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#so many things to do
lekawi · 11 days ago
Nothing serious, just truly comfort WIP from comfort job
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Tumblr media
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aka-indulgence · a month ago
want to write stuff but Lotsa Stuff happening in September so I think posts will (probably) be a bit scarce for a bit /w\;
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thatsneakymedic · 16 days ago
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List of things I want to do for October: 
Find an October horror writing challenge for this year for me to write out horror drabble stories involving Kabuto. 
Write a Kabuto diary drabble of him taking care of Tuna with @sharkfinx
Finish the 2nd chapter of my fic
write a small nsfw drabble for @abyssaldespair​ 
and of course find a neat horror icon for my header. >:D 
Either way, happy October Eve everyone! 
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letusshinee · a month ago
Tumblr media
Food log: I screwed up, bad 🤷🏻‍♀️
On today’s news, I’d completely forgotten exactly how nasty I get when I’m at my worst during a binge cycle 💀💀
Ate everything pictured (+ 200g sour cream dip, and 300g salsa) since lunchtime today, so yeah…
- Sweets (976 kcal, 15g protein).
- Hot & Spicy crisps (880 kcal, 8g protein) + sour cream dip (270 kcal, 4.5g protein).
- Frozen lasagna (422 kcal, 20g protein).
- 2x biscuit bars (245 kcal, 2.5g protein) so ate like half of the box.
- Chocolate w biscuit (544 kcal, 6g protein).
- Whole frozen mud cake (1576 kcal, 16.5g protein).
- Bugles crisps (649 kcal, 6.5g protein) + jar of salsa (144 kcal, 4.5g protein).
- Whole box of milk chocolate biscuits (750 kcal, 10g protein).
- Half of the pictured mozzarella sticks (378 kcal, 20g protein) + some sriracha (~15 kcal).
= 6,154 kcal and 113.5g protein.
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hotchsbabygirl · a month ago
Why is college so confusing
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lunariarts · 13 days ago
god i need to call the gender clinic and get on the waitlist for hrt already. ive been putting it off for a while now because its scary. taking a big step like that means that i also have to take all the other steps and its overwhelming to think about
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ravenclawravings · a year ago
"Is it normal to feel dead inside?"
- Ravenclaw, thinking of all the things they need to do.
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rinakat · 4 months ago
speaking it into existence… this afternoon I will
• finish some assignments
• workout
• try that witch game demo ^^
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katieselfships · 12 days ago
i hope you know i fully approve of you falling for the red bastard man 😏
ASLKJDGKL THANK YOU?? you also made me blush sdfhsdfhg
hes just like. perfect cocky boyfriend material?? and very handsome too i will not lie about that
and glad to know that 👀 someone else with taste i see
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diofasolia · 6 months ago
Next week is the midterm exam week in my uni, so I may not be very active recently
But I'll still complete the OTP Week Challenge!
Sorry @reshramlove1ob I'm always the one who late in posting the writings :,-)
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wildfaeworld · 4 months ago
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lildevyl · 9 months ago
I start new job next and this is going to be my first weekend off.  So, why am I wasting my weekend?  I’m just staring a blank screen!  I have an edit I need to do and an Art Project to finish! I even have tone of WIP’s to either finish, starting writing or IDK, UPDATE!!!!
So, why am I stuck sitting in front of my laptop, browsing YouTube, Facebook (trying to find a game) and now Tumblr to find something to get into?  I’m starting to be glad that I don’t make videos b/c at this rate I feel like nothing would be uploaded or it will be once month (yeah /s).
I’m not even sure where to start looking for prompts.  Sorry, it’s like where the hell did all my Ideas, Inspiration, and Motivation go?
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