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You cramming for a pop quiz? Uh, brushing up on protocols just in case. Just in case Chief Ross suddenly asks you about... "universal precautions which shall be observed to prevent contact with blood and other bodily fluids"?
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THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY › loneliness and other beasts. (x)
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Pretend like I don’t entice you I’ve seen you circling the sky above my head (x)
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if i think about ty & nick for too long i feel like this
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Pairing(s): Steven Grant x Reader, implied Steven Grant/Marc Spector x Layla El-Faouly
Word count: 5.1K. Buckle up, folks.
Warning(s): Insecurities and heavy angst. I cried while thinking of the concept, and I’m hoping this does my idea justice. Set after the finale, so there are spoilers! 
A/N: Hello! This is my first time writing a fic and posting it, so please be gentle! This piece is purely based on research and the events of the series. I am not a system, nor do I know anyone who is a system. If any part of this piece offends anyone, please let me know. No offense is intended.
This is also not completely beta-read, so the mistakes are on me.
Summary: You should’ve stopped asking questions. 
Taglist: @s-v-e-l-t-e, @caroldanvours​
Tumblr media
Everyone had warned you about the rose-tinted glasses. Your friends, your family, hell, and even your old college professors used to tell stories about how love could be either the best or worst thing that you could ever experience. It was a risk to put your heart entirely into the hands of a stranger, giving them the liberty to do whatever they wanted to it. Love it, cradle it, protect it, sure—but also poke it, stab it, and break it to the point of no return. 
But with Steven Grant? It was a risk you were definitely willing to take. 
You had been friends with him for five months and had been dating for at least eight before he disappeared without a trace. You were confused, to say the least. In the year or so that you have known him, you never would have expected him to disappear and cut all ties with you. But still, you waited. You waited with the hope that maybe he’d come back home to you. 
However, when Steven did return, he was conflicted. He honestly believed that you wouldn’t wait for him, especially since there was no effort on his part to try and contact you after his sudden disappearance. Nonetheless, he felt that he at least owed you an explanation, and his heart squeezed in his chest when you didn’t leave when he told you about everything.
He explained it from the start, his sleeping disorder, how he tried staying up because he had hyper-realistic dreams that scared the hell out of him. You already knew of this early on in the relationship, but then he continued the story, telling you about Marc, about Khonshu, and everything that had happened to him from the day he got fired from the museum to the day he came back home to you. You've noticed that he seemed happier now, probably because he understood why he had been losing days of his life, and he’s come to accept and love his alter despite everything. 
But there was also another reason, wasn’t there?
Maybe it was your fault. You shouldn’t have asked too many questions. You should’ve just taken what he told you, accepted the anecdotes, and moved forward. You should’ve just been happy that he was here and safe. But you just had to ask, right? 
“Who’s Layla?” Your innocent question stopped him dead in the middle of his sentence as the grin he donned slowly faded into a tight-lipped smile. One he had hoped would be a little more reassuring than nervous, and maybe, if he hadn’t taken so long to reply, you wouldn’t have been suspicious. 
“A friend of Marc’s.” His reply was short and simple. “I… She was the one who came over that day, remember? When you dropped off that book you borrowed from me? Before I… Before I disappeared?” 
Oh. Of course, you remember Layla–well, her physical attributes, at least. To say that she was gorgeous was an understatement. She was breathtaking, ethereal, and a goddess at the least. However, you hadn’t heard whatever they were talking about when you knocked on the apartment door that day because they stopped talking before Steven opened the door, enough for him to peek out at you. 
Steven’s heart raced as he studied your reaction to his reply, trying to gauge whether or not you heard his and Layla’s conversation. Surely you hadn’t, right? You had no idea about the scarab before he told you about it when he had returned. So that would mean that you probably hadn’t heard the conversation, and you hadn’t seen the way he looked at her the way he once looked at you. You wouldn’t have waited this long for him if you had, right?
He hadn’t meant to fall for her, but he couldn’t help himself, could he? The second his arms instinctively wrapped around her waist when she drove a little faster towards his apartment, and he was hit with “I’m still your wife,” things changed. His mouth moved on its own accord that day as Layla handed him the divorce papers he–technically, Marc–had sent. 
“I would never divorce you.”
Then everything came crashing down after that. Marc had warned him against showing Layla the scarab, but she got around to it anyway, so it was too late. Steven had begged for her help, trying to explain the whole situation, and the entire thing merely confused Layla even more. 
“You really don't remember why we've been looking for this? Our adventures. Or our life together?”
“Oh, God, I wish I could.”
You had come knocking on the door only a few minutes later, a smile on your face as you held up his newer copy of Marceline Desbordes-Valmore’s book of poetry. “Steven! Hi! I finally got around to reading this, but I have to say that I don’t exactly ge-” 
Your words were abruptly cut off when Steven dragged you into the apartment, shutting the door behind you. None of you were quite sure why he had done that, but now that he’s thinking about it, maybe Marc had been the reason for it all. 
You hadn’t had enough time to properly introduce yourself to Layla, and likewise, because the moment your eyes lay upon her, you froze. Who was she? 
The following events flew by too quickly for you to properly grasp at the time. The police knocking on the door, Steven gently urging you to hide, the police making accusations against him, then just silence. 
By the time you believed that the coast was clear, they were gone. The police were gone. The woman was gone. Steven was gone. You had tried going around the area, searching through the different police stations for him, and you had even gone back to the museum to ask if they had changed their mind and were pressing charges. Sadly, nothing. He wasn’t at any of the police stations, nor did the museum change their minds. So you did the only thing you could do at the time. You waited.
You texted him, called him, and left voicemails for him. Hell, you even resorted to emailing him a couple of times, just to see if your messages would reach him. All your efforts were unanswered, and you truly had no idea of his whereabouts until he came back home to you. 
Sure, you’d seen the news about the happenings in Cairo, but never in a million years would you have thought that your boyfriend was the one donning the white suit. 
“Oh!” A smile graced your lips, having merely associated the name with the pretty girl who once stood in the apartment. “I remember her! She helped you guys out? That’s amazing!” 
You were completely unaware that Steven left out an important detail: that Layla was his alter’s wife. In the short period that he had been gone and away from you, he had kissed her and had fallen in love with her too. 
Days passed, and you had been invited to the apartment numerous times throughout the week, but you weren’t complaining. You missed Steven, quite frankly, you also wanted to know more about Marc. You had encountered him a couple times when he had been fronting, but your interactions never lasted too long. Steven was usually requested for control whenever you were around, but you were aware of his alter since Steven had explained that they recently learned how to become co-conscious. That didn’t mean that they knew every waking life of the other, but at least the blackouts and memory gaps have lessened considerably.
On random occasions, Steven would continue to tell you stories about what had taken place in Cairo. Some stories were repeats of what he had told you in previous days, while others were memories he had just remembered and wanted to tell you. Sometimes, he’d tell you his thoughts about the event or other questions he had, only to piece the answer together halfway through asking you.
It was the simple moments like these that made you happy, really. To have Steven beside you on the bed, rambling about anything that came to his mind. You didn’t mind when he would tell you a story he had already told you, and you definitely didn’t mind when he would go into the technicalities of the event. 
Though, there was one thing you noticed to have become a recurring topic: Layla. He would bring her up unconsciously, really, or at least, that’s what you would want to believe. But as the days passed, her name frequented his lips more often, and it felt different. It was almost as if he asked you about her daily, bringing her up as if she was the only waking thought he had. If it weren’t for the accent, you would have honestly thought Marc was fronting. She was his friend first, right? 
“Do you think she’s okay? I-I mean, Marc and I were Khonshu‘s avatar, and he was just downright manipulative.” He turned his head to glance at you, “Taweret… Taweret, on the other hand… we met in that afterlife I told you about, yeah? She seemed nice. Helped us escape the Duat and all that, but… I just can't help but wonder, you know? Do you think Taweret is treating her right?” His question remained unanswered as he turned his gaze back up to the ceiling of his apartment, his fingers intertwined and resting on the soft flesh of his stomach. 
You were lying on your side as you looked at him, heart clenching in your chest as you studied the way his eyes shone under the moonlight. It took you a couple of seconds before you were able to bring yourself to nod slowly, swallowing the lump that you hadn’t noticed formed in your throat.
“I’m sure she’s doing alright, Steven. She does sound pretty badass, yeah? She’s saved you and Marc quite a lot, hasn’t she?” Your voice was small as you replied to him, a wave of insecurity wafting over you as things began clicking together in your brain. 
“Yeah? Yeah. She did save us when she freed Khonshu! I swear, though, you should’ve seen her in her armor, love! She looked amazing. I don’t even think I was able to greet her properly, really. Could you believe that? Marc and I were conversing about it the other day, right? And…” 
You toned out his words as you continued to observe the way his mouth moved, how his lips flicked up to a gentle smile as he talked about her, and how he continued to ramble on and on about her. Utterly oblivious to your thoughts, more so to your feelings. You’ve seen this kind of look before.
To be fair, you had been thinking about it for a while. You tried convincing yourself that she had just become a close friend that he began to care about. That he was just concerned about her well-being since she had agreed to become an avatar of an Egyptian goddess, and he nor Marc didn’t exactly have the best time as Khonshu’s avatar. However, the more you studied his words and actions, things became clearer and clearer. It wasn’t until a gentle call of your name snapped you out of your thoughts, causing your eyes to lock with Steven’s worried ones. 
“You… Are you in love, Steven?” You dared to ask, causing silence to fill the room once again. A silence that lasted a couple moments as Steven furrowed his brows, and his hesitation in giving you an answer was already an answer itself. 
The more he talked about her, the more you were able to analyze his reactions and facial expressions and damn yourself for having seen that look in the past. Damn yourself for recognizing it. 
You’ve seen it in the way your father looked at your mother. You saw it in the way your best friend’s spouse looked at them on their wedding day. You recognized it because it was the same look he used to have when he would talk about you. 
“What?” He asked, confusion filling his expressions as he shifted on the bed to bring all of his attention to you. “Of course, I’m in love, sweetheart. I’m in love with you.” 
Normally, his expression of love would have you all shy and red in the cheeks, but that wasn’t the case this time. “It’s just…” you frowned, bringing your attention to the ceiling. Roles had been reversed at this point, with you on your back and Steven on his side, facing you. “I’ve seen this look of yours before, you know? It’s the look of a man who’s fallen in love…” your voice trailed off at the end, pursing your lips as you tried to get your emotions in check. The can of worms has been opened, right? There isn’t much of a way back from it now. “It’s the look you used to have for me.” 
Steven frowned as well. “Used to have? Darling, I don’t know what you’re going on about?” 
You chose to ignore his comment, another question leaving your lips before you could even process the thought.
“Who is she to you, Steven? Who is Layla to you?” There was a slight shake in your tone, “You.. You said she’s a friend of Marc, yeah? But who is she to you?”
His eyes softened at the question, pursing his lips in response. If he were to be honest with you, he didn’t know who she was to him at this point. Was he attracted to her? Had he actually fallen in love with her in that quick of a timeframe? 
Steven had always prided himself in the fact that he didn’t fall in love too quickly. Sure, he had casual crushes from the museum and friend crushes around the town, but this was different–Layla was different. 
His brain often short-circuited when he was around her, and he just couldn’t help but admire everything about her. Maybe it was their shared interest in hieroglyphics and astronomy, or maybe it was something about her beauty in general, or maybe something about her intelligence and the way she was always there. She understood him, and she fought for him too. However, there was one thing he was sure of–she was Marc’s wife, not just a friend like he made it out to be. 
But deep down inside him, he knew that he had fallen for her. He technically did confirm it back in one of those tents in Cairo, didn’t he? When Marc interrogated him about being in love with his wife? He hadn’t verbally answered the question, but his actions were enough for Marc to know that he had. The kiss he shared with Layla was also enough for him to know that he had. 
Steven’s lack of response broke your heart, to say the least. The lack of a verbal response already served as the answer you hoped you wouldn’t have to receive from him. 
The silence between you two didn’t last as long as you thought it would, having a sigh leave his lips as he brought his arm over his eyes. 
“I-I don’t know.”
His words brought your attention to him once more, seeing his body tense up as he gulped. You should have played it off and moved on by this point, right? But you couldn’t. Not when his body language told you more than enough. You sensed the truth in his statement; you’d give him that. But at the same time, you also felt the conflict that was arising within him, and you knew that was because of you. 
It definitely did not help your thoughts when he sniffled. Perhaps you were missing the bigger picture? Fuck. Maybe you overreacted? Had you offended him? 
“Shit. Wait, lovie–I’m sorry. We can drop it, yeah?” You offered, sitting up abruptly and moving closer to him so you could lift his arm from his face, your heart breaking at the sight of tears rimming at the corners of his eyes. “I just… You were gone for so long and since you came back, you’d always just bring her up and I was just curious.”
Steven sat up as well, and your hand moved to cup his cheek, causing him to lean in against your touch. “That’s all. But I believe you, okay, lovie? I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m sorry..” 
The thing is, you and Steven barely got into misunderstandings, and on the rare occasion that you did, whoever was in the wrong would apologize with a kiss. So that’s exactly what you intended to do. You moved closer and leaned in to press your lips to his, only for him to pull his head back slightly in hesitation–another event you weren’t prepared for.
Swallowing back a sob, his eyes bore into your saddened ones. Guilt overcame his features almost immediately at the sight. You at least deserved the truth, right? 
“I… She isn’t… She isn’t just Marc’s friend.” He whispered, bringing his hand to cup your own when he felt your touch falter slightly. 
You felt as if you already knew where this conversation was headed, based solely on how he was basically tiptoeing around you, but you desperately wished you were wrong. “I… Is there something else you’d like me to know, Steven?”
“Layla… She’s Marc’s wife, darling.” 
Nothing could have prepared you for that. You would have at least thought that she was Marc’s girlfriend or something along those lines, but you never would have thought that the alter of the man you were dating was married. 
“She’s…” your voice trailed off as your hand slowly dropped from his cheek, causing him to move quickly to take your hands back in his. “He… You knew about this? When did she tell you? Or when did Marc tell you?” 
“She told me the day that we met… Marc wanted to get a divorce because Khonshu wanted to have her as his next avatar, but Marc never signed the papers.” He quickly explained, tilting his head slightly so he could meet your eyes when you shifted your attention to your hands in his. “She tried giving me the papers that day but I couldn’t sign them–”
That sentence alone made your eyes shoot up, locking with his. “You couldn’t sign them?” you breathed, eyebrows furrowed as you tried to grasp the information that was being handed to you. Shaking your head as your heart pounded against your chest, you continued, “You… You knew that she was Marc’s wife from the first day, yet you lied to me?” 
He looked down at your hands, which he still held in his, as a response, his thumb moving in circles in an attempt to soothe you, as if it would do much. 
You honestly did not have the energy to be mad at him. Technically speaking, he hadn’t done anything wrong either. Your relationship did not have a title, and while you were definitely past the ‘I love you’ stage, he wasn’t your boyfriend. Based on your knowledge, you don’t have high hopes that he will ever be either. 
“You should have just told me. Hell, even just… not saying anything as a response would have sufficed as an answer.” Was all you could bring yourself to say after a couple moments of not saying anything to one another. Your words were leaving your mouth slowly as if articulating every single word you were about to say. “Lying… Lying isn’t better than silence, Steven. I-I would have understood… I mean, it was coming, wasn’t it?” 
His head shot up at that, and his gaze met with yours once more. “Wha-”
It was your turn to cut him off. “Do you love her, Steven?” You asked once more, a small smile gracing your lips. If he hadn’t known you as well as he did, he would’ve been convinced that you were okay, but he knew better than that. 
You were convinced that you would be met with another round of silence, but you were mistaken. 
“I-I think I do…?” He mumbled softly, gritting his teeth as he shook his head. You weren’t quite sure what his head shake was in response to, but you couldn’t exactly bring yourself to even process the action. “I don’t know, I can’t–You’re my first love, darling, I swear–” 
His words turned into incoherent mumbles as he desperately tried to find the words to explain himself. To explain his feelings in a way that would hurt you in the least brutal way possible, but no matter how he chooses to explain it, his words are bound to hurt. 
“I may be your first, but that’s all I’ll ever be, yeah?” Your voice was almost as soft as a whisper as you gave his hands a gentle squeeze. “And it doesn’t matter though, does it, Steven? It doesn’t matter if I'm your first, I-I’ll never be your last. I’ll never be your only.” Maybe you were rambling at this point, but everything was crashing down around you. The man you had been waiting on, the relationship you were clinging on to, and everything you have come to love was slipping through your fingers so quickly. To make things worse, your acceptance of it all merely serves as the catalyst to the inevitable end. 
“I’m never going to make you choose, lovie… You know that, right?” A tear found its way down your cheek as you brought his hand to your lips to give it a gentle, lingering kiss. “It’s okay, Steven.”
He felt unworthy of you, to say the least. You deserved so much more than a man who leaves without a trace and whose loyalty did not fully reside with you. The memory of the kiss he shared with Layla plagues his mind, and the confession burns in his throat as he wonders if it's even worth it to tell you–to break your heart more than he already has.
“I’ve always considered myself lucky to have you, you know? It just… our whole relationship felt so good. Too good, actually.” You smiled sadly, tears brimming the corners of your eyes as you forced yourself to look at the man you love. The one you allowed yourself to fall for so recklessly with the hope that maybe, just maybe, he would love you back, even if just half as much as you did him. “She made–no, she makes you happy, doesn’t she? She kept you safe and fought for you. She saved you, and I just…” 
Steven’s eyes shut tightly at your words, shaking his head rapidly as he desperately tried to think of the words to say to you. “It wasn’t on you, darling… Please don’t blame yourself for this.” 
His response was typical, but you couldn’t blame him. “I don’t blame anyone for this, Steven, okay?” Your tone was free from any malice or bitterness, but the sadness that laced your words was still quite evident. “I could never hate anyone who makes you feel safe and happy, you know that. The only thing I ever wanted was for you to be happy, Steven, and if she makes you happier than I ever could, then….” 
“No.” The fact that you couldn’t even bring yourself to finish that sentence broke him. His head continued to shake as if to convince himself that this isn’t happening to him, that you weren’t actually considering leaving him. He is well aware that you deserve better, but could anyone blame him for being selfish? After everything he’s been through? And after everyone he’s lost? “Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye?”
Your hand reaches up to cup his cheek once more, your thumb gently grazing his skin as your eyes drink up the sight of him. Memorizing him. Every single bump and wrinkle. Every single self-acclaimed imperfection, in Steven's opinion. Every single thing that made him Steven and made you love him even more. “I love you, Steven Grant. I love every single bit of you, and I hope you never forget that.” 
Your insecurities were getting the best of you. How could they not? The woman he had fallen for was here in the room with you that fateful day and had followed him somehow. Helped him. Protected him. She had everything you didn’t–bravery, strength, the brain, the beauty. And to top it all off? She had him, whether she was aware of that fact or not, she had won Steven’s heart, probably the same way she had won Marc’s. How could you ever compete with that?
You laid a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose, and his eyes fluttered shut at the sensation. He was too engrossed in his thoughts to realize that you stood up, collecting the things that you had brought over for the day. He’s brought back to his senses when he hears you sniffle, and he genuinely wishes he could just take you back in his arms and make you forget that he hurt you. But he doesn’t deserve that, does he? 
Instead, he chooses to repeat his question as he gets off the bed and walks over to you. “Why do you sound like you’re saying goodbye?” He asks once more, dejection and defeat clouding his senses. His hands move to wrap around your waist, pulling you close to him in a tight hug, not wanting to let you go. He knows he doesn’t deserve you, but at the same time, he still doesn’t want to lose you.
You hadn’t made him choose between you and Layla because you made that choice for him, and you were letting him go. But he didn’t want that. He didn’t want to lose you, and at the same time, he didn’t want to lose Layla.
Your arms wrapped around him, holding him like a lifeline-your lifeline. A slow nod from you caused his grip on your figure to tighten as he felt your movement, a new wave of tears accompanying the gesture. “Could you do something for me, Steven?”
There were so many questions taking over your thoughts at the moment: 
Why couldn’t you be good enough? How were you going to move on? Why were you stupid enough to think that this would last forever? When did he fall out of love with you?
Instead, you chose something else. A question that hurt him more than it hurt you. “Tell me more about her. Just so I know that I’m leaving you with someone who could love you as much as I could.” 
His grip tightened even more at your request. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t bring himself to tell you more about her, even if he had talked about her too many times in the past couple of days. He couldn’t do it because he knew that this was your way of seeing how you could have been better for him, where you lacked in your relationship. But the thing is, you never lacked in any aspect–you were perfect, and he doesn’t deserve you. 
A shake of his head was the only response he could give you, causing you to sigh as you gently pulled away from his grasp. It didn’t work though, since his arms were still firmly planted around your waist, but you were pulled apart enough for you to see his face. 
Cupping his cheek once more, you leaned your forehead against his. “Kiss me? Just… Just one last time, Steven. Please.” 
And he did. He pressed his lips against yours in a kiss that would be engraved in your memory forever. A kiss that captured feelings of love, regret, selfishness, and sorrow. A kiss that would be the last of the memories you would share with him in thirteen months you had known each other. A kiss that would ultimately be your last with the man you have grown to love despite the hardships and heartbreak that came with being with him. You never would’ve thought that you and Steven would have your last kiss like this.
“How lucky am I to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard?” You forced out a laugh, tears streaming down your cheeks as you rested your forehead against his once more. A sad smile graced your lips as your thumb gently wipes away the tears that have made it down his own cheeks. “I love you, and I'm just really grateful that I had you. Even if just for that couple of months that I did.” 
Steven’s eyes drank you up the same way you had earlier, memorizing your features and everything about you. He just hates how the last memory he would have of you would be like this–with your heart broken because of him. 
“Is it selfish if I ask you to stay?” He asked, his voice softer than it usually was when he was with you. And for fucks sake, you almost do, but you can’t. 
“Oh, God, I wish I could.” 
The line jogs his memory, causing his eyes to clench shut. His tears were freely streaming down his face at this point, and he knew he looked like a mess, but he didn’t care. 
“You were good to me, Steven Grant. Thank you.” You couldn’t find the words to say as you pressed your lips against his nose once more. “Thank you, lovie. For letting me love you the way I did.” 
“Please don’t say goodbye.” A broken sob wrecks his lips as tries to convince you to stay, but he knew there was nothing he could do to make that happen. “I-I can’t lose you. Please. You promised.” It was selfish for him to pull this card on you, but believe it or not, he does love you. “You promised…”
Nonetheless, you nod slowly. If he doesn’t want to hear the goodbye, he doesn’t have to. But it doesn’t mean that this wasn’t the last time you would see him. He knows this. 
“I’ll see you later then, yeah? When we meet again?” 
He was shaking uncontrollably now, but he had to let you go the same way you were letting him go. Had roles been reversed, he would’ve done the same for you. 
All he could muster was a nod as he forced himself to release you from his hold. He honestly hated how things went south so quickly, but he was to blame for that, wasn’t he? 
He has to let you go. 
“Laters, gators.”
A gentle kiss on the back of his hand, and a squeeze of reassurance were the last things he remembered before the door of his apartment shut behind you. 
Steven was left in the same way you were when he had disappeared that night. 
In silence. 
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lovecanyon · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
dad!harry x reader
"So you had another child with Y/N your girlfriend—"
"Fiancé." Harry cuts off Howard, correcting him. "I proposed to her about five months ago."
"You proposed to her? Are you serious?" Howard questions Harry, not believing the words that came out of his mouth. Sarah could sense Harry was growing irritated so she speaks up.
"I planned their proposal actually! With the help of Mitch." Sarah softly says making Harry turn his head and give her a warm smile.
Howard widens his eyes as he shakes his head disapprovingly. In his mind he thought Harry should have never had kids or even proposed to Y/N but instead lived the rockstar life, like he did.
"Harry Styles married? I don’t believe that’s going to happen one bit." Howard laughs making Harry tense up again. His worlds made Mitch roll his eyes and Sarah scrunch up her face.
"Well, it is." Harry sharply responds annoyed. "She’s the mother to my children, so of course I’m going to marry her."
The next question made Harry and the band be at a loss for words.
"But for example your parents had you and your sister, then got divorced. What if that happens to you and Y/N?"
"Y/N and I communicate a lot, we talk to each other about how we are feeling on a day to day basis. So I reassure you nothing like that will happen to us." Harry shakes his head, seemingly growing annoyed by the minute.
"I’m guessing your fans didn’t take the proposal well?" The other interviewer speaks up, changing the subject.
"Yeah Harry tell us how your fans reacted to one of the most beloved men in the world propose to his lover." Howard adds onto his work partners words.
"My real fans would be happy for me. Other than that I couldn’t care less." Harry says shrugging his shoulders.
"I just want to ask you something Harry."
"And what is that?" Harry furrows his brows, smiling softly.
"Are these lyrics about Y/N?" Howard asks making a clip of one of his songs play which makes Harry’s cheeks immediately turn red.
Cocaine, side boob, choke her with a sea view
The band begins to laugh at Harry’s blushing face. Every single one of them knew he had so much love for Y/N and even if you weren’t friends with the singer, you would still see him fawn over Y/N.
"I mean come on. Every summer you and Y/N are photographed in Italy being very handsy with each other." Howard laughs.
"Well…you could say the lyrics are about Y/N." Harry says, trying to fight a smile but of course he let’s out a grin because he’s talking about his fiancé.
"Lyrics? More like the whole album is about her." Mitch mutters making Howard laugh harder and Harry’s cheeks turn even more red. Sarah shakes her head with a smile looking over to Harry.
"Jesus Harry you’re really in love with this girl." Howard says in disbelief.
"I really am in love with her." Harry grins nodding his head.
"You like having children then?"
"I very much like having children, yes." The singer lets out a small smile. He had dreamed of having kids ever since he was a teenager and finally that came true when he met Y/N.
"Why? Aren’t children annoying?" Howard questions Harry.
"Mine aren’t." Harry shrugs his shoulders making both the interviewers laugh. Truly Harry loved his kids. He knew some people didn’t wanna be parents but he really did. Being a parent was one of his favorite things ever.
"So are you planning to have more children with Y/N? I would assume after you proposed to her."
"Yes we plan on having more kids in the future. It’s very exciting to think about." Harry smiles thinking of extending his family.
"Y/N has you wrapped around her little finger Harry." Howard tells the singer which he nods to.
"I know and I enjoy it." Harry grins.
"How did Y/N react to you doing sex scenes in your movies. I imagine she felt uncomfortable."
"Well I did take her feelings into consideration. She’s my fiancé and I did ask her first if I should do the movies because they have such intimate scenes." Harry responds already knowing where Howard was going with this.
"So she was the one that told you to take the movies then?" Howard questions the musician who nods.
"Yes, she encouraged me to take the roles." Harry agrees nodding his head once more.
"Y/N I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable—"
"Harry it’s fine. I don’t know why your stressing out over this. I’m okay with it." Y/N laughs hoisting Inez onto her chest.
"Are you sure darling? I will call the director and tell him—"
"H, if you don’t take the movies because of me I will be mad at you." She tells Harry making him plop down on the bed beside her.
"If I take them, can you come with me on set? I will feel way more comfortable if you did." Harry says leaning his head on her shoulder.
"Yes baby I will." Y/N smiles kissing Harry’s head which makes him grin.
"Do you think Y/N is going to be jealous when both of the movies come out?" The other interviewer speaks up.
The question makes Harry want to roll his eyes. But of course he holds back and continues to answer.
"No. She will not." Harry responds with the same annoyed tone he’s had for the whole interview. Swiftly he turns his head and gives Mitch a knowing look.
"How do you know that for sure?" Howard questions Harry.
"We talked about everything before. I read my scripts with her." Harry quickly shuts down any rumors of Y/N being jealous.
"So you’re really in love with her then. She’s the girl you’re going to spend the rest of your life with?"
"Yes, she’s the person I plan on spending the rest of my life with." Harry nods smiling making the band let out a few awes and coos. "Now let’s talk about Mitch and Sarah getting married."
tag list : @harrysmatcha @harryspinkpillow @helen-with-an-a @florencepughily @peterparkerbae @toji-dabi-wife @fallonx @cherriesrae @alienorknight @valluvsu @drphilssoulmate @ivegotparticulartaste @ayeshathestyles @hazgoldenstyles @eiffelmezarry @tsukishimawhore @renatavieira @michellekstyles @eleanordaisy @shawnsblue @academiaghosts @japanchrry @agustdpeach @hannahnikohl @hrryscherrys @whoscamila @ch3rryrry @msolbesg @newyorker14 @futuristicpalacegardenpsychic @youusunshineyoutemptress @eunoiamaa @kaitieskidmore1 @gublerscherry @cherryfragrancx @ssuziess @milkiane @teenidlemuse @golden-hoax @helen-with-an-a @imthegoofyvillain @flwrmuse @leah2002 @sunshinemendes8 @your--sweetest--downfall @melllinaa @riverjane-d @iluvjj @bisouma @tenaciousperfectionunknown @vodka-is-gay-and-so-am-i @daydreaminrry @cashtons-wife
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heli0s-writes · 2 months ago
see you in the darkest visions*
summary: It’s stupid how forbidden names can be. He’s given you his secrets—his bedroom, his body, his trust, yet the final arbitrary threshold is just a few letters. Precisely five.
a/n: 2.2k words of porn with (squints) feelings & angst for my favorite emo boy. no movie spoilers. please stop reading if you are not 18+
Tumblr media
He slips into the bedroom sometime between four and four thirty, moving awkwardly like he’s either hurt or he doesn’t know how to work around the space you occupy in his bed. He can’t tell the difference anymore, not like he used to.
Before- before all this- when he was still a reclusive millionaire with vengeance burning on his tongue, pain was a singular, sharp wound. He’d twist the knife in like clockwork each time it dulled to keep himself vigilant, to remind himself there is no acclimation to this, no forgetting either the pain or the necessity of Batman.
Now, it’s the second night of crawling home to someone other than Alfred alive in the manor. And you are so, so vividly alive like some kind of infinite hearth. Warm and sleep-sweet, rustling groggily with your eyes still shut and patting around for his hand.
“B,” you murmur, raspy, “Mmm, come to bed, so late.”
His mind moves a couple thousand miles a minute. His knack for logic and contemplation has given him purpose and identity and all the necessary tools, but tonight only seems to be giving him trouble.
The blanket falls—cascades, slow motion just to tease him, he swears— off. In his bed, loose-limbed and hair mussed with playful shadows over the soft contours of your face, your breasts, the curve of your waist and tops of your thighs and god, he wants his hands on you yesterday.
He makes a low sound in his throat between a cat’s purr and a predator’s growl because someone plucked you right out of a Renaissance painting and dropped you in the deadly landscape of Gotham at his feet.
Part of him knows how the rest will go. It’s been the pattern from each reunion that sex is an inevitable act and no matter how he tries to reason or confront the trouble of entanglement and mistaken feelings and future grief—he’s not that strong yet.
He can’t think about that presently. No more hemorrhaging discourse on what are you doing, why did you stay, how can you let this continue. Only the ceaseless impulse of give me more, give me all of you, give me everything.
You nuzzle into his chest, lips lazy and happy. “There you are.”
You smell like his sheets; his sheets smell like you. The entire enormous bed, enormous bedroom, enormous manor, the whole goddamn haunted 150-acre property overlooking the hill reduces to nothing more than where you sit, the power you have over him by being exactly the shape you’re in, waiting for him to cast off the shadow of death at his back.
“Take one night off,” you suggest when he ghosts his lips down one side of your neck, “I can fill in for you.”
“No, you shouldn’t be in town at all,” and the unsaid weight of that statement hovers overhead because vigilantes sleeping with each other isn’t just asking for trouble, it’s creating a chemical cocktail of trouble. And vigilantes sleeping with each other and possibly confusing a few feelings in the process is drinking the cocktail straight from the flask.
But then you catch his mouth with yours, card your fingers through his hair, and he loses the distinction between right and wrong, should and shouldn’t.
There’s only you—again, always—arching into his chest, crawling into his lap, draping your arms and legs around him. Only you, asking for his tongue, nipping at him, shuddering when he licks his way into your mouth, down your collar, painting a circle around one nipple and brushing his thumb over the other before deciding that he wants to kiss you some more. Take it unhurried and agonizing because last night was all teeth and wordless animal desire.
He travels between your thighs—wet, touched yourself in his bed before falling asleep—and it forces a pleased moan out of him, makes his cock ache for contact.
“You were taking so long.”
“My apologies.” He drags one finger through your mess and groans again at the slick, soft feel, and the way you jerk when he slides over your clit. He hardly says it, just sort of feels it in his bones, “I want to see.”
He lays you out atop the silk sheets like a tapestry as moonbeams cut through, making you blue and beautiful. Inside the penumbra, where the light doesn’t reach, he noses the junction of your thigh and groin, pressing kisses from side to side while his hands spread your legs, thumb still stroking in slow contours.
Your body is highly responsive, legs trembling and hands curling at the sheets and the back of his hair. He likes it, no surprise there, when you yank, bucking up into his mouth. He places his palms at your hips, places gentle pressure on them until you relax and go boneless. His tongue continues laving, pressed flat as it can, up and down in long, sloppy strokes. He tugs down his boxers, feels his cock spring up into his palm, the head of it already leaking a heavy bead of precum.
Usually, you’d scramble to take him into your throat, licking and slurping until his toes curled and beyond. A quid-pro-quo via oral fixation he thoroughly appreciates, but he’d come back much later than expected and although you taste delicious all eager and pleased like this, you’re both out of patience.
“Get inside of me, B.” You wiggle, dodging his kisses to urge him up, reaching into the bedside drawer for a condom. He wipes his lips with the back of his hand and then catches the back of your knees, folds you into a vulnerable design of suspended limbs and exposed sex.  
You like it this way: him taking what he wants. Something unspoken here too, about power and how order keeps him upright, keeps him in forward motion. The few times he feels like he’s not perpetually wrong-footed and miscast in the body of a lonely orphan is when he’s fighting or fucking. Those times, he has purpose, a series of cyclical motions to follow through on, a clear objective he can accomplish. Order, power.
The condom gets fumbled by his thumbs before rolling down, snapping on and stretching too tightly over his cock, and then the length of his shaft is rubbing against your slit—slippery, noisy, hot. Each time he glides further inside of you, you clench your jaw, holding back from simply slamming yourself up because you think he wouldn’t like it.
He’s not sure he wouldn’t. But this is not the established order of his bedroom routine.
You kiss his fingers, holding his forearm in devotion as you caress each nail, each knuckle, words pressed up into skin. A simple, “I missed you,” and each hovering sentiment of should or shouldn’t rains down like daggers.
He flinches at the kick of affection in his chest, moving to rest your ankles on his shoulders— yes, even the hurt one because well, he’s him, isn’t he? Always finding some way to be punished in the face of tenderness.
“You’re spoiled,” he looks away. “It’s only been 9 hours.”
“I meant,” He knows what you meant. Before this week, it’d been 70-odd days since you were last in Gotham— he’s been counting them. “Well, maybe I am spoiled.” You arch, moving your foot from the bruise, angling yourself so that his cockhead is starting to edge in and he has to close his eyes to stay grounded. “But you’re the one spoiling me.”
He tugs the tops of your thighs until you’re flush, eyes magnificent and enamored by the line of his erection twitching between your bodies. “Come on, B, spoil me some more.”
He obliges, lifts on his knees for the right direction, watching your blissed face as he sinks in, cataloguing every tiny dance of your features: Lips pursing, tongue tip peeking out to taste where his spit lingers, the small, mischievous smile, the breaking sweat collecting between your breasts, the quiver in your belly.
You throw your head back, mouth open in a silent gasp, both of you skirting reality.
He concentrates on the sensation of you clenched and perfect around him because every night feels like it could be the last one for months, maybe a year, and this is how he communicates sentiments like don’t leave, don’t leave me, don’t leave me this time.
But he knows it’s futile. Some things haven’t yet been worked out no matter how much he tries to work them. Like the way crime persists despite the cape and cowl. Like the way some parts of him will always be dark. The way leaving is as natural as sleep, or death, and he’s been left before, and he’ll survive it again.
You gaze absently at the high ceiling, traveling to each tall pillar of his outrageous bedposts, registering nothing but darkness and swelling stars. A disciple making ecstatic pilgrimage, letting yourself be dragged along by his will.
He leans forward, drives your knees up to your shoulders, and listens to the way you whine.
“Focus,” he says as you squeeze your eyes shut, “I’m not done with you yet.” He scrapes his teeth along your jaw, drinks the sweat from your scorched skin, and picks up speed.
When you choke out his name it nearly rips him out of his body, a jolt of lightning down his spine and the back of his skull. Just barely-there raspy-hoarse “Bruce,” like nothing. Like an exhale. An afterthought.
But you’ve never—and he’s never—
“Oh,” you cover your face with your hands, “I didn’t mean— can we forget I did that? Shit, B, I’m sorry.”
It’s stupid how forbidden names can be. He’s given you his secrets—his bedroom, his body, his trust, yet the final arbitrary threshold is just a few letters. Precisely five. An identifying marker he’s never allowed anyone else who knows him as Batman to voice aloud. Never allowed Bruce to be conjured because Bruce is a boy. Bruce is a boy in an alleyway littered with garbage and his mother’s scattered pearls. Bruce is a flickering candle one splash of gasoline away from immolating.
But Batman—Batman—is the perpetual night itself. The wound and the darkness consuming the boy and the city—the anger, hate, the irreversible trauma of Gotham’s disease. Batman is the mirror, the answer, the affliction and the afflicted.
How long have you noticed him? Cowering there, behind the Bat, with his tear-stained shirt and gritted teeth and his father’s watch in his fist? How long have you kneeled before the boy, looked into his wretched face, and asked him to show you where it hurt?
How long has it been that you’ve come to him each time you’ve touched down in Gotham? Spread yourself open and given him everything he’s ever wanted to take.
How long have you wanted to call him by name?
Finally- finally- the shock ebbs away, leaving trails of raw welts and open gashes and it’s Bruce this time as he whispers, “It’s okay,” and kisses your stiff hands still clutching your eyes. He kisses around the lines, kisses at your nose as it’s revealed, your lips, kissing around the long vowel of his name, the sizzling consonant still between your teeth.
You’ve unearthed it, carved it from marble, set it free, and he’s floating and weightless and something natural, like air or light.
“Bruce,” you attempt with his blessing, touching your nose to his. A fluttery few more kicks in his chest he can’t quell and a shy lick to his reddened lips and then he nods, feeling warmth spread up his neck and cheeks. You smile, touching his flushed face, his damp hair. “Oh, there you are.”
He shudders outward from his soul— all the tension and hurt and endless midnight years. He leans into your quiet affection, your sweet labors, your patience like a service.
“Yes.” He moves inside of you, aching to be taken in entirely, to be handled with care. You cup his face in your hands, wiping away the blackened residue caught in his lashes, breathless in awe and pleasure all at once.
When you come, you’re looking at him with stars in your eyes, as if taking the entire galaxy into your body—as if he’s all the light in the universe. You’re calling, “Bruce,” over and over again like a prayer.
It had been one long, dark night after another, the dawn never breaking for him, but here, now, in his bed like a crypt suddenly bursting with life and love, there’s a lifetime’s worth of sunrise on your beautiful face. And when you come again, sucking on his fingers and knuckles, sucking the very breath from his mouth, the light burns like holy fire, washes him clean.
Devotion, suddenly, feels less like falling to your knees at the fractured altar of his small church and more like seizing immortality by the throat. Like holding a blade to a deity and proclaiming I am my own maker.
Like uncurling a young boy’s angry fist.
Bless the night. Bless the dark. You faithfully whittle away the edges of Batman. Bruce Wayne emerges like a long-lost god.
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onlyswan · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
summary: in which jungkook is a breath of fresh air and bam loves you.
> fluff / wc: 3.2k
> warnings: jungkook gets his knees scraped and bruised T_T
note: hello :] these are actual events from my dream two nights ago (for the most part) so here you go 😭 feedback is always appreciated ^_^
they used to constantly ask you this question in every class: what is your biggest dream or desire in life?
and you still recall many of the answers you’ve heard: to travel the world. to see the northern lights. to climb mount everest. to own a mansion. to build the biggest mall in the country. to build a big happy family. to become an engineer. to become famous. to meet [insert a role model slash life-long inspiration]. to make my family proud. to invent the most accessible flying car the human population has been expecting since the ‘90’s. to marry my soulmate. to discover new species of animals so my name could be in the educational books forever.
everybody in the room has been planning their future around their ultimate dreams. everybody in the room knows what they want and what they must do to achieve them. they are following a process. ticking off the boxes on their list. tracing the footsteps on the map they designed.
what is your biggest dream?
to breathe. it sounds tragically ridiculous to think about, much more to say out loud. why would you dream about something so . . . bare minimum? but swear to god, it’s the only thought that forms in your brain when the question is asked. to breathe.
your entire life, you’ve been holding your breath. the black smoke blowing on your face during the morning commute. at school where you’re surrounded by the most lively and lifeless people you’ve ever met. it’s draining and suffocating.
at work. your manager yelling right on your face. you hold your breath in and squeeze your eyes shut. the ride back home. the same black smoke. the fear and exhaustion radiating from the person next to you. a text from an unknown number reflected on their phone screen. pay your debts or i will expose you on social media and file a case.
they sniffle. and you hold in your breath. it’s none of your business. you shouldn’t care. you have your own problems to deal with. you hold in your breath to numb it all down.
“my sweet baby, you work so hard.” jungkook says to you lovingly, tightly embracing you close to his body. he gently rocks you back and forth, soothing the wooziness clouding your head.
with your face nuzzling against his chest, you breathe him in. the fresh smell of laundry. light and floral. it reminds you of youth. ah, and the natural scent of jungkook. milk. honey. faint tangerine from his afternoon snack. your home.
your paradise is jungkook’s embrace. in your head, there are no walls boxing you in. in your head, there is only a field of flowers that has no end in sight. the grass tickles you as the wind softly sweeps over the earth. as if it blows for the sole purpose of caressing your cheeks because the sensation lingers. but you want more. and so you let it carry you off the ground and you walk on the air, skipping through transparent stepping stones.
his lips ghost over your forehead, uttering the words you never thought you needed to hear. “do you want to get away for a little while? with me?”
you pop one eye open, and then the other. bam makes an entrance to the living room, holding a toy between his teeth. being tall enough to do so, he drops the blue dumbbell rubber toy (jungkook obviously chose the design, thought it’d be funny. became bam’s favorite overtime) on your lap. you blink at him, and he blinks back, smiling at you with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.
you look up at your boyfriend with sparkling, pleading eyes.
“and bam? please?”
and that’s how you ended up here, five days later. laying on the couch watching sugar rush on netflix. it’s currently 3pm and you finished your first meal of the day not even an hour ago. which is understandable, given that you fell asleep at five in the morning. just like yesterday. and the day before that. you’ve established a new routine since you arrived in the rest house with jungkook and bam three days ago.
wait, house? more like mansion. with a swimming pool. and a basketball slash volleyball court. oh, and how can you forget the gym a few feet away from the kitchen when your boyfriend has been spending a lot of his time in there?
when jungkook said i know a place, you imagined a small cabin. or a resort by the beach. not a beautiful mansion in the middle of nowhere.
not that you’re complaining, though. you’ve been having the time of your life doing absolutely nothing productive.
it was only yesterday afternoon when . . .
jungkook gasped as soon as he entered the house.
“i thought you passed out!”
you turned to your side. with hooded eyes, you looked at him standing infront the glass doors. “i love it here. the floor feels so comfortable.” a sigh of pure delight escaped you. the first one in months. “it’s cold. and clean. and cold.”
his eyes darted to the air conditioner directly blowing on the spot of the floor you’re currently laying on. he approached you with a brief shake of his head, chuckling lightheartedly. “baby, come here. get up. you’ll get sick.”
“that’s just a myth- noooo-” you whined when your body got lifted off the floor, engulfed by the body warmth of your boyfriend who immediately picked you up instead of persuading you further.
“there’s a perfectly comfortable living room, baby. you can lay here, too.” he carefully laid you down the couch, your head perfectly placed over the soft square pillow. your hair formed a halo over your head, and the sight made his heart swell in his chest. he bent down to pull you in for a sweet kiss.
“i was perfectly happy being a starfish instead of a couch potato, you know?” you muttered against his lips.
he bumped his nose against yours with a smile playing on his lips. “how about being a starfish in the pool instead of the floor?”
you pushed his chest lightly with a scoff. “you know i can’t swim.”
“love, it’s only five feet deep.” he laughed, already picking you up to carry you in his arms again.
you grunted, evidently displeased. you were actually getting comfortable on the expensive couch. “are you really just going to keep carrying me to wherever you want to go?”
“ey, come on. bam is waiting for us outside.” upon the mention of his name, you tried to look for him through the big windows as jungkook walked. your eyes caught him laying by the big umbrella beside the pool.
and that’s where bam is again today. except instead of laying down, he’s zooming around the pool and the front yard chasing your boyfriend who made it his daily mission to burn calories while making his beloved dog happy at the same time.
you love playing with bam, too. you’re the lazy parent, though. you sit on the grass and throw a toy as far away as you can, and you wait for him to give it back to you. you make him guess which hand is hiding his special little treat, the left or the right one. on the days when you have more time to spare, you play hide and seek. uh yes, you’re the one hiding.
to be fair, you still exert some energy. as a matter of fact, you also find tug-of-war pretty fun. however, as he’s growing older, you’re scared that you won’t be able to stand a chance against him anymore.
you take a glance at jungkook and bam through the windows every now and then, especially when you hear laughter or barking. you start wondering if this is what peace truly means. usually, when something good happens, you get so overwhelmed with emotions. your heart aches and doubles, triples in weight until you feel it in your stomach. you confuse happiness and sadness, until it strings along guilt because for the love of god, why can’t you just take the fucking win?
but today, your heart feels light as a feather, your body light as air. this is exactly what you needed - to disconnect from reality. to spend special time with your favorite person. and favorite dog. to hear the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves. to inhale fresh oxygen from the trees instead of black smoke from vehicles. to feel that you belong someplace in nature’s design.
but most importantly, to clear your head from the anxieties brought about being a member of the society. at this moment, the only floating thought in your brain is: how the fuck did they do that? referring to the fashion-inspired cakes made by the contestants in the baking show called sugar rush. the first cake shown is a detailed couture dress with intricate beading and carved patterns. on the other side of the kitchen is a gown with beautiful floral designs and bright pastel colors for the marbling of the fondant.
look, you were getting bored of crime documentaries yesterday. you clicked on sugar rush for shit and giggles because of the stark contrast of brutal murder cases with colorful desserts. but you’ve become far too fascinated with the art and science of baking to not finish all four seasons, including the separate christmas edition one.
“LOOOOVE!” jungkook’s whiny voice echoes through the house as soon as he arrives in the living room, bam following him idly with his tail wagging.
“whaaat?” you mimic his tone, eyes still focused on the television.
adamant on getting your attention, he rolls up his pajamas up to his thighs to block your vision with his knees. “i tripped by the pool. i’m bruised and bleeding.” his lips form a pout even while talking, eyebrows furrowed due to annoyance. hurting himself wasn’t exactly in the agenda today.
you immediately sit up on the couch and pause the show, and he waddles closer so you can inspect his injuries. his right knee is bleeding, and a big bruise is forming just a few inches below it. you’d say his left knee is fine, except it looks like the bruise will be worse than the one on the right.
given that your boyfriend is a dancer, seeing his knees with bruises isn’t new. but these bruises didn’t exactly come from dancing, did they?
“baby, wash it with mild soap under running water first while i get the first aid kit.” you tap his hip affectionately, urging him to hurry to avoid infection. his doe eyes watches every movement of your lips before he nods his head obediently.
he leaves for the bathroom while you head to your shared bedroom. bam becomes torn about who to tag along with, but eventually, he catches up to you.
he purposely brushes his fur against your legs to ask for attention. “hi, bamie. did you have fun today?” you scratch his head while your other hand is busy rummaging through your duffel bag.
he leans into your touch, moving closer to rest his cheek on your thigh. “did you get scared when daddy tripped? it must’ve scared you.”
he tilts his head, as if he’s trying his best to understand your words so he can formulate a response. “the both of you, i don’t think you understand your strength. you still lay on our lap like when you were a little baby but you’re almost as tall as me now. ah, and if i try to carry you, i’ll break my spine. i miss carrying you.”
he licks your thigh happily, his own little way of showing affection. for some reason, he really enjoys it when you talk to him.
“thank fuck.” you mutter under your breath when you finally fish out the first aid kit from the depths of your bag.
you continue talking as you and bam walk back to the living room. “and your dad . . . he got scared of himself yesterday when he jumped so hard on the trampoline he almost got thrown out. hah, i know you saw that too.”
you cover your mouth with your hand to stifle your laughter when he barks as a reply. bam is always on your side.
however, your laughter transitions into a betrayed gasp. “how can you watch my show without me?!”
“oops.” jungkook smiles playfully, comfortably laying on the space you previously occupied. and watching the show you were previously watching.
when did it move on to episode 8 if you weren’t even done with episode 7 yet?
“move.” you mumble, lightly bumping your knees against his calves. he folds his legs to allow you some room to sit, then he extends them again over your lap.
“blaque and patty’s dress cake won in the last ep.” he puts you up to speed as compensation. “the first round just started. they need to make coffee flavored cupcakes. i think.”
you hoist his knees closer to your face. “coffee? i don’t really like that flavor.”
upon seeing what you are meant to tend to, you swiftly grab a gauze pad from the small box. with a sigh, you press it firmly on his right knee in an effort to stop the bleeding. “baby, you really scraped it. it won’t stop bleeding.”
he winces, sucking air in between teeth. “fuck, it stings. i haven’t scraped myself in years.”
you frown, not used to seeing him like this. the mere sight of him experiencing minor inconveniences affects you as well most of the time, which is funny because you know every human experiences them. ah, you know it all too well. but it simply feels unjust when it comes to your lover.
you lean down to lightly kiss jungkook on top of the fresh bruises forming on his skin. “i love you. just watch the show.”
your affectionate gesture tug at his heartstrings. if this was an anime, he would have pink fluttering hearts for irises.
he reaches out to tuck the hair covering your face behind your ear. “i love you. i promise i’ll be more careful tomorrow so you won’t have to clean more wounds.”
you roll your eyes, setting aside the used gauze pad on the table. of course he’s still going to run around for the rest of the week. you silently pray that he forgets about the volleyball game you promised him yesterday.
bam perks up from his spot on the floor when he senses your movement, and he jumps on opportunity (literally) to squeeze himself on the couch. he ends up resting his head on jungkook’s calves as he attentively watches you use a second gauze pad to stop the bleeding.
“atleast only play on the grass so it’s a soft landing.”
your advice makes him laugh out loud. “okay. only on the grass from now on. i’ll be good.”
minutes later, your boyfriend has already invested himself in the silly little baking show you discovered yesterday. he’s most probably making mental notes as he watches the professional bakers work in the kitchen. he does search for recipes in the internet when he cooks, but he mostly just wings the measurements and experiments with adding more spices or ingredients.
“ah, measurements are really important in baking. so many things can go wrong if you don’t follow them.” he says his thoughts out loud, mouth slightly agape in realization.
“i learned that yesterday too.” you giggle. you remove the gauze pad to check if his knee is still bleeding, and you sigh in relief when you see that it has finally stopped.
you and bam make eye contact as you take out the antibiotic ointment from the box. you give him a half smile, and he wags his tail enthusiastically in response.
you carefully spread the ointment on jungkook’s wounded knee using two fingers, briefly looking at his face incase you’re hurting him.
yeah, no. his mind has flown very far away from his hurt knees. he’s far too mesmerized by the magic of the cake land right now.
there’s that spaced out look on his face again. so adorable that you feel so endeared and you want to pinch his cheeks. look, you know he’s almost six feet and super strong. but he has the perfect combination of sharp and soft facial features that just throws you off. there’s his defined jawline contrasted by the supple skin of his rosy cheeks; his perfect eyebrows contrasted by his sparkling bambi eyes. he is so pretty and flawless in your point of view. so much so, there are days you think he can never do anything wrong and then there’s also the days you find him intimidating.
on this day, however, as you tape a gauze pad over his scraped knee, there is only the devotion you have for no other soul in the world but his.
“all done. i’ll just change the gauze again later before we sleep.”
he observes the neatly done treatment of his wound, tilting his head. “hmm, thanks, baby.” he hums appreciatively. “it feels a lot better now.”
“be more careful next time, okay?” you glare at his black slides on the floor. “and stop running wearing those!”
“okay, okay. i promise. when did i ever not listen to you?” he grins, very much used to your ardent scolding. he sits up to gently pull your face close, planting a wet kiss on your lips.
his grin remains when he breaks away, his eyes falling to bam who is quietly giving the both of you a tranquil gaze.
“bam, good boy.” jungkook strokes the dog’s head tenderly, which makes his eyes close in satisfaction.
“you know, bam looks at you as if you hung the moon and the stars in the sky. he loves you.”
bam has occupied a special place in your heart since day one, and you can’t imagine a home without him in it anymore. god, you never knew how much you needed to hear those words until today. you feel the warmth of joy spread to your lips and even to your fingertips.
the next words to escape from jungkook’s lips come to steal the breath from your lungs.
“let’s get married someday.”
he looks down and plays with your fingers, pulling himself together after blurting out the thought that’s been spiraling in his head for months.
“me, and you, and bam. we’re a family now, right?” he gains the courage to meet your eyes, a hopeful look painted on his face.
you nod your head in agreement, swallowing thickly to prevent yourself from bursting into ugly tears.
your voice comes out soft and quiet. “yes, we are. so let’s get married someday.”
he bites his lower lip to contain his happy smile, spitting out another idea he’s been dying to ask you. “so do you think it’s a good idea to add a cat to the family?”
you both look at the big dog comfortably curled up against the corner of the couch, fast asleep after spending most of the day outdoors. “bam is nice, but i also think he is capable of either accidentally laying on the cat or purposely pushing it off the couch.”
his smile drops, replaced by a big pout. “so is that a no?”
you look at him blankly. “yeah, no.”
“huh? yes or no?”
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tenijku · a month ago
↳ getou, nanami, gojo, toji
synopsis: where they like to kiss you
Tumblr media
on your lips
both of suguru’s large hands hold your head in place as he kisses you. he kisses you desperately, longingly, and you get drunk off the taste of him.
“gonna be late for work, suguru,” you rasp out in between kisses, and he shakes his head and connects your lips once again. his tongue flits out to lick into your mouth, and your head spins.
he only stops to pull you back into bed, closer to him. “don’t care,” he breathes out, and it almost sounds like a moan, "don’t wanna stop kissing you.”
and, well, you can’t really argue with that. you’re weak to suguru, would do anything he asked of you. he’s frowning, just barely, and his hair is messy, and his eyes are sleepy, and you’re in love with him.
this time, it's you who leans forward to kiss him, sighing into his mouth as one of his hands moves upwards to bury itself into your hair while the other moves downwards to wrap around your waist.
his kisses now are slow—intimate—like he’s trying to memorize the way your mouth feels on his, and you decide that today might be the perfect day to call out of work.
on your temple
“i’m in the kitchen, ken!” you shout from over your shoulder upon hearing the front door of your apartment close. it’s well past 7:00 now, two hours after your boyfriend was supposed to get off work.
he trudges into the kitchen a minute after your call, coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. he buries his face into the crook of your neck and grumbles incoherently.
“work was that bad, huh?” you ask, and then tut at the grumble of confirmation. kento’s been coming home later and later recently, something neither of you have been happy about. you’re not a fan of the exhausted look he wears day in and day out, and he’s not a fan of missing precious time with you.
“well, lucky for you, dinner will be ready in five minutes. i made your favorite.”
at that, kento lifts his head and peeks at the food frying in the pan. he tightens his embrace and turns to place a kiss to your temple before dropping his head back down into your neck. he grumbles again, still incoherent, but you know him well enough to know what he’s saying.
“i love you too, kento.”
all over your face
satoru’s kisses are incessant, never-ending. he presses his lips to your forehead, to your left cheek, to your right, to your eyelids, and—right when you think he’s going to stop—his lips press against your chin.
“what’re you doing, satoru?” you ask, even though you already know the answer. 
a kiss to your cupid’s bow. another to the tip of your nose. “just making sure i don’t miss a spot.”
“is that so?” you smile as his lips press between your eyebrows. you can feel him smile right back at you.
it’s been a habit of his since you first started dating. your boyfriend refuses to start the day before making sure every inch of your face has been loved on. he calls it the pinnacle of romance, and you call him a loser.
“can’t let even an inch of my pretty baby feel unloved, can i?” the level of seriousness in his tone makes you giggle, and he makes quick work of kissing the corners of your mouth where your lips quirk up.
this habit of his is cute, he’s cute, and you really wouldn’t want it any other way. “alright, well, just make sure to get to my lips sometime soon.”
another kiss to your forehead, and then he grins. “deal.”
between your thighs
“i think i might be broke,” toji sighs, closing his eyes and focusing on the feeling of your fingers softly scratching at his hair as he lays with his head resting between your thighs.
you look down at him from over the top of your phone momentarily before returning your focus to the screen. “in other news, water is wet.”
at that, toji turns to bite the skin of your thigh, huffing out a laugh as you yelp and yank at his hair. at the sound of his laugh, you scowl and remove your hand from his hair to playfully smack at the front of his face.
he moves to bite at your fingers, and you quickly pull them back with an offended gasp, which drags an actual laugh out of him. 
“you’re a real class act, princess, you know that?” 
“of course i am,” you giggle, nudging at his side with your foot. “and you love me because of it.”
toji rolls his eyes and turns to press a kiss against the spot on your thigh that he had just bitten. he’s thankful for you, for the way you make him feel more normal about his dingy, little life. he kisses your thigh again and then once more for good measure. 
“yeah, i guess i do.”
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darling-i-read-it · 5 months ago
Moving In
Matt Murdock x fem!reader
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: codependency, Matt has what can be described as a panic attack because he thinks the reader is hurt,
Author’s Note: matt <3 matthew <3 daredevil <3 the devil of hells kitchen <3 avocado at law <3
Summary: Matt asks you to move in with him because he thinks he needs to be near you at all times otherwise you die.
Genre: fluff
I don’t own these characters. They belong to author/director/creator
(not my gif) (this gif sends me EVERY TIME)
Tumblr media
Matt knew better than this. He knew better than to love someone. He had told himself that having friends and lovers was wrong. He had very fleeting gentle things with some women but in all, he should not get his emotions involved. Be charming, touch, then go. That was it.
He couldn’t bring himself to get rid of Foggy or Karen solely because they just refused to leave. Foggy would probably be with him till the end of the time. Karen couldn’t leave the craziness alone.
He couldn’t get rid of you because he just could not bring himself to let you go. He was strong but not that strong. Not strong enough to hear your voice one last time. He prepared himself of course, in case he went out one night and didn’t come back. But then it would be you losing him, not him losing you.
He knew better than having your arm under his hand, holding you close to him. He liked to think that as long as you were touching, he could protect you. Your breathing was even but you weren’t asleep. You were tracing things into his bare chest, writing a large elaborate double d to emulate his suit.
“I should have had you design it,” he said, facing the ceiling. You laughed and it shook him as well as you.
“It would have been awful. All one shade of bright red, they would have seen you from a mile away.”
“You wouldn’t let me go out like that,” he said.
“You’re right.” You lifted your head. “I would have added a scarf. In case you got cold.” Laughter bubbled up into his chest. He rolled onto his side. You put your hand on his leg, covered by the bed comforter. It was Wednesday, he had to go to work. It was far too early for you to be awake and yet here you were, happy, smiling.
“Foggy’s going to call in five minutes,” he said. “To make sure I got up.”
“What a wonderful friend. I would never do that.”
“Yes you would,” he argued. This was what love felt like. He had deeply appreciated people before. He probably loved Foggy as well. But this, this is what people got married over. This was honeymoon type love, the kind that old couples had in diners, the kind that people wrote songs about and described in movie monologues. He thought he had that with Elektra but he knew now, he had never had that love until you.
You brushed his hair back and kissed his forehead before standing up.
“I’m gonna go.”
“Are you sure I can’t employ you?” You giggled, shaking your head.
“You don’t pay enough for me to make my rent. Karen already told me, she gets muffins for pay sometimes.”
“They’re very good muffins.” He could hear you putting your clothes on. He slid out of bed so that he could find a suit to wear for the day. “You know, there is a place you could stay.”
“Yeah? Where’s that?”
“Can you do me a quick favor?”
“Yes sir.”
“There’s a stack of bills on my dresser. Check the address for me?” You walked to the dresser and picked it up.
“It’s your address.”
“Could be yours too.” Your heart beat went up, he could hear it, mostly because he was tunning into it. He couldn’t tell if it was from nerves or excitement which didn’t help him a whole lot in the worry department of his mind.
“You serious Matt?” “Yeah. I need someone to water the plants, if I die.” You jumped back on the bed and kissed him. You were on top of him, laughing, your lips on his. He couldn’t help but feel the happiness rising in his chest and coming out of his mouth in giggles. When was the last time he giggled? College? “Is that a yes?” he asked, your hands on his cheeks.
“It's a ‘I’m calling Foggy to help me with my boxes as I speak’!”
“Does this also mean you’ll work for me?”
“Ah ah ah, don’t try anything further, let me bask in this happiness. Then we can talk about making you my boss.” He smiled and rested his head on the pillow. His phone rang. You picked it up before him and answered it. “Foggy!” You clicked the speaker button and rested the phone on Matt’s chest, sitting beside him. Matt put his hand on your thigh.
“That makes sense. This makes sense. Karen wanna take a gander on why Matt is late?”
“Why even bother?” Karen asked, her voice muffled from them being in different rooms.
“I’m moving in with Matt,” you said into the phone. Foggy chuckled heartily.
“So he’s never gonna be on time again?”
“Would you like to help me with my boxes? Once I pack them that is.”
“I would love to but can you please let him come to work first.” You nodded, laughing.
“Thank you Fog. He’s getting dressed now I’ll walk him there myself.”
You were still smiling when you walked away from Nelson and Murdock. You had your arms wrapped around yourself, a hazy look in your eyes. You were just really grateful. Grateful for Matt, grateful for Foggy, grateful for life. It had been a really good morning. It may have been chilly and you may be a little bit frozen in the lips but it was okay.
You should probably start packing boxes now.
“Are you gonna have her read you the morning paper? Oh is she gonna make breakfast?” Foggy teased, as he had been the entire day.
“I think it would be cuter if he made it,” Karen said, packing up her bag. She was munching on a muffin.
They were both clearly very happy for Matt. They adored you. It was about time he had something steady in his life that he let stay. Matt adjusted his glasses, a thin smile on his face.
“Are you done?” Foggy pat his friends back.
“Nope.” The three of them walked out the front door. “I thought she was gonna come get you so you could pack boxes for the next five hours,” Foggy commented.
“She’s not here?” Matt asked. He listened intently for any sounds of you. He could probably recognize your breathing if he tried hard enough. But no, your voice wasn’t there, neither was your footsteps walking up to him.
“No,” Karen said. He recognized that voice. It was Karen's famous ‘something is wrong’ voice. He didn’t like that.
“Maybe she came to her senses and decided to ditch you,” Foggy said with hope in his voice. Matt shook his head.
“Are you sure she’s not here?” he asked, more of a statement than a question. There was a pause as their eyes pursued the crowd. With each passing second Matt got slightly more restless. That twitch in his mouth, the hand tightening around the folder of legal work he was holding.
“She’s not here,” Karen said finally.
Then he was gone, down the street. Karen rushed up behind him, refusing to let him go.
“Maybe she’s just late, we should wait,” she said, walking as quickly as she could in heels. Foggy decided to follow them after a split second of contemplation.
“She’s not late,” he said, mind racing.
“Matt, don't you think you’re being a little rash?” Foggy asked, grabbing his arm. “I mean, I know what you’ve been through with everyone but it is normal for people to be late you know. You’re foraging a codependent relationship.”
“Yeah and there will be no relationship if she’s dead,” Matt argued.
“Where even would she be?” “I thought once she moved in with me it would be better, she would be closer-”
“Matt-” Foggy started but was quickly spoken over by Matt again.
“Fisk is gonna find her after he finds me and then he’s gonna find you Foggy and you Karen and-”
“Where are we going?”
The three of them turned around where you stood. Your hair was up, sweat on your forehead, a different outfit then the one you were wearing earlier. It was pretty clear you had been packing up boxes all day but Matt couldn’t exactly use context clues to see that. He sped over to you, hugging you tightly.
Karen and Foggy chose to stay silent.
“Woah. Sorry I’m late, I couldn’t find the tape and I was closing boxes and-” You pulled away, looking at Matt’s face. “Matt? Where were you guys going? Getting drinks without me or something?” Karen cleared her throat and Foggy scratched the back of his neck.
“I thought you were dead,” Matt admitted, voice rough and quiet. Your eyes went wide.
“Why would you think that?” “You were late,” Foggy chimed in. “I tried to reason with him-”
“It’s okay,” you said quickly. “I’m sorry I was late. I won’t be late again.” Your hand held Matt’s who was clearly still coming down from an emotional trip.
“I overreacted,” he breathed.
“No. Come on, I’ll take you back to the apartment. Foggy I will be texting you for help with boxes. Karen you should come and bring drinks while Foggy and Matt bring things up the stairs.”
“Making a blind man do your bidding has bad karma,” Foggy said.
“Not when he looks so good picking things up.” You kissed the back of Matt’s hand.
“See you then,” Karen called.
You walked into your apartment quietly. You hadn’t really spoken on the short car ride. Emotions still hung in the air. He was clearly still worried, you were concerned that he had been so scared.
“Is me moving in a ploy to make sure no one can hurt me?” you asked finally. You grabbed his hand, pulling him around the box he was about to hit. You moved some boxes away from the couch and he sat down. He shook his head.
“No,” he said. “Would you not move in if I said it was?” “No, I’d still move in. I would just know your reasoning.” He felt you sit beside him. “Matt I’m probably gonna be late again,” you told him quietly.
“I’ve watched so many people I love die,” he whispered.
“I won’t be one of them.”
“How do you know that?” His voice had a tinge in it he never used for you. Disappointment, maybe about himself.
“I don’t. I just know I can handle myself.”
“Not against Fisk.” He shook his head. “I can’t be with you all the time and you could be killed any of those precious minutes,” he said, thinking about every time you had ever been beside him. All the minutes he was with you.
“Matt you won’t be able to love anyone if you let this get to you.” “I know. I’ve been trying. I’m annoyingly fond of you.”
“I’m not gonna say sorry.” You stared at his face, trying to telepathically let him know how much you loved him. “You’re not gonna get rid of me Matty,” you whispered.
“I don’t want to get rid of you. It’s selfish and it could get you killed.” “Well, think of it as selfish on my part.” You put your hand on his knee and scooted closer to him. “I selfishly will not let you leave me behind.” “It’s not an admirable quality.”
“Yes it is.” You stood up. “Help me finish packing so we can never get rid of each other for real.”
“Work with me. Please.”
“My therapist would say that this is codependent of us.”
“Codependency is needed when you’re in my line of work.” You smiled gently and grabbed his hand, forcing him up. He let you take him, stumbling into you. You grabbed his thick upper arms. He snaked his arms around your waist. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered.
“How would you know?” you teased.
“Because I’ve touched every inch of you. Paints a wonderful mental picture.” You scoffed, trying to get away from him but his grip on you was iron thick.
“Oh he’s charming and smooth.” You kissed his jaw. “Let me work.” His stubble brushed your lips, a feeling you loved.
“Why can’t I just touch you a moment longer?” he asked, voice low and gravely. You booped his nose. He was so surprised you were able to wiggle away.
“You’re cute Murdock. Pack the silverware.”
You were not used to formal clothing but you didn’t hate it. The blazer fit you, as did the shoes. Matt walked behind you into Nelson and Murdock. You met eyes with Karen who was sitting at the front desk. Her chin dipped, a surprised smile on her face.
“Oh no way he convinced you.” “He thinks someones gonna snatch me away during the day.”
“Foggy was right. You’re the codependency poster couple,” Karen said, leaning back in her chair. You gave her a slight bow as Foggy walked into the room.
“If it isn’t my fellow lawyer and favorite filer.”
“Oh, I’m stuck with the filing?” you asked, laughing. Matt pat your back.
“You’ll get two baskets of muffins if you're lucky.” “I hate you Murdock.”
“You’re safe.” He kissed your forehead and walked towards Foggy.
“You’re gonna hit a wall!” He walked swiftly into the interrogation room, as he always did. You smiled to yourself and crossed your arms.
“You’ve picked a real gem,” Foggy said.
“Yeah and he got me. Karen, what needs to be filed?”
Marvel Tag List: @dpaccione, @demonchick1, @karasong, @elisaa-shelby, @lov3vivian, @russian-soft-bitch, @alexxavicry, @valentina-luvs-u, @demigirl-with-problems
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mcdannowave · a year ago
Tumblr media
#h50 10x19#theory#guess#unsure#alex o'loughlin#reaction gif#hawaii five 0#steve mcgarrett#such handsome /handsome/ man...could stare at that jawline for hooours.And those sideburns?on fleek!(Also all that salt&pepper hair😘#[Kono&Adam's home.(late)Nighttime]Danny was tired.but of course he still had to deal w/ his very own Neanderthal there#Looking across the room.He spotted him.Steve was.how Danny would put?..Wasted.He was f- wasted at that point.And he was happy for him#It was the first night of their one-week vacation.The HQ is on control there and they gonna catch a flight to Maui the next night#Giving the goodbyes.He dragged a smiley and so so drunk Steve back to the car.He knew w/ Kono&Tani there.One of them should be sober#Getting home.Danny was quick to set the alarms and get ready to help his fiance up the stairs.But he didn't cooperate at least#''C'mon SuperSEAL.Time for bed''He said.tugging Steve's arm gently.''Noooo.I'm not tired.Danno''.He replied.slurring and very much tired#''Babe.U're blinking one eye at time and can't stand straight''..''I'm not straight.Danno'.He said smiling''Me and my as.s knows that Steve'#''I'm good.Im- i'm- very...nice''But Danny was already leading him upstairs.Hand on his lower back guiding that drunk lovable SEAL#''Let's go.Undress & crawl into that bed.You drank alot tonight.Gonna bring some water later''..''No i didn't''.Danny started undressing him#''Yes you have.You & Kono drank all of Adam's good stuff.And ur smells agrees w/ me''.Danny laughed.pulling his shirt and pants#''Well.It's a thyry...Therry...It's- It's a Thorry? Terry?''..''You mean 'Theory?'Danny chuckled.'Whatever u say Danno''.Again.Goofy smile#''I can't believe i'm talking to Steve McSteven again.It's been what?An year?''.Danny couldn't stop smiling.leading Steve to the bed#The thing was.When a certain SEAL drinks waaay over past his limits.A new person emerges there.And Danny liked him too#He could reminisce over that night when they first met.but Danny would do that other night.Right now he has other priorities#Covering an already sleeping dork.Danny kissed his forehead.going to the kitchen for a water and some aspirin to be ready tomorrow#He couldn't wait for their vacation.They worked hard the last year and spending time w/ that man was all Danny wanted#headcanon tags#mine
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jeyramarie · 2 months ago
don’t touch my girl- Fezco x Reader (Part 7)
summary: It’s time to see Lexi’s play
wc: 2,547
warning: smut 18+, cursing, angst, fluff
a/n: sorry for the wait y’all but here it is!! i hope you all like it🥲 last part should be posted during the week!! as usual, lmk if you wanna be tagged, feedback is appreciated and happy reading 🦋
part 1~ part 2~ part 3~ part 4~ part 5~ part 6~
Tumblr media
The next few weeks following up to Lexi’s play, consisted of her calling Fez every fucking day. Did it piss you off? Fuck yeah it did but did you keep allowing it? yeah… you did. In all fairness, it was due to the mind blowing sex you’d have afterwards to remind Fezco who he’d belong to. 
He’d pound into you on the dining room table with a tight grip on your hips as you laid flat on the surface. Arching your back in pleasure as his member hit that perfect spot. 
“Fuck- Fez.” You moaned causing him to groan as he reached his climax. 
Luckily, that was a day that Ash wasn’t home. The pleasure Fez gave you was too good to just stay quiet all the time. Another glorious orgasmic moment was the incredible quicky in the bathroom. He was holding your hip with one hand and covering your mouth with the other while you were pressed against the sink. You were gripping the sink with one hand as the other was placed on the wall next to the mirror while your eyes looked at Fezco. 
“Fuck, ma. You feel so fuckin’ good right now.” He groaned in pleasure, looking down at how his member disappeared into you. Your moans were muffled into his hand as your climax approached quickly. The knot in your stomach became tighter as Fez continued to hit your g-spot over and over again causing you to tighten around him. He leaned forward as well, slowing his pace as he buried his face in your neck. 
“You gon’ cum?” Fezco muttered and you nodded as he moved his hips slowly against you. You let go of the sink and lowered his hand a bit, making eye contact as you both looked into the mirror. 
“Please cum inside me, please- fuck.” You whimpered, biting your lip as you attempted to hide your moans. This time you weren’t in an empty house so you both had to be as cautious and quiet as possible. 
“Fuck, ma. You’re so fuckin’ hot.” Fezco groaned and continued to move his hips against you. After five hard thrusts, he finished inside of you and the feeling made you finish as well. 
It was a nice routine you had going on. You were both glowing with the amount of love you showed each other but color drained from your face as you saw the word ‘pregnant’ on the test. Part of you was excited but the other part was terrified about Fezco’s reaction. 
What if he didn’t want it? What if he freaked out and just wanted you gone? You’d be homeless and pregnant. You kept it a secret from everyone. No one knew but you were certain that you wanted to tell Fez after the play. Maybe the adrenaline would help and he would be calm and chill. 
You were currently in the bathroom doing your makeup as Fez fixed up his beard next to you. The play was in about an hour but you had both agreed that you were gonna go ahead first to get good seats. 
“Shit ma, you look good.” He muttered smirking as you made eye contact in the mirror. 
“I’m not even dressed yet.” You chuckled, applying the last layer of mascara. 
“Don’t matter, you look real good now.” Fez smiled and leaned down to kiss your shoulder. 
“Thank you. You’re gonna look really hot in your suit.” 
“You think so?” 
“Honey, I know so.” You smiled and stood up before walking past him with a smirk making your way towards the bedroom. Maddy landed you a dress for tonight. It was velvety, tight and short but not too short, off shoulder, long sleeve baby blue dress. You were ecstatic to wear it, knowing that Fez loves the color blue. Especially on you. You paired it with some strappy black heels and some simple jewelry, all given to you by Fez. You looked at yourself one more time in the mirror, flushed your hair a bit and walked out to see Fez walking down the hall. He immediately stopped when he saw you. His eyes trailed your body up and down as he rubbed his beard. 
“So, what do you think?” You asked, feeling shy as you stood there looking down at your dress and back at him. 
“What do I think? Shit ma, I’m- let me look at you again, come ‘ere.” Fez smiled as he walked towards you to grab your hand and swirl you around. He whistled in delight as he grazed his fingers over your hips, feeling the soft velvet fabric. 
“Damn girl, you look smokin’. Shit ma, if we weren’t going nowhere I’d pull you to the room right now.” 
“Fez.” You laughed, getting close to him as he wrapped his arms around you. You looked up and pecked his lips as he smiled. Fez lifted his hand and ran his fingertips over your face to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear. 
“I have a surprise for you, for when we get back home.” You whispered. 
“Oh yeah? What kind of surprise?” 
“A surprise, I can’t tell you. You have to wait.” 
“Fine, fine.” Fez muttered. You giggled and parted from him to move to the kitchen to get your purse. 
“I’m gonna get going babe.” You called out and felt arms around your waist making you turn around. Fez smiled down on you and leaned in, connecting your lips in a sweet kiss. 
“I love you, ma.” He whispered against your lips causing you to smile. 
“I love you too. More than you’ll ever know.” You whispered back after parting from the kiss. You pecked his lips one more time and turned around, walking towards the garage door. 
“Drive safe, text me when you get there.” 
“I will, see you later!” You shouted, opening the door and walking towards the car. Once the mirrors were checked and ready, you opened the garage door and drove away to the school. The drive took a bit longer due to traffic but you were excited to see what Lexi had been creating for so long. 
When you arrived, you parked a bit far due to the amount of people already there. You grabbed your purse and got out of the car, immediately feeling the chilly air hit your skin. The street was a bit wet which made you walk carefully around puddles as your heels clacked against the ground. 
The place was packed and the line to get in was really long. You saw Cassie and Nate standing there as you walked down the parking lot to get in line. Of course, you stayed in the back and avoided their eyes as you unlocked your phone to text Fez. 
‘Just got here babe’ 
‘The line is ridiculous so lmk when you get here’
‘Cause I have your ticket’ 
Fezzy ♥️
‘Ofc ma’
‘I’m almost ready’ 
You smiled at your phone as you saw him answer almost immediately. As you put your phone into your purse you saw some converse in the corner of your eye and-
“Hey, Y/n.” Rue smiled shyly. You hadn’t seen her since that thing with Marie’s meds. But she looked better, she looked healthy and actually happy. 
“Hi.” You whispered. 
“I’m really sorry for what happened. I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything. I was just- I wasn’t good and I did crazy shit and I’m really sorry. I definitely don't want you dead. I don’t know what I would do if you weren't here.” She rambled as her eyes got watery. 
“It’s okay, Rue. I-I forgive you.” You shrugged, giving her a warm smile. 
“Yeah, I love you too much to not talk to you.” 
Rue smiled and pulled you into a tight hug muttering a soft ‘i love you too’ into your shoulder as you tighten your arms around her. She parted from the hug and wiped her tears away as she chuckled slightly. 
“Do you wanna, um, sit together?” Rue asked, fidgeting with her shirt. 
“Yeah, sure. Fez is gonna come a bit late so we should save him a seat.” 
“Fezco is coming to a play?” 
“Yeah, Lexi insisted.” You laughed at Rue’s expression of surprise. You both stayed in line, catching up on what had been up to. The pregnancy topic wasn’t touched. You wanted to wait to tell Fez before everyone else. So, it took everything in you not to tell her. 
After a few minutes, you were seated inside. Rue was next to you, fidgeting with her sweater as she told you all that went down with Ali. You looked at your phone from time to time, wondering why Fez was taking so long. The lights started to dim which made you unlock your phone to text him. 
‘It’s about to start’
‘Where are you?’
Fezzy ♥️
‘On my way’ 
“Where’s Fez?” Rue whispered, leaning into you.
“He said he’s on his way.” You whispered back and she nodded before you both looked straight towards the stage. Ready to see Lexi’s masterpiece. 
The curtains opened and it showed an exact replica of Rue’s room. You turned to her in confusion and she furrowed her brows together, turning to you as well. Lexi entered the bedroom and sat down across from “Jade” who was obviously based on Rue. Her character, Grace, began to read a beautiful poem and Rue’s eyes softened once she remembered that day. It was the day of her dad’s funeral. 
The play continued on until the characters slowly began to be introduced. They all looked like the girls. It was like Cassie, Maddy, Kat and Rue had doppelgängers. You turned to Rue once again and leaned in, causing her to lean in as well. 
“Is this play about you?” You whispered. 
“I don’t even know. I-I think so.” Rue shrugged and looked at the stage once again. 
Lexi continued to narrate as the scenes played along. A replica of her room appeared as Lexi spoke as Cassie’s double, Hallie, came down from the ceiling with angel wings. You knew she was purposely written to seem dumb. 
“She’s shading Cassie so hard right now.” You whispered, leaning into Rue as you stared at the blonde, who sat a bit far from you. 
“She’s gonna be so pissed.” 
“I’m sure she already is.” You replied, watching Cassie move uncomfortably on her seat. Rue chuckled, covering her mouth before turning back to the stage. You looked down at your phone again, noticing that Fez never texted again and he still wasn’t there. 
‘Babe, you okay?’ 
Your eyes stayed on the screen for a bit longer, feeling anxious about Fezco’s absence. As usual, your mind drifted to the worst. What if he had a car accident? What if someone invaded the house? What if someone ratted him o-
“Oh my god, did you see that?” Rue whispered, interrupting your thoughts. 
“No, what happened?” 
“Ethan just walked out as Suze.” 
“Wait, for real?” You chuckled. 
“Hell yeah.” Rue giggled.
The scene moved along and Lexi appeared with a wig, a tight dress, heels, fake boobs and long nails. She walked across the stage as the set turned, showing high school lockers. It was the first time both you and Rue have seen Lexi this confident. She wasn’t closed off or shy, she was glowing. 
“How much money does this school have?” You whispered, noticing how well made the sets and wardrobe was. 
“What do you mean?”
“I mean the set is turning, everything down to detail is accurate and the amount of wardrobe changes. Plus, makeup.” 
“Shit… you’re right.” Rue whispered, pushing her brows down as she frowned in confusion. 
“I know I’m right.” You chuckled and shrugged, causing Rue to giggle. 
The stage changed back to Lexi’s room to show her and “Hallie” having a conversation in front of the mirror. You remembered her telling you about how judging Cassie was sometimes. The times when she tried to be optimistic but her sister broke down her joy. 
“I don’t even know what she has against me.” Lexi muttered fidgeting with Rue’s blanket. 
“She has nothing against you.” You shook your head before turning back to Rue’s closet. The teen invited you and Lexi over to her house. It was one of the few days where she actually felt good enough to have people over. The withdrawal has been hard. There were some days where Rue didn’t even answer her phone. But at the moment, you and Lexi were spending time with her. 
“Rue, how many oversize shirts do you have?” You asked, pulling out shirt after shirt after shirt, never seeing the end of it. 
“I lost count like two years ago.” Rue laughed with a shrug. 
“But I doubt Cassie has something against you.” She continued, sitting next to Lexi. 
“But with everything I do or say, she always finds a way to make me feel like shit after.” 
“One day you’ll get back at her, Lex. She won’t see it coming.” You smiled sweetly. 
You came back to reality when you heard Rue sniffle next to you. There was a sweet scene with “Jade” and Lexi on top of Fezco’s store. That reminded you to check your phone again, to see that Fez still hasn't replied. Anxiety creeped up in your chest, again thinking about the worse. A bright light shone on the stage, making you look up from your phone to pay attention. But your mind wasn’t quiet there. 
Your mind was wherever Fezco was. But you remained in your seat, shaking your leg up and down. The scene moved to Lexi’s house and showed a heartbreaking scene of her dancing with her dad, who was also played by Ethan. They danced around the living room with wide smiles on their faces. Your heart was beating fast as your leg continued to bounce up and down. The lights finally dimmed and you let out a breath before leaning into Rue. 
“I have to go. Fez is not answering and I’m getting worried.” You whispered, grabbing your purse. 
“Okay, let me know if he’s okay.” Rue nodded. You pressed your cheek against hers and smacked your lips, creating a kissing sound. The seat creaked as you stood up, causing multiple people to turn to you. 
Your heels clacked against the hallway floors as you almost ran outside. The street was still wet meaning that it had rained a bit more. Your heels got drenched as you stepped into puddles, feeling the drop of water running down your ankle. The car door didn’t want to open, which caused you to become desperate as you pulled on the handle harder. The car beeped after pushing the button again, finally allowing you to open the door. 
The ride was silent. You didn’t even turn on the radio as you continued to call Fez and Ash over and over again. Neither of them answered which resulted in you calling Faye. But no luck either. Your hand shook against the steering wheel, thinking the worst. All you wanted at that point was to know that Fez was okay, so you could give him the greatest surprise he had ever received. 
To be continued….
fezco taglist: @hansakind​ @idkimjusthereliving @romanogersendgame​ @black-fairy3​ @bracefacelaiiiaa​ @sorceresssiren​ @mrsjubelova @damn-i-woke-up​ @rafecameronswhore​ @mandowhatnow​ @illumi3​ @suqarszn​ @joonieshoney​ @hnslchw​ @stylesyourmine​ @stefansalvatoresgf​ @purpleflamebluesparkles​ @lostaurorax​ @capswife​ @yolandagtz @demifrostcunt @galaxy-moon​ @lavbeeros @bookfrog242​ @bubblebuttwade​ @kxllanxtdoor​ @lariclifford​ @iwannabeapogue​ @golden-hoax​ @gummybee12 @sugarcoated-lame​ @whitejuliana1204​ @curlyolly​ @hi-my-name-is-riley @nichmeddar​ @leah2002​ @sebastianstansbitch0​ @joy-soul-gallery​ @whynotmissamerica​ @scenesofobx​ @timmyslover @nik2write​ @odilevonbrekker​ @a-lil-bit-nuts​ @minhoshi​ @goneawaytogallifrey​ @rmvb24​ @squishiejiminiee​ @gillybear17​ @kameliaczerwona @theanxietyqueen17​ @kovuthebean​ @andrewgarfieldsslut @pessimisticbiitch​ @iamasimpingh0e @rosepetalsparks​ @rafecameronssugarbaby 
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eunoiathewriter · 4 months ago
.ೃ࿐ 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐲
𝙀𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙤𝙩 𝙭 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮: She worries but doesn't know he's actually been sober as he's now high of something else, a feeling drugs can't give him.
𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝘾𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩: 1.1k
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐩𝐭.𝟐
𝘼/𝙉: Yeah so I just needed to write something for Elliot from euphoria because I just already like his character.
Tumblr media
A soft tune played through the room as Elliot randomly played on different strings to create something only for the time being. He sat leaned back against the headboard of his bed, guitar in hand, a pair of arms was wrapped around his waist loosely and holding o to him.
There was nothing he would want to have more than this, there was no drug that could compare to this, and no drug that could leave him with this feeling of euphoria that seemd stronger than any drug ever left him with.  And even better, he wasn't even on any kind of drugs as of now, he hadn't touched them in weeks.
Somehow, this girl that was his friend, close friend, was able to keep him from that. She was able to get his mind off of the drugs he'd once cherished. Elliot knew that he however couldn't depend on her to stay sober, she didn't even knew he was sober. He didn't wanna put that onto her, as he'd seen the way it went for Rue and Jules.
Talking about Rue, she had even complained about the fact that Elliot hadn't asked her to get high lately or she had just simply pointed ut out to him with questions.  He wasn't even clean to her about being sober for such long time.
It was the sudden pull by the air of arms around his waist that he snapped out from his mindless playing, her head that laid just below his ribcage seeming ti move a bit for comfort.
y/n was the kind of girl that didn't do drugs nor alcohol, she didn't judge however, many times before Elliot got sober, she'd been over and he would do some drug. She never said anything about it and just simply let him do what he wanted with his life, same with Rue. Though, y/n had been harsher on Rue and told her to not do drugs every five minutes, to which Rue actually listened.
Elliot put away his guitar, making sure not to move too much, not wanting to wake the girl. He leaned forward a bit to see her more clearly, her face was relaxed as she breathed steadily. His fingers gently graced her skin, causing y/n's eye twitch a bit.
"So you are awake, huh?" Elliot said in a playful tone as he poked y/n's back lightly, the girl grumbled as her brows furrowed.
"Leave me alone," She mumbled into the fabric of his shirt. The boy let out a snort before weaving his fingers though her hair.
"Oh so that's how it's gonna be?" Elliot raised a brow before his fingers found her side and he started ro slowly tickle her, causing y/n to start laughing and rolling off of him.
"Stop! Stop! I can't" y/n was cut off by herself laughing and then letting out a high pitched screm of laughter as Elliot continued the torture.
"Quiet," He stopped and put a hand over the girls mouth to quiet her from screaming out if laughter. He smiled widely as y/n now laid beside him on her back and holding her sides.
"You gonna calm down?" She nodded under his hand and he slowly retracted his hand from covering her mouth.
The silence was comfortable as non of the two had anything against being in ecah other presence with just silence all around them. Elliot slowly let his hand come to reach for her cheek as she'd turned over on her stomach, facing him.
His hand laid gently on her cheek, thumb gently rubbing up and down her cheekbone. The action was comforting as y/n let herself lean into his hand. But was this really how bestfriends should act?
"I love when we hang out, you're the best company," y/n told with a sigh as she couldn't remember ever having this much fun with any of the girls, thay had all start to become all too serious  and always wanted to just talk guys, never just joke around.
"Well, I'll always keep you company," The words were supposed to be happy, but y/n's face fell slightly, face holding a somber expression. Elliot furrowed his brows and tried ro find her eyes again as she was looking away.
"Hey.. you okey?"
"What if you're not here to keep me company?" She asked vaguely, the question weighing down the jolly mood that once was, Elliot's face drop slightly as he lean back against the headboard once more. Hand still holding her cheek gently.
"I worry... and I know that I always said it's your choice and all, but I just don't, I just-.." y/n trailed off leaning up a bit to look at him better.
"I don't think you have to worry about that," Elliot sat up straight and placed both hands on her cheeks. "'Cuase I haven't touched drugs in almost three weeks."
The statement made her eyes light up, mouth falling slightly agape. The smile on his face showed he was telling the truth, he leaned closer and his rumbs rubbed her cheeks slowly.
"What? H-how?.." y/n let her hands place ontop of his and she held onto his wrists gently.
"I don't know, they just didn't seem to give me this feeling, none of them could."
Her eyes scanned his for what he was referring to, but suddenly one of his hands moved from resting at her cheek to holding her chin. His thumb now brushing the softness of her lower lip, causing her breath to hitch. Elliot let his thumb slowly trace where y/n's lips parted before tracing her upper lip.
Even thought how stunned she was by his atction, y/n was quick, quicker than she thought. Before Elliot knew it she had leaned up and pressed a kiss swiftly to his lips, then leaning back down and bringing her lower lip between her teeth. The kiss was the kind that many see as the ones you maybe share with someone in kindergarten, quick and just a simple peck on the lips.
Elliot's lips turn into a grin as he leans in, but not closing the gap between them. His lips hover just above hers as he let's his hand slide down to the side of her neck. y/n let's out a sigh and leans forwards, placing her lips on his but this time not pulling away.  It's soft on y/n's side, but on Elliot's it's needy. She's intoxicating for him finally tasting her makes him want more.
He pulled away from a second and slowly help the girl onto her back, her eyes questioning, almost as if she's too pure. One of his hands land on her hip and he slowly let it run up her side.
"Just relax," He coos, straddling her waist and making sure not to put all his bodyweight on her. Under him he can feel her body relax with breath of air leaving her lips.
"Since no drug can give me this, maybe you can?"
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btssmutgalore · 2 months ago
MONSTER ‖ final
Tumblr media
During dinner with your parents, Jungkook gets an offer he can't accept, but your future together depends on it.
⤑ word count: 14.2k ⤑ pairing: jungkook x reader ⤑ genre: smut, fratboy!au, non-idol!au, former childhood friends to enemies to lovers ⤑ warnings: explicit content, unprotected intercourse, oral sex (m. and f. receiving), creampie ⤑ read on AO3 ⤑ a/n: i hope you enjoy the final chapter! i started working on this story in 2017. technically, you can take the 18th chapter as the last one, but i wanted to give you some closure, which is why i wrote this chapter. i hope you will enjoy it, thank you for all the support with this story, it means the world to me!
Tumblr media
» Monster – one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen  | sixteen | seventeen | eighteen | final
“You’re sure about this?” Jungkook hissed the words at you, lowering his voice as you led him to your living room straight from the front door. He got to hug you briefly, but it wasn’t enough to soothe his nerves.
His palms were sweating, even though he already knew both your parents. He’d seen them a bunch of times, talked to them, and was pretty sure your mom had a soft spot for him. Still, this was a lot different than him stopping by here and there when he was a kid.
You told your parents about dating Jungkook as soon as you two decided to make it a thing and give it a real shot. After all, you needed to explain why you were suddenly never home and why your face beamed whenever your phone rang. As expected, they seemed happy about it, even though your folks had a ton of questions for you, most of which you didn’t feel like answering.
But, as time moved on, they kept asking for Jungkook to come over and have dinner with the family. The thing was, it was the first time he has ever seriously dated someone, let alone met their parents in the role of a boyfriend, and that’s what he was to you. There was a first time for everything, sure, but did it have to be that nerve-racking?
Of course, Jungkook knew your parents probably asked him to come over because they were aware of his fight with his dad and that he got kicked out of the house. They lived in the same neighborhood as him, and Jungkook was sure one of the nosier neighbors realized he hadn't come home in a long time. News travels fast, of course. The invite was out of pity, most of all, but he was still nervous.
You were the type of person who appreciated family, so Jungkook was certain their opinion could change your mind on things like deciding to give someone like him a real chance. If your parents thought he wasn’t good enough for you, there wasn’t much Jungkook could do to keep you by his side. You’d see it eventually, and they’d encourage you to break things off. That’s how it always went, right?
“Of course I’m sure,” you responded with a sigh. Then, you stopped walking before you reached the living room door, still out of sight of your parents. “Are you nervous?”
“A bit,” Jungkook said, finally admitting to having any type of feelings. “Don’t want to embarrass you.”
“Jungkook, you can’t embarrass me. It’s gonna be fine,” you patted his shoulder and leaned in to peck his cheek, feeling very thankful that he made this huge step.
It wasn’t like Jungkook to agree to something like this, and you wanted to test just how determined he was to make this thing of yours work. You had to face some huge changes soon and you weren’t sure whether you’d do that together.
The date at his dorm wasn’t your last—there were at least fifty dates after, which consisted of either long hikes where you two discussed everything that was happening in detail or dates where you drove around in his car and went stargazing. Jungkook even took you to dinner and movies a couple of times and acted so nervous the first time he came to pick you up, which made you feel like it was going to be okay. If he felt nervous, it was because he felt something for you, and you could work with that.
“I hope so,” Jungkook sighed, and you realized how tough everything’s been on him. “I hope it will be over soon.”
You didn’t want him to put more pressure on himself over dinner with your folks who already loved him—they knew him as the cute kid next door who was always willing to help. Besides, your mom was Jungkook’s biggest fan.
So, you hugged him, and Jungkook wrapped his arms around you too, resting his chin on top of your head. He was forgetting that they saw just how happy you were ever since you started dating him, so they surely didn’t have a thing against Jungkook. If anything, they were thankful that he got you to leave your room more often and smile a lot more.
“Oh, excuse me,” your dad walked out of the living room and almost crashed into the two of you hugging, which made Jungkook more uncomfortable than it did you or your dad. Getting caught hugging you wasn’t the best start of the evening. What if your dad thought he was too handsy? “Jungkook, how lovely to see you!”
Jungkook quickly pulled away and shook your dad’s hand, thanking him for the invite. He suddenly seemed so cordial that it almost made you laugh, but you’d never—he wouldn’t get over it. Still, it felt nice seeing him put in effort for you.
“It’s not a problem, you’re free to come over anytime,” your dad smiled at Jungkook and then at you. “You kids go on inside, I’m going to get some beer from the garage. What are you drinking?”
“Beer’s fine, thank you,” Jungkook said and followed you into the living room where the table was already set.
Your mom immediately walked out from the kitchen and hugged Jungkook tight, holding onto him for what seemed like hours. Once she finally let go of him, Jungkook gave her the flowers and the bottle of wine he brought for your parents. You weren’t aware that he was going to bring anything, so it was a surprise for you too when you first opened the door for him.
“Please, kids, sit down, dad will bring some beverage in a second,” your mom grinned and gave you two thumbs up when she thought Jungkook wasn’t looking. “I just have to finish up in the kitchen.”
Jungkook leaned in to whisper at you, and you just knew it was going to be… inappropriate. “You will get your present later, don’t worry.” Still, he sounded so giddy you couldn’t even get upset. Yeah, you were at your place surrounded by your parents, but the promise of what was going to come was inviting, to say the least.
“Oh, I bet,” you whispered back with a grin, which made both of you chuckle.
Tumblr media
The dinner went better than Jungkook expected. Frankly, he wasn’t sure what to expect. None of his friends had any real experience with this, so none of them had anything smart to say to prepare him for it. Basically, he was winging this whole thing and hoping for the best. During the meal, he tried to act appropriately and not show just how much he liked the dress you were wearing.
Jungkook also did his best to ignore the way you were looking at him, like you were seeing him for the first time, letting your mouth slightly hang open when he talked. It messed with his head, made him stutter, made him stare right back, and he was sure your folks noticed.
It was so difficult not to stare at you, and not just because he thought you were unbelievably hot when you looked so relaxed, but because you looked so pretty, smiling all the time, squeezing his thigh gently, keeping the conversation going with your little jokes that always made him laugh.
“So, Jungkook, how’s school going?” your mom asked after serving the soup. You hoped they both wouldn’t start drilling the guy—you’d had a conversation with them before he arrived and begged them not to make the situation awkward.
“It could be better but I’ll make it,” he said with a nod. You could tell he felt awkward about the question. The truth was, Jungkook was really trying to get his grades up because he wanted to feel like he was doing something with his life.
You’ve gotten so close that he actually opened up about it to you and confessed that he was really scared about his career. He didn’t know what he should do with his life and he didn’t think he was good at anything, so he felt lost, especially next to you, who already had an idea about what to do next. It was a vague idea, but you had a plan. Jungkook, on the other hand, didn’t have anything, so discussing this was hard on him, especially with someone like your parents, who always seemed to have their shit together. That put a lot of pressure on you too.
“I have no doubt about it,” your mom giggled warmly, smiling at both of you before adding, “you have the best helper out there.” Then, she gave you a wink and you scoffed at her trying to compliment you in front of Jungkook as if she was trying to make you look even better in his eyes.
“Right, because I’m doing great,” you tried to help him out, but your dad shook his head at you.
“No, no, I don’t want to hear that! You have good grades and you already have job offers, so I’d say you’re doing amazing,” he grinned at you proudly. “And I’m sure Jungkook will have the same experience.”
“It’d better happen soon or it won’t happen at all,” Jungkook joked, making everyone at the table laugh, but it wasn’t exactly a joke.
You knew he was worried about finding a job that suited him. If there was anything new you’d found out about him in the last year, it was that Jungkook was scared shitless of becoming like his dad and staying in the city, working a menial job, and using alcohol to feel better.
You, for one, couldn’t see that happening, but you understood that the worst part of fears was that they were irrational, yet they felt so real to those experiencing them. That’s why you tried to understand Jungkook and change his mind about it. Still, you had a long way to go.
Sometimes, when you two discussed the situation, you felt like you were making some progress and that Jungkook was starting to accept that he was nothing like his dad. But, whenever something bad happened, something that affected his plan of getting his grades up, Jungkook would fall back into negative thinking and he’d worry about getting stuck here and you leaving him behind.
The rest of the dinner went well as your parents didn’t pry into Jungkook’s life too much. They asked all the same old questions, talked about themselves to make you two feel more comfortable, and just acted like themselves. Jungkook seemed a bit more relaxed by the end of it, but you could tell he was still nervous about it. It was a big step for him, after all.
“Can I have a word with you, Jungkook?” your dad asked after dessert, which made all three heads snap in his direction. When he heard the question, Jungkook went pale in an instant, and so did you.
What was your dad going to tell him? You hoped he wasn’t going to try to scare him or, even worse, lecture Jungkook on something. You really had no complaints about the way he was treating you ever since you two had that discussion. What happened before was in the past, and you were both stupid and insecure back then, trying to one up each other, trying to be together without admitting you have feelings. It was childish and stupid, and thankfully, you were over it now.
Back then, your lack of communication was to blame for all the problems you’ve had, but since that was out of the way, there was nothing hanging in the air anymore. You two have turned over a new leaf, and you didn’t want your dad to ruin this by trying to scare Jungkook away.
You turned to your mom for help, widened eyes piercing through her, but she smiled warmly, and that’s when you realized the two of them were probably in on it. Did they really want to ruin this?
“Of course, sir,” Jungkook nodded and then shot you a glance followed by a weak smile. He was scared shitless, you could tell.
“Honey, can you help me with the dishes?” your mom got up and suggested, so you followed her to the kitchen. On the way there, you made sure to walk behind Jungkook’s chair and squeeze his shoulder as a sign of support.
“Dad, please,” you shot your dad a glance before leaving the room, dying to find out what the whole thing was about. Well, if Jungkook didn’t run out of there after the talk, it was good.
“Son, relax,” your dad grinned at Jungkook as soon as you two left the room, leaning back in his chair. “You look frightened.”
“I hope I didn’t say anything to offend you or anyone here,” Jungkook said, trying to remain as calm as possible and not let your dad sense fear. He really didn’t want to lose you, and having some kind of problems with your parents was a surefire way to fuck your thing up. “It really wasn’t my intention.”
“Ah, no, don’t worry about that!” he chuckled and waved his hand as if Jungkook was talking nonsense. “It’s about my daughter. You know that she was offered the job, right?”
Jungkook nodded slowly. Oh, he knew. He felt like shit ever since he found out but appreciated the fact that you called him the second you found out, even before you informed your parents. The last time something like that happened, Jungkook was the last to know, and that hurt. This time, you showed that you cared about his opinion, which just made him think your relationship was the right decision.
You were excited about this opportunity, and Jungkook saw you turn into that little girl he grew up with when you talked about it. You wanted this job and you were going to move because of it, and he totally understood you. What was the alternative, stay here and end up with a dead-end job?
“Yes, and I’m really happy about it.” Jungkook sounded honest because he was—he only wanted what was best for you. “If you think I’ll try to stop her or anything, please don’t worry about that.”
Your father leaned in and grinned, “I wish.”
For a second, Jungkook and him just stared at each other as Jungkook tried to process his words.
Then, your father kicked his head back laughing, and Jungkook chuckled nervously. “Sadly, there’s no changing her mind about this, and you know that we… We’re worried. I was worried sick those three months when she was away, personally. Not knowing who she’s with, if she’s safe, if she’s having a bad day, it messes you up as a parent.”
Jungkook nodded, completely lost on where this whole thing was going. What was your father trying to get at? Still, he could relate to your dad—Jungkook was worried about you too during the summer. He always wondered who you were with, if they were treating you right, if you had anyone to talk to. Would he even know you were in trouble?
“My wife and I, we decided to pay for the apartment while she’s there because we don’t want her to spend most of her earnings on rent. In that case, she will barely have enough to pay bills and food, and won’t really have a good life there, so what’s the point in going? We can afford it. “ Ha paused to sigh, clearly worrying about letting you live on your own so far away from them. “But we wanted to check if you had any interest in joining her.”
“I… I did think about it,” Jungkook admitted, swallowing the lump in his throat.
Did your dad know he was such a fuck up? Clearly, the man knew Jungkook wasn’t doing that well, but he probably didn’t know to what extent. He couldn’t get a great job there, there was just no way. He wanted to, badly. Jungkook wanted to live as close to you as possible, but all hope was lost.
“And?” Your dad’s stare was killing him. If Jungkook could have disappeared right then, he would have. But alas, no such luck. He had to stay there and answer your father. Is this what having a nice dad was like, someone holding you accountable for your fuck ups? Jungkook wouldn’t know.
“I… I first have to get a job and save some money to be able to get a place there. Or here, actually. Or anywhere,” Jungkook nodded, unsure of how much your father knew about his situation. The look on his face told Jungkook that it was a lot more than he let on so far, which Jungkook respected—he knew but didn’t say anything and make the situation worse. “When I’m able to afford that, I’ll try to move there to be closer to her.”
“Does she know that?”
“Uhm, yeah,” Jungkook said with a sigh. “She knows my current situation and understands.”
“My wife and I, we’d really like it if you would join my daughter. It’s a new city and, even though she’s already made friends there, we don’t know these people and their intentions,” your dad sounded worried as he spoke, the calm demeanor from earlier fading away as worry took over him. “And I know she has to live her life and be independent, but she trusts people a lot and we don’t want her to get hurt. She’s dating you, and we know you, and you’ve just managed to charm my wife which doesn’t happen often—she’s been charmed for years. The last time that happened, she got married to me,” he laughed loudly, so Jungkook joined in. “Anyway, what I’m trying to ask you is if you’d join her in the apartment. We’d be paying for it, of course, since that was our plan all along.”
There it was, the chance of a lifetime—to start a new life with you from scratch without worrying about making ends meet, without paying the price for his reckless behavior during university, without his past successfully dragging him down to his dad’s level.
But, it was a free thing, and Jungkook knew the cost would be a lot more than he could afford, which was the last shred of dignity he had left.
“Sir, I’m sorry, but I can’t accept that,” Jungkook responded and looked down, embarrassed about the entire situation, too ashamed to look into your father’s eyes. The man clearly had a positive opinion of him and wanted to offer him some form of charity, which was mortifying. Jungkook should have been in a position to be able to leave the city with you, to have a job lined up, to take care of himself and you, but he just wasn’t. “I don’t want anyone to finance me.”
“Son, listen,” your dad cleared his throat to get Jungkook to look at him, so he had no other choice. “When we first moved here, we were really broke. I was just starting out, my wife was pregnant and unemployed, and we were barely making it. The person that helped us out a lot was your mother. That woman did everything she could to help us,” he paused to smile, and the way your dad talked about his mother made Jungkook smile too—that’s exactly how he saw her, too. “The number of times she babysat while my wife went out to look for work or run some errands… We owe her a lot, and that means we owe you a lot. And I know your mother would say yes to this. In fact, my wife called her earlier and… Told her about this. Listen, your mom didn’t know about you not living with him anymore and my wife let it slip out.”
Jungkook wasn’t able to contain the groan that left his mouth. He talked to his mom here and there, never wanting to worry her, which is precisely why he’s never told her about moving or, God forbid, the fight. She’d go crazy with worry, and he didn’t want that for her. Knowing her, she’d get on the first flight and try to get Jungkook to come live with her and her new family. Jungkook would rather move to another continent and be alone forever than do that, he could never take it.
Your dad sighed loudly before continuing, “I know, I told my wife she should have checked first. But, anyway, we all kind of think it’s the best option for you kids. That way, you can stay together, start a new life somewhere else, and we’ll all know you’re safe because you’ll take care of each other.”
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“He said that?” you sounded surprised, but then you smiled at Jungkook, and he knew you didn’t think of it as a bad thing, which was comforting, at least. “That’s really dope actually.”
The reason Jungkook even told you about this was that he valued your opinion. If anyone knew your parents, it was you, and Jungkook needed to hear how you felt about this offer. After all, it directly affected both of you, which is why he told you he wanted to talk before you two went out dancing like agreed.
That’s why you were sitting in his lap in the car, the seat pulled all the way back so you had enough room, even though you didn’t need it. You seemed more than comfortable sitting on him, your side resting against his chest, your arm around his shoulders, and Jungkook enjoyed that closeness despite the seriousness of the conversation.
“I can’t take it,” Jungkook shook his head and wrapped his arm around your waist even tighter, hoping you wouldn’t get upset over it since you seemed to like the idea. He also wanted to feel you closer, your presence comforting him. “It’s charity.”
“No, it’s a favor to them,” you corrected Jungkook, pulling away so you could look right into his eyes. “My dad would literally pay someone to be my roommate, trust me. He was already saying how I should get Tia to move up there as well, but luckily, she turned it down. You’re just the better option.”
“I’m a better option than Tia in his eyes?” Jungkook cocked an eyebrow up and then scoffed, suddenly feeling a lot better about the whole thing. “Ha! She can take that!”
You laughed at his joke but it didn’t last long—soon enough, you were serious again. “I think we should do it. Of course, if it feels right for you. But this is exactly what we’ve been talking about, right? How to find a way to go somewhere together? Find jobs? Live together?”
Jungkook nodded because you were right. It was something you discussed, something that had been bothering him for months now and making him dread graduation day even more.
All of this seemed like a dream: you being back, you deciding to give Jungkook another chance, the two of you meeting up, having fun, enjoying your time together. It seemed like something he just didn’t deserve, and Jungkook was scared it would somehow be taken away from him. He feared he’d wake up and realize it was all a dream or a lie.
Just recently, he figured out what would take you away—your job offer. He wouldn’t be able to afford to come live there with you, which meant you’d have to be long-distance, and Jungkook sucked at relationships in general, let alone ones with no physical contact. After all, sex was pretty much all he could offer anyways, so without it, he was as good as forgotten, in his book.
“You don’t seem so happy about the idea,” you said with a sigh. You cupped his face, running your thumbs across his cheeks, wanting to stay there with him forever. You knew he’d struggle with the offer, but not this much.
“I… I am, uh, I am happy about it, but… I’d feel wrong taking it,” Jungkook sighed, unable to even look at you, especially when you were looking at him so sweetly, lips pressed into the cutest pout. “Besides, isn’t it a really big step? For us?”
“Moving in together?” you asked, eyebrows furrowing over your eyes.
It was a big step for you, clearly. Neither one of you has lived with a partner before, and this would be the first time. Jungkook didn’t have a proper girlfriend before you, so it would be even scarier for him. Completely new territory, in fact.
“Yes,” Jungkook gulped, realizing it all came out wrong. He had no problem taking big steps with you now that he knew you’re everything he needed to feel good. “Are you sure you want to live with me?”
“Jungkook…” You let out a sigh and dropped your hands down to his chest, head cocked to the side as you inspected his face, trying to figure out what he was feeling. You were usually good at that. “What is this about?”
“It’s just… I don’t know how to put this nicely, so please bear with me here,” he smiled at you, unable to get upset with himself for being such a mess and fucking everything up, not when you looked at him like he was the only guy in the world. “Don’t people get tired of each other when they live together? They start having sex less, they get upset with each other more often, things get weird…”
“You’re afraid we’ll stop having sex?” you asked with a chuckle as if you found the whole thing ridiculous. Jungkook did too at that moment when you were so close to each other, but he knew things could change if you left and he stayed behind, or if you left together and you got tired of him. “It is a big step, but we can just think of it as us moving in together temporarily. Once we settle down there, we can move out separately or together. It’s just a living situation. But, it’s one that would let us see each other every day. I for one am getting really tired of fucking outside or on small beds,” you shrugged, to which Jungkook scoffed.
“You?!” He shot you a look that told you he saw right through you. “You’re telling me you don’t want to get fucked in this car tonight? I kind of doubt that.”
The way you laughed at his question made Jungkook’s heart jump up. It was becoming really hard for you to hide just how much you wanted him, which Jungkook liked because it made him feel better about wanting you. He was usually all over you, practically drooling whenever things got a bit heated, dick twitching when you just kissed him, so knowing you felt the same way brought him some kind of comfort—both of you were equally fucked with these feelings.
“I didn’t say that. I meant I’d prefer a bed, but it is what it is.” You shrugged, licking your lips as if you were thinking about devouring him right then and there, so untypical of the usually composed girl he knew and loved.
Jungkook nodded right away, realizing that his stupid little joke steered the conversation away from the very important topic at hand, one you two couldn’t just gloss over. “I get what you’re saying, it would make things easier.”
And it really would. Even if you two worked and had hobbies or other things to do, you’d get to see each other a lot more often, having the freedom to touch each other whenever you wanted, be around one another, have each other when you felt like it. It was a lot different from your current situation.
“And that’s the whole point,” you paused and nodded. “It’s easier for my parents. They would see it as you doing them a huge favor. It’s easier for us, too. It beats the alternative.”
The mere mention of the alternative made Jungkook sick. He hated it. Hated the idea of it, hated knowing time was running out, the clock was ticking, and he’d have to let you go soon. The idea of you starting a new life, young and smart and competent and successful, and him staying here, living the same old life, not doing anything of importance… It meant the end, even if not right away.
“Me staying here and you leaving?” he asked, even though he knew that was exactly what you meant.
“Yeah,” you sighed deeply, letting Jungkook know just how much the idea bothered you. He knew, you’ve discussed this before and never reached a conclusion, except that you both hate the idea of being separated. “God knows when we’d save up enough money to get you there or for me to come visit more frequently, and… I just don’t want that.”
Jungkook nodded, understanding how you were feeling. He didn’t want that either. Besides, it wasn’t like anything was tying him to this place. The only great thing about the town was you, and you’d be leaving soon, so he really had nothing there for him.
You leaned in to kiss him like you knew Jungkook needed it. At times like tonight, when he was surrounded by loving families, Jungkook realized how lonely he actually was. You were the person he was closest to, but other than that, he felt alone. He’d be really lonely once you left.
Then, you breathed into the kiss, still holding him close, “Are you really worried about us losing interest in each other if we move in together?”
“I don’t know how to express it well, I guess.” Jungkook felt like he was put on the spot, but he also knew better than to simply skimp over something or avoid it completely. You two not talking about stuff almost made you give up on everything, so it wasn’t an option in his book. “I just… If we move in, you may figure out I really have nothing going for me. And then you’ll also see me all the time, and I know people who live together just don’t have sex as often as before, if they do at all, and they start arguing, and things go to shit fast.”
You nodded when Jungkook spoke, which gave off the impression that you understood where he was coming from. For a while, you kept nodding, your eyes moving around as you took all of it in and processed it. “Are you basing this on your parents?”
Well, you sure did know him well, Jungkook had to acknowledge. “Maybe.”
“Well, I’ll have you know that some people continue having sex even after living together for over 20 years, like the two you’ve talked to just tonight.” You looked to the side and tongued your cheek in a way that made you seem upset over it, even though your chuckle told him you found it amusing. “The amount of times I’ve overheard them is probably the cause of all my traumas.”
Your joke made Jungkook laugh because he couldn’t imagine the horror of overhearing his parents have sex, even though it was completely normal. “Oh, your dad is even cooler in my eyes now. Look at him go!”
“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes and hit Jungkook’s shoulder playfully. “I mean, you’re right, some people realize they’re just not for each other once they spend more time together, but some realize that they work well together. The chemistry and all that disappears after a while, and if there’s no common ground and respect, I guess it all falls apart.”
Jungkook knew this was supposed to make you both feel better, but it didn’t work for him. It was something that just made him wonder what if. “I can just hope the chemistry here won’t disappear, huh?”
“Because you have nothing else to offer?” you asked with a glare, and Jungkook realized you were onto him, as always. That’s exactly what he was afraid of, and you read right through him. “I hope you don’t really mean that. I hate saying this because I know it will get to your head, but sex with you is the best I’ve ever had, and there’s no point in denying it. But, this is more than just sex, and I think we both know it.”
Jungkook nodded, completely agreeing with you. He could have sex with other women, but it wouldn’t feel as good as it felt with you because he felt nothing for them. He had to admit it at this point—he had real feelings for you, and no matter how much they scared him, they also made his life a lot better. They got him to get his shit together, which was something not even his parents could do. Nothing else made him want to become a better, more fulfilled individual—only you were incentive enough for it.
“You’re right,” he patted your waist, rubbing gentle circles into your skin, enjoying your closeness and warmth. That’s what he always felt around you—warm, from the inside. “You’re happy, I’m happy, there’s no point in overthinking shit.”
“Exactly,” you grinned, happy that you got him to agree with you, which was something that happened a lot more often nowadays. When Jungkook stopped fighting you every step of the way, he realized you two got along a lot better than he initially thought. “Although…”
The word made Jungkook’s heart drop to his stomach. Was there something wrong, after all? Even when he thought he was completely confident in your feelings for him, a single word could make him anxious. “What is it?”
“You have been treating me really nicely lately,” you concluded with a questioning look on your face, emphasized by your eyebrows scrunching together. The phrasing made him think you found that suspicious, which was kind of offensive.
For a second, he stopped to wonder whether you were joking, but since you seemed to be dead serious, Jungkook finally scoffed. “Isn’t that the point?”
“I mean, when we fuck,” you quipped quickly, tangling your fingers in the hair at the base of his skull, gently tugging at it, just the way you liked. Oh, so you were down to play games, it dawned on him. The way you were toying with his hair was a clear giveaway.
“And you… don’t like that? Wait, I’m confused now,” Jungkook sighed and took a moment to think about it. You didn’t want him to treat you well? What? Just when he thought things were actually going well, he got hit with this out of the left field. “You don’t want to be treated nicely? You?”
“No, no, I do and I love it… Just not all the time.” Your tongue darted out to wet your lips, and Jungkook felt a sudden urge to kiss you, but he had to let you finish your thought. “I guess what I’m saying is that I sometimes miss you hatefucking me.”
Jungkook had to respond right away with an eye roll. “I never hatefucked you.”
“Oh really?” You shook your head at him as you spoke, laughing through it. “After the whole Tae thing? In the car? That wasn’t a hatefuck?”
“No,” Jungkook was adamant about this because he never felt hate for you at any point in time. Why would he? Even when you didn’t even want to talk to him, he didn’t hate you. “If anything, that was an angry fuck. I’ve never hatefucked you in my life. You can’t hatefuck someone you don’t actually hate.”
“But,” you teased, leaning in to place your lips against his softly for a second before pulling away. If you only knew what you were doing to him, you’d stop right away. There Jungkook was, trying to have a nice conversation with you, trying to give you everything you wanted, and you kept talking about sex. It’s as if you two have suddenly switched roles, and you were the sex-crazed one. “You can fuck me like you hate me.”
“You want me to be mean to you?” Jungkook asked and when you nodded, his hand flew up to your neck, which he grabbed as gently as he could and used his grip on you to pull your head in closer. The fact that you moaned when he did that made Jungkook instantly hard. Fuck, you had a hold over him, and he was way too far gone to turn around. “I can do that.”
“Great,” you said, sounding excited despite having a hand pressing against your windpipe. “I miss it.”
“You can just tell me you want to be fucked like a slut if that’s what you want,” Jungkook cocked his head to the side and grinned, realizing he could finally get you to say some dirty things back. If that's how you wanted to play, why would he deny you this pleasure? “Don’t be so shy then.”
“I want it,” you whispered the words at him, but Jungkook didn’t think it was enough.
After all, he could just give it to you slowly and be nice to you, like you deserved. If you wanted him to go all rough, you’d have to ask nicely and make him understand you really wanted it. The thing was, Jungkook already knew, but he just wanted to make you squirm and beg for his own twisted pleasure.
“You want what, baby?” Jungkook asked with a pout, pretending not to follow, hands still holding onto your waist. Oh, he was going to make this so much harder than supposed to, just because you wanted it badly.
You groaned and looked away, showing your annoyance with him, but it just made him chuckle to himself. “Fuck me,” you breathed, upset with yourself for giving in so easily.
You were annoyed with him, he could tell just by the tone of your voice, but the look on your face just cemented that opinion. You wanted to get fucked like a slut, like he hated you, but you couldn’t get yourself to ask, despite everything you two have done together. For some reason, that warmed Jungkook’s heart, this innocence of yours. You were still a good girl despite fucking with him whenever you could—his good girl.
“How?” Jungkook played dumb once again, his other hand flying to your thigh and caressing it, slowly making its way to your core. He wasn’t sure how a simple conversation could turn him on that much, but he was already enjoying the touching way too much.
“Like a slut,” you breathed the words out before chewing on your bottom lip. Did you still feel shy around him, after everything?
When the words left your mouth, Jungkook decided to be good to you, after all, so he took a deep breath and leaned into his seat even more, spreading his legs further apart.
“Okay… Then rub yourself against me like a slut,” he suggested with a shrug, moving his hands to the back of his head and intertwining his fingers there, enjoying the view of you sitting right on his crotch and staring at him in surprise. “What is it?”
“Nothing,” you said, shaking your head and starting to move your hips in circles. Obviously, you realized things weren’t going to go the way you planned. For a change, Jungkook wouldn’t give you everything you wanted right away. “Like this?”
“I don’t know,” Jungkook looked around, feigning confusion, even though he was enjoying it and his cock was already getting hard. “Is that how sluts do it? Don’t think so.”
You placed both palms on Jungkook’s chest and started to move your hips forward and backward, rubbing your crotch against Jungkook’s cock in the process, which made him even harder. Fuck, you were good with your hips. “Is this how sluts do it?”
“I think, uh, they’d show me a bit more,” he said through a chuckle, looking down at your chest, still covered with your dress.
You knew he was right, so you grabbed the material around your ribs and pulled it down, revealing your naked chest to him. Your hands immediately flew up to your breasts, grabbing them, and Jungkook enjoyed the way your fingers sank into the flesh and how you moaned when you did it, for him only.
“Maybe a bit more, baby,” Jungkook felt a bit cheeky when suggesting that, but he really needed to see you act slutty for him. You rarely did, so this was like a nice little treat for him after a serious conversation and this whole night, which was enjoyable but made him more anxious than he’d been all year.
Without a word, you pulled your dress up over your thighs, letting it pool around your waist, crotch naked saved for the seamless underwear you were wearing. When you realized Jungkook was staring at you and waiting for you to do something, you started to rut against him, careful to drag your slit across his entire length and moan. “Fuck, Jungkook,” you bit onto your bottom lip. “So fucking big.”
Jungkook scoffed, tonguing his cheek, “You really think compliments are going to make me give in?”
“No, I would never,” you fake pouted and moved your hand up to your mouth, sticking your tongue to lick the middle and index fingers.
The sight made Jungkook gulp—he was not expecting you to do that so early on. Once they were wet, you sneaked the fingers into your underwear and used them to rub your clit while your hips continued moving. You were playing dirty tonight.
“Oh, fuck, baby, I could come like this,” you informed him in between moans as your fingers rubbed your bundle of nerves, slit rubbing against his clothed cock, which twitched here and there, precum starting to leak out of it.
Your other hand pinched your nipple, making you kick your head back and start moaning loudly, hips starting to move up and down like you were jumping on his cock, something Jungkook fucking loved. Seeing you get so lost in pleasure that you forgot where you were and how to behave always did wonders for him, made it so difficult for Jungkook to not turn you over and fuck you so hard you couldn’t walk after. That night, he knew he couldn’t do it.
“You’re really desperate tonight, huh?” he teased, reaching in to squeeze your breast. God, it felt good to touch you, to have you all for himself. He was a lucky guy, that much was clear.
“Not as much as you,” you chuckled and lowered yourself onto his cock completely, moving your hips in circles to stress exactly what you mean—he was rock hard. “You like this too much, baby…”
Jungkook licked his thumb and index finger and brought them up to your nipple, teasing it, wetting it before giving it a pinch, one that made you grunt and look at him.
“Keep talking like that and you’re not getting fucked tonight,” he threatened, but it was an empty threat. There was no way Jungkook was letting you leave without pumping your pussy full of cum, not after seeing you act so needy. “And we both know you’re already dripping.”
“Of course I am.” Once again, he saw a flicker of shamelessness in your eyes as you smirked at him, and he wondered what made you this horny. “I’m touching myself, am I not? Can you hear it?”
With that, you slipped your fingers even lower into your underwear, over your slit, between your pretty lips, into your hole, moving them in a way that made the most delicious sounds—wet, slippery, slick, all the things he felt when he went down on you or finger fucked you or, even better, stuck his cock in you.
“Such a horny slut for me tonight,” Jugkook licked his lips, fighting the urge to just get his dick out and make you ride him. He was sure you’d do it right away if he only asked. “Maybe you should show more if you want to get fucked.”
Suddenly, the cockiness was back, and Jungkook enjoyed seeing you like that immensely—so needy for him, full of spite. “Maybe you should stop talking so much and just fuck me,” you spat the words at him with a smirk, your fingers still going in and out of your wetness. “Or are you going to let me do all of this myself? Cat got your tongue?”
Oh, you struck a chord there, one that really made Jungkook want to ruin you, in a way you’d both enjoy. But, wasn’t that what you were trying to get here?
“Maybe,” Jungkook said and opened the car door, motioning for you to get out. You seemed a bit surprised for a second there, but you quickly recovered and got out of the car without question. Your dress fell over your waist, covering it, while your breasts stayed out, for everyone to see. “Good girl.”
There was no one there, and there wouldn’t be—it was a place that was hard to reach without a car, and Jungkook would notice headlights from a mile away. Still, the fact that you were half-naked out in the open for him and weren’t complaining made his dick twitch. Jungkook followed you out of the car just as fast, feeling like he was already about to explode. He’d never admit it though. It was just that all this dirty talk was getting him in the mood—you were usually so sweet and compliant, and now you were acting like a slut. The fact that it was just for him made it so much better.
Jungkook unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling his dick out as soon as he stepped out of the car. With a grin, he looked at you, wondering if you were going to stay as compliant. “Suck.”
You crouched, holding onto Jungkook’s thighs, and looked up at him with your tongue out, teasing him even more, knowing how that would make him feel. So, Jungkook placed his erect cock in your mouth, smacked it hard against your tongue, and repeated his demand. “I said suck.”
Instead of doing what you were told, you moved your tongue along the underside of his cockhead, giving it kittenish licks. That’s when Jungkook realized you were trying to get him angry just so he’d fuck you like he hated you, which was practically impossible at this point, where he loved everything about you. It was a fact now—it took him a while to accept it, but it was how he felt, and he enjoyed the feeling once he stopped fighting it. Still, acting like a brat would get you fucked hard, you had a point.
Jungkook’s hand flew to your hair, gripping it tightly. He used it to pull your head back, forcing you to look up at him. “If you don’t suck now, I’m not going to fuck you tonight,” he muttered an empty threat but hoped it would work. “You can forget about me being rough on you. How’s that sound, hm?”
The next second, his cock was in your warm mouth and you sucked hard as your tongue swirled around the tip, making Jungkook see stars. Fuck, you were good at this, especially when you were this disobedient. Despite that, you were still ready to do whatever he asked with a little bit of a push.
“You suck dick so well…” Jungkook couldn’t help but say, not when he already had to think about something else in order not to blow his load in your mouth right away. You acting so bratty and cocky was turning him on immensely, making it hard for him to think straight. “Such a good slut for my dick… Want it that bad, huh?”
Your mouth was too full to respond, but your hand flew up to Jungkook’s balls, which just confirmed that he was right. You started to play with them, rubbing one and then the other before squeezing on both at the same time, all the while his cock was shoved in your throat and you moved your head up and down, keen on getting Jungkook to feel good, which you were absolutely succeeding at.
“Oh, you really want this dick,” Jungkook grunted, grabbing your hair and starting to pull your head in closer to him, making you take more of his cock in. “Horny little slut, huh?”
You hummed in agreement, the corners of your eyes welling up with tears as you looked up at him, his cock entering your throat and making you gag. God, you were so pretty, even in this position, even when all he could see was his dick in your mouth. You were really trying to make it worth his while, choking on him, tears spilling out of the corners of your eyes as you pushed it even further in, desperate to make him give in.
After a while, Jungkook felt like he couldn’t go on anymore—he’d come and ruin all the fun if you kept taking him so well. “Want to get fucked?”
All it took was a nod from you for Jungkook to pull his cock out of your mouth and grab both your hands to help you stand up. Then, he moved over, opened the back door, and motioned for you to get in. He was planning on dragging this out as long as possible, enjoying every single long second of it, but he couldn’t. He was a weak and horny man around you, and it was time to admit defeat.
“Fuck!” you chirped excitedly and went to take a seat, but Jungkook stopped you by grabbing your hand and pulling you into him, your back hitting his chest, ass pressed against his crotch.
“Nu-uh,” he teased, his mouth pressing a soft peck to your neck. The tone of his voice stopped you in place. Suddenly, there was no cockiness left in you as he took control. “On your knees.”
Now, there were many things Jungkook loved about having sex with you, but getting to see you on all fours in the back of the car and loving it was becoming a close contender for the number one spot. His hands flew to the hem of your dress, which he pulled up until it pooled around your waist again, leaving the bottom half of your body practically bare, for him to enjoy.
“What a sight,” Jungkook said, hooking two of his fingers under the hem of your underwear and pulling it down your thighs, letting it fall to your knees. Now, this was a really good sight—your pussy wet, excitement smeared all over it from earlier when you rubbed yourself against him so desperately. “Wet and ready.”
Jungkook wondered if you wanted him to just start fucking you, but stopped himself in time. Going in without any foreplay would be painful. You wanted to be hatefucked and not be in pain, so he leaned down and dug into your pussy like he hadn’t tasted it for weeks, getting everything from his nose to his chin wet with your juices. “God, Jungkook,” you moaned the second you felt his tongue on your folds, back arching into his face. “Oh my—Jungkook!”
He’d gone down on you two days earlier when you told him you were having a bad day. If anything could make a day better, it was getting head, so Jungkook made sure you came three times before you begged him to stop, unable to take more of his tongue pressing into your overstimulated clit. Still, he lapped at your wet folds like it was the first time he was tasting your sweetness or hearing your moans for him.
You loved the whole thing, you were already dripping, and when his tongue found your clit, you screamed out. You’d been wanting to feel more of Jungkook all night, so he gave you exactly that. “Oh my God, Jungkook, fuck!” The words were like music to his ears.
Jungkook’s hands grabbed your cheeks, spreading them and holding you in place while his tongue played with your folds and clit, alternating between sucking on the clit and teasing it with the tongue and moving it up to your hole to lick around it while wishing he was already inside of you.
“Jungkook, fuck, ugh,” was all you could get out, but Jungkook didn’t mind, not when you said his name so sweetly, not when you arched your back even more and let him do whatever he wanted to you, enjoying every second of it, not when your juices were dripping down the insides of your thighs, letting Jungkook see just how turned on you were. “Please, Jungkook!”
“Please, what?” he asked, determined not to fuck you until you begged and showed just how desperate you were.
“Please, fuck me,” you had no trouble begging all of a sudden, the cockiness long gone. “I want you.”
“But baby, you weren’t that good to me,” he teased, moaning against your slit as his hand moved away from your ass cheek just to land down with a loud smack. “Teasing me like that… Not wanting to suck my dick when I asked… How did you think this would turn out?”
“Jungkook, please,” you sounded like you were on the verge of tears, and Jungkook’s cock twitched at the sound. “I’ll be so good to you, baby, so good… I need more.”
“Don’t want me to eat your pretty cunt nicely?” Jungkook teased, moving away. That’s exactly what you said—he was too nice to you. So, he decided to stop being nice and giving in to your every whim. “Okay.”
With that, he used two fingers to smear your juices all over your slit, getting the fingers wet in the process so they could slide right inside of you. And they did, not even a minute later, making you buck your hips into him.
“Mhm, like that, fuck yourself against them,” Jungkook encouraged you, loving the way your cunt sucked his fingers in, juices collecting around your entrance, dripping down his hand. “Earn my dick, come on.”
“Oh my god, you’re so hot,” you grunted at him, making his cock twitch once again. “Can’t wait for you to fuck me…”
You’d be the death of him. Instead of being cocky, you did as asked and backed your hips into him, fucking yourself using his fingers, slamming your hips backward until they were in you up to his knuckles. “Mhm, just like that…” Jungkook didn’t have much to say now, not when he was enjoying seeing you behave like that, like you hadn’t been fucked well in months.
You didn’t pull all the way out, just enough to get friction where you needed it most. He knew you were turned on by the fact that you were in public, albeit a very secluded place, but Jungkook still felt good about seeing and hearing you get so wet and excited, your moans filling his car and ears, unable to hear anything else, not even his own loud grunts as he tugged at his cock, dying to feel the warmth of your pussy around him.
It went on for a while, this little show you put on for him, using his fingers to get off, slamming your hips into them while imagining it was Jungkook’s cock filling you up—or at least that’s what he thought was going through your mind. His mind was filled with you, thoughts of you and him, getting to feel you around him, getting to come inside of you, hold you afterward.
“Fuck, fuck,” you muttered over and over again, unable to come up with anything else to say.
When you let out a particularly loud moan and shuddered, Jungkook decided to give in and started to move his fingers fast. His other hand let go of his cock and moved up to hold your ass in place so you couldn’t move.
The second he started touching you, your moaning got a lot louder, your entire body relaxing as you let Jungkook take the lead. His fingers entered you easily, all the way, getting completely soaked on the first push inside, your pussy walls pulling him in, and he could only imagine it was his cock that was making you cry out.
“Look how fucking needy you are,” he muttered through clenched teeth, fighting against moaning, against the urge to just fuck you senseless right away. “Taking my fingers in so easily…”
His other hand moved to your front, attaching itself to your clit, rubbing it fast, applying just the right amount of pressure. Jungkook knew your body well by now, he’d touched and caressed every nook and cranny, familiarized himself with it every chance he got, volunteering to touch you whenever he thought you’d say yes just so he could figure out what exactly could get you to scream. Jungkook had made it his goal to get to know everything about you so he can please and pleasure you however he could.
So, he was sure the way he was touching your clit paired with how his fingers were fucking you would get you orgasm, and fast. In no more than two minutes, Jungkook proved himself right—he kept moving his fingers in and out, not relenting even for a second, not even when you cried out his name as he pushed you over the edge, walls clenching and releasing hard, body shaking and writhing under him.
He kept fucking you with his fingers through it all, only stopping when you pushed his hand away, a sign that you’ve had enough, that it was too much. “Please, baby, please, please!” Your pleas came out muffled and weak, face pressed into the seat, ass still up in the air, pussy wet and ready, looking so juicy, just for him.
Here’s where Jungkook showed his weakness—he let you have it your way, even though you wanted to be treated like a slut, you wanted to lay there and take it, and wanted him to use you. Still, Jungkook couldn’t keep overstimulating you, even though he was supposed to. Instead of continuing his ministrations on your clitoris and pussy, he aligned himself with your entrance. After all, his cock had been hard for such a long time, and he needed some release too.
Your back arched at the contact with his cock, a moan leaving your throat, “Fuck, Jungkook…”
“It’s time you got what you asked for earlier, don’t you think?” Jungkook teased, gently inserting the tip of his cock inside of you, loving the way your warmth wrapped around it, tempting him to go in all the way immediately. “Do decent girls act like this?”
“No,” you responded, showing him you were still down to play, which Jungkook took as a sign that he should just enter you fully. He stopped pushing when his pubic bone came in contact with your ass, cock lodged deep inside of your cunt. Your walls wrapped around him immediately, wetting him fully, letting him feel the slick of your orgasm. “Just… sluts.”
Hearing you say the word made Jungkook start fucking you hard. At first, he was thinking about going slow, treating you nicely, as always, taking his time, getting you to relax. However, you said the word so sweetly that he couldn’t help himself—his hips snapped back and forth as if they had a mind of their own, and when Jungkook realized just how ready you were for his cock, there was no stopping him.
“And you take dick like one too,” he informed you after a couple of sharp thrusts, mind going blank—the only thing on it was the feeling your pussy gave him. It was as if you were made specifically to fit him in every possible way, and not just when it came to sex. But right then, he was appreciating the way you took him well, walls warm and inviting, drawing him in closer. “All spread out of me, ass in the air, in public…”
“Hm, yes,” you agreed without hesitation, pushing your hips into him as if you couldn’t get enough of him. It was probably the fact that you were practically out in the open. No one would see you, but the idea that someone hypothetically could play tricks with both of you, making you more feral than usual, like that was possible. Jungkook liked seeing you so eager to please him, though. “So wrong…”
“It is, huh?” Jungkook chuckled but even that didn’t slow him down. Instead, the fact that you thought what you were doing felt wrong just made him go faster, wanting to fuck the thoughts out of you until you could only say his name. “You were such a good girl this evening in front of your parents… Bet they’d never think you’re letting me fuck you like a whore in the woods like this.”
You really were—the sweet, perfect daughter, the poster child. And it wasn’t an act, Jungkook knew, you were a good girl and you always tried to make your parents proud. The only area where you kind of failed was him and the things you did with him, for example, letting him fuck you raw in the backseat of his car in the woods in the middle of nowhere. But that was just the start of it.
“No, never, Jungkook…” you groaned, exhaling loudly, your breathing accompanied by small whines. “No fucking way.”
And you were right, they’d never know. Your parents didn’t know how needy you got around him, how you’d just barge into his dorm whenever you wanted to have him, how you’d drop down to your knees in your garage just to feel him in your mouth, or how you moved your panties to the side and leaned against the wall so Jungkook could enter you from behind in the bar’s bathroom. Jungkook was the only one who knew, and he preferred to keep it that way.
“I know… Anyone who passes by could see your cunt getting stuffed with cock, taking it so well, creaming around it,” Jungkook grunted the words at you, unsure of whether this was the right way to go. The things he was saying turned him on more than they did you, it seemed, or at least the same. “Nobody would think you’re such a slut.”
“Nu-uh,” you agreed by humming, too weak to speak as Jungkook kept pushing himself into you fully, not leaving an inch out, getting his dick completely wet. And fuck, you took it well, your wetness wrapping around him, making dirty sounds he loved hearing when he was balls deep inside of you. “Just you, Jungkook…”
“Yes, I’m the only one who sees you getting this nasty,” he chuckled, realizing how true that was, and he loved it. You were such a good girl for everyone else, but with him, you turned into a sex fiend, an insatiable partner willing to do anything to come. He felt so good knowing you really only wanted him, only cared for him, never even thinking about going out and dating someone else. The realization always filled his chest up with pride and warmth, the kind he could only express by holding you close. “Only one who can fill you up, huh?”
“Just you,” you repeated weakly, your thighs shaking, fingers digging into the seat. “God, Jungkook, fuck me…”
“I am fucking you,” he laughed loudly, almost having to stop fucking you. God, how he loved knowing you were needy for him. Jungkook was always horny for you, always ready to give you the ride of your life if you were down, but he wasn’t expecting you to return the same energy and keep returning it after many months. It was as if you two just couldn’t get enough of each other. “Are you that desperate? I’m fucking you hard, baby, you’re swelling up already, but still want more? Dirty.”
With that, he grabbed your hips and started drilling into you so fast he felt dizzy, so the fact that you couldn’t say a word and communicated in whines and moans didn’t come as a surprise to Jungkook. He couldn’t remember the last time he took you from the back like this, not even kissing you, not complimenting you, just using your hole to get off.
You loved it so much, which is what made his head spin—you loved getting dirty for him, letting him use you like a toy, relaxing your entire body so Jungkook can do with it as he pleases. “My… dirty… little… slut…” he grunted in between sharp thrusts, remembering that’s what you wanted from him—to be fucked like he hated you, and Jungkook knew that included dirty talk. “Does my cock feel good for you, huh? Are you going to come all over it, hm?” He hummed loudly, feeling his release approaching but needing to get you there first. “Fuck, you will, you love spreading your legs and letting me use you as I please…”
“I do, I do, Jungk—fuck, I love it so much!” you grunted, hand reaching back to grab his own, which was placed on your hip, both of his hands trying to hold your hips in place for support. “Baby, I’m so cl—just keep going…”
There it was, the baby that always made him so warm and fuzzy. At that moment, it just made Jungkook want to ruin you further until you moaned it repeatedly while you came. “You’ll come for me?” he asked, sounding fucked out himself, but thankfully, his voice wasn’t even that audible because of how loud your moans got. You really let go completely and just cried out with each thrust, pussy clenching around him hard, trying to keep his cock inside. “Maybe I shouldn’t let you come… For acting like a slut.”
It was a bluff, and a pretty obvious one at that—there was no way Jungkook would let you go home without coming, not when you made him feel so good in more ways than one. Still, you didn’t seem to realize that in the heat of the moment, your mind probably focused solely on the feeling of his cock grazing your wet walls, so you begged, “Please, let me, please, Jungkook, fuck!” The words left your mouth quickly, desperately, as if you believed he would pull out and leave you hanging.
“What a good fucking slut,” Jungkook mumbled at you, enjoying the way your hand gripped his tighter, letting him know you were just about to come. His other hand let go of your hip just to come back down to your ass with a loud smack. “I’ll fill you right up, don’t worry. Make sure you go home stuffed with cum…”
“Fuck, Jungkook!” you cried the last coherent words that were to come out of your mouth for a while. What followed was a long string of whines and moans as your body shook under him, knees almost collapsing, chest pressed into the seat.
You sounded so perfect when you were coming, losing all inhibition and letting yourself go. It was as if you just lost all sense of decency whenever Jungkook fucked an orgasm out of you, and you just cussed and whined and told him something that sounded a lot like fucking love your cock, which just made Jungkook more determined to give you the ride of his life.
“I know you do,” he told you with a chuckle. “Can’t fucking get enough of it, huh?”
Jungkook had no plans of slowing down, not when he knew how much you enjoyed feeling his dick in you when you were coming. Besides, he enjoyed the fluttering of your cunt around his cock a lot more than he could put into words. Because of it, he kept pistoning into you hard, his entire body clenched as he focused solely on getting you off fully, on not stopping until you’re dripping, until you’re a blubbering mess.
“God, baby, fuck,” he grunted suddenly, feeling his own high approaching, your walls starting to squeeze him in a way that made him want to let go.
The next thing Jungkook knew, he was pushing you down onto the seat and lying on top of you, his weight pressing you into the seat further. If there was one thing Jungkook absolutely loved, it was being on top of you and having the warmth of your body and your scent around him.
While he enjoyed the new position, Jungkook didn’t stop moving for a second—his cock was still in you, hips moving at a fast pace. This way, he could bury his face into the crook of your neck and kiss it, breathe in your scent with every inhale, feel you around him. “Such a good girl for me, ugh,” he moaned, lips pressing into your neck. “I love fucking you… Love your tight little cunt… Love how you scream for me… Sounds so pretty—”
Every thrust and compliment was met with your moaning, your breathing still heavy. How could it not be when his cock was drilling into you and not letting you rest for a second? Still, Jungkook focused on your neck and kissed it, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as his high approached quickly. “Love it when you’re so good to me, fucking love you, baby, just yo—fuck!”
Jungkook’s mind went blank for a second as he felt spurts of cum squirting out of him and deep into you, so he pushed himself all the way in and stayed lodged inside of you for a while until everything was out. Instead of pulling out, Jungkook stayed like that for a while, careful not to crush you with his weight, but still staying close enough to feel your body under his, cock deep inside of you. It was slowly getting soft, but he didn’t want to pull out, not yet—Jungkook just wanted to prolong the moment of pure and utter satisfaction.
And then, you chuckled slowly and opened your eyes, even though he could see only one because the side of your face was still pressed into the seat. “And they say romance is dead.”
He’d said the words before, albeit when inside of you, but you both know he meant them fully and completely. Jungkook was just weird when it came to confessing something as obvious and personal as that.
This time, though, he didn’t care, so he leaned in, practically pressed his lips against your ear, and whispered it, once again meaning it. “I love you,” Jungkook breathed out, lips kissing the spot right below your ear. Funnily enough, your walls clenched around his dick right then, and it made him laugh. “Talk about romance.”
Tumblr media
A year later
The shift from being a student to being an employee was a lot harder than people portray it. You, however, figured it had a lot to do with the fact that you used to live with your parents and have their support with everything. You weren’t the one running errands, getting groceries, and worrying about bills back home, but as soon as you moved to the city, you realized those things would be your responsibility. Your parents were only paying for the apartment—which was still a lot more than you expected and you were extremely grateful for it—but you had to do everything else on top of work.
Slowly, but surely, you eased into this new life and made it work: work Monday to Friday, make time for some form of social life and the gym, go out to eat at weekends here and there, and have a date night on Saturday. The new routine was more fun than it sounded, mostly because you enjoyed your job, which meant you didn’t dread going to work every morning. Work was fun, the people you worked with were helpful and friendly, so you never felt left out or alone.
However, what you did dread was coming back home to an empty, cold, and dark apartment, showering alone, getting under the covers on your own, letting the sounds of the street below lull you to sleep.
But, even that was worth it because you’d usually get stirred from sleep when Jungkook would sneak under the covers with you and pull you into his frame, nose nuzzling in your hair, his breathing so soft and rhythmic it helped you fall asleep again. It was a nightly routine for the two of you, and you enjoyed it, even if it meant it cut your sleep short.
The job he found when you two had first moved there paid well but it required working a double almost every day, which meant he was out in the mornings and evenings. When he was off work, you weren’t, so you two only had weekends together. It sucked. You lived together, but you didn’t see enough of each other. To you, cuddling in bed for five minutes in the morning or night when you were practically asleep wasn’t enough, but it had to do for the time being. There was no other option.
You didn’t want to complain too much, not when you knew how much getting the job meant to Jungkook, especially since he earned enough to help out with all the costs and save some money on the side, too. He was contributing to the expenses as much as you were, and that was enough to keep him happy. It wasn’t something that mattered to you in general, but his happiness did, so you accepted it, even if it meant you couldn’t spend time with him as often as you would like.
That night, you walked back home from work instead of taking the bus to waste time until the evening when you’d get to spend time with Jungkook. Fridays were always your favorite since you two could stay up and sleep in late tomorrow, all worries postponed until Monday. But, when you arrived, you didn’t find a cold and empty apartment—the lights were on and there was music coming from the kitchen.
At first, you thought there was an intruder, but soon enough, you heard Jungkook singing along to the music, which was surprising, to say the least. You found him making dinner in the kitchen, which instantly had you rushing to him to wrap your arms around him from the back, wanting to stay like that forever.
You took that quite literally and let your arms hold Jungkook for a long while, even though he was clearly busy with dinner and you were kind of getting in the way. “Someone’s happy to see me,” he said through a giggle, focused on stirring the vegetables.
“When am I not?” you quickly responded. It was the truth, and at that point, you really didn’t feel the need to pretend you were not completely in love with the man.
Jungkook grinned at that while you moved away to the side so you could kiss him. “How come you’re home early?”
“I have great news, actually,” Jungkook grinned, unable to contain his happiness, as always. Everything he felt could be read from his face, which is something you’ve learned to appreciate—it saved you from a lot of overthinking. “I quit my fucking job!”
With that, Jungkook laughed loudly, kicking his head back. For a second, you thought he’d gone mental, but he quickly turned serious and winked at you. “Don’t look at me like that, I found a better one.”
“That really is amazing news!” you leaned in and kissed him again, happy to see your boyfriend excited about something again. It’d been a while since he was happy about something that wasn’t you. “What job is this?”
“Well, taking that marketing course in between my shifts paid off because I got a position in this company downtown,” Jungkook started, placing a hand in front of your face when he noticed you were going to start screaming and jumping up about it. Down to Earth, as always. “Don’t get too excited. It’s a starting position and it pays less than my current job, but I get to work from home when I want to and have flexible working hours, which means I can work when you work and spend the rest of the day with you.”
“Jungkook!” you cried out his name before you could stop yourself, completely moved by the fact he’d take a job that paid less if it meant spending more time with you. At that moment, you felt like you were about to cry, which he instantly recognized.
If this year had taught you two anything, it was that you had a lot to learn about each other. When you first moved in together, your whole thing was based on real feelings, of course, but most of them were rooted in sexual attraction. It took a long time for Jungkook to open up to you even before, and getting to the next level and finding out even more was always a challenge.
Now, you were at the point where you knew each other well and could easily recognize when the other was worried or struggling. In your case, you were almost moved to tears, which Jungkook noticed and turned to face you so he could give you a bear hug, planting soft kisses all over your forehead as you nuzzled up to his chest.
“You’re perfect, seriously,” you told him after a while, once your heart started racing, having accepted that you will spend more time with him soon, which is what you’ve been wanting all along. “You’ve made me really happy with this.”
“You always make me happy,” Jungkook admitted without a shred of embarrassment. When he used to talk about feelings or your relationship, he’d start stuttering and it would take him a while to come up with the right words and get them out. You could sense and see it, and so could he.
Nowadays, he had no problem telling you how much you meant to him because it really did feel like you two were endgame. “Can’t wait to be around you more. Weekends are great, nightly cuddle sessions too, but think of all the stuff we’ll be able to do now in the afternoons. We can even go to the gym together so all the assholes who flock around you there know they shouldn’t even be looking at you.”
His bitter comment made you laugh, so you moved away and kissed his cheek, which somehow reminded Jungkook of the veggies that almost burned while he was too busy holding you. “No one flocks around me other than you, but I can’t wait to do everything with you.”
“I can’t wait either,” he admitted and continued cooking, throwing glances at you every once in a while. Had someone told you a couple of years ago you’d be there letting Jungkook make dinner for you, you would have thought they were crazy. You reached out to touch his hand again, just to make sure he was real.
“Oh, and my mother called,” he said out of the blue, nonchalantly, making it seem like something trivial.
Jungkook was on good terms with his mom, always had been, but since you two moved in together, he made a habit out of calling her. You called your parents often, but you mainly did it on Saturdays when they were both home. You weren’t trying to push Jungkook into it, but you asked him why he doesn’t call his mother while you’re on the phone with your folks. Surprisingly, he did, and you both kept the tradition up.
He was always a bit closed off, not wanting to discuss feelings of any kind, but you’ve noticed Jungkook slowly opening up, little by little. Even though he’d never told you just how much the loss of contact with his mother hurt him, you could see for yourself how reconnecting with her made him feel—he became even happier.
“That’s nice! How is she doing, how are your siblings?” you asked, moving in closer so you could feel his body next to yours.
“They’re all pretty good,” Jungkook nodded, continuing to cook, not looking you in the eyes. “They asked about you and wanted me to say hi, as always. She actually… Since your parents are coming to the city to spend Easter with us, she was wondering if it would be a good idea if… They came too.”
That was a big deal. Jungkook had avoided going to his mother’s new home, to a city he’s never visited, meeting her new husband and family. He met them all through the video calls they had and was cordial with them, especially with his siblings, which was something you loved seeing.
Slowly but surely, Jungkook became more gentle and loving, even though he hid those parts of himself from the world. You, however, got to see all of it. He’d never been the type of guy for grand gestures, but Jungkook tried in his own little ways—giving you flowers when you least expected it, cuddling you when you felt exhausted with life, doing your chores when you had a bad day.
These little things meant a lot. Some of them weren’t so little either, like the day after you had somewhat of a breakdown. You were emotional, you missed Jungkook, and everything just kind of piled on. When he came home, all you could do was hold onto him and cry.
The next day, you came back home from work and walked into your bedroom just to realize Jungkook had stuck a bunch of little stars over the headboard of your bed, which always took you down memory lane, back to his room when you two were just kids. It was the sweetest thing he’d probably ever done for you. Even when he wasn’t home, you’d be comforted by seeing those stars.
On top of that, he became kinder in general, which was most evident from the way he treated his siblings. When you were back home, he rarely mentioned them, having spoken to them once or twice. Since the whole fight with his father, Jungkook missed his family a lot, but he never wanted to admit it.
So, when he finally established some kind of a relationship with them, he acted like he never wanted to lose it. He talked to his mother once a week, but he texted his siblings more than that, often even sending them little gifts in the mail. They’d mention how everyone in the school had some cartoon sneakers and the first thing their brother would do was go order the sneakers for them, wanting them to have everything.
“I think it would be a great idea if we could all get together and have a good time,” you said, your hand wrapping around his waist from the side. “Some family time always makes everything better. Plus, you have the great news of this new amazing job to share.”
“You think so? Everyone will get along?” Jungkook stopped cooking, moving the pan to the side and sighing. “It won’t be disappointing?”
“Are you nervous?” It was a stupid question—your boyfriend was clearly nervous about seeing his mother in person for the first time in years, and even more anxious about meeting her new family.
“I am,” he admitted, turning to you so he could wrap his arms around you and pull you in close as if he was comforting you and not the other way around. “A lot, actually.”
“Why?” you pried. You wanted to get to the bottom of it so you could at least try to say something helpful. “I mean, I understand, but I’d like to know what’s going on in your head.”
“They’re a family,” Jungkok breathed the words after a couple of moments of silence, during which you listened to his heartbeat with your head pressed against his chest. “Maybe it will be… Uh, sad, watching two families get together and standing on the side?”
“Jungkook!” You pulled away slightly, hands wrapped around him, caressing his back. “You are their family. That’s the reason they want to come here. It’s not because of me or my family. If they wanted to see my folks, they could always visit or invite them to visit. They all want to see you.”
“You think?” His face scrunched a bit when he asked you that as if it was difficult to believe.
“I know it,” you nodded enthusiastically. “Your mother really misses you and your siblings want to spend time with you. It’s normal to feel nervous, but don’t even think your family doesn’t think of you as a member of it. That’s not true.”
Jungkook didn’t say anything in return, but he pulled you back into his arms and continued peppering kisses along the top of your head, inhaling your scent and sighing deeply. After a couple of minutes of the hug he clearly needed, he cleared his throat and said, “Thank you for always being on my side.”
“Always, Jungkook,” you responded, squeezing him even tighter.
“We’re family now too, right?” You could hear a tinge of uncertainty in Jungkook’s voice when he suggested that, a worry of some sort. You were living together and making plans for the future and definitely not planning to separate—ever, if it came to you.
Tumblr media
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twentyfourbucky · 3 months ago
Angel. Fez (Euphoria)
< Pairing: Fezco (Euphoria) x F!Reader
< Contains season 2 spoilers, S2E3 spoilers; but they aren't anything major, i think. just the scene with rue and fez in the kitchen.
< Word Count: 1,000+ Words.
— Warning(s): none, swear words (fuck, mostly), pet-names used by reader and Fez.
— Summary: the morning you wake up in Fez's house, you weren't expecting for Rue to be there at eight in the morning, ready to explain her genius plan, but you listen intently, all while making the most out of your morning, with your boyfriend.
— Genre: fluff, lots, or at least an attempt at fluff.
Extra Notes: reader is a happy pill. pairing trope between Fez and her is literally sunshine, and sunshine protector.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you woke up to an empty bed.
the side of your bed was filled with you, the mess of the blanket fez had put over you when he woke up this morning and your phone under the pillow, meanwhile on fez's side it was just his pillow and his side of the blanket folded, showing that he had gotten up much earlier then you and was probably out in the living room.
as you make your way out the the living area, you hear voices and then fez's, smiling to yourself at the sound of it.
"morning rue," you give the curly-haired brunette a side hug when you walk pass her.
"hey y/n," she greets happily, the same little grin of a smile on her face whenever you would talk to her.
you give faye a kind smile too as you happily make your way up to fez who already seems to be ignoring whatever it is rue's going on about the moment he hears your voice.
"hi baby." you slide your hands up his shoulder, nuzzling your nose with his. you stop yourself from giggling at the feel of his hands that rest on your waist, enjoying how he embraces you while you stand in just one of his tee and safety shorts.
"hey lil' ma," he leans forward to give you a kiss, but before he can brush his lips against yours, rue interrupts.
"fez, dude listen to me. i'm a fucking genius," your ears perk up at the sound of this, spinning on your heel to look back at rue who looks a little too eager to talk about something at, eight in the morning.
fez sighs when you turn to face rue, but pulls you close to him. his hands are still on your waist but what makes his head spin is the scent of your perfume you have on, despite having slept over you still smell insanely good and fez has to stop himself from burying his head into the nape of your neck. he rejoices mentally when he feels your fingers play with his, mindlessly twisting the ring he has on.
"is that so?" your boyfriend mumbles, though he doesn't mean to sound uninterested, you lightly nudge him to listen.
your eyebrows raise when rue claps her hands together and places them under her chin, leaning softly against the fridge door where faye is getting her food.
"it is fucking so, because... i came up with an amazing fucking plan." you watch in amusement at how many times rue uses the word fuck in sentence, but your attention never fades.
"and what would that be, rue?"
"alright so," she stands up straight and brings her hands together again, leaving a gap in between to demonstrate her words. "all you'd have to do, is front me five thousand dollars worth of drugs. okay? and then-"
"- hell the fuck no." fez says, dragging out the L, and chuckling as he finishes his sentence.
rue pauses, "well before you say no you kinda gotta let me finish. right?"
"hell the fuck no," fez chuckles again, unconsciously hugging you tighter in his arms.
"okay why do you keep saying that?" rue asks, sounding a lot more serious then before, making you tilt your head curiously.
"i did not like the way the plan started-"
neither did you, but you acknowledged the effort and time spent from rue to have thought of it, even if you had no clue what she was gonna start and end with.
"- 'kay well you have to let me finish the fucking plan!" she says exasperatedly.
"- hell the fuck no rue..." you feel his body move slightly, he must've been shaking his head or something.
finally, rue throws her arms up as if to say she's done, and she says so.
"okay fine- fuck it. i give up, whatever," she waves a hand in the air as she starts to make her way out. "i'll just take my fucking business elsewhere," she jerks her head to the side then catches your line of sight, her eyes looking at you with a glimmer in her eye.
you smile at how comical rue is being without realising but then frown and shake your head.
"sorry babes, i have no say in this." you say apologetically, and rue sighs as she nods her head. her eyes then flicker back to fez,
"it's your fucking loss man," she says as a matter of fact, and just to see his reaction, you tilt your head up to see fez looking straight at rue with no intention to change his mind. when his gaze doesn't falter, you look to the front and see rue still lingering in the door way, pretending to make an exit while turning her head around to convince fez.
"hell, the fuck no." he chuckles and rue leaves with a shake of her head, making you laugh softly under your breath.
"you didn't wanna hear her out?" you turn to face him now that rue left.
"nah ma, she's trippin'. i don't wanna think about that shit this early in the morning," he says, looking down at you, you with messy bed hair and one of his shirts loosely hanging on your body.
"i never got to give you a proper good morning kiss," you murmur when he leans his forehead against yours.
"never too late for that, hm?" he smirks but before he can lean in, you swerve your head so he ends up kissing your cheek. when he looks at you in disbelief, you only giggle and walk over to where faye is.
"heya faye," you decide to help her make a sandwich, one for you to share with fez while she makes one on her own. "did you sleep well?"
"i slept so fucking well, like a baby." she smiles, she almost looks like she's in a daze but you don't say anything about it.
when she leaves the kitchen and you're left to clean what's left of the mess from making breakfast, you feel fez walk up behind you, wrapping his arms warmly around you.
he doesn't say anything, nor do you. instead you lift the sandwich you've cut in half and lift it up to fez's lips, asking for him to take a bite out of it first before you take the next.
"you doing anything today?" he asks softly, not wanting the moment to be ruined by faye, who's sat in the living room with the television playing loudly.
"hmm," you hummed. "just school. i have to help lexi out with auditions for her play, after that i'm not doing much." you turn to lean your back against the counter. "what about you, baby?"
"ashtray and i gotta go deal with some shit, but we'll be back before the moon hits. that okay with you, ma?"
you tilt your head, a smile creeping up on your face. "it is, why wouldn't it be?"
fez shrugged, nonchalant as ever. "i d'unno. just wanna make sure you're okay with me being out for a bit before i see you again."
you smile, a wide one that makes your cheeks hurt and fez feels himself want to capture the moment in his eyes forever.
"thank you for asking," you kiss his cheek. "i'll be fine, trust."
"okay," he smiles. a genuine one that's almost always, (is) reserved for you, and it makes you feel all soft inside. "you an angel, you kno' that?"
you breathe out a laugh, "not even close sweetheart." you take a bite out of the sandwich.
"well you are," his eyes meet yours, suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed at how much emotion is hidden in his eyes. "a whole guardian angel."
"thank you," you chuckle despite the blush you feel growing on your cheeks. "i'm gonna go get ready but i'll see you later, kay?"
"i'll see you, baby." fez pulls you in for one last, proper kiss. the first kiss he had given you since you woke up and god, is it good.
you find yourself tiptoeing to have more, to have his lips on yours longer than he allowed it but before you can pull him closer, you hear a thud from the living room.
"sorry!" faye's voice rings out and you chuckle softly while fez shuts his eyes in annoyance.
"see you later," you peck his lips.
Tumblr media
— was that... alright? can't believe it's taken me this long to finally write, and release a fez imagine but the fear of posting it was slowly shrinking so i decided to say fuck it and go forward :,)
— first ever imagine i've written, i'm still getting used to tumblr, but if you enjoyed it do leave a like, reblog or comment anything you want to Xx any type of love given is appreciated
love, fleur Xx
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maybankforlife · a month ago
Why Stop Now
Tumblr media
Author's note: Happy 420 guys! Sorry, it is so late at night to be posting this but I wanted to take my time with it. Also let the record show I was high as the empire state building when I wrote this, in 420 fashion lol. I hope yall enjoy this surprise holiday fic.
Chase Altantic Masterlist
Pairing: JJ Maybank x reader
Summary: It's JJ's favorite day of the year and what better way to spend it in bed with his girlfriend.
Word count: 1800
Warnings: SMUT, swearing, marijuana use, fingering, oral (fem and male receiving), squirting, overstimulation, sex while under the influence
April 20th was JJ’s favorite day of the year for obvious reasons. You loved the day too, always enjoying getting high with your boyfriend. This year he planned to take it over the top though, by not letting you leave his bed. You had been awake for no more than five whole minutes before JJ pulled out his stash of pot from his bedside table. You watched as he rolled a joint, almost mesmerized by his delicate work with his hands, fingers, and tongue. 
High sex with JJ was the most euphoric thing you had ever experienced in your life. Everything about it felt better and intensified. His soft lips and the way they captured yours. His giant hands and the way they worshipped every square inch of your body. His delicate fingers and the way he curved them inside of you just right. His long and sinful tongue and the way he lapped at your core like you were his favorite treat. And his perfect cock and the way he never failed to make you fall to pieces with a handful of thrusts and loving praise. 
JJ was also always hungry for high sex with you too, considering he found out how easy it was to make you squirt when you were on cloud nine. He loved to please you in any way he could, but making love to you with his mouth was his favorite. That man spends a considerable amount of time with his head in between your thighs and today would be no exception. 
You both took your time passing the joint in between you. By the time there was only one hit worth left, you took it in between your lips inhaling deeply, and proceeded to brush your lips against JJ’s before exhaling the smoke in his face. He inhaled what he could while he patiently waited for you the put the bud out in the ashtray. The second you turned back to face him, you were being pushed down, your back becoming flush with the mattress. He hovered over you, his lips immediately dominated yours as needy whimpers danced out of your mouth and into his. 
When he pushed his tongue past your lips, you teased him by sucking on it gently causing him to grind into your aching heat. The feeling of his hard clothed cock against you had you dripping down your thighs already. His hands dipped under your sleep shirt to squeeze your tits as you turned your attention to his neck. Nipping and sucking gently on his sensitive spot nearly turned him into a puddle on top of you. 
He trailed his hand down your stomach painfully slow, almost in a tickling fashion before sliding it into the waistband of your pajama bottoms. He applied gentle pressure to your clit before starting to rub slow circles. You ripped your lips from your neck, dipping your head back into the pillow as your whined out in pleasure. He placed tender kisses to your jaw before dragging his lips down your neck. His loving mouth almost had you distracted until you felt his fingers dip down lower to probe your pussy. 
“You’re so fucking wet for me. Just like a good girl should be.” He mewed before slipping a finger inside of you. He continued to kiss your neck while pumping his finger slowly in and out. He knew that taking things slowly drove you crazy. You tried hard to be patient but you felt like your entire body was on fire. 
“Baby, please.” He loved making you needy and hearing you beg. He added another finger and the sound you made had his cock twitching in his boxers. He made you squirm for a little while as he continued to attack your neck before finally curling his fingers upward. It was never an issue for him to find that sweet spongy spot inside of you the second he intended to. He felt your walls start to spasm as they grew tighter around him. 
“That’s it, princess.” You dug your fingernails into the back of his shoulder blades as you came down from your first orgasm. He pulled his fingers out of you and quickly popped them into his mouth, savoring the taste of you. You grabbed him by the back of his neck, smashing your lips to his. You shoved your tongue into his mouth, demanding he shares any remains of your sweet nectar. You moaned into the kiss and he pulled back, helping you sit up to remove your top.
Once your chest was bare for him, he took your nipples into his mouth sucking on each one before biting down gently. Then he sponged kisses down your stomach before hooking his fingers in the hem of your shorts and tugging them down your legs. He admired the huge wet spot on your panties before ripping those off too and tossing them across the room. 
He started out by lapping up the juices that seeped out of your pussy, determined to clean you up. Your back was already threatening to arch off the bed before he started rubbing your clit, looking up at you with a smirk on his face. He kissed the insides of your thighs before diving right in, dragging his tongue in and out of your weeping hole as you clung onto the sheets for a sense of stability. That familiar coil in your stomach was winding up fast as you sat up your forearms to watch him work wonders on your pussy. You tangled your hand in his hair, forcing him further into you as your moans grew louder and more desperate. Hearing your heavenly noises had him groaning into your heat and the vibrations were all it took for you to reach another peak, coating his face in your slick this time. You knew he would continue stimulating you, to help you ride out your high but once you came down he refused to stop. He replaced his tongue with his fingers and started sucking on your clit. Your toes started to curl from the overstimulation. 
“JJ.” You whined as you tried to push his face away. He slapped your hands away and gripped your hips tightly, keeping you from squirming away. He was on a mission and you knew exactly what he was after. You accepted your fate, giving in to the overwhelming pleasure as he went back and forth between sucking on your sensitive bud and flicking it and a rapid pace. Your legs began to shake and you knew what was coming. You came undone again, this time completely squirting in his face. 
“Fuck baby, you’re so hot. I love it when you do that for me.” He was all too pleased and overly eager to clean you up again as you fought to catch your breath. He was gentle with his movements, knowing how sensitive you were. He lapped up everything you had to give to him before trailing kisses back up your body. 
You didn’t let him get too far before flipping over on top to straddle him, quickly grinding down onto his cock. He let out a low growl before bringing you back down to kiss him. His lips were starting to become more and more aggressive against yours and you felt yourself getting wet all over again. You pulled away, trailing kissing down his chest as you palmed him through his boxers. He didn’t even try to stop himself from bucking up into your hand. His patience was gone as he grew more desperate to be inside of you. 
Your face finally became level with his hips and you slowly rid him of the only barrier he had left. You drooled at the sight of his swollen cock springing up to his stomach. You craved it, in many ways. You didn’t tease him as much as you wanted to. You know he needed you. You quickly hollowed out your cheeks and took him completely into your mouth. His cry of relief mixed with pleasure had you clenching around nothing as you worked to pump him in and out of your mouth. 
“Shit I can’t do it, princess. I have to fuck you.” He pulled away from your mouth and grabbed you up so your pussy was level with his cock before helping you sink down on top of him. The stretch was always delicious but it was almost enough for you to fall off the edge again. JJ helped you roll your hips, the movement so slow it was teasing to you both. 
“I love how you feel inside of me J.” You cooed, knowing he loved to be praised just as much as you did. 
“Yeah?” He sat up and flipped you both over in one fluid motion. “My princess loves how good I fuck her doesn’t she?” He teased as he slowly started thrusting. You couldn’t find your voice. All you could do was nod your head as you lost yourself in the pleasure all over again. His thrusts were slow but deep. He kissed you passionately this time, making you weak in the knees. You tugged at his hair and that nearly sent him over his edge as he worked to increase his pace. Your nails raked all over his back as he hit your spot head-on with the tip of his cock. He rested his head in the crook of your neck, leaving kisses anywhere he could as he brought you both closer to your releases. 
“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” You chanted as you clenched hard around him, sucking him in even deeper as you came again. 
“Oh, fuck.” He groaned as he spilled completely inside of you. Tears welled up in the corner of your eyes at all the overwhelming pleasure and emotion. JJ slowed his pace but wasn’t stopping and once again, the overstimulation had you squirming to try and get away from him. 
“I can’t babe.” You pleaded and he pushed your hair back out of your face and leaned down to kiss your forehead sweetly. 
“Give me one more baby, then I’ll let you rest okay?” You couldn’t help but give in to him as you always did. Even though he was fucking you as slow as possible, you quickly found yourself on the edge of another release. You squirted for him again and the feeling had him stuffing you full of his seed for a second time. You were more than relieved when he finally pulled out. You were so fucked out, you found yourself drifting off to sleep pretty quickly. 
He let you rest for a mere forty-five minutes before getting high again. He simply couldn’t help himself with the way you laid peacefully next to him. You weren’t surprised when you woke up with his head between your thighs. It was going to be a long and exhausting day.
taglist: @obx-pogue4life @sugarcoatedjj @maybankxw @hopebaker @herejustforjj @apogueprincess @samxslaughter @strokesofstokes @pankowfruitsnacks @my-baexht-ls @absolute-fcking-chaos @lyn07 @wannabestarkeysgirl @masteroperator @bjrmaybank @rafecameronswhore @maybanks-luver @outerbankspov @truewdw1 @valeriiecameron @jessmaybank
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twistneteclipse · a month ago
hi i’m anon that sent in the pussy drunk matt and while i did mean matt casey (aka the lorb of my life) i kinda want to see murdock pussy drunk. guess this counts as a FPF request.
(🦋 so you know it’s me next time)
Tumblr media
WARNINGS ─ female!reader, smut [ pussydrunk!matt, oral [ f ], squirting + worship kink ] + mature language
COMMENTS ─ oh! i’m so happy to hear you loved it! [ and glad i guessed right the first time! ] i also created a little tag for you! -- thank you for sending this in, love!!
five paragraph fics ⇢ send me a headcanon or scenario to write
matt groans softly against your cunt, responding in kind to how your fingers fisted his curls and had tugged oh so sharply. the vibrations shoot up your spine, causing your thighs to shake violently in his harsh grip. he’s pleased with the reactions you’re giving him, more than happy to provide you what you wanted more than anything in that moment.
“hail mary...” matt whispers against your folds, swiping the flat of his tongue up toward you clit, flicking over the bud with diligence with his eyes twisting shut, ...full of grace.” it takes you moment to catch onto what exactly he’s saying -- the weight of his words finally hitting you in full force when he pauses to moan in-between sentences before continuing, words no longer muffled by your cunt, “our lord is with thee.” 
the moan leaving your throat is almost animalistic, surprising just as it was to hear the man settled between your thighs with his face pressed firmly into your pussy fucking pray as if this was something so holy. “blessed art thou among women...” he preaches, slurping loudly between his words before shoving his tongue deeper into your cunt, and pulling unholy moans from your lips as he works you closer to the brink of an orgasm.
he’s pussydrunk at this point -- something you don’t need to tell him as he already knows. he hums appreciatively when you grind back against his tongue. spurred on completely by the way you mewl and beg for him to keep going and how close you are. “...and bless is the fruit of thy womb.”
he finishes out his small prayer, lust-filled eyes slowly opening as he lets you fuck his face, eyes also rolling back in their sockets as you use him to chase your impending orgasm. strands of her gripped tight between your fingers and not loosening until you cum violently against his mouth -- wetting his lips and chin with your release as he gets back to work with renewed vigor. tongue sliding around eagerly to clean you up.
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peterparkersgirlfriend1 · a month ago
What a Surprise. | Peter Parker x fem!Reader
warnings; makeout session & suggestive
Tumblr media
“Aw, you promise you won’t be bored Buttercup?”
“Bored? With you? Never.” You playfully scowled at him.
“Mmhhm.” Peter hummed into your neck. He began trailing open mouth kisses down your neck. His lips smacked against your skin as they got deeper and faster with every kiss. Your heart sped up each time you felt his touch.
Peter could hear your heart beat each time it sped up, prompting him to keep going. Man, did he love seeing you flustered. Peter wrapped his left arm and pressed it to your lower back, dangerously lingering above your ass. You wiggled into him closer, now straddling his waist.
Peter knew how much of a flustered, babbling mess he could turn you into just by a few kisses. Most of all, he knew how much you loved it. Peter hooked onto your sweet spot and began kissing you deeply right there.
“PetePetePete!” You moaned sensually.
“Hmm?” He pulled away from your neck and his eyes softened at you. “Are you okay lovebug?”
“No! well, I was! Why-Why did you stop?” You whined.
“Because I want some love too.” He stuck out his bottom lip.
Without thinking you cupped his cheek and planted a needy kiss on his lips to which he happily returned. “Please … just a little more.”
Peter cocked an eyebrow as you readjusted your position, still straddling his waist. “What did you say, princess?”
“Please, please.” You begged.
“Please what?”
“Please, please kiss my neck Peter!” You whined. He wanted to hear you say it.
“Your wish is my command, princess.”
You readjusted again, this time rubbing his member slightly in the process. Peter let out a soft groan. He reattached his lips to your neck, and began sucking on your sweet spot. Your arms found his way to his back and you began rubbing small circles on his back. Peter sighed against your neck and tightened his grip on your waist. “You like that, huh princess?” Peter mumbled now kissing your jawline.
You met his lips and nodded as you gripped onto his back.
“Getting feisty now, aren’t we?” Peter mumbled in between the kisses. Your cheeks heated up causing Peter to devilishly smile. You began to get lost in pure ecstasy. You ran your tongue across his bottom lip. You knew how crazy this made him. Peter invited you in as he opened his mouth wider and pressed his hand to your cheek. He ran his thumb over your cheek gently as the kiss became even more heated.
“I thought you wanted to watch Star Wars tonight?” You mumbled in between kisses.
“I did… I did.” Peter softly groaned into your mouth. “I’d rather kiss you though.”
Peter trailed his hands softly to the nook of your back. “T-This okay?”
“Mmhmm.” You hummed unable to speak. You wrapped your arms around his neck. You outstretched one of your hands to massage his scalp gently.
In the midst of it all, a loud knock at Peter’s bedroom door disturbed the two of you.
“Pete?” May called. “We’re going to be late for dinner?”
“Wh-What do you mean?” He called back shooting you a panicked look.
“We’re going out for Thai remember? You, me, Happy, Y/n.”
“Oh, riiight. Riiight.” Peter breathed out.
“Be ready in five minutes!” You could hear May’s footsteps walk farther away.
“She must’ve forgotten to tell me.” Peter sheepishly smiled. “I’m so sorry, I promise if I knew I would have told you earlier-“
“Peter,” you gently interrupted and pressed a kiss to his nose. “I promise, PROMISE it’s okay. I understand! It’ll be fun, and when we get home we can pick up where we left off.”
“I’d like that.” Peter began pressing kisses all over your face. “I’m going to have you screaming my name princess when we get back.”
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