in line to pay for a slice of pizza and a bag of pretzels, she had caught the attention of Dahlia, who didn’t hesitate to express how she felt about her new hair. 
“Ew, who in their right mind would dye their hair green?” Dahlia loudly asked Gigi, making sure Crystal was in ear shot. 
Before Crystal could defend herself, Gigi spoke up. “Dahlia, can you please shut the fuck up? No one cares what you think about Crystal’s hair, it looks fine. I can hardly tolerate you being rude anymore.”
“Georgina, what the fuck? I’m not rude!” Dahlia whined, making Crystal smile. She had been slightly surprised that it happened so soon, but she was happy Gigi stepped in.
Crystal paid and made sure to wave at the girls on her way out. Gigi waved back, and Dahlia looked the other way, her arms crossed.
crystal: it’s not that i didn’t believe you but i’m shocked that actually happened..
gigi: she’s lowkey mad at me but idc
gigi: i believe you owe me ur address? 
crystal: oh that’s right!
gigi: i have cheer after school but i can come over right after
crystal: yay!!! 
The rest of the day was painfully long. Every minute felt like an hour, Crystal was even bored during her art class. She couldn’t wait to go home and talk to Gigi.
She zoned out while she was walking home, wondering what could happen tonight. Crystal would like to think that Gigi was about to kiss her before they got interrupted, or maybe she was going to ask Crystal to be her girlfriend. Anything could happen, and Crystal couldn’t really tell how she felt about it.
When she got home, she tidied up her room. Her bed was unmade, her dirty clothes were on the floor, and a couple dirty cups littered the top of her night stand. It wasn’t too bad, Crystal would usually consider this clean for her, but it made her feel slightly embarrassed now. She had the urge to fix it, even though Gigi probably wouldn’t have cared too much if Crystal left it the way it was.
After her room was clean, she still had some time to spare before Gigi would be on her way. She headed to the group chat, curious to see what chaos they were up to currently. 
nicky: ADD HER
jaida: jan please come back i hate it here
crystal: who are we adding?
nicky: JACKIE
nicky: why :(
jan!: i can’t trust you guys to not embarrass me in front of her and she is not a stan!!! she will not understand any of you!
jaida: we don’t have to embarrass you, you’ll do it yourself. we can teach jackie stan language, she’s smart and she’ll catch on
crystal: omg add her
jan!: i hate you all so much
nicky: PLS
jan!: fine.
jan! added Jackie
jan!: jackie, these are my friends. don’t believe anything they say about me.
Jackie: Oh, hello everyone!
nicky: c’mon auto caps!
crystal: hi!  
jaida: hi jackie!
heidi: i leave to play animal crossing for 15 minutes and we get a new member… smh
nicky: not just any new member! it’s jackie!!!!
jaida: the way nicky likes jackie more than jan does
heidi: that’s impossible. jan is SUCH a simp for jackie
Jackie: What? 
crystal: OMFG
Jackie: Does that mean she likes me? I’m confused.
nicky: yes!
Jackie: That’s good. I would assume that Jan likes me, especially after what we did in my car earlier.
crystal: holy fucking shit
jan!: JACKIE SHUT UP!!!!!!
Jackie: Why?
jaida: god i love it here
gigi: janet you better tell me everything later!!!
Crystal was so invested in the train wreck going on, only focusing on the messages sent by Jan and Jackie that she didn’t notice Gigi had come online until she got a notification that Gigi sent her a private message. 
gigi: im on ur street :)
Crystal ran to the door, opening it the second she saw Gigi step onto the porch. Gigi jumped, not expecting it. “Someone’s eager to see me, huh?”
Crystal blushed, letting Gigi in. “Shut up.”
Gigi kicked off her shoes and sat her backpack down next to them before letting Crystal lead her to her room. It was colorful, lots of posters and canvases covering the hot pink walls. “This is very you. I like it!”
“Thank you!” Crystal exclaimed, taking a seat on her bed and patting the space next to her. Gigi gladly sat next to her. 
“This is just really weird. 24 hours ago, I didn’t know who you were and now you’re in my bed. It’s kind of overwhelming,” Crystal blurted out, making Gigi frown. “But not in a bad way!” She clarified, “It’s just a lot to process.”
“Oh, yeah. It is a big change. Last night, I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend, but that obviously did not happen.” Gigi blushed, grabbing a throw pillow from Crystal’s bed to hide her face in. 
Crystal took the pillow away from her, sitting it next to them, “Do you still want me to be your girlfriend?”
Gigi nodded. “Yeah, but I don’t know if we should become official yet. We know each other so well, but I feel like we need to see if we vibe in person.”
“I don’t think we will have an issue with that, but I agree. Let’s take it slow. But can I try something first?”
Gigi grinned, “Yeah, what?”
“This.” Crystal whispered, leaning forward until her lips pressed against Gigi’s. Gigi kissed her back, wrapping her arms around Crystal’s neck and pulling Crystal even closer.
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floralseokjin · 2 years ago
Sooo ab Tumblr not allowing adult content after Dec. 17 Do you have another site you post on or social media
anon said : Hey, have you published your work anywhere else as a back up youre such an amazing writer and I realy hope we dont loose you
anon said: Hi so APPARENTLY Tumblr is banning all sexually explicit content on the 17th of December so that sucks???? It's literally the ONLY reason I use this damn website what the fuck. And what's worse is that most of my fave authors on this stupid website (you) will probably get taken down I'm really upset PLEASE can we find your writing anywhere else you're a gem I don't wanna lose
anon said: hey did you hear about the porn ban?? i really hope you wont remove your smuts because it excludes text:(
Tumblr media
okay so first of all, thank you for your concern and i am really touched that you guys would think of me like this! it means the world!
even though tumblr said erotica is still allowed, ever since the post they made came out, random things have been getting flagged (none of my fics have been, but i saw shanna say that even though her fics weren’t flagged as explicit, her reblogs were.... so that is entirely confusing lol) but also, tags on my blog have been playing up and when i scroll through through other people’s blogs i hit a wall of all old posts and can’t see anything recent so there’s that problem too :// i don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this.... and what is getting tagged as explicit are really random posts, like my seokjin picture! so that is a little worrying and frustrating!
anyway, as of right now i have an ao3 account (floralseokjin) and have no works posted underneath it. HOWEVER that will be changing in a few of weeks or so. i already have all my work backed up on my computer so that’s a plus, and i will be purchasing a new laptop soon, so that will give me the motivation to edit my fics and cross post them on ao3!
i really don’t want to lose the ability to post on tumblr because it is the best platform for me personally seeing as i can interact with you guys about not only my fics, but also bts and personal things like life etc. however saying that, the support i get for my stories here is really uplifting and motivating and i don’t want that to disappear.
for now, it’s just fingers crossed that come december 17th everything will be okay when it comes to posting fanfic, but i will still be cross posting them onto ao3. worst case scenario is that i have to only post on ao3 and link the fic to floralseokin so you guys can get directed to it and then we can converse freely like we have been doing right here on tumblr!! similar to what tessa has been doing on her blog i guess!
so you can find me on:
ao3 — floralseokjin (will start posting potentially end of december!)
twitter — floralseokjin (where to find me if something happens!)
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