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#so many feels
ratracechronicler · an hour ago
Fun fact I learned while dusting my collection of souvenir spoons my family has gifted me over the years: most, if not all, of the spoons pertaining to historic or significant U.S. landmarks are not made in the U.S.! Most of them appear to have come from New Zealand. Also a few from Japan, one from Canada, and I think one from...Holland. But the Mexico spoon is from Mexico. Go you
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daisylincs · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Natasha raised one shoulder, acutely aware of his gaze riveted on her. "Why would I tell you about my birthday?"
"So we could celebrate it," Clint replied, his voice so genuine that she actually paused, setting down the unholy container of crappy American coffee he loved for some inexplicable reason and returning his gaze.
"I appreciate that," she said softly, because she did - the idea of his caring made something inside of her unfurl and soften in a way she hadn't felt since the Red Room's doors closed behind her that first time.
Shaking her head, and sending the bittersweet memories away with the movement, she picked up the coffee again. "I appreciate it," she repeated, "but I've never had a reason to celebrate my birthday before."
And that was that.
Or: Birthdays have never been cause for much celebration throughout Natasha Romanov’s life - but the family she found? They tend to disagree.
A very happy birthday to my dearest @ohwriteiforgot! ❤️
Read it here on AO3
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littleblondesoprano · 4 hours ago
Alright, y'all, if there's one thing I've learnt in these so many years of studying Creative Writing and just...being in school - speaking from a graduate level now, is: you've gotta write for yourself.
It's something I've had to relearn and retrain in myself, because it's ripped out of you when academic essays start rolling in, even more so at a 'higher level' because, ya know, if you're anything like me you want to bedight your stories with the gentle flourish and gravitas of a Baroque Era poet to seem, to be, "perfect" - but it doesn't help. It really doesn't help. All you're doing is working yourself into a hole.
Because the really great stories out there, the really great poets, especially now - are shedding the puritanical lens of years ago, especially in seeing what's being published - the raw, the bloody and messy, the casual, that's what connects to people. Not some heavily cleansed and perfumed work, if that's your tea though, go for it, but don't be afraid of mechanizing the messy and embracing what you want to see, even if it's 'cringe'.
Write self-inserts! Talk to the audience! Be overly-simplistic and vague! Explain dreams in stories! Be uuber detailed about a gore scene! Write for you - because, believe it or not, that's what people want, and that's what'll make you the most happy.
If you're still here, I'mma share a quote from the director of my program - also my professor - on the last zoom call. He said: "There are no rules in Creative Writing, only principles, and we can break them as much as we want. It's why we're all crazy."
Go, be free, be cringe, you won't believe how happy you'll feel.
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caseysbrett · 11 hours ago
unpopular opinion (??): i’m kind of glad they didn’t kiss? i just feel like there’s so much they need to figure out/talk about together and i want them to resolve those issues before doing anything else
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schtroumpfmoralisateur · 13 hours ago
idealogically i dont agree with hogatha trying to kill the smurfs but ngl she kinda went off with the being a fat woman with a large nose who doesnt feel the need to get rid of that to be pretty and only started going off at the smurfs bc they accidentally stole her shit and then killed her. she was minding her own business before then.
tbh a lot of her schemes that weren’t revenge for her getting killed were just urban legend beauty formula things and in the middle ages there weren’t a lot of reliable makeup stuff and most of it was just that sort of hearsay, and then that one time she tried to marry a prince for the power and riches which also makes sense for a woman in the middle ages to do.
anyways out of universe she was probably made fat with a big nose to look “ugly” but in universe if she just switched out the hairstyle and color of her wig and had lipstick that was a more neutral color and not bright red, i think she’d be really pretty. she just needs to find a color palette that compliments her looks yknow? maybe pink and yellow and blue and a more strawberry blonde hair color, or she could go all in on the witchy hag aesthetic and wear black w/ a black wig and highlights of red and yellow in her clothes to match her pet vulture harold. also her hairstyle isn’t doing her any favors, having a bunch of ringlets near the top of her head just makes her head look narrow in comparison to her body. maybe some longer curls?
also i think it’s cute how she snorts when she laughs and i like to imagine her real name is like... agatha or smth, and hogatha was a nickname given to her because of how she sounds when she laughs. which would mean she probably used to be very cheerful.
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champagne-daydreams · 17 hours ago
Just finished The Crown of Gilded Bones and I am shooketh.
I basically haven’t done anything but read when I should be working for the last 48 hours, and I think I’m going to be just as useless for the next 48.
Expect lots of posts about this. I have a lot of feelings I can’t put into words, luckily other people can!
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ari-is-anxious · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
It is very late for me but uhh *shoves this into your hands* here's a Finale Mattie
#hehe that rhymed#finale...mattie#that's nice.#anyways-#i have been sitting on this drawing for too long. way too long like seriously#probably like. over a week or two. atleast#which...doesn't really read as that much#but it for sure feels like it's been a long time since i finished this#it was made a couple days after the reese drawing#(upon further reflection i've decided that there is no way that was done like a half a week ago. it's definitely been *at least* 2-3 weeks)#and then the upcoming finale annleigh drawing (which. ideally. will be posted in the next couple days) was finished a day or two after conclusion i should really just. jot down the date whenever i finish a drawing#or—alternatively—i could just. y'know. post drawings at the time i finish them#that's an idea#either obvious solution would relieve me of so. so many headaches i swear#we are the tigers#watt#mattie we are the tigers#mattie watt#mattie wheeler#honestly looking at this drawing i'm not even sure how happy i am with it#in the days after i first finished it i was like.#aw that's sweet :)#and like. yeah. it is relatively sweet#but idk how much that really counts for if that's the only thing going for it#i suppose it's not super important#ultimately i am glad i drew it. mostly cause i'm still trying to figure out how i wanna draw mattie#also sidenote but sorry if the picture isn't of the highest quality#i just. it's one am. i'm so tired lol#i just wanna send this piece out into the world and be done with it. and then maybe go to bed (so uh good night to you all :] )
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theriverdalereviewer · 23 hours ago
the way society would just come together every tuesday night to just hate on pretty little liars it was so beautiful
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traumacure · a day ago
i don't block people without ages in their bio even though i'm uncomfortable with young minors (14 or younger) following me bc this isn't like, any kind of explicit blog, but also sometimes someone without an age follows me and it's like oh god... you must be a middle schooler please be careful out there
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theseimmortalsouls · a day ago
I’ve been following you for a while and I don’t even know your name. What can I call you?
i have many names, hadassah, orly, wydowna, sully/solly/soloman, some of the many nicknames include mars, wynny, dasi, daya, zig, blue.. at this point u could call me anything and i'd respond. actually i notoriously hardly respond to anyone so maybe i wouldn't..
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andrea-lyn · a day ago
apparently when I write now, I hit 600 words and my brain flips the ‘closed’ sign
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