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#so please

Good morning everyone! I just want to tell you all to stay inside because some of us have a Harry styles concert to attend in August and it would really mean a lot if you STAYED INSIDE SO WE CAN GO.

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i’ve realized that the whole situation of the pandemic has indeed affected me more than i previously thought   ─   in the past few days, my mood would worsen for the smallest of things and my mind would be suddenly filled with very unpleasant thoughts that i, regrettably, projected onto the ones around me. this is why i’m writing this post, because i want to say that this blog will always be a SAFE PLACE for everyone: we’re all dealing with a very difficult situation right now so i want to openly say that if you ever need someone to talk to or a simple ear to listen to your problems, I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU. it doesn’t matter if we’re already friends or if we’ve never talked before, I WILL DO MY BEST TO GIVE YOU ALL THE SUPPORT YOU MIGHT NEED. 

for the first time since this quarantine began, today i feel genuinely happy thanks to the heartfelt efforts of someone else      this has helped me to realize that we all should do whatever we can to take care of those around us in order to ensure that this site remains a safe haven in which we can spend a few pleasant hours away from what is happening in real life. 

i hope everyone can be safe in these arduous times. never forget to take care of yourself, to focus on your physical and mental health, to eat healthily and keep yourself hydrated, to fill these endless hours with something that makes you genuinely happy and, most of all, always remember that YOU’RE LOVED AND THAT YOU’RE NOT ALONE. ♡

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So you gonna hit us with some more of that iconic fluff or do we all have to be starved? 👀 👀

Are we referring to ‘Morning’? If so, I just finished up a request for another fandom (which, by the way, I think I’m totally spent on) and I think I’m taking a break from that specific fandom, so, I’ll see what I can do! 😂 I promise, no more starving!

Of course if you ever have anything specific in mind, let me know, I’d be more than happy to write it for you! Love you, Maeve!

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I’m in a bit of a bind with getting some food/paying my phone bill in the next two days and need to try and get myself some extra cash! If you’d like to help, donate to my ko-fi and I’ll draw you a sketch of any character you ask for! (Just as long as it’s not an oc)

Just three bucks is all I ask! Just click and send, and tell me in a comment what you’d like and I’ll have it posted some time today!

Buy Me a Coffee at

Thank you for understanding! :)

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This whole isolation thing is being really hard on my mental health. I was doing so well, but this past week has been pretty tough. I usually would go on a walk so the sun and the fresh air would help, but now I can’t because it’s illegal here unless you’re going to work or grocery shopping.

So if any of you is also struggling with this or you just want to talk about anything, please PLEASE, talk to me. I’m having pretty rough days here.

Anyway, all of you, be safe and as much as you can, stay home.

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行管病毒 Xīnguān bìngdú

Or in other words, Coronavirus/Covid-19

So basically any country you live in is being affected by the novel coronavirus, even the ones that haven’t announced any official cases of the virus.

As a caring blog should, we thought we’d put out a few things to know about 新馆病毒, and a few things about illness/sickness related Chinese Vocab. (Because we are a Language blog and it wouldn’t be fair to do a post without language stuff in it)

First off : info about the virus as we know it now

  1. It’s highly contagious because it passes as a regular cold to those of younger age/without pre-existing conditions. If you have a cold, please, please stay home. Don’t risk it.
  2. Avoid crowds over 200+ people, and don’t stay in closed off areas for extended amounts of time.
  3. There is no cure or vaccine at the moment, and we’d all appreciate it if the crazies would stop making shit up. (Some evangelist in America says Silver Solution cures it. Like what ???)
  4. It has a 2% death rate. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be worried about it. In terms of 190,000 people, 2% is a lot. That’s 2 out of every 100 to die.
  5. Wash you hands basically all the time, but don’t overbuy supplies like sanitizer, or fucking toilet paper?? Who tf thinks “oh a pandemic. Better buy all the fucking toilet paper” we legit don’t understand this logic. If you overbuy, you’re stealing it away from other people who actually need it.
  6. Travel should be nessesary only. Most companies have shut down all work-related non-essential travel by now (at least in the U.S.). Even if your not going somewhere with cases already, it’s still a risk for you and the people who live there.
  7. And finally, “Don’t be racist. That’s just generally good advice.” ~Our Savior, John Oliver, on Last Week Tonight. A Singaporean college student was attacked in Britain over this virus and it’s just getting ridiculous. Chinese or Asian descent people don’t automatically have coronavirus, and how would beating them up help?

There is probably more stuff, but these are the main things. If there’s anything to add, tell us and we’ll be happy to add it.

And now, the language part:

肾病 shēngbìng sick

咳嗽 késòu Cough

发烧 Fāshāo Fever

医生 yīshēng Doctor

医院 yīyuàn Hospital

新馆病毒 Xīnguānbíngdù Covid-19

好不好? hǎo bù hǎo? Are you okay?

你生病了吗?nǐ shēngbìng le ma? Are you sick?

你需要帮了吗? nǐ xūyào bāngle ma? Do you need help?

我病了。 wǒ bìngle. I am sick.

我咳嗽。 wǒ késòu. I have a cough.

我发烧了。 wǒ fāshāo le. I have a fever.

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would just like to say for a sec that the university just a few miles from the college i attend has moved to online classes until april 10th and the entire university system in my state has shut down for two weeks starting Monday and high schools in my state are shutting down for the foreseeable future and YET my dumbass fucking college is like “just wash your hands and if you get sick we’ll isolate you”

and as someone with an anxiety disorder, this isn’t making me feel too hot lol

like BITCH i don’t want to give the damn virus to a family member who could fucking die from it i also don’t necessarily WANT the virus even though i would most likely recover and be fine but HELLO other people with immunodeficiency disorders or breathing problems who could DIE from the damn virus

there was also a person on our campus last week who is now being monitored for the virus and there have been like 5 confirmed cases in the area so

my anxiety is having the BEST time with it and i emailed the president and dean of students about it lmao

//end rant

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