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#so stressful

If it ain’t the hallmark of the M9 that literally EVERY DECISION made the situation worse, I don’t know what is.

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suffering my way through my linguistic class this morning.

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i really need tiktok and netflix to make an option available to create your own folders/watchlists bc for 1. i need to find my art inspos and don’t want them mixed between beautiful people and dumbfunny 60 second vids and recipes and i also want to create a list on netflix for like comfort movies, funny movies, sad movies that I LIKE!!!! ahhhhhhhh

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may i just say. from the bottom of my heart, as someone from rural Kansas,

FUCK Kansas City and its 5 lanes of traffic

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I dream too much and too intensely that it makes me tired. I will dream of having a dream and wake up within the dream only to keep dreaming. i will lay my head down to go back to bed in the morning only to immediately fall into a dream, even if i am not fully asleep. it is straight up exhausting I am tired of dreaming and I dont wanna do it anymore. how do I remedy this situation.

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Today has been a stressful shitfest.

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heat still a chance because grace Harris

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I can’t fucking believe that I gotta sit here frantically refreshing my google search about USA elections because so many dipshits voted for the orange idiot that the election will end up being a close one.  

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Watching Bake Off is supposed to be relaxing! I’m so stressed with this ice cream challenge!


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Bly Manor is SO FUCKING STRESSFUL. Jesus Christ, I’m powering through this season because I can’t handle not knowing what happens to these characters. 

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Could do with one of your hugs right about now

@colourr-ing @queeng-anabyssforamind @genderqueernerd

Or a bubble bath 🛀🏻

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One of my least-favorite things is when the Dr asks if my meds are working enough. What does that even mean? What’s enough? How am I supposed to know? Why isn’t there a strip I can pee on and if it turns pink I’m good?

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Hi I’m panicking because I used my credit card to buy a new phone and I hate it!! I mean it doesn’t max it out and I do in fact need a new one, and it’s not a new model (it’s the 8+ which is what I already have that I own four million cases for) and it’ll help me build real credit and it’s something I’ve been putting off for AGES but STILL $400 is so much money

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