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#so maybe that's it
we-all-horny-here · 4 months ago
How did Spider-Man Far From Home became one of my comfort movies I have absolutely no idea because I fecking hate most of it
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anghraine · 7 months ago
SHIP GAME wooooo! Korra/Kuvira
I ship it like burning.
1. What made you ship it?
I love Korra having to deal with a figure who is like a dark version of her past self (to the point of hallucinating Kuvira as herself). That’s intrinsically just like catnip for me, with the bonus that I love them individually, too.
2. What are your favourite things about the ship?
Umm, hard to narrow it down, but ... it’s like, they have these amazing fight scenes, and after all that, the culmination of their struggle is Korra risking the all-important Avatar to save Kuvira—i.e., herself at her worst but also the person Kuvira is in herself, and then she’s holding her in her arms and ahhhhh <3
Also, they’re both super attractive.
3. Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
Hmm. There are definitely some shippers who make it kind of dull by stripping away the characters’ edges and the stakes of their messy dynamic. That’s more of a general fandom thing, though ... I’m not sure I have many unpopular opinions about Korvira in itself. I genuinely think they could make it as a couple, which might be unpopular—I don’t know.
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choi-hae · a year ago
list 9 of your biases and let your mutuals decide if you have a type
I’ve already done this but @calypsohan tagged me so I thought I’d add pictures to make it more fun!! 💕
A.C.E - Wow
A.C.E - Donghun
DAY6 - Jae
Blackpink - Rosé
KARD - Jiwoo
(G)I-DLE - Soojin
Mamamoo - Wheein
Tumblr media
If anyone wants to do this, go ahead! It’s a lot of fun to share your biases with others 💕
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gxmdrxps-archive · a year ago
Little headcannon, while I was making my icons:
I’ve noticed Yachiru gets pretty jealous of others. Or perhaps very offended about her lacking sense of directions. Perhaps it’s more of a thing of pride (which she really shouldn’t have here) that she’s an amazing navigator (not)!
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joi-in-the-tardis · 2 years ago
Being unsure if the itching in my face yesterday (and the general feeling of drying out like a mummy... water, give me water!) was me getting sick or allergies and not really caring which it was so long as my nose didn’t feel like the epicenter of an evacuating ant hill... I took a benadryl before bed.  I figured it was fine since I had 7 1/2-8 hours ahead of me to sleep it off.
Good news: I didn’t feel my itchy face last night.  I went down like a darted animal and I don’t think I moved all night (ow).  Face is not itchy right now.
Bad news: I didn’t quite sleep it off.  I think I could sleep two more hours. -_-
Here’s hoping coffee helps.
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jakeoettinger · 2 years ago
hockeytrsh replied to your post “i’ve never related more to tyler seguin than rn.. i also fucking hate...”
It’s so overrated!!!
truly. unless it’s like.. gourmet spaghetti or something incredible. but basic-ass spaghetti can go. i can handle like angel hair but i prefer alfredo sauce over spaghetti sauce.. 
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hedgehog-moss · 2 months ago
I got a phone call from the police station about my teenage llama this week, telling me some tourists had called them upon seeing a llama crossing the road, who “stopped when she saw us” and “refused to give way” (their complaint in French sounded amazingly traffic-related, “elle n’a pas cédé le passage”...) The policeman told them yeah that’s our Pampe! don’t worry about it she’s living her life, you can try to pet her but she’s shy with strangers... Imagine calling the police about a llama refusing to abide by basic road rules and being told haha that’s our girl! Give her a pat for me! Pampérigouste, you are very annoying and very loved.
I started following that road looking for her, occasionally calling her with my special I Come Bearing Muesli whistle (and it was a lie), and as soon as I got mobile reception I received a text from a neighbour telling me “Ton affreuse est là” (“your horrible one is here”). I turned around to go pick her up, and discovered that he had locked her in the Horny Bull Pen, aka his most securised enclosure. When Pampe escapes to his farm just to be a pest she usually hangs out with his cows until I arrive and he doesn’t mind, so it was a little joke, and it was so funny finding Pampe languishing in a high-security prison. She looked very put out and I told her she absolutely deserved her sentence. Then I opened the gate and I didn’t even need my rope, she was happy to be pardoned and to see Pandolf, and followed us readily, on the road and then through the woods to my farm, it felt so companionable, the three of us walking home together.
Tumblr media
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pseriouslyemil · 28 days ago
sending love out tonight to everyone who is progressively losing their abilities, whether that's movement, ability to walk, eyesight, or hearing.
it's hard to come to terms with the fact that you can't do things that you used to be able to do. I'll be honest, it feels like you're losing control of your life. it can feel very isolating and hopeless. its scary and overwhelming, and it's so hard to deal with.
you are not less than just because you can do less. im proud of you for still being here, and i wish you ease with adjusting to new ways of life. please take care of yourself, i love you.
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chaosofbattle · 2 months ago
“are you afab or amab?” i am acrab. 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀
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tmmyhug · 8 months ago
I haven’t been on tumblr for quite as long as a lot of people but over several years I’ve noticed this interesting gradual sorta,, shift in the general culture? that it went from this mostly depressed, nihilistic outlook where people would regularly joke about hating themselves and being hopeless and depressed, to a wave of vehemence of “STOP hating everything actually the world is Good and you deserve love!!!” type posts, to now, where those aggressive ‘PSAs’ have faded away and instead I regularly see people romanticizing simple things like stars and hot tea and rainy mornings, and waxing poetic about their friends, and just trying to put love out there. and I don’t know exactly what that means (someone who knows more than me could probably say something smart about generational expression and trauma or popular perception of mental health and whatnot), but I do know that it makes my heart very full to see people learn to love the world and themselves by extension, and a whole userbase adopting healthier coping mechanisms, and therefore teaching the younger users to do so as well. I might just be following different people, but I really do think we’ve grown. everyone has grown. five years ago it wasn’t unusual for the next post on my dash to be a scathing commentary on why nothing matters or an anon ripping into someone they barely knew or someone complaining about how pathetic their interests are. now I have mutuals who get excited and spam reblog art of cows and friends I see tagging each other in pictures of frogs and strangers writing paragraphs about how much I matter. it makes me happy. idk. just an observation I wanted to make. I think people are good and everyone’s just trying their best at the end of the day
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hannimatior · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the other day I saw a tweet where someone asked why pride flags only had colors instead of featuring flames, explosions, and dinosaurs and my brain thought, you know. that seems exactly like the kind of flag they might have on the boiling isles
Tumblr media
also please appreciate my flag it’s so small in the comic I spent longer making it than I did drawing the panels
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