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imagine you a woman and the hot daughter of a guy who owns half of australia having a huge crush on you, but you spend all the time thinking ur boyfriend is cheating on you with her? it’s almost like she’s the female version of your bf, but even more rich

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My final words on the new ep for tonight so I dont lose my marbles

Patton honey… that was a lot. He’s trying so hard and I’m glad we got to see him like. Fuck up. And the end card with him and Janus 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

I know what Roman did was shitty, but it breaks my heart to know why he did what he did. It seems Roman lashes out a lot when he’s afraid and he certainly has the right to be afraid. I also feel he and Janus need to sit down and reconcile at some point cause-

- I am also heartbroken to see Janus open up and be so vulnerable only to be shot down and laughed at. BOTH of them have done some shit, and I’m certainly worried about both of them too. I JUST WANT THEM ALL TO BE OK ;0;!!!!

Virgil is my fave character and while I missed him, and REALLY want to see how he reacts to Janus having a seat at the table now, I’m really glad he wasnt in this one. Not only would it make no sense (last episodes confession, hes def overwhelmed with all the chaos happening I’m sure), it give spotlight to the others. Particularly Roman and Janus who we are still learning so much about.

I’m also worried for Logan :“0 I hope he’s ok, I really wanna hug him and tell him that he’s important and I love him,,,,

There were SO many good funny bits too in this!!!! I cant name them all but my fave was def the part where Janus and Thomas are talking, he says hes a "Snakey Boy” and does whatever lil move he pulled. ICONIC

I wasnt super into the dark sides before since I knew little about them (not to say I disliked them, I enjoyed them still too just had no strong feelings toward them) BUT AFTER THAT??? I am having Feelings about Deceit Janus Sanders. I ADORED his parts in this episode and good god, they really made me love him. I cant stop thinking about him ;;

ANYWAY it was so good!!!! I feel so many things!!!!!!!! Gonna rewatch a billion times, I’m so glad we got a new ep and for all that happened. Super excited to see the next ones for sure!

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OMG, how very kind of you to reach out and share this information with me, it took me by surprise but it made me very happy! It does seem to be time-consuming and require a lot of work, but the satisfaction must be worth it all at the end. Thank you so much, you are really kind! 💖

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wow, i miss ethan

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Agent North if you’re reading this I love you-

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Do my nieces and my nephew know that I would literally die for them

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Today’s mood: exhaustion dot png

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aclockworkduchess replied to your post: im in a gr8 mood and ive also had vodka so idk …

Sing your fave song

my problem is, me trying to pick my favorite song is me crying while holding 5000 songs and not being able to decide which one to keep

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I try not to make too many sappy posts, but damn do I love my girlfriend. She just treats me so well, and I can tell how much she cares. She’s literally my entire world 😍💚

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i love you guys

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