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#so many times

Growing up printer paper white but with curly hair means you got a bunch of also printer paper white people saying you had an Afro even though it was clearly just curly and calling it Afro is probably cultural appropriation

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You know when it’s almost 4 am and you just start thinking about everything xie lian went through

Like, hey remember that time when he spent an indeterminable amount of time (a long LONG time) trapped inside a coffin with a poisoned stack through his heart, put there by the student who he’d taugh for years and whose father he just had to kill to prevent the execution of innocent people, basically the genocide of the last remnants of his kingdom

So he is there. In the coffin. Filled with inscrutable pain and guilt and sorrow and UNABLE TO DIE OR TO GET OUT FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG


anyway I should be asleep but instead I’m just sobbing over xie lian I’ve been crying for 20 minutes someone help me it hurts so much !!!!

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Prompt: Character A is a non-human turned human (angel, mermaid, android, alien, etc.) with Character B taking care of them as they adjust to not only living in the human world, but also dealing with the quirks of their new human body. Everything is new and fascinating, so Character B isn’t surprised at all when they get hooked on some random fizzy drink they’ve bought at a snack bar. When Character A starts feeling the urge to pee from all of that liquid, they don’t realize what it is, only that it makes them feel restless and uncomfortable. They don’t bring it up to their friend and caretaker either, not wanting them to worry, so they wait for the ache to subside on its own. Needless to say, it doesn’t happen and instead only gets worse.

Character B knows something is off, but it takes them a long time to realize what it is.


Alternatively: They do know what the ache means but since Character B only told them about bathrooms and possibly only about the one they have at home, they don’t know what to do once they find themselves in a situation where said bathroom is out of reach. Maybe they’re driving through the countryside where it wouldn’t be an issue to stop somewhere and pee since there’s no one around, but they have no idea that’s a thing you can do. So they keep quiet about their very full bladder, figuring they have no choice but to hold it until they get home. Maybe they either speak up once it gets unbearable, or Character B notices their obvious signs of desperation and decides to pull over, thinking Character A is just being shy.

It all leads to one hell of an awkward scene where Character A has to be told everything, from “No, the tree won’t get angry at you if you pee on it. Hurry up, you’re already leaking!“ to “It doesn’t matter where you aim at as long as it’s not on your shoes. Or mine.”


If instead, everything goes wrong and Character A ends up losing control before Character B finds out about their desperation, they would most likely be very upset and ashamed, feeling like they somehow failed at being human. Character B would then comfort them by saying: “You’re good. There’s really nothing more human than having accidents.”, but make them promise to tell them the next time they have to go that bad so they can figure something out together.

(optional dialogue below)

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Brain: What do you need?

Me: A therapist.

Brain: Good job, it’s imortant to realize you need help. Now, what should you do?

Me: Not talk about it to anyone because I know my family wouldn’t understand.

B: You know that your school offers 6 free sessions, right? You don’t need family approval for that.

Me: … I don’t want to bother.

B: Fair point but also WTF

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there were moments

so many of these

I lived with her

I’d call her name

& she had nothing to say

& I had nothing to give back

but sorrow

to fill up our time

so I’d say you OK?

yeah she’d answer just fine

got nothin’ to say today

so many times

the next day too

as the brick wall beckoned

so I let her go

& then

she had so much to say

but by then

it was too much too late

our ship had sailed

she could not

would not ever


neil benbow

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