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#so just normal pierre
thegirlisuedtobe · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me too, I want to find my own name / So when someone calls / I can answer without hesitation / Yes that’s me, recognise that it’s me / Where is my place? Where am I? / Where could it be? / What am I able to do? / Me? What am I? / Who am I? / Where am I?
Here it is, this thing, shining brilliantly / The one I’ve been so anxiously looking for / What do you call it when it shines this brilliantly? / Radius / Radius / Radius, Radium / Radium, truly, it’s you / Radium, it’s really you / Radium, it’s me
I’ve found it. Atomic number 226, 10 pure grams, after 45 months. Success in extraction.
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luvth0t · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
in which you and pierre can no longer avoid the events that happened in the club many months ago
warnings; smut what a surprise, oral sex, unprotected sex, choking, mentions of overstimulation, semi public sex, road head, it’s long? i think? idk oops if it’s too long
this is part two to ‘spilled drinks’ read part one here
being mad at yourself was an understatement. you were disappointed, confused and annoyed with how after many years of pride and stubbornness could all be lost within a few moments.
how you came undone so quickly without any resistance the second his lips were on yours? pathetic. and to be moaning his names of all names? embarrassing. in your eyes at least.
what’s even more embarrassing? you couldn’t get your mind off it.
every time you closed your eyes you could feel his lips on your skin, his fingers on your skin, the way he moved inside you.
of all people to bring you to the best orgasm of your life and it’s him?
so like anyone would, you simply avoided him. and it was easy, considering you missed a few races; and those you were at, he was avoiding you as well. charles didn’t even notice because it was normal; avoiding each other was not anything out of the ordinary.
and the few times you had been stuck in the same place for no more than a couple of minutes, it was filled with awkward silence instead of the usual petty insults.
currently at the last race of the season, you had no choice but to attend. charles was hosting a dinner afterwards to celebrate some time off and had booked an air bnb for him and many friends to spend some time there before going off on holiday with charlotte.
having never been in abu dhabi before, the set up confused you like it always did. while it was relatively the same with the motor homes every race; the corporate buildings and such were different. and you were one who got lost a bit too easily.
it was saturday, the few hours between practice which had just passed and qualifying which was in a couple hours; and finding charles was proving harder than you thought. especially when he wasn’t answering his phone.
you were quite clearly lost, so upon finding an elevator you decided leaving whatever building you were currently in was the best decision, pressing the button a few times impatiently as you stood there with your arms crossed over your chest.
hearing the ding you didn’t even think as you kept your eyes glued to your phone and entered the elevator quickly, wanting to get out of here and somewhere comfortable. where you actually knew people.
you were quickly snapped out of your thoughts however when someone cleared their throat, not even noticing someone was in here. although once you glanced up and caught sight of someone too familiar, you wished you hadn’t noticed him.
pierre? seriously?
the doors had already shut, meaning you were stuck in here with him. alone. no avoiding him here.
“nice to see you too,” the french man broke the silence when you decided on ignoring his presence, accent as strong as ever as he ran a hand through his hair; not giving you a glance.
“yeah,” was all you muttered with a small nod; confused to where your usual confidence around him had vanished to. since when did you lose the ability to insult him? or at least give a sarcastic response.
he picked up on it too, a small smirk tugging on his lips as he came to the realisation that the night in austria must be lingering on your mind. because when have you ever not taken the chance to insult him or give a smart comment?
“cat got your tongue? or have you had an attitude change these past few months?” he questioned with a raised eyebrow, looking down at you. which had an automatic response of an eye roll from you as you finally looked back at the driver.
“don’t wanna risk you kissing me again that’s all.” you snapped with an obviously fake smile; okay so maybe you hadn’t lost the ability to be a complete bitch to him. good.
he was taken back from the mention of the night neither of you had spoken about, and it showed; however he regained composure quickly. it was as if you were both rusty on your usual bickering, but were warming up quickly.
“you didn’t have an issue with it last time i checked.” pierre huffed, his arms moving to cross over his chest. he was right, and he knew it too. but you were not going to just openly admit to that. maybe you shouldn’t have brought it up.
“i was tipsy and you caught me off guard, don’t flatter yourself.” you lied through your teeth, however it was no where near convincing as you knew your words were far from the truth.
he quirked an eyebrow, even letting out a laugh disguised as a scoff as he looked down at you; shaking his head slightly.
“you were not tipsy as your drink was all over your shirt before you took a sip. and your begging for me to fuck you made it quite clear you enjoyed it ma chérie,” he snapped back quickly; his words causing heat to raise in your cheeks as they turned a tint of red.
he was right, which sucked. that’s why you were so mad at yourself. how’d you even let it come to that? so much for having some dignity.
parting your lips to object, they quickly shut into a straight line when you realised you had nothing to counter that. no insult, no corrections. and he knew it, his stupid smirk growing.
it was as if on cue the elevator doors opened, pierre pushing himself off of the wall he was leaning on. “nothing to be embarssed of love, i quite enjoyed the sight of you becoming a needy mess from just my fingers before coming undone on my cock.” he shrugged, smirk as wide as ever as he left the elevator without another word or glance.
your jaw dropped for a few seconds at the explicit description, reminding you of how good his fingers did feel; which only furthered your annoyance.
after a few moments you quickly got yourself together, leaving the elevator. how did he come out on top after all of this? and how the hell do you recover from this, going quiet and flustered around pierre of all people was not an option.
“i hate him charles. hate him. he’s just so… arrogant? how dare he? act like he’s all that when he’s really not.” you rambled to charles as you placed plates down on the table aggressively, finally being able to get your feelings out into the open since your run in with pierre a few days ago.
you haven’t given charles all the details but the ferrari driver was used to these rants. standing there innocently as he just nodded along to anything you said. completely oblivious to the fact you had slept with the french man and that’s where your annoyance was stemming from.
“don’t even get me started on his stupid smirk that never seems to leave his lips; he thinks he’s funny with his comments and remarks but i’ve heard them all before. it’s nothing special,” you continued to rant.
it was sunday night, the race had gone relatively well. p4 for charles and p6 for pierre meant the mood tonight was not going to be ruined for charles celebratory dinner he had insisted on, which you were helping him set up for in the air bnb he had rented out.
“i thought you two were finally getting along.” charles commented hopefully, giving you a smile as you let out another huff; if only he knew half of it. but you refused to admit to yourself what happened, let alone to charles.
“no. i just haven’t seen him in a while. which i took for granted.” you rolled your eyes, finishing placing plates out as he finished up placing cutlery and coasters, a small laugh leaving the drivers lips.
“just no scenes tonight please, i don’t want to play mediator.” he grinned; yet glanced at you to show you he was being serious, and you were quick to put your hands up in defence.
“i won’t even be looking in his direction, you have nothing to worry about.”
dinner was nice, the chef’s who had just prepared the meals and served desserts having just left as you all sat around the dining table.
you had avoided conversation with pierre all night, which was easy considering he was on the other end of the table; engaging in conversation with carlos and lando.
you hadn’t been able to avoid his eyes however, catching him multiple times looking right at you; the expression on his face unreadable but he’d always be met with a sharp glare from you in return.
almost wanting to ask him what he was looking at from where you were sitting. but no scenes were promised to charles and you wanted to keep that promise.
especially considering you had managed to sit next to charles. which was a relief, at first. you didn’t know any of the engineers or team members, not the ones who were here anyways. but charles was engaged in conversation with everyone about things you had no idea about. thankfully, before the main course carlos’ girlfriend moved to sit ahead of you, which instantly brightened your mood. gave you someone to talk to as charles was busy being the host.
“we’re heading to spain for a few weeks, with his family and all that and then…” isa was explaining to you before you tuned out, your eyes drifting to the end of the table once again where you spotted pierre staring right at you.
he was still unreadable, and held eye contact with you as neither of you dared to look away. you thought he would look away the second you caught him but you were wrong, causing you to shift in your seat and force your eyes back to the girl in front of you for a few moments.
then quickly darting them back to pierre, curious if his eyes were still lingering. which they weren’t, his blue eyes now focused on lando ahead of him.
biting down on the inside of your cheek, you found yourself staring; mind beginning to wander. conveniently pierre seemed to sense your staring and his eyes found you again, lips tugging up into a smirk.
this had you looking away quickly, too quickly. which had your cheeks brightening in embarrassment, not that he’d be able to tell from the distance and dull lightening. hopefully.
“you all good?” isa broke you out of your thoughts, catching you off guard as you looked at her in confusion for a few moments.
“what? yeah, yeah. i’m good.” you quickly mumbled, shaking your head with a not so convincing laugh and fake smile. “i’m gonna grab some water one second,” you quickly excused yourself.
heading to the kitchen to try clear your thoughts. you came to the conclusion your thoughts weren’t normal, shying away from pierre’s stare and give him that satisfaction?
it didn’t make any sense to you and it only furthered your annoyance with this whole situation. after months of avoiding it and overthinking it was happening exactly how you didn’t want it to play out.
too occupied with your own confusing and conflicting ideas and memories while running the tap water into a glass, you hadn’t noticed pierre had followed you.
“you seem flustered,” you were snapped out of your thoughts again, recognising the french accent immediately after flinching and almost jumping at the sudden voice, not aware anyone was behind you.
“oh my god,” you breathed out, quickly turning around; being met with pierre’s chest with how close he was standing; you quickly pushed him back, glaring up at him. attempting to compose yourself as he let out a laugh.
“what are you doing?” you asked through gritted teeth, placing your glass down and crossing your arms over your chest while looking at him expectedly, raising an eyebrow. it was quite clear you were frustrated, while pierre looked calm as ever. for the first time ever you wished he was easier to read.
“i’m thirsty,” he shrugged, his head turning to look over his shoulder in confirmation that the kitchen was still empty beside the pair of you, which it was. loud chatter still being heard from the dining room and the background music barely audible.
“no. no, i mean what are you doing. staring at me like some fucking creep?” you further explained your question, quite happily taking out your anger on him. because he was the route of the issue.
even though your actual anger lies with the fact you were struggling to see him in the same light you did before.
“don’t act like you don’t know.” pierre was quick to scoff, his jaw clenching for a few moments as his eyes poured into yours. finally his face giving insight into his mind for a few moments.
it only confused you further however, expecting him to just deny your accusation. or give you a straight answer.
“what?” was all you could say, eyebrows furrowing as you shook your head and let out a huff. “i don’t have time for this, you and whatever mind games your trying to-"
“you think you’re being cute wearing that?” he cut you off, any indication of smugness and bragging now missing as he stared down at you; tongue grazing over his bottom lip.
you found yourself confused. again. coming to the conclusion that this was just overall too confusing.
your eyes quickly fell down upon your outfit, and in a sudden moment of realisation it started making sense; your eyes quickly snapping back up to him.
“oh,” you hummed, pursing your lips. it hadn’t clicked in your mind that you wearing an outfit almost identical to the one you wore that night in austria. all that was different was the colour of the top, the skirt was most certainly the one he fucked you in.
how you hadn’t realised? who knows. however you could see how he could think you did it on purpose.
things were finally starting to make sense, and it was becoming quite clear why pierre couldn’t keep his eyes off you.
the moment you had walked in all he could think about was the skirt bunched up around your waist as he thrusted in and out of you with you bent over the bathroom counter.
and his mind hadn’t strained from that thought ever since.
“should’ve ripped it off of you the first time,” he muttered; and if you hadn’t figured out he too was getting worked up over past events you probably would’ve crumbled under his intense stare.
but it was an even playing field now, feeling as if you had the upper hand unlike that moment in the elevator a couple days ago, a small smirk tempting to present itself on your lips.
how pierre and you managed to be out the door and into his car within 15 minutes of being in the kitchen without any suspicion was beyond you.
charles too occupied to question his two close friends who supposedly hated each other leaving within 5 minutes of each other so suddenly.
but you weren’t complaining, the sexual tension growing too great for the both of you. you were relieved you weren’t alone in those thoughts, being the one suggesting he takes you back to his hotel room in a quick decision that was guided by lust after a quick and eager make out session against the kitchen counter.
funny how quickly you could forget about those past few months of overthinking and promising yourself that you’d never sleep with him again.
the silence in the car wasn’t awkward, but watching him drive had you growing impatient; biting down on your bottom lip. shamelessly watching his hands and fingers move around the wheel with ease.
an idea soon hitting you, having to stop yourself from giving anything away despite wanting to grin. your hand moving to rest on his thigh, dangerously close to his crotch. which he noticed immediately.
his eyes had looked to you in question but you were now looking out the window, acting as if you weren’t doing anything as you began to palm him through his jeans. hearing his breath hitch in his throat had you fighting back a smirk.
“what happened to waiting till we got to the hotel?” he grumbled out, looking to him as you shrugged. there was a brief conversation about him just taking you in the back seat, pierre not sure if either of you had the patience to wait any more.
however you were quite convincing with your words in telling him to wait, that it would be worth it. alongside a few kisses and whispers; pierre was in no position to say no to you. for the first time ever.
“just filling the time,” you replied with an innocent smile, allowing your hands to find his zipper. within a few moments you had his pants and underwear pulled down just enough to free his hardening cock, pierre assisting you at one point which showed he actually wasn’t against the idea.
beginning to jerk him off, your eyes glanced to both the tinted windows to ensure they were tinted, not that you cared in all honesty. it was dark out and the road was practically empty. but even if it wasn’t you weren’t sure that would stop you.
pierre’s bottom lip got caught between his teeth when he felt your hand around him, eyes staying glued to the road as he drew in a sharp breath; attempting to stay focused on the minimal traffic ahead.
which was proving difficult, as he had been turned on all night since you had walked into the dining room; his mind creating many images and scenarios, none of which compared to right now. but it meant the pleasure was coming quickly and you’d barely even touched him.
“you shouldn’t do this while i’m driving,” he huffed out; the want to one up you still present as you let out a small laugh, contradicting his words as you leant down and teasingly licked a stripe up his cock from the base to his tip.
“you’re a driver, you should be able to do this with your eyes closed.” you told him in a matter-of-fact tone before taking his length in your mouth, beginning to bob your head up and down immediately.
you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about this the past few months, almost desperate to hear the sounds he made when fucking you in that bathroom once again. and also the want to get him worked up how he so easily did you.
and it was definitely working.
“oh fuck,” he groaned; head hitting the back of the headrest slightly, his grip tightening on the steering wheel. thankful the road was long and straight and not too much attention was needed, however his eyes were still glued ahead of him.
you hummed around him lightly, ensuring you twirled your tongue around his tip whenever you could to cause those sharp breaths he kept doing, your hand gripping onto his thigh to support yourself, quickly adjusting in your seat to get more comfortable.
the groans and moans falling from his lips only encouraged you, despite still being in an uncomfortable position leaning over him, it was the last thing on your mind as you sucked him off to the best of your ability.
pierre knew he had an issue quite quickly too, having clung on to the feeling of being inside you for so long; somehow your mouth felt even better, better than he had imagined as well.
“fuck you’re good at this,” he breathed; not being able to stop himself from looking down at you, watching you move up and down his cock only adding to the building pleasure. feeling so good he could compliment you.
he had no idea how he was meant to hate you now to put it simply.
unbothered by the saliva and pre-cum gathering at the corners of your mouth, you continued to please him. without causing a crash thankfully, a couple of times pierre having to swerve after a lapse in judgement or getting somewhat distracted; yet he reached the hotel without cumming and with the car in one piece.
parking the car with ease in the hotel car park, which was underground yet lit up; pierre had no care for the possibility of someone stumbling across you two, which was much more likely now than it was on the road.
the second the car was in park his hand left the steering wheel to tangle in your hair; giving you his full attention as his hips bucked up, pushing further into your mouth.
“just like that princesse,” he groaned; his hand guiding your head now as his orgasm approached; allowing him to push your head down every now and then; gagging a little bit when his tip would hit the back of your throat, not that it slowed you down.
your thighs squeezed together at the french pet name, alongside his accent. which you hadn’t found all that attractive on him until this moment; moments later feeling him release into your mouth.
managing to look up at him as you bobbed your head up and down a few more times; admiring the way his head fell back, the vein popping out in his neck as your name fell from his lips.
sitting up straight you didn’t hesitate in swallowing before rubbing at the corners of your swollen lips, biting down on the inside of your cheek as your eyes remained on him, if you had your phone you would definitely take a photo. the temptation to just jump his bones definitely there.
“and i thought last time it was going to be hard to stay away,” the driver breathed out as he looked at you, shamelessly admitting his thoughts as his hand moved to cup the side of your neck, surprisingly bringing a small smile to your lips.
“don’t get ahead of yourself gasly, need to remind me if you were as good as i remember or if i was just touched deprived at the time first,” you spoke teasingly, confidence growing after having made him cum relatively quickly.
watching as his eyebrow raised slightly, his grip on your neck tightened. “oh sweetheart i’m gonna make sure you regret even thinking that.”
you two were almost like drunk teenagers as you hurried through the hotel lobby and into the elevator; him having you up against the wall and his lips on yours the second the elevator doors had shut.
when you had finally got to the hotel room he had backed you up towards the bed in no time, not even bothering turning the light on as you fell back, letting your head hit the mattress with a small giggle as he moved to hover over you, his lips back on yours once again.
while the kiss was still filled with lust and a sense of urgency, it was not as eager as the one shared between you two at the club. because now you were both aware tonight could go on for as long as you wanted, and the consequences didn’t have to be faced until tomorrow.
pierre was sure to stay true to his words, as he kissed down your body, his large hands finding your shirt and ripping the thin material off of you with ease, a small gasp leaving your lips.
“what the fuck?” you huffed as you watched him, he ignored you however; and his lips on the skin of your stomach had you forgetting quite quickly.
he tugged the skirt down your legs, ridding your body of its clothes; somewhere in between all of this his hand had found the switch to the lamp beside the bed, adding some light to the room so he could see what he was doing.
“you want my fingers amour?” he asked you with a smirk once he had settled between your legs, fingers teasing your clothed entrance, your lace thong covering yet not hiding the wetness which had developed between your legs.
“yeah,” you mumbled out quietly with a small nod, thoughts wandering back to the night in the bathroom. his fingers most certainly left an impression on you and yours did not compare that was for sure.
“yeah?” he repeated with a low breath, raising his eyebrows as his breath fanned your inner thigh, already struggling to stay still as you nodded again with a small whine.
you were almost ashamed of how quickly he turned you on.
nodding again, his smirk was as clear as ever before swiftly swiping your panties aside and allowing a finger to slide into you with ease, your back arching as you watched him.
a soft moan fell from your lips, which soon turned into a louder one when he unexpectedly brushed your clit with his tongue; it being your turn to tangle your fingers in his hair.
his left hand holding a tight grip on your thigh, his other hand continued to thrust his finger, and then another, in and out of you with ease, his tongue swirling and sucking on your clit.
it was better than you remembered, his fingers curling at the right time consistently while the attention to your clit had you moaning and arching off the bed; thankful that he was not being a tease as you had waited long enough.
“pierre,” you breathed out through a moan, screwing your eyes shut. he only hummed, his eyes looking up at you; wanting to admire the sight ahead of him as you moaned and squirmed beneath him.
his tongue occasionally traveled further, licking through your folds before returning to your clit; working with his fingers quickly as your legs began to shake.
it didn’t take long to feel your high approaching, beginning to clench around his fingers as you attempted to squeeze your thighs together. before you could even warn him however, his fingers slid out of you.
“again?” you whined, hips attempting to follow his hand for some sort of friction or attention but he simply pushed your hip down back to the bed in response. he had done this last time, you could remember it as clear as day obviously. that didn’t make being denied of an orgasm any easier.
“call me selfish, but i need to fuck you again princesse,” he spoke as he kissed up your stomach, your chest moving up and down as you breathed heavily, legs still shaking slightly from your almost orgasm.
he quite clearly had a thing for edging, and you knew that would make you finishing eventually feel all that better. that didn’t stop the small pout on your lips however.
he simply chuckled, having no sympathy as he began kicking his pants off and his shirt while you laid there impatiently, admiring him as he did so; not that you ever thought you’d admire pierre but while he was on top of you it only seemed appropriate.
“you know how often i’ve been thinking about this hm?” he questioned you as he sat back on his knees, his hands moving your legs to rest over his shoulders; feeling your stomach flip in anticipation, more than ready for him to fuck you.
“shows what you value in a girl,” you couldn’t help but smirk in a playful response, the driver rolling his eyes as he lined his cock up with your entrance, which was hard again after hearing you moan his name many, many times.
“you never know when to shut up,” he grunted as he thrusted inside of you; a whimper leaving your plump lips from the angle and his size, thankful that he gave you a few moments to adjust.
you went to speak again in response, well try to speak, but his fingers slid inside of your mouth before you had the chance; quite quickly tasting yourself on his fingers.
“suck.” he demanded as he began to thrust in and out of you, despite giving you a few moments to adjust; he was no longer playing nice as he began to pound into you quickly, hitting spots you didn’t think were possible.
you obeyed his words, managing to keep your eyes open and on him; moaning around his fingers as you sucked on them like you had done his cock earlier that night. he watched you intently, a loud groan being heard.
the way you wrapped around him, the way you were sucking his fingers and how it reminded him of how you looked deep throating his dîck, he was almost going crazy.
his moans were heard loud and clear throughout the hotel room, and probably the ones around it too. yours muffled from his fingers, however he soon removed them from your mouth; moving to grip both of your legs to deepen his thrusts.
his name almost left your lips in a scream, incoherent sentences and curses filling the room from both of you as he harshly thrusted in and out of you, your body moving with each snap of his hips.
“taking my cock so well; so fucking tight,” you heard him speak through the many moans; only whimpering in response, throwing your head back as he fucked you better than you ever had been before.
the fact this was months in the making as well only made it all that better.
“i’m gonna cum pierre━ please,” you moaned out; unsure if your words could even be heard as his fingers found your clit, sending you back to the edge quickly; still managing to admire his heavy breathing above and the way his muscles were flexing with each and every thrust.
“go for it ma chérie, but i’m not stopping until the only thing you remember is my name and there’s tears running down that beautiful face of yours,” pierre almost warned you, his fingers only speeding up as his other hand found your neck.
him choking you threw you over the edge, cumming hard on his cock as your legs shook; strings of whimpers and moans loud enough for the hotel residents to hear echoing in the room. and he wasn’t lying, he showed no signs of slowing down, and you did not want him too.
the night had gotten away quickly, after many orgasms; and pierre staying true to his word once again, literally fucking you until there were tears falling down your face from the overwhelming pleasure, the pair of you had finally done everyone else on the hotel floor a favour and finished.
he had pulled orgasm after orgasm out of you, never having felt so fucked out. the both of you putting all of the sexual frustration built up over the past few months into this one encounter.
he had cleaned the two of you up as you recovered; catching your breath and attempting to calm down as you laid on top of his bed sheets. managing to notice his tender touch as he brushed the hair from your face and ensured you were okay and that he didn’t go too hard, which you were quick to reassure him he didn’t. while you felt physically drained, you also felt incredible.
“i should probably go,” you mumbled out when he got settled next to you on the bed; his head turning to face you when you spoke up.
you had no clue how you would walk considering your legs were still trembling, but this was uncharted territory. in the club bathroom you could both walk away and pretend it didn’t happen.
things weren’t as simple right now, and falling asleep in his bed didn’t exactly feel wrong. but it didn’t feel right either.
“you don’t have to,” he spoke in reply; having to hold back a small chuckle which had you glaring at him, raising your eyebrow as if to ask what he was laughing at. “i don’t think you can in all honesty,” he added on innocently, shifting on his side to face you.
his hand reached out to your neck, his fingers grazing over the hickeys and marks from his own hand lightly; his soft touch being foreign to you. but you weren’t complaining.
“i should though,” you shrugged in response; ignoring his joke because he was most likely right, and you had given him enough of an ego boost for one night.
“says who?” he questioned, his fingers leaving your neck as he tucked his hand under his head for comfort. it was weird, having a somewhat civil conversation with him; but it was also relieving in a way as well. “stay, it’s fine. least i can do with all considered,” he spoke sincerely as he sat up; grabbing the duvet and tugging it over the pair of you; not really giving you a choice in the matter.
“don’t go all soft on me now,” you lazily mumbled with a small laugh; yet didn’t argue as you got comfortable, too exhausted to put up any sort of argument. not that you could even think of one.
“yeah, yeah. you wish,”
a/n: pls this was so much better in my head🤡 anyways i have a third/final part planned out for this if y’all want it. question is do we want a happy ending or mORE angst 🤠
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petition for thomas sanders to record covers of the songs from the ts holiday concert last year but in character
to be specific, those songs are, in order:
patton: walking in a winter wonderland
roman: once upon a december (from anastasia)
janus: santa baby (concluding with the spoken sentence “santa was the original sugar daddy” which did scar me for life a little bit but it was also very funny)
roman again: no one else (from natasha, pierre & the great comet of 1812)
virgil: sally’s song (from the nightmare before christmas)
remus: grandma got run over by a reindeer
logan: white wine in the sun (by tim minchin. also this is the most logan song i have ever heard in my life oh my god)
patton again: have yourself a merry little christmas (i would like to point out that patton is the Only side who understood the “nice christmas song” assignment)
anyway i would really really love having covers thomas did of these songs. especially in character but even just him singing normally.
benefits of this happening would be:
it would make me very happy
my sanders sides christmas playlist on spotify would be a lot cooler
probably it would make a bit of money for thomas through like spotify or whatever so if u need the incentive sir there is that
sanders sides would trend on tumblr like it does every time thomas so much as sneezes
almost every single one of these songs would immediately get much much much gayer bc a lot of them feature male love interests
this happening would lend more weight to my future petition for mr sanders to record songs off the sides’ playlists in character but shhh that’s a secret lol
the sides singing is always a good thing
there would definitely be really good fanart inspired by this
there are no downsides to this situation. it is a win-win for everyone and i am genius brain. :)
anyway who’s with me??
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yungbludz · 3 months ago
Silverstone [M.V.]
Author: lets not talk about this, okay? Nothing has ever felt as good and right as writing this...
Summary: in which she’s worried about him after the accident...
Warnings: smut, +18, nsfw content, unprotected sex
Disclaimer: I do not want any comments under this post about Silverstone. No racist remarks towards Sir Lewis Hamilton. If I find any I will block you. <3
Part one
Tumblr media
“And Max Verstappen is out of the British Grand Prix!”
It had been a very long and painful weekend. Seeing every part of the accident: the collision, the dust, the bang, the ambulance, the ruined car. Your mind kept playing over and over again the same scene: Max being escorted towards the ambulance before leaving the track. You didn’t remember being this stressed in awhile. Watching everything fall apart from the McLaren garage, it all seemed to be happening in slow motion. This gut feeling was eating you alive the moment the race started but you shrugged it off, thinking it was just the normal anxiety for the race. You should have known better than to ignore it. It wasn’t like you could have done anything to change the course of events. When Daniel and Lando came back to the pit lane to wait and see what it was going to happen they found a very distressed side of you. In that moment you didn’t care if it looked suspicious that you were so worried about Max, you didn’t care that Daniel could start suspecting you and your feelings. The only thing you cared about was him and his well-being. No questions were asked and you ran to your brother to hug him. Both of you were really worried, he was one of his close friends after all. The tension was cuttable within the room, even after the race restarted and everything seemed to go back to normal. But it didn’t. Not until that day’s late afternoon when you saw him post on his socials. A relieved sigh left your lips as you knew he was okay. You had left multiple messages in his voice mail even if you knew he wouldn’t have checked it, it made you feel calmer in that moment. But then days started to go by and he never answered. No texts. No calls. No nothing. You didn’t want to put any pressure onto him, knowing he was going to be even more stressed now, cause of all the drama risen by the press but you thought he could have at least found a minute to text you he was okay. You had heard from Daniel that he was doing fine, so if he could find a moment to talk to the McLaren driver, then why couldn’t he find it for you? You tried to let it go until the Hungarian Grand Prix.
“I’m sorry, honey, but I have some interviews just before the start of the race.” Daniel apologized as he quickly gathered all his belongings and left the room. You sighed, not really because of how fast he had left you, you knew it was his job, but because of how your own thoughts were driving you crazy. You were sitting on Daniel’s couch in his room at the track, playing with his stress ball. All you could think about though was him. Where was he? What was he doing? Was he being interviewed as well? Was he okay? You didn’t know and the lack of information was eating you alive. You suddenly stood up, throwing the ball on the couch. You had had enough of this situation. You didn’t care about being caught anymore, about your brother, about press, about anything. You needed to see him. Therefore that was what you did. You grabbed your phone and left the room as well. Walking around the paddock you met a few drivers, waving at Pierre and Charles and winking at Lando who was being interviewed as well. The British boy stared at you walking around the paddock with a frown on his face when he spotted you getting closer to the Red Bull garage. Where were you going?
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to. We both what kind of questions they would be asking you anyway... See you out there, Max.” You hid behind the wall as you spotted Christian Horner’s frame standing in the threshold of Max’s room. You were going in blind since you didn’t exactly know where he was but stumbling across the Red Bull team principal and almost getting caught had given away this important piece of information. You listened to his footsteps walking away and passing by you, thankfully he was too busy on some papers to sense your presence. You heard a door being closed and you leaned forward to see if anyone was around. The hallway looked empty and silent so you took advantage of that moment to quickly make your way towards the dutch man’s room. Before you could think about it twice your knuckles were knocking on his door.
“Did you forget someth— a distracted Max opened the door and was soon pushed inside by you— What are you doing here?” You were quite offended by his words. It had been two weeks since the last time you had ever had any contacts with him and all he had to say was that? You locked the door in order to avoid any awkward situation and turned around. Max looked different but his appearance had stayed the same. Once again he had allowed his beard to grow out which you were very thankful for and his hair was just slightly longer and less gelled than always. He looked like a more laidback Max. After scanning his entire being from head to toe you came back to reality.
“What am I doing here? Wow... Maybe if you cared enough to reply to my texts I wouldn’t be here bothering you, your majesty.” You bitterly spat back. He rolled his eyes at you as he leaned back on the table, his hands sustaining his weight. He didn’t know why he was acting like a douche. Point was that he had missed you. A lot. The first thing he had thought about after the crash was you. He didn’t know why, but he thought of you. When the paramedics started to ask him questions to see if he had had any brain damage he kept mumbling your name. Thankfully nobody took his random and confused rambling serious or he would have had a lot to explain. He never stopped thinking about you for the following days. He wanted to see you but his schedule had become suddenly even busier. He lost track of time and two weeks had gone by without any text, call, dm.
“I didn’t have time to answer to anyone, my manager took control over my socials...” he realised right after how all of it made him sound even more like an asshole. He wasn’t trying to find any excuse, he just wanted to make up for the time you had lost. You crossed your arms, waiting for him to continue and maybe have some decent explanation or even apology from him. He was accidentally distracted by your move as you pushed your breasts against your arms, making them even more exposed than they already were because of your red top. It was quite hot in Hungary, even because it was the middle of summer. The weather was not playing in his favor. Max brought his attention back on your annoyed face. He couldn’t help but find it cute how upset you had become. It showed that you cared about him more than your friends with benefits relationship should have allowed you to.
“I’m sorry, I should have called you. I’m also sorry for being an asshole...” he apologized. The frown on your face softened and turned into a smile, you uncrossed your arms recognizing the boy in front of you. You slowly made your way towards him, the smile on your lips only widening which caused him to grin as well. When you were at less than a foot away from him you rested your hands on his waist, slipping slightly in the waistband of his race suit which hung lowly from his hips. He hissed at the contact, he had missed your touch as well. You smirked as your lips ghosted over his, the atmosphere within the room drastically changed. Even if you wanted to be mad at him you couldn’t. You hated to even admit it to yourself but Max was always going to be your weak spot.
“You were worried about me... It’s cute, prinses.” He smiled as his hands cupped your cheek. You playfully rolled your eyes at him, feeling blush spreading over your cheeks after being exposed by him. You had been more than worried. The first few nights you had even struggled to fall asleep, the thought of him haunted you. But what you hated even more was that you couldn’t talk about it to anyone. Yes of course Daniel knew you were worried about Max, however he didn’t know how much worried you were. And if he had found then Max wouldn’t have been here standing in front of you. His eyes stared right into yours as he looked at you in pure admiration. He couldn’t believe he had such a pretty thing all to himself. Yes, you weren’t dating but he knew neither of you two was sleeping around with other people nor dating someone else. Should have he grown a pair and just tell you about his feelings? Definitely. Was he scared of your rejection? Yes, that too.
“It’s whatever... I would have been worried about any other driver if it had happened to anyone else...” you bluntly lied to his face. You both knew that was a lie but he decided to play along and raised both his eyebrows, a sly smirk displayed on his plump lips. He knew you wouldn’t have shown that much interest and worry towards anybody else, except for your brother. It boosted his confidence to know you cared that much. His thumbs caressed your cheeks lovingly, before moving his right hand and tracing your bottom lip with one of his thumb. You stared at him in awe, slowly turning into putty in his hands. He was so obsessed with you. Everyday you were always all over his head. He found any stupid excuse to see you, talk to you, be with you. You drove him insane and whenever you couldn’t be together it drove him even crazier.
“Now you know I don’t like liars, schatje...” he muttered under his breath. You let out a soft whimper when he pressed his thumb against your lips which you gladly open for him to slide it inside. Your mouth was soon wrapped around the digital as you kept the eye contact, batting your lashes to provoke him. He gulped and you saw his Adam Apple moving while he struggled to keep his composure. You sucked on his thumb, your tongue swirling around it. He loved this side of you. He loved every side of you but this one. This one made him crazy. He loved how your naughty side perfectly matched his, it felt as if you were made for each other. There was nothing either of you could do that appeared a turn off for the other. His other hand traced your jawline before resting at the back of your neck. He softly tugged you hair back, making you gasp and let go of his digital.
“Such a naughty girl, aren’t you?— you nodded smirking at his words— Maybe you should put that dirty mouth of yours at good use...” he bit down on his bottom lip as he saw you nodding eagerly. There was little to nothing that you wouldn’t have done to please him. See him overwhelmed by pleasure was your favorite view. And he felt the same. He could’ve never grown tired of the sight of you shaking beneath him, whether it was for his fingers, tongue or cock. He always loved to see you lost in pleasure, when you would let out those loud moans of yours and your fingers would scratch his skin because it’d feel that good and you wouldn’t even be able to speak a sentence. Your breath hitched in your throat as you waited for his next move.
“But I’ve missed having you wrapped around my cock too much, so maybe next time...” he mumbled before crashing his lips against yours. Nothing had ever felt this right. You both let out soft moans at the collision, your hands gripping his shirt and grasping his chest, attempting to pull him even closer to your body than it was actually possible. His hands soon found their place on your back, pulling you closer as well wanting to melt your bodies into one. His lips felt better than ever pressed against yours, whilst his scent inebriated your senses. Your head started spinning and you briefly felt dizzy, but his hands had such a tight grip on you that if you wanted to he wouldn’t have let you fall. You had to force yourselves away from each other, feeling the lack of oxygen. You grinned at his rosy cheeks and even plumper lips. His eyes looked even more blue due to the contrast with his reddish face. But you didn’t look any different from him. Flushed cheekbones, red lips, heavy breath. You would have stayed like that forever.
“Fuck... I’ve missed you so much, baby...” you mumbled against his lips and he felt his heart skip a beat at the nickname you had just given him. As much as he liked to play the tough guy, Max was actually one of the softest boys you had ever met. He simply melted whenever you looked at him or when you gave him lovely pet names. He didn’t show it much because of his bad experiences and lack of affection in his childhood but he adored shows of affection. Especially from you. You were the only person he was okay with sharing his soft side. And as he sat you down on his desk he couldn’t help but think about how badly he’d prefer to be in his bedroom so that he could lay down on his bed and make sweet love to you to show you just how much he loved you. Because although the little dutch man had always struggled to show and sort out his feelings, he recently came to the conclusion that these strong emotions he felt towards you whenever he even simply thought of you wasn’t just lust and desire. It was something more and it scared the shit out of him. His first reaction was to simply run away, escape and never have to deal with them again. However his feelings were just too strong to be avoided. He was slowly accepting the fact that he’d rather be rejected by you than never see you again. That was how badly he loved you.
“So gorgeous... You’ll be the death of me, prinses.” You grinned at his words as he pushed your shorts down your legs and you helped him by kicking them away. You were quick at reconnecting your lips into a sweet yet heated kiss as you attempted to get him out of his race suit. He chuckled when he saw you struggling. You were soon left with only your underwear and tops, not having enough time to get fully undressed which bothered the both of you a lot. Usually you loved quickies, you loved sneaking around and having sex in weird places, you loved the thought of getting caught. But right now you hated it. Maybe it was the fact that you hadn’t seen each other for way too long, two weeks had felt like a year to you two. You felt the urge to be all over each other as if getting closer could make up for the time lost. He detached his mouth from yours to leave a trail of wet kisses all over your jaw and neck, stopping to nip at the soft spot where your shoulder met your neck. And he finally was able to hear those beautiful noises he was obsessed with leaving your sweet lips. Your nails scratched his nape as you squeezed your legs around his waist.
“Never leave me for this long... I hate it...” you muttered without any filter. Max’s heart fluttered in his chest as he smiled. He was happy that you needed him as much as he needed you. It raised in his head the chances of you liking him back and, if he was lucky enough, even loving him. He kissed his way back on your lips, making you giggle because sometimes he would tickle you with his beard which you loved more every moment that passed.
“I wouldn’t even dare to think about it, lieverd...” he whispered back as he got rid of his boxer as well. You remembered one day asking him about all the pet names he gave you in dutch. You were laying naked in his bed, one of his arms wrapped around your neck as he taught you some of them. Your fingers caressing his chest as you failed to pronounce most of them but you both didn’t care. You should have known it was more than sex in moment like that. Your panties were soon discarded on the floor as well. His fingers came to softly grab your chin, making you look up at him as he pushed himself inside of you. Loud groans and whimpers left your lips and you had to remind yourselves you weren’t alone in the building in order to not draw any attention to the room you were currently in.
“Fuck, you feel good as always, schantje...” he moaned as he proceeded to move. You gripped his shoulders to find some leverage. He felt just as good as he always did, hitting all the right spots without you even asking. Your legs were tightly wrapped around his waist as he pounded into you at the right pace. Your lips moved in sync but it was hard to focus on anything else but the feeling of him inside of you. One of his hand rested on your hip while the other grasped at your leg and pushed it further up on his waist to better the angulation. The change of angle stole your breath away as you held tight onto his large figure, afraid to fall back on the desk. Max’s pace remained constant for the following minutes before speeding up a bit. Sweat running down his temples as he focused on the rhythm and to keep you close. You could see his biceps bulging through his shirt and you scratched the skin of his arm with your hand as you attempted to find some more leverage which caused a groan to roll off his tongue.
“Max... Fuck, don’t stop...” you managed to say, knowing damn well he wasn’t going to stop. You wrapped your arm around his neck to pull him closer. Your lips soon found his in a sloppy and needy kiss as he tried not to slow down his hips. But he was struggling, because you felt so good he couldn’t focus. So he did what was best. He took you into his arms and as a loud gasp left your hips he walk backwards towards his couch, sitting on it. You smirked as you realized what he had just done. The new position gave you more control than Max usually would like but he didn’t care in that moment. He was yours and yours only. He would have given you anything even control over him and his body. You fixed your posture on top of him and started to bounce on his cock. You had to shush him and yourself up by kissing him because it even felt better like this. The crown of his cock hitting that spot inside of you that had you seeing stars.
“Just like that, baby... Shit, that’s a good girl...” he moaned when you started to rock your hips back and forth. His hands squeezed your waist as he helped you out with the pace and the movements. You started to feel your legs tremble both for the pleasure and for the tiredness. But you weren’t going to give in so easily. He was having a hard time holding himself back, just the sight of you riding him was breathtaking and pushed him close to his limit but he wanted to see you cum first. One of his hand moved away from your hip to your ass and delivered a slap on one of the cheeks. You whined at the contact and clenched around him. That movement was backfiring him but he didn’t stop, knowing just how bad you loved it.
“Mmh fuck, Max...” you moaned when pain and pleasure mixed up. Your head falling in the crook of his neck as you quickened your pace and everything got blurry for a second. He pushed you up so that he could watch fall apart as your eyes screwed shut and you clenched around him, the knot inside of your stomach snatching as you came undone around him. And that was all it took him: the sight of you reaching your orgasm on top of him, riding his cock like your life depended on it and scratching his skin. He followed you right after. You felt him cuming inside of you and let out a soft moan at the feeling of his hot load painting your walls. Your movements slowed down after you had briefly stopped, your entire body shaking. You collapsed on top of him, not even bothering to get up and clean up. He sighed, feeling in heaven as his hand petted your sweaty hair. He pushed one strand out of your face, being unable to see your pretty face. His stomach tightened into a knot as he fell even harder for the girl on top of him.
“Max? Are you there? Ten minutes and we gotta leave the building.” You were waken up from your state of trance by Christian Horner’s voice. Max gave him the okay before hearing him leave the place again. You sighed and slowly got off him, he grabbed a cloth and tried his best to clean you up. Your legs were still a bit shaking and he couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of himself. You sat up on the couch, still recovering from everything that had just happened. Max got dressed, pulling his race suit up and fixing his messy hair. There was nothing he could do about his red cheeks but he could easily blame it on the heat of the day. He turned around and saw you still sitting, fixing your underwear and shorts. He knelt in front of you so he could face you.
“Can I see you after the race? I don’t care if I win or not, I just want to be with you afterwards.” He stated and you smiled, cupping his cheek with one of your hand. He leaned in your touch, his facial features softening at the soft caress. You weren’t used to this sode of the dutch man. He wasn’t usually keen on showing affection, nevertheless you appreciated this change of behavior towards you. His scruff felt rough under your touch but you didn’t mind, indeed you made a note in your mind to compliment him for letting it grow out freely.
“Yes, I would love to... Now go kick some asses, champ.” He smiled at your words before leaning in and pecking your lips which actually led to a bit steamier kiss than he was planning but he didn’t mind at all. As he detached his lips from yours you let out a little whine, never wanting him to leave but he had to. He chuckled when he saw you waving at him with a pout on your lips. He closed the door behind him and tried to wipe that smile off his face so that he wouldn’t look suspicious. You smiled to yourself as you laid down on the couch, waiting a bit before trying to leave the Red Bull building. Your phone dinged in the back of your shorts and your first thought was Max probably warning you about people around his room. You unlocked the device and checked the notification.
«Max Verstappen, uh? Who would have thought 😉»
Lando fucking Norris...
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enchantestuff · 3 months ago
real man - pierre gasly
in which you and your boyfriend break up and Pierre fucks you like a real man
or very minimal plot with smut 
Tumblr media
warnings: language, oral, sexual activities (in an actual bed this time *gasp*)
2.7k words
You laughed as you threw a handful of popcorn at Pierre. “Shut up that's not fair” you blushed, hiding your face in your hands to avoid his judging gaze.
You and Pierre became friends a few years ago when you had moved into his apartment complex. He came to your door with burnt cookies and a sheepish smile on his face and you had invited him to your house warming party and so began a beautiful friendship.
While you two had drunkenly kissed a few times, it had never gone further than that, and it also had never been awkward. He had his fair share of girlfriends and you had yours. You had rarely been single a the same time, if you both had been you were pretty certain you would've fucked him by now.
It was your last boyfriend that had resulted in Pierre coming over. You had a massive fight with him, a fight that Pierre could hear through the thin walls. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but when he heart a fist smash through the wall he was immediately on alert, his heart had broken at your saddened screams and the minute he heard the door slam shut he came rushing in. He didn't hesitate to push you into his chest, letting you stain his t-shirt with your tears and squeeze him until he found it uncomfortable to breathe.
You were both sitting on your sofa, barely watching a soppy teenage romcom playing on the tv, instead both opting to make fun of your now ex boyfriend. “You can't lie, Y/N, he was a certified dick” Pierre had an apologetic look on his face which did not at all resemble the words that had just left his lips.
You nodded your head in agreement and shrugged, “Yeah, I guess I never really noticed until now.” You were mad at yourself for letting six months of your life go to waste but there was nothing you could do now except repair your heart yourself.
“I sure hope the sex was worth it,” Pierre commented as he shoved some popcorn into his mouth and spared a glance at the tv, rolling his eyes at the soppy movie you had put on. He completely missed the grimace that found its way onto your face as you thought back to the terrible sex you had with your ex.
“Honestly? It was kind of shit,” you shrugged, sipping once more on your wine, trying to drown the memories of the faked orgasms and the over before it started sex you had.
Pierre's head whipped in your direction, shocked by your words, he knew you were miserable in your last relationship, but he didn’t realise how miserable you truly were. “Really?” he asked, his voice more high pitched than normal, blatantly expressing the shock that he felt at that very moment.
You shivered in disgust as flashes of your old sex life ran through your mind and Pierre chuckled at your reaction. “He couldn't have been that bad, really?” Pierre was baffled, ever since you had begun dating that asshole he had wondered he had gotten so lucky. You were you. Insanely attractive with the most beautiful personality and he was an asshole whose entire personality revolved around the fact he wore Alexander McQueens. Pierre knew your shitty ex didn’t realise how lucky he was and still he managed to fuck it up with you.
“I don't know why i put up with it really, i think i got off more with my own fingers than with him” You honestly didn't think it was that big of a deal, you had accepted it as a flaw of your relationship, but Pierre was having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact.
“How many times, roughly, did he make you cum?”
It was a forward question, but the two of you always had a forward relationship, you didn't feel the need to beat around the bush with each other, life was too short for what ifs.
“Do you want me to be honest with you, Pierre?”
Pierre nodded at you, a curious smile tugging on the corners of his lips . “Always”
“I don’t think i can even remember the last time a man made me cum.” You had to look away from Pierre and glance at the wall behind him, the pure astonishment that flashed across his face embarrassed you and you didn’t know why, it wasn’t your fault yet here you were, hiding your face in your hands while you talked to your friend about your sex life.
Pierre couldn't believe his ears, these men disgusted him.
He gently wrapped his hands around your wrists, pulling them away from your face, baring your flushed cheeks to him. “You know that's nothing to be embarrassed about, right?” he asked, the sweet look plastered on his face made your bottom lip tremble, not out of embarrassment but something else, something you couldn't quite put your finger on.
“I know it's just - i don't know” you sighed in frustration, you placed your wine on the coffee table next to you, giving Pierre your undivided attention.
“Do you trust me?” he asked. An unusual serious expression replacing his usual teasing smile.
You cocked your head at him and furrowed your eyebrows, “I did until you asked me that”
Pierre chuckled and scooted closer to you, unsatisfied with the distance that was between the two of you in the first place. “Close your eyes,” he smoothly demanded, frowning when you flinched away from him, it wasn't out of fear but scepticism. You didn't like not knowing what was going to happen next, but that was to be expected with your friendship.
“Why?” you pondered, a slight edge to your voice.
Pierre held his hands up in surrender, “You can stop me at any minute, just close your eyes” the smile on his face reassured you so you did as you were told.
It seemed as if all your senses were heightened, you could feel the heat of his body next to you, moving closer and closer until you could feel his body against your own. Your breath hitched in your throat as one of his hands landed on your thigh, it was a familiar sensation and brought you back to the numerous parties that you had somehow landed on his lap and he had somehow brought you into a kiss. Except this time, it was different, you weren't at a party packed with people, nor were either of you drunk.
“What are you - “ Pierre shut you up with his lips, swallowing the rest of your sentence along with your sudden moan. He made it his mission to make you cum that night and he wouldn't stop until he had you trembling from underneath him. Your hands moved up to tangle in his hair while his trailed up and down your thigh. You moved to straddle him, happy to take your kiss to the next level, Pierre got lost in the moment, forgetting his previous mission as you slipped your tongue into his mouth.
He grinned at your eagerness and almost gasped when you rolled your hips, his previous idea immediately rushing back to his mind causing him to hesitantly pull away from your lips, groaning in both frustration and pleasure when you pulled him back into you. He couldn't help but kiss you back, slipping his hands under your shirt to feel your bare skin, his grip on your waist tightened and he forced himself to pull away from your lips. “I want to do something for you,” he admitted.
Your eyes twinkled at the beautiful sight of him, his lips red matching the colour of his flushed cheeks. “You're doing more than enough for me, Pierre,” you mumbled before reconnecting your lips again. Pierre chuckled and once again, he kissed you back. He could've stayed kissing you for the entirety of the night but he wanted to pleasure you like you've never been pleasured before. A few minutes of kissing you wouldn't hurt though.
He moved his hands down your back, grabbing onto your butt, emitting a moan from you and a smirk from him. You smiled into the kiss, running your hands down his chest, pulling on his shirt and throwing it above his head.
“Mon amour,” he spoke, moving to rest his head on the sofa, “this is meant to be about you”
“What?” you asked him, you had just assumed he had wanted to make you forget about your ex and he was doing a pretty good job at it if you said so yourself.
Pierre sighed, his hands moving from your bum to your thighs, pressing a slight squeeze on them before continuing, “I want to please you, Y/N.”
You giggled at him, leaning down to peck his lips, speaking against them as you looked into his eyes. “You are pleasing me.”
You shrieked when Pierre suddenly stood up, bringing you along with him. Your legs instinctively wrapped around his wait and your arms around his neck. “I want to please you more than this, ma cherie,” he grinned, moving towards your bedroom, one hand held against you while the other opened the bedroom door.
His show of strength made your thighs tighten in anticipation, “Relax, mon amour, unlike the other men you've been with, I can actually last.”
And the cocky Pierre that you knew and loved was back.
“Fair enough” you mumbled under your breath, his careless attitude was what you needed at that very moment in time. Well, no, what you needed in that very moment in time was a good fuck and you had no doubt in your mind that Pierre could provide that for you.
He gently placed you on your bed and you immediately pulled him back into you. Your lips connected for what felt like the hundredth time that day and still you sighed in pleasure, enjoying the feeling of his body against yours. The rolling of his hips caused a jolt to run through you. You brought his lip between your teeth deciding to repay him for his action. “You have got to stop kissing me, ma cherie” Pierre groaned, his dick twitched in his pants at the silly grin you threw his way.
“Why? You seem to be enjoying it” you shrugged, placing two sweet kisses on his neck and one more to his lips.
“I think I would enjoy seeing you cum more,” Pierre grinned at you, he placed a final kiss to your lips before trailing down your neck, his cold hands dragging your top over your head, groaning at the sight of your exposed breasts. He couldn't believe how long it took for the two of you to finally hook up and he was going to enjoy every single moment of it.
He placed a kiss on the valley of your breasts, down your stomach and just above the band of your leggings. He hooked his fingers between them aswell as your underwear and removed them both with one swoop of his finger.
“If you're planning on making me cum could you hurry it up a bit?” you impatiently asked, tapping your foot against his chest, grinning when he rolled his eyes at you.
“If you insist” he shrugged, hooking his arms around your thighs and diving head first to your core. He licked a bold stripe up your core, sucking on your clit for a moment before nipping and biting everywhere that he could reach. You moaned at the feeling and grabbed onto his hair, tugging on it as his tongue circled your clit. He devilishly smirked when he added two fingers inside of you, not hesitating to move them at a rapid pace while he switched between placing featherlight kisses on your clit and sucking harshly on it.
Your eyes rolled back at the sensation and your thighs tightened around him. “Fuck, Pierre” He placed harsh slaps on each of your thighs, you giggled at him but loosened your grip around his head.
“I want you to come for me, ma cherie, can you do that?” You lazily nodded your head at him, feeling the sensational knot building in your stomach. “Yeah?” he grinned, looking up at you momentarily before diving back to lap at your clit.
“Shit - shit Pierre I-”
Pierre moaned into your core, the vibrations travelling through your body and for the first time in what felt like forever, a man made you cum.
You felt lightheaded as Pierre placed a kiss to your lips, you could taste yourself on his lips and groaned at the taste while he groaned at the sight. “Shit” you panted, smiling sweetly at him as you squeezed his shoulders “Thank you”
Pierre grinned down at you, “You don't have to thank me, ma belle” he placed another kiss to your lips, “I wanted to do this” yet another kiss “Besides, your moans were heavenly, that’s enough for me to do it again.”
“I should repay you” you smirked, snaking your hand under his trousers to stroke him through his boxers. He was hard and painfully so, but he always put a woman's needs before his own, something that he thought was just common decency, but apparently all of your exs didn't share the same thought.
He placed his two hands on either side of your face, “Y/N, I want to do this okay? You'd probably laugh if you knew how much I thought about this very moment” You giggled at his words, “See?”
“No i’m laughing at the fact i’ve thought about this exact scenario enough times to count” You both smiled happily at each other for a few moments, your eyes dropped down to his lips and the urge to kiss him overcame you...again
You couldn't get enough of his lips and he seemed to be thinking the same thing as he reconnected them, your hands pulled his trouser down to his knees and he aided you by kicking them, as well as his boxers, off.
“Are you - “
“Trust me, Pierre, I want this more than anything”
Your eyes squeezed shut in delight as he thrusted into you, giving you more than enough time to adjust to his size, before moving in and out. “Merde, Pierre!” you groaned, your eyes rolling back and your lips parting, a breathless moan leaving them at the sensation.
A sense of pride rushed through Pierre's body at the comment you let out, “Am I rubbing off on you, mon amour?” he grinned as he pulled out of you, not giving you a chance to reply before flipping you over. You gasped once again at his strength, training for the races really did him some good.
You immediately shoved your ass into the air for him, swaying it from side to side purposely teasing him, enjoying the grunts that left his mouth. Pierre hissed at the sight of you all ready for him, he knew he would think back on this exact moment for nights to come.
His hand gently caressed your ass cheek before delivering a harsh slap to it. You moaned at the pain that erupted throughout your body, smirking when he placed a chaste kiss to the area before reentering you. “Oh!” you gasped at the new angle, he was reaching all the right places inside of you, spots began dancing around your vision and you just couldn't hold back the sob at Pierre's rushed pace.
You dug your face into the pillow, muffling your moans and screams of pleasure as he continted to roughly pound into you. His hands rested on your hips, moving them up and down with his own thrusts, causing the bed to sway along with the two of you. “Merde,” Pierre sighed, closing his eyes in delight at the pleasure that he felt.
You moaned loudly into your pillow as Pierre snaked his arm across your body to rub on your clit, he stopped his actions however when he heard your muffled moans, throughly unsatisfied with the quietness of them. His hand travelled up your stomach, firmly squeezing your breast before snaking around your body to grab onto your hair. He pulled your head up slightly, your neck bending at the contact and smiled triply when he could clearly hear the noises you made.
His continuous thrusts and grunts made it hard for you to hold onto your second orgasm. Your body trembled as you panted for air. You lost the strength to hold your own body up and collapsed on the bed. Your sweet moans caused Pierre to follow right after you, his own moans tumbling from his mouth as his hips stilled and his eyes rolled back.
He gently pulled out of you and followed your actions by falling onto your bed. “Now you can thank me,” he panted from next to you.
You looked over at him with tired eyes, he was sweaty and naked and he was facing you with the silliest grin on his face. “Thank you,” you whispered before drifting off to sleep, your mind full of Pierre and how much you now loved having sex with him.
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tanadrin · a month ago
if i could unilaterally amend the constitution:
amendment 34: parliamentary system
amendment 35: electoral reform, public financing of elections
amendment 36: slight update to the Bill of Rights to improve overlooked protections like privacy and digital communication, and to abolish the death penalty
amendment 37: a set of conditions under which new states are automatically admitted to the Union, no congressional action required
amendment 38: new national anthem is “battle hymn of the republic.” new flag is one that isn’t ugly AF. new demonym is Statesian or Stater.
amendment 39: passports are now 105% less cringe. fuck. i am so glad i don’t have to show that thing at airports anymore. just awful.
amendment 40: open borders, and anybody who has lived in the US for six months is a citizen.
amendment 41: UBI, the official form of address for the president is now “Hey, Asshole,” and all aircraft carriers have to have Iain Banks-style names highlighting the absurdity of war
amendment 42: dolphins eligible to vote
amendment 43: we stop appending amendments to the end of the damn thing and actually include them in the main text. you know, like normal people.
amendment 44: repeal the Declaration of Independence and take over Britain from the inside.
amendment 45: abolish the Queen, cede Northern Ireland to the Republic, apply to re-join the EU. offer to move capital to Europe if necessary (but not London. Fuck London.)
amendment 46: release all government info on UFOs
amendment 47: abolish the CIA and NSA, put a maximum five year lifetime on all secrecy restrictions
amendment 48: all indian reservations get representation in Congress
amendment 49: enshrine Monroe Doctrine into the constitution, demand liberation of Greenland, French Guyana and St. Pierre and Miquelon (but the Falklands are US territory now so it’s fine)
amendment 50: maximum age for members of congress
amendment 51: revoke Statute of Westminster, re-annex Canada and Australia (as individual states; naturally Australian and Canadian first nations get seats in Congress too)
amendment 52: outlaw remakes of movies less than 75 years old
amendment 53: outlaw new Tolkien-based adaptations; you know they’re just gonna break your heart again. it’ll be like the Hobbit all over. Christ, why do I get my hopes up every time?
amendment 54: make Spanish an official language (since the US has no official language, Spanish would be the only official language). invite Mexico to join the Union on favorable terms
amendment 55: re-fund the Superconducting Supercollider. Yes, it’s probably outdated at this point, but it’s the principle of the thing.
amendment 56: moon base moon base moon base moon base
amendment 57: bitcoin is illegal. not because people use it for drugs, but because it would just be really funny to ban it
amendment 58: video game sequels are banned until further notice. come up with something more original
amendment 59: patrick rothfuss has to put up or shut up. Either finish the damn trilogy or admit it’s never coming.
amendment 60: second statue of liberty next to the first one, argonath-style
amendment 61: grand canyon named National Hole
amendment 62: we’re just gonna go crazy on nuclear power, okay? just, nuclear power everywhere. it’ll be fine, i promise.
amendment 63: all streaming services nationalized; rightsholders must license their products on request; nobody has to have five different subscriptions anymore, geez
amendment 64: outdoor advertising is banned
amendment 65: all restrooms must be re-designated into “restroom for people who believe in the inviolable gender binary” and “restroom for people who don’t.”
amendment 66: people who complain loudly about really common harmless things (pumpkin spice, vocal fry, etc) to be banished to the moon base
amendment 67: churches to be taxed as for-profit businesses, anybody who invokes religion at an official public function banished to the moon base
amendment 68: avery brooks on the $5 bill
amendment 69: nice
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champagne | c. leclerc
pairing: charles leclerc x reader word count: 2k words request: yes/no, by an anon: "number 50 fluff and 10 angst!! maybe a situation where reader is a normal person but doesn’t feel worthy of their partner after some comment is made by someone in the paddock or another driver? maybe with lando or charles?" i chose charles for this and also changed it up a tiny bit, i hope that's okay!!!!! prompt: fluff 50: "stay" & angst 10: "how was i such an idiot, to believe that you, out of all people, could ever love me?" from this prompt list. warnings: angst, fluff, language, sad!charles (sorry). a/n: a few weeks ago i saw this post and thought 'nooo, i'll write something very fluffy and sweet with charles.' yet here i am. not proofread! my askbox is always open for requests, currently the only drivers i write for are lando, mick, pierre, charles and george.
my masterlist
Tumblr media
(umm... hello? sir???)
you never meant to fall in love with someone famous. you didn't even know who he was when you met.
it was something straight out of a cheesy rom com movie. you, rushing out of the busy coffee shop, he wasn't looking where he was going. you spilled your coffee all over your clothes and his, both of you apologizing at the same time.
"i'm so sorry, i wasn't looking where i was going!"
"no, it's on me, i was rushing out and didn't see you,"
you hurriedly pulled out a napkin and began patting his abs over his shirt, blushing hard when you realized what you were doing and apologized even more. he chuckled, shaking his head and still saying it was his own fault. you ended up buying each other's coffee, as you were both too stubborn to let the other pay for both.
his green eyes were the first thing you noticed about him. they captivated you from the very first moment, shining brightly underneath the sunlight, so clear you could almost see your reflection.
you met again a few days later, you were sitting on one of the sofas catching up on work when someone sat next to you.
"no more spilled coffee, please," he said, and suddenly he had your undivided attention. you exchanged numbers, and as the weeks went by texts turned to calls, to video chats, to dates.
you'd been shocked to find out that he was a famous racing driver, and even more when he told you he drove for ferrari. you imagined the kind of fame and pressure that came with that title.
whenever charles went away for a race you made sure to send him a good luck text early that morning. your heart beating quickly inside your chest whenever the cameras were focused on him. it took a really terrifying crash for you to finally admit that what you felt was more than just a friendship. the first time you met after the crash, you'd wrapped your arms around him, pulling him so incredibly close to you, eyes frantically scanning his figure for any injury. he assured you he was fine, and promised he'd be more careful from then on.
he took the first step, gently lifting your face as tears streamed down your cheeks. the first touch of his lips on yours was soft, testing the waters to see if that was okay. you gave in almost instantly.
"i've been wanting to do that for so long," he'd confessed.
then, a few months later, you had been a little hesitant at first to accompany him to a grand prix weekend, it was all still fairly new and delicate. you knew your feelings for him were true, and you trusted him blindly, but you didn't want to rush into things and have everything burn down in flames.
but, he seemed so excited, he was smiling hard as he explained everything that happened in the paddock, the garages and the team's motorhome.
you felt nervous as you looked down at your vip pass, you felt so out of place, but charles' eyes felt like home, they made you feel safe. so, together, you walked to the ferrari hospitality, where they'd upgraded your pass so you could walk freely anywhere you wanted throughout the weekend.
charles introduced you to everyone. pr people, mechanics and engineers, and the other drivers as well. you heart was doing somersaults inside your chest every time he introduced you as his girlfriend. his hand on your waist was a reminder that he was taking this as seriously as you did.
two pairs of eyes stared at you, their eyes narrowed as they scanned your every move. a tall, blonde one, julie. and a redhead, lisa. you knew they were only nice to you because of your relationship with charles, and you could tell by the way they eyed him up and down, they wanted you out of the picture.
your attendance to the races were not as frequent as either of you would've hoped. but, you lived a normal life, with normal job and responsibilities. that made the time you got to spend together even more special, he basked in the sight of you with headphones and a red jacket, standing on his side of the garage, looking wide-eyed at everything going on around you.
that was a sight he never got tired of, even now, as you stand next to him, his arm possessive and protective around your waist. you were in the factory at maranello for a lavish gala. you couldn't help but feel a little out of place, surrounded by all the glitz and glamour that came with charles.
"i'm nervous," you admitted.
"i'm right here, mon ange. i'm not going anywhere," he said as he lifted your hand, kissing your knuckles.
he kept his promise, wherever he went, he was quick to drag you with him, introducing you to everyone you saw and showing off all your accomplishments to everyone who'd listen. you just felt your cheeks warming under his proud stare.
"i need to use the restroom," you whispered in his ear after saying goodbye to one of the sponsors.
"i'll walk you," he said, taking your hand and leading you to a hallway. but just as you were about to step away someone called charles' name. you both turned, seeing mattia waving his hand, asking him to come over.
"you go, i'll find my way there."
"i'll be right here," he reassured you. you kissed his cheek, he squeezed your hand in return before you went your separate ways.
you gathered the fabric of your long, gold dress, -a gift from charles, of course- as you finished doing your business. you leaned your back against the stall door, taking your phone out of your clutch bag and replying to some work e-mails and texts.
"did you see her? i still cannot believe he'd date someone like her," you heard someone coming in, high heels clicking against the floor.
"i know. do you know how many times i've tried to shoot my shot with him? but i know it's only a matter of time. charles leclerc is not the type to settle for things less than him. i heard from julie that he was thinking about having a 'serious talk' with her after tonight." another girl, who you recognized as lisa, said.
"do you think they're breaking up?" the first woman spoke.
"i think so, we'll just have to wait and see. plus, i invited him to my birthday party next week and he said yes without a second thought." the second girl added.
"woah, banging charles leclerc would be a great birthday present, don't you think?"
"i've already bought new lingerie for that day."
your heart broke, tears filled your eyes when you realized they were talking about you. and charles. your charles. no, not yours. not anymore, apparently.
you waited for them to leave the restroom, leaving you with tears on the corner of your eyes. you walked out of the stall, grabbing a tissue and wiping the tears away. with one last look in the mirror, you stepped out of the restroom, fearful of what might wait for you on the other side.
it had been too long, charles noticed, since you left for the restroom. his eyes scanned the busy room, looking for a glimpse of your sparkly gold dress. he took his phone out, sending you a quick text asking where you were, if everything was okay.
five minutes passed and he got no reply, he excused himself and made the walk to the restroom. he knocked, called out your name but got no response. he walked back, too busy in his thoughts. someone touched his shoulder, bringing him out of the thoughts rushing through his head.
"have you seen (y/n)?" he asked carlos, who was looking at his teammate with concern on his face.
"not for a while, why?" the spaniard asked.
"she left for the restroom about ten minutes ago and i haven't seen her since," charles said, pressing his phone to his ear, your sweet voice asking him to leave a voicemail replaced the bothersome beeping sound. "she's not answering her phone." a frown was settled on the monegasque's forehead.
"i'll help you find her, come on. i'm sure she's alright, mate," carlos tried to calm the young man down, clapping his shoulder as they walked.
charles made his way outside whilst carlos strolled through the many hallways. the night was cold, he could feel it even with his suit jacket on, he made a mental note to give it to you when you left. there were people outside, chatting, smoking, none of them had (y/e/c) eyes and a gold dress. he groaned each time his call went to voicemail, tapping the red button before dialing your number again.
in the distance, he saw a figure standing by the entrance of the factory. he ran toward it without a second thought, his shiny shoes hitting the cobblestone beneath his feet, that caught your attention.
you wished you'd never turned, for he ran faster until he stood next to you, you flinched as his fingers grabbed your forearm.
"where have you been, amour? i've been looking everywhere for you," he said, taking off his jacket and he handed it to you, but you didn't take it, instead, you turned your back on him. "amour?" he said. you told yourself you wouldn't cry. you cursed all the uber drivers who had cancelled your trip.
"i have to go," you said.
"then let's go. what happened? is everything okay?" he tried to take one step closer.
"i... i can't do this. i have to go." you said, refusing to meet his eyes.
"what's going on?" he asked, you shook your head.
"stupid... so stupid," you muttered under your breath, running a hand through your head in exasperation.
"how was i so stupid... how was i such an idiot, to believe that you, out of all people, could ever love me?" you said, letting the tears fall.
"what? i... of course i love you! why... where is this coming from?"
"charles! (y/n)! hey, is everything okay?" carlos yelled, rushing to you.
"no, mate. it's not-"
"i need to go. carlos, can i go with you?" you asked, feeling helpless.
"(y/n), we have to talk. why are you doing this?"
"i don't want to get in the middle of whatever's going on here," carlos said, taking a few steps back.
"no, please. i... i can't be here, i can't do this anymore. please, i need to leave," you pleaded. your eyes met worried green ones, and your heart shattered when you realized you were the cause for his pain, but yet again, he was the reason for yours.
charles stepped toward you, but you backed away, moving your arm when he tried to touch you.
"okay, i can drive you wherever you want." carlos agreed as he saw the way you acted toward charles. there was clearly something going on between you two, and as much as he didn't want to get involved, carlos knew the three of you would be better if you were with someone you knew, someone trustworthy.
"(y/n)... stay. we can talk about this, i don't know what i did, but i'm sorry. i don't... fuck, what even is going on right now?" he said. "just... stay."
you left charles behind, he felt like you were taking all his strength with you, feeling weaker every time you took a step away from him.
"(y/n)... you know i love you like a sister, and as your honorary older brother i'm going to give you space to clear your thoughts, but you and i are going to talk about what happened back there," carlos said as you stepped into his apartment. you felt self-conscious as you said hello to isa, the beautiful girl was quick to envelope you in a hug.
"i know. thank you, carlos, isa. i- i just needed to get away from... all that,"
you slept on the couch, your phone kept ringing each minute, a new text from charles.
you turned off your phone, ready to leave the night behind.
you didn't expect to find that familiar pair of green eyes staring at you when you woke up.
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ladyperceval · a month ago
Sore muscles
How you help them feel better after a tough race or training session:
warning: minors look away
Lando Norris:
Tumblr media
Lando always complains about his muscles and it’s not because they are sore, he just enjoys feeling your hands on him.
It’s become a normal thing for Lando to come home from a race or training session and the house smelling of lavender or vanilla, with the bedroom all set up for you to give him a massage. It would start off with him lying on his stomach and you sitting on him, massaging his shoulders and back. His groans would slowly turn you on and you would start to tease him. You would kiss his muscles, biting a few. When it's time to massage his front, you would be too worked up to focus on it and instead you would grind on him, until he gets the message and can make your muscles sore.😉
Mick Schumacher:
Tumblr media
Light movement. Mick never complains. He just doesn't want to burden you with it. He knows it’s part of his career and he must just cope with the pain. But you know he is sore when it’s been over 2 hours since he has come home and he hasn't moved from the couch, not even when you were cooking, he always loves to help. So, after a supper, you grab Mick’s hand and lead him to the bedroom. You undress him, before taking his shirt of your body and slipping out of your underwear. You make Mick, lie down and relax. You start off slow, kissing all of him, trying to ease his pain. You eventually end up on top of him. riding him slowly and letting his muscles relax while he focuses on you.🥺
Pierre Gasly:
Tumblr media
Since Pierre has started training more is become common practice for you to have a nice high protein meal waiting for him and a hot relaxing bath. Pierre loves massages but he prefers to give them then receive. He knows his body and he know what will help his muscles and who are you to deny your lover a warm bath and your company.
You and Pierre would take turns washing each other and just enjoying each other’s company and loving touches. Pierre would be quick to initiate more. He would kiss your neck and cause you to become needy. It would be slow and sensual, with a lot of eye contact and sweet nothings whispered in French because Pierre knows how much his native tongue turns you on.🥵
It would end with you and him taking a well-deserved nap.
Max Verstappen:
Tumblr media
Sweet Max. This year Max has been pushing his body and mind to the limit. You knew he needed to do it, especially if he wanted to compete with the best and try to win the championship. That's why you decided to take a massage course over the winter break. You knew that Max was going to be busy, and you just wanted to help in any way. Even if it was by doing something small. After Silverstone, you were waking Max up with a massage every day. It was more for your comfort than anything else. You needed to be assured that he was okay and was actually in the bed next to you. That's why the slow massage that you used to give him became a tradition. After Silverstone, the doctors recommended ice for his shoulders. Cue you using ice in everything. Dragging it down his abs and then kissing or licking along the could path, causing Max to shiver and groan. It would end with you riding him and Max flipping you over to finish the job.💦
Dani Ric:
Tumblr media
Dani is thicccc (yes 4 c's), so his thighs are always sore from having to squeeze into the car or from training. Dani doesn’t skip leg day. So, the go to for helping Dani out with pain is a deep tissue massage. You would make sure to give Dani a deep massage. But rubbing Dani's thighs always causes him to get turned on, especially when you kiss along his tattoo. You would help him relax by sucking him off and letting him relax his mind. It would end up with you on your back and Dani setting a nice and slow pace. He would take his time to just enjoy the moment and focus on you. He would use his movements to show how thankful he is to have a goddess like you in his life. You would be full of marks the next day.👀😉
Charles Leclerc:
Tumblr media
Charles hadn't been coping with his training regime during the lockdown so on an impulse you bought a hot tub. 10 minutes before he would finish his training, you would turn on the jets, put on a costume and wait for Charles to join you. Once he is in the tub you would sit on his lap, kissing and massaging his shoulders and neck muscles. You would slowly grind down against him or his thigh, trying to use slow movements to help ease the tension in his muscles. Charles would get so turned on that he would shift his swim trunks down his legs and move your bikini to the side before entering you. He would whisper dirty things in French against your skin. Before reaching your bikini top, where he will remove it and start to kiss and lick along your breasts. Trying to make you reach your high before him. 🍆💦You would finish at the same time before going inside for a cuddle session.😫😌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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di0s-library · 6 months ago
nudes | stardust crusaders
Tumblr media
this,, was somewhat new to me but i kinda liked the concept so yuh it aint perfect but that’s okay
pairing(s): jean-pierre polnareff X reader, joseph joestar X reader, aged up!jotaro kujo X reader, muhammad avdol X reader, aged up!noriaki kakyoin X reader.
warning(s): nsfw, pretty normal stuff tbh.
Tumblr media
— polnareff : mans wants full body pics as long as you’re comfortable with it. when he sends back,,, good lord he spams like no body’s business but also expect messages of everything he wants you to do to him. and expect at least one video of him moaning your title if you have a preferred one
| 🟪 Tap to view
| 🟪 Tap to view
| 🟪 Tap to view
| 🟪 Tap to view
| 🟥 Tap to view
| 🟥 Tap to view
| 🟪 Tap to view
| here you go ;) enjoy
— old man joestar : he adores pictures of you in your underwear, nothing too lewd since he prefers to see everything in person. he’s not too good at the whole sending thing so he prefers to just send mirror pictures since it’s the only thing he’s good at.
| 🟥 Tap to view
| i’m not too sure i’m doing this right, hot stuff
| 🟥 Tap to view
— jotaro : he doesn’t ask for anything but he’ll take whatever he can get. he prefers anything you’re comfortable with/good at really. he doesn’t really like sending either cause—like joseph 😔—he prefers hands-on activities. however, he’ll send whatever you ask for as long as it’s not a pain to him. I HC THAT PRAISE IS HIS WEAKNESS OKAY
| 🟪 Tap to view
| happy now half pint?
| very ;) that’s my good boy jotaro
| ... thank you
— avdol : he wants to hear your sounds !! dark room videos, videos of you, anything really as long as the sounds on. despite being like joseph where he’s not very good at it, he’ll practice angles just for you to send anything you ask for.
| 🟥 Tap to view
| 🟥 Tap to view
| 🟥 Tap to view
| apologies if they’re not perfect i’m still working on the angles
— kakyoin : please send him pictures of you sitting down naked with a belt or leash in your hand. he’ll send anything you request in return. dick pic? you got it. videos of him jerking off? right away. him in a dark room with just audio of his whines and whimpers? UM YES. want all of them? yupyup !
| 🟥 Tap to view
| 🟪 Tap to view
| 🟪 Tap to view
| 🟥 Tap to view
| 🟪 Tap to view
| will this suffice (title)?
Tumblr media
other jjba works.
di0s-library © 2021 all rights reserved.
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leafs-lover · a month ago
Okay so these two prompts for Auston together! “I don’t like them all looking at you.” And also this one “Remember you’re the only one who can look at me all night long.”
Tumblr media
Established relationship!Auston Matthews X self-conscious reader, taken from this prompt list
By clicking 'keep reading' you are agreeing that you are eighteen and are game to read smutty themes. If you don't agree to BOTH of these things, then you should keep on scrolling ;)
Walking into the backyard, the warm Toronto air kisses your skin. The high humidity has your hair beginning to frizz, some beads of sweat rolling down your back. The cotton of your red summer dress clings to your skin, flip flops clapping under your feet.
You hear them before you see them. The loud laughter over some kind of commotion, Bruno Mars playing over the speaker. Mitch immediately shoves a drink into your hand, before leaving you.
Instantly you feel out of place. You have met a few WAG’s at some of the weddings over the summer, but haven’t had much time with them, not overly familiar with them.
Slowly you wander over to the pool and sit at the edge alone. Your feet dangle in the warm water while you nurse your drink. Glancing around you see groups of people scattered around the backyard. A few WAG’s wade in the shallow end of the pool, Mitch, Nick and Pierre hover by the barbeque. That’s when you spot him.
Chatting with William and three stunning blondes. One of which you immediately recognize as Penny, William’s girlfriend, but it’s the other two that send out warning flags.
They are slim with long legs, hair perfectly in place. Their bikini’s showcasing their gorgeous tanned bodies, curves in all the right places. Both of them have their sights set on Auston.
It’s not that you are unattractive, because you aren’t. But to say you didn’t spend twice as long as normal perfecting your hair and painting your face with the products you rarely use is an understatement. Your anxiety was spiraling long before you left, but here, in this moment, it’s even worse.
Sure you could spend more time in the gym, but some days you just don’t have the time, energy or motivation. And really you never felt insecure about your appearance until you met Auston.
He is a professional athlete, spends countless hours in the gym. He has a professional chef prepare his meals, keeping him on a regimented diet. But he never says anything, in fact hes the opposite. He encourages you to be you, to be happy. He tells you to love yourself, to be comfortable in who you are. But all his reassurance can’t help with today.
Sure he invited you, but it’s not like you have been together for that long. You don’t even know if you are exclusive, knowing him less than two months. Maybe you are reading more into the invite than he intended.
He has barely found time to talk to you, not without lack of trying. Every time he sneaks away from the women, they find him. He found you in the kitchen making a drink, and less than five minutes later Tiffany whined from behind you, “Auston, can you help me?”
Rolling his eyes, he kissed your cheek and turned around to help open her twist-off cap seltzer. Something she easily could have done without him. Then she used the opportunity to strike another conversation with him. He tried to leave, but them Amy found him, forcing him to play beer pong. She laughed a little too loud, and used the opportunity to gently graze along his bicep, even after he tried to shake her off.
Forty minutes later, he finally freed himself from them and found you chatting with Steph and Audrey. You sitting on the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the pool, too uncomfortable to remove your sundress.
He pulled his shirt off and made his way into the water, the eyes of the blondes locked on him. Adjusting your sunglasses, you can’t help but notice the way their eyes trail over his body. Drinking in his tanned abs and broad shoulders.
A pit builds in your stomach. He tries to talk to you, but you can’t focus on him or anything he says. Behind your glasses you glare at the two across the yard. You’ve never felt this way before, not the easily jealous type, but something about watching them try to dig their claws into him, unfazed by your presence irks you the wrong way.
“Hey,” Auston squeezes your knee, “want to get out of here?” he asks, sensing something is wrong. Nodding, you silently rise to your feet, Auston not far behind. He keeps his hand on your back, this time shutting down Tiffany and Amy when they call out for him. He guides you and Felix to his car, but hesitates before setting it in drive.
Mindlessly you stare out the window, unable to look at him, to admit to your insecurities. You can tell he wants to say something, instead he sighs and begins the drive home. Felix sleeps peacefully in the back, tuckered from his afternoon wrestling with Zeus and Pablo.
The Toronto roads are relatively quiet, yet it feels like the longest drive of your life. Every light is red, construction causing delay after delay, but finally you are parked in the garage.
The elevator ride is silent, just like the car ride. The walk down the hall is done in silence. And once his door closes, it’s once again silence.
“YN,” he gives your hand a tug, pulling you into his chest. “What’s going on?”
“Nothing,” you sigh.
Wrapping his hands around you, his chin rests on your head. “Please,” he whines.
“Auston, it’s nothing.”
“So there is something,” he emphasizes. “Be a lot easier if you just told me.”
“It…” you sniffle against him. “It was those girls.”
“Tiffany and Amy?” Auston asks, you nodding against his chest.
“Sorry about them, Tiff and I… well we used to see each other. Nothing serious. But she was very obviously, only with me because of who I am, so I ended it. But she still texts from time to time. I don’t answer though.”
“Then why was she there?” you ask, hating the desperation in your voice.
“They are friends with Penny. That’s how we met.” Sighing, an uneasy silence falls over you. His arms tightening with each sniffle.
You hate that you are crying. You aren’t that girl. The jealous girl. The self-conscious girl. The girl who doesn’t trust someone without cause. The girl who cries over a boy she hardy knows.
Except you are.
“Y/N,” his voice is soft. Pulling back he looks at you, gently wiping away the few tears from your cheeks.
“I’m sorry,” you laugh uncomfortably through your tears.
“Don’t apologize, you have no reason to. Just talk to me.” He leans down to press a soft kiss to your cheek. Heat hits your cheek, the warmth lingering long after his lips are gone.
“I don’t like them all looking at you,” you finally admit. Hating the pettiness in your voice.
“Babe,” he laughs. “That’s ridiculous.”
“Is it?” you scoff. Stepping back on your heels, you run your hands through you hair. Once styled and perfectly in place, now has sweat mixed in the hairline, the humidity causing more frizz to become evident. “You saw them right, and you see me? How can you think it’s ridiculous?”
“Come on hun,” he walks forward and gently tilts your head up to his. “I’m with you because I like spending time with you. You’re fun and genuine, you make me laugh, easy to be around. But more importantly, I want to be around you. You wouldn’t be my girlfriend otherwise.”
“Girlfriend?” your eyebrow raises and your interest peaked.
“Yes,” he laughs, as if it is the most obvious thing in the world. “Yes YN, you’re my girlfriend,” he says, placing a kiss on your lips.
Tangling your hands into his hair, you allow his tongue entrance as he slowly walks you backward. Reaching down he grabs the fabric of your dress and pulls it over your head, leaving you in your bikini. The bikini he never got to see.
“Should have joined me in the water,” he mumbles against you, tugging on the strings of your bathing suit.
Landing on the couch, he is quickly on you, his large frame pinning you beneath him. Hands wander, remaining clothes are quickly discarded, tongues running over any and all exposed skin.
“Auston,” you pant out, just as two fingers dance around your folds.
“Hmmm,” he hums, dark brown eyes etched with fire finding yours.
“I’m sorry about earlier, I don’t know what came over me.”
“It’s cute that you got jealous,” he responds, a devilish grin pressed on his face. “But babe…” he trails off. “Remember you’re the only one who can look at me all night long.”
“Good,” you smile. “I like looking at you.”
Kissing away the smile on your face, two thick fingers easily slide inside your slick folds. Your moans get swallowed by his lips, his fingers setting a quick pace, the one he knows will get you to the edge.
Moans turn to whimpers, his mouth sucking a spot on your neck leaving an obvious hickey for you to deal with later. “Aus,” you whine as your peak approaches. Nails digging into his back, your legs squirm.
“Aus, I’m gonna…” you barely get the words out before your orgasm washes over you. Sticky white warmth spilling down his wrist dripping around his Rolex.
“I like looking at you while you do that,” he grins, his throbbing erection digging into your hip.
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consequence of my actions L.N
Tumblr media
Part 1
“Seriously Y/N/N don’t let Yuki teach your kid animal sounds… he doesn’t even know what noise a dog makes.” Pierre exclaimed breathlessly through his laughter, the Frenchman almost reducing himself to tears yet again. The Paddock was pretty hectic, camera crews and reporters littering the walkway causing the friends to occasionally have to pause. “You think I'm going to let either of you near my child?” Y/N replied sarcastically, almost feeling sorry for the Japanese Driver's fallen expression. “I’m joking Yuki.” the English girl reassured the young man, smiling at him gently. 
“Oh it’s a match, just as Pierre and Yuki walk past. Joined by the lovely Y/N Horner too.” Rachel Brookes cheerfully said into her microphone spotting the trio making their way up the paddock. Flagging down the mini friendship group Rachel couldn’t help but gush over the y/h/c woman. The two females had built up a strong bond over the years and with a combination of Covid and Y/N’s sudden disappearance it had been the first time they’d properly seen each other in months. “A congratulations are in order, Miss Horner” Rachel teased the younger girl, shooting the y/h/c girl a kind smile “You’re honestly glowing.” The sky presenter added joyfully, “You think so? I haven't been feeling so hot lately.” Y/N replied honestly, running a hand anxiously over her gingham summer dress, the soft cotton felt amazing in the humid temperature. “You look lovely.” David assured the young woman. “Thanks Crofty.” 
“They’re matching your score on Mr & Mr” Rachel explained pointing at the sheet of questions in her pale hand. Sky Sports currently had an ongoing challenge between all teams on the grid, small comedic behind the scenes content that allowed a friendly rivalry off the track between Drivers. Mexico being McLaren's turn to attempt to top the leaderboard. “We’re on 10” Daniel boasted giddily, a wide grin lighting up his tan face. Rolling her y/e/c eyes at the Australian Y/N ignored the intense gaze she felt on her. She knew who it belonged to, and it angered her that she used to enjoy the feeling of his denby azure eyes on her. “They have 1 more question to answer, do you want to watch this?” The Blonde presenter asked Pierre moving the stack of stapled paper closer so the AlphaTauri driver could read the question. Bursting into laughter the Frenchman nearly doubled over leaning on the Horner girl for support. Recovering Pierre moved to stand to the side linking his helmet free hand with Y/N’s. “Pierre, let's just go please.” Y/N mumbled wanting to remove herself from the group but too scared to leave by herself knowing it would draw more attention to herself. Wrapping his arms around the girl Pierre brushed a lock of her y/h/c hair out of her face “It’s just going to take a minute.” Sighing Y/N nodded, unfortunately catching Lando’s eyes, the previous gaze she’d felt had turned to an intense murderous glare. Sky were normally under a time restraint but the next minute or so felt like forever. Y/N didn’t understand how you could go from loving having someone’s undivided attention to hating it, it made her skin crawl now like she was under a microscope, the feeling that the young English driver was just looking for her to give him another reason to hate her. It was Pierre teasingly calling Dan a loser that jostled Y/N from her out of body moment. 
Guiding the Horner girl away from the interrupted interview Pierre glanced at the girl. “What was that about?” He asked faintly, quickly plastering a smile on his face for the photographer pointing his camera in the pair's direction. Yuki was a couple of steps behind so Pierre felt comfortable questioning Y/N, due to his stint at Red Bull the two had grown close. “It was nothing.” Y/N shook off the question blandly. Nodding sarcastically Pierre ran a hand over his chin “That’s the most painful nothing I've ever seen.”
Pausing Y/N turned to face her friend “Fine. It was just the consequence of my actions, happy?” the y/h woman hissed, pushing the man away a little before walking away. “Is she ok?” Yuki asked innocently, watching the young Horner storm off towards the Red Bull motorhome angrily.  
“Was it something I did?” The Japanese Driver asked again anxiously readjusting his facemask. Shaking his head, Pierre bit his lip “No Yuki.” His response was short and simple but it brought little consolation to the shorter man. “She’s just a little upset.” Pierre added, patting Yuki on the shoulder.
Setting based of this video
Part 2 Karma
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Ensemble - Chapter Two: The Girl and The Gift
Charles Leclerc x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Your Arthur Leclercs best friend. So why, after a random night in London, are you falling for his brother?
Chapter One: The Start
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and sex.
Word Count: 5.8k
Note: This chapter begins in London and is marked where it switches to Mykonos. There are then some flashbacks mixed in so just watch out for those. Let me know your thoughts, enjoy!
Chapter Two: The Girl and The Gift
Not long after Pierre had joined your table, Charles emerged from the toilets. Pierre had waved his hands to inform him of his updated location as he sat in the empty seat, unknowingly signing himself up for a night full of girly gossip and drama. The evening was spent reminiscing on childhood memories and sharing stories. It wasn't until Nat checked her phone that you realised how late it was getting.
"We better get going," She announced as she checked her phone. "The last train is in half an hour." You lived just outside of London which meant that most nights out were cut short by trains unless you had booked a hotel. You hummed in agreement as you finished your drink watching as Pierre began to whisper in Lucy's ear. They'd been flirting all night so her next sentence didn't come as much of a surprise.
"I'm going to chill with Pierre for a bit, I'll find my own way home tomorrow" The rest of the girls saw it coming too.
"Are you sure?" Katie asked. "I don't want you ending up in London on your own with no way home." She had a point. London could be quite daunting when it was late and dark, especially if you weren't a local.
"Well why don't you stay too?" Charles nodded his head towards you as he spoke. "That way you could leave together." Not one part of you questioned Charles' intentions as he spoke. He remained the responsible 'Arthur's older brother' that was being sensible and mature, making sure that everyone got home safely.
"If that's alright with you?" Your question was answered with a nod of his head. You all began to grab your things and headed outside, saying your goodbyes, telling them to text you when they were home safe as they encouraged you to do the same. By the time they'd headed for the station, Pierre and Lucy were already nowhere to be seen.
"I'm not sure about you but I'm in no rush to go back to the apartment just yet!" You spoke to Charles as you looked at the night sky above you.
"Where do you want to go in the meantime?"
“Have you ever explored London before?" You answered his question with one of your own. He shook his head. "So you haven't seen all beautiful sites it has to offer." The sarcasm was evident in your voice as you pointed down the alley way you were walking past full of black bins and plastic bags full of rubbish.
"I've only ever been here to celebrate races and I can't say I've seen much other than the inside of some bars and restaurants.”
"Well you're in for a long night Leclerc." Two hours ago Charles wanted nothing more than for him and Pierre to go back to the apartment. The lack of alcohol he'd consumed throughout the night was only adding to the tiredness he'd accumulated over the race weekend. However as you dragged him through the streets of London he realised there was no place he'd rather be.
You'd ridden Boris bikes alongside the River Thames, shown him your favourite restaurant in Covent Garden and taken him through Piccadilly Circus all the way to Oxford Street where closed shops lined the dark streets, pointing out your favourite ones as you cycled past. He never did things like this. As a F1 driver it was difficult for him to go almost anywhere without going unnoticed but tonight not one person had recognised him because for the night he was just a normal person with another normal person having a good time. 
After abandoning the Boris bikes at the nearest drop off point you both headed towards the apartment. It belonged to Charles' mother and was often used by you and Arthur whenever he'd come to visit and couldn't stay with you.
"You seem happier than when I last saw you." His comment made you smile. It was all he could think about as you wondered through the dark streets. The last time you'd seen him you'd just broken up with your ex. Your relationship had been on and off for years but you'd finally called it quits for good. It didn't take a genius to see the relationship was making you unhappy, the anxiety, tears and sleepless nights were picked up on by everyone albeit your efforts to hide it. Arthur was the only person who truly knew what was going on and it hurt him to see his best friend in so much pain when she thought she was in love.
"Thank you, I'm in a much better place now. I've had time to focus on myself." You'd completely lost yourself throughout the time you were together, focusing so much on what he'd wanted and expected rather than what made you happy. The situation had increased your maturity and for that reason you were grateful your first heartbreak had come at such a young age. You'd correctly assumed that Arthur had made Charles aware of your sensitiveness to the situation to some extent as he made no further comments. 
He had approached Arthur with concern after your last meeting. Despite a fun grand prix weekend you'd been blinking back tears and spent most of the time with a blank expression on your face. He hated it. He could see you trying to compose yourself, when he came to thank you for coming you'd done your best to smile, your voice was laced with excitement, but your eyes were empty, drained of emotion. He was grateful to see it had made its way back.
"Did you know I've never been to Harrods?" His random fact was a relief as he quickly changed the subject, allowing your mind to be brought back to the present rather than the dark times from the past.
"Even I've been to Harrods Charles. We should go tomorrow, you'd have a field day in the clothes section." As a part time student most of your spare money went into savings, a fund you'd created for your planned travels when you were done with your studies. It wasn't very often that you brought yourself nice things so despite your multiple trips to Harrods, you'd never actually purchased anything. You could see him deliberating your suggestion in his head. 
"You can wear sunglasses and a hat with your mask, just don't wear a bright red Ferrari top and I'm sure we'll be able to keep ourselves to ourselves."
"Don't you have work tomorrow?" His question brought you back to reality slightly.
"I'll call in sick?" you offered. It suddenly occurred to you that this was the longest time you and Charles had ever been alone together and the idea of leaving wasn't something that you wanted to think about just yet. 
Charles opened the apartment door with caution, neither of you wanted to interrupt your friend’s spontaneous night, nor hear any of the antics they were getting up to. You frowned at each other as you stepped into the entrance corridor. There were no faint voices, no mumbling or laughs, just the hum of the city that echoed through the slightly open window.
“Maybe they didn’t come back here,” your judgement became increasingly more likely as you followed Charles towards the kitchen and stood around the island.
“I’ll send him a text.” He pulled his phone from his pocket and tapped away before placing it on the marble countertop. It lit up with Pierre's reply not long after he'd set it down. “They went to some hotel, apparently he’s dropping her home in a second.”
“He’s not the type to bring girls back to his home turf then,” you took the bag off your shoulder and placed in on the counter, grabbing a hair tie from inside and gathering your locks into a low ponytail. “Smart move.” Charles shrugged his shoulders at your observation.
He’d never really thought about it before, but he was the same. The few casual hook ups that he’d had over the years had never been in places he spent a lot of time like his house in Monaco, or his favourite holiday home in Mykonos, and never this apartment. Sure, he’d slept with people in those cities, but never in his space. You were right though; it was easier to forget about the crime if you never returned to the scene.
"Do you have anything I can change into?" 
“There’s a top on the end of my bed.” You thanked him as you made your way towards his room. “I’ll grab some of my things so I can crash on the sofa once you’ve changed.” You stopped in your tracks, turning to face him as you stood in the doorway.
“I’m not kicking an f1 driver out of their own bed Charles, especially not post race weekend.” You crossed your arms as you lent against the door frame. “I’ll sleep on the sofa.”
“I’m not letting you sleep on the sofa.” He argued.
“It’s one night Charles, I really don’t mind.”
“I’m not letting you sleep on the sofa.” He repeated.
“Well then it looks like we’re sharing the bed.” Your words not only surprised you, but also Charles. Neither of you were sure where this increased confidence had come from, but you didn’t want it to become awkward, so you tried to justify your statement. “Me and Arthur used to share a bed all the time!”
The look on his face as your eyes met with his across the room was one you’d so desperately been seeking without realising it. His head cocked, eyebrows raised and small smirk tugging its way onto his lips provided reassurance, giving you the confidence to confirm that this relationship was very different to your one with Arthur. You already knew it, you had felt it every time you’d looked at him since you were about 16, but this was the first time you could say with certainty that it was reciprocated.
Charles was dying to climb into bed with you. To wrap his arms around you and stay like it all night. He didn’t care about the fact that your hair would be in his face or that his arm would most likely be dead within the first half an hour. He just wanted you there with him, so he could learn things about you that he didn’t already know and fall asleep with the scent of your faded perfume beneath his nose. He suggested that he’d sleep on the sofa because he knew that wasn’t what you were implying. 
“I’ll stay on my side,” you offered. “Promise.”
That’s what he was afraid of. Charles was a respectful man, he wouldn’t cross boundaries without permission, but he wasn’t sure how much longer he could go without your touch. The thought of your body lying so tantalisingly close to his while dressed in nothing but your underwear and one of his shirts was driving him crazy.
“I’m a very good sleeper, you won’t even know I’m there.”
You couldn’t stop listing reasons for Charles to join you. He wished you would stop; his head was already full of so many.
“Well go and get comfy and I’ll join you in a minute,” In that moment he made the decision to give in knowing that if this was the only chance he got to lay in bed with you he'd take the opportunity, whether your bodies were intertwined or not. “Do you need a drink or anything?”
“A water would be great!” You smiled as you turned around and headed to the bedroom. Charles spent the next few minutes alone in the kitchen trying to convince himself that this was a bad idea. That it was wrong. You were his brother’s best friend and he shouldn't be this nervous or excited to lay next to you, but no matter how hard he tried to dislike the situation he couldn’t because it just felt right.
By the time he joined you in bed you’d already made yourself incredibly comfortable. He chuckled at the site of you tangled in the duvet before climbing in next to you. You laid facing each other and remained that way as you chatted about memories from the past. Childhood holidays and his earliest racing days to you latest life plans and hopes for the future. That's how you drifted to sleep, listening to his voice was more comforting than you'd like to admit. When you awoke in the morning you were unsure what terrified you more, the feeling of one of you completely reducing the few centimetres of space left between you or never knowing what Charles’ touch felt like.
Maybe that’s why you were so unimpressed when Charles and Pierre joined the several of you seated around the long table on the patio with two unknown girls. The number of cocktails you’d consumed weren’t providing you with a great amount of rationality but then again it was difficult to justify being annoyed when you had no reason to be in the soberest of situations. The only person to blame was yourself, you’d had the chance to experience a night with Charles and a combination of your stubbornness, maturity and (let’s face it) fear of what could happen had meant that you’d missed out.
It was only as she threw her head back at one of his comments that it hit you, you were jealous. It was a feeling you hadn’t felt in years. Ever since your last relationship you had lacked almost every kind of emotion. You’d dated people since but that connection was never really there which is why you were full of confusion at the situation presenting itself to you. The feelings felt foreign to your body and you weren’t sure how to deal with them, so you did the one think that you were too young to do back then. Get drunk and try to forget about them for a night.
"Are you listening? Drink up, we're leaving in a second!" Arthurs voice provided a distraction from your thoughts whilst encouraging them. You tilted your head back as you finished the remainder of your champagne, your arm was already reaching out for the nearest bottle to see if you could sneak in a quick refill. You didn’t even like champagne but after having run out of cocktails about an hour ago you didn’t really have much choice. In any other situation you would’ve declined and waited until you were at the club but you weren’t really in the mood to sober up right now. You got up to follow everyone to the taxis, deciding that the bottle had too much in to be left at the table to waste, but not enough in that you couldn't finish it before you reached you destination. Putting the bottle to your lips this time, you took another gulp.
He noticed. He noticed the vast amount of alcohol you had consumed thus far. The unbothered façade you'd displayed during dinner was picked up by him the second he’d glanced in your direction. Your eyes often met his across rooms, at events, in the paddock, even at family dinners and it was always followed by a shared smile, but tonight you hadn't even looked at him and he couldn't stand it. Although he couldn’t be certain, he had a good idea what the cause was. Guilt was slowly consuming his thoughts. He shouldn’t have felt guilty, there was no real reason to, yet he did.
He knew if he had come alone you would've had a couple of drinks with dinner, just enough to prepare yourself for the club afterwards, allowing the sweaty people and sticky floor to become slightly bearable. He also knew that you weren't a huge drinker and that the lack of food you had consumed at dinner would only worsen the matter which was evident as he watched you fall into a taxi with Arthur and Carla as he climbed into a separate one with Pierre and, what they appeared to be to everyone else, their ‘dates’.
The club was busy, everyone excited to be back on the dance floor after its absence over the past year or two. Although it would've been nice to spend some more time with him, you were thankful that the crowds had engulfed you so you'd lose sight of Charles and her. You'd found your way to the middle of the dance floor and you remained there for hours losing track of time and somehow your friends too.
Unbeknown to you, Charles had lost his 'date' at the first chance he had. He'd met her on a boat during the day with Pierre and when his best friend had invited her best friend for dinner he felt bad for not doing the same. He was sitting at the bar with Pierre who'd picked up on the amount of attention he was paying you as you danced along with random strangers. The Frenchman questioned what he was doing when he noticed Charles tighten his jaw. Charles nodded his head in your direction and the pair watched as a man approached you.
The guy in front of you was only offering to buy you a drink but you knew you were way over your limit. You'd politely declined, naively assuming that he'd disappear back into the sea of faces but that wasn't the case. Your refusal  clearly not accepted as he insisted. grabbing onto your arm in an attempt to pull you in the direction of the bar. Yanking your arm out of his grip you instantly managed to sober up as you came to the realisation you were going to have to fight this battle alone.
Charles knew you were a big girl, that you could handle yourself in almost any situation thrown your way, but as the guy reached out to touch you he could've sworn he moved quicker than his Ferrari. His presence shocked you as you flinched slightly at the unfamiliar grip on your waist.
"It's just me ma belle." Charles whispered calmly into your ear, placing a feather light kiss onto your cheek. Relief instantly washed over your body. You wished you could focus on the conversation that Charles was now having with the strange man in front of you but you couldn't. The only thing you could focus on was the feeling of your skin heating beneath Charles' fingertips and the tingling sensation that lingered where he'd planted the kiss. He'd never touched you before, the brief hugs being the most contact you'd ever shared, and now he was standing in a club with his hand around your waist as he fended off a random guy who'd taken an interest in you. "I think we should head home." When Charles spoke it felt as though each word was coated in sex as it left his lips. He hadn't meant it in a sexy way, you knew that. He wanted to take you home so you were safe. However his intense grip on your waist and his stubble lightly grazing your cheek when he leaned in to speak to you was putting thoughts into your mind that you knew shouldn't be there.
You looked up at him, your eyes locking for the first time that night. Your eyes always showed a lot of emotion. Your body language was often hard to read but you always made eye contact when you spoke. He frequently used it to determine what mood you were in but this time he was met with one he'd never seen before. Despite them having a drunken glaze, your dilated pupils held a look of lust. He could've sworn you were mentally undressing him. You weren't. Instead you were thinking of how much you wanted him to undress you.
"I think that's a good idea." He could hear the smirk in your voice over the sound of the music as you let your lips gently brush his ear lobe while you spoke. He shut his eyes tightly and took a deep breath in an attempt to pull himself together. You were disappointed when his hand left your side but satisfied when it quickly intertwined itself with yours. His skin was softer than you were expecting, the rough patches slowly disappearing over the summer break. Your hands remained that way as you walked through the streets of Mykonos. Neither of you spoke, you just remained in a comfortable silence. As the villa came into view Charles was basically marching down the street, his strides increasing as your little legs tried to keep up. He dropped your hand when he reached the door, searching his pockets for the key to unlock it.
The villa was colder than you were expecting, a shiver ran down your spine as the air con hit you. You headed towards the kitchen and grabbed your sweater off one of the bar stools, sliding it on over your outfit.
“So you’d let Carla drive your car huh?” his face instantly broke out in a smile as you relieved some of the tension between you both. “You know that’s not true.” Charles followed you to the kitchen and watched as you perched yourself on the edge of the counter. He poured a glass of water and took a sip before handing it to you which you gratefully accepted.
“You’d let your date drive it instead?” He rolled his eyes as he chuckled at your sarcasm, hoping that you’d forgotten about the girl he’d sat next to during dinner as quickly as he had. “How many girls get a turn before me?” Although he didn't let it show, your question had offended him slightly. Despite his popularity with women he was never one to disrespect them, especially not you. He took a step closer to you, standing directly in front of your legs that were pressed firmly together.
“You’re the only one I want to see in that seat mon Cherie,” That was one nickname that he’d never called you, yet it rolled off his tongue so effortlessly. He leaned against your legs and you slowly parted them so he could stand in between, closing the distance between you both. “I’d let you drive it again in a heartbeat.” Your eyes were fluttering between his eyes and lips, your stare only breaking when he leaned in to speak in your ear just like he’d done in the club. He placed a kiss on your cheekbone and slowly worked his way up to your ear.
“You looked very sexy behind the wheel of my car.” You locked your hands with his while he continued to speak, closing your eyes in a desperate attempt to try and calm your heart rate down. You wanted to say something back, engage more in the conversation, but for the first time in a long time you were at a loss for words. You loved driving, you'd often join the boys go karting growing up and learned to drive as soon as you could, so when Charles asked if you wanted to drive his Ferrari back to your home after your Harrods shopping trip you were more than excited. It was a nice change from the train ride you were expecting.
He'd watched your eyes light up when you realised he was being serious. It was the closest you'd ever been to driving something even remotely similar to an f1 car despite it being different in so many ways. Your smile was infectious as you put your foot down on the motorway, leaving London behind. You'd never even driven an automatic car so this was a completely new experience. He'd taught you how to use the paddles to manually change gears if you wanted to and how to shift through its different modes as you drove around. The only disappointing part of the journey was reaching your destination, your trip home considerably quicker than you would've wanted. After spending the whole time focused on going fast and not crashing, you'd selfishly not noticed how Charles was feeling throughout the drive.
He'd been trying to keep his eyes trained on the road in front of him but couldn't help steal a glance in your direction every now and then. He was always surrounded by fast cars, something he realised after seeing you sat in his driving seat he'd begun to take for granted. He felt overwhelmed with pride, he was the one who was making you this happy. He felt privileged seeing you this free as your hair flew around in the wind while you rested a hand out the side of the car, trying to resist the force of the air pushing it back. It was his turn to be selfish as he realised that he always wanted to keep that moment for himself. He didn't want anyone else to make you feel like this, give you this experience. He wanted to be the one to make you smile.
“Don’t go quiet now mon Cherie.” That nickname. Again. “I think we still need to discuss what happened in the shower.” You instantly snapped back into reality at the mention of the shower. His hand fell from yours and toyed with the bracelet on your wrist. The one that you nervously played with in situations like these. The one that he’d gifted you last year. The one with his name etched into it.
The morning that you'd woke up in Charles' bed you were alone. An empty bed was something you'd become accustomed to over the past couple of years but in this instance it made you awaken quicker. The note left on his pillow stopped you from worrying, he was out on a run.
You respected his commitment to his career and took the opportunity to go for a shower. The warm water felt refreshing against your skin, goose bumps slowly appearing across your skin at the sudden change in temperature. Rubbing Charles shower gel into your skin you closed eyes and lent your head against the tiled shower wall. It wasn't clear at what point you'd become so aroused, but  the steam from the shower and the smell of Charles covering you definitely had something to do with it. You allowed your hands to roam your body, his name unexpectedly falling from your mouth as you brushed past your breasts. The careless use of his name had caused your eyes to widen and your hand to clamp over your mouth. It had left you lips so naturally but felt inappropriate to say aloud.
It wasn't until a few days later that you realised he'd heard. He almost hadn’t. If he’d unlocked the apartment a mere three seconds later your words wouldn’t have reached his ears. His run had been sweaty and he was still out of breath but his panting soon stopped. His eyes widened as he heard his name leave your lips and he froze. He didn’t want to announce his presence, he knew he wasn’t supposed to hear it and didn’t want you to feel embarrassed that he had. He didn’t know what to do. He felt as though he was invading your privacy but knew that if he shut the door you’d hear it close and know he was there. So instead he stuck his foot between the door and the doorframe to keep it slightly open as he waited for the sound of the shower to finish running. He tried to focus on something else, anything else, but he failed. All he could think about was you, in his shower, without him and how badly he wanted to join you, just so he could make his name fall from your mouth the way it just did over and over again.
You thought you'd gotten away with it. He'd entered the apartment just as you were stepping out the bathroom and he'd acted as cool as ever. The weekend was slowly becoming a distant memory that you were trying hard not to dwell on, hating that you were missing his presence so much already. It wasn't until you were at work the following week that it became apparent your secret crush was no longer a secret. You were in the office early, earlier than everyone else. That wasn’t unusual, you liked to be in early as it often meant you could leave earlier too. What was unusual was the box placed neatly on your desk.
Although the small parcel was addressed to you, you opened it with hesitation. A small gasp left your lips as your unwrapping revealed a red box, the golden engraving of the word ‘Cartier’ on top. Confused, you gently opened to box revealing a bracelet.
You placed it on your desk as you searched for a note. Despite it being awfully obvious who it was from, you wanted some kind of confirmation or, better yet, a reason as to why someone had put this into your possession. You'd spotted it in Harrods with Charles. You hadn't mentioned it, just spent a few minutes mindlessly staring at its beauty. There was no point even considering buying it for yourself, the price tag was close to your yearly salary. Eventually you found the note. 
'I've heard you like to moan it'
You picked up the bracelet once more, analysing it as you did so. It was so discreet, discreet enough that if the note wasn’t a big enough hint you might never have realised. His name. Etched into the inside of the band in the same font as the word ‘Cartier'. Any other name and he wouldn’t have been able to get away with it. No one had picked up on its personalisation in the past year. It had remained your little secret.
You gulped loudly, unsure of what to say next. The dull lighting hid your cheeks as they flushed red with embarrassment, just like they'd done when you'd read his note. Luckily it was situations like these you considered your stubbornness a strength. "All I could thing about was how much I wanted you to touch me Charles." With your lips dangerously close to Charles' ear you'd somehow managed to complete your sentence with confidence. The conviction in your voice had satisfied Charles although it was obvious that he hadn't expected it as he pulled his head back slightly to look you in the eyes. It was the first time you'd seen them so dark out of his crash helmet. They didn't have the same teasing smile paired with them as they did only a few moments ago. For a brief moment your heart dropped. What if he was just teasing you and you'd taken it too far? 
"Say something." Your voice was barely audible despite the eerie silence that had settled in the kitchen as Charles picked up on your nervousness. His expression softened but he remained silent, placing his forehead against yours and gently brushing your noses. You both very quickly realised there was no longer the need for words. The last thing either of you wanted to do right now was have a conversation about what was going on because quite honestly neither of you were sure. All you knew was that as soon as the space between your lips closed, there was no going back. You were craving each other's touch and it was as though the kiss you were yet to share would be the seal of approval you both needed to explore each other in a way you hadn't before.
You'd had enough of the teasing, enough of the wondering and what ifs, enough of wasting time without knowing how his lips felt against yours. You moved your head up slightly brushing your lips with his before releasing one of your hands from his grasp and placing it on the back of his head, pulling it down slightly. As soon as your lips pressed against his you became overwhelmed with emotions. You relaxed into it, it felt so right. His hands began to explore your body, one placed on your thigh and the other tracing lines up and down your back, sitting on the counter top had worked in your favour as you wrapped your legs around his waist. It wasn't long before his tongue found yours as you let your hands snake beneath his shirt feeling his back and arms tense beneath you as he lifted you up from the side and placed you on the dining table which was at a slighter lower level. 
His mouth left yours and you let out a small groan of frustration, he smiled at the sound as you realised he was only doing it to strip you of the sweater you'd not long ago put on, allowing him to rid you of it, not caring how cold it was anymore. In between the kisses he was placing down your neck you pulled his top over his head. Your eyes were trained to his shoulders as you admired him, only shutting when he re-joined your lips. 
The sound of a key turning the lock at the front door caught Charles' attention. There was a high chance he'd consumed less alcohol than you tonight which is why he giggled slightly when you chose to ignore the sound and bring him back in for another kiss. 
“WE’RE HOME” Arthur voice echoed round the villa. The sound of his brothers voice was enough for you to release him from your grip.
“Shhhhhhhhhhh, it’s 3am people will be sleeping.” Carla tried to whisper but the tiled walls carried the sound throughout the villa. You didn’t know if anyone else was home, you hadn’t checked and to be honest you hadn’t even thought about it. The only thing on your mind was Charles.
“Y/N and I are in the kitchen,” Charles called back. His eyes never left yours as he grabbed his shirt you'd thrown across the kitchen and redressed himself, not until Arthur stumbled through the door way knocking into chairs and making them squeal as the legs glided across the floor. You both watched as he regained balance and muttered a drunken apology before sitting himself on the floor.
"Good night Arthur?" you laughed slightly at the sight of him on the floor, he'd never been the most elegant drunk but at least he was entertaining.
"Great night." He confirmed as he laid himself down, a laugh leaving Carla's lips as she stared at the state of him. If someone had spoken to you a couple of hours ago you would've probably had a different opinion but as it turned out, you were starting to agree with him.
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nandolorris4 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hi y'all! So apparently, it's already november so here I am back again with my monthly fic rec :) as always, this fic rec includes different pairings! Give these amazing authors some love and I hope you enjoy.
these violent delights by toastandvegemite
AU - Mob. Max leaves the army with too many ghosts in his head and takes a job protecting the playboy son of one of Europe’s biggest crime families. Daniel is spoilt and dangerous and miserable, and you find love in the most surprising places. SO SO SO GOOD. Like seriously, SO GOOD. I don't want to spoil anything so just do me a favour and go read this please.
i need a map of your head (translated into english) by toastandvegemite
Non AU where Maxiel breaks up and Daniel realizes some things. I loved this so much because Daniel at first is so sure of Max being the one to blame, but as the story progresses he realizes that maybe he should look at his own actions as well. Brilliantly written as always by this amazing author. loved it!
summer sun after the rain by gentleau (iwanna_seeyou_undoit)
Future fic where Daniel has a daugther and Max and him cross paths again. I have such a weak spot for dad!Daniel so absolutely adored this one! Lovely story and amazingly written!
drove through ghosts to get here by tobabylon
Another future fic yay! I feel like wonderful Maxiel stories keep popping out of nowhere and I'm so grateful for it! Another must read to add to your list.
Bury Me Halfway by LoveLeah
Max keeps trying to act normal, and Daniel keeps putting himself through walls. Please read the tags!!
Start quick, go slow by thenewcat04
College AU where Max and Daniel are both huge simps for eachother and I love them for that. Brilliant read!
every other sunday by Anney @badboy-george
Non AU. Okay so only the first chapter has been posted but as you all know, I'm obsessed with everything the amazing Ann writes, and this one will be added to my collection of best Lestappen fics ever written, I'm 100% sure of it! Go check it out.
Kiss with a fist by mahixa @mahixa
Another author I'm obsessed with!! Agata never fails me and this Lestappen was amazing to read. Charles and Max having boxing sessions together? Charles and Max realising their feelings for eachother? yes please!! Loved it so so much.
Dear Stranger (I’m glad we met) by DiamondCrystalInk
Max ends up on an overnight ferry to do some soul searching, somehow Charles is there too.
Eres mi todo by mahixa @mahixa
My ultimate Carlando comfort fic. Its super fluffy and I love to come back to it when I'm having a shitty day. I love how much Carlos loves Lando it makes me emotional *cries carlando tears*. Love this one so much!
a world alone by hibivrooms (hibiscuswings) @hibiscus-vroom
Okay I'm so so happy to have a new Carlando writer! This series has two parts so far and I love it so so much. The talent of this author is unreal and I'm so happy to be blessed with this Carlando universe. Please go check it out!
God knows you're lonely souls by fox_this_lap @redshoulderedblackbirds
AU. this one was inspired by the amazing art of @safetycarlando and was such a beautiful read! I was completely swept away by this Carlando universe. Just beautiful beautiful beautiful! Such a talented author it's unreal. Please go read!
It means so much more (it means all the same) by leafmeal0ne
footballer!Carlos AU. Lando is still an f1 driver in this one and also Carlos' biggest supporter. This one was supercute to read. I loved it so so much.
Warmth by Iwastemytimereading @iwastemytimereading1
That video we got of Pierre casually putting his arm around Charles' chair and Charles leaning back into it during that basketball game had us all freaking out so I was so happy to find out someone wrote a fic about it! Loved it so much.
and maybe a little wiser by Laeana
Charles never thought being 24 years old would affect him so much but here he is, wishing he had enough guts to reach out to Pierre and ask him to date. loved it!!
starfish on the kitchen floor by tetrapod
This author is brilliant and this fic is brilliant as well! I don't want to spoil anything so just trust me on this one and go read it!
never seen a diamond in the flesh by lewishamilton
AU where Charles is the prince of Monaco and Seb sleeps with him. God, this one was so so so so good. Amazing read! I loved the concept and how the story progressed. One of my fave Sebchal fics so far!
lonely hearts club by Anney @badboy-george
Coffeeshop AU. When I tell you I screamed when I got the notification that this 22k masterpiece was posted! Seb owns a coffeeshop and Charles is a street musician who keeps playing in front of it. Just everything about this fic was amazing, even the ending fitted perfectly. Just amazing, go read it!
Succeed by the_Orange_one
This one is just pure smut but damn so so hot!
sit here till the brakes go on by emptyhalf
My ultimate comfort fic after that awful awful Sochi weekend. Just what I needed.
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imagininghierophant · 5 months ago
Their s/o having a laugh of a psychopath?
My partner says I have such a villainous cackle so I can relate to this! Here you go anon ☺️ -Bambi
How the Crusaders would react to you having a laugh of a psychopath
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⭐ Jotaro Kujo ⭐
► Jotaro would raise his brow. He did not expect a laugh like that coming from you. It almost took him off guard. He remains unfazed on the outside, though. “Good grief, you’d think you went insane with a laugh like that.”
► The corners of his mouth can’t help but tug into a smile after hearing your laughter over time; he loves to see you delighted.
► If you were around the Crusaders and you were in the middle of a laughing fit, Jotaro would mention to them: “You get use to it,”
Tumblr media
🍒 Noriaki Kakyoin 🍒
► Have you heard Kakyoin’s laugh? You both were meant for each other based on your laughs alone. One person sounding so psychotic that they lost their sanity years ago, and the other sounds like the devil himself possessed them.
► Those few times where you both are in fits of laughter, Kakyoin cherishes those moments greatly. He feels so close to you, sharing laughter like this.
► Imagine you are laughing so hard you are in stitches, the Crusaders look at you, baffled and confused on why you were laughing like that, besides Kakyoin who would input: “Never change [Y/N].”
Tumblr media
🗡️ Jean Pierre Polnareff 🗡️
► Polnareff would be the type of person to laugh when someone else is laughing regardless of what type of laugh is it. Your laughter amuses him.
► Whenever you laugh a little to yourself, Polnareff would immediately imitate your laughter as a way to poke fun at you, all in a good manner, though. “HEHEHEH, that’s what you sound like.”
► Without a doubt would tickle your sides only to hear your psycho laugh; he can’t help himself sometimes.
Tumblr media
🔥 Muhammad Avdol 🔥
► Avdol, at first, would show concern, he would say something that you thought was funny, and you’d start cackling. He would sit there with parted lips. “You okay, [Y/N]? Did I say something odd?”
► If you got too loud in public like a café, He would put his finger to his mouth; Avdol isn’t the type to draw attention; he loves your laugh. Don’t get him wrong, just not the attention and public glances that come with it. 
► Once you’ve calmed down from laughing, Avdol would gently pat your head. He loves you very much and just wants the best for you. 
Tumblr media
✈️ Joseph Joestar ✈️
► Joseph would brush it off as if it was a usual laugh; his laughter tends to be historical, so he finds it quite normal, oddly enough.
► If you are laughing at a joke you just thought of, Joseph wants to hear it. “What you laughing at? Come on, share!”
► Joseph would tell family and friends about you and say that you have such an adorable laugh; to peoples surprise, it’s pretty different from how they imagined it.
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jacketpocketparsnips · 7 months ago
headcanons of how shane acts trying to court an oblivious farmer-
aohohohoho my favorite man with my favorite kind of pining. This is much longer (and unnecessarily detailed) than it could normally because I LOVE him.
Stardew Valley Shane x Oblivious! Farmer 
When you first moved to the valley, Shane didn’t care. He was at that point in his depression where nothing excited him. Nothing made him feel anything. Just another person in town. 
He meets you. It wasn’t love at first sight, for him at least. If he thought you were nice to look at he didn’t even recognize it beneath his clouds of grey. 
You approached everyone and introduced yourself. One by one. You met his gaze, and immediately ran over. 
He wish he could remember what you had said, or what he had responded with. You were friendly, and he was curt. He had made it a point to ignore you, make you uncomfortable so you’d leave him alone. You face fell at his words, whatever they were. But you didn’t walk away, like a good, responsible, and self-caring person. No, you had to make a mess of things and pull a spring onion from your bag and hand it to him.
Why had that made him smile. Why had a fucking spring onion, that he could have found plenty himself in the forest, make him crack a grin?
When he thanked you, genuinely, you smiled back. Sweetly. Forgiving. He hated it. You left him alone to cling onto it, your face repeating in his mind. 
And he knew he was fucked. 
He knew, immediately, he liked you. And somehow, everyone else knew too. The entire saloon, especially his aunt, was staring the entire time you were talking.
Every time he saw you from then on, he straightened his back. It seemed like you always had a gift. A vegetable you had grown on your farm, a beer before he had spilled everything to you and a pizza after, or a cool rock you had dug up in the mines. 
(You went into the mines to get him something. He hated how much he thought about that too)
He still held onto everything you gave to him, even if he didn’t really like it. Even if he made a big stink about the garbage you had decided to gift, he still would keep it in his pocket for the next few days. Tracing his fingers over it when he felt especially sad.
He knew this wasn’t enough. That you would have no idea what he was feeling internally, but he still waited for you to make the first move.
You never did obviously. You were preoccupied with the farming and fishing and- gifting. 
He knew it was stupid to feel jealous. You were everyone’s friend, of course you wouldn’t just stick to him and him alone. He decided he would have to up his game.
It started out small. He shaved. It grew back by midnight, but in that time he saw you. You complimented him and laughed when he “joked” about doing it to impress you.
He went to work and snagged a frozen pizza. He sent it to you, and immediately panicked. He ran to your mailbox to take it back, but guess who was already there?
When you asked why he was digging though your mail, he panicked again and said that he forgot to add something. You handed him the envelope and a pen, and in desperation he scribbled the first thing that came to mind at the bottom of the page. A heart.
He waited for you to read it, deciding that this was it. His confession. You took the pizza and thanked him. Then you read the note attached. You thanked him again, and returned to watering your garden.
oh god
He ran home and locked himself in the barn, face down in the dirt and surrounded by confused chicks. 
Were you that dense?? Was he not clear enough?? Of course he wasn’t clear, but you must have gotten what was implied, right??
Fine. After a quick session of discussing his crush problems with several hens, he decided to pull out the big guns. 
After making sure that you weren’t in town, he marched to Pierres. 
He made his purchase, and then waited outside the shop. It was the first day of spring, you had to be buying seeds.
It was early. So when you closed your door to your house, he heard it from beyond the trees.
This was...nice. He felt excited, for once. The sun was rising just behind your farm, and behind you as he watched you walk into town from the corner of his eye. It was silent. You two would be alone. Even if you rejected him, he would have done something. He would have known that he was strong enough to be rejected. 
You always said hello when you saw him. It was always something to look forward to in the day. When your eyes met, he was ready.
“Hey Shane!”
He focused all of his might into keeping your gaze, and pulled the bouquet from behind his back. 
You stopped, and when you took it from his shaking grip your fingers touched.
You stared at the flowers for a moment. He had tried to arrange them so that your favorite color was in the middle, but he might have bent a few.
“They’re lovely.” You cooed. “Where’d you get them?”
Not a rejection? He tried to get his mouth to form words. 
“” He pointed at the shop, where he could see the entire family pretending not to watch. 
You looked to him. And smiled.
“That’s awesome! I’ve been looking around for flowers, but they only grow in summer. Thanks a million, dude!”
No way
You hopped away, saying something about putting them in water. 
He sank into the dirt, deciding to take an unscheduled nap on the ground. Someone else would have to tell you. Shane was tired. 
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babssionate · 3 months ago
I might actually be the only one, but for some weird reason I’m feeling a sense of calm during this summer break... Normally we got people yelling left and right who is going to take up which seat and we’re all scared for our favorites... 
This year we got:
All drivers looking happy and healthy (most important thing)
George, Nicholas, Charles, Carmen, Sandra and Charlotte spending time together and just relaxing (great to see this friendship)
Lando looking like he is having the time of his life (which I very much adore and I’m so happy for him)
Pierre and his gang (which includes Stoffel and that makes me happy too) enjoying being little sea creatures
Daniel and the dog content (adorable, adorable, adorable)
Lance and Sara are breaking stealing my very single heart with their pics
Lewis doing things that make him happy like making music
Sebastian doing what Sebastian does best (and what he deserves) aka disappearing of the face of the earth and probs spending time with the family
Alex and Romain catching up at Indycar!!!
I’m probably forgetting some key moments and missing out on the drama that has definitely occurred, but I’m kind of happy/relieved that my socials were full of love and positive vibes (besides the occasional rant)! Gives me the positive energy I was definitely lacking these summer months :)
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