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#so like waste not want not

i feel like ml needs to pick a lane. 

you can’t have a ‘monster of the week’ type show where everything stays in the status quo and an overarching villain/romance plot because overarching plots rely on change. miraculous isn’t changing. when it does change, it does so in a single episode while the other dozen episodes per season enforce the status quo.

the change doesn’t even have to be big! let the show move forward! let the characters and the plot grow and change! 

we’re getting bored.

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Why am I putting so much thought into whether or not Michael smoked the joint David handed him. Like excuse me Michael, Paul rolled that and even lit it up for you and you’re just gonna hold it DFHKJSDHFKSJH

THAT AND! If he DID smoke it they ate right after like…. that whole high went to waste like immediately lmao

nobody is winning 

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You ever just like, the day is too much, and there’s just no words or energy and you just wanna skip forward in time.

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okay ace discourse is over now aces are officially oppressed bc adam sandler made an ace cringe joke in his new stupdi fucking halloween comedy movie like im. south park already got its jabs on us in like 2017 but we’re all just gonna sit by and let him do this too. god GOD i hate cishet funnymen havent we fucking suffered enough please let me go

#not for regs / // like this is a joke obviously but you actually do make my life hell 4 no reason and this is actually annoying lol, #like 'the oppressors dont even kno who u are' they do they cringe on us adam sandler knows and that will haunt me till the day i Fucking die, #and also the fact that the ONLY REAOSN I KNOW THIS SHIT is bc my against-my-will cishet white republican man roommate, #was watching it on the living room tv and ive never felt so instantly ready to be homeless, #the 'haha what' tone that he immediately took on like literally please let me g-o__Oo-_oo-OO_, #STOP CISHETS FROM MOGAI CRINGE UNIRONICALLY BC ITS A BIGOTRY THING BUT ALSO IRONICALLY BC UAUAUAU, #ADAM SANDLER LIKE EITHER LET ME LIVE OR AT THE VERY /LEAST/ LET ME DIE, #i will say tho ig he stood by his promise abt making it like the worst one yet or smth, #but god i just like. this is why we ask u all to stop the nonsense ur enabling cishet ugliness to get more and more mainstream lol, #i should not have a panic response at the sound of my own identity being spoken on tv bc i inherently KNOW its gonna cause me grief, #anyways tho i Know nobody wants to hear whatever demonic latin chant was put into that script but i gotta say it;;;, #it was some weird amish lookin person who ig only shows up to be weird from time 2 time and says 'im asexual but that girls making me horny', #and like oshghsg regs are Already lining up to downplay but. u kno the truth like u KNO we've been miserable for years. its just a topper, #like osfhds is that the Worst thing a cishet has ever done to me? no and thats why i hate it bc my god these bitches clown, #and that was like the circus ringleader of edgy cishet men went honk honk to attract even more clowns, #you let the cishet reddit incels suggesting eugenics and rape threats on ace fb videos run so adam could walk thru mainstream media like tht, #and it kills me bc aspecs and ppl who are capable of listening or having sympathetic reasioning skills are gonna understand, #All the horrible social issues we face that this jokey portrayal hits right on like Immediately w/o having to be told, #but dumbass regs with no braincells are gonna be like 'why is that bad', #honey bc u dont listen and arent gonna start now so stop tryna waste my time <3 go outside tm and ask a cishet abt mogai labels. hav fun, #stop avoiding shit that obviously happens bc u kno it wouldnt back up ur argument. like bro the proof is Literally right here, #that cishet dudes with power like to fuck around with mogai cringe. u think that doesnt affect anyone and u got brain worm or just lazy
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I love how my family say they don’t invade my privacy yet if I ever receive a letter or package, they will ask what it is and get offended if I don’t tell them. Because not opening it obviously means they aren’t being invasive. It’s easier to tell them in advance what I am expecting, if anything, rather than not tell them and have them grow more nosy.

So with that said, I just woke up and heard my parents answering the door with my mum explaining to my dad that it’s “Niamh’s ****” that I won in a competition earlier this week. And my sister immediately came into my room to ask what it was too because? The lady said she would put it in an ordinary envelope to be as discreet as possible and not make any family suspicious, but that doesn’t work with this household 😭

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