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#so sweet and dear
thepigeongazette · 3 years ago
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My dear DoodleforFood friend is so innocent and sweet and I do not deserve her >_< <3   #awesomecon2018
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msjessicaday · 2 years ago
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gif meme 10. touch me (gifs where characters are touching each other or other things of importance)  → nick and jess
(requested by @omgcrazypenguinkid, @meredithgreys, @cool-nick-miller, @mathiilde3)
#ngedits#new girl#nick x jess#ness#otp: a weird wonderful life together#mine#gif meme#i love the way jess wraps her arms around nick when they kiss#but i especially love it in that first gif knowing how much love she probably felt for him in that moment#honestly if 314 wasn’t as perfect as it was from start to finish i would have loved that to be the moment when they said their i love yous#and the soft back rub then lil pat in the second gif is one of my fave moments between them even if it is really small and quick#esp. when s1/early s2 nick was still a grumpy turtle faced old man who hated anything and everything but jess#it’s just sweet and shows how close and comfortable they were with each other early on#and that third gif well…jess wrapping her arms around nick as they kiss PLUS nick picking her up? two of my favourite things in one#don’t even get me STARTED on ness in 103 because there was just. SO MUCH going on with them especially their HANDS#like not only do i love how nice nick’s hand fits in hers but also how at first he was like ‘ok yea she’s got my hand’#then eventually he gets into it and his thumb folds over her hand. it’s just!!! very soft!#and i’ve always loved the 622 kiss so very much bc this is clearly something they’ve wanted and waited for for so long#despite them not really knowing it themselves most of the time bc they’re silly#and it SHOWS in the way they’re pretty much gripping onto each other for dear life like they never ever want to let go of one another again#i’m running out of tags so let me just talk real quick about nick touching jess’ face because it is my weakness#i particularly love the moments he does in 219 305 and 310 but ESPECIALLY the moment in 305 when he just gently cups her face and gives her#a peck on the lips. it’s just…peak married couple behaviour#and the hand holding moment from 310 almost didn’t make it to this set but i loved it way too much not to include it#sometimes i appreciate these little things they do more than i do their more ‘significant’ moments#because even if they are small subtle things it’s what makes it more real#and why the chemistry between these two makes it so easy for me to call them my otp!!#i’m really sad that we didn’t get as much of this in later seasons bc this played a big part in my love for ness#IN CONCLUSION (if you read all of this pls tell me so i can tell u that i love and appreciate u)#nick and jess are super soft and precious with each other and i’m in love with their love
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nakurumok · a year ago
Tumblr media
Just want to try some new style, not sure if I succeeded :D But anyways, hope my stupid art will make you happy!
And the coronavirus is getting worse in many places in the world... Hope you all take good care yourselves and stay safe and healthy!!! ; w ; *hugs tightly*
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asofterfan · 2 years ago
Imagine the first Halloween after Virgil was accepted, and the sides are having fun planning Halloween night for themselves- with lots of candy and food and games and a movie marathon and, of course, dressing up.
At the mention of costumes, Patton bounces up and down, clapping his hands together because “Oh, that’s my favorite part! There are so many things I want to be, how can I possibly narrow it down?”
And Logan rolls his eyes but smiles fondly, “Patton, you say that every year, and every year you wear your cat onsie because, and I quote, ‘there’s just nothing better than cats’.”
Patton giggles, and Roman strikes an extravagant pose, “Indeed, finding the perfect costume is the greatest quest of all! Clearly I must outdo you all, as I do every Halloween,” he smirks, “but more importantly I must outdo MYSELF! It may seem daring, but this year I will do even better than last year’s Aladdin costume!”
Virgil smiled, so excited already for the end of the month, and turned to Logan, “What are you gonna be?”
Before the logical side can answer, Roman rolls his eyes, “He always steals his costumes from The Office.”
Logan huffs, “Jim Halpert mastered having simple, clever costumes while still maintaining professional attire.”
As they all chuckle, Patton turns to Virgil excitedly, “Oh! I can help you pick out a costume if you want!”
But Virgil looks away shyly, “Actually, I already picked my costume for this year-”
“Oooooh I bet tall dark and dreary will have the scariest costume!” Roman grins, “Five bucks says Logan screams the loudest!”
“I beg your pardon??”
Patton interrupts, gasping in excitement, “You’re right! Oh, you probably have the best scary outfits! I’m so excited! And nervous. But mostly excited!!”
And dear sweet Virgil blinks at them for a moment before recovering quickly by giving them a sly smirk, “Yeah, gotta keep you guys on your toes, right?”
“So what are you going to be?” Logan asks.
“Well now I want to keep it a secret. Then I can really scare you on Halloween.”
And Roman groans and whines but eventually give up and they all go back to picking out games and movies.
So they continue planning stuff, and slowly decorate the mind palace over the month, and as time passes they start to notice Virgil pulling away, spending more and more time in his room, being quieter, snapping more easily, etc. And the others are concerned, but they don’t really know what to do about it.
Then Halloween arrives. And Patton is in the kitchen making pumpkin pancakes, dressed in his cat onsie with an apron over it. And Logan comes down wearing a white dress shirt with three black circles taped to one side and a long black tie, followed shortly by Roman, gliding down the stairs in a legit Belle ball gown, twirling to show off the rinestones and sparkles. Half an hour passes, and they start looking worriedly towards the stairs.
“Strange, Virgil is usually awake by now…” Logan starts.
“And it’s Halloween! We can’t start the festivities without him!” Roman chimes in with concern.
So Patton decides “I’ll go check on him,” as he throws his apron onto the counter and bounds up the stairs. When he knocks on Virgil’s door and calls out to him, he hears the anxious side reply, “Go away,” his voice soft and shaky, which does nothing to lessen Patton’s worry.
“Kiddo, are you alright?”
“I’m fine, just go away,” Virgil responds, sounding Not Okay at all.
“It’s Halloween! Don’t you want to come downstairs? I made pumpkin pancakes, and if you want we can eat on the couch and watch some of the movies on our list before we start the rest of the party!”
“I’m not coming.”
Patton’s face falls, “What do you mean? You were so excited before- did something happen?”
“No, I just….” Virgil sounds a bit choked up, “It’s dumb. I’m not going. I’m gonna ruin everything.”
“Virgil, I promise you wont,” Patton doesn’t get a response, “Can I come in, Kiddo?”
And Virgil takes a minute to answer but finally Patton hears a soft “okay” and so he pushes the door open to enter Anxiety’s room. And he’s startled because there are clothes scattered all over the floor and the bed, different monster masks scattered about, and some bottles of fake blood on the desk. It takes him a minute to find Virgil amidst the chaos, but eventually he notices him sitting sadly on the floor in the center of a pile of discarded fabric, eyes red as if he’d been crying.
So Patton immediately rushes over and pulls him into a hug and asks what’s wrong, what’s going on, what is all this about?
And Virgil breaks down and explains, “You all expect me to dress up as something scary, but I don’t want to! I spend all year being scary, and I’m so tired of it. Halloween is supposed to be the one day I get to be something else. But now you all expect me to be something scary and I really tried to put something together and come up with something scary but I don’t want to be scary anymore and now I don’t know what to do.”
And poor Patton is practically crying he just feels so bad. He is quick to pull Virgil into another hug, explaining that Virgil isn’t scary all year long- he’s barely scary at all! And even if they spoke carelessly before, it’s all for fun and of course he can be whatever he wants for Halloween!
“Before we all talked over you, you said you knew what you wanted to be.”
Virgil nods, but he looks shy, “You guys are gonna laugh at me.”
So after some gentle and also not-so-gentle encouragement, they both stand up and after one last moment of hesitation, Virgil snaps his fingers to change into his costume.
Patton squeals with delight at the sight of Virgil in a perfect replica of Lapis Lazuli’s dress, the purple in his hair changed to a dark blue. Virgil blushes as Patton raves at how perfect and beautiful it is, and makes him spin a couple times to see how the skirt twirls around him, and to see the drawn on gem on his back.
When they finally go downstairs, Patton is wearing Thomas’ Steven Universe shirt, with a pink gem drawn on his stomach and his arm linked with Virgil’s. Roman gasps at the sight of them.
“No one told me we had a theme this year!! Now I look ridiculous!!” And with a snap of his fingers the ball gown is replaced with Amethyst’s shirt and leggings, skipping over in white boots to admire Virgil’s costume. Sighing in defeat, Logan quickly shifts into Pearl’s dancer outfit, a decision he immediately regrets when Roman shouts “FORM OPAL” and pulls him into an overdramatic waltz. Virgil and Patton laugh, and Virgil gives Patton a piggyback ride as he “flies” around the living room. The rest of the day is filled with games and movies and far too many sweets, and at least one dramatic performance of the Crystal Gems’ theme song. And they all fall asleep on the couch together, surrounded by candy wrappers and still in their costumes. The next morning they all agree that they should do group costumes every year.
After all, it’s more fun as a family.
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